Young Danny

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The title and the rough plot of this story are based on a story that I read many years ago, in the dark ages of gay porn, around 1965. It may be the first gay porn I ever read, and has certainly inspired me ever since. My thanks to its original author, whoever he was.

Danny was seventeen. In two more weeks he would be eighteen. He had graduated from high school a week ago, and was eager to start life on his own. His parents wanted him to go to college, but he was tired of school. He wanted to do something exciting, something dangerous!

His first choice was the Marines. The idea of a world of just men really appealed to him, though he hadn't thought too much about why. But he was young, and strong, and athletic, so he figured he would fit in. Besides, his dad had been a Marine, and he wanted to please his dad.

But first he thought he should get a physical. He'd never had one, and didn't want to find out last minute that he didn't qualify. He asked his buddy Todd where he should go. They were in Danny's room, lifting weights. They'd been playing games on his Playstation, but they'd gotten tired of that, and working out together was something they both liked. It was the perfect excuse to admire each other's hot teen bodies, and touch each other and make each other horny.

It was late afternoon. The teen studs were both wearing tee shirts and cutoffs. The window was open, but the early June weather was warm, and they heated up quickly as they did bench presses and knee bends and curls, pumping their hard teen muscles bigger and harder. They soon stripped to their briefs.

Todd was doing a set of deep knee bends, and Danny grinned as he watched his friend grunt and strain. He loved the faces Todd made as he worked out, and the way the bulge in his briefs got bigger, and the way his muscles bulged and swelled.

Danny asked Todd if he knew a doctor who could give him a physical.

Todd watched as Danny did a set of bench presses. He loved the way Danny's big hard pecs got bigger and harder. He reached out and squeezed them as Danny strained to do the last few reps. Danny's pecs were awesome.

Todd asked why Danny didn't just see his regular doctor.

Danny loved it when Todd felt his muscles, and did an extra rep, energized by the feeling swelling in his groin.

Danny said he didn't have a regular doctor.

Todd watched his buddy' cock swelling in his briefs, and wondered if it was because of the way he was feeling him up, rubbing his bare skin, loving his hard teen body.

Todd said "Well, then, go to the doctor who gave you your last physical."

Danny sat up, hating to stop the intimate way his buddy was rubbing his pecs and abs, but worried that the way his cock was getting harder would reveal the thoughts going through his head, of Todd going farther, maybe slipping his hand inside Danny's briefs and groping his buddy's hard cock.

"I've never had a physical."

Todd was disappointed when Danny sat up. He had been about to slip his hand down and groped his buddy through his briefs. He didn't dare do that a lot, but he liked to feel his buddy's hard cock, watch the way Danny's mouth went slack, his eyes closed, and he gasped, needing release. If only Todd had the nerve to do what he really wanted.

Todd was shocked. He looked at his friend like he was from another planet. Then he punched Danny on the arm, not hard, just a buddy thing.

"You've never had a physical before?!"

Danny liked it when Todd punched him that way, or put his arm around his shoulders, or poked him in the chest. Todd was very physical, he was always touching Danny, and Danny liked it. Danny was doing a set of biceps curls, and Todd felt his muscles as he pumped them up.

The two sexy teen studs did that when they worked out together, felt each other's muscles. It seemed natural, to appreciate each other's bodies. Todd said he had read somewhere that massage encouraged muscle growth, and to the two horny teens that was the perfect excuse to rub and squeeze each other's arms and pecs and legs while they pumped iron together.

"Why should I?" Danny replied indignantly as he did two more reps, liking the way Todd was squeezing his biceps as they swelled and hardened with exertion. "I've never been sick."

"Come on," Todd demanded, moving his hands to Danny's pecs. Todd liked feeling Danny's muscles, it made him horny. He was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend that night, he was really ready to fuck her hard. Being around Danny always made fucking his girlfriend better. He liked to think of Danny's muscles as he plunged his big hard teen cock into Angela's tight hot pussy, and she screamed and thrashed with delight. "You've been sick, you must have been. Everybody gets sick."

Danny put the weights down, liking the way Todd was feeling him up. He turned to face him, flexing his biceps to show off the way they had gotten bigger and harder, offering his bare hard muscles to his friend.

Todd punched Danny again, this time in his abs, punching him hard, then harder, then softer, then putting his fist there and pushing, leaving it there, rubbing it around, feeling Danny's muscles. Danny gasped, inhaling quickly, coughing with urgent need as he exhaled.

"Unggh!" Danny thought for a minute. It was hard to think with Todd rubbing his abs like that. They were close together, heads down, foreheads touching, Danny holding his buddy's shoulders as Todd rubbed Danny's bare abs and pecs. Danny could feel his friend's hot breath on his cheek, smell his buddy's sweat and musk and sex heat.

"I guess I've had a cold or two. And Mom says I had the measles when I was a baby. But nothing I'd need to see a doctor for."

Danny moved his own hands to his buddy's pecs, rubbing them and squeezing them. Todd had awesome pecs, and Danny loved to feel them, it made his cock swell and throb.

Todd rubbed Danny's pecs too. Their hard teen cocks swelled harder, bulging in their briefs, and for a few moments the two hot teen body- builders leaned closer together, their crotches touched, rubbed together...

"Wow, my mom makes me see a doctor if I even sneeze," Todd said enviously. He hated seeing the doctor. Or at least he used to. Their new doctor, Doc Patterson, he was OK. Danny would like him.

They separated and resumed their workout.

After Todd left, Danny would strip his briefs off urgently, his hard cock desperate for release, and lie on his bed naked, and rub his body all over while he thought about the way his friend had felt his muscles, and how much he wished Todd would do other things, or that he could do things to Todd, and he'd stroke his cock until it exploded with hot teen cum that splashed all over him and he would lick it off his fingers and imagine it was Todd's.

Danny tried not to think about what that meant, that he fantasized about Todd that way. He liked it when they double-dated, and Todd fucked his girlfriend in the back seat while Danny got a blow-job in the front. The sounds of Todd grunting and moaning as he shoved his big cock up his girlfriend's tight hot pussy made Danny cream right away. Sometimes Danny even thought about sucking Todd's cock. But they were buddies, it didn't mean anything. Buddies helped each other out, didn't they?

Todd, back in his own house later, would do the same, jerk off naked imagining he was still touching Danny's muscles, and Danny was touching his. When he fucked Angela that night he would be thinking about Danny.

Todd gave Danny Doc Patterson's phone number, and Danny got an appointment. He didn't tell his folks, they'd just say it was foolishness, they didn't care much for doctors and medicines and such. He had enough money saved to pay for it himself.

The day of the physical, Danny and Todd went to the gym in the morning as usual. Besides, Danny wanted to look his best for the doctor, and that meant getting his muscles all pumped up. And at the gym he'd be able to take a nice long shower. At home his dad yelled at him if he spent more than two minutes in the shower.

Danny loved working out with Todd. They'd been best buds since the third grade, practically their whole lives, and leaving Todd behind was going to be the hardest part of joining the Marines. He'd begged Todd to join too, but Todd's folks really had him under their thumb, and he was headed for college. Danny was sure going to miss his friend.

They always started at the gym by changing clothes together in the locker room. It didn't matter if one of them got there first, the other waited for him. This time, a Saturday, it was Danny who got to the gym before Todd, so he sat on a bench in the locker room and waited.

Danny liked talking with the other guys while they changed. He knew a lot of them, because there was only the one High School in Bremerton, and everyone knew everyone else, they'd all played at Bremerton High. Danny liked the way everyone walked around naked, dicks swinging, scratching their balls, hard-muscled bodies on display.

He liked looking at other guys naked. There was nothing wrong with that, was there? All the guys checked each other out in the locker room, guys all want to know what other guys are packing, that's just normal. So he sat there and looked at all the guys walking around naked, his hand in his crotch, groping himself.

That's how it would be in the Marines, guys being guys together, naked and hard-dicked, muscles, and sweat, and... Danny's thinking got cloudy when he reached that step in his logic, but he was sure the Marines was where he'd be happy.

As he sat in the locker room at the gym, Danny's cock got hard watching the other guys naked, and because he acted like it didn't mean anything, the other guys accepted it too. After all, he was Danny Williams, captain of the winning-est football team in Bremerton history, and he was just naturally horny, he was such a stud. Hadn't he knocked up the Matthews girl, so she'd had to go away for six months, and everyone still sort of looked the other way when she walked by, not wanting to embarrass her?

Tina Matthews had slept with a lot of the guys on the football squad, of course, and almost any one of them could have been the father of that baby, but it was Danny she told everyone had been the father, and his dad had paid for her to go away. There was no question of their getting married, of course, not with her reputation.

Danny knew he wasn't the father of Tina's baby, of course, because they'd never had sex. They had dated, and made out in the back seat of Todd's dad's car, Danny had played with Tina's tits, and fingered her pussy while she sucked his cock, but he'd never put his cock in her - he'd cum in her mouth, but not in her cunt. He knew what sort of girl she was, that's why he'd dated her, because he knew everyone would assume he was dicking her.

And it meant he got to sit in the back seat and watch Todd and Angela fuck in the front seat. He couldn't see as much as he wanted to, but he could imagine it was he sucking Todd's big hard cock and making him moan and whimper like that when he came. He could even imagine it was Todd sucking his cock and playing with his balls and fingering his ass. Tina sure knew how to make a guy cum, all right.

He could have told his old man it wasn't he who knocked Tina up, but he could see how proud his dad was that his son was such a chip off the old block.

Danny sat on the bench in the locker room watching the other guys there. Then Todd showed up - late, as usual - and they changed into their gym clothes, taking it slow so they could show off their naked bodies to each other, stopping to flex and pose and feel each other.

"Hey, when are you two going to get married?" Brad Peters yelled at them.

They yelled "Fuck you, Peters!" and laughed. Everybody knew Danny and Todd were in love with each other. Everybody except Danny and Todd, that is.

After their workout the two friends showered together, washing each other, "helping each other out." It was just natural for two best friends to help each other out, wasn't it? The other guys looked at the two of them and winked knowingly. If the two friends hadn't been such awesome studs, they'd have been dragged to the towel room and fucked senseless by all the other studs there.

Todd had to leave then, he had to get home to help his dad, but Danny still had an hour before his physical, so he went into the sauna and jerked off, thinking about Todd's hands on his muscles, and his on Todd's. There were a couple of other guys there, and they jerked off too, looking at Danny, envying his perfect body, his perfect face, his huge perfect cock.

Back at his locker, Danny had to jerk off again, quickly and furtively, afraid someone would see him, catching his hot teen jism on the briefs he'd been about to put on. He stuffed them hurriedly in the pocket of his jeans, which he pulled on bare - going commando, as Todd called it. Danny's cock throbbed again as he thought of his buddy.

At the doctor's office, Danny found the door locked, so he rang the bell. He realized suddenly that this was a Saturday. Did doctors work on Saturdays? Maybe he had misunderstood, and the appointment was for some other day. He was starting to turn away, when the door opened.

The man who opened the door looked very young for a doctor. And he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

"Uh, Doc Patterson?" Danny asked uncertainly.

The man stuck out his hand.

"That's me," he said, grinning. "You must be Danny. Pardon the casual clothes, I don't usually take appointments on Saturday, but you made it sound urgent, and Todd recommended you, so I decided to make an exception."

Danny was flattered the doctor would go out of his way like this, and blushed. Besides, Doc Patterson was really good looking, and with just a tee shirt, his well-muscled body was openly displayed. He sure didn't look like a doctor. Danny started to worry. This wasn't what he had been expecting. His body was reacting in ways he thought it shouldn't. But the handsome young doctor was smiling at him, motioning for him to step inside, so he did.

The man led Danny to an examination room, and had him sit on the table there while he filled out a form, asking the boy him some general questions about his health.

"Just background information I need, since you told my nurse you don't have a regular doctor here."

Danny answered awkwardly, still aware that he was alone with this attractive man, and that the bulge in his jeans was growing as he looked at the man's hard-muscled body.

For his part, Brad Patterson was equally worried. He hadn't been prepared for Danny's overwhelming beauty. The boy's friend Todd was a sexy number, but he'd always seen him during ordinary hours, and it had been easier to remain detached and professional, ignore the thoughts of sex with the handsome teen.

There was something about being here alone with this awesome teen stud that made it different, and reminded him of his relationship with his freshman college roommate, a farm boy from right here in Iowa. They had hit it off right away, city boy and country boy, brains and brawn, and had started having sex the day they met. It had seemed natural, and inevitable. And it had certainly simplified things for both of them. No need to date, plenty of time to study, with sex always available. They had fucked each other silly every night, and several times a day on Sundays. When they graduated, they went their separate ways, never seeing each other again.

It hadn't meant anything.

Brad thought about Scott occasionally, of course, remembering their hot sex, sleeping in the same bed, messing up the other one so their dorm- mates wouldn't suspect, never thinking about the noises they made, never aware that everyone knew.

It hadn't meant anything.

Brad had never thought of himself as gay before or since, and until now he'd had no trouble curbing his occasional impulses in that direction. After all, he was happily married, with two children. But as he talked to Danny, and the boy blushed and stammered, obviously aroused, his sizeable endowment bulging in his tight jeans, his hard teen muscles bulging through his tight tee shirt - why did these modern kids have to dress so provocatively? - Brad's libido took over, and he knew he had to have this boy.

Brad rushed through the questionnaire, unable to concentrate.

He finished his questions, and stood and approached the table Danny was sitting on. Danny wasn't sure what the "examination" would consist of, but he was eager to get it over with. The doctor's smiles were making him uncomfortable, arousing him. He tried to adjust himself so his erection wouldn't show, but it just kept getting bigger and harder.

"OK, let's get you out of these clothes so I can examine you," Doc Patterson said. "Lift your arms."

Brad Patterson was shocked at his own boldness. Why hadn't he asked one of his nurses to come in and assist with the exam? That's what he should have done. He shouldn't be here alone with this boy. He shouldn't be undressing him. He was standing so close to Danny that he could feel the boy's hot breath on his neck. He could smell the boy, sweat and soap and fresh air. He thought again of Scott, his college roommate. He remembered them undressing each other, feeling each other's hard male bodies, their cocks hard instantly, their hands all over each other, their mouths meeting, kissing urgently, rubbing their naked bodies together...

Danny did as he was told, lifted his arms and allowed the doctor to remove his tee shirt. He felt weak, childish, helpless, hypnotized, slightly drunk, euphoric. His erection throbbed and oozed in his tight jeans. He wished he'd worn his briefs, then remembered where they were, and why he hadn't been able to wear them, and that made him still hornier. He thought he could feel the wetness of his cum seeping through his jeans from his briefs.

Having come this far, Brad couldn't stop himself. Once he had the boy's tee shirt off, he explored his astonishingly beautiful body with his hands. He felt as though a hunger that had been gnawing at him for years was suddenly about to be satisfied. It seemed only hours ago that he had last explored Scott's body this way. He couldn't help himself, he had to have this beautiful boy.

At first he didn't even pretend it was anything but lust, but then reason took hold, and he stopped long enough to get a tape measure from a drawer, and pretend he was measuring the boy's physique.

Danny said nothing, he was too drunk with ecstasy to speak. The doctor was touching him all over, rubbing his pecs and arms and abs, stroking him gently, making him feel good. It didn't occur to him this was anything unusual, since he'd never had a physical before.

Brad knelt and took off the boy's shoes and socks, then stood and had Danny stand, and with trembling hands undid the snap on the awesome teen stud's levis, then lowered the zipper. As he'd expected, the boy was not wearing underpants - that bulge down one leg was too clear.

Danny put his hands on the doc's shoulders for support as his pants were removed, not at all concerned now that his erection was about to be exposed. The doctor was in charge, he had nothing to worry about.

Slowly Brad peeled the skin-tight denims off the teen football player. The boy had a smooth dark tan over most of his body, then marble-pale skin around his hips. Brad pictured the boy lying in the sun, his smooth golden skin glistening with sweat. With his boyfriend?

Brad remembered that he and Scott had sunbathed together on the roof of their dorm, sometimes in the nude. They'd even had sex there, right out in the open, risking discovery, but too turned on by each other to stop. He pictured Todd and Danny nude together, alone, exploring each other's naked bodies as he and Scott had done.

As Danny's erection came into view, Brad caught his breath. It was even bigger than he'd guessed. Freed from the confines of the tight denim, it slapped up tight against the boy's belly, long and thick and wet with pre-cum. He had to grit his teeth to stop from going down on it right away, he wanted to taste it so much. A long sticky stream of the boy's spooge swung out and hit the doctor on the cheek, sticking there and then dripping slowly down. He had to repress an impulse to reach out and wipe it off to lick it up. He stared at the boy's erection, long and straight and hard, oozing precum, throbbing with hot teen need, begging to be sucked. God, how he wanted to suck it!

"Uh, sorry about the boner, doc," Danny said. "It seems like I have one all the time. Maybe I should go in the john and beat off so it'll go down." He saw his cock swing up and hit the doc's cheek, and the wet hot sex-juice it left there. The doc was looking at him sort of funny.

"Uh, no, that's all right," Brad stammered. "It's perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. I, uh, I need to measure it anyway."

Brad had no idea why he said that about measuring the boy's erection, but he picked up his tape measure again and did as he'd said, measured the beautiful cock's length and girth, and wrote them down. Ten inches long, and six around. He loved touching it, squeezing it, stroking it slowly, and watching the boy's mouth go slack, his eyes roll back in his head, hearing him pant and moan with need.

Danny's cock throbbed and twitched and oozed steadily as the sexy doctor handled it gently, stroking it a few times to make sure it was totally hard, squeezing it as he ran the cloth tape up its impressive shaft, poking his fingers into the boy's churning balls, tugging at them to make his cock still harder.

Brad had to close his eyes and take deep breaths to prevent himself from opening his mouth and sucking it, licking the hot sweet precum from the head and shaft, gulping it down to the root and suctioning on it until the hot teen stud popped his nuts.

Brad knelt to help the teen stud step out of his jeans and his face brushed against the boy's hard cock and he felt more of the wetness of the boy's sex juice on his cheek. If he stuck out his tongue he could lick the huge knob, taste that sweet fluid. He could open his mouth and engulf it, suck it, swallow it, make the boy gasp and moan with delight as he freed his own erection and sucked Danny to orgasm while he stroked himself to one too.

The doctor wiped the awesome teen stud's precum off his cheek with his finger and licked it. God, it was even better than he'd imagined. He had to have more. He stuck his tongue out - there was a big drop of the boy's cock ooze that had slid about half way down his enormous dick, and Brad licked it up greedily. Another was oozing from the boy's piss slit, and he licked that up too. It tasted so good. Besides, the boy wasn't complaining, he was obviously enjoying the attention.

Kneeling at Danny's feet, pulling the sexy teen's tight jeans off, Brad felt a wad of something in the boy's back pocket, and without thinking, he pulled it out. It was the boy's white briefs, wadded up in a ball. Had the boy taken them off intentionally? Was he trying to arouse the vulnerable young doctor? The briefs felt damp, and Brad lifted them to his nose and sniffed.

He knew that smell, the briefs were soaked with fresh cum, Danny's cum. The boy must have jerked off into them not an hour ago, The scent drove Brad's passion to a fever, his cock swelled harder. He had to have this boy, he was too turned on to stop.

Brad stuffed the cum-soaked briefs into his own back pocket.

For later.

Alone, he would take them out and smell them as he jerked off, suck on the damp cloth soaked with fresh teen cum, blast a huge load of his own jism before he went home to his wife and daughters.

No! He had to get control. He stood shakily and looked at Danny. The boy had his eyes closed, his head back, his body arched, ready. Maybe he hadn't noticed the way Brad had licked up his precum.

Fully naked now, Danny was even more beautiful and sexy than Brad had imagined. Smooth, darkly tanned skin stretched taut over flawless muscles, not an ounce of fat, hard and lean, glowing with youth and innocence. He had to have more of the sexy teen.

Brad told Danny to sit on the table again, and helped him by sliding his hand into the naked stud's crotch, groping his rigid manhood, squeezing his naked sex, grabbing his nuts and squeezing them too. The boy just went along, allowed whatever he did. Why hold back?

Danny felt like he was in a dream. He had sex dreams all the time, and sometimes they were like this. Todd or Coach Johnson or his cousin Matt was undressing him and fondling him and he just stood and let them do it and then they stood and leaned towards him and he felt their warm hands on his naked body - he always slept naked, liking the feeling of his bare skin on the cool sheets - and then as they rubbed his naked body he'd cum, and wake up to find his sheets soaked with his fresh jism and he'd grab his tee shirt from the floor and clean himself up and go back to sleep. Sometimes he wished he wouldn't cum so soon, that the dreams would continue so he could find out what came next.

But his time he did not wake up, this was no dream, the doctor was rubbing his naked body, feeling him all over, measuring him and stimulating him, and even though he'd just beat off twice, he was so horny he felt like any minute his cock would erupt again, soaking both him and the doc with his cum. He'd watched fascinated as the sexy young doctor had licked his cock. He'd seen the man's tongue flick out and slurp up the hot sticky fuck-juice oozing from his piss-slit, and then lick his shaft. He'd been expecting more, and had closed his eyes and spread his legs wider, offering his cock. Bet the doc was even better at cock-sucking than Tina.

Brad stood and breathed and tried to get himself under control. No more sex thoughts. He made himself focus on doing a real examination.

The nervous young doctor poked and prodded naked young Danny as professionally as he could, taking his temperature, listening to his heart, looking in his ears and nose and mouth, testing his reflexes. Taking notes.

Time to test for hernia. Brad told the boy to stand again, and stepped back. Danny hopped down, his still-erect cock bobbing, his huge nuts swinging in their sac. Brad realized with surprise that Danny's body had no hair at all.

"Do you shave your body?" he asked involuntarily. Normally he wouldn't have said anything, it just slipped out.

Danny blushed and looked away. "Yeah, the swimmers started doing it, so now all the guys do."

What embarrassed Danny was how much it turned him on to shave himself.

A couple of times he and Todd had even shaved each other, and they'd both gotten hardons, and they'd laughed about it, telling each other it always happened when they shaved down there, and then they'd jerked off together to release the tension, Todd cumming first, shooting big wads of cum several feet, then Danny, shooting even farther, each secretly watching the other and wanting to touch, feel, explore, but afraid to let on.

Danny had loved it when his buddy held his rigid dick while he shaved around the base, then held his nuts while he shaved those too. When it was his turn, kneeling in the shower in front of his muscular buddy, he had seen Todd's cock oozing, hard and potent, and he'd wanted to lick it, the way the doc had licked his just now. He licked his own fuck juice off his hand sometimes when he was jerking off, he loved the taste, it made him even hornier. He had even eaten his own cum a couple of times, licked it off his hand, scraped it off his pecs and abs after he shot his load. He had felt dirty and ashamed, but it had turned him on too.

What would it be like to taste someone else's cum? Like Todd's. Or Doc Patterson's.

Brad couldn't help himself, his hand went out to stroke Danny's smooth chest and abs, then down to his navel, dipping in there with his finger, probing, liking the way the boy gasped, then lower, to where his pubes had been shaved, feeling the slight stubble. The smooth shaven skin was even sexier, somehow. Scott's body had been almost hairless, smooth and soft like this...

"How often do you do shave yourself?" the sexy young doctor asked as he rubbed the base of Danny's erection, and then cupped his balls, rolling them gently in his hand.

"Ohh!" Danny gasped.

Danny liked what was happening. He wished he'd had more exams now. Todd was right, Doc Patterson was a great guy.

"About once a week," he answered dreamily. The doc was tugging and squeezing his balls just the way he did when he jerked himself off, and it was making his cock swell even harder. He could feel it oozing, hot fuck juice dribbling from the slit, dripping down the shaft. He felt the doc's wrist brush against his cock and looked down and saw his juice dripping down over the doc's wrist.

"OK, cough, please," Brad said. This was the most unprofessional thing he had ever done, and he was ashamed, but he couldn't stop. The boy was a god, a sex machine, and his own lust had taken over. He fondled the boy's nuts and pretended he was checking for a hernia. Hernia, hell, this boy was the healthiest specimen of manhood he'd ever seen. He felt the boy's breath on his neck again, and it took all his will power not to press himself against the naked teen and grind his own crotch against the boy. He'd had an erection since the moment he opened the door and saw Danny, and his need was getting more and more urgent.

He let his fingers reach farther, slide under the boy's nuts into his crack and probe at the opening there. The sexy teen stud's virgin asshole let his finger in easily, then contracted, squeezing, tempting him. God, what would it feel like to shove his hard cock up that tight hot virgin boy-hole?

Brad remembered the first time he had fucked Scott, how tight his roommate's ass had been, how Scott had gasped with pain at first, then urged him to do it harder as he relaxed and gave in to the intimate penetration.

"OK," he said hoarsely, putting his hands on the naked boy's bare hard- muscled shoulders and directing him with them. "Turn around and lean over the table."

Brad wasn't sure he could trust himself to do an anal exam, but he had to stop feeling the boy's nuts before he fell to his knees and started sucking that enormous cock. He kept his hands on the boy, turning him away, guiding him to lean forward, bend over the table, spread his legs wide, lift that gorgeous ass in the air.

Oh God, this was even worse, he wanted to sink his face in that crack, lick and suck and tongue and drive the sexy teen wild with lust, and then fuck him senseless.

Danny did as he'd been told, turned and bent over the table. He had no idea what this was about, but he didn't care, he loved it, he felt wonderful. The doctor had been fingering his ass the way he did to himself sometimes when he jerked off, the way Tina did when she sucked him off, and he wanted more of that. The doc was making him feel great.

The teen muscle-boy had a feeling this was about more than just an exam now. He spread his legs wide and pressed his chest against the table and lifted his beautiful ass in the air. The cool plastic felt great against his naked chest, and his hard nipples tingled as he rubbed them slowly on the hard surface. It felt like every square inch of his skin was alive with sex, his entire body was a huge sex organ, every time the doc touched him his cock swelled harder, and oozed more. He was ready, he wanted it.

Danny's arousal had totally taken control, and the doctor's lack of concern about it had given him freedom to enjoy it. He wiggled his ass suggestively, offering it, wanting the exploration of his sensitive boyhole. Maybe the doctor would fuck him. He thought maybe he wanted that. He had imagined having Todd fuck him. He wanted Todd's cock in his mouth and up his ass, thrusting and shooting and throbbing.

Danny had seen the wrestling coach fucking Randy, the wrestling team captain one night in the school gym, he'd been working out late and snuck into the towel room when he heard them, and watched as the coach's huge hard cock plunged over and over into the awesomely muscular young wrestler's tight hot ass, and Randy had yelled "Yeah coach, fuck me, fuck me harder!" as his big hard cock erupted with cum.

Randy had been on his back, his legs lifted high to offer his tight hot ass, his legs split wide apart, his toes curling with ecstasy. It seemed to Danny the naked wrestler had opened his eyes and looked towards the door at one point, seeing Danny watching.

Danny had pulled back in fear, then rushed back to the locker room and locked himself in a toilet stall and stroked his own erection to a huge gushing orgasm, remembering the image of that big hard cock plunging into that tight hot asshole, and the wrestler begging for more and harder.

When he finished, he'd gone into the shower room, and Randy was there, soaping himself slowly under the hot spray. Danny watched as the boy looked at him and smiled sexily, then turned away and leaned over to soap up his ass, spreading his muscular ass cheeks to soap the well- fucked hole for much longer than he needed to, and Danny had thought maybe the boy wanted another cock up there, he wanted Danny to fuck him too, but he'd been afraid to do anything, he'd finished his shower hurriedly and dressed and left.

Brad Patterson pulled a rubber glove from the box on the counter, and picked up the tube of lubricating jelly next to it. This part was automatic. He opened the tube and squeezed a glob of the slick jelly onto his gloved fingers. He set the tube down and stepped up behind Danny.

"This may be a little uncomfortable," he said automatically. His finger found the boy's hole and rubbed the slippery lube around on the opening, then pushed slowly, gently inside. Danny sighed. "No discomfort there," Brad thought to himself as his finger slid easily into Danny's ass. Again the boy contracted his sphincter, squeezing Brad's finger, asking for more. The boy liked having his ass penetrated.

Brad was trying not to look, just let his professional experience take charge. He pushed his finger deeper inside, found the boy's prostate, rubbed it, probed it, did as he'd been trained. Danny sighed and moaned. Most men found this unpleasant, and grunted or made no sound at all. Danny sounded like he liked it.

"Don't worry, I'll be done in a moment," Brad said reassuringly, as he always did.

"Take as long as you want to, Doc," Danny sighed. "It feels kind of nice. It's making me horny." Danny was loving what the doc was doing inside his ass hole. He'd stuck a few things besides his own fingers up there, and knew he liked it. The doc seemed to know just where to poke inside there to make it feel good.

That wasn't what Brad had wanted to hear. The boy was encouraging him to go places he knew he shouldn't. What if he used a speculum? That thought popped unbidden into his mind. With a speculum he could stretch the boy's virgin ass so it would accommodate his cock better. No! He tried to chase that image from his mind. But he couldn't stop himself from reaching around with one hand to grab the teen stud's huge hard fuck pole and stroke it slowly as he kept probing with his fingers.

Danny was losing control. He didn't think it was right to get so turned on while the doctor was examining him, but he was feeling so horny he couldn't help it. He had to cum.

"Doc," Danny gasped. "I really need to cum. Can I jerk off?"

Brad knew what he was doing was wrong, but with Danny encouraging him, he couldn't stop. Reluctantly, he pulled his finger out of the youth's tight hot ass and released his cock.

"Get back up on the table," he said urgently, guiding Danny back onto the table.

"Are you going to give me a blow job?" Danny asked. "My girl friend does that, but she's not very good at it." That was a lie, Tina really knew how to make him pop his nuts, it was the only reason he kept seeing her, she knew just how to suck, just where to squeeze and rub. But he had a feeling Doc Patterson was even better.

"Yes, Danny, I'm going to give you a blow job," Brad said urgently, pushing the boy down onto his back on the examination table. He stripped off his tee shirt, then shoved his levis and briefs down to free his own boner and started stroking himself as he went down on the naked teen's huge hard erection. His gloved fingers, still well lubricated, found the boy's tight ass hole and poked inside again. Danny's cock tasted even better than he had imagined, and the steady stream of cock ooze dribbling from the tip as the boy got closer and closer to orgasm drove the young doctor wild with lust.

Brad sucked and fingered the teen athlete and felt his own orgasm building rapidly - too rapidly. He stopped stroking himself and fondled the naked athlete's pecs instead, rubbing and pinching and tugging the boy's large nipples, which drove Danny wild, he loved having his nipples played with.

"Oh!" Danny exclaimed. "That's great!" He reached out without thinking and grabbed the doctor's big hard cock, and started stroking it for him. He sort of wanted to suck the doc's cock too, while his cock was getting sucked, but he was too far gone to say so.

Brad sank Danny's cock as deep into his throat as he could, wanting it all. He would have liked to take it slower, licked the huge pole from top to bottom, savored Danny's sweet juice, milked him slowly, but his need was too urgent now. He probed the boy's ass with one finger, then fucked it with two, and by the time they both started cumming, he had three fingers buried deep inside Danny's asshole, poking and prodding, finger-fucking the naked teen athlete.

"Oh God! Yes!" Danny shouted in ecstasy. "Suck my cock! Fuck my asshole! Make me cum!"

Danny was in heaven, and soon his cock was erupting, and the doc was swallowing his hot teen cum greedily and the doc's hard cock was shooting too, big spurts of hot cum splashing against the side of the table as Danny stroked the doc's stiff tool expertly.

While Danny was getting dressed, the doc told him that he was married and had a daughter and a son, and had never done anything like that with a patient before, and he hoped Danny wouldn't talk about it to anyone.

"Gosh, no," Danny exclaimed. "I wouldn't say anything about that. People would think I was queer!"

"Don't worry, Danny," the doctor reassured him, "you're no more queer than I am."

A few minutes later, both of them dressed and considerably calmer, Danny asked if he was OK to pass the Marines physical.

"Oh, I see, so that's what this is about," Brad said. He hadn't had a chance to ask Danny why he needed a physical so urgently. "Don't worry, you're in perfect health. You'll pass their physical with no problem."

Still giddy from the expert blowjob the doc had given him - much better than Tina - Danny walked home grinning happily. He couldn't wait to tell Todd what had happened.

Alone in his office, Brad Patterson sat at his desk, his head still swimming with the images and sensations of the past hour. He became aware of a lump in his back pocket, and reached back there to pull out Danny's briefs, still wet with hot teen cum. He lifted them slowly to his nose and sniffed them. The smell intoxicated him. He thought of Scott again. No! He mustn't think about that! Tears welled to his eyes as he stuffed Danny's cum-soaked briefs into his mouth and unzipped his pants to free his cock and stroke himself to another climax.

Danny and Todd had agreed to go out together that night. Monday Danny was going to enlist, so it was their last chance to be together the way they always had. By the time Danny finished basic training, Todd would be in college. Thinking about it, Danny felt awful. They might never see each other again. He called Todd as soon as he got home, to make sure they were still going to do it.

"So, fuck-head, what did the doctor say?" Todd asked sarcastically. "Are you man enough for the Marines?"

Danny thought about what had just happened in the doctor's office, and almost told Todd about it right there on the phone, but then remembered his promise to Doc Patterson. Todd might not understand.

"He said I'd have no problem with the physical," Danny answered.

"He's a great guy, though, huh?"

"Yeah, he's OK," Danny said, wondering if Doc Patterson had given Todd the same sort of examination.

"So, we still on for tonight?" Todd asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Danny answered. Something in Todd's voice sounded like he didn't want to do it. "If you still want to, that is."

"Hey, sure, but I was talking to Angela, and she said she and Tina wanted to take us out tonight. It'll be the last time for the four of us to be together. What do you say?"

Todd was hoping Danny would say no, he didn't want to share his buddy on their last night, it might be his last chance to tell Danny how he felt about him, even if it meant Danny would hate him.

Danny felt like he'd just been hit in the groin, it hurt so much when Todd said that. He didn't want to share Todd on their last night. He'd been hoping something would happen between them. Something like what had happened with Doc Patterson. Danny was starting to understand some things about himself.

"Oh, hey, that's a great idea!" Danny said, trying to sound enthusiastic. If Todd wanted to be with his girl-friend, maybe that was best. He wouldn't understand Danny's feelings about him.

Todd's stomach turned with disappointment. Fuck! Why had he said that? He could have told the girls he and Danny wanted a guy's night together. But it sounded like Danny wanted to do it, so maybe it was best. Better not to ruin what he and Danny had. It just wasn't in the cards. Damn!

By ten that night Danny had drunk more than any other night of his life. Everyone who heard he was joining the Marines Monday wanted to buy him a drink, and Todd and Angela and Tina made sure everyone knew. It wasn't something they had planned, it wasn't what any of them wanted, but it seemed inevitable, so they all went along. Angela wanted to be alone with Todd, because after all he was leaving town soon too. Tina wanted to be alone with Danny, maybe at last he'd have sex with her, and ask her to marry him. She loved him so much, and couldn't understand what was holding him back, everyone said they made the perfect couple. Todd wanted to be alone with Danny too, and Danny wanted only Todd.

No one was getting what they wanted, and they all pretended they were having a great time, and they were all miserable.

By ten-thirty, Danny was in the can throwing up, and Todd was there holding his head. Todd was still sober, because he was driving. He'd put the girls in a cab and sent them home. He couldn't take Danny home in this condition, his folks were so up tight they'd kill him. Other patrons of the bar came in and out, laughing at them.

Finally Danny seemed to have stopped throwing up, and Todd cleaned him up a little, then half-dragged him to his car, worried Danny might throw up again and ruin his dad's upholstery. This was turning into the worst night of his life. And he still couldn't take Danny home. He started the car and headed for the spot he'd wanted to go all along, the place that was his and Danny's. It was a half hour's drive, but he had plenty of gas, and it would be hours before Danny was sober, and he wanted to be there with Danny again, even like this.

Brighton Lake was south of town, a private lake owned by a group of businessmen in Bremerton. Todd's father was one of the owners. Todd and Danny had been going there together almost as long as they had known each other, first with Todd's family, then alone together since Todd got his driving license. It was where Todd and Danny had first jerked off together, and once almost traded blow jobs. Todd felt like he remembered every moment they'd spent together there.

The first time Todd and Danny jerked off together was on a Fourth of July. Todd's folks had invited Danny and his folks, and all the lake members were there with their families, and there was a picnic, and fireworks.

It was a weekend, and everyone was staying over, and since they didn't have to drive home afterwards, everyone drank lots of beer, and even Todd and Danny sneaked a couple of beers and drank them down by the lake while they watched the fireworks. They'd found a place that was private, a cove that no one else seemed to know about, you had to go through some bushes, and climb over some rocks and wade a little, and there was this perfect little beach.

They swam there naked and sunned on the rocks during the daytime. It was the perfect place to watch the fireworks, and once those ended, and they'd finished the beers, Danny suggested they take a swim, and Todd held back, worried about being there alone, and what if something happened to one of them? But by then Danny was naked and in the water and daring Todd to join him and Todd had to do it.

When they climbed out, wet and cold - they hadn't thought to bring towels - they huddled together to get warm, and one thing led to another, they both got hardons, and before long they were clutching each other's naked bodies hard together as they stroked each other's hard cocks until they came all over each other and had to jump into the lake again, laughing, to wash it off themselves.

There'd been a couple of other times, when they'd both been drinking, once in Todd's car, and another time at the lake.

Danny fell into a stupor as soon as Todd dumped him into the car seat. It was a struggle to get his buddy's seat belt fastened, but Todd managed. Sometimes he wished he could be as carefree as Danny, do dangerous things like take his clothes off and swim naked any old time, or drive without a seatbelt - or join the Marines - but he couldn't. He was good old Todd, reliable and sensible and ordinary. Except that he loved Danny and wanted to spend his life with him, and he didn't know anywhere on earth that was possible, even if Danny wanted it too, which he obviously didn't. He felt like crying.

The drive to the lake calmed Todd. He opened all the windows, and the warm June night air scented with clover and sage cleared his mind of all the turmoil. The moon was almost full, and the sky was clear, and he just enjoyed the scenery, and the feeling of returning to a familiar place with his buddy Danny.

By the time they reached the lake, Danny had wakened, and realized where they were. His head was swimming, and he still felt like he might vomit any moment, but he pulled himself up and looked around. He and Todd were alone, just where he had wanted them to be. He undid his seatbelt, opened the door, and staggered out. The nausea swelled up, and he bent over and spewed beer and hamburger and fries all over the ground. He was glad he'd been able to hold it in, not barf all over Todd's Dad's car.

Todd watched while his best friend threw up. Well, that was nothing new, they'd both done that a lot.

Danny finished puking and stood cautiously. The moon was so bright it seemed like day. He remembered where they were. His heart swelled. He spun around, delirious with joy. The cove, they had to go to the cove!

"Let's go to the cove," Danny exclaimed. He started stripping his clothes off, throwing them on the ground. His tee shirt was no problem, but he couldn't get his jeans farther down than his knees before he toppled over and wound up on the dirt, struggling to get them off.

Todd climbed out of the car, laughing. Good old Danny, he was always ready for an adventure. He helped his buddy to his feet.

"Whoa, pardner," Todd said, holding his drunk friend upright, enjoying the closeness of their bodies, and Danny's nakedness. He hugged him, on the verge of tears. His hands rubbed Danny's shoulders, then his back, loving the warm muscles, the smooth skin, the hard male presence.

Todd had an erection, and felt Danny's hard maleness pressed against his leg. He moved as much as he dared, rubbing himself against his friend, feeling guilty for enjoying this. "Leave your clothes on for a while," he said quietly into Danny's ear, his mouth pressed there, wanting to kiss. "Plenty of time to get naked later." He buried his face in his friend's neck, nuzzling it softly, pulling Danny even closer. He was shocked at his own boldness, he had revealed what he wanted. He might as well say it at last. He would tell Danny how he felt about him.

But then Danny pushed him away.

"Beat you there!" Danny yelled, freeing himself from Todd's embrace and starting across the clearing towards the lake. He pulled his jeans up enough that he could run, but they kept falling, and his bare ass would flash white in the moonlight, starkly contrasted with the dark tan of the rest of his body.

Danny was drunk, but in a strange way he felt more aware, clearer, more sober than ever before. This was what he had wanted, to be alone at the lake with Todd. Somehow it had happened. Maybe it was a dream. He didn't care, even a dream was better than nothing. When they got to the cove it would happen, he would tell Todd, it would be OK.

Todd ran after Danny, laughing and sobbing. It was hopeless, Danny was just a fantasy, an unattainable dream, too beautiful, too ephemeral to be owned.

At the cove, Danny finished stripping off his clothes, and plunged into the cold water. Todd had lagged, too distraught and confused to run, realizing at last that he was losing his friend, losing his one true love. He stopped and bent over with pain, sobbing. Danny ran on ahead.

The cold water sobered Danny, and by the time Todd finally got there, Danny had climbed out and was lying naked on the rocks, eyes closed tight, arms and legs flung wide, the moon glistening off his body, his cock sticking straight up, pointing at the stars.

Todd stood for a long time looking down at his friend, his heart thudding, his throat clogged with fear. He wanted Danny so bad. At last he sat on the rock next to Danny. His hand went out slowly, ever so slowly, until his fingers were touching Danny's chest. He let his fingers trace the outlines of Danny's pecs, then his abs.

"I love you, Danny," he mouthed silently.

Closing his eyes, he leaned down and licked his friend's naked skin. Finding a nipple he opened his lips and sucked it gently, as his hand found Danny's hard cock, and grasped it and stroked it. Danny gasped, and Todd froze, but his friend didn't move, didn't say anything, so he continued. Soon both his hands were exploring Danny's beautiful naked body, and his mouth was sucking Danny's wonderful cock, and Danny was cumming, and Todd was swallowing his cum, hardly aware that his own cock was erupting too as Danny rubbed it through his jeans.

They fell asleep for a while like that, Danny on his back naked on the rock, Todd with his face in Danny's crotch, still clothed.

Todd awoke first, and sat up, ashamed. His mouth was still full of the taste of Danny's cum, and he leaned over to scoop up water from the lake to wash it out. It hadn't been the way he had imagined, the way he had hoped. He felt dirty. He had humiliated himself. Danny would hate him now. He was disgusting. He buried his face in his knees and sobbed.

By the time Danny woke up, Todd had cried himself out, and pretended everything was OK. Danny sat up and looked around blearily. He felt like shit. He was still drunk, but he had a headache, and still felt sick at his stomach. He wasn't sure what he had imagined, and what had really happened. Had Todd given him a blow job? No, that was Doc Patterson. Or was it? Had any of it happened? He looked down at his naked body, then at Todd, still fully clothed.

He felt like such an idiot. Good old Danny, always the clown, always ready to do something stupid. No wonder Todd was going to college, and would be a doctor or a lawyer, and Danny was going into the Marines, and would probably get his head shot off in a stupid war somewhere no one had ever heard of.

Danny lurched to his feet.

"Gotta get home," he slurred. "Cold." He was shivering.

On the ride home, they said nothing. After the first few miles Todd turned on the radio. It was tuned to a country and western station, and the songs of heartbreak and love seemed perfect for the way they both felt, though neither had a clue that they were both thinking the same thing.

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