Mikey Will Eat It 2

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Matt, the macho straight jock stud gymnast who lived across the hall in our dorm was sprawled totally naked on my bed, his awesome muscle-boy body glistening with sexy arousal - his huge cock was sticking up rock hard and dripping. I stood there looking at him, my whole body alive with lust for him. He had asked me to suck his cock, and I had resisted as long as I could, but finally I couldn't help myself, I wanted him too bad. Now I was tempted just to stand there and watch him and jerk off, he was a male porn fantasy in the flesh. But he was very much in the flesh, and I didn't want to waste this opportunity - it was unlikely to come again.

I pushed my pants down to my ankles and stepped out of them, leaving my briefs on - I think it's much sexier to fuck with just an article of clothing still on, total nudity is boring. I pulled my tee shirt up and hooked it over my head behind my neck to show off my pecs and abs, then put on a little show for him, as he had for me a few minutes earlier -I caressed my naked muscles sexily, running my hands down over my bare chest and abs and sliding them into my briefs to grope myself -he grinned and licked his lips as though he liked what he saw - I'd never known a straight boy before who appreciated other guys' bodies, but Matt had told me he'd been turned on by seeing me naked in the shower, so maybe it was possible - I didn't care, I was ready to believe almost anything at that moment. But playing with my cock was getting me too hot, so I moved to the bed and knelt at Matt's feet and leaned down to lick his inner thigh just above the knee. He looked at me and smiled. I licked slowly higher. He tasted even better than I had imagined, a mixture of some male deodorant soap and his own sweat and musk. He made small murmurs of encouragement, obviously loving the attention I was paying to his soft sensitive inner thighs.

I sniffed and licked and nibbled my way up muscle-god Matt's naked legs until my nose was nudging his balls. I bit him gently along his inner thighs and he made soft encouraging noises, so I bit harder and he growled. He had hooked the waistband of his briefs under his balls - I loved that, it turns me on incredibly to do it to myself when I jerk off, and Matt was one of the few other guys I had ever run into who liked it too. I put my fist under his huge round nuts bulging in their sac and ground my knuckles into the root of his monster cock, the firm column of flesh between his sac and his asshole and he moaned with approval. I nuzzled his crotch, breathing in its smell, a deep sensual musky odor that had me dripping and panting. He was still stroking his enormous fuck tool slowly, not rushing things at all.

I had never been with a guy who seemed so totally in tune with me about how slow or fast to go, so completely at ease pleasuring himself while I pleasured him. I raised myself onto my hands and knees and looked down at that awesome body spread there for my pleasure. I didn't want to start on his cock yet, I wanted to make this last as long as I could, I wanted to enjoy those awesome muscles as long as I could get him to let me. I figured with a stud as hot and horny as he obviously was it wasn't going to be long before he grabbed me and forced me down on his cock and pumped out his hot load of cum into my throat, and that would be it. I moved up so I was on all fours straddling his body and leaned down and started nuzzling his neck again, licking and sucking and biting it again. There were already some bright red marks from my earlier activities there - the sexy stud was going to be marked for a few days when I finished with him.

Matt let himself fall back, enjoying what I was doing. He ran his hands over my naked flesh, seeming to enjoy my body, stroking my pecs and abs and moving his hands slowly lower until he reached my crotch, where he groped me through my briefs until I was panting and gasping. It was too much, and I pushed his hands away.

"Stop, you'll make me cum!" I gasped. He pulled his hands away from my groin and stroked my chest again, then moved lower again and worked my cock out of my briefs, hooking the waistband under my balls the way he had his own, then returning his one hand to his own cock to pump it slowly while he used the other to play with mine, and he didn't neglect my balls, which he gave a nice workout. I paused, gasping and moaning - I'd never imagined this macho stud would even touch my cock, let alone work it so expertly. I gave him encouraging grunts and moans and he was soon doing me almost as well as I could have done myself. I raised my head from his neck and let him work our cocks while I looked down at his naked body, allowing myself finally to examine his incredible physique as I had always wanted to but never dared. I thought of turning so we were in a sixty-nine position to see what might develop, but decided not to press my luck.

Up close, Matt was even more beautiful than I had thought. He seemed perfect. He had smooth, flawless skin, muscles to die for, not an ounce of visible fat on his body, still with the incredibly sexy smooth roundness of youth, everything curving and bulging in the right places. I ran my hands all over his body, exploring his shoulders and arms, rubbing the soft hair in his armpits, then nuzzling and licking there to get more of that deep musky aroma he exuded. Then I rubbed and licked his awesome pecs, sucked on his big hard nipples and was rewarded with more of those deep guttural growls of approval as I bit and sucked his sexy knobs. Then I made love to his abs, rubbing and licking and nuzzling them until he growled more, liking the way I dug my face into his navel.

I still didn't want to give in to my urge to suck his huge cock. Once I made the muscle stud cum he'd be ready to leave. This had to last. I didn't want to leave any part of his gut-wrenchingly beautiful body unexplored, didn't want to wish I had not been so eager to eat that giant cock.

"Turn over," I told him. The sexy Adonis grinned up at me and complied, flipping onto his stomach and putting his arms comfortably under his head and lying face down on my bed. I continued exploring his body from his neck down, licking and sucking and biting. I think he must have understood what I was doing, he just let me enjoy his awesome body at my own pace, and took whatever I gave him, though at times I could tell from the noises he was making that he wanted to turn over and grab me and wrestle me to submission and shove his cock in my mouth or up my ass and blast his load into me.

When I got to Matt's hips I debated whether to leave his briefs on. I liked them there, but they were in the way of my exploration of his beautiful ass, so I pulled them down to his ankles and told him "Leave them there." I liked the idea of that last vestige of sexy clothing still clinging to his body, restraining him slightly. If I had had some ropes handy I would have tied him up just enough to suggest he was in my power. But as soon as I had the thought I decided that would be going too far, he might not be ready for that, it might scare him away. With his beautiful ass totally exposed and vulnerable, I jumped off the bed and grabbed the pillows from my roommate's bed and told Matt to lift his hips so I could slide the pillows under, raising his ass in the air. He complied with no hesitation. His cock was still rock hard, and I arranged it so it stuck downwards between his legs so I could see it. He was leaking furiously and I told myself I would wash my roommates pillow cases before he got back. I never did, but he didn't seem to notice the stains. I spread Matt's legs as far apart as they would go. The briefs still constraining his ankles kept him from spreading them fully but with his hips up a few inches off the bed he was able to bend his knees and spread his ass as wide as it would go. He helped me, working to expose his naked vulnerable ass - obviously he wanted what I was planning to give him.

I started licking Matt's naked thighs from the backs of his knees up, and took my time reaching his ass. I bit and sucked on his soft skin, loving the hard muscles just beneath, and he sighed and urged me on sexily. Once my mouth reached his bare, totally exposed and vulnerable ass, I buried my nose in his crack, tonguing and licking and nuzzling. He loved it, and I was in heaven - I'd been sure he'd clamp his ass cheeks together or push me away when I tried to explore that forbidden territory, but he urged me on. "Yeah, Mikey, that's awesome, eat me dude!"

Then I licked all over the taught firm globes of his ass, and when I started biting him there he growled again. He liked being bitten as much as I did. I was too far gone to care whether I ever found out if he would reciprocate. When I had explored every inch of his backside completely, and could hold off from my goal no longer, I used my hands to spread his ass cheeks as wide as they would go and started licking his crack. Now that I knew he would permit it, liked it, I wanted to hear him beg me for more.

I don't usually eat a guy's ass, with most guys it turns me off, seems dirty, and dangerous. With Matt I didn't care. I wanted every inch of him, and wanted to hear him moan and pant and beg. I used my tongue to get his entire crack thoroughly wet, then used my tongue to dry it. I licked his hole, but didn't concentrate there until he started grunting and moaning encouragement - he was getting frustrated by my teasing.

"Tell me you want it," I growled as the hot jock stud panted and lifted his hot round ass for me.

"Give it to me, Mikey, I need it. Do it to me!"

It almost sounded like the awesome muscle-boy was begging me to fuck him, but I knew that was impossible. He just wanted me to eat his ass harder, shove my tongue inside and get him hot and loose and wet.

I concentrated on his tight pink hole them, licking and sucking and tonguing it slowly and spitting on it and pushing my finger against it to work my spit inside and then slowly forcing my tongue inside. I'd stop every minute or two to bite his ass and lick it some more and he was soon begging and panting.

"Please, do it, please, yes!" He was lifting his ass from the bed and grinding it hard into my face and I loved it. I knew he meant suck his cock, but in other circumstance he might have meant "Fuck me!" and I held onto that fantasy as long as I could. When I had his ass well lubricated with my spit and loosened enough from the tongue play, I worked first one finger, then two up his tight virgin boyhole, and was rewarded with a long hissed "Yes-s-s-s!" He loved the ass play. I found his prostate and poked it hard and he gasped with delight. I realized he had not yet discovered his ass on his own, and I was teaching him some new tricks for pleasuring himself. I finger-fucked him for a couple of minutes and he moaned and cooed with delight. Then it got too hard not to shove my dick up there and fuck him, so I pulled my fingers out and went for the prize, his huge hard cock.

Matt's cock was still rock hard, still pointing down between his legs, and it had leaked so much precum onto my roommate's pillow and my bed sheet that it looked as though he had cum twice. He was a hot number, all right. I licked his rock hard fuck stick from behind, getting it good and wet with my mouth, then sucked just the head and a couple of inches into my mouth. Matt panted and moaned. I played with his huge balls, tugging and squeezing them as I sucked him and he panted and moaned encouragement.

"Oh, yeah, Mikey, suck me baby, oh yeah, do my balls like that, that's awesome dude, you're incredible, yeah!"

I wondered if I could make him cum from behind like that, but decided not to try. I wanted him on his back where I could go all the way down on his monster cock, and watch the expressions on his face as I made him blast his load.

"Turn back over," I told him. He lifted himself on one arm and looked back over his shoulder in this funny way that seemed to say he wasn't expecting that, but it was my show, and dutifully turned onto his back again. I grabbed his briefs and pulled them all the way off finally. I didn't want anything getting in the way once I started sucking him. I still had on my own briefs, and my cock stood out rock hard and dripping. I knelt on the bed between Matt's massive muscular legs and looked at him, stroking my cock slowly, savoring the sight of all those incredible muscles and that awesome fuck tool.

I started licking Matt's inner thighs again, but this time went straight for his cock. When I reached the prize I licked up the huge column of flesh to its tip and then licked that like a lolly-pop. His entire cock was heavily coated with his juice, and I spent a minute or so cleaning all of that off, loving Matt's taste. Then I licked his balls for awhile, and sucked on them. He liked that. Then finally I opened my mouth and took just the head of the muscle-god's huge cock into my mouth. I expected him to drive his hips up and try to force the whole thing into my mouth and was ready to back off, but he didn't do it. I was watching his face, and he was watching me eat his cock. His eyes were half closed, looking sleepy, and his beautiful lips were parted. He was obviously in ecstasy, loving everything I was doing. I was using one hand to stroke and fondle the stud's awesome six-pack abs, which was turning me on as much as it was him - I love muscles.

I sucked softly on just the head of Matt's huge tool for a while, lost in the pleasure of it filling my mouth. It was oozing precum so fast I had to swallow every minute or so. It must be incredible to have him fuck you, I thought. He'd never need any lube. He could go in dry and have your ass totally wet in just a few seconds. The thought of this huge tool up my ass was both tantalizing and frightening. I'm mostly a top, don't really like having someone else stick anything up my ass, but had made exceptions a few times when the other guy was hot enough. Matt was definitely hot enough. Even if it hurt, I was so in love with him at that moment that if he had asked I would have said yes, just to have that much more of him inside me. But that was another avenue I didn't think he would be able to handle, so I concentrated on his cock, and giving him the orgasm of a lifetime. I moved my hand from his abs to his balls and ass crack, rubbing and squeezing and stroking in all the spots I knew would drive him wild. He started moaning and shoving his hips up, wanting me to go farther, getting desperate for it.

I kept working just the head of Matt's huge cock thoroughly until I could tell from the moans and grunts the gorgeous stud was making that he was getting desperate for me to go all the way down on him. Finally I took a deep breath and swallowed his entire cock in one gulp. I don't think he was expecting that, I doubt any girl he had ever known had been able to take more than half of that monster, and we all know that deep- throating is more a matter of symbolism than sensation to the guy on the receiving end, concentrating on the head with your lips and tongue gives far more real stimulation, but to me there's nothing more satisfying about giving a blow job than eating a huge cock all the way to the root. I prefer a small cock most of the time, so it's not work, but for an Adonis like Matt, I love to suffer. For a stud like him, I love it when I can get his giant cock all the way into my throat so it almost chokes me and it takes concentration not to gag, and to keep breathing while I suck and swallow the whole thing. Guys with big cocks are so used to having people envy them, but several have told me they wish theirs were smaller, so more of their partners could take them all the way. They always love that I can swallow the whole thing with so little apparent effort.

Matt was no exception. I was able to watch his face as I swallowed his huge tool, and his mouth fell open and his eyes rolled back in his head - he loved it. I showed off, holding it there, swallowing on it, sucking and tonguing and working my lips like I never had before, and finally Matt lost control, my work paid off. It was what I had hoped for, to make him lose his cool completely. I could feel from the way his balls were churning in his sac and the way his cock got super-stiff that he was right on the edge. I had one hand probing in his crack, ready for this moment, and when I could tell he was almost there I crammed two fingers all the way up his ass hole and jabbed at his prostate and sucked for all I was worth. Matt gave a huge yell and shoved his hips up all of a sudden, grabbing my head and holding it down on his huge cock. It was a good thing I had taken a couple of deep breaths right before that, as I don't think he could have let go even if I was strangling. As it was, it took all my skill to keep swallowing on his cock and take all the huge load of cum he pumped out. The huge muscle stud was yelling and bucking and grunting and I'm sure the whole dorm could hear. "Fuck! Yeah! Suck me! Cumming in your mouth! God damn fucking cock sucker! Yeah! Eat it all! Yeah@! Cumming! Agh-h- h!"

I suppose some gays would say that was insensitive of Matt, calling me a fucking cock sucker, but it turned me on. He had lost control and gone wild and shot an enormous load of cum, and liked it, and I had made him do it, he had been at my mercy for those few minutes, in my control.

Usually I like to make myself cum at the same time as the guy I'm blowing, which is why I love sixty-nine, it can be the ultimate shared sexual experience if both guys are good at what they are doing, and know how to time it. With Matt that time I was so totally devoted to serving his pleasure that there was no time for my own. I was grinding my rock- hard dick into the bed, and it wouldn't have taken much to make me cum, but I didn't. Besides, once he pulled himself together and left I would have plenty of time to cum several times while I relived the experience.

Matt was still panting and growling and swearing as I took my mouth from his cock and used just my hands to extend his orgasm. I knew that the head of his cock was incredibly sensitive now, and it would ruin everything to touch it, but what was often the best part of cumming could be in the minute or so after the peak. I continued using my fingers up his ass to probe that hard nut of ecstasy deep inside, and with my other hand I stroked his cock slowly and expertly, and with my mouth I licked and sucked his balls. His whole body was shaking and I almost thought he was having some sort of seizure, but decided his orgasms were just like everything else about the awesome stud, larger than life. He continued to pump out giant ropes of cum that soon coated his entire chest and stomach. His stomach kept contracting in spasms, and he bounced up and down on the bed, panting and grunting and moaning.

When his cock wasn't spurting any more, just dribbling, I pulled my fingers out of the stud's tight hot ass and reluctantly released his huge cock. It was softening a little, and I could tell he was ready to stop. Matt fell back, exhausted, still swearing and panting.

"Fuck! Fuckin awesome. Yeah! God! Never! Shit yeah." I looked worshipfully at his awesome body, now drenched with sweat, and got up on my hands and knees and started licking him all over. I couldn't get enough of his beautiful muscles, his soft skin, his sexy smell and taste. Matt grabbed me and pulled me down on top of him, panting and moaning. He hugged me close to him and gasped. "Thanks, dude, that was awesome. Nobody ever did anything like that for me before. Thanks! God!"

I could feel Matt's still half-hard cock trapped between us with my own, and as he held me and the sweat of our bodies made us totally slippery I started rubbing slowly against him. I had rubbed against guys like that before, but never to the point of orgasm. Now Matt threw me another curve - he kissed me on the lips. I was totally not expecting that, and as his tongue probed into my mouth and he hugged us tightly together, the feel of his mouth on mine, our hard-muscled chests rubbing together and his cock rubbing against mine all drove me over the top. It was my turn to moan and grunt - my whole body was convulsed with ecstasy as my cock erupted and I drove it into Matt's hard-muscled belly and poured out a huge load of cum all over him.

When I stopped cumming I rolled off Matt and lay on my back, panting. I was expecting him to jump up and leave with an embarrassed "See ya later," or some other dismissive exit line, but he stayed there beside me, looking at me. "Dude that was totally awesome," he kept saying. From anyone but Matt it would have sounded stupid, but from him it was perfect.

But now it was I who wanted this to end. I knew it was just another blow job for him, just sex, something he could have any time he wanted, half the coeds on campus lusted after Matt, he had a giggling crowd of them around him wherever he went. They all wanted him to fuck them, and most were as casual about it as he. Sleeping with Matt was just another conquest for the bimbos who pursued him. Terry had told me about all the times he had to leave their room and go study at the library so Matt could fuck some cunt. I didn't know what it all meant to Matt, he probably didn't question it, sex was like air, it was all around him, he didn't have to think about it.

I got up from the bed and grabbed my towel and keys and sandals and went to the door. "Time for a shower, stud. And then I have to study some more." I hoped he understood I was asking him to leave, but he rose to his elbows and grinned. "Yeah, I need a shower, let me get a clean towel. I'll meet you there." He said that as I opened the door and he brushed by me, heading to his own room right across the hall. I locked the door and walked down the hall to the shower room and johns.

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