Randy Gets Spanked in the Barn 3

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It was Saturday, and I was tired of waiting for my new buddy Randy to realize he wanted to have sex with me. I hopped on my motorcycle and rode over to his place to make him give in to his urges. On the way I ran into this awesome porn-god sex-machine named Cort, and we fucked in the woods. That left me twice as horny for Randy. I got to his house and parked my cycle in his back yard and headed for the back door of the farm house my buddy shared with his older cousin Derek. Randy was just on his way to the barn, and when I caught up with him he confessed he was about to get a bare-assed spanking from his cousin, and that got me even hornier. Looking at Randy as he stripped naked to get ready for his spanking in the barn reminded me how much I missed fucking my buddy Josh back in California where I had lived before. I missed Josh's tight hot ass and sexy muscular body, and his big hard dick.

Randy had a big dick too, I'd seen it a couple of times in the showers at the swimming pool, he liked to show it off, and other guys liked to look at it, even the straight ones, they all envied Randy his big dick. He liked to undress real slow and once he got naked he'd stand around and talk with other guys while he felt himself up, played with this big hard pecs and squeezed his big nipples while they looked at him and drooled, then when his cock got hard - it always did when he showed his body off to other guys - the other guys would try not to look but they wouldn't be able to stop themselves, they had to look at that huge fuck stick right there in front of them.

If there was just one guy looking - if it was just the two of them, and no one else was around, Randy would grin at the kid and say "Go ahead, you can touch it," and the guy would lick his lips and gulp and then reach down and wrap his hand around it - he couldn't stop himself, he just had to feel that huge piece of meat - he was totally straight, some hot-looking teen stud who fucked chicks and drank beer with his buddies and made fun of pussy-boys, but he couldn't resist Randy's huge cock, he had to feel it, and once he had felt it he had to feel it more and Randy would say "Go ahead, why don't you suck on it a little, you know you want to - lick it" and the guy would tell himself he was just going to see what it felt like to suck a huge hard cock like that and then he'd sink to his knees while Randy lifted one foot and put in on the bench to open his crotch to the guy and the stud would kneel and open his mouth and start licking it and then he'd suck on just the head, he was going to stop once he felt the head in his mouth but then Randy would put his hand gently on the kid's head and hold it there while he pushed his huge cock slowly into the sexy teen stud's hot mouth and the kid would suck eagerly and then he'd feel it filling his mouth and entering his throat and he'd want all of it, he'd hear the sexy sounds Randy was making - Oh yeah, kid that's it, that feels so good, suck my big dick, yeah - and the kid would love the idea that he could make a stud like Randy beg him for more, so he would let Randy shove the whole thing down his throat and fuck his face with it until Randy shot a huge load of jism into the sexy kid's mouth and the teen stud would swallow it all and then get up dazed and sort of lean against Randy's big muscular chest and say "Don't tell anyone, please?" and Randy would say "Don't worry, no one will ever know, meet me after school behind the bleachers," and there he would strip the kid naked and make him bend over an old bench under the bleachers while Randy sunk his huge cock up the kid's tight hot ass and the kid would squeal with delight and cum twice getting fucked.

I sure did want to get my hands on Randy's big cock, feel it up good, and maybe if I stroked it slow and easy and played with the two huge nuts hanging beneath it, and got him worked up enough, he'd agree to trade blow jobs - yeah, I wanted to suck his big fuck tool and have him suck on mine. Then if I got him horny enough, I could probably get him to let me stick my cock up his tight hot ass and fuck him. He had a real pretty ass. I might even let him fuck me, but I wasn't sure about having that huge piece of meat shoved up my ass - he was almost as big as Josh. He'd have to go real slow. Okay, I did want him to fuck me, but I wanted to fuck him first, so he'd know I was in charge. I just couldn't understand what was keeping him from making a move on me. From what I'd heard the awesome jock had fucked half the students in our class, girls and guys both. And he seemed to like me a lot, we'd gotten close, but just as friends, not as fuck-buddies.

I had the hots for Randy real bad, it was why I put up with his shit -he could be a real jerk, he was the best looking dude in school and knew it and lorded it over everybody like he was some god and they all just lapped it up. With me he knew by now not to try that shit, but the fact was, I'd have put up with a lot, because it was such a turn-on being around him. He was such an exhibitionist, and I kept a hardon half the time we were together. He was always showing off his muscles any way he could, which meant he wore tight, skimpy tee shirts and tank-tops that displayed his very well-developed muscles as well as if he'd been naked, and he was always running his hands all over himself, rubbing his body in suggestive ways. When we were alone together, he usually took at least his shirt off, and then ran his hands all over his body, squeezing and rubbing his sexy muscles. Often he took his jeans off too, so he had on nothing but the skimpy briefs he wore, which didn't leave much to the imagination - he might as well have been naked. He did it so casually that it seemed just natural, but it sure did turn me on.

His excuse for taking his clothes off and massaging himself was that he was always sore from working out. Once he had his clothes off, he'd ask me to rub the sore spots, which I liked, since any excuse to get my hands on his body was welcome, even if it meant hiding the boner it gave me. Not that it was one-sided, I made him return the favor, and he was pretty good about massaging my sore spots as well, which turned me on almost as much. My legs would get real sore from doing squats and when I asked Randy to massage them he never refused, and he did a real good job, even working his thumbs up into my groin where I got especially sore and the coach would never go up there with his hands, no matter how much I let him know it was ok. But Randy didn't hesitate, he just rubbed right up under my balls and into my ass crack and up around the base of my cock. He'd pretend not to notice my hardon for awhile, working me over real good until I had a raging boner. Then when finally he'd notice my huge hard dick, rock hard and starting to drip precum, he'd grab my crotch and squeeze my balls until I said "Uncle." And I'd eventually say "Uncle," not because what he was doing hurt, he never squeezed hard enough to really hurt, just hard enough to get me even hornier, and I'd give in just so I didn't cream a big load of jism in the pouch of my jockstrap from him groping my balls like that. I didn't want to give the sexy stud the satisfaction of knowing he could do that to me.

Sometimes I didn't stop him quick enough, though, and I creamed, blasted a huge load of cum. I remember one time especially, it was a Saturday morning, and I hadn't known Randy but a week, it was late August, and we had moved to Iowa just a month earlier and Randy had spotted me at the swimming pool, I saw him looking at me, admiring my California surfer boy good looks and I was admiring his Iowa farm stud good looks and he introduced himself and we became best buddies right away. But I hadn't been able to get him to respond to my efforts to get him to have sex.

So this one Saturday morning I'd been lying in bed naked, fantasizing about sex with Randy, my cock rock hard, and he'd come into my bedroom when I was lying there thinking about getting up and when I heard him come in I closed my eyes like I was asleep and he sat on my bed and pulled the covers back and saw I was nude and had a hardon and he'd started rubbing my legs, massaging them, and I just sort of stretched and moaned like I was having a sexy dream and he kept rubbing and massaging my thighs and up into my groin and I thought sure he was going to grab my cock or go down on me but he just kept it up, teasing me, rubbing at the base of my cock, digging in there in a way that really turned me on, and then just when I was sure he was going to start working on my dick, he'd grabbed my nuts instead and started working them over, squeezing and tugging them slowly harder and harder until my cock felt like it would explode and finally he'd squeezed em real hard and I'd cum right away, blasted a huge load of cum all over the place, and he'd been cool about it, he'd kept working my nuts real good until I finished shooting, even though I got some cum on his hand and forearm. He never even touched my cock, but I came so hard some of it shot up and hit my face. And of course it got all over Randy's hand and forearm -so he wiped it off on my sheets and got up and acted like nothing had happened so I pretended to wake up and got dressed and we went out to mess around. He'd had a hardon, too, and I'd have offered to get him off, but he didn't give me a chance. Hell, I'd have given the sexy stud-puppy a blow-job, I wanted him that bad. But even more I wanted him to want me. I had a feeling today was going to change that.

When Randy saw me looking so openly at his huge half-hard dick as he stood there practically naked getting ready for his cousin to spank him, he tried to cover it with his hands, but that was impossible, it was so big and hard, and he gave up trying, and his hard dick stuck out huge and demanding as he went about getting ready for his spanking. "How come you've got a hardon, dude, if you're about to get your ass spanked by your cousin? You get off on getting spanked by him?" I reached out and wrapped my hand around his huge hard cock and stroked it, and fuck- juice oozed from the tip and I spread that around as I played with my buddy's huge hard cock standing there in the barn. Randy pushed my hand away and turned away in embarrassment, I reached out and slapped him playfully on the bare ass, wanting to get my bare hands on his hot naked body. "Is that it, Randy, you like getting spanked on your bare ass?" I asked him tauntingly. "Want me to spank you?"

"Cut it out, Todd!" he yelped, as I did it again. Yeah, he liked it all right - his dick got even harder as I slapped his bare ass good and hard, and his protests were really lame.

"Aw, you like it, dude. Let me watch, it'll be really cool to see you get your bare ass spanked by your cousin." I slapped his ass again, and he didn't try to stop me.

"No Way! He won't let you watch."

"How do you know? Let's ask him." I slapped his ass again, harder. It sounded like he wanted me to watch, and I noticed his cock was still rock hard and starting to drip with precum and excitement.

"No way! Stop that! You've gotta leave right away - he'll be even madder if I'm not ready when he gets here. O-w-w! Stop!" He was pulling a well-padded saw horse from one side of the barn out into the open as I followed him around and kept slapping his bare ass.

"I didn't know your cousin spanked you! Wow - does he use his hand or his belt, or what?" He'd never said anything about being punished, but he was kind of private that way, didn't talk much about his cousin or his folks. And okay, I'd only known him maybe a month.

"He spanks me all the time," Randy said, looking away from me like it embarrassed him to talk about it - it sure would have me, a grown boy getting spanked like a little kid, and by his cousin, who wasn't that much older than him to boot. He had stopped moving the saw horse, and was just standing there, turned sideways to me, his breath ragged and hard - I was rubbing his bare ass now and getting real horny. His cock was rock hard and the way he was breathing I could tell he was really turned on - and that he wanted me to make him tell me about what his cousin did to him.

"Wow, really? What, like once a month?" I asked eagerly. The idea of my hot sexy muscle boy buddy with his pants down at his ankles and getting his bare butt spanked by his hunk of a cousin was real sexy, and my boner got even harder, and I could feel it starting to ooze fuck- juice. I wondered if Derek ever made Randy lie across his lap while he spanked him. That would be real sexy to watch, my buddy naked and stretched across his cousin's legs, getting a spanking. Wow, and what if Derek was naked too? Would he have a hard on while he spanked Randy? I had stopped slapping my naked buddy's bare ass and was rubbing it now, liking the feel of its round full firmness. He put his hand back there to protect himself and I grabbed his wrists from behind and pulled them into the small of his back. He let me do it. I saw Randy's eyes go to my crotch and then look away quickly. I sure was turned on, and I know he could see the bulge of my hard cock in my shorts - I wasn't wearing any undershorts, either, so it was snaking down one leg, outlined real clear, hard and wet and demanding - the head was about to pop out the leg-hole of my shorts. I hadn't been so turned on since the last time I was with Josh. Feeling Randy's bare butt and picturing his sexy cousin naked and spanking him was really getting me horny. I had to get my cock up his ass and fuck him or I was going to go nuts. I held Randy's arms behind him and licked his ear and murmured "Keep your hands right where they are, stud." I pulled my hands away, and he did as he'd been told, held his hands behind him as though he was tied up. Yeah, I liked that.

I let my one hand return to an exploration of Randy's totally fuckable ass, and reached out my other hand and pushed his tight tee shirt way up to expose his rippled hard-muscled abs and big hard-rounded pecs and firm erect nipples - I pushed his tee shirt up as far as it would go and it was tight enough that it stayed up, and he was all but naked, so I started feeling him up all over, stroking his naked body, rubbing his rock hard abs, and then started playing with his big pecs. And he let me do it. I'd never had the nerve to feel him up before, though I sure had wanted to, and I was amazed how easily he went along with it now -he must have been wanting me to do it all along, waiting for me to make the first move. Or maybe it was because he was about to get a spanking, and that made him more submissive. Whatever it was, I was glad, it had really broken the ice. I'd be able to do whatever I wanted to him from now on - all I had to do was dominate him, force him to go along, and he would let me, he wanted to be forced to submit to his sort of treatment.

"I sure like your muscles, buddy," I murmured into his ear as I felt him up. "You have a real sexy body - it makes me horny looking at your bare butt and these big hard pecs," as I rubbed his juicy pec muscles and played with his hard nipples. "Yeah, you have great pecs, and your nipples are real sexy, big and juicy, I like playing with them like this - do you like it?" I pulled him towards me and he leaned against me sort of, his eyes half shut, his hands still behind him, submitting. "Yeah, you like this don't you - sexy little stud-pup, like me to feel you up, don't you. Like to get spanked too, I bet. Man, your cock is so fucking big and hard - Want me to play with your dick, Randy?" He nodded slightly, and made a murmur of assent, encouraging me. I decided to make him wait for it. I had his tee-shirt worked all the way up to his armpits, baring his torso completely, and with his jeans at his knees he was practically naked, while I was still completely clothed.

I liked that, sexy muscle-boy Randy naked while I was clothed, it made him seem even more vulnerable, more submissive, more in my power. I had been dying to get my hands on his muscles for weeks, and now I knew he wanted it -wanted it bad - he needed to be worked over by another big muscle stud, worked up until he was so hot and horny he was desperate and then made to beg for release.

I started working his big sexy nipples the way Josh had liked me to, squeezing and pinching and twisting them slowly harder and harder. I could see he liked that, because even though he was begging "Stop, please, I've gotta get ready," and he took his hands from behind his back and made an ineffectual gesture to push my hands away, his cock was throbbing and oozing even harder. What he really wanted was for me to keep it up. I grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind his back again and he let me and kept them there as I resumed working his pecs and nipples again, and he just stood there and submitted to my feeling his hot hard muscles and his eyes had that glassy look that told me he was so horny he was getting dizzy from it, like Josh. His eyes were getting a sort of glazed look and his cock was rock hard now, sticking straight out, and starting to drip. "Naw, you don't really want me to stop, do you buddy? You like this, you want me to go even further, don't you," I felt him up and played with his big hard erect nipples. I worked his tee shirt up further, so he was completely exposed to my eyes and hands - god his muscles were hot and sexy! He was shaking with need and lust, and encouraging me with his moans and pants of need. This was working out better than I'd ever hoped. I played with his huge hard pecs, squeezing and rubbing them and loving the feel of those hot hard slabs of muscle. I ran my fingers nails over them and he moaned. I squeezed and flicked his huge hard nipples and he gasped with pleasure and need.

I moved one of my hands to my sexy buddy's balls, cupping and squeezing them and he bent his knees a little and spread them apart to open his crotch even more to me, and then started this deep moaning, encouraging me. "Want me to play with your balls, buddy?" I murmured in his ear as I worked his naked balls. "Like it when I do this? Or this?" I tugged and squeezed his balls, getting slowly rougher, and he loved it, he moaned and twisted and closed his eyes and gave in right away - he wanted it bad. He still had his hands held tightly behind his back as though I'd tied him up.

"Mmm - yeah, that feels good, do it more, do it harder, I need it" he murmured as I worked his balls. He was hot as hell, loving it. This was working out great! I was going to have no trouble with Randy from now on - he was going to let me fuck him any time I wanted to, I could tell he wanted me to dominate him completely. Later, after he got his spanking from his cousin, I'd make Randy let me spank him myself -maybe I'd take him out in the woods and make him strip naked and lie across an old log and I'd whip his bare ass with a switch until he wailed and begged me to stop and then I'd strip naked myself and sit on a big rock and make him stretch naked across my lap and I'd spank him more - get his ass bright red and hot with my hand and then play with his asshole and balls and cock, work a couple of fingers up his ass and make him beg to be fucked until he was too horny to resist and then I'd make him kneel in front of me and lick my cock and balls real good and suck me until I was ready to cum and then I'd spank his ass some more until he begged me to fuck him in the ass. Then I'd make him lie face down over that log where I'd spanked him, and I'd slide my huge hard dick up his ass and fuck him senseless.

Or maybe I'd tie him suspended from a rafter of the barn and whip his bare ass with my belt until he was crying and then I'd untie him and make him suck my cock until I was ready to cum and then I'd make him bend over the saw horse he was pulling out into the center of the barn and I'd fuck his hard tight ass.

Yeah, I was going to have a lot of fun with Randy from now on. I remembered the scene earlier in the woods with that huge muscle stud - what was his name? Cort, yeah, Cort - I wanted to see Cort fuck Randy, I had a feeling Cort would really like Randy's sexy muscles and submissive whimpering. I was pretty sure Cort would like being tied up and dominated himself, but I could see he had a need to be in control sometimes as well, and Randy would be a perfect slave for the awesome bodybuilder, my teen buddy Randy would go nuts for Cort's muscles and huge cock. Yeah, I'd get the two of them together, tie them both up and spend an hour or two torturing and spanking them and then untie Cort and let him fuck Randy raw until the younger boy was whining and whimpering and desperate to cum, and then I'd make Cort suck Randy off while I fucked Cort on all fours like a dog and muscle-god Cort would lick Randy's balls and ass and drink his cum.

But that would have to wait until I had Randy totally in my control. Yeah, the thought of that body-builder's huge tool fucking my buddy in the ass while I watched - hell, I'd fuck Cort while he fucked Randy - yeah - man, that would be awesome. I had to stop these fantasies though, I was getting too hot and horny myself.

"How often does he spank you, Randy? How often does your big jock stud cousin Derek spank your bare ass, buddy?" I murmured in his ear as I worked his balls and pecs, loving the feel of his huge churning nuts in my hand and his hard round pecs as I squeezed and rubbed them. He was flexing his muscles for me so I could feel their rock-hard firmness, solid and round and sexy. He knew his role.

"He spanks me almost every day. Derek says I need to be spanked regularly so I'll remember not to fuck up. He says I need to be spanked every day, but it doesn't seem to work - I still fuck up, so then he spanks me even more. And other stuff." He was talking like he was hypnotized, like he couldn't help revealing whatever I wanted to know.

This was great, Randy was mine now - "And what does he spank it with, buddy? What does cousin Derek use to spank this hot tight ass?"

"He uses his belt or a switch or his hand - or all of them - depending how mad he is. He's real mad, Todd. You've got to go! Please get out of here!" Randy sounded as though he was on the verge of tears, but he was doing nothing to stop me. He still didn't push me away or anything - yeah, he was getting off on having me feel him up like that while he told me about him and Derek. I kept playing with his pecs, rubbing and squeezing the big hard slabs of muscle - Randy had real nice pecs, big and round and hard, it felt great to cup them in my hands and squeeze them, and when I brushed his nipples which were hard and erect he sort of gasped and I started pinching and squeezing and twisting them and his mouth dropped open and his eyes went all glassy. His cock was rock hard and starting to leak fuck juice he was so turned on by what I was doing to him, and I hadn't even touched his cock yet.

I was amazed at the news that Randy's cousin spanked him all the time. Randy's cousin Derek was a real stud, a walking wet dream, big and hunky and muscular and good looking as hell and sexy, with blonde hair and blue eyes and a darkly tanned smooth-skinned hugely-muscled body. If Randy was the ultimate Iowa farm boy muscle stud wet-dream, Derek was that farm boy's big brother, even harder and more overpoweringly sexy. Derek was a body-builder, very muscular and butch and tough-acting. He'd won a couple of body-building competitions - he could have posed for any of the body-building and porn mags I kept under my bed to look at and jerk off to, imagining those big muscle studs in my bed with me, flexing and posing to display their awesome endowment.

Randy and I had watched Derek work out once. I'd suggested it to Derek and he'd gone along - supposedly it was so we'd learn how to get bigger muscles like his, but all I cared about was watching that muscle-stud flex and pose so I could see his naked muscles. He worked out in nothing but a pair of tight skimpy stretchy lycra shorts, with no supporter underneath so they showed the outline of his huge dick, too, and it was at least half hard most of the time he was grunting and sweating, and there was a big wet spot right at the head of his cock so I could tell he was leaking fuck juice and he looked so sexy I could almost cum just watching and he kept glancing up at me, like he wanted to be sure I was looking.

He was getting off on my watching him, looking at his hard naked muscles. When he was finished with his workout he had posed for us for a while, showing off his huge hard muscles, and he'd had a hardon while he did it, there was no missing it in those skin-tight shorts he was wearing, and my own cock got so hard watching the big muscle-stud show off that I thought I'd cream in my shorts. Then when he said "Time for a shower," I just kept asking him questions and followed him to the bathroom. Randy stayed in the workout room pouting and acting jealous, like he was afraid I liked his sexy cousin more than him. Derek didn't stop me when I followed him, just kept talking too, so I watched openly as the awesome muscle boy stripped naked, revealing his now totally hard cock and I asked him to pose some more, show me his huge hard muscles, so he did, he posed naked in the mirror there as I kept asking questions. His cock was hard but he acted as though that was no big deal and just showed off his body to me. I imagined I was stepping up to him and stripping naked myself and suggesting we shower together so I could massage his sore muscles in the hot shower and he said "Sure, come on," and once I got my hands on his naked hard-muscled body he urged me on until I was playing with that huge hard cock and he was playing with mine too, and then I was on my knees sucking him off until he shot about a gallon of cum down my throat and I swallowed it all while I jerked myself off and came all over the sexy stud's legs and feet and he just grunted and encouraged me - "Yeah - sexy stud - suck my cock, yeah gonna cum ARRGGGH yeah!" But instead, he got in the shower and I left, closing the door behind me.

My cock jerked and oozed cum at the thought of Randy with his pants down taking a bare-assed licking from his sexy older cousin. I wanted to see this. His ass was smooth-skinned and soft and sexy and I kept stroking his bare ass, getting bolder, letting my fingers rub into his sweet hot crack, then deeper and I started to play with his hole, and he still hadn't stopped me. He wanted it all right. Hell, if his cousin didn't show up soon, I was going to bend Randy over that bench and spank him and then start fucking him myself. He was ready for it. He wanted it. I had him by the balls, squeezing and tugging them just hard enough to have him grunting with painful ecstatic lust as I probed his asshole with my fingers.

"What kind of 'other stuff' does he do, buddy? Does he give your ass a workout in other ways too? Does big jock stud Derek fuck your sweet little ass? Does he Randy? Tell me about how your big muscle-stud cousin spanks you, buddy," I murmured in his ear. Randy was so hot from the way I was working his big hard nipples and playing with his huge heavy nuts that his cock was jerking and twitching and his whole body was shaking - he was moaning and grunting with need and frustration. I had started pushing my forefinger into his asshole to open him up - I had about two inches of it up there, and he was letting me do it, he liked having me finger-fuck his tight hot ass, he was holding his ass-cheeks apart with his hands now to give me better access. I moved my other hand to his huge hard dick and started stroking it slowly while I worked my finger all the way up his ass, poking and prodding to find the spot that would really get him begging me for it - I'd found that spot up Josh's ass, and once I knew where it was I could go right to it and make him crazy with lust for my cock up there. Yeah, it had to be about - yeah! He moaned and gasped as I found that hard knob inside his ass and started poking and jabbing at it with my finger. I was ready to drop my shorts and let my rock hard cock out and shove it up his ass all the way real hard and then bend him over that saw horse and fuck the shit out of him.

"It starts when I get home from school," he panted, his huge hard dick throbbing and dripping as I played with it. "If I'm even a minute late, he makes me go to the yard and cut a switch and bring it to him and then he makes me pull my pants down and he makes me bend over a stool in the kitchen and he pulls my shorts down so my ass is bare and he spanks me first with the switch then with his belt until I'm crying, then he makes me stand up - he strips his clothes off because spanking me makes him sweat, and now he makes me show him that my cock is hard and he plays with it until I feel like I'm gonna explode, but he won't let me cum, I can't shoot or the punishment starts all over again so I beg him to stop when I'm about to shoot and he stops most of the time but sometimes he makes me cum anyway and he lets it shoot all over him - my cum gets all over his chest and his abs and even on his crotch - he's got a hard on and he's playing with it while he spanks me and jerks me off. And then he says 'Damn it, Randy look what you did - you're going to have to clean me up now!' So then I have to lick my cum up off his body. And when I get to his crotch he makes me lick his cock and he calls me a good little cock-licker and when I get to the huge knob of his cock he tells me to suck on it like a good boy and I do and he says go ahead little cousin open your mouth and take it, suck on my cock and I do and he starts fucking my face with this huge tool until he cums down my throat and I have to drink it all take all his cum and not let a drop spill out or he spanks me again.

"And does he ever fuck your tight hot ass, buddy?" I asked. Randy dropped his head in embarrassment and humiliation and murmured something. "I can't hear you, dude, does Derek ever fuck this sweet tight ass?"

Randy gasped and choked out his reply - his cock was jerking and oozing as he talked about it - "Yes, sometimes - he looks at my shorts when I strip naked and if they're at all dirty, like I didn't wipe my ass well enough, then he spanks me longer and makes me lean over the tub in the bathroom and he gives me an enema to clean me out and once I let it all out he has to use his hard cock to test if I'm really clean so then he fucks me in the ass. If his cock comes out clean after he cums in me, I don't get spanked anymore, but if it's dirty I get another enema and then a real hard spanking and he fucks me again."

"Do you like that, buddy? " I murmured in his ear as I worked another finger into his tight hot butt hole. "Do you like getting fucked with your cousin's huge hard dick?" I was probing his ass with my fingers deep inside him and he grunted with pleasure. I liked the idea of giving him an enema - I'd never done that to anyone, and there was something really sexy about the idea of filling this stud with warm water to clean him out and then fucking him.

"Ungghh! Yes! I like it!" the sexy teen muscle boy admitted.

"Good," I said. "because from now on I'm going to fuck you every day too. Bend over that saw horse and let me do it right now."

"No, I can't, Derek will be here!"

"Don't worry, buddy, I'll stop if he shows up." But until he gets here, I'm gonna dick your ass. Now bend over." He obeyed meekly then and bent over the saw horse, his jeans at his knees and his tee shirt worked up on his torso. I knelt and started licking his asshole, poking my tongue inside, and he moaned and begged me to keep it up. Then I started playing with his balls and stroking his cock while I poked a couple of fingers up there. When I had him moaning and begging, I let my hard dick out and stepped up behind him. My cock was so hard it hurt and it was leaking a steady ooze of fuck juice so I rubbed it around good on his hole to get it wet then pressed slowly and it popped right in. He grunted and said "Yeah, fuck me Todd, I want you inside me - do it hard!"

I did, I fucked Randy good and hard with long deep strokes, trying to hold back and make him beg for it, but I was too turned on and I came almost right away, filling his ass with my hot jism.

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