My College Roommate Todd

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My freshman year in college we had to live in the dorms, and they assigned us roommates. I had wanted to room with a friend from high school, but instead got assigned to a complete stranger. I was upset when I found out, but my folks told me it would be good for me, and I had no choice, so I decided to try to make the best of it.

My roommate was this awesome blond, blue-eyed, muscle-god jock-stud bodybuilder wrestler from a farm in Nebraska named Todd. He was as fresh-faced and innocent and wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting, with the looks and build of a gay porn super-star, and I fell for him instantly. I had figured out that I was gay by that time, but hadn't had sex with another guy yet. My main sexual outlet was masturbating while I looked at pictures of naked bodybuilders in muscle-porn mags. Muscles really turned me on. And Todd had muscles. It was torture being around him all the time, and it didn't help that he was as friendly as he was good-looking, and seemed to have no idea the effect he had on me.

For the first couple of weeks I felt like I was in hell. I wanted Todd so bad, but I was sure he was too straight to let me touch him. I wanted to worship his awesome naked muscle-god body from head to toe and suck his huge hard cock to a mind-blowing orgasm. I went to sleep with a hardon fantasizing about what I wanted to do to him. I woke from wet dreams where I was licking his huge hard pecs and abs and he was urging me on. I woke up early and looked across to see him lying naked asleep, the covers thrown back, his tanned smooth-skinned awesome muscular body glistening, his huge cock hard and oozing, and I quietly threw the covers off myself to jerk off while I looked at him and imagined I was on his bed naked with him and feeling his huge hard muscles. But I never let him know how I felt.

Not that I'm not good-looking. People usually describe me as "cute," which I hate - teddy bears and puppies are cute, a guy who's eighteen is not cute. I suppose my being on the short side doesn't help, I'm only five-eight. And my face does look very young, with a turned up nose and freckles. But when I take my clothes off I get a lot of looks from girls - and other guys. I work out every day and have a real nice body - I weigh a hundred sixty pounds, all of it muscles, with great pecs and abs and a great tan to set my muscles off, with a sexy tan line from the skimpy Speedo I wear. Several very sexy guys cruised me in the dorm showers, but I figured if I took them up the word would get out and everyone would know - including Todd.

To make things worse, Todd seemed to have virtually no inhibitions - he liked to wear as little as possible, which meant he stripped naked as soon as he walked into our dorm room, and walked around not only in our room but down the hall to the johns or showers that way too, usually with his huge cock half hard. We were in an all-male dorm, and he wasn't the only guy who walked around naked or with a hardon, but the others didn't look like a gay wet-dream fantasy and weren't in my face all the time. But Todd was second youngest of six Nebraska farm-boy brothers who had shared a loft bedroom, and I guess modesty hadn't been very practical.

He told me I reminded him of his little brother, and that's the way he treated me right away, like a little brother. He called me Mikey, which I usually hate, but from him it was OK, I was so totally in awe of him. He would muss up my hair as I sat studying, or poke me playfully in the belly or take a swat at my ass as I walked past. None of which made it any easier to deal with my growing lust for him.

I was so hot for him it was all I could think about. At night I would lay awake listening to him breathe, wondering if he was asleep, fantasizing about crawling into his bed while he was asleep and feeling his body, maybe even sucking on his cock until he came in my mouth - he would stay asleep the whole time and never know it happened, of course.

Then the fourth weekend of school he went out drinking on Saturday night with some his jock buddies. It was the first time he'd gone out, because he was so worried about this grades, but a couple of awesome studs from the wrestling team came by and practically dragged him out to get drunk. I went to the library to study. When I got back to the room at 11 he still wasn't back, so I went to bed.

Around 1 AM the door crashed open - I lifted my head and pried my eyes open to watch Todd and his buddies stagger in. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up, the other two were practically carrying the awesome jock, and they proceeded to dump him on his bed and then stagger out themselves, slamming the door after themselves. I could hear them shouting and laughing as they walked away down the hall, and the shouts of "Shut the fuck up, assholes!" from my neighbors. Then there was silence.

I looked over at Todd lying on his bed, totally passed out. "This is my chance," I thought. I can undress him and have sex with him and he's so drunk he won't even know it's happening, let alone remember tomorrow morning."

"No!" I told myself, "it's wrong!" I shut my eyes tight and tried to relax, go back to sleep. But I could hear Todd snoring, obviously dead to the world. Did I dare touch him? I lay there listening to his breathing, my heart pounding.

I opened my eyes and looked across at Todd's bed. There was enough light from outside that I could see him clearly, still in the same position the two drunk jocks had dumped him, fully clothed, passed out drunk. He looked odd like that, fully clothed in his bed - the awesome jock muscle-stud always slept buck naked, usually with the covers kicked off and his huge hard dick sticking up oozing fuck-juice as he dreamed about sex. I should at least take his clothes off and pull the covers over him. I sat up on the side of my bed. I was wearing nothing but my briefs and the minute I started thinking about undressing my sexy roommate my cock was rock hard, the pouch of my briefs tented out by it. I reached down and groped myself, adjusting my hard tool so it fit in my briefs more comfortably. I stroked my hard cock through my briefs as I stood and walked to Todd's bed. I would undress him so I could see his naked body and then look at him while I jerked off so I could go back to sleep. My cock ached and throbbed as I thought about touching Todd's naked body.

I got up from my bed and looked down at Todd. The sexy jock stud muscle-boy was lying fully clothed on top of all his covers. There was no way I could get him under them without a little help from him. I shook him, lightly at first, then more forcefully. "Hey, Todd! Wake up, dude. Get under the covers. Wake up!" I shook him pretty hard, and poked him in the arm to wake him, but he didn't respond, just lay there like a rock snoring. I knelt over him in my briefs, my cock hard and throbbing as I put my hands on his chest and shook him - the feel of his big hard pecs under my hands was awesome, and when he didn't respond at all I found myself losing control of my desires - he was mine, I wanted to keep on and explore his entire body. My rough shaking of his awesome muscular form turned to rubbing and stroking and fondling. I felt his nipples through his tee-shirt - he had big ones for a guy, and I couldn't resist the urge to feel them - I had looked at them so often and wanted to know what they felt like - I rubbed them and they got hard and erect under my fingers. And Todd moaned and twisted - it was obvious the sleeping jock stud liked that.

I looked down at Todd's crotch and saw the outline of his hard cock through his jeans - he was aroused - as always - it seemed Todd always had an erection, and loved to show it off - he was big all over, his cock looked huge to me. When he got out of bed in the morning - he slept naked - his cock would stick out hard and demanding as he stood and stretched and he would wave it in my face as I lay in bed, kidding me - "Here buddy, suck it for me, I need to get my rocks off." He would stand naked over my bed and I would look up at his awesome muscles and his huge hard cock. All I would have to do is reach up and take it. But instead I would tell the awesome jock to go fuck himself and he would laugh and reach down and muss up my hair. Todd was just joking around, never dreaming how much I wanted to take him up on the offer and suck that huge piece of meat all the way down my throat while I felt his huge hard muscles and made the awesome stud unload all his hot boy spunk down my throat.

Then Todd would move over in front of the mirror and stand there naked and hard-dicked and stretch and look at himself in the mirror and flex and admire his awesome build while I watched him and hid my boner under the covers, waiting for him to grab his towel and walk down the hall to the showers so I could throw the covers off and stroke myself to a hurried and very frustrated orgasm.

In the shower stall Todd would jerk off, I'd seen him doing it once as I walked past, it was pretty common a lot of the guys jerked off in the showers or the toilet stalls. The time I saw Todd beating his meat in the shower he hadn't closed the shower curtain completely and I looked in and saw the awesome muscle-boy leaning back against the wall and the hot water from the shower hitting his body as he stroked that giant cock - I would have stopped and watched, but I was afraid someone else would see me and know I was queer for Todd. He looked up and saw me and grinned and waved his cock at me, offering it to me. I ran.

I knelt over passed-out drunk muscle-stud Todd on his bed and reached down and groped his hard cock through his jeans and played with his huge hard nipples trough his tight white tee shirt some more. He moaned and shifted on the bed, but showed no signs of waking. I was getting off on the idea of Todd helpless and at my mercy. I could do anything I wanted to the muscle-boy, he was too drunk to stop me. My heart was pounding, I was feeling dazed and afraid and aroused - I couldn't believe what I was doing, groping my roommate. What if he woke up? I shook him harder. No response. He must be totally passed out. I would just undress him and leave him alone. I'd go back to my own bed and jerk off while I looked at his naked body.

Getting Todd's tee-shirt off was the hardest part. I worked it up to his chest without much trouble, but then couldn't figure out how to get it over his head. And even getting it up to his pecs had me rock-hard and throbbing again, there was no way to do it without getting my hands on his naked hard-muscled boy-flesh. I tried not to lose control and feel him up too openly, I was still afraid he wasn't as sound asleep as he seemed, or would wake up, and tomorrow he would know what I had done to him. But with his abs and half his pecs exposed I couldn't stop myself, I reached out and gently stroked his naked body. It was awesome - feeling him was like a drug, once I started I couldn't stop myself. I ran my hands all over the muscle-god's naked torso, loving the hard ridges of muscle of his abs and his huge hard pecs and those awesome nipples that swelled erect and hard as I rubbed them. Losing caution completely, I leaned down and licked his hard nipples, then sucked them - Todd moaned and stirred. I jerked back. I had to stop.

By pushing Todd's arms over his head and struggling with him for several minutes I finally managed to work his tee-shirt over his head. The son- of-a-bitch snored through it all, didn't help me a bit, and I was pissed as hell as well as breathless when I finished. At that point Todd's tee shirt was still wrapped around his wrists and his arms were stretched over his head and it looked as though the awesome teen muscle-stud was tied up. That turned me on, the idea of Todd helpless and at my mercy, so I left him like that and stepped back to look down at the sleeping jock - he looked incredibly sexy half-naked, sleeping, bound and helpless. I reached inside my briefs and pulled my rock-hard meat out and stroked it a few times, tempted to beat off and relieve this urge that was driving me to take such an unbelievable risk.

Todd was still on top of the covers - if I covered him I wouldn't be so tempted. I would just pull the covers over him. But he was on top of them. I decided if I rolled him over I could pull the blanket down on one side, then roll him over onto that side and pull the other down and cover him. I would cover him up and go back to my bed and jerk off and go to sleep. He and I both jerked off in bed all the time, there was nothing wrong with a hot horny stud beating his meat in the privacy of his own bed.

It was hard work getting that big jock stud rolled over, and I almost rolled him onto the floor doing it. I pushed and pulled him and eventually got him on his side on one edge of the bed. I went to the other side and pulled the blanket and sheet down as far as I could. His half-nude sleeping body was still holding the other side. I moved back to that side of the bed and carefully rolled him to the other side - he still didn't move or help, and it took a lot of work - I was sweating now from my exertions and my cock was no longer hard. I got the covers pulled down on the other side and moved around the bed again, and rolled Todd onto his back. I would cover him and go back to my own bed before my crazy obsessions got the better of me.

As I started to roll Todd onto his back he woke up. He was still very drunk, but he opened his eyes and looked at me groggily and said "What's happening, Mikey?" He didn't seem upset, just confused.

"You're drunk, I'm putting you to bed," I explained, my heart pounding. We were both practically naked and I had my hands on the muscle-stud's bare chest, trying to roll him onto his back.

"Good old Mikey," the naked muscle-stud mumbled, sitting up halfway and looking down at himself groggily. "Need to take my pants off," he slurred and lay back and fumbled with his pants but he was too drunk to do even that, and fell back - "Help me, buddy," he slurred, reaching up and pulling my arm.

I had no choice with that hunk pulling me down, I knelt on the bed beside him as he pulled my hands to his waist. I undid his belt and unzipped him - he lifted his hips a little so I could slide his tight jeans down to his thighs. Then it was up to me as he passed out again, and I moved to his feet and took his shoes off and then pulled his pants all the way off.

Todd snored. He was now all but naked, wearing nothing but his tight white briefs, his still hard cock clearly outlined through the tight knit fabric. I decided that was enough, he'd wakened once now, he would wake up again - I moved to the side of the bed and started to pull the covers over him. He woke again and looked up at me and smiled - "Hey, Mikey, what's happening?"

"It's ok Todd, you're drunk, go to sleep." I told him. He reached up and pulled me down beside him.

"I'm drunk, Mikey. Gotta get my clothes off. Help me get my clothes off, help me get naked buddy." Todd was holding me by the shoulders now and I almost fell on top of his naked body but supported myself and prevented it.

"Your clothes are off, Todd, it's OK, let me cover you, go back to sleep."

"No, gotta get naked," and he fell back and started struggling with his briefs. He was too drunk to manage even that and pulled me down on top of him - this time I couldn't stop myself from falling and wound up fully on top of Todd, our naked bodies were pressed together, my crotch pressed to his, my hard cock pressed to his. I almost came, my cock throbbed and jerked and my groin filled with hot urgent need, feeling Todd's naked muscles pressed to mine. The sexy muscle stud lapsed back into drunken unconsciousness, and I pushed myself away. "OK, Todd, you want to get naked, you'll get naked," I muttered as he snored again.

I peeled Todd's briefs down to his thighs, baring his crotch - his cock was rock hard, and flopped out and lay against his belly - it's huge length stretched all the way to his navel, and I could see a drop of cum glistening at the tip - I wanted to lean down and lick it off, and gazed at it, transfixed with desire. No, he would wake up then for sure, and I would be dead. I moved to his feet and managed to work the shorts down to his ankles and off. I started to get up then, planning to cover him and go back to my own bed, but Todd woke again and reached up and grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed and rolled on top of me pinning me, then grabbed my shorts and started pulling them off.

"You too," Todd slurred drunkenly as he grabbed my crotch and ripped at my briefs, wrestling with me. In half a minute my skimpy briefs were in tatters, and he pulled the shreds down over my thighs leaving me naked. He was laughing drunkenly, enjoying dominating me. His hand closed over my cock a couple of times, groping me playfully, saying "Hey, Mikey's got a boner!" He thought that was very funny and I was helpless to resist him - my cock was rock hard, pulled up flat against my belly, oozing fuck juice heavily, and I could feel it rubbing against his hard cock as he lay on top of me, triumphant, our naked bodies pressed tightly together. Todd wrapped his arms around me and rolled onto his back, pulling me over on top of him, hugging me to him. "Good old Mikey, my buddy looks after me," he slurred. He wrapped his legs around me too, and rolled onto his side, my naked body clutched to his. Then his body relaxed and he started snoring again, his face nestled into my shoulder, his arms and legs holding me to him.

My first reaction when the naked jock stud hugged me to him was to hug him back - my arms went around his shoulders and I pressed my naked body to his. We were both totally bare-assed naked now and our naked flesh was pressed together from neck to groin. I felt Todd's hard-muscled pecs swelling as he breathed, his hard nipples rubbed against my naked chest - Todd moved a little, getting comfortable, and his crotch pressed harder against mine - he had a full erection and his huge cock pressed against my crotch - I'd been hard in an instant from the feeling of Todd's sexy muscles rubbing against mine. The body-builder sex stud kept moving slowly for a minute or two, rubbing his body against mine, pushing his erection against mine - his cock got harder and poked into my belly. He was snoring, and obviously out cold, but also enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together. I froze, afraid to give in to the emotions surging through my totally aroused body - I wanted to thrust my hips back against his and shove my cock into his crotch and rub our bodies together and I knew I'd cum if I did it. I had to stop.

Slowly I loosened his arms and legs and rolled the naked bodybuilder onto his back and lay by his side, panting. His naked body still touched mine, and my cock was rock hard and throbbing - the feeling of his muscles touching mine was unbelievable - I was too turned on to stop myself now - he was there naked and hard, I was there naked and hard and desperate for release - he was too drunk to know what was happening - if he remembered tomorrow I could say he had dreamed it - I had to have him now, I had to make him cum, see that huge cock erupt and hear him pant and moan with need and satisfaction. I reached out and caressed his hard-muscled pecs. I stroked their round firm flesh, then let my hand go lower to his rock hard washboard abs. They rose and fell slightly as I stroked them. I let my fingers trace the rectangles of his razor sharp abs, and felt his stomach quiver. I found his huge hard nipples and played with them, rolling them between my fingers. He moaned and panted with need. His hands were over his head again, as though he was bound and helpless. Unable to control myself any longer I leaned over and put my lips to his chest and licked and sucked his huge erect nipples - he squirmed and moaned, but did not wake up again. I was beyond caring - I licked and sucked his pecs, then worked my way down to his wash-board abs, feeling like I wanted to devour him entirely, explore every inch of his beautiful muscles with my mouth and tongue and hands.

His huge cock stretched all the way to his navel, so I encountered the head of it midway down his abs. I licked the huge head, lapping up the sticky wet fuck-juice oozing from its tip and pooling on his abdomen. There was lots and I loved the taste. It was the first male juice I had tasted other than my own and tasted a lot like mine but different too and I liked it, especially since it was Todd's. He moaned and moved a little as I licked the huge knob of his cock head, but he didn't wake and I totally abandoned all restraint. I was too far gone to care - I had to have him now. I opened my mouth and engulfed half his cock in my mouth. It filled my mouth and poked into my throat and I was afraid that was all I would be able to take in - I wanted the whole thing inside me, I wanted his cock filling my mouth and pumping his hot man juice into me. I wanted to eat every part of him.

I was still playing with Todd's pecs and nipples with one hand and had the other hand on his huge, heavy-hung balls, rolling them around in my hand and loving the weight and feel of them. I liked to tug and squeeze my own balls while I jerked off so I figured Todd might like that too and did to him what I knew felt good to me, poking the turgid base of his huge hard cock and tugging and squeezing his huge balls in their sac. He moaned and slowly rocked his hips, and I could tell he liked it. Even passed out drunk his awesome sexuality was wide awake.

As I sucked on my roommate's huge cock and he rocked his hips to offer it to me I was able to get more of it into my mouth - I found out how to relax my throat and let it accommodate the huge column of male sex-meat. Todd's breathing was getting harder as he grew more and more aroused from what I was doing to his naked male muscle-stud body as I finally managed to get his entire huge ten-inch cock down my throat. Sucking for all I was worth, with one hand working his pecs and nipples and the other his balls, I brought the incredible naked stud to orgasm in no time - he started grunting and moaning and thrusting his hips and cramming his huge fuck tool deeper and deeper into my throat and soon my mouth was full of his cum - I tried to swallow but there was so much and I was unaccustomed to it - the taste intoxicated me but it was thick and creamy and choked me as I tried to swallow it - I let it flow out of my mouth onto his belly as he bucked and thrashed with orgasmic delight, groaning and finally clutching my head in his hands to hold it down on his cock, fucking my face as he came. He was making deep guttural noises of lust and pleasure and satisfaction. His abs were convulsing and contracting and his hips were thrusting and his pecs were contracting under my hands and his balls were churning and he was shooting and shooting and shooting. I was suffocating, but I was in heaven

Eventually Todd stopped cumming and let me up off his huge hard cock - it stayed hard and I think he could have cum again right away if I had started sucking it again, but I was dizzy and panting and confused. I couldn't believe what I had done - would Todd remember in the morning? Had I ruined our friendship? He lay beside me recovering from that incredible orgasm, panting and moaning with pleasure. Was he awake? Was he sober enough to know what had just happened? I sat up on the side of the bed and looked down at his naked awesomely muscular body -he was slowly relaxing, already asleep again. I got up on the bed and knelt over his naked body, straddling his midsection, and reached down and grabbed my rock-hard erection and started pumping my own cock as I looked at his beautiful sleeping face and awesome pecs and abs. I tried to hold back, hold onto that awesome moment, Todd naked beneath me, my cock hard and ready to spurt, but I came in about a minute, huge bolts of cum shooting from my cock and landing on Todd's sleeping naked body - some hit him in the face and slid down his cheek onto his pillow - one huge gob landed right on the sleeping naked stud's lips and rolled down over his chin onto his neck. By the time I stopped cumming he was coated with it from his forehead to his navel.

I collapsed on top of Todd when I was spent, and lay on his naked hard- muscled body panting for a while until the room stopped spinning and my cock stopped pumping cum - he stirred a little again, and sort of hugged me to him, murmuring something unintelligible in his stupor. Then I got up and picked up Todd's towel that was hanging across the chair by his bed and wiped our combined cum off his naked body and mine. If he had wakened and wanted to kill me I would have died happy, full of the fuck juice of my idol and sex god. Then I covered his naked body and stumbled back to my own bed and collapsed naked on top of the covers and fell asleep at once.

I awoke the next morning feeling great. Sunlight was streaming in the window. I lay in bed for a few minutes, remembering a very pleasant dream. Then I licked my lips and tasted the salt of Todd's cum and remembered - it hadn't been a dream. I lifted myself to my elbows and looked over at Todd's bed. The blond muscle god was laying there naked, tanned, the covers thrown aside, hard-dicked and beautiful and still sound asleep. He was on his back with one arm thrown over his face and his hard-muscled body glistening and beautiful Hs cock was hard, flat up against his belly hard and oozing - there was a pool of precum on his belly - he was horny and probably dreaming about sex.

I was hard again in an instant, and reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it, looking at Todd's naked body while I beat my meat. In no time I was cumming and my cock erupted in huge gushes of hot teen fuck juice, spurting up and hitting me in the face, coating my chest and abs. I fell back on the bed, and let the last of my orgasm fill my body with peace and contentment. My cum started to feel cold against my naked skin so I lifted myself onto my elbows and reached out - the first thing that I could reach was Todd's towel, crusted with cum from last night. I used it to wipe myself off, then tossed it back on the floor and fell back on the bed. It was Sunday, I could sleep.

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