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A new story with characters touched by the gods.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story that has male to male sex and love relationships, muscle, growth, oral, anal..... secret societies. If you are under 18 years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

Matt looked at the skin parchment for the tenth time and asked me for the third time, "Nick, you're positive this is over three hundred years old?!"

I told him, "My Grandfather Niklos told me it was with our family for over fourteen generations. I may be wrong, but I think there's twenty years to a generation. That gives us two hundred and eighty years." I found the scroll three weeks ago and talked to my Grandfather about it.

I shifted around the table while I put the other cotton glove on. The scroll was rather long (over four feet) and held a detailed map at the right end; a square-ish cartouch that contained the scrolls name and a list of the items considered proper for sacrifice in Demotic; Greek text describing the altars and the deities they were dedicated to; along with a sort of calendar of holy days tied to the phases of the moon and the seasons; and finally on the left side an image of a very large Phallus, next to an image of a giant sitting on a cliff with his feet in the ocean, sporting an erection that was a third his body height, holding a massively muscled Herakles standing on his lap with the giants head pressed up against Herakles head and upper torso. Herakles is sporting a massive erection too.

The map was unusual in that there were three Islands depicted but no grid work to tell how it was oriented (North or South ?) . What it did have were three different colored sets of lines snaking and circling around the Islands.

The Black ink was used to outline the Islands and make a sort of topographical representation. The Black ink also delineated the concentric shapes that followed the Island outline but faded out as they got farther away from the islands.

Then there were the Blue ink lines. They seemed to be like the Black lines outside the island outline but no Islands were visible. There were five sets of Blue lines that were darker at the edges of the map and got fainter as the traveled inward.

Then there were the Red ink lines. They seemed to represent streams, rivers, or dry washes when on the islands; and Sea currents when on the Mediterranean sea.

I could tell by the symbols on the Island Matt had just pointed to on the map that it was the Sacred Island. An island that held intact and undisturbed altars to Priapus, Herakles, Dionysos, Hermes, Hermaphrodite, and Zeus (with a side altar to Amalthea / Cornucopia).

I reminded Matt, "And we'll have the carbon dating test back tomorrow."

Matt asked, "Good. You're sure your cousin knows where this island is?" He pointed to the map at the right end of the scroll.

I told him, "I've been emailing Anthony for the past two weeks. I sent a cleaned up version of the map and he says he knows exactly where it is. He told me he'd been on the island a dozen times, but in the Temple itself only twice. And he sent a list of the altars and the Gods they honor. " I handed a copy of the list to Matt and let him look it over while I checked my computer for any new emails.

The computer burped out the phrase 'Mail truck' and upon bringing up my email I found another letter from Anthony.

I glanced at the email and wondered if I should tell Matt that I have been mixing business with (soon I hope) pleasure. When I first contacted Anthony, I had done so because I found his email address with the scroll. My Grandfather told me Anthony is a cousin living in Greece and that my late uncle must have attached the email address to the scroll. I had inherited my uncle Stavos house a month ago.

And I contacted Anthony because any gay man that has a cousin born and raised in Greece and doesn't check to see if he is also Gay, Is A Fool.

Lucky for me, Anthony was also a young lonely gay man attracted to masculine traits and manly ways. I sent a two month old picture of myself to him, and within a day got one from him, he swears is accurate. If the romantic portion of our trip works out, then I will be getting the better part of the deal, cause his bod is just so fine.

Our emails started with the typical small talk and family catch-up stories. Then I told him about the Scroll and how I was involved with a group at the local county History museum.

I told him that while funding came in for Archeological dig sites and for preserving undisturbed sites; the group was really after finding any ancient temples dedicated to the gods of Sex. He swore he would tell no one and that the map was correct.

Anthony had inherited a small Hotel (twenty rooms), more like a bed and breakfast, and he appointed himself in charge of yachting excursions for the guests to the local little islands.

Anthony had a few stories where he had benefitted from his owner status of the hotel and the yacht, and was asked to participate when some lusty young hunk executives were looking for a secluded place for a day trip. In situations such as these, Anthony wise man that he is, would not charge for the boxed lunch and wine, and he cut the Yachting fee in half. A good business man gets repeat customers. I can't remember the Greek word for it but in english he would say, "It's just Work, Work, Work."

This new email asks if I'm still coming for the preliminary quiet investigation I had outlined to him two days ago. Matt and I should be able to secure enough funding with the authentication of my scroll and the written statement from a local man who knows the islands, that such an island exists. That, of course, would be Anthony . We should be able to deflect enough information so we won't be left behind . We'll give just enough of the facts to wet their whistle, without letting them think they can find it by themselves.

The next part of the letter told me how to talk to customs officers when we arrive. If we act like archeologists the customs officers let the local police know and you are either forced into a bribe, or prevented from doing any work that would secure you the right to be part of the dig.

Matt and I knew that nothing but photos were going to be brought back. If any verification was needed on any artifact, Matt has a friend who is a conservator with the Greek Antiquities bureau. Any thing found would be strictly documented and the mans superior would be notified within 24 hours. This would get the local Greek approved archeologist involved, but it would prevent any claims that we had stolen and sold anything from the temple.

For our local group, all they wanted was the prestige of finding and being involved with anything related to a Sex temple dig.

The last part of the letter was centered around whether or not I had an eight inch cock (OH yeah), whether or not he really had a big ten inch (Please God). and just what kinds of punishments would be meted out if we had exaggerated. Oh Baby! Eight days is just too long to wait.

A post script on his email, asks if he should email his signed statement swearing he knows where the island is, or do I want a Fax?

I get to hear his voice if he calls and then sends a Fax. That would be good. Yeah. we'll go that way.

I type up the message and send it to his email address. Then I figure I should tell Matt.

I tell him, "Matt, I just emailed Anthony to Fax me the signed statement swearing he knows where the island is and that he has seen the temple."

Matt says, "Great when do you think He'll be able to get that back to us?"

I look at the clock and try to remember the time difference. I tell him, "Well, I think its the next day for them. About ten hours difference, so if it's nine PM here it's close to seven AM there."

Just as I finish telling Matt this my phone rings. I pick it up and say, "Hello."

The voice at the other end is medium to low and hesitant. " Hello have I reached my cousin Nick?"

I am happy. " Anthony, this is Nick. It's good to finally hear your voice. You must have just gotten my email."

Anthony told me, "Yes, I leave my computer on all the time. Guests ask for the oddest things at the oddest hours, so I make sure I'm ready. And I set up a special alarm for when your emails come in."

That got me. I tell him, "Ahh. Thank you, that's cool."

Matt is right next to me and asks, "What's cool?"

Anthony hears that and asks, "Is that Matt?"

I answer Anthony first . "Yes that's Matt. and he will be coming to Greece with me, but without his girlfriend."

Anthony chuckles and says, "You still haven't told him yet have you?"

I bite the bullet and say, "No I haven't, but he has another friend who is gay so I hope he doesn't have a problem with my sexual orientation or yours." I was looking at Matt while I said this to Anthony and he frowned for a bit and then his face did sort of a mental shrug. I'm hoping that is a good reaction.

Anthony chuckles and says, "Thank you Nick. Outed before I even get to meet him."

I think I screwed up! "Oh shit! I'm sorry Anthony, I just assumed since you asked."

Anthony cut me off with, "Nick, Nick. I am just playing with you. In fact, I am very proud of you. It is very brave to tell a friend something like that, particularly with someone half the world away talking in your ear distracting you. I am going to let you go and I will call right back to send you a fax of the statement I signed. It is the same number I should call, correct?"

I tell him, "Thank you Anthony. Yes it is the same number and I'll email you later today and let you know what our group says about funding."

Anthony says, "Excellent, I'll send it right away. And It was good to hear your voice too. Goodbye now?"

I tell him, "Goodbye."

I turn on my fax machine and set it for one ring just as the phone rings. the fax starts to print out as I turn to Matt.

Matt is sitting in my reading chair and looking at me with a neutral expression. I don't know what that means.

So I ask him, "You're awfully quiet. Are we still friends?" I guess my face sort of clouded over.

Matt smiles and says, "Yes we are still friends. That is one reason I never asked if you were gay. It's sort of rude. But wait a minute. You've had girlfriends before. What's up with that?

Humm. How to explain. " Well, at first I thought I was bisexual cause I responded to their attraction to me and I like women. But for some reason there was never that level of excitement or passion I'd get over a guy."

I think for a bit and add" And don't worry. I never got attracted to any of my guy friends cause there was no way they would be attracted to me. Luckily my heart only went for people who could love me back. I just haven't had that much luck recently or I would have told you sooner."

Matt says, "Poor puppy! From what you've told me your last girlfriend was six years ago. How long ago was your last boyfriend?"

This is a sore spot with me but he doesn't know it. So I tell him, "Four years. I hate cruising bars."

Matt frowns and says, "That's too long."

I say, "You're telling me."

Mat is a good friend. He says, "Well I'm glad you and Anthony are heading in the right direction. Just remember, long distance relationships are hard to maintain."

I tell him, "Thanks Matt. If I'm lucky, work on this island temple will take a few years."

Matt says, "And if I'm lucky my girlfriend will get over her fear of flying."

With the paperwork we had, we were able to get the funding we needed for the first phase of the project. We got temporary visas with the idea that we were scouting locations for a movie. It seems one of the members of the museum group was a film producer and arranged the flight plan and visas. Of course we reserved the Hotel. Anthony's hotel, of course.

With the level of the current technology we could do the preliminary work with just some hand held GPS devices and digital cameras. Just what location scouts would use.

So we packed and got our visas and flight itinerary and the day of the flight came faster than I thought it would.

It was the flight that seemed to take forever. LA to Amsterdam then to Athens. twenty-one hours. Luckily I was able to sleep on long flights. and then we were there.

We got through customs fairly simply as Location scouts for Sunshine Productions.

And there at the exit from customs was a tall handsome Greek man holding a card that read 'Sunshine Productions' and wearing a big smile. Anthony!

Anthony was the first to speak with, "Nick, welcome to Greece!" He held out his hand but I wasn't going to start things like that. I gave him a hug which he quickly returned.

We pulled away from each other just a bit and I said, "Good to be here." I didn't know If I should go further, I really didn't know how the general population in Greece reacted to two men kissing. Trust Matt to brake the ice for his friend.

Mat chuckled and said, "Oh get it over with. Give him a kiss would you!" Anthony and I followed orders and then I knew why it had been four years. The kiss may have been a quick one, but it promised much more than just kisses. Not to knock kisses mind you.

Once again Anthony was the first to speak with, "And this must be Matt." as we parted.

Matt held out his arms for a hug and Anthony told him, "But you only get a hug, I heard about your girlfriend and I would hate to break anything up." Anthony has a great laugh.

Anthony led us to his station wagon and put the luggage in the back. Matt let me sit up front with Anthony. Like I said, Matt's a good friend. Anthony told us, "We have a bit of a drive so make your selves comfortable."

I just wanted to drink him in for a bit. After a while he glanced over and found me watching him. He asked me, "This is the first time you've been to Greece isn't it?"

I told him, "Yes."

Anthony asked, "Then why aren't you looking at any of the scenery? Greece is very beautiful."

I told him, "I like what I'm looking at." Matt has his eyes closed but snorts a laugh anyway.

I told him, "No comments from the peanut gallery."

Matt says, "Just pretend I'm not here."

Anthony says with a grin, "You are making me self-conscious . Though, I think I like that."

He looks over into my eyes and tips his head like he's reeling me in. He says softly, "Take a nap." so I scoot over and lean my head on his shoulder. He taps his head on the top of mine and I fall asleep to the smell of walnuts, the scent of Anthony.

I wake to a postcard world. Afternoon light is hitting the front of the hotel. It must have been a palace for a prince at one time. The stone that the hotel is made of, glows an amber color in this light.

Anthony is pleased by my reaction to his home and castle.

I get out on the driver side with Anthony and tell him, "Anthony, you never told me our family is royalty?!" There was no blush or hesitation. Anthony just reached down and gave me a ' thank you, I think you're a stud too ' Kiss. Half way through one of those kisses, you KNOW you're tougher and sexier and at least an inch longer. Only god knew how long it lasted. Oh yeah. And Matt

I heard a chuckle and a muffled, "Oh my God."

Anthony and I both reacted to this juvenile reaction to our kiss and we stopped for Air.

I took the time to start to ream Mat a new one for his apparent childish behavior. I started with, "Matt are you just tired? Is that what brought on your childish reaction to our kissing?"

Matt smiled and jumped in with, "You mean my silently waiting for you two to come up for air, and after twenty minutes, you two still hadn't slowed down."

Matt is able to adjust my attitude correctly on occasion. I responded with, "Huh? Twenty minutes?"

Mat continued with an even bigger smile and, "Yes! Twenty minutes and thats when I called your name and then Anthony's. About ten times. No response. Snapping fingers? No response. Loud whistle, you both shifted but didn't stop. At that point I didn't know if you were playing with me or what. So I told you if you didn't stop the kissing and open your eyes and look at me I was going to pull a good clump of arm hair off of both of you."

Anthony asked, "So how did you get our attention."

Matt shrugged and told him, "Let's see. After I pulled tufts of arm hair off of both of you, and got no reaction, I just had to laugh. and that is when I said ' Oh my God ' Which you both did hear and finally came up for air."

I stop him with, "Wait a minute. What tufts of hair? WE would have noticed hair being yanked from our bodies."

Matt is holding a good sized tuft of blond/red hair in his left hand, and a thick clump of black short hair in his right. Matt grins and shrugs.

Anthony and myself both find the spots the hair came from. They weren't even tender or sore. I shrug and tell Matt, "We're sorry if you're sorry?"

Matt smiles shrugs and says, "Sounds good to me."

Moving right along, "Ok, maybe we should get our bags into our rooms before it gets any later?"

Anthony already has three pieces of luggage in each arm as he heads for the entrance to his hotel He says as he passes, "Good Idea."

I grab two bags and Matt grabs two bags and we follow Anthony into his home. It had remained warm to hot outside; but inside Anthony's home it was much cooler. Anthony had placed the bags in a dumbwaiter kind of lift and closed the doors and pressed #2. the bags went up while anthony got two Key from behind the reception desk.

He gestured toward an old style elevator. and all three barely fit. No jumps or stalling and we're out sooner than the bags. It's only on the second floor. Matts room is huge and has a sitting room and a balcony.

Anthony and I go right next door and it's a little bigger, larger Bath tub and my balcony has a spiral staircase leading up to a third floor room.

I point at the staircase and smile and say, "Your room?"

Out of nowhere he gets a little bashful. I guess He likes slightly forceful shorter stud muffins. I step up to the plate, and slowly push him back in the lounge he sat down in on the balcony. I kick off my shoes and start to straddle his hips as I walk on my knees to be able to tower over his reclining form. My very fat erection is going to ruin a pair of new underwear, but it's worth it. I let my right thumb play with my navel as I tweak his nipples with my left . I tuck my chin into my chest as I look down into his eyes and smile my best smile. I softly say, "Take my shirt off." He hesitates and has a question on his face waiting with his hands at my shirt buttons. Just as softly I tell him, "Any way my lover desires." his strength does not surprise or change my attitude. As his hands shred my shirt off and away, my smile grows larger. Then I lean down enough to grab his shirt in both hands and suddenly his shirt is in pieces, but none of them are on him any more. Good trick with me on top of him and him lying down at the time.

His eyes got wider, then his grim cam back as he realized we must have the same teacher. Since he wanted me in control, I became control for a while.

I softly told him, "My cock needs to be all the way down a throat in two minutes" He pulled me closer to his head and unzipped my pants and ripped my boxers into shreds.

My dong nearly broke his nose, he worked so fast. It already was hard at seven inches, and it takes a few minutes to get fully wide and up to eight inches. Two and three quarter inches diameter was a bit fat for the length, but Anthony looked happy. And he already had me half way down his throat.

The way I like things is playful, but we were playing control. So at one minute I had to keep control and say softly, "One minute, "Ohh! Who would have thought those words would get this reaction!

Anthony started sucking three times as hard and in thirty seconds he had me all the way in and I was twisting my head in reaction to what his throat could do with me buried to the hilt.

O GOD! Thank you for lighting love in Anthony's heart for me. THANK YOU GOD!

I think I even vocalized that, but with the intensity of the feelings I couldn't swear to it.

Then he let off for only ten seconds. Then turned it back on full power.

This time I know I said, "THANK YOU GOD. Please give me the tools to make him happy."

I didn't have any more to say, because Anthony decided at that second, that I must come for nearly five minutes. The thought of Thank you God repeated but my body was in Anthony's control. He did something just a little and it let my body keep on breathing. What control of my body I still had concentrated on keeping my hands away from Anthony as I might bruise him accidentally with these love spasms.

When I could breath as humans did once more, I pushed myself up to see his eyes were very very big. I could control my face again, so I smiled at what his look meant. I softly praised him with, "You surprised yourself too, didn't you?"

I pull back and out of his mouth and there is not a drop of cum to be seen.

I tell him, "No Mr. Control for a while . Just you and me, OK?" I nod my head yes, and he says, "Ok my love. but you do control very good." I am in shock.

I collapse onto his body and bury my head in his chest and nibble at a nipple while I'm saying, "I do control very good?! YOU do. ooo." I start purring for half a minute.

Then I tell him, "I love you ! and the you inside of you. Please show me how to make you happy.

Anthony gets a lopsided grin and tells me, "I just did."

That is it. I grab him in a bear hug. I am never letting go. " Warn anybody getting too close I don't mean to, but I'll hurt em if they get to close to you . CAUSE your mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. And I am not being selfish. I am holding on to the good thing in my life."

I look into his eyes and say, "I love you Anthony."

Anthony kisses my forehead and looks into my eyes as he tells me, "I love you Nick."

We start another one of those kisses again and it progresses to me discovering Anthony doesn't wear underwear. Yeah! And Anthony was being a bit conservative when he said ten inches. Closer to eleven is my estimate. Love helps us do things we never thought we could. I would have sworn I could never get that much of a man down my throat. It was worth nearly passing out to see the shock and joy on Anthony's face when my chin bumped against his huge balls. He realized I couldn't breath around his dick and pulled out. Once I could breath through my nose I stopped his withdrawal.

Anthony held my head and looked into my eyes and said, "My Love, your emails said you didn't have that much experience in these matters. But I must tell you, I am learning a thing or two from you."

He starts running his hands through my hair, then smoothes it down. Then he cups the back of my head with one hand as he starts massaging my neck muscles with the other. How can he put so much love in just that touch.

I want to test my limits, so I take in a few deep breaths and take all of him in for a minute, then back off to breath again for two. I try this rhythm and test my throat muscles for awhile. He is giving me the best reaction each time he's deep inside. He watches like I'm a magician, and he watches like a big brother concerned for his little brothers safety. It makes me feel like a magician. And it makes me feel safe. Then add so much joy!

My hands must have been on auto-pilot, cause I notice my hands are massaging very thick firm but muscles.

Anthony softly says, "Come up here. I miss the taste of your mouth." He pulls me up to his face and we start kissing again. I start to see what he means, cause he has a garlic kind of taste to his mouth and a walnut scent to his body. I'd miss both if I didn't get either on a regular basis.

Our kissing was cut short by a tapping on the door. Pause tap-tap-tap, pause tap-tap-tap, pause tap-tap-tap. Then the voice of a young man calls out, "Boss! Dinner is ready. Your other guest, Matt says he is very hungry, but he won't come down to the dinning room until you both come down for dinner." Tap-tap-tap, pause tap-tap-tap. " Boss! I'm hungry too, but I agree with him."

Before anymore tapping can start Anthony calls out to his chef and part time assistant manager, "Janos! Please notify Matt, that Nick and I will be down in the dinning room for dinner within fifteen minutes. Is that acceptable to you both?"

Matts muffled voice just reaches their ears with, "Fine with me. Thank you."

Janos chimes in just after Matt with, "Thank you, Boss!"

Anthony and I just happen to say, "You're Welcome, "at the same time and tone.

Anthony tells me, "I'm going up to my room and change clothes. I suggest the same, so we can both keep our friends from starving and worrying about us at the same time. We can shower or bath after dinner."

I told him, "I was hoping we could use that huge tub tonight." Anthony gives me a kiss on the cheek and starts up the spiral staircase.

Anthony tells me at the top, "The tub isn't that big. It does fit two very nicely."

I head for my luggage and find acceptable attire for dinner. Boxers, loose white slacks, Old style blue Hawaiian shirt, sandals. Just as I get the sandals on, there's a tapping at my balcony door. I call out to Anthony, "Come in, I'm ready."

Anthony was wearing white slacks, a green patterned shirt and sandals. Oh yes, and a smile.

We head for the dinning room and his right hand fits onto my right shoulder as my left hand finds his left hip. As if they had always been there.

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