Alterations 5

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Disclaimer: This is a work of Fantasy with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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I woke up to a tapping on the door. Seemed familiar. Oh Yeah. Yesterday. Janos waking us up. Us. AAhhhh. What a good feeling.

Anthony's arm is under mine and cupping my right pec. He takes a big breath and slowly lets it out. His head moves around and he sniffs my head. His head falls back to the pillow and he groans a bit. It sounds happy. Then he tweaks my right nipple.

Anthony whispers, "I know you're awake." Then he kisses the back of my neck.

I say, "You do, do you?" He lets me pull his hand up to my mouth and play-bite his thumb before sucking it very hard.

His low chuckle rumbles through his chest. Feels good against my back. He says, "Yes, I do. Because your but cheeks start playing with my cock when you wake up."

I didn't even know I was doing that, but even as he said it, I realized I had ahold of him just like he said . Before I can think of what I'm saying, I tell him, "Smart but cheeks."

He didn't say a word but he was stifling a laugh and he put his forehead against the back of my neck. Then the light came on in my head. And I chuckle at my own silly joke. I tell him, "Ya know I didn't plan on admitting I was a smart ass."

The tapping came back a little louder and a voice came with it. Matt called through the door, "Guys, Time to get up... I mean time to wake up and get out of bed. That's what I mean."

I call out, "Thank you Matt for that clarification. We're getting out of bed." I throw off the bed sheets and we both shift around and get our feet on the floor. We look at each other and smile. Our foreheads come together as Matt continues.

Matt chuckles and says, "Well we've got a little time to kill if you two have to take care of anything. Janos already made us breakfast and put it in some warming trays. He said he had to catch his sisters boyfriend before he went to sleep so he could get the camera for us today. Apparently the boyfriend is on graveyard shift this week. I gave Janos money for the camera, plus some gas money and a thank you tip. I had to make him take the extra money for all his help. You have a good employee, Anthony."

Anthony called out, "Thank you Matt. He's come to be like a brother to me."

While Matt was talking I had noticed something that could use my attention. While I stroked Anthony's cock, I was licking the head like an ice cream cone. Anthony's hand was stroking my dick and the other was combing through my hair.

Matt then said, "I'm going down for breakfast, and I'll make a list of things we'll need for observing the faithful. Sound good to you?"

Anthony smiled down at me as I pulled back to answer Matt. I told Matt, "Sounds good to me. We'll be down in a little while."

Matt says, "Ok. See you in a bit."

While I was answering Matt, Anthony took the opportunity to start licking the head of my dick and he had me very close, and he could tell. I started to comb my right hand through his hair now.

Anthony glanced up at me and asked, "Was that bit or bite?" and before I could answer he started taking all of me.

All I could think to say right then was, "My Love, what ever you want." My upper body slowly fell back against the bed, while my hands caressed his head.

Within moments I was coming, and he swallowed it all. I was just getting my breathing back to normal and he leaned back and kissed me. Now that doesn't help get my breath back to normal, but that's Ok with me. It did get me stroking his dick harder and the minute his lips released mine, I smiled, winked and said, "don't move. Too much."

Once again I was surprised how much of his very long cock, I could swallow. And his groan, and his hands rubbing my head meant I was on the right track. Then Jackpot.

He came a bit longer than I did, but when he was done and I could feel him going limp; he gently pulled my head off his cock and towards his face for another time stopping kiss. I think time stopped for us because It was impressed.

Anthony looked into my eyes for a moment and asked, "Quick shower?"

I nod yes and say, "Good idea."

We get out of bed and headed for the shower. He gets the temperature just right and then grabs my soap and says, "Sandalwood soap. I wondered how you kept on smelling so good. You bath in it and use a sandalwood cologne."

I tell him, "A guy's gotta go with what works." He's already started lathering up my chest and belly and I return the favor with a plain unscented soap. He still puts out that walnut scent, and I can't figure out how. We rub bellies briefly as we lather up our backs and buts. We silently decide not to go any further along the road that this kind of bathing would lead us.

I have to know. I ask Anthony, "Where does that Walnut musk scent come from, that your body keeps on emitting?" We get each others backs a bit better, and then rinse off.

He tells me, "Half of it's my natural body odor, and half of it is Janos cooking two out of three meals with Walnut oil."

I was pleased. I say, "So it is natural, I thought so. You just augment it."

We dry each other off and give each other a quick kiss before Anthony goes up to his room. I hurry this time since I haven't seen his room yet. I get dressed and my sandals on in one minute and I'm up the stairs and knocking on his door. I hear an, "Oh, "and, "Come in."

His bedroom is roughly the same layout as mine with a little more room and some bookcases near the door to the hallway. The bathroom looks just as big. Anthony is in his walk in closet finishing getting dressed. And then I see a small desk as part of the bookcases and there is his computer. It is on but not online. I go over to it and give the top of the screen a little rub as I say, "Thank you, too, little guy." I turn around smiling, to find Anthony watching me and smiling too. He holds out his arms and I move into a simple embrace. We're not even kissing and time slows down.

As if I have always been in his arms and he in mine. Even when we part, I am still in his arms. I will always be in his arms, and he will always be in mine. Eternity in a moment.

In unison we say, "Let's eat." and then we chuckled and he followed me to the little elevator, down and then to the dinning room and the kitchen. Matt was still there, and we exchanged good mornings.

Matt pointed to three chaffing dishes and said, "Janos made us an American breakfast. The syrup and condiments are over here ."

I thought and Anthony asked, "Syrup?"

I pull off the first lid and find scrambled eggs in one half and hash brown potatoes in the other half. Good so far. Anthony pulls off the second lid and there is sausage and bacon. Excellent. The third lid comes off to reveal Perfectly formed pancakes and four Eggs Benedict's. Oh wow!

Anthony sees how happy I am and asks, "Nick, I have never been to America. Is this really what Americans eat regularly?" His grin showed his disbelief.

I told him, "For Sunday brunch, yeah. But every day? This kind of diet would coat your arteries with cholesterol within six months."

I look over to the table Matt is at and see 'real maple syrup' on the label of the syrup bottle. I say, "And real maple syrup. Oh yeah! You gotta give him a raise."

Anthony sat down next to me and said, "For getting that smile on your face, you are absolutely correct. I've got to give him a raise." He bumped my shoulder with his and smiled before he started to eat. I dug in and practically inhaled the mound of food on my plate. And then let out a huge belch. this got a shocked look from Matt for a second before we all started to laugh.

Janos walked into the kitchen just then and smiled. He said, "Finally an American who knows how to compliment a chef."

I was about to say something and Anthony erupts with an even louder belch. Then we all erupt in laughter.

Janos says, "Thank you boss. I'll have to make this more often." He starts to pull a box out of the shopping bag.

I end up saying, "Mere words cannot express..." I see a picture on the box showing 2.5 Ghz and Audio wireless Low light level Camera, transmitter and receiver. then he pulled out a little walkman style TV set with an eight inch screen.

Matt has a frown on his face and he asks, "Did I give you enough money for all that?"

Janos smiles and nods yes as he says, "Stan, my sisters boyfriend, already got some money as a thank you from his brother. It kept his sister-in-law happy seeing how well the nanny treated his niece. His brother said anything that keeps his wife happy is worth helping pay for the camera. So Stan only charged me one hundred dollars for everything. I stopped and got an inverter and two batteries from a friend with a small yacht. His wife gave him a more powerful inverter with three batteries for Easter. I got them for one hundred and twenty dollars."

Matt whistles and crosses two items off his list. He tells Janos, "You're good!"

Janos just smiles and says, "Thank You."

I tell him, "No Janos, Thank you. You saved us some serious shopping. Thanks."

Janos got a little bashful and said, "Well you're welcome. I'm just glad to see that smile on Anthony's face. He hasn't been smiling like that for quite a while. It's good to see it come back."

Anthony looks at Janos and then me. His smile is one of his best features. It pulls the whole world into a loving embrace. I can't resist and I smile and kiss him. He holds my jaw for a moment and then the back of my neck.

How do you fully express the feeling of being loved completly?

Matts laugh and comment to Janos brought us back. He said, "I was going to thank Anthony for Nicks smile but I didn't speak up in time." His laugh like the laugh of an older brother catching his little brother making out for the first time, is what got us back on earth. It didn't ridicule, it reveled in the joy of what he saw. Did I mention that Matt was a good friend?

We turned to find Janos with a silly almost shocked look on his face. I ask Matt, "How long this time?"

Matt starts to say something and Janos cuts him off with, "Ten minutes! with both of us talking to you and no reaction. Until Matt started to laugh. I am impressed."

Matt says to Janos, "This is the first time you got to see this, Huh?! The first time it was twenty minutes and even pulling hair off their arms didn't get their attention." Matt shakes his head and smiles.

Janos has a sly grin on his face as he asks me, "Do you have a brother."

I think I blushed but I know I smiled and shook my head no and said, "Sorry Janos, but thank you for the compliment."

Janos said, "You're welcome. I'll have to try my luck with the internet." He starts to clear the dishes with Matts help and I snag Matts list of things we need.

Let's see here. Enough food for two people for six days, but we plan on only staying five days. One of those tiny generators to charge the batteries. A VCR and at least 6 video tapes. pencils and note pads. Four flash lights with rechargeable batteries and charger. Emergency medical kit. Folding table and two chairs. Folding cots. sleeping bags and pillows. Propane stove and four propane bottles.

Just then Anthony reaches over and points to the items after the med kit and says, "We have the table, chairs, cots, sleeping bags, pillows, and stove ; so you can check them off that list and I'll start one for things we do have and need to take. I am curious as to why Matt thinks you need two large inner-tubes, a four by eight sheet of quarter inch plywood, ten eight foot long one by twos, an eleven foot by twenty foot brown tarp, a box of three inch masonry nails. And even more curious as to what you're going to make with them."

Matt sits back down and I give him the legal size note pad back to him. He pulls off the top sheet and starts to draw what looks to be a waterfall and a cave just to the left of it. Then he darkens the cave opening. Next he draws an image next to the first like a down view of the waterfall and cave. He draws the cots and table and chairs and stove and box of supplies and generator and batteries and then Matt says, "We never checked the actual size of the cave but it sounded like it was big enough for something like this layout."

Anthony tells him, "that is very close to the size of the cave. The height is eight to nine feet and it's sort of a box shape, Oh and the opening is a bit smaller."

Matt says, "Good. Will a tarp that size fit completly over the cave opening?"

Anthony tells him, "Yes, but people walking by the pool or along the road would notice the different color. I would start it back inside the cave about eight feet. " He gestures for the note pad and Matt slides it over to him with the pencil.

Anthony drew as he said, "You see the cave makes a turn right after going straight in to the rock face for eight feet. with the size of the opening and the turn, if you put the tarp up there, no one would see it until they swam up to the ledge just under the cave opening. If they do that, they are going to find you anyway."

Janos had been cleaning the dishes and finished in time to hear what Anthony said about the tarp and the cave. He was drying the glasses and had his head down, like he didn't know if he should have heard what they were talking about or not.

I see this just as Matt notices Janos posture. I tell Anthony, "You trust him like a brother. We should tell him."

Anthony frowns and then smiles at me . He nods and says, "Janos, would you please come over here and have a seat."

Janos starts to say, "If there is something I should not have heard, then I did not hear it."

Anthony smiles at him and says, "You have done nothing wrong and you are not somewhere you shouldn't be." Janos sits down next to Matt and Anthony takes my hand and says, "Nick just reminded me that I trust you like a brother, and I don't recall ever taking the time to tell you that. I do trust you like a brother. I think of you like that. You are my little brother."

Janos gets a bashful/ happy look on his face and looks at the table for a second then back up at Anthony. Anthony reaches over and musses Janos' hair. before Anthony can pull his hand back Janos traps it on his head with his right hand and tips his head down. Their eyes close - and for a moment it looks like a blessing or benediction. Janos lets go of Anthony's hand and Anthony lets go of Janos head.

Anthony looks over to me and I tell Janos, "Over a year ago my Uncle Stavos died and in his will I was bequeathed his house . Shortly after I moved in I found an old box with an even older scroll in it. Carbon dating sets it at about the year sixteen fifty AD. It is written in demotic, the more common Ancient Egyptian language and in Greek. It has an odd style map showing a hidden Island and a cartouch describing what offerings please the Gods that a temple is dedicated to, that is on that Island. The box had a note on it with Anthony's e-mail address. But long before I contacted him, Anthony had accidentally found the Island himself and been on it and in the temple a few times."

Anthony says, "And the first time I went in to the temple I prayed to Zeus for a lover to share the beauty of the Island with. A man to share my life with me. I was very lonely." He gripped my hand harder for a moment.

I took up the story again and said, "I was very lonely too. At about the time Anthony asked Zeus for help, I just found the scroll. It took me a few days to email Anthony and then two weeks to get the carbon dating test back."

Matt tells him, "We've been to the Island and there is something magical going on. That's the only appropriate word for it. Nick and Anthony can see the Island from miles away. I couldn't see it until we were under the shadow of the clouds that seem to stay just over the island. When we got to the Island we found a strange Stella obelisk at the top of the Island. We think that's what hides the Island. Then there's an artificial waterfall and pool feeding a channel that leads to the back entrance to a temple dedicated to Priapus, Dionysus, Zeus, Hermaphrodite, and Herakles. While we investigated the altars in front of the statues we found offerings someone had recently left."

Anthony then tells him" I had given Zeus some of your baklava and a bottle of wine after Nick had talked to me over the internet. Yesterday we found some other offering on Zeus alter and no wine bottle anywhere. Nick thinks these people are performing rituals that have been practiced uninterrupted since the times of the Ancient Greeks. We both feel it only proper to discover the appropriate method of thanking Zeus for bringing us together. " He smiled at me.

I finish with, "So we are going to observe the ritual over a few days before we contact the people who are maintaining this temple. I just hope they don't get angry at our presence on the Island."

Janos looked back and forth from one face to another as we talked and now he looked at Anthony and said, "You're all serious about this?"

Anthony nodded his head yes, and Janos asked, "May I see this Island too?"

I tell him, "Yes. I've been thinking it would be a good idea to have someone else know where the Island is, in case some thing happens to us and we don't come back for a while. The clouds seem to hide the Island and block radio transmission, so there's no way to call for help if we needed it."

Janos finally smiled and said, "Thank you for telling me the truth."

Anthony said, "You're welcome, little brother." Janos smiles as Anthony turns his attention to the shopping list and asks, "Matt, please ease my curiosity. What are these supplies for?"

Matt grinned and took back the note pad and drew up an image of two large inner-tubes lashed to the bottom of a sheet of plywood. On top of the plywood were the images of the batteries, inverter, VCR, ice cooler, cook stove, sleeping bags, TV and receiver. Then he drew the image of the generator and the tarp and the wood and a box of nails, and drew a rectangle around them. the last rectangle had the folding table, chairs, and cots in it. He finished with a squiggly line eight feet in on the drawing Anthony helped with.

Matt explained, "The inner-tubes and plywood help float the things we need in the cave, over the pool. There doesn't seem to be a way to get to the cave by dry land . The tarp and lumber and nails, are for a cover over the entrance into the cave. This is to hide the light from our flashlights and the TV, and to cut down on any noise we might make while others are on the Island. Oh yeah, we need a hand saw and a hammer." He jotted those down on the list.

Anthony nods and says, "Now I understand. It sounds like good planning."

Janos face screws up and he slaps his forehead. He turns to Matt and asks, "Matt I hope you can forgive me. I forgot to write it down when she called and just now remembered. Your girlfriend called just after my alarm went off and I thought I would remember when I woke you this morning. I'm sorry."

Matt looked a bit anxious but hopeful as he told Janos, "You are forgiven, My friend. I talked to her last night, she still hadn't made up her mind about us getting married. She wouldn't say yes, but she didn't say no. Maybe something changed her mind." He gets up and says as he heads towards his room, "I'm gonna call her in my room. I shouldn't be too long."

I tell him, "If it gets her to say yes, then take all day."

He stops and turns around with a weird look that breaks into a big smile. He asks, "Did I mention, you're my best friend?" He nods before he heads to his room again. Over his shoulder he calls back, "Did I also mention, you have to be my best man?"

I call back, "Now you did! Good Luck!"

Something muffled comes back from Matt. Probably ' thanks' or something like it.

Janos looks at the list and says" That new hardware store will have the lumber, tarp, nails, and even a small generator. You should also get a five gallon gasoline can. And the food should say twelve breakfasts and twenty-four suppers, six bottles of wine, a twelve pack of soda, and a plate of my families special baklava." He ended with a grin.

I said, "Thank you Janos. That really is the best baklava I've ever had."

Janos nodded and Anthony told me, "I know exactly where the hardware store is, and we'll go to the local camping suppliers as well as the local grocery market for food."

Janos reminded Anthony" I have to restock the kitchen for the Fredricks party, arriving tomorrow, and the Sandoval family two days after that; so I'll get the food and groceries you need for your observation of local customs. The maids will be here by noon and are scheduled for twelve days."

Anthony says, "Thank you little brother" Anthony can see Janos likes that nick name. Anthony turns to me and says, "That simplifies things nicely. We only have the trip to the hardware store and we're done shopping."

I say, "Yeah. Thank you both." Anthony smiles his you're welcome and gives me a quick kiss.

Janos says, "You're welcome. " he grins and says to Anthony, "Big Brother, I'm going to take my car for the groceries. You'll need the bus to get the lumber and generator back here. So I will see all of you in the afternoon."

Anthony says, "See you little brother." We all head towards the Lobby, and while Janos continues out through the entrance; Anthony leads me to a comfortable sofa. He starts to rub my neck with one hand and I decide to hook my left leg over his right, His left hand starts to play with the back of my left knee. We just look at each other with happy little 'I'm so lucky' grins. I pull his head down a bit and start massaging his shoulders. He leans his head against my chest and purrs for half a minute. A few more minutes and I pat his back (massage is over) and kiss the back of his head.

Anthony straightens up and says, "Turn around, it's your turn." I unhook my leg and turn to my right, and Anthony's strong hands start squeezing the blood out of my muscles. I love hard massage just like that! Usually I give a massage and one out of three times I'll get one in return.

I start to Purr and after a moment I had to tell him, "I love you Anthony!" He didn't stop until he got all of my back and shoulders. When he was done he kissed the back of my neck and then wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.

He put his head on my left shoulder and his breathing slowed, but his arms still held me tight. He told me, "I love you Nick!"

I tip my head a little to see his eye and softly say, "I love you." I feel his face smile and I just close my eyes with that deep happy feeling running through my head and heart

We just sat there, holding each other, very happy.

I suppose we dozed off. We woke up to a camera flash and a chuckle from Matt.

Anthony tuned in first and asked Mat, "Could you make me a letter size enlargement of that last shot? I get the feeling we both looked very happy." Then he kissed my cheek.

Flash! Matt chuckles again and says, "I think I'll be making an album for you two before too long".

I smile at Matt and say, "Don't forget to make an album for yourself. I think I'm going to stay." My smile flattens out but my face asks if that's ok, as I look into Anthony's eyes.

My heart leaps seeing his response before he says a thing. His face says ' Yeah!! '.

Anthony asks me, "Really? You want to stay with me? I thought I was going to have to fly to America. And I don't even know if I like flying." His smile is so big. after a pause." We'll have to make my room, our room. But there's a lot of room, and my closet is half empty. It was sort of lonely too!"

Just to make things clear, I ask, "So you like that idea then?"

He gives me a quick kiss and then says, "I want you to stay. I love you."

I tell him, "I love you Anthony" before we start another one of those kisses.

The chuckling signaled that it was time to get going. Matt told us, "Sorry but I gave you two another five minutes before I got around to the bad news." He wasn't smiling now.

I ask, "What happened?'

Matt frowns and says, "Andrea's father went to the doctors yesterday afternoon and they caught a silent heart attack. The doctor put him in the hospital at about seven PM last night and they have angioplasti scheduled for ten AM. We're ten hours ahead of them and it just so happens to be ten AM here, so in ten hours they start. Andrea wants me to fly back as soon as possible. She said she didn't want to give me her answer to my question over the phone, but I should be able to guess from her need to have me near during this family emergency. I 'd be going back even if she said no, I love her that much. Could you help me out Anthony. I need to get the next flight available."

Anthony was up and heading towards his room as he told us, "And add a three hour drive to the airport. I'll see if my friend Tymon can give you a ride. His little sports car can get you to the airport in two hours."

Matt said, "Thank you, Anthony. I don't know how to repay you."

Anthony smiled as he put his earpiece to his cell phone in his ear. He said, "Well for one thing, Pay for the plane ticket. " He held up his hand and said, "Just joking. I know you will. But seriously, to repay me for my help, you must promise to take Andrea to a jewelry store tomorrow and propose again in front of the workers there. Then buy her the engagement ring she really wants. That will repay me in full. Then I know you two will be happy."

That got Matt choked up and all he could do was hug Anthony. A little awkward with Anthony sitting down at the time, but heartfelt just the same. Then Anthony said, "Now lets get you that plane ticket" He started to work on his computer and at the same time pushed a button on his cell phone and said, "Tymon's Cell."

The phone repeated 'Tymon's Cell' in Anthony's voice and then the sound of a phone ringing. Then a voice saying hello. Anthony explained the situation and Tymon told him he would be over in twenty minutes. Anthony thanked him and hung up. just then Anthony said, "Matt you are in luck. The next available flight is in three and a half hours. Go get your things together, and you should be able to make the flight."

Matt said, "Thanks again, "Then he heads to his room.

Anthony says, "You're welcome."

At his door Matt calls back' What about the observation?"

I tell him, "Don't worry. Anthony and Janos can help me get it set up and I can do the observing by my self. Get ready to go, and don't worry about us."

Matt just nods and gets himself ready.

By the time Tymon arrived Matt was ready to go. Tymon was six foot one inch, broad shouldered and at least two-hundred and eighty pounds of lean beef. He looked like a professional bodybuilder with a very young looking face.

Anthony told Tymon, "Thank you for helping on such short notice." Tymon hugged Anthony and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Tymon said, "I'm just glad I can help." He looked over at me and smiled as he said, "Speaking of help; is this the man that put the smile back on your face?"

Anthony smiled like a little kid as he introduced us to each other. He said, "Tymon this is the love of my life, Nick. Nick this is Tymon my first love." Trust Anthony to get things out in the open immediately.

My heart can be wise sometimes, and it realized Anthony wouldn't have introduced us the way he did, if he hadn't meant it. My heart told me that Tymon would always be a friend to us both. My heart smiled at the man that helped Anthony to be a generous, beautiful lover. With my arms open for a hug, Tymon came over and gave me a big bear hug. He set me back on my feet and kissed my neck, before he softly told me, "Nick, you brought the smile back to his face." Then louder as he looked over at Anthony, he said, "Many of Anthony's friends want to thank you for that smile; we all missed it for a long time."

Anthony playfully pulled Tymons arms off my waist and from in back of me puts his arms around my shoulders with his head propped on my left shoulder.

Tymon laughs and says, "Greedy! I know your parents taught you to share."

Anthony said, "And when to hold on tight, to the one you love."

Matt got into the act with, "I think Nick has a real good smile, and I know who helped put it there."

Anthony straightens up as he realizes he forgot to introduce Matt. He says, "I'm sorry, Matt this is Tymon a long time friend. And Tymon this is Matt, Nicks long time straight friend. You two have to get going, but we four will have to get together very soon." He hugs Matt and tells him, "And when you return, you must somehow get Andrea on a plane so she can come with you. Have a safe flight and take our prayers for a full recovery for your future father-in law."

Matt says, "Thank you Anthony. I won't forget the deal. The minute I can get her to leave the hospital I'll get her to the closest jewelry store."

Matt gave me a hug and said, "You be careful, you don't know how those people might react. Ok?"

I nod my head and tell him, "Don't worry. Now get going."

We all wave good bye and then they are gone.

A quick hug and Anthony is saying, "I just have to lock up and then we should get to the hardware store."

I tell him, "I'll get the list and we'll get going."

As I walk back out Anthony says, "Put down small broom and sturdy light weight ladder."

I think, 'Oh yeah!' I say, "For placing the camera high enough to see the whole temple area and still be concealed. Good thinking. And I'm guessing the broom is for removing any footprints we accidentally leave."

Anthony grins and nods as we buckle up and head off to the hardware store.

We were almost finished unloading the bus by the time Janos returned. We had parked on the side of the hotel, so we were closer to the dock. Everything we needed was on the Yacht except the sheet of plywood, the one by two's, and the food. Anthony and I soon had the lumber on the Yacht; so we went to see how Janos was coming with the groceries.

We found Janos had one cooler full of drinks, sausages, chicken, beef, and eggs. He was filling the next with pre-made meals I could just pour out of the container into a pan and heat it up. The first plastic crate had all the dry food stuffs, and the second had a pot, a pan, a teakettle, a coffee pot, silverware, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.

Janos puts the last container in the second cooler with the dry Ice and looks up at us, frowns and asks" Where's Matt?"

I tell him, "Marla's Father went into the hospital for heart surgery and she asked Matt to come back home. Anthony got him a ticket for a flight that left a few hours ago and was able to get Tymon to give Matt a ride to the airport." I sort of grimaced at the begining, but I was smiling at the end.

Janos frowned, then grinned as he asks either of us, "Tymon?" Before we can reply he turns to Anthony and says, "I know my big brother told you about Tymon." He then looked at me.

I told him what my heart told me when I met Tymon, " Tymon is going to be a good friend of mine, because I think he has never stopped being a good friend to Anthony." This got me a hug from behind and a kiss on the neck.

I turn my head to look into Anthony's eyes and ask him, "Please say it again. I liked the way you introduced me to Tymon." Janos face perked up and his face asked please too.

Anthony hugged me tighter for a second then tipped his head against mine as he said, "I said Tymon this is Nick, the love of my life. Nick this is Tymon, my first love." I cannot describe what those words meant to me, except perhaps the feeling you get when you know you are really home.

I puffed up my chest and said, "And Tymon said I put the smile back on Anthony's face."

Janos giggled and told me, "Well you did!"

I tell Janos, "I know what put a real big smile on my face." I pause and then say, "When I told Matt I thought I was going to stay, Anthony asked me If I wanted to stay with him . I told him yes, but I bet my smile said the same thing." I glance at Anthony just as he glances at me and his smile tells me yes in so many ways; I just have to kiss him. We break to the sound of laughter.

Janos says, "I really didn't believe Matt until now." All of the crates and coolers are gone and Janos has his camera in his hand. He tells us, "We should get going."

I tell Anthony, "We have all the tools we need on the yacht and we already loaded all my things. I just wish you could stay a few nights too."

Anthony says, "Me too. But the Fredricks and the Sandovals are a hand full for the two of us. Maybe if I can get them settled early, Janos can bring me out on the third day."

We've been walking toward the Yacht and Janos is locking the hotel's back doors as Anthony starts the Yacht and I get one of the lines holding the Yacht to the dock loose. Janos gets the second one and we're underway. It's two thirty and we should be able to get things done just as the sun is setting.

I take up the place I held on our last trip, holding Anthony from behind with my head on his shoulder. His left hand covers both of mine, and he leans his head against mine. Janos moves up next to us a little in front of Anthony, and Anthony and I glance at each other at the same time. The same thought smiles and runs through both our heads at the same time. We both reach out with our left hands and pul Janos into a big hug.

I tell Janos, "You are such a good little brother!"

This has Janos grabbing ahold of our arms and tipping his head against Anthony's chest. Something is keeping him from speaking for a moment . He swallows and tells us, "After I told my mother I was gay, she worried that I wouldn't have a family of my own." He sniffled and Anthony and I pull him tighter into the embrace.

Anthony finishes the thought for him with" Now your mother can stop worrying." Janos just nods his head yes. We stand like that for about fifteen minutes and Anthony made his course change.

Janos breaks the embrace and asks" Would anyone care for something to drink?"

Anthony says, "Orange soda sounds good."

And I tell him, "That sounds good to me too."

Janos smile says 'coming right up.' He goes below and is back with three Orange soda cans. He hands them out and just as he turns around facing towards where we're going; the clouds over the Island comes into view. I can see the clouds and the speck of an Island.

Janos just says, "Wow!' He looks like he's straining to see something.

Anthony says, "Well little brother, what do you see?"

Janos slightly shakes his head and says, "I can clearly see clouds just hovering of the sea. But it's strange. The shadows under the clouds, seem darker than they should be. But there is no trace I can see, indicating an Island is under those clouds."

I tell him, "Within thirty minutes, that should change."

Janos just burps up the word, "Cool!"

We get within a dozen yards of the shadow of the clouds and Janos face still has a frown. He mutters, "Clouds, Shadows; where's the Island?"

Then we pass under the shadow and Janos gasps, and starts to breath faster.

Anthony is concerned and asks, "Little brother, are you alright?" Anthony slowed the Yacht.

Janos has a weird little grin as he turns to us and says, "I've never seen the ocean rise like a curtain and reveal a complete Island. Cool. " Anthony goes back to the faster speed and in no time we are at the back entrance docking area.

Anthony sets the anchors and starts getting the dingy lowered into the water. Janos and I start getting the tools and supplies into the dingy. We all three make the first of five trips to get the supplies onto the Island. By the time we're done with the dingy, we pull it out of the water and above the high water line. We get a lot of the supplies onto the plywood and drag it up the road, past the crossroads and to the edge of the pool. We make two more such trips and everything is at the pools edge.

The hardware to secure the { now four } inner-tubes, gets screwed to the plywood and the rope is, "sewn, "through the hardware and the inner-tubes. A battery powered compressor fully inflates the tubes to the proper pressure, and the plywood is gently flipped over and slid into the pool. It floats high ; and we find we can carefully load more than we thought. The supplies get over to the ledge and into the cave within forty-five minutes. We have lots of time to get the camera set and the cover over the cave entrance, now.

Anthony tells Janos and I, "With my height, I can get the one by twos cut and spiked into the cave walls for the tarp; while you and little brother place the camera. The ladder should get it to the right height to be concealed."

I nod and say, "We'll get to it." just before a quick kiss sets Anthony to work on the one by twos. Janos and I have the camera, a new set of batteries, the ladder, a can of spray adhesive, a hammer and a few spikes. And three cans of spray paint the color of gray, tan, and gray-brown.

We get to the temple and I stop Janos from entering the back way before he removes his sandals. I show him the other entrance and the wash basin and we both wash our feet before we walk any further on sacred ground. Just in case I dip the feet of the ladder into the wash basin.

I let Janos look around the inner circle of altars, while I scout out one of the ledges above the entrance channel of water. I only have to spray the the case of the camera light gray-brown for it to blend in with the ledge. I use two spikes to secure the camera and before removing the tapped plastic over the lens; I spray the whole camera spike clump.

When I remove the tape and plastic I hear Janos say, "That is a perfect spot. The minute you pulled the tape off the camera, it disappeared."

He had the small broom and we made sure we left no tracks in the temple, or back to the pool.

This time when we swam to the ledge in front of the cave entrance, the cave looked darker than before. It took us walking to within eight feet of the tarp covering before we could recognize it. The cave just looked darker.

Not wanting to damage my lovers excellent work I call out, "Anthony this looks perfect."

He is right on the other side, so he whispers, "Why thank you" I was startled at how close he was and I couldn't tell.

I recover almost immediately and softly tell him, "My love, you always make me proud of you."

The tarp lifts up like a flap and Anthony leans against the cave wall while holding the flap. He's smiling a sexy smile as he says, "I feel the same way about you."

I grab him around his chest as I say, "C'mere you. " We kiss for a while before Janos has to physically move us over so he can get in the cave.

Janos looks around and whistles. My attention comes back to the cave and the arrangement of the supplies. Everything is ready except for the TV monitor, which isn't turned on yet. Now I whistle.

Janos says, "Big brother, you compliment me on how good my work is, but I learned from the best." Janos is smiling at Anthony. Anthony chuckles and throws out a big hand to lightly rest on Janos head, before he ruffles his hair. Janos gets bashful again and dips his head for a moment.

I smile myself and say, "Yeah, what he said." Anthony looks back at me and ruffles my hair for a second. I just hold him tighter and bury my head into his neck. when we start to break, we give each other a quick little peck of a kiss. then move to the chairs.

The cave is lit by one of those florescent camp lights. The table has the monitor on it, hooked to the inverter. The stove is set up and hooked to the propane tank. The crates and coolers are set next to the stove and the cot has the sleeping bag and pillow on it.

After surveying the bed I see something on the pillow. I tell Anthony, "You are the consummate hotel owner. That's a mint on my pillow isn't it?" I'm smiling, and he is too for a moment. Then he frowns.

He says, "I thought since I wasn't going to be on your pillow tonight.. " Then he frowned and bit his lip. That got me frowning for a moment.

I look into his eyes and tell him, "It's only for five days."

And he says, "And four nights." still not smiling.

I agree with, "Yeah that's the hardest part. Along with the days." Now he finally smiles again.

Anthony says, "I am a lapsed catholic, so the word marriage isn't one I would use. In front of our friends and family, would you like to take vows of Love with me?" It is the first time I've seen him look scared or fearful. But then his smile comes back like the sun.

I think either I forgot how to breathe or my heart just stopped to hear my answer. My brain does work well enough to think, 'Thank you Zeus, Thank you God!"

I remember how to breath again and I have no idea what my face is doing. So happy, I could shout, cry, sing, laugh; all at once. I hope my smile tells him what my words say.

I tell him, "'Til death do us part." A bit of a question, but not really. I nod yes, just to make sure. We're kissing again, and when we stop, I say, "Yes please. I Love you, Anthony."

He tells me, "I Love you, Nick." He looks very happy. That must be what my face is doing. Now I can see how some people could start acting in an arrogant manner. You would be proud of yourself too, If you really knew, you were the reason a smile like that was on someone's face. If I make a great man, like Anthony, happy; then I must be hot shit. I gotta watch the ego thing, cause I had a lot of help getting to this place in my life. I just have to remember to do what i need to, to keep that smile on his face; then I'm doing good. Wow, what an incentive. Beats the carrot And the stick { whichever kind of stick you prefer } all hollow.

Janos brings my mind back with, "May I be your best man, big brother?" Anthony chuckles.

Anthony looks at Janos and says, "You honor me, little brother. Yes, it would please me very much, if you would be my best man. " Janos beamed. He looked at the monitor and flipped the on switch. The screen came on with the image of the altars with the statue of Zeus pointing his right shoulder at the camera. The camera was about twelve feet off the ground and about chest level with Zeus.

Janos stands up and says, "Since it seems that we are ready for tomorrow, and Anthony and I will be leaving you here for five days; I think I will explore the stella obelisk and the temple for a few hours. " He is near the flap entrance as he says, "I bet you two can think of a few things to do before we have to leave." He starts to close the flap and says, "I brought an extra sleeping bag and pillow. I thought you could use it. " He's grinning.

I say, "Thank you Janos. " and Anthony says, "Thank you, little brother!"

Janos nods and closes the flap.

My eyes turn to the cot (too small for two, so the sleeping bags had to go on the ground. No problem). My thoughts turn to the temple, and Anthony.

I tell him, "It's funny, but I had planned on us making love in the temple pool. That's not going to happen tonight; but it's going to happen. And soon!"

His eyes and voice say Yes, then he says, "For this night, we should get the sleeping bags arranged. " He started to unzip the open sleeping bag as I unrolled and unzipped the other one. There was a large rolled up mat that would fit under the sleeping bags when spread out. Anthony lays that down first and then we spread out the two sleeping bags and toss down the pillows. We look at each other, and I start looking at him closely. I won't get to see his smile, his face, the small bit of hair on his chest, his hands, all the parts of him I can see. They all lead me to the parts of Anthony you can only feel in your heart or know in your head. I will really miss all his parts. I will really miss Anthony.

And Anthony was busy with his eyes too. And he could see what my heart felt. He started to take off my clothes, and I grinned and returned the favor. once he started, he told me, "It's only five days." He pulls my shirt off and starts on my pants. We both kick off our shoes. I pull his shirt off and as he unbuttons my pants and lets them drop, I do the same for him. This time neither of us has underwear on. Our bodies start to point at each other and in no time our cocks are tip to tip. we move closer and I reach down and start rolling our dicks around each other. the head of his dick reaches my pubic hair and lets him enjoy the friction of glans on pubic hair. Then the head of his cock rubs by my balls. And that really feels good. He lets me continue, but puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me into another great kiss. I tip our cocks up and start slowly stroking them both, as he starts to massage my shoulders. We come up for air and we lay down. The first night with Anthony, I got the impression that he wanted me to dominate the love making. Right now I'm getting the same impression. So I twist around as i sit up on my knees.

Just then Anthony says, "Janos really thinks of everything!" He pulls a plastic tube of lube from inside the pillow case. He pops the lid and squirts out a bit on his hands and drops the tube. He smiles at me with a wicked grin and rolls the lube in both his hands and reaches for my fat erection. He spreads the lube on Sparky (yeah, I know; but you have a name for yours too) and starts stroking Sparky and rubbing my balls. (I never got around to naming them)

Anthony moves closer and says, "I'm glad this stuff tastes good. " I groan as he starts to suck my cock further and further into his mouth. I get a little control back again and grab the tube of lube. I follow his example and spread the lube onto his pecker with my hands. I stroke him a bit while he is making Sparky happy. After five minutes of this, i stroke his hair and gently pull his head off my dick.

I'm in control, remember? So now I lube up my manhole and stand up briefly as I straddle his hips. He helps by holding his thick eleven inches and aiming as I lower myself onto his love muscle. It takes a minute but I slowly get all of him in me. I get that neat feeling of balls resting on thick pubic hair and tip of my dick leaking pre-cum on his belly. His fingers play with the pre-cum and the tip of my dick before he brings his fingers to his lips and licks each finger. I just gotta kiss that mouth. As I lean down for our kiss, Sparky starts to dig into Anthony's belly. We start the kiss, but it soon starts to get very active. One of my buttons is having my tongue sucked as hard as possible, and Anthony knows this. I take some of my pre-cum and roll it around just one of his nipples. Now we have a rhythm going. As I make a complete circle around his nipple he sucks hardest at the same spot my finger travels. OH,OH,OH,OH,OH.

We take a break from this and I immediately tell him, "Arch your back for a moment." We both rise up together and I put both pillows under his hips. He gets the idea and folds the bottom one in half, for more height. Now I can control the ride better. He seems to know just what to do . to let me see how good it's going to be. He is still a little arched and he grabs my dick at the base and quickly whips it against his belly. my pre-cum now helps make a wet slap sound. He drops back down to the pillows, and i stay a few inches above him and grin . His response to that looked like it felt for me. We both groaned and we each let out a wicked little chuckle. I started to rise and fall on his cock, real slow. He put out his arms to help support me but I wasn't tired yet. I just smiled and said, "Soon but not yet."

After I started to speed up He told me, "You look so good up there. In control. I've always been so tall. towering over people. I love it when you seem to be taller than me."

I groan and slow up just for the time to say, "Oh. I love you just the way you are. Taller than me. I like how you like me leading, but your height still gives me that safe feeling when I'm in your arms. Nothing can hurt me when I'm in your arms."

Anthony smiled the sweetest smile and said, "That's how I feel when you hold me."

That needs another kiss and this time the blood starts to rush to my head. Of course thats what happens each time so not much difference. We stay like that for a short while, then I start riding up and down Anthony's cock. Then he starts to suck on my tongue hard, and before too much longer I'm getting close to the edge. Of course, then he starts bucking his hips at just the right spot. I start coming and my anus grabs Anthony so hard, He's coming too. While my insides get some more lubrication, Sparky is adding a lot to our bellies and our chests. Anthony stops bucking, but he starts to rub his belly left and right. That just gets me firing off one more shot, before he lets go of my tongue.

I can't honestly say who was in control, and the way we treat each other, it doesn't matter. The important thing that gets across to us both, is we love each other.

My breathing slowly gets back to normal and Anthony starts to pull out of me. I stop him with, "Wait. If you're going to pull all the way out of me, then I know a place I want to go right now. And I don't care if Janos sees us naked. " I pause, "If you don't. " I put on that - Aw shucks - kind of look to try and influence the vote. He saw what I was doing and agreed to it.

Anthony says, "I never was a nudist, but I think it would be fun to see his expression if he caught us." With that he pulls out completly. I shudder a little and chuckle.

As we get up Anthony chuckles and says, "It's my turn in the temple's pool, Ok?"

I smile as big as I can and say, "Whatever my love wants."

I grab some soap for the cleaning basis and we pull open the flap entrance and peek out. Janos is nowhere in sight. We jump in the waterfall pool and swim across to the edge near the road. still no sight of Janos.

Anthony says, "I feel like some secret agent nudist."

I tell him, "I like our mission better than the ones double O seven had."

Just before we jump out of the pool Anthony says, "Hmm. that's an interesting visual. Sean Connery doing Odd Job up the behind."

We started to walk at a normal pace as I turned that idea around in my head. I can't resist. I tell him, "I guess that would be an odd job for that actor."

Anthony was walking faster which made me keep up and then walk even faster. He said, "I'm sure an actor of his quality could rise to the occasion."

By now we were running and just as we got to the curtain wall of the rear entrance we both realized that we didn't know for sure when the people give the offering to the gods. We both waited to catch our breaths. Then we silently nodded to each other and slowly went into the temple. No one was there and we slowly went to the main entrance. We peeked out and luckily there was no one and no ship in sight.

I tell Anthony, "I'm pretty sure an offering would be left in the morning. Sailing at night isn't the safest of things to do."

Anthony walks over to the basin and steps in. He sighs and says, "Some how passing through the temple causes the water to become cold. Feels good. " His smile draws me over and I see what he means. The water is very cold. I give him a brief kiss and then sit down. He follows my example and then lets me wash his feet. Big feet, and wide. Mine aren't that big but they are wide. I do a little massage and he moans a little as I pull the longer toes. As I finish, he waves for the soap and says, "My turn." You can see why I love this man.

He soaps up one foot and goes through the same massage cycle I did. That gets a purr from me. Then he moves on to the other foot, and does the same. My purr sound hasn't stopped and he asks me, "Do you like cats?"

I say, "Yes, but I haven't had one for a long time. I lived with a couple that had two, and they took care of most every thing. I had to clean the litter box every third day and feed them the same day. They were great pets. Until I Moved into my uncles house, I had put off getting a cat of my own. My apartments were too small or didn't allow pets. I was just thinking of getting one when I found the scroll and your email address. That just put any other thought out of my mind."

He had finished the massage but he didn't let go of my foot. I started to pull back and he said, "Wait I'm not done yet. " He had a wicked little grin on his face and I just frowned a question. I guess it would have been a non-verbal ' HUH'.

Anthony bends down while still looking at my face as he puts my big toe into his mouth. I had heard people go on about this and I never believed them. It's your toe, for heaven's sake; not your dick. Anthony proceeded to correct my idea of what that felt like. Oh boy! I was surprised how good that felt. He stopped and then started to get my other foot.

I stopped him cause sparky wanted to get in the act. I tell him, "I believe you said it was your turn in the pool and just that one toe entitles you to my full attention. I wouldn't be able to make it up to you for days if you did the other one."

We stand up to discover we are already up. As we walk to the pool he says, "I didn't think I was that good at toe sex."

I stop him and put my hands around his waist and look up into his eyes to say, "Good doesn't even start to say it right." We start to kiss by the temple pool and lose track of time. We hear a chuckle and instinctively jump into the pool. It's only four feet deep and we duck and turn to see who laughed.

Janos is hiding in back of the altar to Priapus and says, "Do either of yo realize I walked right up to you and you didn't notice?"

Anthony smiles and says, "So much for seeing his expression."

I ask Janos, "And your verdict is?"

Janos moves towards the entrance and sits down cross legged. He frowns for a second then smiles and says, "I liked what I saw, but if you two were here by yourselves, you would get caught in two days. I watched you two from an arms length away for twenty minutes. I could not believe what Matt had told me. Then I felt embarrassed that I had watched you two for so long." By now Anthony and I had moved to the edge of the pool and I had my arms crossed with my jaw on my hands and Anthony had draped himself over me, with his head next to mine. It felt good, just being touched by Anthony in such a casual way. Like we were meant to be holding each other. Janos continued. " Then I saw how much you love each other and I thought it was good to be a witness to that kind of love." His head is now tipped sideways a bit, and he smiles almost as good as Anthony smiles.

I get a goofy grin and say, "He is your little brother."

Anthony understands what I mean and he tells Janos (who is now smiling proudly) " Now don't go breaking mens hearts."

Janos gets up and heads to the back entrance as he says, "I won't have to if I find the right one. I promise to turn off the monitor as soon as I get to the cave. But we should think about leaving within about two hours."

Anthony says, "Thank you little brother. " and I say, "Thank you."

We see him wave and smile before he leaves the temple.

I feel my toes being fiddled with by Anthony's toes. I glance up at his handsome face and say, "Now where were we?"

We barely finished under the two hour deadline, but it was a glorious race to the finish. The water was so cool and just fast enough that it bathed away the sweat.

We got out and I went over to the alter to Zeus and laid my head on the alter and loudly said, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Zeus cornucopia.. All of my prayers have been answered."

I feel Anthony drape himself over me and lay his head on the alter. He says, "And mine also. Thank you Zeus." after a moment we both look up at the statue of a powerful and erect Zeus. His face looks proud and happy. He knows he has done good for us mortals. Deeds like these deserve a measure of pride.

We leave the temple to make our so longs. I will be alone for five days. I will miss his smile the most. No one has ever looked that much love at me, ever.

I know he was trying to be strong for me and smiled as much as he could but when the anchor went up his smile broke apart. Just like mine did when he got into the dingy.

He shouted, "I love you!" and I shouted it back just before the engine came on and pulled the Yacht out of the cove. I saw his arm wave and I heard the words, "Soon my love!" before he gunned it.

He told me later that if he hadn't gunned it right then he would have come right back and told Janos to watch the hotel. We would have been caught, but at that moment I wouldn't have cared one bit. The next week of my life was the hardest I've ever gone through.

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