Randy Gets Spanked in the Barn 4

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It was Saturday, and I was tired of waiting for my new buddy Randy to admit he wanted to have sex with me. I hopped on my motorcycle and rode over to his place to make him give in to his urges. On the way I ran into this awesome porn-god sex-machine named Cort, and we fucked in the woods. That left me twice as horny for Randy. I got to his house and parked my cycle in his back yard and headed for the back door of the farm house my buddy shared with his older cousin Derek. Randy was just on his way to the barn, and when I caught up with him he confessed he was about to get a bare-assed spanking from his cousin, and that got me even hornier. Looking at Randy as he stripped naked to get ready for his spanking in the barn reminded me how much I missed fucking my buddy Josh back in California where I had lived before. I missed Josh's tight hot ass and sexy muscular body, and his big hard dick. Randy confessed to me that his body-builder muscle-god cousin spanked him every day, and made him suck his cock, and even fucked him sometimes! Listening to Randy's confessions and looking at him naked and submissive and ready to be spanked made me bold enough to start feeling him up, and once I got him hot enough, it was no trouble at all to get the awesome jock stud to bend over the padded saw-horse there so I could throw a hard fast fuck into his ass. We had to finish before Derek got there to spank his sexy little cousin, but I was so hot I pumped out huge nut-load of cum into my buddy in no time.


"Oh yes! Fuck me Todd! Harder! More! I need your big cock! Give it to me! Fuck yeah, harder!" Randy loved getting fucked, all his macho coolness had obviously been just a pose, he wanted me bad. I drilled him good and hard, but I was too horny for him to hold off, I came after just a few deep fast strokes, then clutched him to me as my fuck-tool went off and my body was convulsed with ecstasy.

I had just fired the last huge wad of my hot teen cum up Randy's tight sexy asshole when we heard the back door of the farm-house slam, and Randy jerked in fear. I stepped back and there was a loud slippery plop as my giant cock slid out of my buddy's fuck-hole. I was panting and my cock was still oozing jism and it dribbled onto the floor as I stood there shaking with the final throes of my orgasm. Randy was gasping and panting too, he had loved it. His cock was oozing, and I'm sure he'd have cum with just a few more hard jabs of my cock up his ass, if I'd been able to hold off a while longer.

I leaned down and wrapped my arms around Randy's naked body, rubbing his hard sexy muscles. I wanted to ram my dick up his ass and fuck him again right then, I was so horny for my buddy's tight sexy ass, but he pushed me away.

"Oh shit!" he said in terror. "Derek's coming! You've gotta hide! Quick, get behind those bales of hay! I've gotta get ready before he gets here! But you can't watch! Please don't watch!" He'd pulled the saw horse into the open and was bending over it, preparing to be spanked by Derek. I looked down and saw that the inside of his undershorts was fresh and clean - that wouldn't do - Randy had revealed to me that his cousin would give him an enema and then fuck him if his shorts were dirty. I shoved a couple of fingers up my own ass and got them dirty and them wiped them in Randy's shorts, leaving a dark smelly stain.

There was a large pile of hay bales against one wall, so I pulled up my cutoffs, and moved quickly behind them. Looking back, I saw my naked buddy pulling a chair out into the center of the barn to join the sawhorse. No way was I not going to watch! I pressed my half-nude body against the hay, loving the feel of the scratchy stems sticking out against my bare skin - I moved a couple of bales to give me a better view and still hide me well enough I wouldn't be seen, then leaned against the stack - my cock gave a couple more hot wet spasms in my cutoffs as I saw Randy lower his jeans and skimpy white briefs all the way to his knees, baring his hot round ass and his now rock-hard dick. I felt my hot sticky jism running down my leg and my cock throbbed and stiffened again.

I pulled my cock out and wrapped my hand around it and stroked it slowly, savoring the feeling of my nuts still spasming and my cock slowly oozing cum - I milked it, massaging under my nuts, squeezing my balls, then stroking from the base to the tip to get all my cum, then caught it on my fingers and licked them as I watched Randy pulling his tee-shirt up to expose his bare, hard-muscled torso. Then he bent over the saw horse with his feet on the ground on one side and his hands on the ground on the other so his ass was sticking up all bare and round and vulnerable, and all I could think was how sexy he looked like that and how much I'd love to drop my own pants and shove my hard dick up his ass and fuck him again. I'd push his skin-tight tee-shirt even farther up on his body to expose more bare flesh, though - he'd look sexy as hell like that, naked except for his pants at his knees and his tee- shirt pushed up to his arm pits. My dick was rock hard from seeing him exposed like that. And the careful way he arranged his clothes and bent over the bench and then even pushed his hard cock back between his legs so it showed - it all looked like a ritual. Then I looked hard at Randy's asshole and saw a big glob of my cum oozing out - after all, I'd just fucked him. He must have felt it just as I saw it, because Randy stood up with a look of abject terror on his face, glanced at the door, ran to the side of the room and picked up an old rag lying on the table there, used it to wipe his ass, then dropped the spunk-soaked rag back on the table, and ran back to get himself into position just in time.

That's when Derek walked in. I was hidden behind a stack of hay bales where I couldn't be seen but there was a crack between a couple of them and I spread it wider so I had a perfect view of Randy bent over that saw horse. He'd asked me not to watch, but I hadn't agreed, and there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to see my sexy buddy get a bare-assed licking from his muscle-bound bodybuilder cousin.

Randy sure did look sexy, bent over naked like that. I realized he hadn't said what he was being punished for, but from what he had told me it was probably nothing - it was clear cousin Derek liked disciplining the cute younger stud, and I was pretty sure Randy liked being on the receiving end. I was beginning to think that the relationship these two studs shared had a lot of potential for fulfilling my own needs as well as theirs.

Derek walked in carrying a couple of switches he'd obviously just cut out in the yard, a couple of long thin branches from a bush. He was stripping the leaves off them and swinging them back and forth to test them as he walked. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt when he walked in, and looked awesome. He must have just finished his workout, because his muscles were totally pumped and swollen from exercise, and there was not an ounce of flab on his darkly tanned, smooth-skinned, sexy body.

"You just stay like that and think about how you're not going to fuck up any more, while I get ready," Derek growled at Randy, and set the switches down on the chair Randy had dragged out into the center of the room, and then put on a real show for me. He didn't know I was watching, of course, but he still acted like he was performing for someone. I wondered if this was a part of the ritual. Yeah, I could see now that Randy had his head up and was watching, enjoying his cousin's performance.

First Derek stripped off his tight tee-shirt so his upper body was naked, and his big hard pecs with their full, erect nipples sticking out were exposed to my hungry gaze. His sexy pecs were so huge and hard it made me weak just looking at them, big slabs of sexy muscle that jutted out from his body, round and full and hard - I wanted to crawl up to him and beg him to let me lick and suck on them. He stood flexing and posing, looking down at himself, displaying and fondling his huge hard muscles, rubbing his pecs and playing with his nipples. I was amazed how openly he displayed and aroused himself with his little cousin Randy bent over naked like that waiting to get spanked. It was like he was teasing Randy, and I could see that Randy never took his eyes off the older boy, he loved the show. Then Derek reached up and with an easy jump grabbed a rafter and did a quick set of chin-ups, pumping his muscles even bigger. Then he stripped off his gym shorts and I caught my breath as he revealed almost his entire body in its full naked glory. He was wearing just a skimpy jock strap and the pouch was being stretched dangerously by the huge piece of meat he had crammed in there. It was obvious he was aroused by his own body and the scene, his sexy younger cousin bent over bare assed naked across the bench waiting to get spanked. Derek dropped to the straw-covered floor and did a bunch of pushups, pumping and tightening his beautifully muscled body even more.

Then he stood where Randy (and I!) had a perfect view of him and rubbed his hands over his bare flesh, feeling his muscles and looking at himself, obviously enjoying his body and his huge sexy muscles, their huge full hardness. He licked his fingers and played with his big nipples, rubbing and squeezing and twisting them.

Finally Derek pulled up the chair and sat on it and ordered Randy to get up from his awkward position bent over the sawhorse and stand in front of him, at attention, but with his hands locked behind his head. Randy wailed in protest -

"Oh no! Not that! Please Derek, just spank me! I admit I deserve it. But not that too!"

Wow! What did Derek have in store for the sexy little stud?

It was awkward for Randy to move, hobbled by his levis and shorts at his ankles, but he managed it. His cock was hard, and bounced as he sort of hopped over to Derek. A big gob of precum was oozing from his cock, and slowly dripped to the floor.

I watched then in awe, and had to stop a gasp of surprise and arousal as muscle-god Derek stroked and fondled Randy's naked teen body. It was obvious the older boy got of on his cousin's muscles as much as he got off on his own.

First Derek ran his hands gently up and down Randy's bare legs, feeling and caressing them softly, under the pretext of checking out his "development".

"It's about time I examined your progress again, lil cuz. You're looking pretty good," he said as he felt Randy up. "Growing nicely." He massaged Randy's naked, hard-muscled thighs, working his hands slowly into his younger cousin's groin. Then he started playing with Randy's balls, tugging and squeezing his huge nuts as they hung in the big sac of flesh under his now fully erect cock. He weighed them gently in his hands, squeezing them slowly. "Yeah, you've grown a nice big pair of balls, buddy - feels like you've got a full load of jism saved up in here - have you jerked off today?" I couldn't believe he asked that so matter-of-factly.

Randy shook his head and made a sound of denial as his cousin continued playing with his huge cum-filled balls. He had his eyes shut tight, and was obviously enjoying the intimate attention to his hot teen nuts, yet fearful of the consequences.

"No, I don't think you have." Derek stroked Randy's cock. "Otherwise this wouldn't be so big and hard. That's good, you know I'd have to punish you harder if you had."

I could see Derek was watching his little cousin's face, looking for the reaction as he wrapped his hand around my buddy's huge rock-hard dick - it was sticking straight up now, hard and straight, and it was huge, at least ten inches long - and thick. He stroked it slowly, playing with it, getting Randy still hotter and hornier - my stud-buddy must be dying!

"How's that feel, cousin?" He asked quietly. "Feels pretty good, huh?"

Randy nodded, gritting his teeth and grimacing like he was in pain.

"Yeah, I bet it does. You feel like you're about to cum, cousin?"

Randy nodded again.

"No, not yet, don't cum buddy, or I'll have to punish you even harder. Just hold it in. don't give in, control it."

All the time he kept stroking Randy's huge dick slowly and surely, and Randy was trembling with arousal and pent up need. This must be a part of the punishment. Maybe Randy wasn't supposed to get aroused, or at least couldn't cum or he'd get punished harder? It must be embarrassing, as well as frustrating, to have his cousin manipulate him like that, getting him hot and horny, but not letting him cum. I was getting so hot watching Derek fondle my buddy's naked sex that I was afraid I'd drop a load of jism in my shorts right away. This was incredible.

And of course Randy had just had my huge cock up his ass, and my hands all over his body, arousing him even more, so he must be dying, his nuts so full of cum they were about to explode. I liked hearing that he wasn't allowed to cum without Derek's permission, that suggested lots of ways to make Randy do anything I wanted.

Slowly Derek wrapped his hand around his little cousin's huge hard dick and stroked it a couple of times.

"Yeah, you've grown up, alright, little cuz. I think this cock is almost as big as mine now. You keep working out like I showed you and keep your hands off it except when I say and you might get even bigger than me someday." Derek continued playing with my buddy Randy's huge hard dick for a while, just stroking it slowly, and squeezing his huge heavy balls and generally getting Randy so horny and worked up he could hardly stand it. Derek didn't let him cum of course. He got him just hot enough that Randy felt like he had to drop a load of cum or he'd go nuts, then he stopped the sex play. There was a look of agony on Randy's face as he desperately tried to overcome the urge to let go and blast a hot pent-up load of jism all over his cousin's face and chest. Yeah, he must be especially hot after the good hard fuck I'd just given the awesome jock stud!

Then Derek examined Randy's shorts, as Randy had said he would. When he saw the dark stains there, he shook his head. "Damn, lil cuz, your shorts are filthy - if I didn't know better, I'd think you were testing me - now I'm going to have to wash you out before we start the spanking, and that pisses me off - I'm going to have to double the punishment, buddy."

"Oh, No!" Randy wailed - "Please Derek - no, I - I just changed my shorts, I don't understand. Please! I won't let it happen again - just give me the spanking - not an enema, please!" He was really begging sincerely, and I knew it was because he knew I was watching, and he didn't want me to see that. He also knew it was I who had stained his shorts, and he glanced in my direction. This was great.

"Shut up, you little baby," Derek growled as he walked to the wall and opened the door there. He lowered a table and took down a large bucket with a hose coming out the bottom. "Get over here, cuz, and take it like a man," he commanded, and Randy hobbled over there, his pants at his ankles. He bent over the table, obviously knowing exactly how Derek wanted him positioned. Meanwhile Derek was filling the bucket from a faucet - Randy glanced over where he knew I was, and I grinned and waved. He closed his eyes and moaned.

Once he had the bucket full of water, Derek hung it from a hook over the table and then took out a tube of grease and lubed up the nozzle and slowly pushed it up my buddy's sexy rear end - Randy gasped and begged but Derek just picked up the rag lying there on the table and shoved it into Randy's sexy mouth, gagging the sexy muscle stud with the cum- soaked rag he had used to wipe his ass after I fucked him - totally awesome! Then Derek released the water and let it start to flow into Randy's naked ass. He didn't seem concerned about how it felt to his naked cousin and I could see that soon Randy was very uncomfortable, but he had to take the entire bucket and by the time it was empty he was moaning and gasping. Derek pulled out the nozzle from Randy's bare ass and said "OK, now stand up and hold it for five minutes."

Randy moaned and begged for mercy through his gag, but first Derek played with Randy's huge hard cock for awhile, which must have made holding all that water in even more agonizing and difficult, but Randy'd obviously had a lot of practice. Once Derek saw that his little cousin wasn't going to lose it, he went back to doing pushups and chin-ups and showing off his awesome physique.

Somehow Randy managed to hold all that water in until the five minutes was up - it was really more like ten, Derek didn't even pretend to check the time. But he put on a great show for me, and I enjoyed every moment of watching him flex and pose. My cock throbbed and oozed as I stroked it slowly and licked up the fuck-juice flowing from the tip.

Then Derek pulled the rag from Randy's mouth and let Randy squat over the bucket and empty his guts. The look of relief on my buddy's face was amazing. And his huge cock was still rock hard - he really loved this.

"Okay, turn around and bend over the horse," Derek told Randy as he kept stroking his sexy younger cousin's huge hard dick, "Let's see if a good hard spanking won't do something about this."

I thought the spanking would start then, but once Randy was positioned again face down and bent over the saw horse with his bare ass in the air, his semi-nude muscle-stud cousin Derek spent a few minutes re- adjusting Randy's clothing, pushing his cousin's levis and briefs down further and adjusting his legs so they were spread as far apart as possible while hampered by the pants at his ankles. He spent a lot of time stroking and rubbing Randy's bare legs and thighs and even his naked ass, and I could see by the pained expression on my buddy's handsome face that it was turning him on. Then Derek pushed his younger cousin's tight tee-shirt all the way up, exposing the young stud's naked torso completely, and rubbed and stroked his cousin's naked body thoroughly, even reaching under and feeling up his chest, pinching and squeezing his huge hard nipples until Randy was panting and moaning and his cock poked out huge and hard beneath him. I guessed that was part of the punishment, first to get Randy totally aroused and frustrated, then to spank him real hard. And even though they were supposed to be alone, it must be embarrassing to Randy to be treated that way, and to be helpless to conceal his arousal.

Once the big muscle-stud had his younger cousin totally aroused, his cock hard and throbbing and starting to leak precum, Derek reached under the helpless teen and started actually playing with that huge piece of meat. He slowly and carefully masturbated the embarrassed helpless youth, stroking his huge hard cock so that the boy panted and moaned.

"Oh yeah, do me Derek, please. That feels so good. Make me cum!" Soon the sexy naked teen was totally turned on, on the verge of shooting.

I could see from the huge bulge in Derek's jockstrap that he was as turned on as his little cousin, his cock was huge and hard and a large wet spot was growing where its tip met the elastic fabric and his cock dripped sex juice with his arousal. And if that wasn't enough, he stood up then and pulled his hard cock out and started masturbating himself as he looked down at his younger cousin's sexy naked ass. That didn't surprise me at all, 'cause Randy had the sexiest ass I'd ever seen. I half expected Derek to fuck Randy then, shove his huge hard cock up that tight hot little ass and fill it with hot muscle-stud cum, but he didn't. After working his cock for awhile, somehow he managed to stuff that giant weapon back into the pouch of his jockstrap.

When Randy was panting and begging for release, his cousin finally stopped masturbating the helpless teen and started the actual spanking, He started out with a wide belt that was hanging on the wall. He was wearing nothing but his jockstrap, which was filled to capacity with his huge semi-hard cock, bulging dangerously with the huge piece of meat that filled it. Grabbing the wide heavy leather belt firmly in one hand, Derek swung it good and hard and gave Randy twenty or so good hard whacks with that wide leather belt. And as he spanked him, he rubbed his own crotch with his other hand, groping his own huge hard dick in his jockstrap - yeah, he was really getting off on spanking my buddy's bare ass like that.

Randy yelped in pain on the very first strike of his cousin's belt across his bare ass - I'd thought he'd tough it out, try not to make any noise, but he didn't sound like he was holding back. I couldn't imagine he'd do it for my benefit, and as I watched his cousin I could see that Randy's yelps were a part of the ritual - he was expected to show that it hurt. "O-w-w-w! I'm sorry! O-w-w-w!' He wailed, and then each time the belt hit his ass he yelped and sort of whined.

It was really sexy. He sounded so defenseless and helpless, and so unlike his usual cocky self. And he maintained that submissive position, bent over the bench, ass raised high. He even seemed to offer it more, the harder Derek spanked him. His cousin took his time with the belt, making sure each stroke hit Randy's bare uplifted ass full on, and getting both sides equally. And he sure didn't go easy on Randy -he really rared back and swung that belt good and hard! After the first ten strokes my buddy's ass was bright red, and welts were starting to show where the belt had hit. Boy, Randy the muscle stud was going to be in trouble in the locker room when we started training the next day. The other guys would give him hell about this. They must have seen Randy after one of these spankings before. Did they all tease him and laugh? Did they realize it meant Randy was at their mercy? Did they all take turns fucking the cocky stud in the locker room and showers?

Randy was whimpering non-stop by the tenth lash of the belt, and I could tell those belt strokes were hurting. "OK, stand up and turn around," his cousin said, and Randy got shakily to his feet. As he turned to face his cousin I could see his cock was hard - Wow! Was he getting off on this? He put his hands down there to try to hide it, but it was so big and hard that was impossible. His cousin grabbed his switch and hit Randy's hands with it and my bare-assed buddy pulled them away with a loud yelp.

"I see," his cousin said calmly. "well, I guess that didn't hurt enough, did it? Come here." Randy approached his cousin fearfully and awkwardly, hobbled by his levis.

"No! Please don't spank me more, cousin, I've learned my lesson, honest!" Randy was crying and obviously meant it, but his cock was really hard, and he had to know that begging for mercy at this point was useless. It must just be part of the role the sexy little stud had been trained to play.

I watched in awe and amazement as his sexy jock-stud cousin reached out and grabbed my buddy Randy's huge hard dick and started playing with it while Randy begged for mercy. "No, cousin! Please! No-o-o, do-o-on't! O-o-o-h. God! Yes!" It looked sexy as hell, the older boy, all but naked, sweating slightly so his awesome muscles glistened in the dim light of the barn, his cousin's cock in his hand, stroking it slowly and surely. Then I noticed that he had his other hand in his own crotch, and had pulled his jock strap down to free his own enormous pole and he was stroking his own rock-hard fuck stick while he jerked Randy off.

Randy's sexy cousin Derek seemed to know just how to keep his naked muscle-boy slave hot and horny and begging for any sort of release. He played with Randy's hard dick for several minutes while I watched and my own cock swelled and throbbed so hard and hot I thought it would burst. I couldn't stop my hands from dropping my shorts and releasing my own hard cock so I could stroke it while I watched Randy take his punishment. Then Derek gave me the shock of my life - he started licking Randy's huge hard cock, licking up the big drops of precum that were oozing from its tip and then he actually took the head of it in his mouth and started sucking on it and slowly engulfed at least half of it with his mouth, obviously enjoying it - and Randy looked like he was in heaven - it must have felt awesome to have his huge hard cock sucked by his muscle stud cousin. And it had the desired effect, Derek didn't have to suck Randy's cock more than half a minute before Randy lost control - he couldn't stop himself.

"Derek, STOP, I'm cumming," he yelled.

Derek actually took the first huge gush of Randy's cum in his mouth, but then released his cousin's huge tool and stroked it slowly and surely as Randy gasped and shouted with ecstasy and shot bolt after bolt of hot white sticky cum all over his cousin's naked body.

Then Derek made Randy clean him up - Randy knelt and licked Derek's now naked cum-drenched body from head to toe, and got all of his cum off his cousin. Then Derek had the boy stand again, and proceeded to resume the torture, masturbating the naked stud until he was on the verge of cumming again. Then, when Randy was panting and moaning so loud I thought he must be on the verge of shooting - I know I was - his cousin stopped and said

"OK, cuz - back over the horse."

"No, Derek! Please don't spank me more, I've learned my lesson, honest!"

"Don't make it worse for yourself by begging, little cousin. Over the horse. You deserve every bit of this for what you did. I'm really being quite lenient."

Randy still hesitated, and his cousin stepped up to him and grabbed him by the balls and started swinging the switch hard so it hit the backs of his cousin's legs.

"Now! Get over the horse!"

Randy yelped in pain and reluctantly complied. His huge hard dick bobbed and his face contorted with mingled pain and ecstasy when his cousin hit his legs with the switch - it was obvious he liked the punishment. He lowered himself over the horse again and his cousin stopped the switch lashes and again spent a couple of minutes repositioning him, pushing his tee shirt up again and rubbing his bare ass and thighs and torso gently until Randy was moaning softly with pleasure - the soft rubbing on his welted ass and thighs must have felt very soothing. Then his cousin started stroking his cousin's huge hard cock again for a while until Randy was begging for release.

"Oh God, Derek! Stop! That's enough! I'm gonna shoot! NO, Stop!"

I guessed that one rule of this punishment was that Randy must not cum, and must warn Derek when he was too close to hold back if Derek continued the sexual torture. My buddy must be really crazy with lust by now and I saw his huge cock throbbing and dripping and his huge balls churning in their huge sac. When he cried out like that, Derek stopped stroking his cousin's huge hard dick and turned his attention to the younger boy's ass. But he still didn't spank it. Instead he stroked it gently and slowly spread Randy's firm hard cheeks apart to reveal the younger boy's tight hot hole. God his ass looked sexy like that, lifted in the air and now bright red and glowing. Derek kneeled and put his mouth to his little cousin's ass hole and licked it!

"Oh please, not that!" Randy begged. "Don't do that, Derek, please, I can't take it!"

But Derek licked and tongued Randy's hole, then once he had it good and slippery with his spit, and Randy was moaning and panting, big naked muscle stud Derek pushed one of his fingers up his cousin's tight hot ass then and worked it around in there while Randy grunted and moaned - his pleas not to do it changed to please to keep it up.

"Oh, yes! Yes, Derek! That feels good, cousin, keep that up!"

I figured Randy had either forgotten I was there, or he was too far gone to care by now. After getting his bare naked ass whipped with that belt, and then his cock played with, and now his ass, he must be out of his mind. Derek worked first one finger, then two, and eventually three all the way up his little cousin's naked vulnerable asshole as Randy whimpered and moaned with pleasure. It was obvious that all of this was a regular part of Randy's spankings, and that the sexy teen muscle-boy loved it, despite his protests. Then as he continued probing my sexy muscle-stud friend's naked asshole with one hand, Derek used the other to masturbate the sexy teen, reaching under and grabbing the boy's huge hard cock and slowly and surely stroking up and down. Randy was panting and moaning and begging for release, or to be spanked. Soon Randy was yelling and begging but Derek wouldn't let him cum.

Then when Randy was whimpering and moaning with urgent sexual need, his hard cock dripping and throbbing as his cousin finger-fucked him and jerked his huge hard cock, Randy's cousin started in with the switch he'd cut earlier. He gave Randy's bare white ass and darkly tanned upper thighs twenty good hard cuts of the switch, and the red marks on my buddy's bare ass and legs grew brighter and criss-crossed with welts. Randy kept up his yelps and moans and pleas, but the licking continued.

"Ow-w-w-w! No-o-o! That's eno-o-o-ogh! I'm sorry!" He was whining and begging, but his cousin gave him the full twenty.

"Alright, cousin, let's see if that's had any effect - stand up."

"No, cousin, that's enough - I'm sorry, honest, I won't do it again, please no more."

Randy's cousin dragged his muscle-boy cousin to his feet, and sure enough the dude's cock was still rock hard.

"Ok, I guess it's time for the paddle," he said matter-of-factly, and Randy let out a wail.

"N-o-o-o! Please not the paddle! I'll never be able to sit down again! And it'll show - the guys at school will give me hell. Please Derek, please, that's enough! You know what they did to me last time!"

"You should have thought about the consequences much earlier, cousin. Now you're going to take what I think you deserve, and no more resisting me. Back over that horse. NOW!"

Randy obeyed, with obvious reluctance, and his cousin placed his hand on the small of Randy's naked back and held him down while he delivered ten more good hard strokes of the switch up and down his naked little cousin's bare legs. He got his thighs and ass real good, and Randy was yelping and whining like a baby. Then body-builder muscle-stud Derek forced his all-but naked younger cousin's upper body down harder, so his head was almost on the ground and he was stretched real hard over the saw horse. He kept stroking Randy's bare red ass soothingly with his hand until Randy relaxed and stopped whimpering, and then he'd give it a few more good hard strokes of the switch until Randy was bawling again. Then he'd play with his little cousin's bare vulnerable ass and naked sex to calm him down and get him horny, and then he'd give him several more good hard strokes of the switch.

Derek'd obviously had plenty of practice at this with his little cousin, because he knew exactly how to get the sexy muscle-boy right to the point of cumming, and then deny him that release - he knew just where and how to fondle Randy's cock and balls and play with his hard swelling muscles, pinch his big hard nipples until the awesome little stud was panting and yelping with pent up need.

"Yes! Make me cum, Derek! PLEASE! O YES! I gotta cum! I'm cumming! AR--r-r-rrr. No! Ow-w-w-w! No! I'll be good! Ow-w-w-w-w!" Randy cried out in pain as big body-builder muscle boy Derek brought the long switch down hard across Randy's sexy bare ass.

Then when Randy was bawling non-stop from the pain of the spanking and the frustration of the sex play, Derek changed to the paddle. He dropped the switch and walked to the wall and took down a wooden paddle that was hanging there. It had a long handle and a wide face - it looked a lot like my cousin's fraternity paddle, which I suddenly wondered about - Wow, was my cousin Terry getting paddled at school by his fraternity brothers?

Then Derek took off the last piece of clothing he'd been wearing, the well-stuffed jock strap that had become useless, his cock was so hard it tented the pouch to the ripping point. Stripping it off, he stood stark naked, huge and hard and muscled, his cock at least ten inches long rock hard and straight out, and as he started spanking Randy with the paddle, he started masturbating himself - he was getting off on beating Randy's bare ass. Standing there nude and hard-dicked and stroking his cock as he did it, Randy's awesome body-builder cousin gave him ten good hard strokes with that wooden paddle, and Randy yelped and shouted even louder.

"Ow-w-w! I'm sorry, cousin! Please! I won't do it again! I promise! O-w-w-w!" His bare ass and upper legs looked like he'd slid bare-assed down about a mile of rough road - it was red and welted all over.

"Alright, cousin, stand up and turn around," Randy's cousin said, and Randy pushed himself up shakily, hanging his head and whimpering.

"Please cousin, that's enough - I can't help it if I've got a boner," he whimpered. And sure enough, his cock was still hard, and dripping wet with precum oozing from its tip - he was really getting off on this!

"I see, well, I guess you still haven't had enough then," his cousin said, reaching out and playing with his younger cousin's huge hard cock for a while, obviously enjoying torturing Randy sexually. Randy panted and begged for release. Derek pulled up the chair, and as he turned in profile I could see his big cock was fully hard, sticking out awesome and huge. He stroked it as he felt Randy's naked hard-muscled body. Then naked muscle-stud Derek sat on the chair and said. "Alright cousin, across my lap, we'll see what effect my hand has. You should feel it pretty well by now."

"No, cousin, please, not like a little kid!" Randy wailed - I realized suddenly that part of Randy's embarrassment was knowing that I could see all of this, that I was watching his older cousin spank him like a little boy and humiliate him and use him sexually and that I knew Derek did this to his younger cousin all the time. And most embarrassing of all was that Randy obviously liked it, liked being spanked on his bare ass and having his huge hard cock played with, being sexually tortured by his hugely muscled sex-god older cousin. Not that I had any trouble understanding that - I was getting so hot for Derek, watching his nude awesomely muscled huge dicked body as he spanked his naked younger cousin that I was beginning to think I'd let Derek do the same to me just to have him touch me and to be that close to his naked body.

And I was pretty sure where this would end up. Derek was hot and horny himself by now, and didn't look like the sort of guy who would let his younger cousin off the hook for getting him hot and bothered like that - Randy was going to have to service Derek one way or another. My cock throbbed and spurted with hot cum as I pictured what I knew was coming soon. The only question was Would naked muscle boy Derek make his sexy body-builder younger cousin suck his cock, or would he fuck him in the ass? I watched eagerly.

Now Randy was wailing about getting a bare-assed spanking while positioned across his cousin's knees - He resisted Derek's order that he get across his lap, but the older boy simply reached out and grabbed Randy by that huge dick of his and pulled him over to him so that naked hard-dicked muscle-teen Randy fell across his older cousin's naked legs clumsily. Derek had no trouble lifting the practically nude younger boy into place the way he wanted him, of course. I could see my buddy's huge hard stick poking out down between his cousin's legs, and Derek had Randy positioned so that his own huge hard dick was poking the younger boy in the belly. Randy still had his pants down at his ankles, and his tight tee shirt wadded up under his armpits around his chest, but he was for all intents and purposes stark buck naked and lying across naked hard-dick muscle-boy Derek's naked lap.

But once again Derek didn't start the spanking right away - once he had Randy positioned on his lap, the sexy nude body-builder reached under that chair and pulled a tube of some sort of grease out of the bag he'd brought with him, and squeezed some stuff out of it and started smearing it into my sexy muscle-buddy's bare vulnerable asshole, and poking the stuff inside the younger boy's tight puckered asshole with his big hard fingers.

"No-o-o-o, Derek. Please not that!" Randy cried out, and I could tell he was especially embarrassed about what was coming, because he knew I was watching. Then naked muscle stud Derek must have jabbed his fingers into his younger cousin's bare asshole especially hard, because Randy yelped.

"Shut up and take it like a man!" Derek growled. "You know you've earned every bit of this punishment, so shut the fuck up! You're getting the full treatment, and you know the rules - you can cry all you want. You've earned this little cousin, Take it like a man." I was puzzled by the obvious contradictions of that speech, but guessed that Randy knew the rules - he could cry and wail, but he had to take everything Derek thought he deserved.

Then Derek squeezed another big gob of the slippery lubricant from the tube into Randy's crack and started working it into the younger boy's naked asshole with his fingers. He had started with just one of his huge digits, but soon he had two shoved up my buddy's tight hot ass, and was stretching it and poking it slowly and methodically as Randy moaned and panted. He squeezed out one final huge gob of the grease from the tube and finally got three of his fingers into my buddy's ass, and Randy was yelping and wailing - it must have hurt, but Derek kept it up until Randy quieted down as his ass hole stretched to accommodate the huge fingers.

By then Randy was moaning and panting wordlessly, and his huge cock was throbbing and spurting on the floor as Derek finger-fucked the younger boy's sweet hot ass - Randy was starting to like it. When he had Randy's ass stretched and well lubricated, his cousin reached into that bag again and pulled out a huge rubber penis. Randy couldn't see it, but I could, and I nearly gasped aloud - it was enormous, almost as big as the older boy's real cock - did Derek intend to shove that up his little cousin's ass? If so, then he must be getting Randy ready for a real fucking later with the older cousin's huge piece of meat.

Sure enough, the naked teen body-builder started working that huge rubber cock into Randy's bare vulnerable ass. Fortunately he'd loosened the younger boy's ass up first, and lubricated it heavily, and after all, I had just thrown a good hard fuck into the kid with my own giant cock, so while Randy yelped at first - when he felt that huge hard knob pressing against his tender hole he lifted his head and looked back fearfully and cried out when he saw the huge thing Derek was intending to push up his tight ass hole - the huge rubber dildo looked way too big to go in there - but he was obviously accustomed to taking it, and more.

"No, Derek - not that," he wailed "I can't take it!"

But Derek obviously knew better - and after a little pushing and coaxing his helpless younger cousin - "Come on, cousin - just relax - you've got to take it, so let it in - just let it in, buddy," the nude muscle-boy got the younger boy to take the huge cock up his ass.

The first part was the hardest, that thing had a huge knob of a head, and Derek had to press really hard at first to get it inside his younger cousin's tight hot naked asshole - but eventually I heard helpless teen muscle boy Randy yelp and then the pop as the huge head of the rubber dick jabbed inside his helpless asshole, then saw the incredible length of the thing start to slip up his naked ass gradually. Derek took his time, letting the younger stud adjust to the huge intrusion. He'd push it in a few inches, then pull it out slowly all the way, then add more of the lubricant from the tube, then press that huge head against my buddy's tight virgin hole until it popped inside again and Randy yelped every time, it was so huge, and then Derek would hold Randy down on his lap naked and vulnerable and slowly work that huge rubber cock back in the younger boy's ass still farther until finally its full length of at least ten inches was buried up there. And periodically Derek would reach under the younger boy's naked body across his lap and play with the little stud's still rock hard cock. "Yeah, cousin, see, you like this, your cock tells me so," and he'd stroke Randy up into a sex-heated frenzy before he resumed working the huge dildo into his cousin's tight hot ass.

Once he had the huge thing worked completely into Randy's ass Derek stopped, leaving it shoved all the way in there. "Now don't let that slip out or I'll start the spanking all over again," his cousin cautioned my muscle-stud buddy.

Then Randy's naked muscle stud cousin spanked his little cousin's bare ass with his hand for at least five minutes more. It must have hurt like hell, because Randy's ass was already red and welted from the belt and the stick, and my sexy muscle buddy continued to yelp and whine as his body-builder older cousin spanked his bare ass. But he managed to keep that huge rubber cock up his ass at least, and his cousin checked it regularly, pushing it in and out.

When my sexy naked buddy was bawling loudly, nude hard-dicked older cousin Derek had Randy stand again. Randy's cock was still rock hard, of course.

"I'll bet you wish now that you'd jerked off a couple of times today," Derek said matter-of-factly. "Well, I guess it's time for the rope."

And Derek made naked hard-dicked whimpering muscle-boy Randy stand with his hands over his head and first he lifted Randy's tee shirt and hooked it behind his head - I liked that, it looked like ropes restraining the sexy young stud - then Derek tied Randy's wrists to a rafter so the cute muscle-teen was stretched up on his toes, every awesome muscle of his incredible physique taut and beautiful He looked incredibly sexy like that tied and suspended from the rafter naked and red-assed and whimpering with pain and arousal as his cousin tortured and fondled his naked body.

Then Derek actually got behind Randy and masturbated him and fondled his naked hard-muscled body while he spanked him some more - he played with his cousin's hard cock and slapped his bare round ass and then told Randy he could let go of the rubber cock up his ass so Randy let it slide out, and Derek grabbed the end of the huge thing and worked that rubber cock in and out of his little cousin's ass until his sexy teen muscle-boy cousin shot his load all over the place and Randy was yelping and gasping with mingled pain and pleasure. That scene was so hot that I creamed all over the place without even touching myself, my cock just spurted a full load of jism against the side of the bale of hay I was leaning against, and it was all I could do not to make any noise. Seeing Randy get fucked with that huge black dildo by his naked cousin, until it made Randy cum all over the place!

Finally Derek pulled the huge dildo out of his naked, bound younger cousin's ass and fucked Randy standing there like that. Body-builder muscle stud Derek was already buck naked of course, and his huge cock was as hard as it could possibly get, rock hard and dripping with jism and pulled up hard against his belly, and he'd been stroking it steadily the whole past ten minutes or so as he spanked and tortured his little cousin. Now he stepped up behind naked teen muscle stud Randy and pulled the huge dildo out of the younger boy's tender hot ass and then bent his knees and placed the huge knob head of his own enormous dick against the younger boy's tight hot ass.

"No! Derek! I can't take that, it'll tear me apart!" Randy cried out.

"You know what I told you, cousin - take it!" Derek growled, and shoved hard and the huge piece of fuck meat just popped right inside Randy's tight hot ass. Randy grunted in shock and surprise, but I don't think it hurt him, cause he let out a huge lung full of air in great gasp of pleasure and relief as he just relaxed onto the huge tool. Derek put his hand on his little cousin's shoulders and said "I'll just stand here and let you do the work, buddy. You pull yourself up and then lower yourself onto me and see if you can make me cum. I'm not taking this thing out until you make me shoot my wad up your tight hot ass." I knew from the look on Derek's handsome face that it wouldn't take much to make him shoot - he was almost as horny as his little cousin by now, the whole scene had worked on him every bit as much as the younger boy.

Randy did as he'd been told and pulled himself up by the rope until nothing but the enormous head of the older boy's huge cock was buried inside the younger boy's tender ass, then he'd let himself down, and the huge tool would bury itself up his ass again. Pretty soon Derek was panting and yelling -

"Oh! God! Yes, keep that up! Yes, make me cum little cousin. I'm fucking your tight hot ass. Yes!" And soon he couldn't control himself he started shoving his enormous hard cock up Randy's ass without waiting for the younger boy to do the work. He fucked the young teen Adonis hard and fast and soon both were yelling with ecstasy as they shot huge loads of cum.

Finally Derek stopped cumming and fell back onto the floor, leaving my buddy Randy still suspended from the ratters, his naked sweat and cum drenched teen body twitching and convulsing with orgasmic ecstasy. Derek panted and laid there recovering for a minute, then got up and grabbed the giant dildo from the ground and shoved it up Randy's ravaged ass and said "Don't let go."

Then Derek sat on the chair again, looking up at Randy. After what had just happened I would have said Derek wouldn't be able to get an erection for a week, but he started playing with his huge hard pecs, twisting and rubbing his big erect nipples, and soon his cock was hard again and the awesome body-builder leaned way back and stroked his enormous cock to a gushing orgasm while he looked dreamily at his cousin tied naked there and I watched in amazement. Then he cleaned himself up with his tee shirt and said "You just stay like that for a while and think about how you're not going to repeat today's performance ever again. I'll be back to let you down when I think you've had enough time. And not a sound, or I'll start the spanking all over again." That last was as Randy started to protest, which he quickly stopped.

"Your buddy can put some liniment on your behind if he wants to - it's ok, Todd, I know you're back there. You can come out. But don't let him down. I'll do that. Oh, and you can pull the dildo out. Fuck him again if you want to - I'm going to again when I get back."

I was in shock! Derek had known the whole time that I was hiding there and watching! But he'd said to go ahead and fuck his little cousin again, and I wasn't going to wait for a second invitation.

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