Mikey Will Eat It

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Matt from across the hall wandered into my room while I was studying and sat down on my roommate's bed. He'd never done that before, but I needed to finish the chapter I was reading, so I ignored him. He wasn't doing anything obnoxious, just reading a magazine that had been lying there. Besides, I was sort of flattered. He was totally hot, and I totally had a crush on him. But it was Saturday afternoon, my roommate had gone home for the weekend, I had the place to myself and was looking forward to spending a couple of hours jerking off, once I finished studying.

When I reached the end of the chapter Matt was still there, so I turned and looked at him and said,"So, Matt, how're they hangin, dude?" Matt was from Southern California, a total stereotype, a surfer, blonde, tanned, called everyone "dude", got around campus on a skateboard. He was also a star gymnast, on his way to the Olympics in a couple of years if he played his cards right. He didn't talk much, to me at least. He looked up from the magazine. It was a copy of The New Yorker. I was sort of surprised, I hadn't been sure he could even read.

"They're hangin', Mikey." He pretended he was still reading, turning the page of the magazine. "Terry says you gave him a blow job."

Terry was Matt's roommate, and even farther out than I was, the sort of gay boy who likes to give straight guys blow jobs in johns, and scores with almost everyone he wants, just because he's so casual about it. He told me he'd had sex with half the guys on our floor, and I was inclined to believe him, especially when he'd confided in me that Matt still eluded him. Why lie about the small fish?

"Terry's a lying asshole," I replied automatically. But it was true, actually, Terry and I had met at a bar off campus one night, and one thing had led to another. I decided there was no point lying about it. I wasn't exactly proud of the incident, but I wasn't ashamed, either. Terry's cute. The sex had been pretty good. Matt was still pretending to read the magazine.

"OK, let me rephrase that, Terry told a partial truth. The truth is, Terry and I did a sixty-nine, so he sucked my cock while I sucked his. We came in each other's mouths. Then, as I remember, he asked me to fuck him, and I did. I wore a rubber, of course, though I'm HIV negative. I fucked your cute little roommate until his teeth rattled and the whole time he was begging me to do it harder. Is that enough sordid details for you? Were you hoping I would give you a blow job too, Matty? Would you like me to fuck you?" That last shot was meant to scare him away, but he just sat there and grinned at me.

Matt is a walking wet dream, a total jock with a body to die for and just enough brains to get by. I'm not saying he's stupid, just that if it weren't for his astonishing good looks and incredible athletic ability, he'd be pumping gas or flipping burgers. He must spend three hours a day working out and perfecting his incredible body. He was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of white cotton briefs, with a towel draped over one shoulder, so all of his amazing physique was on full display, and he was rubbing himself to emphasize just how incredible it was. He must have just finished his workout and shower, as he looked spanking clean. As that phrase floated though my mind I pictured Matt naked across my legs as I really spanked him, his awesome muscles naked and sweaty, his cock hard and spurting as I slapped his firm naked ass. I shook my head to clear it of that. Couldn't afford to lose control while the muscle-boy was actually sitting there. I glanced over at him again.

Matt was leaning back in my roommate's bed, one foot up on my roommate's desk, his legs spread wide apart so his well-endowed crotch was prominently displayed. He had set the magazine aside, and let the towel fall to the bed, and was naked except for his tight skimpy white briefs, which left little to the imagination. He let one of his hands caress his naked body as I watched and tried to keep from fainting. He let his hand rub slowly down over his awesome pecs and abs, then stop at the waistband of his shorts and rub gently there, then he moved it to his hard-muscled thigh and started stroking that upward until his fingers were tracing the elastic of the leg hole of his shorts, and brushing against his large heavy balls, which were clearly outlined through the thin knit fabric.

My mouth grew dry as I saw him rub his huge hard pecs. He even played with his nipples a little - they were unusually large for a guy, and stuck out like tiny penises, hard and demanding. It was gut-wrenchingly sexy. I wanted to reach out and grab those little pleasure knobs between my fingers and tug on them, pinch them until he cried for me to stop, make him beg me to let them go, make him say he'd do anything if I let up. And either Matt's cock was half hard, or it was even bigger than I had thought, as there was a very noticeable bulge in his briefs. I let my eyes rest there and could see his huge tool outlined through the tight cotton, the head big, round and hard. His fingers were stroking it gently now, just barely touching. It was getting bigger. There was a dark, shiny wet spot right at the tip of his cock - he was leaking precum. God, what a fucking sex machine!

If it had been almost anyone else sitting there putting on that show, I would have jumped him and thrown him on my bed and fucked him senseless without any hesitation. I'm gay, but I'm no pansy, I work out regularly and have a body I'm proud of and I don't take any shit. A guy acting like that is just begging to be fucked. But this was Matt.

I usually tried not to look closely at Matt when he was around, it was too frustrating, he turned me on too much. It didn't help that he was very friendly, and the sort of guy who can touch other guys without seeming like he's being too familiar. He would put his arm over your shoulder as the two of you stood talking to a third guy. Or punch you gently in the chest or stomach to emphasize a point. Or slip his hand up under your tee-shirt to rub your pecs or abs, and then smile bashfully as you pushed it away. His friendliness and exhibitionism just seemed totally natural and unconscious. He was just a very physical guy. Fortunately we didn't run with the same crowd, so I didn't have to endure him often.

"I've never had a blow job from another guy", Matt said, ignoring my question about fucking him. "A guy in the movies wanted to do it to me once, but it freaked me and I ran out." He continued to play with his muscles, and if I hadn't known better I would have sworn he was doing it to get me so turned on I wouldn't be able to refuse him. I watched his hands explore his practically naked body, rubbing those awesome pecs, playing with the hard cuts of his perfectly defined abs. If I went and sat on the bed beside him, I could lean over and lick his soft smooth skin, taste him, lick and suck his beautiful jock stud muscles, make him moan with delight and beg me to suck him off.

I shook my head, looking away.

"Forget it, Matt. I don't do it with straight guys, it's too frustrating. None of you knows how to make another guy feel good, and even if I end up enjoying it, to you it's just a quick way to get off, or an experiment, while to me it's proof what a freak I am, I can never have you again, I can never have you the way I want to." It was true, I had tried it with several straight boys, friends or acquaintances who had heard I was gay and found me normal-seeming enough that they didn't feel too weird suggesting we have sex, so they could see what it was like with another guy. But none of them would kiss me, and they didn't enjoy my body the way I did theirs and it was too one-sided. Even if they sucked my cock, they did it like they were brushing their teeth or something, it was no fun for me. I want the guy I'm doing it with to be into my body as much as I'm into his.

"Terry said he'd give me a blowjob."

"So go see Terry." I stood up and turned away, hoping he would leave.

"Terry's gone home for the weekend," Matt said, as though that made everything ok. I said nothing, just shook my head and wondered what I had done to deserve this sort of humiliation. I could see Matt in the mirror now, and he knew I was watching, he was standing up and there was no question about it, he was trying to turn me on, he was playing with his muscles for me, flexing and posing and rubbing. He grinned sexily as he fondled his awesome body. "Come on, Mikey, I promise I won't tell anyone - not even Terry. No one has to know."

"Tempting," I said. "But forget it." There was no way I was going to let myself get any closer to this Adonis, I was already having wet dreams about him, and most of my jerkoff sessions included a few fantasy scenes with him. In my dreams I had sucked him, fucked him, and made him beg for more. Why ruin the fantasy with messy reality?

I was about to turn and head for the door when I heard Matt's voice in my ear - he had walked up behind me. I felt his hot breath on my neck. His arm went around my waist. "Are you saying I don't turn you on?" he asked. He was just holding me, not doing anything special to arouse me further, but his touch was like electricity. I looked down and saw his golden-tanned forearm, the faintest coating of silky down covering it, its muscles looking like they were marble. I put my hand on it to release myself from his grip, but couldn't stop myself from rubbing his soft smooth flesh. It was like silk. I was breathing heavily, felt like I had just run a mile.

"Stop, Matt, please," I murmured. I was already too turned on to push his arm away and free myself from his embrace the way I knew I should. When my cock takes control, my brain shuts down. I wanted Matt now, and was getting past the point where I cared about consequences.

"Are you sure?" he breathed in my ear and my neck tingled. I pressed back against his naked chest, feeling his hard muscles. Then he slipped one hand inside the bottom of my tee shirt in front, and pulled my shirt up far enough to expose most of my abs and chest. He rubbed my body gently. "You have nice muscles," He murmured.

I felt like I was drowning in him. He was rubbing my chest and abs, and licking my neck. Matt was doing that, muscle-god unattainable jock boy Matt. I freed myself from his embrace, turned to face him, and stepped back a couple of feet. I gasped to catch my breath.

"Are you queer, Matt? Have I totally missed the boat with you?"

"I don't think so," he said, looking at me in the totally guileless way he always did. "I mean, I like girls."

"Then what's this about?"

"I saw you jerking off in the showers the other day, and it turned me on. You have a real sexy body." I decided I would have to make sure the shower curtain was drawn all the way from then on. "Then Terry told me about having sex with you and he said you were really hot in bed, and I saw you sitting there just now and, I don't know, I just wanted you." He moved closer to me, and I stepped back, but my ass hit the desk. I couldn't go any further.

"Do you always get what you want, Matt?" The awesome stud was standing about six inches from me, I could feel his breath, and smell it - he smelled like fresh air. I wanted to inhale him. He reached out and touched my chest gently. My tee shirt was still pushed way up, and I was exposed to his touch. He moved closer, our bare chests touched, his mouth was at my ear again.

"No, not always." He murmured, and my whole body tingled with the sensation of his warm breath in my ear. "But most of the time." He was nuzzling my neck, and his hands were between us, caressing my bare skin.

I reached out to steady myself, and my hands came to rest on Matt's awesome shoulders, I felt their muscles move under my fingers as he rubbed my bare skin with his hands. I felt his shoulders and his biceps and then slid my hands between us to his chest. I brushed my hands over those solid slabs of sexy muscle, then rubbed his nipples and heard a soft growl in his throat. "Yeah," he murmured, his lips still at my ear. I took that for approval, and gently grasped both of those sexy knobs between my forefingers and thumbs and tugged them gently. The jock stud growled louder "Yeah! More!" I squeezed and tugged harder. "Harder!" he urged. His face was buried in my neck, he was clutching our bodies together, his arms on my shoulders now. I grabbed hold of his nipples good and let myself go, squeezed them as hard as I could, pulled them until I thought they'd come off, and he grunted and clutched me harder. "Dude! Give it to me! Yeah!" This sex god stud puppy really liked the rough stuff.

Already my cock was so hard I was afraid it was going to explode, this was hotter than my hottest fantasy about Matt, my groin was churning with flaming urgent lust. I put my mouth on his neck and licked it, and he moaned softly. I let go and started biting his neck - I love to bite and be bitten, but most people don't go for it, especially when I get really carried away. I have drawn blood, and don't mind losing some of my own to someone who knows where and how to do it. Mark loved it, he panted and begged me for more. He was going to carry the marks of this escapade for a few days. I was still playing with his nipples, alternating between really heavy tit torture, full out grabbing and squeezing as hard as I could, and then slow soft rubbing.

Our crotches were grinding together, and I could feel his huge hard cock rubbing against my belly. He had freed it from his briefs and we were both slippery with the precum that was oozing plentifully from the tip of his cock. He was a total slave to his lust, and more uninhibited than most gay guys. I suppose I should have expected that, as uninhibited as he was in all other ways, but he kept doing things that I couldn't imagine him doing until there he was, slipping his hand inside my pants to grope my crotch through my briefs, then pushing my pants and briefs down urgently to grab my cock and stroke it. I was working his nipples and biting all over his neck and he was growling and moaning and begging for more and harder. He had my cock in one hand now, and was working my balls with the other. I love ball play, and he was good at it. This kid seemed to be inside my head, he knew just what felt good. He leaned down and started licking and biting my pecs and nipples, driving me totally wild with lust.

I pushed Matt back towards my bed until it hit the back of his knees and he fell onto it. "Stay there," I commanded, and ran over to the door to lock it. I didn't want anyone else interrupting this, they'd hear enough. I turned and looked at Matt - I thought of warning him what it could do to his reputation if we cut loose and someone around us figured it out, but I couldn't risk ruining this. He was lying on the bed on his back, his briefs pushed down just enough to free his giant cock, and resting on one elbow to hold himself up and look at me as he stroked his erection with his free hand. His Adonis-like body was naked, primed, ready for me. Fuck the consequences, he was all mine.

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