My College Roommate Todd, Version 3

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YES, it's still another version of my fantasy sex-capades with my awesome body-builder jock college roommate Todd. Can you tell I was sort of obsessed about him? This time two of Todd's muscle-boy buddies join in the fun.

My freshman year in college we had to live in the dorms, and they assigned us roommates. I had wanted to room with a friend from high school, but instead I got assigned to a complete stranger. I was upset when I found out, but my folks told me it would be good for me, and I had no choice, so I decided to try to make the best of it.

My roommate was this awesome blond, blue-eyed, muscle-god jock-stud bodybuilder wrestler from a farm in Nebraska named Todd. He was as fresh-faced and innocent and wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting, with the looks and build of a gay porn super-star, and I fell for him instantly.

I had figured out that I was gay by that time, but hadn't had sex with another guy yet. My main sexual outlet was masturbating while I looked at pictures of naked bodybuilders in muscle-porn mags. I had a stack of gay porn that I kept locked in a metal box in my closet, and I'd sneak one or two out and hide them under my mattress where I could pull them out late at night and use a flashlight to drool over the hot naked studs while I jerked off. Once in a while I got really brave - or desperate - and stuffed one under my shirt and took it to one of the stalls in the men's room and looked at it and jerked off there. Being in a room with other guys who were pissing or showering or even maybe jerking off too made me even hornier and I would cum even harder at the thrill of almost being visible as I stroked my horny teen cock. I was always in terror of being caught with one of those magazines, of course, either by Todd or one of the other guys on our floor. My heart would beat furiously as I snuck down the hall carrying one, sure everyone knew what I was up to.

Muscles really turned me on. And Todd had muscles. It was torture being around him all the time, and it didn't help that he was as friendly as he was good-looking, and seemed to have neither inhibitions nor any idea of the effect he had on me.

For the first couple of weeks I felt like I was in hell. I wanted Todd so bad, but I was sure he was too straight to let me touch him. I wanted to worship his awesome naked muscle-god body from head to toe and suck his huge hard cock to a mind-blowing orgasm. I went to sleep with a hardon fantasizing about what I wanted to do to him. I woke from wet dreams where I was licking his huge hard pecs and abs and he was urging me on. I woke up early and looked across to see him lying naked asleep, the covers thrown back, his tanned smooth-skinned awesome muscular body glistening, his huge cock hard and oozing, and I quietly threw the covers off myself to jerk off while I looked at him and imagined I was on his bed naked with him and feeling his huge hard muscles. But I never let him know how I felt.

Not that I'm not good-looking. People usually describe me as "cute," which I hate. Teddy bears and puppies are cute, a guy who's eighteen is not cute. I suppose my being on the short side doesn't help, I'm only five-eight. And my face does look very young, with a turned up nose and freckles. But when I take my clothes off I get a lot of looks from girls. And other guys. I work out every day and have a real nice body - I weigh a hundred fifty pounds, all of it muscle, with great pecs and abs and a great tan to set my muscles off, with a sexy tan line from the skimpy Speedo I wear. Several very sexy guys cruised me in the dorm showers, but I figured if I took them up the word would get out and everyone would know. Including Todd.

To make things worse, Todd seemed to have virtually no inhibitions. He liked to wear as little as possible, which meant he stripped naked as soon as he walked into our dorm room, and walked around not only in our room but down the hall to the johns or showers that way too, usually with his huge cock half hard. We were in an all-male dorm, and he wasn't the only guy who walked around naked or with a hardon, but the others didn't look like a gay wet-dream fantasy and weren't in my face all the time. But Todd was second youngest of six Nebraska farm-boy brothers who had shared a loft bedroom, and I guess modesty hadn't been very practical.

He told me I reminded him of his little brother, and that's the way he treated me right away, like a little brother. He called me Mikey, which I usually hate, but from him it was OK, I was so totally in awe of him. He would muss up my hair as I sat studying, or poke me playfully in the belly, or take a swat at my ass as I walked past, or grab me in a head lock and wrestle me to one of our beds.

And once he had subdued me - which he did easily, since he outweighed me by thirty pounds - he would tickle me until I was practically sobbing with laughter. He really liked to tickle me, and did it at least once a day once he found out how it affected me. I've always been very ticklish, especially if it's another guy doing it to me, and am easily reduced to total helplessness. Once muscle-god Todd found out how ticklish I was, he tortured me with it every chance he got.

Todd wasn't dumb, but he was no genius either, and had to work hard to get the grades his parents expected of him. Between studying and working out to keep building up his already awesome body, and training for the wrestling team, he didn't have much spare time. When he was in our room he was either studying or working out with his weights, which he did wearing nothing but a skimpy jockstrap, or entirely bare-assed nude, and mostly in front of a mirror so he could adjust every movement for maximum effect and observe the perfection of his body as he sculpted it even more perfectly. And when he finished working out he spent a half hour posing, looking at himself in the mirror to check out his results.

I tried not to watch him too openly at first when he was walking around naked or working out or posing, but he seemed to expect it. I guess he was used to everyone looking at him. When he worked out he kept asking me to spot for him and then asked my opinion of his body, displaying his awesome arms or pecs or abs or thighs right in my face and asking me to feel them and tell him if they were hard enough or big enough. I tried to refuse the first few times he did that, but inevitably I broke down and went along. Todd was very persuasive when he was buck naked and he was rubbing my shoulders and saying "Aw, come on, Mikey, it'll just take a few minutes, please help me out, buddy."

So I spotted for him and critiqued his body as he posed for me. I drank in every naked inch of his beautiful body, and let myself go, exploring his naked muscles with my hands. I'd rub and squeeze his huge biceps and tell him how awesome they were, then cup his huge pecs in my hands and squeeze them appreciatively and say they were totally awesome, and rub his big hard nipples and make him grunt with pleasure. Like I said, Todd had few inhibitions where his body was concerned. But I could never let myself feel him up the way I wanted to, I always held back.

His posing was as totally narcissistic an exhibition as I have ever seen. He would stand naked in front of the mirror and flex his awesome physique and rub and stroke himself and urge himself on as though he were some imaginary audience at a body-building competition.

He usually had at least a partial hardon, of course, even when he was working out, and he would stop and stroke it a few times after every set of exercises, as though that was an important part of the ritual, to keep his cock in shape too. He was as awesomely hung as he was muscled, with about ten inches of long thick straight meat and a pair of huge heavy balls to match, and once he had finished his workout and posing, he would masturbate right there on his workout bench, and once he saw that it turned me on, he would insist I beat off too. I was stripped to my shorts by then, since I had to spot for him and he insisted I work out as well. I'm pretty well-built, but next to Todd I felt like a ninety-eight-pound weakling, and would have been embarrassed to work out with someone as awesomely muscled as he, but he wouldn't let me just watch or just help by spotting, he insisted I strip down and get in on the action, and he coached me, so that soon I was putting on muscle in a way I had never dreamed possible.

So once we had both finished working out with the weights we had to work out our cocks. Todd said sexual health required at least one orgasm a day, and I wasn't about to contradict him, since it meant I got to pump my own cock to a mind-blasting orgasm sitting right next to a wet-dream jock stud muscle fantasy. He liked it best when we both straddled his weights bench facing each other with our legs spread wide apart, and our feet touching, and leaned back and jerked off looking at each other. The goal was for us to cum at the same time, and since he liked to take at least ten minutes stroking his huge piece of meat before he let loose with his cum, I had to work not to cum too soon. The first time he had me jerk off like that with him I blasted my load almost the minute I took hold of my cock and started stroking it, I was so turned on being naked with my idol muscle-god Todd. He said I should go slower, try not to cum so fast, as girls liked it when guys took a long time to cum. I didn't tell him I wasn't interested in girls.

The goal when we came facing each other that way was to see how much of your cum you could get on the other guy. Todd and his jock stud brothers in Nebraska had played that game in their loft, jerked off and shot their cum at each other. There was no prize for "winning", other than the satisfaction of humiliating the other guy by soaking him with your hot teen jism, I guess. I wasn't very good at it at first, but Todd taught me how to control the muscles in my cock to make it shoot harder and farther, and soon I was able to get as much cum on him as he did on me. It turned out I pumped out a bigger load than Todd did, though he was bigger than I was, and he was really impressed by that.

So we would finish our workout, then face each other on the bench naked, lean back and work our cocks, coach each other on our progress, and when we both agreed our nuts were right on the edge of exploding, we'd cut loose and let ourselves cum, and wind up both coated from forehead to groin in fresh hot teen cum. I got as good as Todd at making my first few gut-wrenching squirts hit him in the face and chest.

There was one minor forfeit - if the other guy hit you in the face, you had to lick your lips and swallow any of it that hit your mouth, or dripped down. I nearly creamed again when Todd told me that, the first time he made his cum hit my lips. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked up his hot cum and wanted to lean down and engulf his still-hard cock and suck the drops still oozing from the piss-slit and drooling down his huge hard shaft to his balls. His cum tasted like nectar to me and I wanted it all. I would surreptitiously scoop up as much as I could of what he squirted on me and eat it all.

I was in heaven when I learned to squirt the way Todd did, and was able to hit him in the face and then watch as he stuck out his tongue and licked it up. He would grin at me as he did it, and told me with great seriousness that cum was practically pure protein, so it actually helped make your muscles grow bigger. I thought of suggesting that we should suck each other off and each eat an entire load of the other's cum, and get ALL that protein, not let a drop go to waste. But I didn't.

Then we had to wipe each other off. I think Todd just liked any sort of attention to his awesome body, but as soon as we started playing that game of cumming all over each other Todd told me that we had to clean each other up once we had cum. He would take his sweat-soaked workout towel and slowly and carefully wipe all his cum off my naked body, then I would do the same to him. That even included wiping the other guy's cock clean, and Todd was very careful and thorough about it, he would hold my cock gently in one hand while he wiped it with his towel, and the contrast between his warm soft fingers caressing my cock and the rough texture of the towel was ball-churningly sexy. If I hadn't just cum a huge hot load all over the place, that would have done it, for sure.

It was ecstatic torture to wipe my cum off Todd's body, and then his still-oozing cock. It meant I got to feel his muscles when they were at their totally pumped awesome biggest and hardest, and to rub and stroke his huge cock and balls, and hear him sigh appreciatively as I did all of that, but it also meant I was still more frustrated, still more desperate to go all the way and choke myself on his giant fuck tool.

The frustration of all this was that I wanted still more. I wanted to have sex with Todd. I stood watching him pose naked looking at himself in the mirror and fantasized about what I wanted to do with him. most of all I wanted to lick his awesome muscles all over and suck on his huge pecs and enormous sexy nipples and then lick his balls and play with his cock and suck on its huge head and make him cum.

That was it, I wanted to make Todd cum the way he made me cum, just by looking so fucking sexy.

I wanted him to scream with pleasure because of something I did to him, and beg me to do it more and again

I was a little vague about the details, since I'd never done any of it before, but I knew I wanted to touch Todd's body in forbidden places and have him touch me back in a way other than the buddy-buddy playing- around stuff he did to me.

I started having fantasies about drugging Todd somehow so that he was unconscious and wouldn't know what I did to him and then having sex with him like that. I would drop something into the water bottle he kept with him all the time, and when it took effect, right after his workout, his awesome body would be mine, and I would be free to do all the things I wanted to him. But I would never do such a thing.

Then one Saturday night Todd said it was time to have some fun and we should go out drinking together. I was shocked. He had never even mentioned drinking before, and was so careful about everything he ate and all. I figured alcohol was forbidden, but when I asked him, he said his wrestling coach had told him he was too tense and needed to relax and have some fun. I don't like to drink, too afraid what I might do if I got really drunk, but I went along because I couldn't refuse Todd anything he asked, I was too much in love with him.

So after dinner at the college cafeteria we joined a couple of his jock buddies and went to a local bar. His buddies were Mark and Scott, and they were almost as good-looking and sexy as Todd was. Mark was very dark and exotic-looking, with smooth, dark skin and huge dark eyes and flashing white teeth and a sexy grin, while Scott was blond like Todd, but quieter. He wasn't unfriendly, but he didn't join in the laughing and kidding the way Mark did, he just watched the rest of us, and I couldn't decide whether he was just the quiet type or he was pissed off at one of the rest of us.

Both Mark and Scott were built like Todd of course. Scott, the sexy blond, was about as tall as Todd, but not as bulky. He looked like a gymnast, which it turned out he was. He was very lean and muscular, with the incredibly wide, heavily muscled shoulders and arms, and very narrow hips they all seem to have. Dark, exotic-looking Mark was shorter than the other two, about my height, but stockier. He was also a wrestler, and looked like he belonged on one of those TV gladiator shows. Just the sight of his awesomely muscular body would intimidate any opponent.

It turned out Todd wasn't at all used to drinking, and once his buddies caught on to that, they poured as many drinks into him as they could and he got so drunk he could hardly stand up and I was afraid he was going to get sick or pass out. Mark and Scott seemed not to care, but finally they agreed to help me get him back to our dorm room. It took the three of us, with Todd's arms draped over our shoulders. He was still able to walk but wasn't much help, since he kept trying to wrestle us to the ground. Not only that, he wanted us all to wrestle naked right there on the campus lawn we were crossing, and he tried to strip all our clothes off. He succeeded in getting his own jacket halfway off and then was trying to strip me as well when the other two finally pinned him on the grass and subdued him.

"Come on, you guys. Wanta wrestle naked like the Greeks. Gonna do it like the Greeks, let's get naked," he mumbled, his speech slurred.

I thought of another way to "do it like the Greeks", and my cock throbbed. Fortunately all the beer Todd had drunk was taking its toll and in a minute he stopped struggling. We had to practically carry him the rest of the way. The people who saw the four of us mostly just laughed or ignored us.

Back in the dorm room we threw Todd on his bed, clothes and all, and I sat on my own bed. I'd had a lot more beer than I was used to, and felt pretty drunk, but the exertion of dragging Todd home had converted it to energy rather than torpor. And all the physical contact with the other three had me really turned on. I wanted to get naked and jerk off.

It even crossed my mind that with Todd so drunk I might be able to realize some of my fantasies about having sex with him. I assumed the other two would leave once they'd performed their duty, and I was debating whether I would have the nerve to strip Todd naked and explore his nude muscles with my hands and mouth. Would he still be able to get a hardon drunk? I'd never seen him totally soft, and couldn't imagine that even passed-out drunk he wouldn't throw a boner if I sucked his cock. What would it be like to take that huge tool of his into my mouth and suck on it? What would it be like to eat his cum?

I wanted Todd so bad. I looked at the big stud lying there on his bed. He looked so odd with his clothes on. Once they left I would strip him at least. That would give me an excuse to feel him up the way I had wanted to, and if he didn't wake up, well, maybe I'd go farther.

But instead of the two jocks leaving, they decided to hang out in our room. Mark produced a six-pack of beer and a bottle of rum he'd managed to carry along without my noticing, and he suggested we continue the party. He'd taken his jacket and tee-shirt off, so he was naked from the waist up, partly because I'm sure he really was warm from all the exercise and alcohol, but also because it was just what the jocks liked to do, show off their muscles. I'd seen other jocks, including Todd, do exactly the same thing right in the cafeteria, or standing around talking on the quad. I guess it was their "if you've got it, flaunt it" philosophy. Pull off your shirt and show off your awesome physique so everyone around you will stare at you and wish they looked as good. Usually it just annoyed me, as showing off. But in this context it fired my arousal even more.

Mark was a really hot number, and with his shirt off I could see his dark, smooth-skinned, hairless abs and pecs. They looked like they were carved from marble, and I had a hard time not staring. I was so accustomed to Todd's attitude that his body was an object of art meant to be enjoyed. I tore my eyes from the sexy stud's pecs, big slabs of muscle that jutted out from his chest with their large dark nipples, and looked up to find him watching me back, a sexy grin on his face like he knew what I wanted. He handed me a beer, and I took it, not wanting them to stay, but not knowing how to make them leave. They hadn't asked my permission, it was like they figured this was Todd's room, not mine, and they were his friends and could do whatever they wanted.

Scott meanwhile was wandering around looking at the room, examining the books, staring at the items scattered on the top of Todd's and my dressers and on our desks, looking at the weights bench in front of the large mirror Todd had put up. He sat down at my computer and started browsing through my stuff, and I was terrified he'd find some of the gay porn I had downloaded, but he just logged onto the web and checked some sports scores, then got up and continued looking around the room.

Scott wound up at Todd's weights bench, where he stripped off his own jacket and tee shirt, then sat down on the bench and started working out. He was as awesomely built as the other two, blond, golden-skinned. He started doing some light bench presses, and I could see he wasn't having any trouble with the bar, but decided it was better not to take any chances, we were all drunk, so I took off my own jacket and went over to spot for him. Besides, it meant I could look at his naked muscles without being so obvious.

Scott looked totally awesome on the bench like that, and his rock-hard abs and awesome pec muscles flexed and rippled as he raised and lowered the weights. He did three light sets, not really needing my help, but thanking me as he sat up after the last one. Obviously he was just doing it to pump up his muscles.

Whom was he showing off for? Were these two onto me, teasing me?

Between sets Scott sat up and posed in the mirror, admiring himself, feeling his own muscles, rubbing his taught, golden-skinned pecs, playing with his nipples as I watched and drooled. His darkly-tanned skin was glistening with a fine down of perspiration, and I had to restrain my hand from reaching out to caress it, he looked so soft and smooth and desirable. All those hot workout sessions with Todd, and being allowed to explore his body, had conditioned me to expect that now when I saw a hot stud showing off. I wished I wasn't so drunk. It was hard to tell what was just a fantasy, and what was real. As Scott posed and flexed he kept glancing up at me, seeing me watching, and grinning at me like he knew what I wanted, and did I have the guts to make him give it to me?

Scott finished showing off and stood, looking over at Todd lying fully clothed on the bed.

"Shouldn't we take his clothes off?" Scott asked.

I had been thinking the same thing, Todd looked so strange with all his clothes and his jacket on, especially considering the way he usually walked around naked. Scott didn't wait for us to agree, he just walked to the bed, using his discarded tee shirt to wipe the sweat from his face and chest as he crossed the room. I looked at Mark, who was lounging on my bed, his beer in one hand, his other rubbing his naked chest. He was openly playing with his pecs and nipples, stimulating the large dark knobs of sexy erotic flesh. I could see the huge bulge in his crotch - he was totally aroused. Had the sexy muscle-stud been watching me and Scott, and playing with himself? Were all these jocks just sex machines like Todd? His dark-skinned naked torso was awesome.

The room felt super-charged with male sexual energy and my throat was dry as I looked at the two half-naked athletes. Mark scrambled up, stumbling and almost falling over as he stood, but catching himself quickly. He took another swig of his beer. "Yeah, let me help you," he said, his speech sounding slurred. I pictured all three of them passed out together on the bed, and imagined myself stripping them all naked and exploring their hard-muscled jock stud bodies while they slept. I would be able to do anything I wanted. I could suck their cocks and make them cum all over themselves, they would be at my mercy. I would torture them, work their giant tools until they were panting and gasping, on the verge of shooting, then I'd back off, refuse to let them cum, and work them like that over and over until their nuts were so full of cum they'd explode with it. I tore my thoughts away from that fantasy. I was too drunk, had to get control.

Scott was on his knees on the bed now, bare-chested, struggling to get Todd's jacket off. Mark joined him, also bare-chested, and the two of them working together soon had the awesome body-builder stripped to his briefs and sox. I just stood and watched, my heart in my throat, my cock so hard it felt like it would explode if I moved. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, the two half-naked jocks kneeling on the bed stripping the third one naked. They had to work pretty hard at it, too, because they were getting no help from Todd, he was out cold. But they were big boys, and determined to accomplish their task.

First Mark propped Todd up so Scott could pull Todd's jacket off, then Scott held Todd so Mark could strip the drunk muscle-stud's tee shirt off over his head. It looked like they were both enjoying the opportunity to feel Todd up, too, rubbing his pecs and squeezing his huge biceps as they stripped him. They didn't even try to make it look accidental, they just played with his muscles like it was perfectly natural, feeling his pecs and playing with his huge hard nipples. Todd moaned and obviously loved it. And they kept up a running commentary, a critique of Scott's build as they worked him over.

"Awesome fucking shoulders, dude," Scott observed as he watched Mark strip the blonde god's tee shirt off and massage those broad rounded shelves of muscle.

"No shit, dude, and these pecs are amazing," Mark replied, admiring Todd's chest with his hands, rubbing and squeezing them.

"Awesome abs, too, dude, total six pack."

"Man, feel those cuts, he's totally ripped!"

They had their hot teen hands all over Todd's body, and seemed to have no inhibitions about feeling up their fellow jock.

Once they had his upper body naked Mark and Scott let Todd fall back on the bed and moved to his hips and started fumbling to get his pants open. They were like two kids getting into the cookie jar, pushing each other and fighting about who would do what. Finally they managed to get his belt open, and undo the snap, and unzip his fly. Then one on each side, they pulled his tight pants down. Then each pulled off one of his shoes and together they managed to get his pants all the way off and tossed them onto the floor with the naked jock stud's jacket and tee shirt.

Once they had the muscle-god down to just his briefs and sox they stopped and sat there looking at him. Neither of them said anything for a moment, they just stared at Todd lying all but naked on the bed between them. It was obvious from the bulge in his briefs that Todd had a hardon. That didn't surprise me really, he always had one. But the other two were totally aroused too, their huge hard cocks making their crotches bulge out and Mark was groping himself, playing with his erection through his pants as he looked at my naked room-mate. Scott reached out to the table where he had set his beer and took a long pull on it then set it down again and reached out and started pulling Todd's briefs down, not saying anything, just doing it. Mark took a long swig from his own beer and started helping.

I was still standing by Todd's weights bench, watching in awe. My head felt light and I was having trouble breathing. This couldn't be happening, I must be imagining it all, I was too drunk. Mark and Scott were not stripping their muscle-buddy naked on his bed in my room and fondling his muscles as they did it!

But they were. The two jocks worked my roomie's briefs down to his knees and left them there, falling back on their haunches again, staring at his erection. Mark had to help Todd's giant cock out of the confining cotton, it got in the way of their efforts. Once released, Todd's cock stood straight up, fully hard, its ten thick inches looking huge and demanding. Scott reached out and wrapped one hand around it and stroked it slowly and I gasped with shock. He glanced up at me.

"I bet you've wanted to do this," he said, grinning sexily, then returned his attention to Todd's huge fuckpole.

"Fuck, man," Mark muttered. I thought he was exclaiming about what Scott was doing, but then he went on. "It's even bigger than I thought - here, let me." And he reached out and pushed his buddy's hand away then put his own hand around Todd's huge hard cock.

"No shit, dude," he's enormous.

"Let's make him cum, I want to see what it's like when it shoots."

I was in shock - these awesome jocks couldn't be gay, but they were totally into Todd's body and his huge hard cock. They must be just so totally uninhibited, so totally secure about their sexuality, that they could do whatever they wanted. I started to wonder what else they might have done, whether this lack of inhibition carried over into their personal relationship. They acted like best friends. Had they played around like this with each other?

I pictured Mark and Scott in bed together naked, hands all over each other's hot muscular teen bodies, cocks hard, stroking each other, sucking each other, cumming all over each other, the big blond gymnast and the cute dark wrestler locked in a passionate embrace. I was on the verge of cumming in my shorts, so turned on I was dizzy with it.

Scott looked up at me. "Hey, Mikey, have you ever seen this monster go off?" They had picked up Todd's nickname for me, and I'd told them to stop, but they kept using it. I shook my head, unable to speak. I wasn't about to tell them he and I jerked off together every day. Scott was playing with Todd's balls now with one hand, and exploring his naked muscles with his other, stroking his pecs and playing with his nipples. Todd was moaning and moving around a little, obviously not too drunk to appreciate all that intimate attention to his nude body.

This was totally unbelievable, these two muscle-jocks feeling my roommates naked muscles and getting ready to jerk Todd off while I watched. Then Mark stood and stumbled over to me, wrapping his arm around my neck playfully.

"I bet you've wanted to, though," he slurred in my ear, drunkenly. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he was really shit-faced, and I had to steady us both to keep from falling.

Mark was about my height, but outweighed me by ten or fifteen pounds. Next to him I felt like a little kid. He had one arm around my neck, the other on my chest, rubbing and massaging my pecs. His hand moved lower as he clutched me, digging into my abs. He was half-naked, bare from the waist up, so I was intensely aware of his dark-skinned muscular body, his hot male potency pressed against me. I wanted to reach down and feel his muscles like he was feeling mine, but I was afraid to betray my urgent need for him. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and press our bodies together and lick and suck him all over. I was in total lust for the cute dark stud-puppy.

"Come on and help us," he said, pulling me towards the bed. "Get over here, let's make the fucker spurt all over himself."

I let Mark pull me over to the bed, drunk with arousal as well as booze, and not wanting to break the spell. I felt like I was in a wet-dream fantasy and bound to wake up any second, so I'd better take advantage of this while it lasted.

Mark had one hand around my neck and the other on my chest, and he was feeling me up in a very sexy way, though I was sure he was just holding on for support.

But then he worked his hand up under my tee-shirt. I was the only one in the room not at least half naked by now. And he was rubbing my chest and abs, and his hand kept straying to the waist-band of my jeans and pushing a little inside like he wanted to reach in and feel me up more. My cock was throbbing and oozing like crazy from watching the two of them and now this awesome half-naked muscle stud was feeling me up!

Then Mark released the bear hug he'd been holding me in and started taking his pants off, opening the snap and then undoing the zipper and pushing his tight jeans and briefs halfway down to free his cock.

"Let's all get naked," the dark sexy stud slurred.

Mark couldn't stand on his own to get his pants off, so he kept lurching against me and grabbing at me for support, and I had to grab him to keep us both from falling and his naked skin got me really turned on. He was sexy as hell. When he finally had his pants and briefs pushed down to expose himself, Mark sat on the edge of the bed and spread his legs wide apart and stroked himself. I looked down and saw that he too was rock hard and certainly had nothing to be ashamed of in the cock department. He wasn't as big as Todd, but he had a big one, and it was sticking straight out. He wrapped one hand around it and started stroking on it as he looked at me and grinned. Sitting on the bed he was able to get his shoes off and then strip his pants all the way off and he leaned back and played with himself for a minute as I watched in awe. Then he stood, naked, and lurched against me again. He was holding me around the neck again, and our bodies were rubbing together and he even clutched me close and rubbed his hard cock against my leg and nuzzled my neck.

"Gonna make your buddy shoot his load," he slurred in my ear, licking my neck and getting me even hotter. I knew he was really drunk.

Scott meanwhile, still kneeling on the bed playing with Todd's huge hard cock, had managed to get his own cock out as well, pushing his pants down just far enough to expose his crotch. He was as hard as Todd and Mark, and hung thick. He looked sexy as hell that way, just partly naked, but with his huge cock and balls out and one hand stroking himself as he played with Todd's hard cock. His own cock was pulled up flat against his belly, and reached almost to his navel, these guys were all enormous! Scott looked at his buddy Mark as the little dark kid stripped, then the big blond went back to playing with Todd's big hard cock and exploring his naked body with his hands.

Mark sat on the bed in front of me and reached out and started opening my pants and I gasped in amazement.

"Mikey's gotta get naked too," he slurred drunkenly as he undid my belt and the snap of my pants and then opened my zipper and started pulling my pants down. He felt me up as he did it, pushing my tee shirt up to my armpits and then running his hands all over my naked chest and abs, then returning to my pants and briefs, pulling them down further.

"Nice build for such a little guy," he said as he explored my naked teen body with his hands. I'd never had another guy feel me up like that, and it had me so hot I would have shot all over his face and shoulders if the sexy teen muscle stud had kept it up about five seconds more.

I felt myself start to fall, stunned and dizzy, and reached out and put my hands on Mark's bare shoulders to steady myself. He was totally naked too now, and I realized he was as muscular and beautiful as Todd, hard-muscled, tanned, awesomely male and potent, with huge hard pecs and washboard abs and huge baseball-sized biceps. His smooth naked skin felt warm and sexy, and I couldn't stop myself from caressing him. He had my pants halfway down, exposing my briefs, and then stripped them down as well, releasing my cock, which sprung out fully hard. He wrapped a hand around it and stroked it a couple of times and I almost shot right then.

"Nice cock," he said admiringly. I'm not small, but I felt like it compared to the other three.

Mark cupped my balls with one hand and squeezed them and with the other stroked my chest, admiring my pecs. "Nice build, too", he said off- handedly. He played with my naked pecs and stroked my hard cock for a while, then even reached out his tongue and licked the head of my penis where my hot fuck-juice was starting to ooze from the tip. I would have cum right away but he stopped and leaned back and smiled up at me.

"Hot little fucker," he murmured. "Come on, help us make Todd spurt."

I pulled back, resisting, afraid to go along, afraid to give myself away.

"No," I protested. "Come on, you guys, this is wrong, let's leave him alone. Let him sleep it off."

Mark took that as a challenge, and grabbed me and twisted my arm behind me.

"Aha! Mikey wants to protect his boy-friend! Bad boy, Mikey!"

And Mark pulled me face down naked over his lap and started slapping my naked butt with his hand, spanking me like a little kid. His hand stung, but not nearly enough to interfere with the ecstasy flooding my body as he grappled me naked and felt me up. He slapped me, then rubbed my butt, then groped my ass cheeks, obviously liking the firm round globes, squeezing them and sliding his fingers between them into my crack where he probed gently at my hole.

I gasped with overpowering need. I wanted Mark to keep that up, feel me up, use me. I was totally his at that moment. But then he started tickling me, and I broke away, falling off his lap onto the floor, where I lay glaring up at him, pissed off. I got awkwardly to my feet and tried to get away, but he grabbed me, then turned and knelt on the bed, pulling me down beside him.

Hobbled by my pants I fell awkwardly beside Mark. There was now a sea of hard jock muscles and hard cocks on Todd's bed. Mark pushed me down and finished stripping me naked, pulling my shoes off, then stripping my levis off and dropping them all on the floor.

Scott was stroking Todd's huge cock with both hands now, obviously mesmerized by its size and beauty. He looked over at me and grinned -

"Hey, let's make the kid suck on it," he said "How about it Mikey, wanta give your roomie a blowjob? I bet you already have."

"No way!" I protested, starting to get up. I wasn't about to let these two make me suck Todd's cock while they watched, much as I would have liked to do it if I were alone with him.

"Chill, dude, he's just kidding," Mark said, pulling me back down on the bed. "My buddy Scott wants that monster all for himself. Don't you Scottie?"

Mark grabbed my arm as I stood and pulled me towards him and I fell on top of him and the naked muscle-stud wrapped his arms and legs around me and hugged me and rubbed our naked bodies together, our hard cocks grinding into each other's crotches. I felt my cock spurt a couple of times and pushed away, not wanting to cum all over him and let him know how hot I was for him.

"Cut it out!" I protested. Mark lay there naked on my bed and grinned up at me as I knelt over him. He reached up and poked me in the belly the way Todd did all the time, then wrapped his hand around my hard cock and played with it. I looked down at his beautiful muscular body and saw that there was cum oozing from his cock. He'd spurted too when we grappled naked. I gasped with arousal. This couldn't be happening. But if it was a dream, I sure didn't want to wake up!

"Relax, kid," Mark said, grinning. "Just let it happen." Then he pushed me onto my back and started tickling me. Scott, who had seemed totally engrossed in Todd, joined in right away and soon the three of us were a tangle of naked arms and legs and cocks. They pinned me, one on my wrists, the other on my ankles, and started tickling me. Todd had told them in the bar how ticklish I was, and they had done it to me a little there, right out in public, pushing my tee shirt up to bare my torso right there in the bar, then tickling my naked muscles until I was sobbing with laughter. Other people had looked at us and laughed. I guess it just looked like fraternity hazing or something. Now they really gave it to me, and I was soon totally helpless as they tickled me all over. I felt hands on my cock, and fingers poking at my ass, and could have died from embarrassment and arousal.

Finally they tired of that, and Mark looked at blonde gymnast Scott and said, "Why don't you suck Todd yourself, Scott buddy." Mark was kneeling over me, holding me down, and grinning sexily. He was teasing me, enjoying the effect his naked body was having on me. Scott was laying beside me, one hand on his own cock, the other on his buddy's pecs.

"I will if the two of you will," Scott replied. I looked over at him, stunned. He was staring at Todd's cock, and the look in his eyes told me he really wanted to suck on it, and making us do it too was just an excuse so he wouldn't look queer.

"Go ahead," Mark said, still kneeling over me naked. He was stroking his cock steadily with one hand, and reached over to grab his beer and take a big swig of it. I could smell rum on his breath and realized that he'd spiked his beer with the rum. He was really drunk. He put one arm around my shoulder and pulled us closer together, I thought it was so he could lean on me to steady himself, but then he put his head down and started licking my pecs and sucking on my nipples and I nearly blasted my load right then.

"You're kinda cute, Mikey," he slurred drunkenly as he bit and licked and sucked my naked body.

At that same moment Scott, after glancing nervously at the two of us, emptied his rum-spiked beer down his throat and tossed the can aside, then leaned over and opened his mouth and took the entire head of Todd's huge cock inside and started sucking hungrily on it. He forced half of the huge tool into his mouth and down his throat before he started to choke on it and had to pull back. He really wanted that monster.

Mark lifted his head from my chest to watch.

"Shit, dude, he's really doing it, I didn't think he'd do it. Fuck man, Scott is sucking Todd's dick, that's awesome! Here, let me try it."

Mark pushed his buddy aside and leaned over Todd's crotch and started licking my roommate's huge cock all over the head and then he too opened his mouth and engulfed about half of it. Todd was apparently not too out of it to appreciate a good blow job, as he moaned softly, and rocked his hips to push his hard cock in and out of the wet mouth engulfing it.

I gasped in amazement as sexy dark-haired muscle stud Mark sucked my room mate's huge cock for all he was worth - he was enjoying it! Then Mark lifted his head and turned to look at me.

"Ok, kid, your turn," he said, dragging me across the bed beside him. He and Scott then forced me to lick Todd's huge hard cock and made me start sucking on it. I got only about a third of it into my mouth before I started gagging on it. It was the first cock I'd ever sucked, and it wasn't the way I'd imagined, especially not with these two other studs pushing me down on it, choking me with it.

Then Mark pulled me off and said "Scott's turn again," and he made Scott start sucking Todd's huge cock again. Scott went at it eagerly for real this time, obviously enjoying himself, and soon had most of the huge fuck stick deep into his throat and was sucking and slurping and playing with Todd's huge balls and feeling his muscles with obvious pleasure. As much trouble as I had just had it was obvious he'd had some practice. Had it been on Mark?

Mark was enjoying watching his boyfriend go down on my roommate, and leaned over and forced Scott's head down even farther.

"Take it all, buddy, you want it, I know you do, take that huge cock, suck it, buddy. Yeah!"

Scott must have been choking, with that huge piece of meat jammed down his throat, but he didn't protest, just let Mark dominate him and did his best to take it all.

Todd had been lying relatively quiet through all of this, though he'd stirred and spread his legs wider apart when the other two pulled his undershorts down and started playing with his hard cock, and he'd made a few noises of pleasure and encouragement as they stroked his huge hard dick and explored his naked muscles with their hands. He was drunk, but he wasn't in a coma. I realized he had not worked out today, which meant he had not beat off since that morning. He always beat off in bed when he woke up, it was often what woke me, the sound of his bed creaking as he stroked his cock hard and fast in the final stages before he came. But he hadn't cum in at least twelve hours, and the awesome jock stud's huge nuts must be full of cum and ready to unload. Sure enough the sound coming from his throat, and the way he was starting to flex his abs and shove his crotch up to meet Scott's mouth told me Todd was getting ready to shoot his load. I was about to warn Scott to stop sucking or he'd get a mouth full of cum, but it was too late.

Todd grunted and thrust his pelvis up and started pumping out at least a gallon of hot teen muscle-stud cum into the naked boy's mouth. And I saw no sign that Scott was resisting. He let that huge tool be forced way down his throat and kept sucking, and though some of the cum started leaking out of his mouth and running down Todd's huge cock into the hair of his crotch, Scott must have swallowed most of it.

"Hey, you weren't supposed to make him cum yet, you fucker," Mark yelled angrily. "I wanted to see him shoot. Fuck, man, now you better suck mine too!"

Mark grabbed Scott's blond hair roughly and pulled his buddy's head off Todd's cock. Todd's huge dick was still spurting, and several big globs of my roommate's hot cum flew up and hit Mark in the face as he leaned over, which I thought at first would piss him off, but as drunk as he was, and as obsessed with seeing Todd's cock erupt, it actually pleased him.

"Fuck, yeah! Awesome!" Mark laughed and grabbed Todd's cock and stroked it eagerly as several more spurts erupted from Todd's monster and flew up to land on Todd's chest.

Scott allowed himself to be separated from the object of his lust reluctantly, seeming not to notice the pain of being dragged away from the huge cock by his hair. His face had a drugged look far beyond the effect of the alcohol he had consumed. The sexy blond jock had loved having that cock in his mouth, and he liked being dominated by his sexy cute dark-haired buddy. It really turned me on to see the smaller one dominate his big blond jock boyfriend.

Once Todd finished pumping out his load, Mark grabbed Scott again and pulled the sexy naked blond muscle-stud gymnast towards him. Scott fell to his hands and knees straddling Todd's legs.

"OK, buddy, my turn, suck me too," Mark growled, and proceeded to shove his own huge cock into Scott's mouth, and Scott made a pretense of resisting, but obviously liked not only being forced to submit to his sexy muscle-jock buddy's will but also getting to suck another cock. He took Mark's even faster than he had Todd's. Maybe it was the position he was in, his neck stretched out, leaning forward on his hands and knees, naked and helpless as Mark held his head down on his cock. He took at least seven inches of thick hard cock into his throat and sucked greedily, obviously loving it.

Mark was as awed as I was by the feat, and released Scott's head and leaned back on his arms to offer his cock and let Scott do the work. He looked awesome like that, his whole torso flexed and tensed so that every awesome muscle stood out in sharp relief. He looked like a marble statue, shiny and smooth and hard. I couldn't resist the urge to touch him, I reached out and felt his muscles, loving the hard smooth roundness of his pecs and biceps, and the rippled ridges of his abs -Why not, I thought, he'd been feeling me up earlier. He liked that and laid back and encouraged me to keep it up.

"Yeah, kid, you like my muscles, don't you? Feel em up good."

I played with his pecs, which felt sexy as hell to me, and when I started twisting his big nipples, he moaned in a way that told me he liked it, and I worked them harder. He too was obviously past due for an orgasm, and almost as soon as Scott succeeded in getting all eight inches of that giant tool down his throat Mark erupted, letting out a long moan of pleasure and gasping with delight as his buddy deep- throated the huge tool and sucked down every drop of the huge load of cum his dark, hard-muscled friend pumped out. His whole body convulsed with spasms of pleasure and his muscles looked even more sexy and awesome.

When Mark's ecstatic eruption finally subsided - I don't think I've ever seen another guy cum so hard - he pulled himself shakily back up and looked down at Scott who was still sucking the huge cock happily. Mark had to force him to give it up, it must have been painful by then.

Scott remained on hands and knees, cum dripping from his mouth, awaiting further instructions. Mark finally stopped panting and reached over and grabbed my cock, which was leaking like crazy from all this stimulation.

"Now the kid," he demanded, and Scott obediently moved over beside me on his hands and knees and opened his mouth wide and let Mark guide my cock into it. Mark had his other hand under me on my ass, pushing me forward, and the way he caressed my bare ass cheeks I was afraid I would have to defend my butt hole from his cock as Scott worked mine, but he merely continued to fondle me as Scott started sucking.

Mark was kneeling right next to me on the bed, buck naked, and the hand that wasn't busy playing with my bare ass was stroking my pecs and abs and guiding my cock into Scott's eager mouth. I was smaller than the other two, and Scott was able to take my entire seven inches in one gulp. He obviously liked that and gave me an incredible blowjob, which had me cumming much quicker than I would have liked. I tried to hold back as Todd had taught me, but I was too far gone by then, after all the incredible stimulation of the three naked studs in my room, hard- dicked and horny and full of lust for sex with each other while I watched. As I started to cum I couldn't help myself, I grabbed Scott's beautiful head and held it in place while I face-fucked him with my hard cock, shoving it all the way down his throat as my cock started unloading a huge load of hot teen cum into the muscle-boy's throat and he swallowed it hungrily.

Mark liked that, and urged me on - "Yeah, give it to him, Mikey, fuck that jock's face, jam your dick down his throat and make him take your hot load, kid!"

I was in heaven, and shouted out with orgasmic ecstasy.

"Fuck! Yeah! Cock-sucker, eat my dick, suck me, cumming! Arrgh!"

Mark kept fondling my ass and pecs as he watched us and periodically stroked his own cock, which was rock hard again. As I started cumming he leaned down and licked and sucked my pecs and shoved a couple of his fingers up my asshole, which shot me right over the top, I felt like my head was exploding and my cock would never stop firing jism into Scott's hungry mouth as he sucked me.

"Oh, dude, that is so hot, I'm already horny again," Mark mumbled. "Help me roll Todd over, I'm gonna fuck his ass."

"You can't do that!" I protested, but he just laughed.

"Why not?" he said, starting to roll naked muscle-god Todd onto his stomach. "He'll never know. The dude's totally wasted." I started trying to prevent him, but he pushed me away easily.

"Hold the kid for me while I fuck Adonis here," he told Scott, who obediently grabbed me and held me from behind, twisting my arms behind me painfully until I stopped struggling, then fondling my naked muscles as he rubbed his naked body against mine, sliding his own hard cock into the crack of my ass as we watched Mark fuck my passed-out drunk roommate.

I watched in awe and total arousal as Mark rolled my naked passed-out drunk muscle-god roommate Todd onto his stomach and then straddled his legs and pointed his huge hard cock at Todd's naked vulnerable ass. He spit on his hand and wet his cock, then leaned down and pulled Todd's ass cheeks apart and spit on the awesome stud's vulnerable tight hole and then used his cock to spread the wet slippery spit around and lube it up a little, but that was all the preparation he made for Todd's sake. He put the huge head of his cock against Todd's bare asshole and shoved and sunk at least half his huge hard cock into the sexy body- builder's ass. Todd grunted pretty loud, but laid still and took it as Mark started fucking him.

Shit, Todd must be really drunk, I thought.

Mark lifted himself into a pushup position, his body supported on his palms and toes and he fucked Todd real slow like that, pulling his huge cock almost all the way out of the sexy naked body-builder's tight hot ass, and then slowly sliding it all the way back in until the base of his cock was shoved firmly into my buddy's ass, then out again and in. "Oh shit! This feels so fucking good!" he moaned sexily as he fucked Todd long and slow.

The show Mark put on for us was totally awesome, like some hard-core porn movie in the flesh. It looked like every muscle on Mark's incredible physique was pumped and flexed, his pecs stood out hard and firm, his nipples stuck out like little penises, his ass was this incredible bubble-butt that flexed and bobbed as he moved his hips up and down.

I watched the naked teen wrestler's huge pole buying itself in Todd's ass and wished it were my cock doing that. I was so fucking horny and hot again I was about to explode. Then Mark lost control and lowered himself on top of Todd and started ramming his cock up the naked muscle- god jock stud's asshole, fucking him fast and hard. He wrapped his arms around Todd from behind, one hand on his huge hard pecs, the other stroking his huge hard fuck meat, feeling his muscles and jacking him off as he fucked the stud, obviously loving my roommates' hard male body and giant cock. He was groaning and yelling with pleasure as he fucked the tight hot ass.

"Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! Sexy muscles, jock fucking stud, big cock, fucking your ass, fuck yeah."

Scott meanwhile was enjoying my body equally, his hands were all over me and his hard cock was starting to poke at my ass. He had both arms wrapped around me from behind and was rubbing my sexy hard naked pecs and playing with my rock hard cock and poking his huge hard cock at my asshole. I tried to protest, but soon realized I was about to get fucked, whether I was ready for it or not. I tried to resist, and protested weakly - "Wait, stop, no Scott, please don't" - but part of me really wanted it, he was so sexy, I was so turned on by the way he was holding me and the fact that he wanted me.

"Fuck that, you little tease," Scott growled into my ear. "I want your ass and I'm gonna have it." He was licking and sucking my ears and my neck, and I was melting into his arms in spite of my fear at what would happen to my tight virgin ass if he shoved his huge hard dick up there.

Scott pushed me forward onto the bed and then pinned me face down and started jabbing his hard cock at my asshole. I tried to fight him off but I was no match for him and fortunately his cock was leaking heavily and lubing me up and with a final hard jab he jammed his cock inside me. I yelled out but he wrapped his hand around my mouth to gag me and started fucking me hard. It hurt at first but then I gave in to it and it started to feel good and soon I was loving it, being pressed into the bed by the huge blond jock, being smothered in all his hot muscles - after all, it was one of the sexiest studs I'd ever seen fucking me while I watched his buddy fuck my muscle-stud roommate. My cock was soon hard again, grinding into Todd's bed as Scott fucked me from behind.

Once I gave in and accepted what he was doing to me Scott pulled his cock out and flipped me on my back and threw my legs up over my head and shoved his cock in again that way. He even leaned down and kissed me on the mouth as he drilled my virgin ass. It felt even better to me that way, plus I got to look at his naked body as he fucked me, and see his face, which was contorted with delight. He looked down at me adoringly and chanted sexily to me as he slowly dicked my tight hot virgin ass.

"Oh yeah, buddy, hot little stud, I wanted your ass the moment I saw it, hot fucking body, take my cock, you like my muscles, don't you, yeah I saw you looking at me, feel my pecs buddy, work my pecs for me, feel me up yeah!"

I did as the awesome muscle-boy commanded and reached up and played with his huge hard pecs as he drilled my ass. I loved the way those big slabs of muscle felt in my hands, flexing and throbbing as he pistoned his cock into me. I squeezed and tugged his big nipples, which were swollen and erect with arousal, and he gasped and panted to me.

"Yeah buddy, like that, like that, harder, gonna cum, gonna shoot, fucking your tight hot ass, gonna cum!"

With that he started grunting and shouting wordlessly as his hips jabbed his big cock into my ass harder and faster and faster until he let out one final shout and collapsed on top of me, his body convulsed with orgasmic ecstasy.

I was holding Scott's big hard pecs in my hands and it felt like my own cock was about to explode too as his huge cock throbbed inside my ass and I felt his huge load of hot teen cum oozing out of my asshole and flowing down my crack onto Todd's bed. Scott plastered his mouth on mine and started kissing me again, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth as his cock gave its last few spurts. He kept jabbing it into me, filling me with his hard teen cock and his hot teen cum. His abs kept contracting in convulsions and spasms and I rubbed them too, loving his hot teen muscles smothering me, his mouth devouring mine.

Then Mark was pushing Scott off of me. He'd been lying there watching Scott fuck me, recovering from his assault on Todd's ass, stroking his own cock while his sexy buddy plugged my ass with his big cock, and now he was determined to get my hot teen ass too. Scott was too drunk and exhausted to resist, he rolled to the side, his still-hard cock sliding out of my cum-filled ass with a wet plopping sound, still oozing, and Mark climbed on top of me and shoved his cock up my ass in its place. His fuck-tool had a curve to it that hit a new spot inside me and I gasped.

"Yeah! You like getting drilled like this, don't you Mikey! Yeah, take my big cock you hot little stud, I'm gonna make you cum all over yourself and beg for more!" and he started fucking me slow and hard, jabbing roughly into me, hitting that spot over and over again, making me grunt and wail with each thrust. Soon I was shouting wordlessly in ecstasy as he fucked my cum out of me. Each jab of his big hard dick made my cock spurt and my guts explode with pleasure. That sent him over the top too, and he came inside me, then collapsed onto my sweat- and-cum soaked muscles.

We'd been making a lot of noise towards the end of all that, and even if it was a Saturday night, it was late, and there had been a growing chorus of shouts from rooms nearby. Suddenly there was a pounding on the door.

"Shut the fuck up, you animals, or I'm calling the campus cops!" I recognized the voice of the guy across the hall. All of us froze. He stopped pounding.

I was still gasping as Mark rolled off of me and lay there panting. He sat up and looked blearily around the room, taking in me still on my back, glistening with sweat and cum, Todd on his stomach still dead to the world, cum dripping out of his asshole, and Scott lying snoring beside him.

Mark stumbled to his feet and started collecting his clothes and getting dressed. Then he dragged Scott off the bed and shook him awake and pulled his buddy's clothes onto him enough that they looked halfway presentable. He grabbed one of the beers sitting on the table and swigged it, then half-carried Scott to the door, and opened it, and the two of them lurched into the night. The door slammed behind them. Todd and I were alone.

I lay there on the bed, panting. I was still holding my legs up, my ass exposed, still drunk with the feeling of the two super-jock cocks that had just raped my virgin boy hole. I was dizzy and drunk and my cock was still throbbing and oozing and I felt like I just wanted to lie there forever, and get fucked again over and over. Then I felt cum starting to ooze from my hole and drip onto the bed, and I came to my senses a little. I lowered my legs and reached under myself and gently touched my asshole - it was sore, but when I shoved my finger up there experimentally, it didn't hurt much. I worked my finger in and out, then added a second one. I was so loose from those two giant fuckpoles, and so well lubed with hot teen spooge that I could fuck myself with my fingers easily, and it felt awesome.

I sat up on the bed and shook my head in amazement. I had just witnessed a sight straight out of some hot gay porn flick, my roommate stripped naked and raped while I watched, two awesome jocks sucking and fucking him and me, then I'd been raped too, my ass now sore, ravaged by two of the biggest dicks I'd ever seen, my cock and asshole both still oozing cum, my whole body feeling wet and raw and sexy.

I should have been exhausted, but I was desperate for more.

Todd was snoring face-down on the bed beside me. My cock was hard again. Todd's legs were spread wide apart, opening his crack. I could see his asshole, still shining with Mark's cum. I should clean him up a little, at least.

I grabbed a towel of Todd's that was hanging on a chair nearby and used it to wipe myself off and then wiped Todd. I cleaned his ass up as well as I could, wiping all the cum from his crack. His tight puckered pink asshole looked a little red and swollen, but as I looked at it I saw a big glob of Marks' fresh cum ooze out, and I couldn't help touching it, rubbing the sticky jism around on Todd's hole, then pushing my finger inside just a little. Todd moaned, and lifted his ass to meet my finger. Fuck, was he liking all this? I pushed my finger deeper, and rubbed it around. Todd moaned softly.

Fingering Todd's hole got me horny again, and I couldn't help myself, I leaned down and licked Todd's ass. The taste of Mark's cum was all over it, and I couldn't stop, I kept licking. Soon Todd was lifting his ass to grind it into my face, and I was licking and tonguing his freshly- fucked hole. More of Mark's hot cum oozed out, and I lapped it all up, feeling drunk with sex, unable to control the urges flooding my body.

I knew then that I had to at least feel Todd's naked body against mine.

I climbed on top of Todd, pressing my chest against his muscular back, my hard cock sliding along the well-lubed crack of his ass. I had been afraid to feel him up the way I wanted to as long as his two jock buddies were there, but now we were alone, and I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip away. He was still passed out drunk, and I was free to explore his body. I ran my hands all over him as I rubbed my naked body against his. I reached around him, sliding my hands under his body to feel his pecs. I loved his big hard pecs, big slabs of muscle swelling from his chest. I rubbed and squeezed them with my hands and he moaned as though he liked that. This was different than doing it when we worked out, I wasn't doing it for Todd, this was totally sexy and for me alone.

My cock was getting harder and hotter, and my balls were churning with my hot teen cum. I needed to cum again. God I wanted to fuck Todd!

Mark had just fucked Todd, why shouldn't I?

Once the thought was in my mind, there was no way to get rid of it.

"Sorry, buddy, I've got to have you," I murmured in Todd's ear as I raised my body and aimed my cock at Todd's asshole and shoved. He was so well broken in by then, his asshole stretched wide by Mark's monster, and so well lubed with Mark's cum that I entered him with no problem, and I heard him sigh. It sounded like he was enjoying it, but I didn't care one way or the other. I plastered myself to his hard-muscled back, wrapped my arms around his huge hard pecs and started rocking my hips, sliding my cock in and out of his ass. It was my first time fucking anybody, and I had already cum twice, so I was in no hurry to get off again. I fucked the naked body-builder long and slow, stopping a couple of times to keep from popping my nuts before I absolutely had to. God knows what I would tell Todd tomorrow if he remembered any of this, but it was bound to be the last time I got a chance at his ass, and I wasn't going to waste it by cumming too fast.

I found that if I jabbed my cock up Todd's ass just the right way, he would give a soft little grunt of pleasure. He was liking it, drunk or not. I kept trying to hit that same spot, and his grunts got louder and longer, and soon he was moaning loudly non-stop, and working his ass on my cock.

Finally the inferno building in my nuts erupted and I shot my load up my roommate's ass, joining Mark's cum there. My body convulsed and I grunted and gasped and felt like I was being drained of every drop of cum. Todd gave a last few moans and sighs and went limp under me.

I lay on top of Todd for a while, slowly coming down from the best high I'd ever felt. Then I rolled off him and used that towel to clean him up, pulled the sheet over him, and lurched over to my own bed, where I fell asleep at once.