Randy Gets Spanked in the Barn 2

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It was Saturday, and I was tired of waiting for my new buddy Randy to realize he wanted to have sex with me. I hopped on my motorcycle and rode over to his place to make him give in to his urges. On the way I ran into this awesome porn-god sex-machine named Cort, and we fucked in the woods. Now I was twice as horny for Randy. I parked my cycle in his back yard and headed for the back door of the farm house he shared with his older cousin Derek.

When I got to the back door of Randy's house I heard his cousin's voice yelling "You get out to the barn, asshole! I'll be there in a minute, and you'd better be ready and waiting for me! Get going!" He sounded really furious, and I was thinking I should leave, but then for some reason I ducked out of sight, and just a few seconds later, Randy came out the back door and walked dejectedly towards the barn. I ran after him and caught up with him inside the barn. He was wearing denim overalls and a tee shirt and he was stripping his clothes off as he walked. He had pulled up his tight white tee shirt and was lowering his denims as I caught up with him. The sexy teen muscle stud had pushed his skimpy white briefs down too, and his bare ass gleamed white and beautiful. My first thought was that he was getting ready to jerk off while he waited for his cousin, and this was working right into my plans. My cock swelled at the sight of my sexy buddy bent over with his pants at his knees - Randy sure had a pretty ass! "What's happenin', dude," I drawled in my best California surfer accent, thinking he'd laugh. He usually likes it when I talk that way - I grew up in a beach town in California, and really was a surfer and hung out with all the other surfers and really did talk like that, so it's not phony, though I sort of play it down mostly, so I won't stand out too much here in Iowa. I reached out and slapped his bare ass playfully as I spoke to him, unable to resist the chance to get my hands on his sexy naked body.

Randy jumped as though I'd shot him, and yelped "Oh, shit! Get out of here, Todd! My cousin's coming, and he's mad as hell!" He stood quickly and pulled his pants up, like he was embarrassed - he seemed really excited, but nervous, like he was doing something he shouldn't. Wow, maybe he really was going to beat off!

"No shit, dude, I could hear him from the yard - that's why I didn't go in. So you gotta clean the barn or something?" I asked naively, looking around casually. It didn't look like it needed much cleaning, but what did I know, we didn't have a barn at our house. Randy's cousin Derek kept horses and stuff, so they needed one. Their folks had died a few years back, and Randy lived with his cousin, just the two of them, on this farm Derek's dad had left him. His cousin was several years older, and really made my buddy toe the line. He was always having to do farm chores and cancel stuff because Todd wouldn't let him go. "I didn't know you had to get naked to do that," I grinned.

"No! He's gonna give me a licking!" Randy had turned to face me, and as he said that he just sort of drooped and he dropped his pants again, and I looked down and saw his big cock flop out as his overalls fell to his knees. He hadn't pulled his shorts up properly so they were still halfway down his thighs. He was getting a boner as I looked at his naked, hard-muscled body, and I was tempted to reach out and grab it, and find out what he'd do then. If I played with it a little until it was really hard he'd be sure to want to cum, so then I could make him play with mine too and we could jerk off together. I didn't think I'd be able to get him to trade blowjobs right away, but sooner or later I would. But then what he had said registered.

I was stunned. "Wow, you're kidding, dude! You mean he's gonna spank you like on your bare ass! Shit, I wondered why you had your pants down - I thought maybe you'd come out here to jack off or something. Can I watch?" I glanced down at his big cock and saw that now it was totally hard - Randy always threw a boner whenever he pulled his pants down. He was like me, I guess, it just got him hot to let his dick out in the open. But I wondered if maybe he got off on having his cousin spank him on his bare ass, and that was why he was throwing a boner right now. Or did it turn him on to be naked in front of me? I looked at his stiff cock, admiring its size, and my own swelled in response - Randy had a big one, long and thick and straight, with a nice big head that was turning bright purple as it swelled.

I'd been trying to get up the nerve to suggest that my new buddy and I mess around a little - jerk off together, and then see if that led to something else, but hadn't been sure yet that he was cool about that - we'd only known each other for a couple of months.

Back at my former school in California I'd had a real close buddy, a guy I'd known since I was eight, and he and I had messed around a lot, jerked off together when we first learned how, then started trading hand jobs, and then as one thing led to another we got into giving each other blow jobs. And other stuff.

I sure missed my buddy Josh. He'd been real cute and sexy, and after his initial shyness the first few times I persuaded him to get naked with me and compare cocks and feel each other up, he'd been willing to do almost anything, once I got him turned on. His folks both worked, so they were never home during the day, and he didn't have any cousins or sisters like I did, so we could get together in his attic almost any time and do anything we wanted to, for hours at a time. I didn't have any brothers, and had always wanted one, and Josh was like a brother, but even closer. We went up to his attic and lifted weights and after a while we started having sex and then had sex with each other almost every day. I liked having sex with Josh when his muscles were all pumped from working out - he had huge muscles.

The first time we did it up in the attic was the day we started studying the ancient Greeks in school and I'd noticed Josh was as fascinated as I was by the drawings of naked Greek wrestlers in our text, so once we finished our workout I suggested we try wrestling like that, in the nude. He acted shy, even though he and I had wrestled before at school, and we showered together in his bathroom after our workout every day, and often our bodies would touch and our cocks would get hard. But that was as far as it had gone until this one day. I could tell from the way he was acting that he really wanted to get naked and wrestle, he didn't say no, he just made lame excuses why he couldn't, so I stripped naked and once I had taken my clothes off he kept looking at me hungrily then looking away then looking back and I could tell he really wanted to touch my naked body - my cock was completely hard by then too, from stripping naked in front of him and feeling his eyes on my body, and I posed a little for him, acting like one of those wrestlers on TV, acting real macho - and flexing and showing off - except the ones on TV don't do it naked with big hardons of course. He watched me eagerly, licking his lips like he wanted to be touching and licking my naked muscle-stud body - so I just went up to him and started stripping him too.

"Come on, buddy," I said, "what are you afraid of? I see you naked all the time. Let's wrestle."

He let me take his gym clothes off - he seemed to like that, me stripping him naked while he just stood there. I made sure to feel him up good while I did it, pulling his tee-shirt up to his chest and then rubbing his bare hard pecs and telling him "Shit, dude, you have great pecs, real big and solid - and great arms too - your biceps are huge!" I could tell he liked my feeling him up like that, I could see his cock starting to get hard in his sweat-pants so I just left his tee shirt pushed up like that - he looked real sexy just halfway naked - then I pulled his sweats down far enough that I could slip one hand inside his jock strap to grope him. "Shit, dude, you're throwing a huge boner - does it turn you on to have me feel you up like this?" I asked as I groped and fondled his muscles and hard cock. His cock was totally hard as I groped it in his jock, and I could feel that the huge knobbed head of his cock was wet, it was already leaking fuck juice, the little stud was horny as hell and wanting it as bad as I was. So I felt him up good, getting him even hornier.

But he was still shy and yelped "Hey! Cut that out!" and pushed my arm to get me to take my hand out of his crotch, so I let go of his hard cock and said "Ok, cool it, I'm just kidding around - come on let's get you naked and try wrestling like the Greeks did." Josh stood docilely and let me strip his tee shirt all the way off, and then I knelt in front of my sexy buddy and pulled his sweat pants down all the way, leaving his jockstrap alone while I knelt and he lifted his feet one at a time to step out of his sweats, then I reached out and hooked my fingers under the waistband of his jockstrap and started pulling it down, releasing his huge dick which was totally hard like mine by then and I breathed on it and watched it bob and swell bigger and harder and start to leak fuck juice - I could have put out my tongue and licked it but I figured it was too soon for that, so I just kept breathing on it and accidentally letting my cheek brush its huge swollen head as I pushed his jockstrap to the floor and he stepped out of that too and was totally naked like me. "Wow, dude, your cock's hard," I said quietly, "you sure have a big one!" I told him.

Then I stood and reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"Come on, let's wrestle," I said, grinning, and pulled him into the middle of the hot sunny attic room and started grappling with him sort of, just fake wrestling, using it as an excuse to press my bare chest against his and then push my own rock hard dick into his groin and feel him push back, and then our naked bodies were pressed tight together from chest to crotch and we struggled against each other, hard muscles straining, hard cocks throbbing and rubbing together, naked sexy teen muscle-boy bodies rubbing against each other for what seemed like a long time though it was probably only a minute or two - we were both so hard and horny and hot with feeling our naked bodies touching like that and I could hear and feel him panting, breathing hard into my ear as we clutched our bodies tight together - I was panting too, I felt like I'd just run a couple of miles, all breathless and weak and clutching him to me like I would die if I let go.

"You feel great," I breathed into his ear and he just moaned softly back and I knew he was feeling the same way I was and then it was easy to slip one hand between us and feel his sexy muscles - I felt his huge hard pecs and played with his nipples -they were bigger than mine and felt great to squeeze and tug at and he moaned softly, telling me he liked that - and then slowly I let my hand slide down lower on his naked body, feeling his rock-hard rippling abdominals and feeling them quiver with sex-tension as I groped his naked muscles, and finally I reached down and grabbed his hard dick and started stroking it, and this time he didn't stop me he just grunted and moaned and let me know wordlessly that he liked it so when his breath got faster and kind of ragged like he might be getting close to shooting his big load of cum I murmured in his ear - "Come on dude, you want it too, feel my muscles, play with my cock I'm horny I'll do you if you'll do me" and he started rubbing my big hard pecs with his hands, slowly and hesitantly at first but once he got his hands on them he couldn't stop - "Gosh Todd, your muscles are so big and hard," he told me, and he felt me up real good and got me even hornier playing with my pecs and abs and soon he was groping my hard cock as eagerly as I was groping his. We both shot huge loads of hot sticky boy-cum all over each other almost right away - practically the minute I felt his hands holding my huge hard cock, I started shooting and so did he -and when Josh started cumming he grabbed me and pulled our bodies together and clutched me close to him and held my naked hard- muscled body real tight as his whole body convulsed with the force of his orgasm and he grunted and moaned in pleasure - "Oh yeah! Sexy stud," he moaned. "Big cock all hard, hard muscles, make me cum!" Towards the end he was licking and sucking my pecs and kissing my muscles and I knew he was hooked.

Once I found out how willing Josh was once I got him horny, we had sex every day. Once that hot little muscle-boy got a hardon he just had to cum, or it drove him nuts, and I learned just how to get him real hot real fast - I found out he liked my big hard muscles, they turned the sexy little stud on, and since I naturally like showing off my body - I do have a really good build - all I had to do was find an excuse to take my shirt off and flex for him and ask him if I had big muscles and suggest he feel my muscles and tell me how big and hard they were, and pretty soon he'd be so hot and horny he'd do almost anything to get off.

Josh's dad had told him masturbation was wrong, so Josh never beat his meat - or at least he said he didn't. But that meant he as always twice as horny as I was - and I was always horny even when I beat off five times a day. He seemed to think that it was okay to get off as long as we did each other - it didn't count as masturbation if I was the one stroking his cock while he stroked mine. And once I did something to him, he would do it to me. So all I had to do was suck on his naked cock and then he would decide it was okay for him to do that too, and he'd lick and suck me all over like he was dying of hunger and I was the first food he'd seen in months.

Josh and I worked out together every day, and it got hot in that attic if we didn't open the window so when I started sweating I'd say "Whew, it sure is hot," and he'd say "Yeah, I know - let's take our shirts off." He never offered to open the window until I started stripping. So I'd say, "Yeah, I think I will," and I'd do a sexy strip taking my shirt off while I posed and flexed and looked at myself in the big full- length mirror propped against one wall until I could see his cock getting hard, then I'd move real close to him and guide his hands to my pecs and biceps and abs and ask him to feel them and tell me if they were getting any bigger and he'd be kind of shy at first, but then once he got started his hands would be all over me, and he would go nuts just feeling me up and telling me how great my muscles were.

"Aw, shit, dude," he'd say, "you have the greatest pecs I've ever seen, so big and hard - I love your fucking pecs, dude." Then I'd pull his head down to my pecs - he'd always resist a little at first, but I'd keep pushing his head down and say "Lick em, buddy, I love the feel of your mouth on my pecs, go on, do it," and soon he'd give in and say "Well, okay, I guess if you really want me to" - and he'd lick and suck on them and once he got started he couldn't resist that, and he'd be rubbing and licking and sucking my big juicy pecs and big hard erect nipples and I'd have no trouble stripping his shirt off so I could feel him up too.

"You must be hot, too," I'd say "Here, let's take your shirt off" and I'd slip my hands up under his tee-shirt and feel his smooth-skinned hard-muscled abs and pecs and then work his shirt up to his chest and feel him up good - he was in fantastic shape, and had a fabulous build, a real hot body, with big juicy rock-hard muscles and dark smooth hairless skin - I was as turned on by his muscles as much he was by mine, I was just better at hiding it. I'd pull the front of his tee- shirt over his head but leave it hooked behind his neck - he looked real sexy like that, as though he was tied up naked. That really turned me on, the thought of my sexy buddy all naked and tied up so he was helpless and had to let me do anything I wanted to him.

Once I got Josh's shirt off so his hard-muscled sexy upper body was naked and I could tell I really had him going on worshipping my muscles - he'd have his hands all over my pecs and abs and biceps and be grunting and sucking on my pecs and nipples and panting like a little bull - then I'd open his pants and slip my hands into his briefs and grab his bare sex and find his big dick rock hard and dripping, his huge balls churning with hot juicy cum, and he'd start moaning with need and lust and making deep grunting sounds to encourage me as I played with his naked sex in his briefs, and I'd tease him with it a while, then I'd pull his briefs down and start playing with his bare hard cock and churning balls and get him even hotter so he'd start panting and moaning.

I'd suck on Josh's pecs, too, giving his big hard nipples a real workout and he'd start begging me to get him off. "Come on, man, I'm so horny, help me out, please make me cum" he'd beg, panting, and I'd say "you gotta help me out too then," and I'd guide one of his hands down inside my pants, down in my crotch inside my shorts, and he'd hold back a little at first, but then as I sucked his huge erect nipples and juicy pecs and squeezed his huge churning balls real hard - he loved it when I worked his balls like that, clamped down on them real hard with my hand and rolled them around and squeezed them as he moaned and panted with pain and lust, forced him to do what I wanted, and he'd grunt in submission, give in and start feeling my big hard naked boner. "Oh, God! Yes!" He'd moan, "I'll do it! Just make me cum!" He really loved playing with my hard cock, of course, 'cause I have such a juicy big one, and once he started playing with it he could never get enough until he made me cum. He really liked to see me shoot, cause my cock is so big and I shoot such a huge load of cum when I'm really turned on the way he could get me by sucking on my hardon. Josh could turn me on like nobody else I ever met.

So I'd drop my pants to let my dick out in the open where he could really work on it and it would stick straight out huge and hard and demanding and then I'd get a good hold on his huge churning balls and roll them around and tug and squeeze them until he was groaning and grunting and begging me to make him cum "Come on, buddy, don't stop, make me cum, I'm so horny, you know I can't jerk off, so do me please, come on, God that feels good, yeah, do me, buddy, please" and I'd tell the sexy little muscle-boy he had to suck on my dick if he wanted me to get him off. "You gotta suck my dick then," I'd growl. Josh would protest "Like, no way!" at first, but as I kept playing with his cock and squeezing his huge balls and making him suck my big hard nipples and work on my chest while I kept groping his naked sex inside his pants, he'd get so turned on he'd lose control, Then I'd make him take his pants off, and I'd strip naked too and make him kneel and play with my cock and lick it and suck on it until I was close to blasting my load down his tight hot throat. Josh gave real good blow jobs, and sometimes I did cum in his mouth so he could drink my hot boy-juice. He really liked that, once I got him going. He'd suck me dry and swallow every drop. Sometimes he came just sucking me like that and feeling my muscles, without even touching himself, he liked my cock and naked body so much.

Josh had a real big dick, too, and I really liked to play with it and suck on it. I pretended to him that I did him just to pay him back for doing me - we were just two horny buddies trading blowjobs, helping each other out - and I pretended to myself I went down on him to keep him hot and needing my body and my big cock in his mouth, but I sucked him dry lots of times, loving the feel of that big tube of stud boy cock filling my mouth and choking me down my throat. When he came he grabbed my head and shoved that huge tool as far in as he could and pumped gallons of sweet sticky fuck juice into my willing mouth and I swallowed it all gladly. I really liked slurping up that little stud's hot cum, but I was sure not to let him know how much. I was just as wild for his hot little body and big hard dick as he was for mine, but I was able to hide it. I was afraid that if my sexy jock muscle-buddy knew how hot I really was for him that he'd refuse to do it any more, so I played it cool.

Most of all I loved to fuck Josh and when I wanted to do that I'd see how horny I could get him without making him cum. He wouldn't let me do it too often, but I could tell when he was ready to give in again - he'd give me this sexy look from under his eyebrows and wiggle his butt at me when we posed in the mirror for each other after our workouts. Once we'd worked on our muscles and were all sweaty and hot and pumped we'd strip naked - he'd gotten over his shyness about being naked together after the first few times we had sex - and we'd pose for each other in front of the mirror and show off our huge muscles and hard cocks - when he gave me that submissive sexy "I need to get fucked" look, I'd start out as usual, feeling him up and licking his hard-muscled teen nakedness from head to toe, and then when he was desperate for it I'd suck his huge fuck-stick real good, and work on his huge nuts, but when he was about to cum I'd back off and refuse to let him cum, get him so hot he was practically crying from the frustration and need to get his rocks off. I'd be playing with his ass the whole time, poking my fingers up there and opening his asshole for my big dick, teasing him so he'd want my cock up there. Then when I had him begging for it I'd make him stand up and lay face down naked and submissive over the edge of this old table so his ass was right there ready for me and I'd spread his legs wide apart and lube him up with spit and precum from my huge hard cock and then I'd shove my big hard dick up his asshole.

I loved seeing my sexy buddy bent over that table like that, like he was getting ready for me to give him a spanking on his bare ass - one time I did that, spanked him with my belt and he liked it, I guess it made him feel better about submitting to my fucking his ass, so then I always did it after that, spanked his bare ass real good before I fucked him and he loved it if I didn't get too carried away and that got me so turned on I'd be leaking jism so fast by then that my cock would be totally slippery and I'd step up behind his sexy naked butt and press my hard wet cock against his tight hole and rub it around to lube him up and it would just pop right into his red hot asshole and ease right up there and he'd give this sexy grunt of submission and I'd start fucking him while I laid on top of him and reached around with one hand and grabbed his big tool and pumped it with my hand and with the other I clutched his chest, holding his big pecs in my hand while I fucked him until we both shot huge loads of boy cum all over the place and he was grunting and shouting with hot horny fuck-need. It's a good thing we had the house all to ourselves, 'cause Josh yelled real loud when he was getting fucked. He liked having my big hard dick up his ass. And he liked having me jerk him off while I fucked his tight hot ass. I'd thought at first he'd want to fuck me too or at least have me suck him off but he liked it best if I just gave him a hand job while I fucked him and he came real quick that way, sometimes two or three times while I was taking my time plowing his tight hot ass and working up real slow to cumming just once.

The first time I fucked Josh was awesome. I had no idea guys did stuff like that until I over-heard some awesome body-builder types in the locker room at the swimming pool talking about sex, and one of them said he'd let a queer suck his cock in the showers there the day before, and the other said, "Shit dude, that's nothing, I fucked a guy in there last week. Both of the lifeguards are gay, and they look the other way when anything goes on." I was watching them because their huge hard muscles turned me on, and one of them looked up and saw me and flexed for me, showing off his body, and the other looked at me and winked and said "What about it stud, have you ever fucked a guy?" I just shook my head.

I had just finished taking my clothes off so I was standing there buck naked and of course my cock got hard, because I was naked and because of the two guys, and because of what they had been talking about - I was about fourteen and I wasn't sure what it meant but I knew it got me horny. My cock was already fully developed even at fourteen and it stuck out fully hard and when those two body-builders saw it one of them whistled and said "Dude, the kid's totally hung!" And the other said "No shit, dude!" and they looked at each other and then one of them said "Hey kid, you want to join us in the showers and have some fun?" I just stood there with my big hard dick oozing and nodded my head, and the two of them stood up and one of them said "Come on, don't be shy, you're going to like this," and they hustled me into the showers where both of them sucked me off and then when I was still hard the bigger one, who had more muscles than any guy I had ever seen, leaned against the wall and spread his legs wide apart and said "OK, stud, give it to me, I want that monster rammed up my ass so hard I can feel it in my throat!"

And his buddy led me over there and guided my huge dick to his buddy's asshole and pushed my ass and my cock slid right in - I think they'd already been fucking each other earlier, he was well lubricated with somebody's hot cum, and it took me no time at all to figure out how to fuck his ass hard. His buddy was standing there rubbing my body and playing with my ass and he started pushing his fingers up my ass and I would have stopped him except it felt good and besides I was too far gone fucking the huge muscle-boy and then the other one stepped up behind me and jammed his cock up my ass. He wasn't that big, fortunately, but it hurt like hell at first, and I yelled in pain but he gagged me with his hand. I couldn't go anywhere, sandwiched between the two naked body-builder studs, so all I could do was accept the cock up my ass and keep fucking the guy in front of me.

It didn't take long to start enjoying both parts of what was happening to me, and between the cock up my ass hitting places I had never known existed, and fucking a guy for the first time, I was soon pumping out another huge load of cum into the muscle-jock. His buddy erupted up my ass about the same time and the three of us collapsed against the wall, panting and gasping. I looked over towards the door to the shower room and saw two other guys standing there jerking off while they watched us, and once I freed myself from the tangle of cocks and asses and muscles and rinsed off and went back to the locker room and put on my Speedo and got out to the pool area, I saw a lot of other guys looking at me, and realized we'd been putting on a show for quite a crowd.

So the next time I was with Josh and he was sucking my cock and I was getting ready to cum I thought about how hot it would be to fuck the awesome little stud's tight hot ass. He had the prettiest ass I had ever seen, it got me hard just looking at it, but I had never thought about anything as far out as sticking my cock up it until then. I pushed him off my cock and made him stand up and I started licking and sucking his pecs - he liked that at lot. Meanwhile I was stroking his cock with one hand, and playing with his ass with the other, and it turned out Josh really liked me playing with his ass, he sort of bent his knees and stuck his ass out and spread his legs apart to give me better access so I could rub my fingers up into his crack.

I worked a few big drops of his cock-ooze onto my finger then and pushed it up his asshole and he grunted and gasped and pushed back against my finger. He loved it! I decided he must be ready for my cock then - the studs in the shower had acted like it took no preparation to speak of - so I pulled my finger out and made Josh bend over and stepped up behind him and rammed my cock up his ass hard. He yelled like I'd just ripped his balls off and pulled away and my cock popped out of his ass spurting jism - I was so horny and hot for his ass and it had felt so tight and hot that just that one jab was all it took to make me cum. Josh grabbed me and started beating on me and I tried to fend him off as my cock throbbed and spurted all over the place. "You mother-fucker! That hurt! Why did you do that! I'm gonna kill you, mother fucker!" Josh was totally pissed, and I think he really would have done me serious harm if I hadn't been brought back to reality enough by his pounding on me that I defended myself and since I was the stronger of the two of us at that point, I managed to subdue him, and pinned him face down on the floor. He was sobbing by then, and I felt awful. "Josh! I'm sorry! Josh I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm sorry!" I was trying both to keep him down and comfort him and eventually he gave in completely and just lay there inert, still panting and whimpering. "You hurt me, Todd, you hurt me."

I felt terrible and kept trying to comfort my sexy buddy Josh. I poured out the story of what had happened the day before in the showers at the pool and that got his attention and he started asking questions and soon he was totally eager to hear every detail and eventually when I told about the one guy fucking me and how it had felt good after the first stab of pain, he told me about shoving things up his own ass and how he liked it and had always wondered what it would like to have something bigger up there. I told him to lie on the bed and let me "examine" him, and I sort of played like I was a doctor and spread his ass cheeks apart and rubbed in there with my fingers and looked at his tight puckered hole and I couldn't see any blood or anything and I started kissing it and he moaned softly so I knew he liked that so I stuck out my tongue and licked it a little. "Ooh, what's that?" he asked quietly and I said "my tongue," and Josh leapt up and looked at me like he was horrified. "Dude! You put your tongue on my asshole?!"

"Felt pretty good, didn't it," I replied, leaning back on the bed and looking up at my naked muscle-buddy. He dropped his head and grinned. "It felt totally awesome, but it's gross!"

Once we both calmed down Josh told me he'd been shoving things up his ass since he was ten, when his mom had given him an enema once, and it got him hard and she slapped his tiny dick and told him he was a naughty boy. Later he'd tried other things from around the house, and discovered that the porcelain pestle his mom kept in the kitchen for grinding up things was the best - it was long enough and tapered on one end so it went in easy, and he would sneak it away when she was out and get it slippery with olive oil and shove it up his ass and poke at that spot inside him that got him horny until he shot his wad. He never touched his cock when he was fucking his ass that way, so he figured it didn't count as beating off and he was still obeying his dad.

I wanted to fuck Josh even more, now that we'd gone this far and I knew he already liked having big hard things up his ass. "Hey, why don't you get that pestle thing and show me how you use it," I suggested. Josh refused at first, but once I stood and started playing with his cock and got the sexy little stud hard again he couldn't resist, and soon he was on his hands and knees on the bed letting me fuck his ass with the long glass rod. He guided me so I knew just where and how to poke it up there so that it would make him cum and it didn't take long for me to get Josh pumping out a big load of hot teen jism all over his blankets. I asked if it was as good as when he did it to himself, and he admitted it was even better, since all he had to do was enjoy it, sometimes when he was fucking himself he got too lost in how good it felt and couldn't control the rod properly and couldn't make himself cum and was left frustrated.

The next day Josh had the pestle lying on his bed when we went there after our workout and I knew he wanted me to use it on him again. I suggested he let me use it to loosen him up, then see if he could take my cock. I told him it had felt totally awesome when the body-builder fucked me in the showers and he said Yeah, but you told me he wasn't as big as you are, and I said Yeah, but I fucked his buddy and he told me he loved getting fucked with such a big cock. By that time Josh was lying on his stomach on the bed and I was fucking his ass with the pestle and he was panting and moaning and I got on top of him and licked his ear - that always got him hot and I whispered "Come on, dude, let me try again, I'll take it real slow and you can tell me to stop if it hurts too much."

Josh didn't say anything so I pulled the pestle out and put the head of my huge cock against the tight hot puckered hole of his ass and started pushing gently. Josh raised his ass a little to meet my pressure, so I knew he wanted it. I pushed harder, and he still met me, so I gave a shove, and about half my cock sank into his ass. He yelled, but I stayed quiet, holding my cock just like that in his ass, and he let out a big sigh and I felt his ass muscles contract and release on my cock. That was sexy as hell. Then he moved his hips a little, pushing back against me, and I pushed in farther. He gasped and moaned and I stopped. "Farther," Josh breathed. I pushed all the way in, and collapsed on top of my naked fuck-buddy. He wiggled his ass beneath me. "Mmmmm," he sighed. I knew then that I could cut loose and fuck my buddy hard, and I did. I didn't make him cum the first time, I got too carried away with my own pleasure, and how good it felt to wrap my arms around him and grab his big hard pecs and hold him tight while I rammed my cock up his ass over and over until my balls churned and my whole body convulsed with the ecstasy of my orgasm. That was the hardest and longest I had ever cum up til then, and I felt like I would die, it was so intense.

When I had recovered Josh told me he liked having me fuck him a lot and I asked if he had cum and he said no and I asked did he want to and he wiggled his butt against me and squeezed his ass around my cock and I was hard again. "OK, buddy, this one's for you," I growled in his ear as I started again. This time I listened to Josh's noises and found out just where and how I needed to jab inside him with my big hard dick to make him let out the loud wail that meant he was going to heaven. I kept it up until he was just yelling non-stop, then did it faster and harder, and was rewarded with an ear-spitting shriek as his body convulsed and he bucked under me like a little bull. I kept fucking until he collapsed, then stopped and let him recover a bit before I asked if he could take any more and he gasped "Yes, fuck me, more!" And then I let go and did it for myself again, and came after just a few more strokes, filling my buddy's tight hot ass with my hot sweet teen fuck juice.

Sometimes I let Josh fuck me back. He was so big I couldn't take it all the time, but sometimes he'd get real aggressive and wrestle me to submission and pin me face down on his bed - he was really muscular and strong, especially for his size, but I could have fought him off if I'd wanted to, but I liked him dominating me like that sometimes - once he had me pinned face down he'd tie me up. I had decided I couldn't let Josh fuck me unless he tied me up first, that made it OK for me to give in, because mostly I was the one in charge. Once he'd tied me tight enough that I couldn't get free he would spread my legs wide apart and then lick my ass and poke his big tongue up there and fill it with his spit and then rub his huge cock head around on it to get his fuck-juice all over the opening until it was so slippery and loose his cock head just popped right in and he'd start fucking the shit out of me, holding me pinned face down on the bed, and driving his huge cock in and out of me like a battering ram. In the right mood I really got off on him dominating me like that. Yeah, I missed Josh and his big dick and his tight hot ass.

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