Young Danny 2

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Danny went to the enlistment office alone on Monday. He had the eight hundred dollars he had saved in his pocket. When he told his mom and dad what he was doing, his dad just scowled and went back to his newspaper, while his mom looked at his dad angrily.

Danny made it as far as the Marines camp physical. He had forgotten to tell Doc Patterson that he'd had scarlet fever. The doctor at the Marines camp said the illness might have damaged his heart, and he couldn't take the risk that the strains of Basic Training, or something else down the road would cause Danny's heart to fail, and then the government would have wasted their investment in him.

But first the Marines doctor did a thorough examination of the sexy eighteen-year old who had been assigned to him for a physical.

Doctor Max Andrews was used to seeing grade-A beef on his examination table, and usually he was able to behave in the automatic, machine-like manner his job required. Say "Ahhh" - cough - bend over - breathe in deeply. Breathe out. NEXT!

But now and then an exceptional young man presented himself for examination, and Max woke up.

Danny woke Max Andrews up, in a big way.

In the first place, there was the boy's physical beauty. Even when he first saw Danny with his clothes on, Max didn't think he'd ever seen a more attractive young man. He was sure Danny could have worked as a male model, or even a movie star. Especially a porn star. Max owned an extensive collection of hard-core gay porn, and was sure he'd never seen a porn performer who combined so perfectly ultimate male beauty with seductive personality.

Then Danny stripped for the exam, revealing his incredible physique, his flawless skin, his golden tan. Max had to restrain his hands, which wanted to reach out and caress the boy's beautiful pecs, stroke his rock- hard abs, reach lower to grope the bulge in his briefs. His own cock started to swell with arousal. He wanted this boy.

But when Danny dropped his shorts, Max practically exclaimed aloud. The boy's cock was incredible. It wasn't the largest he'd seen, but it was big - at least nine inches long, and six around - and it was straight and rock hard and begging to be sucked almost the moment he started stroking it.

But first Max opened the door and stuck his head outside and said "I'll need a little extra time with this one" to the orderly in the corridor. How fortunate that it was Alex today, with whom Max had an understanding. Now and then Max would arrange for Alex to "help out" with an examination, and the two of them would explore a new recruit deeply and thoroughly.

There had been one the other day, Nick, a very well-built farm boy from Iowa - blond, blue-eyed, fresh-faced, five feet eight, 170 pounds, a juicy seven inch dick, and the sexual stamina of a stallion. His look of shy innocence had charmed and misled Max, until he persuaded the muscular youth to reveal the fact that he had enjoyed sex with some of the farm animals, and been caught at it by a farm hand, who said he wouldn't tell what he'd seen if he was allowed to do to the boy some of the things the boy had been doing to the animals, and the boy had enjoyed that too, so much so that when the farm hand quit, Nick had persuaded his younger brother Terry to engage in similar activities with him, and the two had enjoyed nightly sessions in the barn until his dad caught them at it, and shipped Nick off to the Marines - "to get straightened out."

Nick had been a little resistant at first to getting fucked with Max's eight incher, but once he had his own dick planted up Alex's ass, he had been too carried away to resist, and after some initial discomfort (Max muffled the boy's shout of surprise and pain by clamping his hand over his mouth as he shoved his big dick in), the youngster had found the experience quite pleasant, and the three of them had spent nearly thirty minutes sucking and fucking one another. Max and Alex had each cum twice, and the boy four times, the final time while lying on his back on the examination table with his head over one edge so he could suck Max's cock while Alex plowed his ass good and hard from the other side. His cock had erupted without even being touched, thanks to Alex's skill at guiding his cock to just the right place up the boy's ass, with just the right force and speed. Max licked his lips, remembering the way the boy's hot sweet cum had hit him in the face, dripping down over his mouth, and he had stuck out his tongue to lick it off.

In return for being included in scenes such as that, Alex directed the best-looking recruits to Max, and made sure Max wasn't interrupted when he wanted to give a recruit a "special exam" alone.

Max wanted Danny for himself. No sharing this specimen of prime American beefcake. He ignored Alex's wistful look. The young orderly had seen Danny, and knew what Max was about to do to the boy.

Max locked the door and turned to Danny, who was standing awkwardly with his briefs at his knees, and his hands behind his back, in what Max assumed was his idea of Attention. The boy's beautiful cock was hard already, which was why Max knew he could do what he did next. He walked up to the awesomely handsome muscle-boy and reached out and wrapped his hand around the teen's huge boner and started stroking it slowly and surely.

"Is this normal?" he asked, looking sternly into Danny's bright blue eyes. "Do you always get an erection when you're with another man?"

"Uh, no sir," Danny stammered. The question didn't embarrass him, but what the doctor was doing to him did. Until a few weeks earlier, the only other male who had ever touched his cock was his buddy Todd, and thinking of Todd made him even harder.

Danny thought about the time when he and Todd had taken their girls to a movie, and Todd's girl Angela got sick, so they dropped her and Danny's girl Tina off and went driving together and wound up at the lake and Todd kept saying how horny he was, and how he'd been planning to fuck Angela and how much he needed it, and Danny said he was horny too, and without thinking about it he pulled out his cock, which was hard from listening to Todd talk about fucking, and when Danny showed his boner and started stroking it, Todd pulled his out too, and it was as hard as Danny's, and somehow they ended up jerking each other off. They had even kissed a little, towards the end, when they were both about to cum. Afterwards they had pulled away from each other awkwardly, and they'd never talked about it, though it hadn't been the only time they had "helped each other out."

Thinking about that as the Marine doctor stroked his hard cock, Danny felt cock juice start to surge from his balls and ooze from his piss slit. Were all medical exams like this? First Doc Patterson, now this Marine doctor. The doctor was rubbing Danny's cock juice around over the head of his cock, and Danny was feeling dizzy. He hadn't jerked off yet that day, and he was horny as hell. He hoped this doctor would give him a blowjob like Doc Patterson had.

"Then why do you have an erection now?" the doctor asked Danny sternly.

Max had learned that the quickest way to get a recruit to satisfy his lusts was to put him on the defensive, act as though it was the recruit initiating the encounter.

"Uh, because you're playing with my cock," Danny said innocently. "Sir."

"Do you like what I'm doing to you?" Max asked. He knew when to change course. Get to the point.

"Yes, sir, I do," Danny admitted.

Soon both Danny and Max were totally naked, and ten minutes later Danny was fucking the sexy young doctor.

Max had debated with himself whether to fuck the boy, whose hard sexy ass was as incredible as everything else about him. He did spend a few minutes licking it, spreading its firm ripe cheeks to lick the boy's crack from his balls to his sweet tight hole, up and back, up and back, sucking the beautiful orbs of the boys nuts, up and back, finally sinking his tongue into the forbidden opening, making Danny gasp and moan and beg for more, and it was hard to resist plunging his cock in and fucking the awesome muscle boy until his eyes rolled back in their sockets and his head lolled drunkenly with ecstasy, his beautiful big cock erupting in long wet strings of hot jism.

But Max wanted even more to feel that big hard piece of fuck-meat shoved up his own ass, so after he got the boy dizzy with arousal he bent face down over the examination table, and soon Danny was slamming his huge hard cock up the doctor's rear end as hard and fast as he could, being careful to obey Max's warning that he make no noise. He had to bite his lip to keep from shouting out with delight as his hard cock sunk deep into the doctor's tight hot ass, which milked his cock expertly until his nuts exploded, and he pumped out a huge load of hot jism into the man's guts.

It was Danny's first time fucking another man - his first time fucking anyone, actually - and he loved being able to wrap his arms around the sexy doctor, feeling his well-developed pecs, his hard erect nipples, his tight ripped abs, his hard cock, which he stroked in rhythm with his thrusts, and they came at the same time. If only it was Todd he was fucking.

But afterwards the doctor broke the news, that Danny couldn't be a Marine.

So just a week after Danny and Todd's sexual adventure at the cove, Danny was in New York City. He still had most of the eight hundred dollars he had started out with, the Marines camp had given him a bus ticket to wherever he wanted to go, and he saw no point in going home, so he went to New York. It was the first place that popped into his mind when he handed his pass to the man at the bus ticket counter and the man asked "Where to?" Danny was starting to feel like he didn't fit in any more, and New York seemed like a place where anyone could fit in.

But Danny's savings didn't last long in the city. He wasn't very good at managing his money, and spent a lot the first few weeks on food and clothes he couldn't afford. He found a store that sold really awesome clothes that showed off his body in a way he loved, and from the looks he got wearing them, he knew other people liked his clothes too. He should have been looking for a job, but as long as he had money, that didn't seem important. He played pool, went to the movies, watched TV in the hotel lobby, worked out in his room, and hung out on the corner enjoying the looks of other men walking by. By the end of two weeks, he was down to fifty dollars, and the next week's rent was due at his hotel, and he didn't have enough to pay it.

"Can't you let me pay you later?" he begged the desk clerk. "I've been looking for a job, I'll have one soon." That wasn't true, he'd looked at the job listings in the paper a couple of times, but there was nothing he was qualified to do.

"Sorry, kid," the old guy behind the counter said, "but I'd lose my job. It's cash in advance, them's the rules."

"But where can I go?" Danny asked hopelessly. He still didn't believe he was in trouble, there was always a way out, if he smiled and begged the right way. He'd gotten a few free meals at the diner down the street by letting the old guy who ran the place suck his cock. It had grossed him out at first, the fat old man kneeling in front of him grunting and slurping, but when he closed his eyes and imagined it was Todd, that helped.

The desk clerk looked at the kid standing there. Dressed as he was, in tight low-slung white pants and a skin-tight tee-shirt that left his navel and lower abs exposed, Danny looked like a rent boy. The man had thought that's what he was, he was so good looking, so muscular, so cocky. He should be making plenty, dressed like that.

"Well, I know a guy," the clerk said. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a card, then scribbled a note on the back of it and handed it to Danny. "Try this place. Ask for Mario."

"Gee, thanks!" Danny said, really grateful. It didn't occur to him to ask what sort of place it was, or what sort of guy Mario was. The clerk seemed like a nice man. Danny was saved. He looked down at the card. "Hotel Olympia," it said. "Discriminating tastes accommodated."

Hotel Olympia was, to put it bluntly, a male brothel. The young men who worked there, ages eighteen to twenty-five - a little older if they looked young, or had some special talent - were rented by the hour to other men who were willing to pay for sex with young men who were willing to be paid for sex. It seemed a mutually beneficial arrangement, but the hotel charged a fee that left the young men just enough to survive. Boys who started working there at eighteen - some even younger, if they were cute enough, and desperate enough - got kicked out when they got too old to attract customers, with not a penny more than they'd had when they started, but minus the only assets they'd had, their youth and good looks. That was how the hotel kept its boys, by keeping them hungry enough that they had no choice, except to service any client who wanted them.

Now and then a boy found a sugar-daddy, an older man who would "adopt" him, and his slavery at the hotel paid off. That was the fantasy that kept most of the boys working there, the dream of an easy life. That, and the minimal security of a place to sleep, and three meals a day. Most of them had worked on the streets, and knew how little future that offered.

From the outside, Hotel Olympia looked respectable enough, and Danny was excited at the prospect of working there. He assumed he would be a bellboy, that was the only hotel job he had heard of, and it was what he'd seen in the movies, though bellboys were usually made fun of. He didn't care, he'd work hard and get ahead.

Mario turned out to be a fat old guy who looked at Danny like he was a piece of live stock. Danny had seen his dad look at bulls that way. He was starting to have misgivings, but what could he do? The man asked him a few questions - where was he from, who sent him, what sort of experience did he have? The man shook his head at Danny's answers.

Danny felt awkward, stupid, worthless. He wasn't even qualified to be a bellboy.

"Please, mister," he begged. "I need this job. I'll work hard, you'll see, I learn fast."

Mario was the chief pimp at the hotel. He hired and fired the boys, and decided which boy would service which client. He knew all the clients, and what they liked, and how much he could get them to pay him by catering to their special needs. His own tastes ran to boys younger than Danny, but he could see this one had the potential to be a real star in the hotel. He had youth, health, amazing good looks, and if the bulge in the tight white pants he was wearing wasn't an old sock, he was incredibly well endowed. The note that Joe, the clerk from Danny's prior hotel had scrawled on the card said "might be a virgin," and that could mean trouble, so he still hesitated. Better give him a test first.

"Go into the room next door and wait," he told Danny, gesturing at a door. "I'll send someone to test you."

"Gosh, thanks!" Danny said, grabbing the man's hand and shaking it vigorously. "You won't regret it, I promise!"

"You're still not hired," Mario growled. "Tony will decide that. Wait in there for him."

Danny did as he'd been told, went through the door into the next room. He was too worked up to think about what the "test" might consist of, but he'd gotten this far, he had to think positively, he'd do fine.

The room Danny entered was small, with space for little more than a chair and a bed. There was a large mirror on one wall, and he stood in front of it and looked at himself. He looked pretty good. He flexed his arms to check out his muscles. He'd gone several weeks now without a real workout in a gym like he'd had most days at home. He'd had to get by with pushups and sit-ups and other exercises he could improvise in his hotel room, but it didn't seem to have hurt, his biceps looked as big and hard as ever. He pulled up his tight skimpy tee-shirt to expose his abs and pecs and flexed those too. He liked what he saw, and rubbed his muscles, liking the way they looked, the way they felt. He dropped to the floor and did some pushups, but decided not to do any sit-ups, that would get his white pants dirty.

In the office next door, having doused the lights, Mario sat at his desk and watched Danny through the one-way mirror. The boy seemed too innocent and naive to be real. He was wasting his time. Still, the kid had potential. He picked up the phone and called his assistant and told him to come to his office right away.

Then he watched Danny's performance, the flexing, the sexy grin, pulling up his shirt and showing off his muscles. The boy obviously knew he was being watched, he was performing. He reached under his desk and flipped a switch. Might as well film this, it might be worth showing to some of his special clients.

Mario got up and opened the door and poked his head into the room where Danny was still doing pushups.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, take your clothes off so Tony can fit you for a uniform," Mario growled at Danny. He was starting to resent the kid's flawless looks, his easy air of innocence, his health and vitality. Getting him naked would make him uncomfortable, put him on the defensive.

The sexy teen stud leaped to his feet and looked embarrassed to be caught like that, and started stripping his clothes off. His tight tee shirt came off with only a slight struggle, but when he reached for the snap on his tight white pants, he hesitated, remembering that he wasn't wearing any briefs. He liked the way the pants showed off his assets without underpants, the long thick pole of his cock snaking down one leg, his sizeable nuts bulging on the other side. It turned him on just to see himself like that in the mirror. Would the man think he was a sicko for going bare under his levis? He thought of Todd again, who had teased Danny about that.

Mario saw the boy hesitate about taking off his pants and shook his head. Joe was right, the kid was a virgin. Still, some clients liked boys who seemed naive - as long as they performed - and with his shirt off, the boy's muscles, were even more awesome. He walked up to Danny and reached out and poked his thumb in the boy's navel, digging it in there, then ran it up the line down the center of his abs. Danny gasped.

"Take off everything," Mario said, squeezing the boy's pecs, then pinching one of his large brown nipples. He stroked the boy's pecs and abs again. Danny's skin was smooth and soft, almost hairless. He groped himself, starting to regret he'd called Tony. The kid's innocence and eagerness made him seem younger than he looked, more appealing to the jaded pimp. He pinched one of Danny's large erect nipples hard, liking the way the boy gasped with mingled pain and pleasure. He liked making boys wince that way, gasp and moan, beg him to stop. He liked inflicting just the right amount of pain, just enough to make a boy afraid, just enough to make him compliant. He pinched harder, and saw Danny's eyes go glassy, his mouth go slack. Yeah, this one had potential.

He shrugged and turned away. Plenty of time for that later. "Strip to the skin," he said, and went back into his office, closed the door and stood in front of the mirror, watching to see what Danny would do next.

Danny has been startled by the man's abrupt entrance. He wasn't used to a place where people didn't knock before they entered a room. He felt guilty about doing pushups, though when he thought about it later he couldn't think why. The man's command that he take his clothes off seemed odd later too, but at the time he was so confused and desperate that he simply obeyed, stripping off his tee shirt and tossing it on the bed. He froze, shocked, when the man poked him in the navel and then caressed his naked abs, aroused in spite of his disgust at the man's looks. Mario reminded Danny of a large toad. But his touch was expert, and had its desired effect, and when he pinched Danny's nipple, Danny shivered with desire, too much a slave to his carnal needs to hide them.

Once Mario had left the room, Danny sat on the bed to remove his sneakers, then stood and stripped off his tight levis. His skin still tingled from Mario's caress, his nipple burned sexily from the pinch the man had given it. He rubbed his nipple, then pinched it himself. His nipples were very sensitive, and he let his eyes close as he played with the dark knob of flesh. His cock was already half hard, and he couldn't resist reaching down to squeeze his nuts and grope his erection as he released them from their confinement.

He looked around guiltily. What was he doing? He had to stop. He stood, trying to will his cock to stop getting hard. He was almost totally aroused.

But then he made the mistake of looking at himself in the mirror again. He faced the shiny glass, enjoying his image. The sight of his naked body, his muscles pumped from the pushups, his cock sticking straight out, turned him on even more. He flexed and posed again, loving what he saw. There was only a small mirror in his hotel room, too little to admire more than a small part of his body. This mirror was even better than the one he'd had at home, he could see his entire body all at once.

Danny did a few body-builder poses, tightening his biceps and pecs and abs. His huge cock swelled to full arousal in no time, and he couldn't help groping his balls and stroking his erection a couple of times. When his cock got hard Danny tended to lose his ability to think of anything else.

Mario looked through the one-way window and whistled softly. Damn, the kid was even bigger than he'd thought, his cock was a monster. And those muscles! And that tan! He had clients who would pay just to look at Danny like this. And the way Danny was showing off it was obvious he knew what the score was. He was no virgin.

Still, might as well let Tony have his fun with the boy, it would put the man in Mario's debt.

Danny closed his eyes and tried to will his boner to go away, but he knew from experience that the only way to do that was to jerk off. At school he'd often had to go into the boys' room between classes to beat off to make his erections go away. Lots of guys did it, he could always hear the wet urgent slapping sounds, of tight hands pumping hard cocks, the poorly suppressed grunts and moans of pleasure of other guys doing what he was, and they would grin at each other as they exited the stalls to stand side-by-side at the sinks washing their fresh cum off their hands.

The smell of his cum would linger on his hand even after he washed it, and he would lift it to his nose and sniff it during class later, loving the scent of his hot male cock juice, making himself hard again, and requiring another visit to the john, another urgent session with his hand.

When Danny and Todd had the same class, they would both get hard exchanging grins, and meet at the john afterward, take adjoining stalls, and time the urgent strokes of their hands on their cocks, pant and gasp together, cum at the same time, each hearing the other doing the same thing, imagining they were doing it to each other.

Danny knew that more than just jerking off went on in the boys' room, he had seen two pairs of sneakers in the same stall, heard panting and slurping as one boy sucked another's boner, seen a young kid from the next farm emerge from a stall wiping white sticky cum from his face, grinning bashfully as he saw Danny, and Danny had turned away, embarrassed, not because he disapproved, but because he was envious, watching in the mirror to see who emerged from the stall next, who it was the boy had been giving a blowjob, wishing it had been he getting it, and sometimes wishing it had been he giving it.

Danny was so horny he couldn't stand it. Mario hadn't said how long it would be until Tony got there. He might have time. But it would be totally humiliating to be caught beating his meat when the man arrived, especially if he just walked in without knocking too!

Danny sat on the bed and tried to think about something besides sex, but it had been two days since he'd even jerked off, and suddenly he realized he was so horny he was about to explode. He tried to push his erection down between his legs so it wouldn't show so much, but touching it just made him even hornier. His nakedness just accentuated his awareness of how hard his cock was and how much he needed to get off. He couldn't help it, he leaned back on the bed and grabbed his cock and started pumping it. He didn't care, he had to cum!

Mario was standing in front of the one-way mirror staring at Danny jerking off in the next room when Tony walked in and joined him. Tony's jaw dropped when he saw the kid on the bed with the huge cock, pounding it for all he was worth. He looked like an ad for a porn film. Blond, blue-eyed, tanned, muscular, and that cock! He was flawless and awesome and mouthwatering and every superlative Tony could think of.

"My God," Tony gasped, "what's he doing?"

"Auditioning," Mario replied.

"Hire him," Tony said.

"It seems a shame to waste that erection," Mario said. "Go try him out. He's waiting for you." Then as Tony walked to the door he added, "But you'll owe me one."

By the time Tony walked in on him, Danny was too far gone to stop. He saw the man enter, knew he was no longer alone, but he didn't care. He had to cum. He was lying on his back on the bed, his legs spread wide and high in the air like scissors, one hand working his cock and three fingers of the other hand sunk deep inside his asshole, and was pounding his dick so hard Tony was afraid the boy would hurt himself.

Tony stood for a minute enjoying the show, rubbing his own erection, then stripped off his regulation Olympia Hotel jacket and tee shirt and pushed his skin-tight pants down to his knees. His cock sprung out, hard and ready. He intended to fuck the awesome teen muscle-boy, but first he had to taste that cock. He pushed Danny's hand away from his huge erection and leaned over and engulfed it with his mouth.

Tony was an expert cock-sucker, and knew all the tricks for deep- throating a big one, but Danny's was a challenge, and it took him several tries to get it all. He grabbed the boy's huge nuts in one hand, and worked his pecs with the other as he suctioned and licked and swallowed and finally got his nose buried in Danny's tightly curled pubes. It felt great, having that big cock halfway down his throat, and he swallowed on it. He was rewarded with a moan of delight from the teen muscle-boy, followed by two hands on his head, forcing him down still farther on the giant piece of fuck meat. He breathed out to open his throat wider, and accommodated the last few centimeters, feeling the big sausage throb and ooze, lubing his gullet with cock slime. It felt like it swelled even larger, choking him, and he had to pull off for a moment before he went all the way down on it again, then again, loving the sounds Danny made each time, the gasps of pleasure, the growls of lust. He buried his nose in the boy's crotch hairs and worked his throat muscles on the huge pole, milking Danny's nuts as he did it, and heard the boy's moans swell, his orgasm near.

Enough. Time to fuck the golden muscle stud. He pulled off Danny's cock again.

Grabbing Danny's sex-drunk body, Tony rotated the boy so that his ass was on the edge of the bed, wrapped his hands around the boy's ankles and lifted his legs high into the air, then sunk his huge boner balls-deep into the boy's hungry hole.

Danny shouted with delight, arching his back and squirming as his ass stretched to its limit to accommodate the sexy Italian stud's giant pole. Tony's cock was almost as big as Danny's, a long dark thick uncircumcised fuck tube oozing cock slime as he rammed it in hard again and again. The boy had never had anything that big up his ass, nor pushed anything so deep, and the experience revealed to him that he had a lot to learn about pleasuring himself. It felt incredibly good.

"Oh! God yes! Fuck yeah! Give me your cock! Fuck me!" Danny shouted encouragement as Tony fucked him.

Tony leaned over and grabbed the boy's big hard pecs, squeezing and rubbing them, loving their youthful firmness, working Danny's large erect nipples as he pile-drove his own cock into the awesome teen's tight hot ass. The nipple work drove Danny still higher, raising the pitch and volume of his ecstatic shouts to an amazing level.

"OH! God! Your cock! It's so big! Unghh! YES! Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard! Harder!"

The dark Italian stud made a mental note to himself - he would have to teach the boy to regulate that shouting, some patrons would like it, but others wouldn't, and it wasn't good business to have things seem too out of control. But for the moment he loved it, hearing Danny squeal and grunt with mingled discomfort and pleasure as his virgin ass stretched to take the giant cock. And just looking at the teen stud's muscles, watching him squirm with pleasure, watching his cock swell and ooze with each thrust, watching the boy's face, his eyes tightly shut, his mouth wide open, his tongue extended, all of that raised Tony's arousal higher. He hadn't enjoyed a fuck so much in years.

Tony leaned down and clamped his mouth to Danny's, and sucked the boy's tongue. Danny responded by wrapping his arms around the macho stud and clutching their now sweaty bodies tightly together, loving the feel of hard male flesh pressed against his own, their hard pecs sliding over each other. He arched his body, rubbing himself against Tony from groin to chest, urging the hard-muscled fucker to drive his cock in harder. For a brief moment he wished it was Todd, but then all he could think of was how great it felt. He responded to Tony's kiss, thrusting his tongue down the man's throat, then withdrawing it and sucking Tony's tongue, wishing it were the man's huge cock, wanting a cock in his mouth, up his ass, in his hands. He needed cock!

Danny's breathing got faster and harder, his balls churned, his cock swelled still bigger and harder. His grunts and gasps and moans of pleasure grew louder and faster, filling the room, even with his mouth clamped to Tony's. His orgasm was fast approaching.

Tony pulled away from the teen muscle-boy to watch. The boy's cock looked enormous, and there was an ample stream of cock-ooze drooling from the tip. He wrapped one hand around it and stroked it as he fucked Danny even harder. With his other hand he squeezed the boy's nuts, working them in their sac like billiard balls, rolling them around, squeezing, tugging.

Danny yelped and squealed as he started to cum. It felt like every square inch of his body was charged with sexual need, he wanted to be rubbed and squeezed and fucked all over. His nuts were alive with the pain and ecstasy of Tony's expert touch, his cock throbbed and spurted. Huge ropes of cum erupted from his cock, the first few hitting the wall over his head, the next few his face, the last his pecs and abs. Tony slowed his thrusts, jabbing his cock hard where he knew it would intensify the teen sex machine's orgasm most, fucking the cum from the boy.

"Yeah! Oh yeah! Right there! That's it, fuck me! Right there! Yes! Harder! There! YES! Cumming!" Danny was grasping the metal rungs of the bed's brass headboard, his body contracted and taught so that every muscle stood out in perfect relief. His abs contracted and released spasmodically as his cock erupted, and he grunted with ecstasy - "Ugnhh! Ugnhh! Ugnhh! Fuck me!"

Tony couldn't hold back any more, he let himself cum too, his thrusts got faster and harder. "Fuck yeah! You're awesome, kid, fuckin your ass! Take my cock! Take it! Fuck you! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He emptied his balls up Danny's tight hot ass.

Tony fell forward on top of the sexy teen muscle boy, exhausted. Danny hugged him gratefully, still delirious with the joy of his first ass- fucking. If there had been any doubt in his mind that he was a queer, it was gone now. It wasn't just Todd he wanted, it was every sexy muscular hard-dicked male he could get. He wanted sex with other men, as much as possible. He sighed and held Tony's body and felt fulfilled. He knew what he wanted.

Watching through the glass from next door, Mario caught the last of his cum on his hand. He'd stroked his cock slowly as he watched the two studs having sex, awed by the intensity of their fucking, and by Danny's beauty. Tony was a hell of a stud, no question, in his day one of the most popular boys in the hotel, now mostly retired, but next to Danny he looked almost plain, all Mario could see was the blond teen sex machine, his body arched with pleasure as he accepted every inch of Tony's massive pole, and begged for more. Mario delayed his orgasm as long as he could, but finally had to cum, it was too much.

As he opened his desk drawer to pull several tissues from a box inside to wipe the cum from his hands and cock, Mario's eyes strayed to the switch beneath his desk, still in the ON position. He shook his head in amazement. Even if the boy never earned him another dime, that film alone would earn him a bundle.

But Danny was going to earn Mario a lot, he was sure of that. Danny was destined for fame at the Hotel Olympia.