Alterations 4

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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with male to male sex and love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, you should not be here! You have been warned.

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I'm almost there. The secret of the universe is just on the tip of my tongue. My tongue. Anthony's tongue. OOHH.

I come back to the world hearing laughter and I'm not angry this time. I'm looking into forever. I'm looking into Anthony's eyes, and he's smiling too. We look over at Matt.

He holds up his hands and they are empty. OK! I won't be bald by the time we're done with this site. Matt says, "You two were gone for fifteen minutes again, but laughter seems to be the key ingredient that brings you back. On previous times, while I was laughing when I pulled that hair from you guys, I did not like doing that." He smiles and pulls open his shirt a bit to show how hairy his chest is. He says, "I'm surprised you two never retaliated."

I very softly say, "Oopps," and turn to Anthony.

Anthony whispers to me, "We did forget about that. Is he ticklish?"

I nod yes and Anthony murmurs, "Good." We both start to stand up and flank Matt. He's taking shots of the Hercules alter and misses our quiet advance until it's too late.

The attack signal is Anthony saying, "I'll take him high."

And I respond with, "I'll take him low." Our plan succeeds. Matt is tickled till he can hardly breath. Anthony and I are having a hard time, ourselves with the amount of laughter that we produced while tickling Matt.

We stopped when Matt wheezed out, "What's Greek for UNCLE!"

Anthony says, "The word for 'uncle' is theios in Greek, but I don't think that's what you wanted to know." He tickles Matt for a second.

Matt laughs with a jerk and holds up his hands as he says, "You're right, you're right."

Anthony thinks he is done but Matts large eyes gets Anthony looking down at Matts chest and my hand holding quite a lot of hair. It is still attached to Matt, which is why he is not moving and hasn't said anything more.

I smile with (I hope) a bit of an evil glint in my eye. I remind Anthony as I look at Matt, "Anthony we can put this sordid little event behind us after we have taken something. Just enough to balance the scales" Most of the hair in my hand is released except for two or three hairs.

Anthony thinks for a moment and says, "Matt, my friend, you have quite a lot of chest hair." Matt has that trapped look and just nods yes as Anthony grabs a thick clump of chest hair. Anthony lightly tugs the clump and follows my example, releasing most of the hair for just a few. Anthony turns to me and asks, "Make a wish?"

I shake my head no and softly say, "Mad Max, "Then louder I say, "On three" Anthony nods his head very slowly. Excellent, he picked up on the movie reference. So I start to count to three but only say, "One" the next beat Anthony and I tug out the hairs in our hands.

Matt completes the gag by asking, "What happened to two?"

Altogether we only pulled out six hairs, but the build up was what got Matt. We rubbed his chest and let him up. Anthony beat me to it and said, "Now we are even. You have nothing to fear from us, except perhaps a good tickling when you are too serious."

Matt visibly relaxed and said, "Good. I'll probably need it ." Matt finished taking the photos he wanted and Anthony finally took a look around and looked shocked.

Anthony had goose-bumps on his arms as he said, "Nick ! I didn't put that food on the alter." He looked at me like ghosts were going to pop out of the temple walls. He continued with, "Which means someone had to clean up my offering before they could leave theirs."

Matt was by the Hercules altar and he looked at the area you would logically leave an offering. He put his face closer to the curved area, and sniffed. He pulled back and looked at us as he said, "Lemon scented dish soap."

A light-bulb explodes in my brain. I ask Anthony, "Is there some way we can get spy cameras?"

Anthony starts stroking his chin in thought as Matt blurts out, "What? You want to eavesdrop on."

I cut him off with, "I want to view the ritual used to offer food and drink to the gods, that hasn't stopped since ancient times. This is probably the only chance any anthropologist is going to get to see the way these temples were actually used. Christianity never found this Island. It never had a chance to torture the inhabitants or build a church over a sacred shrine to get the faithful to convert to christianity. To be able to see the proper way to honor the gods. To be able to say thank you the right way." I feel my face screw up into a frown, I look at Anthony and quickly move into his embrace. I burry my face in his chest for just a second.

I pull back enough to tell him and let Matt hear, "Without their help, I would be so lonely right now. I don't want to let them think I'm not grateful."

Anthony pulls my face back against his chest and he hangs his head on top of mine as he holds me tighter.

Did I say Matt is a good friend? Matt is a good friend!

Matt asks Anthony, "We should be able to find a place that sells cameras like that, Right?"

Anthony's voice rumbled through his chest as he tells Matt, "We will find such a place." There is no doubt in his voice and my body slowly relaxes. We will find such a place. My love has said it, and my heart tells me he will never let me down. My head reminds my heart, I can never let him down!

I make a snuffling sound and Anthony asks, "What are you doing?" with a smile in his voice.

I tell him" I'm just smelling one hot stud Greek man. You sure do smell good."

He bent his head down to whisper in my ear, "You do too, "and then he nibbled at my ear. Well what could I do? His left nipple was just on the other side of his shirt, so I sort of rolled it between my teeth . This got a moan and then he picked me up and shook me back and forth for just a second like a dog shakes a toy.

He sets me back down and tells me, "We must see the right way to honor these gods, for without their help, I too would now be very lonely." He gives me a quick kiss, and a flash goes off.

Matt says with a grin, "You'd never forgive me if I didn't get some of the good shots."

I just beam and then ask, "Did I say Matt is my good friend? Matt is my good friend. Matt is a good friend."

Matt is a little shy with the praise. He shrugs and says, "I'll make ya copies."

Anthony says, "Thank you Matt."

An hour after the personal photo, we decided to call it a day. We made sure we left nothing behind for the devoted to think anyone had been on the Island. We returned to the little strip of beach where we found the yacht still anchored and the small boat was still pulled up from waterline. We all three go to the Yacht on the boat this time and Anthony and Matt tie up the boat as I store the packs. Anthony gets the yacht ready to leave and pulls up the anchors. We turn around in the little cove and head out to the open sea.

We get to the point where the shadow of the thin clouds no longer reach and Matt was ready. His face clouds over and he shakes his head.

I ask him, "Just disappeared?" I can still see the clouds and the Island very clearly.

Matt says, "Yeah and I saw it disappear, that's what really gets me."

I ask, "Why?"

Matt says, "Because it was like someone pulled the sky down like a curtain. And now there's nothing there but sea and sky."

I tell him, "And I can still see it. And the clouds to."

Anthony says, "But now the GPS works again."

I shrug to Matt and walk forward to where Anthony is piloting and I lean against him. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I rub my head into his chest. He kisses the top of my head and I think, 'I'm glad he's taller than me. I never knew I'd like being held so much.'

We returned to the Hotel Dock and Anthony started to do preliminary maintenance on the yacht so It'll be ready for tomorrow. Matt and I grab everything that's going back into the hotel.

Anthony says, "I'll be another ten minutes and then I'll be coming in. Nick could you ask Janos if he will be ready to serve dinner in about twenty minutes?"

I've turned back to hear better and I smile and say, "Sure Anthony." Before I can turn back towards the Hotel Anthony smiles and says, "Nick, Janos might know where to go for those cameras you're interested in!"

I must be smiling bigger cause Anthony tips his head to the side as I tell him, "Thank You. Don't be too long!"

He smiled again and went back to his work and I turned back to the hotel and got the packs and the blankets and towels into a laundry hamper that looked like any of the ones a hotel maid would use. I found Janos in the kitchen almost finished preparing the evening meal.

I say, "Good evening Janos."

Janos replies, "Good evening Nick. Did you and Matt enjoy the islands Anthony showed you?"

I had wondered what Anthony had told Janos regarding our yacht trip. Oh well stick to it for now. I say, "Very much so. And the lunch was excellent." Janos smiled at the praise.

He said, "Thank you, Nick. Dinner is going to be fairly simple. Saffron chicken on a bed of wild rice and steamed spinach, avocado and tomato slices on a feta cheese salad, and candied figs on vanilla Ice cream."

I tell him, "It sounds fancy to me. Um, changing the subject, I was wondering if you knew of any place Mat and I could get some of those wireless surveillance cameras. One really great location has signs of people visiting there regularly. We'd like to see if we can identify them and see if they have an unregistered family history with the little island. We could keep our lawyers from having to defend using a spot if we negotiate early with whoever is going to that island."

Janos grinned and said, "You are in luck. My youngest sisters boyfriend is the second in command for security at an electronics factory, two towns over from here. She has a cell phone and has been seeing him on a regular basis for the last three weeks. I'll call her after dinner and ask him if he can help you, or at least direct you to a proper store to get what you want."

I tell him, "Thank you so much, Janos. That sure takes a load off my mind. Oh yeah! Anthony wanted to know if dinner would be ready in twenty minutes, but that was ten minutes ago."

Janos is still smiling as he says, "Anthony's timing is usually perfect. It just so happens that dinner will be ready in ten minutes."

I say ' Great, just enough time to get changed. I'll see you in ten."

Janos said, "See you soon."

I got up to my room and strip out of my clothes and throw some water on my face and decide to ignore the five o'clock shadow. I get into a comfortable pair of slacks and a loose shirt and just slip back into my sandals when I hear a knock at both doors. I call out, "Come in, "and the hallway door opens to Matt as the balcony door opens to Anthony. Before any questions start, I tell Anthony, "Janos sister is seeing a security chief who might be able to help us. Oh and yes dinner will be ready in five minutes. Janos has a high regard for your timing ."

Anthony walks over during this and I get a hug at the end, Matt says" Stick to the hug or you two will be late for dinner." He turns with a grin and walks out before us.

Dinner goes along smoothly and after complimenting Janos for another great meal Janos turns around and calls his sister without any reminding. He really is second in command around here.

We can hear Janos laughing and five minutes later he comes out of his office and says, "Well you are in luck. My sister was concerned when she discovered the packing for the spy camera and transmitter/ receiver. She knew how some men would record their love making with such a camera and shoe it to friends or use it as inspiration at a later date. She thought she should be the only inspiration for her boyfriend. But it turned out he had used it to check up on a new nanny for a niece. She said he was satisfied that the nanny was good to his niece and that your buying it would keep Estella happy. We can pick it up tomorrow morning."

Anthony smiles and shakes his head as he tells Janos, "Now I have the answer to my question I asked this morning. I do not pay you enough. I will be changing that before your next paycheck."

Janos blushed and said, "Thank you Boss. You three had little time to clean up before dinner. You should go refresh yourselves while I clean up these dishes."

Anthony and I look to each other and nod and I say, "Thank you again Janos." Mat chimes in with a, "Thank you Janos." also.

Janos says, "You're welcome."

Matt heads to his room as Anthony and I head to mine. Anthony starts to pull off his clothes as I do, but he is heading for the bathroom. He asks" Tub?" and I nod yes as I say, "Tub!"

Anthony gets the water just above luke warm. With the exertions today and the heat, luke warm is just right. Anthony got in first and I fit in sitting my back to his front. For a good ten minutes we just sit and hold onto each other. Then I feel his manhood start to rub my back in a really good way. I start to rub my back left and right against his erection and his hands slid down and start stroking my fat erection and cup my balls. I reach back and grab his dick with both hands. I'm in an awkward position, but I'm still able to get some short strokes on Anthony's dick for a little bit. Then I realize I want him in me. I turn my head back to his and say, "Help me up a little. I need you in me."

But Anthony first tips my head back a little for a kiss, before he helps lift me onto his big eleven inch love muscle. He just knows all the spots to hit in me. We start to get a rhythm and we get the water to start sloshing and It's magic. We both giggle at the same time because of the way the water is splashing. I tell him, "Let's Fuck the water out of this tub."

Anthony started to speed up as he told me, "You have the best ideas, My Love!"

In between the groans and giggles and splashes and sloshes, we ended up both coming and emptying the tub at the same time. Anthony's pud would flare with every laugh. I could feel it widen and it would make me tighten up with pleasure.. When we were spent, Anthony held me and kissed my back and tweaked a nipple. I lifted one leg and twisted around to face Anthony and that action got such a good look on his face I had to ask, "Should I go back and do that again a few times?" He nodded yes, but after the second time he grabbed my head and sucked my tongue so hard I came again.

Then he told me, "It's not fair that I should have all the fun. I want you to see what that feels like."

I told him, "My Love, my cum on your nipple should tell you how much fun I'm having." And with that I licked his nipple clean. Of course I had to lick the other one or it would feel neglected. Then we kissed again and he tugged on my tongue for a while. The water got cold and we parted so we could safely get out of the tub. He toweled me off and then let me do the same for him. He had to bend a little for me to get his head but that smile dipping closer to me made me pause for a moment. Then when his eyes opened I had to tell him, "I'm never getting my heart back from you."

He looked at my mouth and then into my eyes and he said, "Never!" and then, "Mine's in good hands too!" and kissed that thought straight into my soul.

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A bit shorter than normal. I hope you liked it. Please send feedback either way, and thanks for reading my story.