Alterations 2

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Here's the next part of the story Alterations. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This is a story of fantasy involving Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Anthony and I walked down the wide curved stairway leading to the hotel reception desk, and went through a wide set of doors into a large formal dinning room with about eight tables. The lights in the dinning room were dimmed but the door to the kitchen was propped open and the bright lights drew us forward.

We heard two voices call out, "Yasas!" then a quiet pause and then the ragged intake of breath and the slam of a shot glass. We walked in just as Janos was pouring something clear into the two empty shot glasses.

Janos sees us and tells us, "Good! You're both only two drinks behind."

I saw Anthony check to see that there were four covered plates around the table Janos and Matt were drinking at, and four chairs from the dinning room around the table.

Matt tells us, "I'm sorry but it was either be rude and start eating without you, or start drinking without you. I figured you'd tolerate an impatient drunk, so I got Janos to open a bottle."

I told him, "As long as that isn't raki, I'll forgive you."

Anthony says, "Janos, on the other hand will not be forgiven, unless that is what I think it is."

Janos holds up the bottle and there is something written in french on it. He smiles and says ' Pastisse! Do I know how to keep a job or what?"

I frown and smile at the same time and ask Anthony, "Licorice taste isn't it?"

Anthony smiles now and says, "Oh good. You've heard of it."

I tell him, "A fraternity brother of mine has a polish father and a french mother, and the first drink they ever served me was Pastisse. But they would dilute it in half with water."

Janos tells me, "We only drink shots the first few rounds. " He held up his shot glass and we all followed. I knew the Greek word for Cheers and said, "Yasas!" with everyone else following and swallowing the shot. The shot glasses all hit the table near the same time.

Anthony asked Janos, "Have you out done yourself again?" he lifts the cover and a cloud of fine cuisine spilled out into our faces. Two ribs off a rack of lamb with a clear brown sauce held around the meat by a seasoned rice and thinly sliced yellow squash in a saffron glaze.

Janos tells us, "And If the diners wish for more, they will be satisfied. And for dessert we have my mothers special filling baklava."

Anthony sat down as he asks Janos, "She finally gave you the recipe?"

Janos stands a little taller and throws his chest out as he says, "I served her this for dinner three nights ago and she said I needed something to match this for dessert."

Anthony tells us, "Janos' mother has very high standards, but she rewards people who impress her. Janos begged her for the recipe, but she ignored him, until now. Congratulations. Your sister doesn't even have the recipe."

Janos says, "And when she heard my mother tell me I could have it, my sister looked like she was throwing daggers through my heart. Then my mother insisted that my sister try the lamb. She didn't want to, but she admitted i did a good job with the lamb."

Anthony says, "Wow. I don't recall her ever using the word good in my presence."

Janos said, "It was a good night. Let's eat."


We all agreed by taking fork in hand and quickly savoring an excellent meal. And we did ask for more, before we were served dessert. For the life of me I could not identify the extra ingredients in the baklava, but it was great.

I can't contain a very deep belch, and as it begins I give in to it and Smile at Janos. He looks pleasantly shocked, knowing how Americans react to belching at the dinner table, but seeing my smile let him know I was happily full. but just in case I said, "Having heard from my stomach, my head decided to second the motion and thank you, Janos, for one of the best meals I've ever had. " I look around as if I'm waiting for something else to happen. I waited about five seconds and then tell them, "It seems my other body parts will comment later."

Janos smiles a bit bashfully, yet says, "Boss will tell me if it is a unanimous decision."

Matt puts his two cents worth in with, "Lamb never made me gassy."

I can't believe my ears! I tell Matt, "Don't even go there." I turn to Janos and tell him, "My good friend Matt here is allergic to shrimp and anchovies, his reaction to either slides back and forth between constipation and diarrhea . This condition will torment my friend for two or three days. When ordering Pizzas for a few friends, he will put six different ingredients on it and then have them add a few anchovies."

Matt cuts in with, "I pull them off, I just like the hint of that taste."

I finish with, "Which explains why you only get a hint of serious food poisoning."

Janos clears his throat and asks, "Boss, not to change the subject, but is it true what Matt has told me. That a certain employer and His email American Lover stood kissing while oblivious to the world around them, and after twenty minutes, aforementioned gossip Matt, called their names threatened to and then did pulled two clumps of hair from the Avatars of Kissing, then laughed and called to his deity; before the Avatars came back to the world?"

His grin was so playful, and his eyes hopeful, Anthony and I both smiled back. We glanced to each other and together we held up the arms now showing a clump of hair missing. After we shrugged we tipped our heads together, closed our eyes and smiled in bliss. Then another one of those kisses just snuck up on us.

This time we did hear Matt saying, "Well at least they do have a room already. Which reminds me; I've got some long distance kisses to give to my sweetheart, so she'll send me some."

Janos tells him as he clears the table and starts to clean, "I admit to being a bit of a gossip. My boss had been acting sad and uninterested in anything for at least five months, until your friend contacted him through emails. He turned into a teenager in spring and we all felt a cloud had been lifted. Many of the people who work for Anthony think of him as their older and wiser brother. And it's easy when your boss treats you like family. So we were getting concerned. Now I just wish the other men could see how happy your friend makes my boss."

Since no response was needed for all their talking about us, we acted as if we were alone. Until of course, we heard a muffled chuckle, and the word, "Perfect, "Come out of Janos mouth before we heard a click and sensed a bright flash. This did pull us back to the kitchen table. As we both turned to Janos and Matt, Janos told Matt, "Oh that one too!" and as we focused on our friends, Matts camera clicked and flashed once more. Blinded we both squinted and grimaced at the photo bugs.

Anthony told them, "Take another now so I may soon open my eyes."

Matt dutifully did so and I was able to then open my eyes. I weakly smiled at them and then out of the corner of my mouth asked Anthony, "Lots of hot water for that tub?"

Anthony told me in the same manner, "Yes. With bath salts and bath oils."

I suggested, "If we move very slowly they might not bring out the dart-guns for the safari."

Anthony is slowly getting out of his chair as I am, and we move together a step at a time towards the open kitchen door. Anthony says, "I sense you also believe they want more than just photo trophies."

I smile and say, "Yes, but the American big game hunter can be distracted with a simple ploy." Slightly louder I tell Matt, "Give Andrea my love when you call her."

Matt says, "I will Nick, and I'll send copies of these photos too.

Anthony whispered, "We're close enough to the door now. Make a break for it?"

Janos catches our attention with, "Boss, what time should I wake you tomorrow . Our guests need you to talk to Chief Mataxas about shooting locations.

Anthony tells him, "Nine o'clock sounds like a good time. As long as we both respond without any death threats."

Janos says, "Like normal. Have a good night Nick, Anthony."

We turned and quickly walked to the stairs. We heard Janos tell Matt, "There's a phone you can use in the kitchen office."

I stopped him before he started up the stairs. I smiled my best ' what a stud you are ' smiles at Anthony and unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. By the second button he caught on and did the same. I told him, "I've only felt it; now I want to see the kind of back I could play with for hours."

He smiled a smile that I heard the idea ' There are parts of you I wanna play with too'. He pulled his right shoulder around and away from me to spread his Lats out. He has a tall lanky body until the top third of his torso. Then his Lats stretch out to very wide shoulders. His back is to me and he takes a step up the stairs as his upper back flexes and stretches like a big cat. He starts up at a leisurely pace and I decide to help with my hands just above his thick but cheeks. The muscles in the back of his waist that are so thick for a man with such a small waist; I started to massage them with the top of his but.

He says, "That's not my back but it feels good." He leans back a little so i can put more force in the back rub. It's also a trust move since my hands are keeping him from falling backwards down the stair. He gets to the top of the stairs and then crouches to his knees and I get the hint . I move my hands alternating up his thick back muscles on either side of his spine. His head tipped down and my love started Purring for me.

I got to the top of his shoulders and worked them and his neck and then his delts. Some how near the end, he was able to Purr even louder. I ended it with a tight squeeze on his shoulders and a few kisses on the back of his neck. I was pleasantly surprised when he grabbed my hand and turned around and put it back on his shoulder. He took my other hand and put it over his other shoulder and grinned.

Anthony said, "Hold on." He wrapped his arms around my back and slowly stood up. I knew what was coming and dropped my head to his shoulder and gave him just a caress of my lips and quick tight hug. Then I relaxed and let him stretch my spine. I started Purring when he gave a few of those shaking motions that pops all the right spots. I couldn't help it!

I got a bit of his neck in my teeth, and gently but firmly grabbed his neck muscle and shook it back and forth quickly. His whole body shivered. He tipped his head up and took a very deep breath. I could not believe how hard I was from what we had just done. I was poking him in his very flat stomach as I felt him expand from just inhaling.

He started to exhale and sort of nickered as he deflated. I said, "I thought you were going to keep going." He hugs me tighter and walks to my room. I forgot to lock it so he walked right in.

Anthony starts to pull my slacks off, and I help with kicking off my sandals and pulling my self up his body till the slacks and boxers slide off. as I slide back down my erection pole vaults me eight inches away from Anthony's belly and then the head of my dick slide up his belly with the pre-cum I've left on him. this little action gets me nickering in a low voice.

Then I feel his eleven inches of Greek stud muscle straining at his clothing. I tell him, "We have to get those pants off of you NOW!" He grins and lets me slid to the floor. I'm five foot eight inches to Anthony's six foot five inches, so that last slide felt really really good. But first things first.

I unbutton the pants to find no underwear and a cock as excited and impatient as mine. Just at a nicer length. (that's my opinion at least ). He is so tall yet thick in just the sexiest parts. He looks into my eyes and even though I so mush shorter, he never looks like he's looking down at me. That look makes me feel so strong, so I test out my past five years of weight lifting. Now that we can get in the tub, I crouch down and grabbing around his but with his pecker under my left armpit, I carry him into the bathroom. I nearly knock his head into the doorway, but he remembers to duck and it just over balanced me for a second. As we regain balance his arms go to my shoulders.

I'm most proud of my traps and delts (the top and sides of my shoulders). They lagged behind the rest of my development, and after five different peoples advice, I found what would work for my shoulders. Now, even though my waist will not get any smaller, my shoulders help me have a tapered V shape.

Anthony has been rubbing my neck and shoulders and smiling. My hands are free. So I start rolling my dick against his and back again. His smile widens as he says, "Janos is so very correct. I feel like a teenager when I connect to you. Your emails helped me be patient for your arrival. I needed every single one to keep me from just getting on a plane to get to you."

He crouches a little to feel my back and chest. He is looking right into my soul. He says, "And if I had known what a pocket Hercules you are, the emails would have done no good."

Now that get me flexing for him. I do the right arm flex and pec lift. then a double Biceps shot. I don't know how many more years I can do this but I give him a view of my abs sucking in to make my belly flatter and smaller while the chest pops out. I know I did good cause his very angry looking cock is very very eleven inches and it is pointing straight at me. In fact his tallywacker has spit forth some good feeling Pre-come and is just barely bouncing with his pulse against my belly. My dick still has a tendency to poke up at a 30 degree angle, So its saying howdy to the bottom of Anthony's love club.

Somehow he had turned on the hot water during all this and I can see It's filled up fast and is almost there at the right level. Anthony had also thrown in some bath salts and a dash of bubble bath.

Anthony reached over to one of the brass rails near the tub and holds on as he leads me into the foam. once I'm two thirds in he lets himself be guided into the tub. He turns me so I'm facing away and he can get to rubbing my back. His cock is nuzzling at my but cheeks and he crosses his legs under my pulled up knees. Now i get an thorough back rub. I'm purring again. And when he's done Im pulled closer to him, on top of his long-fellow. I play a little with my but cheeks, which gets a good response.

Anthony is thorough . He reaches around and as his shoulders are draped around mine, he slowly starts jacking my meat. I can only think of it as surrounded by love.

As my love holds me so, I feel stronger than I've ever felt before.

I have to do something with all this energy and strength. I hold his hand on my member. I keep it from stroking me. I take his huge hand a in both of mine and I can see the love he spreads with it. I know how to do that for him. I am seeing Anthony himself in his hand. I start firmly stretching his fingers and pinching the thick of his hand. there's some distance to his hand so I can get some movement.

And while I'm working on his hand I let my hands and lips and tongue put love into him through his hand. Five minutes of this and I'm not done yet, but his very proud male flesh is talking to me through my meaty but cheeks. I try to keep his love muscle occupied while finishing his right hand.

After another minute I had to change my route. I let go of his hand and pushed up out of the water just enough to turn and face him. He pulls up his knees and I fit in between. I have only had a little time with a man moving inside me. My head would say ' I need to be gentled into it.' My heart would say ' With this one He is safe with your protection and You are safe with His.

But the deciding voice from my body says ' Get him in you now ' . I put my feet over his hips and around his back while pulling his legs closer to the other end, and around my back This arrangement leaves his love rocket on the launching pad, fully fueled and ready to start the count down. I know he can hear all this in my head cause I can hear all these silly little things he loves about me. It gets me doing the same thing with him.

He pulls himself up and over to be able to kiss me. Which goes on till my cock feels like it got thicker. then he lays back a bit to negotiate an entrance. I don't give him time to over think a simple almost first time penetration. I start lining it up and without any more maneuvering I get him three inches in me before my body has any idea of hesitating. I wait, letting my body realize there was no pain at all. The muscles suddenly go loose and he can steadily move all the way in.

We say like a song, like a prayer, thanking and praising --- Oh GOD, OH GOD O Thank You, Thank you for LOVE THANK YOU FOR MY LOVE.

And a force lets me pull off of him a bit and it gets him to start pumping and grinding and finding the spots that get me, him and us on the launching pad. I can't tell the time it took, but when we had our bodies familiar with each other the count down suddenly started . WE both knew it and doubled our efforts. And at minus thirty seconds we both spoke it out loud.

30--25--20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- IGNITION


His final thrust bucked me out of the water and left me spraying my love juice onto the ceiling the walls in back of him and up and down his face and chest. When a well aimed rope of pearl jam headed towards his face he was able to catch it in his mouth. His jism was a good filling feeling. I don't let him go yet and we just lean back. He reaches over and lets some water out as he put in more warm. the stopper is back in and the bubbles spread again. He gently pulls out and said, "While I was acting on top I felt control of our love making coming from you."

I shake my head and smile. I tell my love, "Control came from our love. The love we share and make and grow, saw all of our hopes, desires, and dreams and guides us as we will it so. No loving heart can share another without knowing which way to go. We SUBMIT to the WILL of LOVE and GAIN the WORLD."

No more words. I see he wants to hold me and I want that feeling. I pull my legs up and he twists me around and the pulls me into the blanket of his flesh, the comfort of his love. His breath in my ear is slow, sure, even. then he nibbles at my ear and suddenly I'm the shy one. I tip my head so he can still get at my ear and so I can nibble a nipple. Time skips away as a child on a summer afternoon.

I wake to cold water draining away. I see his smile as I open my eyes. He has a thick towel ready and he helps me stand and as I steady myself on his shoulder, he starts to towel me dry. As he finishes at my calves I lean over and kiss the top of his back. He pauses, so i lean my cheek against his back and he finishes drying me. I rub my face across his back and the skin twitches and the muscles ripple. I hear a giggle and my love tells me through a smile, "It tickles."

I stand up and he stands up, and he wraps the towel over my shoulders and holds the ends of my shoulders as I put my hands on his hips. He smiles like a child on a spring morning and tells me, "You tickle the deepest part of me."

He kisses one cheek and then another and folds me into his arms, My arms cross each other over his back. He's holding me like he'll never let me go. I am so lucky.

I hope my arms are telling him the same thing, or I don't deserve another hug.

I giggle like a little kid when he says, "You aren't ever going to let go, are you?"

I shake my head no against his chest and murmur, "No, No, No. Not gonna let go." But I do a bit to look into his eyes. They're smiling too.

He says, "A man could get lost in those eyes."

I tell him, "Or found. I'm a million miles from L.A., but I'm home. " I tighten my grip and tell his chest, " I'm home."

He whispers to the top of my head, "Let's get some sleep."

When we get to the bed It's already turned down. I get in facing him and as he gets in he puts his back to me. He wants to be held. I can do that good. I tell him, "Sweet dreams." He's holding my arms.

He tips his face up and says, "Of you my love." I kiss the back of his neck and we fall asleep.

My dreams were strange. I was holding Anthony but he was like a teddy bear. He turned over to face me and for some reason I felt like crying. He could see my face and he said, "No tears. I'm right hear. And I'm not going anywhere. I love you! So don't be sad." I try to smile but tell him, "I don't know why I feel like crying." His little hands hold my face and wipe away a tear. He says, "You just need to be held." He gestures with his head and tells me, "Turn over. I'll hold you" My face clouds up but I do it anyway. I say, "But I'm too big for you to hold." And then I feel held by him even though I know he's smaller than me. He tells me, "No heart too big to hold" I hear his breathing slow and I fall asleep. My last thought/feeling is 'I'm happy'.

I wake to a thick throbbing erection being held by Anthony and my hands on the very tip of Anthony's dick that has been rubbing my balls. I have my right leg hooked over Anthony's hips. This explains why I can reach Anthony's cock from my front.

I feel a stirring and his hand kneading the stiffness of my cock. I can't help but moan, as he starts stroking me. I cup his dong and rub it into my balls and just in back of them. I hear a happy little groan and he strokes faster. Oh thats just too good. I pull my leg back over and start stroking his dick with my legs and but cheeks. It's like a humping motion. He groans louder and strokes me even faster. Oh he's got a good rhythm and I have to help him with that, so I hump faster. A louder groan escapes his lips and then He says, "OOHH. You love me."

Well that did it. I must clench tighter and when I do so does he. WOW. We are almost there. He starts to hump opposite my motion and that tears it. We both gasp and hold our breath at the same time and come HARD. His other arm is under me and he pulls me hard to him as we shoot and shoot and shoot and ooooooh..

When we can breath again we hear a little chuckle from the hallway. Janos taps on the door. and we chuckle when he says, "So much for the wake up call. I wish someone would wake me up that way. It's nine o'clock Boss. I know you're going to have a good day."

I feel Anthony's chest rumble as he tells Janos, "Thank you Janos."

Janos tells us through the door, "Breakfast will be ready in half an hour."

Anthony says, "Very good Janos. And tell the assistant manager to give the chef a raise."

Janos is a little farther away as he says, "As you wish, Boss." we hear him going down the stairs very fast.

I tell Anthony, "I don't think we're ever going to wake up grumpy. Not if you have a hand in it."

Anthony purr and then says, "Or two powerful but cheeks." He kisses my neck and says, "Let's take a quick shower."

We get up and I warn him, "We only have half an hour so we should make a rule just for this morning. We can help soap and rinse any part of the others body, except genitals."

He is leading the way and comes to a halt. I keep going and bump my head gently into his back.

He says over his shoulder, "That sounds like punishment for being bad."

I look up with a grin and say, "Oh NO. Just a precaution because you were too good. If we don't make up rules like that one, we'll never leave the room."

We move along to the large glassed in shower, and he turns the water to warm. The air from the balcony already feels warm itself. Anthony knows how to treat his guests right. The temperature is just right to wake you up without shocking you. We play like little kids with above average toys as we soap each other up. Of course the rule didn't take into account that we would both get very stiff erections from soaping each other up. I had actually thought of this and so I tell him, "Ok. To fix the situation you stand on that side of the shower and I stand on this side."

When we both move apart and lean against the shower walls we're facing each other I act like it's a race and tell him, "Ok. Go!" I start jerking my pub while looking at his tall body. I start playing with my left nipple and then move down to my navel. my thumb rests in the navel as my fingers push through my pubic hair. He caught on immediately and by now was twisting and palming his chest and nipples. I lose track and I feel my tongue start to fiddle with my lower lip and the hairs of my beard. His eyes are on my tongue when I realize he's slowed down a bit. Then my teeth sort of nibble on my lower lip and he gets a shit eating grin and starts stroking faster and faster. So I start to suck my lower lip and then look into his eyes. They are the eyes of LOVE. My stroking quickens and then we are there. Ropey little jets of spunk arc out and reach the other side. I tighten up every muscle I can so I can reach my love. Our legs and lower bellies get dotted with spooge. Spent and still happy. He tips his head against the wall and looks at me over a truly beautiful big nose. His smile says it all. I think mine did too.

We get under the shower of water and it's slightly cooler. we rinse off and he holds me close for a moment and rubs his chin on top of my head. Anyone else doing that would have made me feel short. He made me feel ten feet tall. I lean back into him and rub the back of my head into his chest.

He says, "My love . You are right. If we don't get out of here soon, we'll be in here all day!"

I nod my head yes. We're rinsed off and I turn the water off. But this time I get the towel first and he grins and lets me dry him off first. I hand him the towel and when he finishes he wraps the towel around his waist and picks me up and slings me over his shoulder. after taking me over to the end of the bed and standing me up again he tells me, "I will be back in a few minutes." then he kisses me and walks out the balcony door. Nothing in the world could get the smile off my face. This time I dress in sturdier clothes . White socks, 501 jeans, a loose green button up short sleeve shirt., tennis shoes and sunglasses in my pocket with cell phone on it's clip, and keys and wallet and passport in pockets. I hear a tapping on both doors and say, "Come in."

Anthony and Matt see each other and smile hellos. Anthony says, "We have a surprise for breakfast. It's from one of your emails and when I told Janos he had to try it. Now I think it will be a permanent part of our breakfast menu."

As we leave my room I remember to lock it, I ask, "From one of my emails?"

Anthony says, "I thought you would forget mentioning it" A table in the dinning room is set for four and Anthony has a pitcher of orange juice and a large carafe of coffee set out with glasses and cups for four. He brings in four covered dishes on a large server and puts it on a temp tray. He places four plates around the table and starts to take off the covers and removes them with the tray to the kitchen. At first we see hash browns with some red bell peppers mixed in and a side of sausage . Both next to what looks like a normal omelet.

Janos comes back and pours the juice and then the coffee and asks, "I have what you would call salsa, but I don't know how appropriate that would be with Nicks Pizza Omelets.

Anthony shows me the breakfast menu and at the bottom is just what we were having all under the name Nicks Pizza omelet.

Almost like having a comet named after you. I chuckled, "I did forget telling you about these."

I cut into it and see the melted cheese and pepperoni and mushrooms and the bread of the pizza. they are in little squares. I take a bite. MMMMM.

I tell Janos, "Perfect just the way they are. You could put salsa on, but why hide the great flavor of the omelet." Janos beamed and dug in as did the others.

We finished in record time and it was Matts turn to let out a huge belch. It did surprise Matt, but Janos got us chuckling when he said, "Why thank you, you are most welcome."

Anthony told Janos, "We shouldn't be too long at the city hall. I think we will want a basket lunch, so we can see a few of the close islands before it gets dark."

Janos tells him, "I'll have The basket ready for you in an hour."

Anthony smiles and says, "More than enough time. We might have to socialize a bit with the chief. See you soon."

Janos smiles at us and says, "Gentlemen." And we leave for the center of a sleepy little Greek town.

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