My College Roommate Todd, Version 2

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These stories don't always work out the way I want them to, so sometimes I go back and try to make them take a different direction. Below is an alternate version of one I posted earlier. There are some minor changes up to about a fourth of the way through - don't miss the part where Todd tickles Mikey to the point of cumming. Then - well, see what you think. Derek

My freshman year in college we had to live in the dorms, and they assigned us roommates. I had wanted to room with a friend from high school, but instead got assigned to a complete stranger. I was upset when I found out, but my folks told me it would be good for me, and I had no choice, so I decided to try to make the best of it.

My roommate was this awesome blond, blue-eyed, six foot tall hundred- ninety pound muscle-god jock-stud bodybuilder wrestler from a farm in Nebraska named Todd. He was as fresh-faced and innocent and wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting, with the looks and build of a gay porn super-star, and I fell for him instantly. I had figured out that I was gay by that time, but hadn't had sex with another guy yet. My main sexual outlet was masturbating while I looked at pictures of naked bodybuilders in muscle-porn mags. Muscles really turned me on. And Todd had muscles. It was torture being around him all the time, and it didn't help that he was as friendly as he was good-looking, and seemed to have neither inhibitions nor any idea the effect he had on me.

For the first couple of weeks I felt like I was in hell. I wanted Todd so bad, but I was sure he was too straight to let me touch him. I wanted to worship his awesome naked muscle-god body from head to toe and suck his huge hard cock to a mind-blowing orgasm. I went to sleep with a hardon fantasizing about what I wanted to do to him. I woke from wet dreams where I was licking his huge hard pecs and abs and he was urging me on. I woke up early and looked across to see him lying naked asleep, the covers thrown back, his tanned smooth-skinned awesome muscular body glistening, his huge cock hard and oozing, and I quietly threw the covers off myself to jerk off while I looked at him and imagined I was on his bed naked with him and feeling his huge hard muscles. But I never let him know how I felt. He was a god, what did he need with a mortal like me?

Not that I'm not good-looking. People usually describe me as "cute," which I hate - teddy bears and puppies are cute, a guy who's eighteen is not cute. I suppose my being on the short side doesn't help, I'm only five-eight. And my face does look very young, with a turned up nose and freckles. But when I take my clothes off I get a lot of looks from girls - and other guys. I work out every day and have a real nice body - I weigh a hundred sixty pounds, all of it muscle, with great pecs and six-pack abs and a great tan to set my muscles off, with a sexy tan line from the skimpy Speedo I wear. Several very sexy guys cruised me in the dorm showers, but I figured if I took them up the word would get out and everyone would know - including Todd. I was obsessed with Todd.

To make things worse, Todd seemed to have virtually no inhibitions - he liked to wear as little as possible, which meant he stripped naked as soon as he walked into our dorm room, and walked around not only in our room but down the hall to the johns or showers that way too, usually with his huge cock half hard. We were in an all-male dorm, and he wasn't the only guy who walked around naked or with a hardon, but the others didn't look like a gay wet-dream fantasy and weren't in my face all the time. Todd was second youngest of six Nebraska farm-boy brothers who had shared a loft bedroom, and I guess modesty hadn't been very practical.

Todd told me I reminded him of his little brother, and that's the way he treated me right away, like a little brother. He called me Mikey, which I usually hate, but from him it was OK, I was so totally in awe of him. He would muss up my hair as I sat studying, or poke me playfully in the belly or take a swat at my ass as I walked past, or grab me in a head lock and wrestle me to one of our beds and once he had subdued me - which he did easily, since he outweighed me by thirty pounds - he would tickle me until I was practically sobbing with laughter - he really liked to tickle me, and did it at least once a day once he found out how it affected me. I've always been very ticklish, especially if it's another guy doing it to me, and am easily reduced to total helplessness. So once muscle-god Todd found out how ticklish I was, he tortured me with it every chance he got.

It would start out with playful wrestling - I'd walk in from class and Todd would look up from his desk and grin and leap on me and we'd start wrestling. He'd be wearing just his briefs, or nothing at all -totally buck naked - and he'd strip my clothes off me while we wrestled so that by the time he had me pinned and totally at his mercy I had nothing left on but my white cotton briefs - then he would tickle me until I was helpless with laughter.

And since Todd was usually naked himself when we wrestled, and I was expected to resist, I would wind up with a gut-wrenching, ball-draining excuse to get my hands all over his muscle-god body - my cock was hard most of the time I was around him anyway, and it didn't take much of him tickling me in the sides and belly and even my crotch as we wrestled on my bed while I generally felt him up as much as I dared - squeezed his huge hard pecs, and rubbed his rippling rock hard abs while he dug his knee into my crotch - to make me blast a load in my shorts, which I couldn't hide, of course, my laughter and pleas for mercy would change to gasps of ecstasy and my body would convulse with the force of my orgasm and I would gasp and moan with ecstasy as my rock-hard cock throbbed and spurted and I pumped hot jism into my cotton briefs while he tickled me.

Todd always knew right away what was happening when I popped my nuts, of course, he said his little brother was that way too, he'd cum right away when they ganged up on him and tickled him, five on one, two holding the sexy teen muscle-stud, and two tickling his naked helpless body, and one making him cum.

Apparently they had done that a lot, not just to the youngest, they all got ganged up on regularly, and Todd admitted he had liked it sometimes when his five brothers pinned him and stripped him naked and tickled him and made him cum. That was part of the game, to make the victim pop his nuts all over himself.

I liked to picture that, Todd ganged up on by his five similarly awesome blonde, blue-eyed, Nebraska farm-boy muscle-stud sex-god brothers. They would grab him as he entered their bedroom, strip him naked, feel him up, tickle him until he begged for mercy, then three would hold the awesome fuck-piece down (they would all draw straws beforehand to find out who had to hold him) while the other two got to feel him up and tickle him and then make him cum.

I pictured other things in that loft bedroom, cows mooing in the barn below while the horny farmboys sucked and fucked one another.

But getting tickled by my muscle-boy roommate didn't relieve my lust for him, it just made it worse. I was so hot for him it was all I could think about. At night I would lay awake listening to him breathe, wondering if he was asleep, fantasizing about crawling into his bed while he was asleep and feeling his body, maybe even sucking on his cock until he came in my mouth - he would stay asleep the whole time and never know it happened, of course. As if.

Then the fourth weekend of school, on Friday night, Todd went out drinking with some of his jock buddies. It was the first time he'd gone out, because he was so worried about his grades, but a couple of awesome studs from the wrestling team came by and practically dragged him out to get drunk. I went to the library to study. When I got back to the room at 11, he still wasn't back, so I went to bed.

Around 1 AM the door crashed open - I lifted my head and pried my eyes open to watch Todd and his buddies stagger in. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up, the other two were practically carrying the awesome jock, and they proceeded to dump him on his bed and then stagger out, slamming the door after themselves. I could hear them shouting and laughing as they walked away down the hall, and the shouts of "Shut the fuck up, assholes!" from my neighbors. Then there was silence.

I looked over at Todd lying on his bed, totally passed out.

"This is my chance," I thought. "I can undress him and have sex with him and he's so drunk he won't even know it's happening, let alone remember it tomorrow morning."

"No!" I told myself, "it's wrong!" I shut my eyes tight and tried to relax, go back to sleep. But I could hear Todd snoring, obviously dead to the world. Did I dare touch him? I lay there listening to his breathing, my heart pounding.

After what seemed like hours I opened my eyes and looked across at Todd's bed. There was enough light from outside that I could see him clearly, still in the same position his two drunk jock buddies had dumped him, fully clothed, passed out drunk. He looked odd like that, fully clothed in his bed - the awesome jock muscle-stud always slept buck naked, usually with the covers kicked off and his huge hard dick sticking up oozing fuck-juice as he dreamed about sex. I should at least take his clothes off and pull the covers over him. I sat up on the side of my bed. I was wearing nothing but my briefs and the minute I started thinking about undressing my sexy roommate my cock was rock hard, the pouch of my briefs tented out by it. I reached down and groped myself, adjusting my hard tool so it fit in my briefs more comfortably. I stroked my hard cock through my briefs as I stood and walked to Todd's bed. I would undress him so I could see his naked body and then look at him while I jerked off so I could go back to sleep. My cock ached and throbbed as I thought about touching Todd's naked body.

Undressing Todd was harder than I had expected - I shook him to see if he would wake up enough to help me, but he was out cold, so the hard- muscled jock was just dead weight, and getting his tee-shirt off took some effort. I tried to do it without touching him too much, feeling weird about the situation all of a sudden. But he didn't move, just kept snoring loudly, totally unconscious, and as the contact with his muscles got me hornier and hornier, I slowly gave in to my urges and allowed my hands to feel his awesome chest and shoulders and arms, rubbing and stroking them the way I'd been dreaming of doing for weeks. I still tried to do it in a way that I could pretend was just a natural part of taking his clothes off - as I pulled his tee shirt out of his levis and worked it up to his pecs I ran my hands over his rock-hard washboard abs, tracing the outlines of the muscles with my finger nails, and was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure from his throat - he liked that. Then I pushed his tee shirt up farther to bare his entire chest and felt up those huge hard slabs of muscle, his awesome pecs. His nipples were big and as I rubbed them they grew harder, erecting to my touch, and he moaned again. It wasn't long at all before I was drunk with passion, totally mindless with lust for Todd's naked body. I rubbed his naked pecs and abs, and then couldn't stop myself from going further -I slipped my fingers down inside the waistband of his levis, and groped his cock though his briefs. I was in heaven

Touching Todd's hard cock made him moan louder and rock his hips a little, and I got scared, so I pulled my hand out and rubbed his abs, letting my fingers trace the hard ridges of muscles, loving his soft smooth skin, my heart pounding as I felt the naked flesh I had lusted after for the past few weeks. He kept making soft moaning noises, but nothing more, so I got bold and slipped my hand inside his pants again. This time I found the waistband of his briefs and slid my fingers inside that as well, feeling the rock-hard base of his abs, then his crotch hair, then the soft warm naked flesh of his cock.

I stopped breathing and closed my eyes as I slid my hand still further down inside his briefs, slowly rubbing it all the way along his erection until I reached the head. I closed my fingers over that huge hard knob, feeling its silky softness, its hot red sex-heat. Then I felt wetness, as my fingers encountered the awesome muscle-stud's slippery fuck-juice as it oozed from the hole of his prick. I squeezed and stroked his huge hard cock slowly, milking the pre-cum onto my fingers and rubbing at around on the head of his cock. He moaned and moved his hips, wanting more. I pulled my hand out and licked Todd's sex juice off them - it was the first time I had tasted another guy - it tasted a lot like my own precum, sweet and musky. I slid my hand back into his briefs and milked more of his sex onto my fingers, and licked that off too. I had to get him naked - now that I had tasted him, I wanted that cock, and his cum.

I was gasping for air, feeling dizzy, terrified and more turned on than I had ever been. I told myself I should stop, but then looked down at the awesome body lying half naked on the bed. I resumed my exploration of my roommate's hard-muscled pecs and abs, licking and sucking them. Todd responded by moaning again and stretching his body to meet me, obviously enjoying the intimate exploration of his naked body, even in his drunken stupor. Feeling him up like that got me even hornier, of course - my cock felt like it was going to explode as I played with the jock stud's huge hard muscles.

I reached under Todd and lifted him from the small of his back so I could work his tee shirt up further. I rubbed my hands over his huge nipples and couldn't resist the urge to play with them a little - they responded by getting hard under my fingers, swelling and throbbing, and Todd moaned and flexed his pecs from the stimulation - that felt even more awesome - I pulled his tee shirt up still farther, completely exposing the huge hard mounds of muscle - the moonlight streaming in the window made his smooth tanned skin glisten. I traced the outlines of his muscles with my finger tips. Then I got really bold - I leaned down and licked his pecs, and even sucked on his huge erect nipples, and he moaned and twisted beneath me. I pulled away, afraid he was awake, but looked up and saw his slack-jawed face and knew I was safe, so lowered my mouth to his nipple again and sucked and chewed. I must have spent five minutes getting my fill of those hard juicy pecs and nipples, licking and sucking and chewing on them and he moaned and panted with arousal but did not waken. I reached down and groped his crotch through his levis - he was rock hard and throbbing. I stroked my own cock inside my briefs while I enjoyed his muscles, and had to keep stopping so I would not cum, I was so hot and turned on from having his body at last.

Eventually I decided I should finish undressing Todd. Getting the tee shirt over his arms and head was the hard part - I had to lift his hugely-muscled arms over his head first, then kneel above him and pull until the tight white tee shirt slowly worked its way up over his chest, over his arms and shoulders, and finally over his head. I was sure it would wake him, and half wanted that, so he could help and I could stop this insane forbidden game I was playing, but he remained inert, passed out.

Once I had Todd's tee shirt completely off I took advantage of the opportunity to feel those awesome arms, rub and squeeze his huge biceps. As I knelt over his head, my crotch was right in his face - I wanted to pull my own briefs down and rub my huge hard cock all over his face, push it between his beautiful jock stud lips and make him suck it, fuck his face and pump a huge load of my hot teen cum down his throat, but I knew I didn't dare go that far - he'd be bound to wake up if I did anything as crazy as that. But he still hadn't shown any signs of consciousness, and my lust got the better of me, I couldn't stop myself as I slowly lowered my crotch and pressed it lightly against his sleeping face. I felt Todd's hot breath warming my cock through my tight white briefs and my cock throbbed and oozed - I gasped as my cock spasmed with hot need - I could tell that if I pressed my crotch against his face just a little harder, I would start cumming in my shorts. Todd moaned again and I quickly lifted my crotch from his face and dropped back on my haunches, panting. There was a glistening trail of my pre- cum on Todd's cheek and forehead - it had oozed through my briefs and wet his face as I pressed my crotch against it. What was I doing? If the awesome stud had wakened and found me with my crotch pressed into his face like that he'd have killed me!

I stood and looked down - Todd lay on his bed naked from the waist up. Unable to stop myself, I knelt over his awesome muscle stud body and let my hands explore every exposed inch of his beautiful male torso. I told myself I was just massaging him, but my cock was throbbing and leaking and if I had touched it, it would have erupted in a gush of hot cum. I rubbed and stroked the solid smooth muscles of his shoulders, loving the smooth soft skin and the hard roundness of the solid muscles beneath. I let my hands move to his chest, loving the swelling hard roundness of his huge pecs. My fingers found his nipples, which were very large, and as my fingers stroked them they got hard and my cock throbbed even harder as I played with the sexy knobs of flesh, pinching them softly, rolling them between my fingers. They were big for a guy, like tiny penises, hard and oozing sex.

Todd stirred when I played with his nipples - his deep snoring stopped and he moaned with pleasure, obviously enjoying what I was doing to his huge hard pecs and big hard nipples. I pulled my hands back quickly, my heart thudding. What if he woke up and caught me exploring his naked body!? He'd break my neck for sure! I froze, my hands in mid air, afraid to move. Todd lapsed back into his drunken stupor, snoring again. I stared at his huge hard nipples, and unable to resist the urge, leaned down and licked one. He moaned softly. I licked it more, then sucked on it. When the sexy jock stud did no more than moan and twist sexily in his sleep, I gave in and licked his pecs, letting my mouth and tongue explore his huge hard chest and suck on his nipples. The awesome jock loved that - his breath grew ragged and he moaned softly. I chewed on his pecs and sucked his nipples, and he gasped and moaned. My own cock throbbed and oozed. I had the awesome muscle-boy at my mercy, naked and horny and desperate for me, I was drunk with lust and arousal.

Todd's arms were still stretched over his head where I had left them after pulling his tee-shirt off. Slowly I licked over his chest to his armpits - nuzzling into them , sniffing and licking - he smelt so good, so sexy, and I licked his armpits and smelled them eagerly, my cock oozing still harder. I had to keep my hips up off the bed to prevent myself from cumming, if I had pushed my cock into Todd's mattress as I licked his naked body I would have shot a huge load in my shorts for sure. I told myself that's what I should do, pull my shorts down and stroke my cock until it exploded, relieve the pent up need swelling inside me, stop what I was doing to my naked muscle stud roommate.

I stood up, thinking I should just leave him like that, this had already gone too far, I had to stop. But I couldn't make myself turn away and go back to bed. I knew I'd lie there looking at him, and have to return. I was breathing hard, both from the exertion of taking his shirt off, and my own fear and arousal. I was perspiring a little and my heart was pounding. My cock was still rock hard and oozing. I had gone too far to stop now. After several minutes staring at his half- naked muscle-stud body I knelt on the bed beside him again. He kept snoring, motionless.

I had to go on - I wanted him totally naked. I had to hold his cock in my hand, feel his huge hard sex. I would just get the awesome muscle- jock hard and stroke it a couple of times, then jerk off and go back to my own bed. Maybe I would suck his cock a little while I worked my own. I didn't dare make the muscle-boy cum, he'd wake up then for sure.

Getting Todd's pants off was not as hard as his shirt had been. First I slid my hand inside his pants and briefs and played with his huge hard cock some more, though - that really turned me on, I felt like the kid I had seen on some gay cable TV show, giving his buddy a hand-job in the locker room. But I stopped when Todd started to moan and pant - I didn't want him to cum yet, so I returned to my initial task, getting him naked. Since he was lying on his back there was no trick to getting his belt undone and then the button on his fly opened easily and I could lower the zipper with no problem. I tried to focus on just doing it -I was helping my roommate out, taking his clothes off for him because he was too drunk to do it. I was doing him a favor. It was tough at first to slide his pants down off his hips, because he was just dead weight, but by tugging and pulling I got them down to his thighs - realizing he still had his shoes on I stopped and removed those and then it was easy to get his pants the rest of the way off. I tossed them onto the floor.

I debated again whether to continue. Todd was now wearing nothing but his sox and his briefs - he wore skimpy white bikini briefs that showed off his tanned muscular body to perfection. He looked awesome and beautiful lying there and I just stared down at him, one hand feeling my own hard pecs, the other in my briefs playing with my huge hard cock. Fuck juice was oozing from the tip and I squeezed it onto my fingers and lifted them to my mouth licking it off, loving the taste. I could just pull my cock out and jerk off while I looked at his beautiful muscular body and then I'd be able to sleep. If I stripped him buck naked he might wonder about it in the morning. But how would he know he hadn't undressed himself? He always slept naked. But if I got him naked I wouldn't be able to stop myself from playing with his cock some more - Did I dare suck it? What if he woke up?

But he hadn't wakened when I'd played with his huge hard cock a few minutes earlier, why should I stop so close to what I really wanted? I sat on the bed beside my half-naked roommate and reached out again, unable to resist that awesome body. I stroked his pecs and abs, and played with his nipples some more and he moaned and twisted, but I didn't stop this time, I felt him up good, loving his huge hard pecs and washboard abs - I ran my thumb along the line of his sharply cut abs and he moaned louder. My cock was straining at my briefs. I should just jerk off and get it over with.

My hands got nearer his crotch - the pouch of Todd's briefs bulged hugely with the giant piece of meat stuffed inside. He was totally aroused from all the things I had been doing to his naked body, licking his pecs and sucking his nipples and feeling him up as he lay there helpless, unconscious. His briefs were soaked with his precum where it had leaked from the tip of his erection. I reached out and cupped my hand over his briefs, letting my fingers wrap around his huge column of hard male sex-muscle, and squeeze it lightly, loving the feel of Todd's fuck-stick. The awesome jock stud moaned and pushed his crotch up to meet my hand. I pulled my hand away in shock - My God, was he awake, and just pretending to be passed out? Was he waiting to see how far I dared go before he revealed his trick and exploded into rage? He'd kill me for sure if he caught me doing something queer like jerking off over his almost naked body.

I turned and stumbled back to my bed and sat on the edge, my heart pounding with fear, my hands still exploring my chest and crotch. I looked at Todd lying there in the dim light, his bright white shorts almost glowing, his darkly tanned hard-muscled body glistening too. He mumbled something and moved sexily, sort of stretching. God he was beautiful - my cock ached as I groped it in my briefs. His huge hard cock showed clearly through his tight briefs, and there was a large dark wet spot where his cock was oozing precum - he was hot and horny all right. I should cover him at least, it would get cold by morning. I stood and walked back to his bed.

Todd's beautiful body glistened in the moonlight - he was snoring loudly, dead to the world. I sat down on the bed and reached out and stroked his naked muscles again. His arms were still stretched over his head, spread wide, and his legs were spread apart too - it almost looked like he was tied spread-eagled on the bed, helpless, at my mercy. That image made my cock throb and ooze. I had to go on. I leaned down and started licking his smooth soft skin, licking his huge hard pecs, sucking on the hard muscles, wanting to devour him. My lips found his huge hard nipples and started sucking on those and he moaned and twisted, but did not wake. I couldn't hold back any longer - my hand slid inside the waist band of his tight briefs and found his cock. I wrapped my fingers around the huge hard tool, my muscle-stud roommate's giant cock that I had wanted for so long. I felt it throb and pulse beneath my touch. Todd moaned and twisted, but made no protest, and I started stroking his huge hard cock inside his tight white briefs. He moaned and panted with lust. I played with his huge hard cock while I licked his body slowly, exploring every inch of his hard-muscled smooth- skinned torso. I felt his cock throb and jerk in my hand. My own cock throbbed hard, I was dangerously close to cumming just from feeling his cock and playing with his naked muscles. I pulled my hand out of his briefs - I didn't want to cum yet. Having gone this far, I wanted Todd totally naked, I wanted to see him cum and watch that huge fuck stick explode.

I got up and knelt between Todd's legs and slowly pulled his briefs down, exposing his crotch to my eager gaze. His huge hard cock popped into view and flopped up against his belly hard and huge and oozing and throbbing. I pulled his briefs down just far enough that I could hook the elastic under his balls - I liked the way that felt when I did it to myself when I masturbated, and I figure he would too. Beside it looked sexy, his briefs still at his hips, his huge hard cock exposed and his huge balls nestled on the white of his briefs.

Todd stirred again as I played with his huge hard cock and I hesitated - I had gone much to far to stop now - But what if he woke up while I was using his naked body to satisfy my lust? I had to have him but I dared not take a chance he'd come to and beat the crap out me before I could calm him down. I looked at him, thinking again how much it looked like he was tied to the bed. That was it, I would have to restrain him somehow. I got up and looked around - there was a long piece of soft white rope in the corner that Todd strung across the room as a clothesline to dry out his workout sweats.

It took me a few minutes to tie Todd properly. I had to cut the rope in two pieces so I could tie both the awesome naked muscle-stud's wrists and ankles to his bed. I spread-eagled him, not pulling his arms and legs too tight or too far apart - I didn't want to make it impossible for him to twist and squirm with ecstasy as I made his huge hard cock pump out his hot boy-stud fuck juice. But I made sure he was really helpless. The rope was soft cotton, which helped, I didn't have to worry about leaving marks unless he actually started to struggle.

I stepped back and looked at my handiwork - God he looked sexy like that, tied helpless and spread-eagled, his muscular teen Adonis body naked and exposed and vulnerable. His cock had stayed hard and was laying flat up on his belly, a pool of precum oozing from its tip and filling his navel and dripping down his side on to the bed - he sure looked sexy, and he was obviously enjoying what I was doing to him, even if he was passed out drunk. Should I gag him as well? No that might piss him off even more if he did wake up. But I should have something handy, just in case. I picked up one of Todd's sweat and cum-soaked jockstraps from the floor where he had dropped it after beating off into it that morning in bed like he did most mornings. I couldn't stop myself from sniffing and licking it first, and sucking on the still damp wad of cum he had filled it with, but then I set it on the bed next to his head where I could grab it quickly and stuff it into the jock stud's pretty mouth if he woke up and started yelling or something.

Finally I was ready, Todd was helpless and exposed and mine to use any way I wanted. I knelt on the bed between the naked jock's huge muscular legs and licked up his thighs to his crotch. He twisted and moaned - "Yeah, you like that, fucker," I growled, loving the sounds he was making. It turned me on even more to know the sexy stud liked what I was doing to his naked teen body. I reached under his crotch to feel the huge heavy balls nestled there. He moaned as I squeezed and rolled them in my hand and I squeezed harder - he moaned louder - it was obvious he liked that. I leaned down licked and sucked those huge orbs of flesh and he moaned again. I couldn't hold back any more, I wanted Todd's cock - Finally, what I had been so desperate to have, the huge hard fuck stick Todd carried in his crotch, sticking up hard and demanding, sex oozing from its tip and pooling on his belly. I licked up that sex juice, swallowing it eagerly, licking his belly and all over his cock head, getting all of it.. I wanted to devour that huge male fuck tool - it would be the first cock I had ever tasted, and it would be the one I wanted most, I was going to suck it and make the sexy muscle-boy cum while I swallowed every drop of his essence, make him pant and moan and pump a gallon of hot sticky male fuck juice down my eager throat.

I moved from between Todd's legs and knelt beside the unconscious muscle boy and licked his pecs some more, sucking his nipples. He moaned and moved a little under me but seemed totally passed out and I was sure now he was not going to waken, so I abandoned all caution and gave in to my desperate hunger for his naked body - I sucked his pecs until my own cock was throbbing so hard I was about to cum, then licked slowly down over his rock-hard rippled abs, loving the smooth soft skin covering the hard muscles. Slowly I worked lower until my mouth met the tip of his huge hard cock. There was a pool of hot sticky precum on his abs again where it had flowed from the piss slit in the huge head of his giant cock and I licked that up, loving its taste. It was Todd's and I wanted it all. Then I licked the crown of his cock, loving the soft silky smooth skin - I had wondered if a cock would feel as soft to my mouth as it felt to my fingers and it did, it was amazing, I licked and sucked the head of Todd's cock and was rewarded with deep soft moans of pleasure from the sleeping muscle-god and a couple of spurts of cum - he didn't shoot his load yet, his huge cock just jerked and spurted twice into my mouth filling it with the hot sweet fluid. I pulled back, not wanting him to cum yet, wanting this to last.

I wanted to suck his cock, but was still a little afraid - I had never done anything like this before, and I was shocked at myself for going so far - but I had gone too far to stop. I moved so I was kneeling over his body, my crotch in his face, my face over his cock, and lowered my mouth and licked its head slowly, then opened my mouth and slowly let Todd's huge piece of sexy boy-stud fuck meat slide into my mouth and down my throat. Todd moaned and twisted but still showed no signs he was awake and I let myself swallow his huge pole as far as I could. When I got it about half way into my mouth I started to gag and had to pull back, frustrated and afraid - what if I couldn't take it all? I wanted all of it so bad, I wanted to know I had taken all Todd had - I would never have this chance again, I had to make it perfect. I tried again, and got farther before it was too much.

Slowly I learned to take Todd's cock. It was huge and filled my mouth and throat and I kept choking and gagging, but eventually I found a way to get it all into my mouth and down my throat and suck on it. I was in heaven. I don't think I could ever have done it if he had been awake, he'd have been fucking my face right away, shoving that monster down my throat hard and fast and I'd have hated it, but this way I could take my time and learn how to accept such a huge cock. And as I sucked his cock it continued to ooze and throb and spurt globs of his hot sticky boy- juice, all of which I swallowed eagerly, until I was drunk with his sex. I must have sucked his huge tool for ten minutes or so, licking and sucking and drowning myself in the feel and smell of his sex. His huge hard cock throbbed and oozed and whenever it started to throb harder and he moaned louder I stopped and let him rest - I didn't want him to cum until I had all I wanted of his huge hard sex. I loved getting all of it into my throat and swallowing on it and hearing him moan and pant -he really liked that, I bet no girl had ever given him a blow job as good, I bet none of them could take all his huge piece of meat into their mouths.

As I sucked Todd's huge hard tool I felt my crotch rub against his face and his hot breath on my cock - his mouth was wide open now and my cock was pressing against it through my shorts - I almost shot my load as I looked down and saw that - it looked like he was trying to take my cock into his mouth and suck it - I was kneeling over the naked muscle-boy in sixty-nine-position, his crotch in my face, mine in his. I still had my briefs on but my cock was so hard it was about to explode. I let it rub lightly against his face, wanting to lower it and grind it into him and pump out a load of cum. He was asleep, he hadn't wakened at having his cock in my mouth, what would it matter if I suffocated him with my cock? Besides, he was tied up, what could he do? He hadn't wakened or protested so far, why should he now?

I reached my hand down and put it inside my briefs and grabbed my cock and stroked it a couple of times - I had to cum when Todd did, and my jaw was getting tired from stretching to open wide enough to take in his monster cock - I would have to let him cum soon before I couldn't take him any more.. And the sexy naked jock muscle stud was making more noise as I got him hotter and more desperate to cum - his moans were louder and his body was twisting and struggling against his ropes and he sounded like he was begging me to let him cum, suck his cock until he finally blasted his huge hot load of cum into my mouth.

I pushed my shorts down far enough to free my giant tool and stroked it slowly as I sucked Todd's cock. I was too far gone with lust to think what I was doing - I was about to pump a load of my hot cum all over my idols' naked sleeping face and body, while I sucked him to a huge gushing orgasm. I closed my eyes and stroked myself slowly, savoring the mental image of what was taking place.

I felt the tip of my huge hard cock brush against Todd's skin as I stroked myself, and opened my eyes to look down beneath me - the tip of my hard cock was brushing Todd's lips, and there was a trail of my sex juice on his lips and chin - I couldn't stop myself, I rubbed my cock- head against Todd's lips. I wanted to fuck his face as I sucked the sleeping muscle god's cock. He didn't move or resist - I pushed my cock head against his lips, rubbing the wet slippery knob of flesh against my naked roommate's beautiful lips - his lips parted and I was pushing against his teeth. I pulled back and then rubbed my cock head against his lips again and pushed again and he opened his mouth and let me push several inches of my cock inside. Muscle boy Todd was letting me push my hard cock into his mouth!

I fucked the sleeping muscle god's face slowly for a couple of minutes - he didn't suck my cock at first but he accepted it as I pushed it in and out - I worked it slowly deeper, not wanting to choke him, but determined now to make him take it all - little by little I got my huge cock down his throat until my balls were resting on the sexy stud's nose and he was making sexy whimpering noises - if I hadn't known better I would have said muscle-god Todd liked being fucked in the face with a huge hard cock. His mouth was sucking my huge tool slowly now, and I could feel his throat contracting on the head of my cock as I oozed cum into his mouth - the sleeping muscle stud was swallowing my cum as I fucked his face.

I wanted to cum down Todd's throat at the same time he unloaded his cum into mine, so I stopped fucking his face, pulled my cock about half-way out and left it there and started sucking his monster tool again. He was still sucking me gently, like a calf at a teat -what was he dreaming about? This time I had almost no trouble taking the entire length of his monster and sucked it greedily. He was oozing precum steadily so my mouth and throat were filled with the sexy sweet taste of his fuck-juice and I swallowed it as fast as I could and sucked up and down on his cock, licking the knob then going all the way down. Then I heard Todd grunting and moaning, and knew he was getting close - I also felt his mouth sucking my cock harder and started shoving myself down his throat to the base and then out again, fucking the sleeping jock's beautiful face, and he took it all and sucked as I did it, obviously enjoying it even if he was unconscious.

I felt my orgasm building in my balls and could tell from the way Todd was bucking and moaning as I sucked and fucked him that he was close too. I wanted all his cum and went all the way down on him, taking the entire length of his monster cock into my throat and greedily sucking and swallowing - I was rewarded with an explosion of cum - his enormous hard throbbing cock erupted in bolt after bolt of hot sticky fuck juice that I could hardly swallow. My own cock started to explode too and I buried it in Todd's throat, losing control completely as I lowered my crotch all the way onto the sleeping god's face and fucked it for all I was worth. I swallowed his cum and filled his throat with mine until we were both spent. Todd was thrashing and twisting on the bed beneath me, straining at the ropes I had tied him with, deep growls of ecstasy rumbling in his throat against my cock as I held it there pumping out my cum. Towards the end I grabbed his huge churning nuts in one hand and one of his huge hard nipples in the other and squeezed both hard and he went totally berserk with ecstasy, his cock spurted even harder into my mouth.

Finally I was through cumming and so was Todd - I rolled off the naked muscle-stud's body onto my back beside him. His huge cock was still hard and snapped up against his belly, still oozing cum. I watched as a pool of white fluid built up on his belly - his cock was throbbing and jerking - the sexy muscle-stud was still cumming - I got back up onto my hands and knees and knelt over him again and licked up the cum and then swallowed his still jerking cum-oozing cock and sucked it slowly - it spurted several more times and he gasped and moaned beneath me - my own cock was still rock hard - I reached down and stroked it as I sucked him and I started cumming again, pouring a huge load of cum onto Todd's sleeping face and chest. I was panting and moaning myself, lost in ecstasy.

Finally my own cock softened as the last of my cum gushed onto Todd's naked body, and I felt his huge fuck tool soften in my mouth as I sucked on it.

I staggered to my feet and looked down at Todd, shocked at what I had just done. It was rape, and if he ever guessed what had happened he would kill me for sure. I was still gasping and panting from the force of my orgasm, and my cock still throbbed with the memory of what had just happened. I sat on the edge of my bed and dropped my head into my hands and tried to catch my breath.

Eventually I calmed down and looked up at Todd, who was still tied spread-eagled on his bed. He was breathing slowly, deeply apparently sound asleep. Best to untie him.

It took me a couple of minutes to untie Todd, his struggles against his bonds had tightened the knots, and it took more work than I expected. I was starting to be afraid again. With my lust satisfied I was realizing there was no way Todd wouldn't know something had happened - his wrists and ankles were red and almost raw - he would know! I'd been stupid to tie him up. Hell, I'd been stupid to touch him at all!

Once I had Todd free of his bonds I sat on the edge of his bed, miserable. I was totally screwed. I turned and looked at him. God he was beautiful. Now that I'd had him I wanted him even more. This had made things worse, not better. He was still lying there with his arms and legs spread out, his entire naked body exposed to my hungry gaze His cock was hard again - fuck, he was a total sex machine! Then I looked at his face. His eyes were open and he was looking at me - he was smiling - he said something, but too softly for me to hear - I leaned down and put my ear to his mouth.

"Let's do that again tomorrow night," he murmured softly.

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