Randy Gets Spanked in the Barn

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It was a hot early September Saturday and I was going over to visit my new buddy Randy. I was horny as hell from the late summer heat, wanting to get my rocks off real bad, and hoping this would be the day I finally got Randy at least to trade hand jobs with me. We'd only been friends a few weeks, and I'd tried to let him know I was cool about messing around that way, but he hadn't responded to my hints and I was starting to worry that he was too up tight to play along. He was a real hot stud, with great muscles and a big cock, and I wanted to feel him up and make him shoot and get him to play with my cock too and then one thing would lead to another. I could tell he wanted it, from the way he got a boner and checked me out whenever we got naked together, like in the showers at the swimming pool, and the way he got a hardon once when we mock-wrestled and I grabbed his crotch, and things like that. But I hadn't been able to get him to go farther yet.

Today I was planning to suggest we go skinny-dipping in the pond in the woods out back of his place - he'd showed it to me the weekend before, and it was real private - he'd told me he and his cousin used it all the time, and always swam naked - so he wouldn't be able to refuse about getting naked because someone might see us - I'd just strip naked myself right away and then he'd have to do it too. If he held back I'd just grab him and strip him - he could fight me off if he tried, but I knew he wouldn't - he wanted to do it too - maybe he was the kind of guy who has to be forced to do things like that, so it didn't look like he was as hot for my body as I was for his - and maybe once I got him naked if I took some playful swipes at his bare ass, then he'd respond by trying to slap mine back. Then I'd grab him and wrestle him naked until he threw a hardon - I'd go for his crotch, grab his nuts and challenge him to see who could get the other guy by the bare balls and get him to say uncle first. And then I was betting I could get him ready for some mutual jerk-off action - once I got him by the balls and started bearing down he'd give in right away - I knew he'd be too shy to really go for mine, so once I got my hands in his naked crotch and had him by the balls he'd have to cry Uncle - I wouldn't squeeze his bare nuts hard enough to really hurt, just hard enough that he'd have to give in, give him an excuse to go along so it wouldn't look like he really wanted it - then all I had to do was ease up a bit and start feeling him up, get my hands on his muscles and tell him how sexy he looked, so that he'd throw a huge boner, if he hadn't already - I was betting he'd get a hardon the minute I grabbed him by the balls. Then once I had his cock hard I'd grab that and stroke it for awhile until he was too horny to resist me and then I was pretty sure I could get him interested in a hot jerkoff session, maybe even get him to trade blowjobs, if I played it right. I was betting he was the kind of guy who lost all his inhibitions once he got horny enough, and I thought I knew just how to get him really horny.

I was riding my motorcycle, and it was hot enough that I was wearing just my helmet and a pair of cutoff shorts and an old pair of tennies, and loving the feeling of the hot sun and the hot breeze on the bare hard-muscled skin of my naked chest and arms and belly and thighs. I had just worked out, so my muscles were all pumped and hard and a little sore, so I was even more aware of the sensations on my bare skin -it felt like warm soft hands were caressing me in ways and places that felt sexy as hell. And from that, plus thinking about what I wanted to do with Randy, and the fact that I hadn't beat off yet that morning, 'cause I was saving it for what I had planned with Randy, I was throwing a huge boner just riding along, and glad there was no one around to see it, since I hadn't put on any undershorts, and my hard cock was starting to poke out the leg hole of my cutoffs. I'd had a hard time in the shower after my workout, not grabbing my huge hard cock and stroking up a gut- churning load of cum, but I'd turned on the cold water full force and that had helped me get my mind off my need to cum.

As I rode along on my motorcycle, with my cock starting to poke out the leg of my shorts, I tried to think of something that wouldn't turn me on, but it was impossible, so I put my hand on my cock and tried to adjust the big stiff pole to stop it from showing so much. That just made things worse - once I got my hand on my cock it got even harder -I could feel it throbbing with arousal and then precum starting to ooze from the head of my cock and leak onto my leg, and the slippery wetness made me even hornier - I felt like my cock was about to explode as I rode and the cycle vibrated on the bumpy country road, and my hard cock rubbed against my leg and the warm breeze caressed my bare skin - my hand went to my chest involuntarily and started rubbing my naked pecs and playing with my big hard nipples, flicking and rubbing and twisting them, which made things even worse. So I decided I'd better do something about it before I lost control of my bike - or someone did come along and see me and get me arrested for indecent exposure. I was on a country road where there weren't many other cars - but still. And I knew that Randy wouldn't be going anywhere, he'd said he had to do chores this morning. As horny as I was, and as hot as I was to get my hands on his sexy muscles, it wouldn't make any difference if I beat off just once now, just to cool off.

Hell, most days I beat off at least three times, usually more. I think my record is twelve, one day when my folks were away and I found this free internet site with lots of horny pictures of naked guys with hard cocks, even some of them fucking. I think it was a mistake that I could get there, because when I tried again a few days later, it asked for a password. But that first day I spent about six hours looking at all those pictures and it kept me horny the whole time and every time I found a really hot one I stroked myself to a huge cum-shot and stayed hard as I looked further. I think I could have cum even more, but my folks got home and I had to do my chores.

I turned off the road onto a trail through a field and headed into a grove of trees on one side of the road and stopped on the far side where I couldn't be seen from the road but the sun was shining on me hot and sexy - I parked my motorcycle and glanced around. I couldn't see any houses or signs of other people, just a wide open field of wheat or something, so I figured I was safe, even if I was right out in the open. I found a spot that was practically invisible if you weren't standing right in front of me, but it was in the full sun, which beat hot and sexy on my naked skin. I opened my shorts and dropped them to my ankles and let my big hard dick out. It was as hard as it could get by then and slapped up against my belly, huge and throbbing hard. It was oozing a steady stream of precum, which dripped down along the shaft and coated my balls. I grabbed it and rubbed the wet sticky fuck juice all over the head, and that really got me going - I just had to cum, and right away, or I was going to go nuts. I stepped out of my shorts and kicked them out of the way so I could lean my back against a tree and plant my feet wide apart and bend my knees and pump my hips while I jerked off.

With no shirt, and my shorts on the ground, I was totally naked, and hard-dicked right out in the open. With my cock all wet like that, the slight breeze and the hot sun on me made me even hornier. The rough bark of the tree against my back added still another element of arousal, it's scratchy texture making my nakedness even more immediate. I glanced around once more to make extra sure I couldn't be seen from the road or a house or something, then closed my eyes and leaned naked against the tree with my head back and started stroking my cock slow and easy, not in any hurry, getting off on being naked outdoors, out in the open like that and loving the feeling of the hot sun and the light breeze playing over my nude hard-muscled body. With the hand that wasn't working my raging hardon I stroked my naked chest and abs, loving the feel of my hard lean muscles, playing with my nipples, which were erect and hard from my arousal. I like pinching and squeezing my big hard nipples and solid pecs while I jerk off - I've got a real good build, with big muscles, especially my pecs, and my nipples are really big too, and they swell even bigger and get extra sensitive when I'm turned on - it makes me twice as horny to feel my sexy muscles and tweak the hard knobs of flesh on my pecs. My cock is big too, long and straight and thick - it was the biggest of all the guys on the wrestling team back where we used to live, and I saw some of them sneak looks at it when they thought no one was watching - I used to get it hard in the showers intentionally sometimes and they'd all watch openly then, and gather round and watch me stroke it to a huge gushing climax and jerkoff themselves while they watched.

I stroked my dick and played with my nipples until I could feel that fiery throbbing heat of my orgasm start to grow. Then I grabbed my huge churning nuts and pulled and squeezed on them real hard just the right way, which always sends a huge wave of pleasure deep up my asshole and out the end of my cock. And that did it - I felt my asshole spasm hard several times and jammed my middle finger up inside it as far as I could - being super-horny and spurred on by the thrill of doing it outdoors, I lost control and shot a huge load, and my whole body convulsed with the force of it, with deep grunts of pleasure erupting from my throat - it was awesome. I felt like my entire body was shooting out through my hard cock, great spurts of my hot sticky fuck-juice shooting out and out and out. It lasted a good long time, too, as I was made even more aroused by the thought of beating off out of doors like that, right out in the open. My heart was beating like crazy and I felt like my cock was exploding. Every inch of my naked hard-muscled body was tingling with fire and ice and I felt like I was being caressed and fondled all over by a team of hard-cocked hard-muscled studs. I opened my eyes and saw huge spurts of hot sticky cum shooting way out to land on the ground.

As my orgasm subsided, I fell back against the tree, rubbing my naked body with my hands, loving the feel of my bare flesh and the feeling of the sun and breeze on my naked body, recovering from the force of my ejaculation. I kept stroking my cock slowly and poking that finger up my ass and wiggling it around to sustain the ecstasy as long as possible. My cock continued to jerk and convulse for a while and my chest and abs echoed the spasms, contracting and releasing rapidly. More cum shot from my cock and through my half open eyes I watched it shoot out and land on the ground in front of me. Then with the last spasms the cum dribbled out the head of my cock and over my hand and down over my balls to drip on the leaves at my feet. It seemed I had shot a gallon of the thick white creamy fuck juice, and I raised my hand to my mouth and slowly licked my cum from it, loving the taste. I put my hand back on my cock and milked more of my cum out onto my fingers and ate that too, until there was no more. By then my cock had softened to the point that I figured I could get it into my shorts without it poking out any more.

I had picked up my shorts and was getting ready to put them back on and return to the road when I heard a noise and glanced to one side and saw this guy leaning against a tree nearby watching me - he couldn't have been more than ten feet away and I jerked in surprise and fear, afraid he was getting ready to jump me and kick the shit out of me for doing something so perverted - maybe this was his farm. How long had he been watching me?

When the guy just stood there and smiled, I relaxed and started checking him out - he looked to be a couple of years older than me, and he was good-looking and sexy as hell. He was dressed like a farm hand, in old levis and a work shirt, with long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, and a dark tan - but he looked more like a college fraternity type. Once he saw I was looking at him, he stepped away from the tree and slowly stripped naked, showing off his body for me.

First he slowly opened his shirt to reveal a body like a young god - a perfect pair of pecs, huge and round and solid with huge dark nipples jutting out, and a set of washboard six-pack abs - he rubbed and stroked and caressed those perfect muscles as I stared in hunger at him. Then he opened his levis and slowly dropped them to his ankles - he had on skimpy white cotton briefs, with a huge bulge in the pouch - he was hard and horny. He slid one hand inside his briefs and played with himself that way for awhile, his eyes going glassy as he played with his huge hard cock. When I thought I'd die if I didn't see the monster he was holding, finally the awesome muscle stud pushed his shorts down to his knees revealing the gleaming white skin of his crotch, and a pair of smooth, dark-tanned legs like a marble sculpture of a god - he looked like a professional body-builder he was so muscular and ripped. When he lowered his briefs he freed a giant hard cock, the biggest one I'd ever seen, which he started stroking slowly as he stared at me sexily from under half-closed eyelids.

He motioned to me, and dropping my shorts back on the ground I walked buck naked across the short distance that separated us, afraid he'd change his mind if I hesitated. He was leaning back, his eyes half closed, gazing at me sexily. I stopped a couple of feet away, awed at his incredible physique and enormous hard cock - it must have been ten or twelve inches, and looked as thick as my forearm - he could barely wrap one hand around it, so he was using both to work it. "I followed you from the road," he said in a soft, deep sexy voice. "You like to beat off out of doors?" I nodded, mesmerized by the sight of his hand working that huge cock and his huge hard muscles naked and exposed to my eager stare. "Me too - You like muscles, don't you, kid?" he asked in a husky growl.

"Yeah," I gasped, my hand on my own dick, which was once again rock hard, stroking it steadily as I looked at his awesome physique.

"Go ahead," he said urgently, "feel me up. Do whatever you want while I beat off. Help me get off as hard as you just did. Worship my body, stud."

What I wanted to do was to tell him to turn around and bend over so I could shove my hard cock up his ass and fuck him standing right there, but I figured he wouldn't go for that - I didn't wait for him to encourage me further though. Hardly believing my good fortune I reached out and put both hands on his huge hard pecs. They were like huge slabs of marble, solid and round and perfect, but warm and smooth.

"Yeah! That's it, kid, worship my muscles! You love em, don't you - sexy big-dicked little stud!" He took one of his hands off his own huge cock and reached out to grab mine and start working it too. I couldn't believe he'd do that for me, and felt like I'd shoot right away from the excitement of being so close to such an awesome big-dicked hard-muscled sex-stud as I felt his huge pecs with both hands and he played with my hard cock right out in the open.

I had my hands all over his naked torso, loving the feeling of his beautifully muscular chest and abs. It was obvious he was into body- building and spent a lot of time lifting weights to get as big and hard as he was. I leaned down and put my mouth on one of his huge erect nipples and started sucking on it, as he kept working both our cocks with his hands, and he encouraged me. His skin was a dark golden brown - he must spend a lot of time working on that perfect tan, and his skin was soft and smooth and hairless, just the way I like it - he was perfect in every way.

"Yeah, that's it, eat my pecs you sexy little stud, suck em good and hard! Eat my muscles, kid, eat em, Aw fuck! Gonna shoot! A-rrr-rrgg"

At that I reached down and grabbed his balls with one hand - they were huge, and filled my hand, weighing heavily on my palm, and I squeezed them hard while I kept sucking on his huge erect nipples - 'Aw, Yeah!" he grunted - "Harder!" Not sure which he meant, I both sucked harder on his nipples and squeezed his huge balls even harder.

"A-rrr-rrgg" he growled "Yeah, sexy stud, bite em! Gonna cum!" and I started chewing on his nipples and bearing down on his nuts even harder - it must have been excruciating but his whole body started convulsing with pleasure and he started grunting in ecstasy and shooting huge ropes of cum that hit me in the face and dripped all over my hard- muscled heaving chest - he blasted an incredible load of cum all over both of our sweaty naked bodies. I wanted to eat his cum and leaned down then eagerly and with an effort managed to take the huge head and about a third of the length of his enormous fuck-pole dick in my mouth and sucked on it as he continued to pump out a huge load of jism which I swallowed greedily, wanting to get as much of him inside me as I could. He grunted in ecstasy and grabbed my head and held it there, forcing another third of his giant cock into my mouth and down my throat and then fucked my face as he kept pumping out his cum and grunting and moaning in pleasure. I was strangling on the enormous fuck pole but loved it and swallowed as fast as I could, drinking his thick sexy fuck- juice.

As the sexy muscle stud's orgasm died down, I started cumming again myself by then, one hand working my cock while I worked the muscle- stud's nuts with the other, but as I started grunting with pleasure as my cock exploded he released my head, and pulled his huge cock from my mouth and fell to the ground on all fours in front of me to lean down like a dog and take my cock in his own mouth and grab my balls and start squeezing them as he sucked my huge dick - about half of it was all he could manage, at first, but I grabbed his head and shoved my dick into his throat as far as I could, getting most of it deep inside the sexy muscle-boy's throat as the first huge bolt of my hot sweet sticky cum erupted into him. Looking down I could see from the way he sucked me eagerly, swallowing all my cum while he stared up at me adoringly, that he loved being dominated - "Yeah, suck my dick, asshole, swallow my cum - you love it!' I growled as bolt after bolt of my hot jism surged from my cock and he lapped it up like a starving dog.

Once he'd drained my cock he wouldn't stop sucking it and it just stayed rock hard and I could feel another orgasm building almost right away - he was so incredibly sexy and muscular and hard and looked so awesome buck naked on all fours in the ground in front of me - I was still on my knees, leaning back against the tree now as he sucked my huge hard dick eagerly - but when I started feeling like I'd cum again soon, he released my cock and started licking my body, working from my crotch upward to my pecs, licking off his own cum as well as my sweat until he reached my nipples and started chewing them. In no time he had me so horny again that I lost all control. I was feeling his body, rubbing his rock-hard muscles and loving his soft smooth skin - "Aw, shit, man if you keep that up I'm going to have to fuck you!" I growled and when he didn't stop, even chewed on my juicy hard pecs more, I stood and grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him, then pushed him up against the tree behind him - "Turn around and show me your ass, stud, I'm gonna shove my big hard cock up there and drill you with it - I want to fuck you senseless" He looked adoringly at me and without a word turned slowly and bent, offering his ass, spreading his cheeks with both hands. I couldn't believe this incredible muscle god wanted me to fuck him! My cock was so hard and dripping precum so fast that all I had to do was place it against his asshole and shove once and the huge head popped inside his ass - he grunted and said "Yeah! Fuck me, you sexy stud! Give me your cock - cum inside me!"

I started plowing his ass hard, shoving my huge dick all the way inside, then pulling it out and shoving it in again all the way. I was glad I'd just cum, because I didn't want to shoot right away. And he loved it - "Ungghh! Unnghhh! Shit! Harder! Fuck me hard, you sexy biker muscle-punk! Give me that big pole, fuck me with your huge hard cock! Fuck Yeah! That's it! Cocksucker! Harder!" I loved the way he was talking, a constant stream of filth and obscenity pouring form his mouth as I fucked his ass hard. I felt another load of jism building in my nuts but I wanted to make this last - the feeling of my huge hard cock up that tight hot ass was unbelievable. I didn't want to cum right away. I slowed down and wrapped my arms around the sexy muscle-stud Adonis from behind, grabbing his huge hard pecs and playing with his huge hard nipples as I continued to plow his naked vulnerable ass with my hard cock. He loved that even more and leaned back against me. "Oh yeah! -work my pecs harder - hurt me! Do it harder! Worship my muscles you sexy little muscle stud - big hard cock - sexy muscles - fuck me hard!"

I dragged my huge cock almost all the way out of his tight hot ass, then jabbed it in, aiming for his prostate, wanting to make him scream with pleasure and was rewarded with a loud yell as I connected with that knob up his ass "Shit! Yeah! Fuck me! Harder" he shouted and then wordless moans and grunts as I jabbed my cock in again and again - he was going nuts with pleasure from my big cock poking his tight ass and jabbing at his prostate, he was mindless with ecstasy from having my hard cock up his ass and I was getting close to cumming again, I couldn't stop myself my balls were churning and my cock was fucking his ass slow and hard and my hands were squeezing and feeling his pecs and abs - I reached down and wrapped both hands around his huge cock and stroked him to another mind-blasting orgasm as my own cock erupted inside him and I rammed it harder and harder into his tight hot ass as I came.

I held onto him as my orgasm subsided - my whole body was wrenched with the spasms of pleasure that kept erupting from my groin - I felt like I'd never stop cumming and kept jabbing my huge hard cock inside him. I didn't want to let go of his muscles, I loved feeling him pressed against my chest as I wrapped my arms around him and clutched him to me in the throes of ecstasy. He was still cumming too, and was clutching my forearms across his chest, holding me tightly to him, obviously loving my hard-muscled sexy teen muscle-stud body pressed tight against his back as I fucked him hard. He grabbed my hands and moved them to his groin and his cock spasmed in my one hand while his balls churned in my other as I worked his cock and squeezed his balls.

Eventually I felt my cock soften, and I pulled it out of the awesome stud's tight hot asshole, and released my grip on his softening fuck tool. I stepped back and looked at him - he was collapsed face first against the tree, looking spent and exhausted and satisfied. I was tempted to work up another hardon and fuck him again, he looked so sexy naked and vulnerable like that, but then he stood and started pulling his jeans up and turned to face me. He smiled and pulled our bodies together until our chests touched and then kissed me full on the lips for a long time. I couldn't believe this awesome sexy jock muscle god would kiss me like that, so passionately. Our naked bodies ground together, his still half-hard cock sliding up against my belly between us, mine starting to erect again as it slid between his legs. I was still incredibly horny, I still wanted him, and was almost ready to ask him to fuck me, even though I was afraid I'd be split apart by that huge tool if he tried to shove it up my tight teen ass.

He pulled away and leaned back against the tree naked and sweaty and awesomely muscular with his dick hard again and sticking out like a huge sausage. I was getting ready to drop to my knees and go to work on him again, wanting more of that huge piece of meat, wanting him to fuck me with it now, but he grinned and said "Thanks, buddy, that was awesome," and I knew we were through. I wanted to ask how I could find him again, but figured he'd had his fill of me. Studs like him don't need to fuck the same guy twice, they can always find fresh hot meat.

Hearing a car on the road, I quickly grabbed my shorts and pulled them on. By that time the sexy muscle stud was buttoning his shirt, and I was getting ready to turn away when he pulled a card from his shirt pocket and handed it to me - "Call me any time," he said as I looked down - it was his business card - "Cort Martin," it said "Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist". I looked up and met his gaze - "Oh yeah," he said sexily, " I want a lot more of you, stud. Call me." He smiled and nodded at me as I stuffed his card in the pocket of my cutoffs and turned and walked my bike back to the road. Now I was thoroughly turned on again. I'd better get to Randy's house as quick as I could. Maybe I could get him to go to the barn and jerk off with me right away. I sure was horny. I wondered if I dared tell Randy about Cort - maybe if I could get Randy to have sex with me, then I could arrange a three-way with him and me and Cort. That would be awesome, I could just feel my huge cock sliding up Randy's tight hot ass while Cort fucked me with his huge tool from behind - that would feel incredible.

My cock swelled and throbbed and started to leak again, wetting my leg again so that it slipped around inside my shorts as I rode. I was getting close enough to Randy's place that I wasn't worried about being seen and I leaned forward a little and worked my hips to grind my crotch into the seat of my motorcycle and my cock slid out the open leg of my shorts and rubbed against the smooth leather and I felt my nuts churning and my cock throbbing and then it erupted and I pumped out a huge load of hot sticky teen jism all over the seat of my motorcycle. I finished cumming just as I rode into Randy's yard. I parked my cycle and looked around to be sure no one could see me, then licked my cum off my hot throbbing motorcycle seat and stuffed my still hard cock back into my shorts - cum was still oozing from the head and I squeezed it out and licked it off my fingers.

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