Alterations 10

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Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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The second day dawned with an unusual sight. On the top of the hill where the temple was located, there was a very large mound of bodies. Two very large ones and about a dozen normal sized ones sleeping in between them.

I woke to find Anthony and three of the men playing with my erect cock. I must have had a goofy grin on my face along with a question. Anthony said between licks along the shaft of my dick" They said I had to join in or you might be upset at them waking you."

Andonis was giving my dick the hiemlick maneuver while Anthony licked up and down the shaft.

I said, "The way Andonis is hugging my cock, I would not have been upset."

Andonis looks over his shoulder and says, "I just said that to get Anthony to lick the shaft of your monster . Then his tongue runs over my dick too. " He had to pause because Anthony decided to linger right at his cock just then.

Andonis continued, "Ahh . His tongue runs over my dick each time he licks yours. OOOHh."

Anthony repeated his action and I think I gave out a moan at the same time. The men not involved gave out a chuckle. I moaned again from this sensation on my balls. Like someone was massaging and licking each testicle, which was what they were doing.

My head fell back and this licking/hugging/massaging action continued for a few minutes. There was a pause and then I felt Andonis slide down my cock ending with his butt on my pubic bone. That must of felt great for him. It did for me. Then my dick was swallowed half way down by Anthony, who started some incredible sensations with the others help.

I could feel Andonis wrap his legs around my dick. Then the men who were rubbing my balls pulled his legs tighter around my cock and proceeded to stroke about a foot of the shaft. While this was going on, I could feel Andonis stroking his own cock since it was right on top of mine. Just thinking of how it was feeling to Andonis, on top of what they were doing to me, got me close to coming right then.

Then Anthony started humming. And they knew when I took a huge breath and didn't exhale, I was about to blow. I heard Andonis and another man helping say, "Oh yeah!". Andonis started to pile drive his cock and as I started to come, his legs got much tighter. As I rolled through my orgasm, one of my thoughts was ' I hope they were taking care of Anthony'.

I guess it must really be love if you worry if your lover is happy half way through a great orgasm. I knew I was happy!

Anthony's smile told me he was happy, and that settled that.

Andonis was rolling and laughing in a puddle of cum, and covered in cum. The others laughed with him after he said, "It was like the sky was coming with me."

One of the men at my balls said something in Greek and they all chuckled. Anthony interpreted with, "Theos said Andonis should have been down where they were. They had their hands on your cock and it felt like the ocean passed through your dick."

I say, "Aww. These are poets, not just some horny guys." I lean up enough to see them and I say, "Come here you three." I gently pull them through the cum and up to my chest. I put my arms across them and gently rock back and forth. They all grab ahold of me however they can and bask in the after glow.

I catch Anthony's eye and say, "You too." Anthony starts one of those kisses again and when we come up for air, I find four bodies on my chest and they are kissing each other in pairs.

Anthony briefly kisses the arms or backs of each man and then says, "We are good examples, my love."

I say, "I think so too."

We are brought back to a bit of reality by the Sheriff as he walks along the path from the back entrance foot holds. He says" My brothers, we have an unexpected visitor, who demands to see his friends. As he put it ' take me to my friends or take me to where you've buried them.' " a few chuckles went around the group.

Anthony and I could see a hooded figure being brought into the clearing. The Sheriff said with a bit of pride in his voice, "One who cares more for his friends than his own safety, should be rewarded for his courage." the man struggled for a second.

Then Janos said under the hood, "I don't want to be rewarded, I just want to see my brothers." He sounded like the world was going to cave in on him.

Anthony said, "Little brother, we are fine and well. Nick and I are a little changed since you last saw us."

I chimed in with, "Brother Janos, you have great courage. you must hold on to that when you see us."

Then Janos struggled to get the hood off his head and he pulled at the rope binding his arms together behind his back. " Have they harmed you?"

I couldn't think of anything else to do so I slowly reached out and held Janos around his waist. He calmed down as I said, "Little brother, I'm the only one holding you now." I looked at the Sheriff and he had the ropes taken off Janos. Janos did not reach for the hood.

His hands touched my big hand and thumb. His head seemed to tip to one side as he examined the size of them. I told him, "I am eighteen feet tall now brother, and Anthony is fifteen feet tall. We don't want you to be afraid of us, but you have the right to see what we look like. Your courage and loyalty to your brothers earned you that."

Janos didn't take the hood off and I wondered what was going to happen next. Anthony is a genius and asked the right question. He said, "Would you like a hug first brother?"

Janos head dipped down and then nodded yes a few times. I said, "I'm going to pull you to my side, OK?"

Janos said, "OK" and he reached out as he came in contact with my chest.

I tell him, "I am very proud of you, Janos. Are you ready to take off the hood?"

Janos nodded yes and took it off. He squinted in the early morning light and could see my big face. His look of worry melted as he saw my face and then Anthony's face and how big we were. He said, "You both are alright." and he smiled. Some of the men cheered which startled Janos, but didn't cause him to lose his smile.

Janos looked around at the normal men and noticed Andonis. Janos called out, "Andonis, are you part of this too?"

Andonis walked over still partly covered in my cum and hugged Janos, who returned the embrace. Andonis said, "Yes my brother and you are part of it too, now. I would be proud to call you brother and honored if you would call me the same. We all would be."

I pulled my hand away as the other men came up and embraced Janos. It seems Janos never felt like he belonged anywhere before he started working for Anthony. Now he had many more brothers to show him, he belonged in many peoples lives.

Anthony put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed the side of it. I said, "Not such a little brother anymore is he?"

Anthony said, "No. He's a giant in his own right, now. We are very lucky, for he was our brother first."

I nod yes and kiss Anthony for awhile, until we hear a large group of men laughing. We look over at Andonis holding Janos. Janos says" See, I told you, only laughter gets their attention while their kissing."

Andonis said, "We were all chanting your names at the top of our lungs. You couldn't hear us."

I finally see a possible answer. I say, "Maybe we only stop this wonderful kiss, to see what's making people so happy they have to laugh."

Anthony gets a good grin on his face like he thinks that might be it. Janos says, "Half of the time that happy thing would be seeing you two kiss."

Anthony says, "He was our brother first. Don't forget." Janos face lit up even more.

Sheriff Metaxa separates from the group and comes closer as he says, "My brothers, tonight we perform the ceremony to give you control of your size. The journals of the Avatars, tell us that Nick can expect to be able to shrink down to seven and a half feet tall but no shorter. And Anthony's height indicate he will be able to shrink down to a little under seven feet."

Just then two of the men bring up a tub full of grapes. They put it down in front of Anthony and I. A very loud stomach grumble comes out of my body. A few men chuckle as I ask, "Will we be able to read minds like these two?" My smile lets them know I was playing.

The two men blushed and one said, "Avatar, it doesn't take a mind reader to know Big men need a lot of food." Nick slowly draws the two men into an embrace.

I say, "It doesn't take a mind reader to see what kind of good men, take care of big men. Thank you."

The men are happy with the praise and look proud of themselves. Then just before I release them, they start kissing like Anthony and I kiss.

Anthony says, "My love, here is proof we are a good influence on these men." Some of the other men laugh at this and the two who brought the grapes separate at the laughter. They look up to see Anthony and I smiling at them like proud parents.

The man that replied to the mind reading comment still had some shorts on and in response to two huge faces smiling down on them, promptly ripped through his shorts. His erection was amongst the largest and I chuckled because I recognized him again. I said, "I'm bad with names, but I remember you now. You serve Zeus!"

This must have been a playful way the men praised his huge equipment, and recognized his position in the temple ceremony. A few men called out, "Son of Zeus!" and, "Arsenios", which was the man's name.

Before Arsenios could respond the man he had been kissing takes hold of his massive member and says, "We have all served Zeus at one time or another" (meaning they all serviced Arsenios at least once), " But this son of Zeus comes home with me!" He is looking into Arsenios eyes as he says this.

Arsenios takes hold of Matthias swelling member and strokes it as he tells Matthias, "It's good to serve the gods, or the gift of god."

They start kissing again and this time the laughter doesn't interrupt them. My stomach grumbles again.

I pick up the huge tub of grapes like it was a serving bowl, and offer some to Anthony. He takes a hand full and eats half of it. Then he offers the rest . Being fed by my lover. And getting to suck his fingers when the food is gone. Ahh. I put the tub down and take a handful of grapes and suck them into my mouth. I lean over and offer a kiss to Anthony. The gleam in his eye says he knows how I wish to feed my lover. As our tongues caress each other, I give Anthony half of the grapes in my mouth. then he starts to suck hard on my tongue. He is actually suckling on my tongue and that turns me on so much! With no body manning my cock, Anthony's sucking causes my dick to get hard, in such a short amount of time, that it literally slaps my chest and then bounces back to rest on it. I moan and notice Anthony's cock is trying to tap on his chest too.

The moment we stop kissing I shout out to the sky, "OH ZEUS! I pray I make this man happy, for he has made me happy every second I have known him."

Suddenly the sun shone brighter on the hill top and the sound of distant thunder rang through far off valleys.

Anthony completed the spell. He told me in a voice only gods posses, "There's your answer."

We started to kiss again, but we added all the things we did when we were alone. Our passion warned the smaller men and Janos called out something in Greek to the affect, "Everybody run! They're going at it one hundred per cent."

In the back of my mind I was happy the guys wouldn't get hurt and we didn't have to look out for them. And in the front of my mind I knew that Anthony could still fit in me. Now that should tell you the kind of public love making Anthony and I performed for the men. As my monster of a cock kept pounding onto Anthony's chest, we started to get half the men cheering in sync with Anthony's thrust up and my thrust down. And when I felt my lover fill me with his liquid love, it pushed me over the edge and let me shoot my own on Anthony's face and chest and the men who sat in back of Anthony. Anthony was smiling and licking his lips and he grabbed my cock and pulled it just right. Of course that time he aimed it right into his mouth and then he pushed it so I got a spurt. Some of it got in my mouth and I grabbed one of Anthony's hands covered in my spooge and I sucked it off his finger. His smile and his laugh that only the happiest people can make, caused two more shots from my cock and I could feel him go off inside me once more.

I carefully slid down on top of Anthony, but before I slide off to the side, one of the men ask something in Greek. Anthony chuckles and says, "He wants to know if he and his brother-in-law may roll around on my chest? They never got to interact with the previous Avatar, like they can with us."

I say, "Well I know I'd want to do that if I was their size. Knowing you're going home with me, means I really shouldn't be greedy with the handsomest man here. I love you Anthony."

He says, "I love you Nick" and we give each other a quick kiss and then wave the two men over. They help each other onto Anthony's chest and start rolling and sliding like my lover is a slip and slide. Their dicks get very erect and they play for a few more minutes and then start rubbing each other. They get to kissing and rubbing their cocks. It looks like something the ancient Greeks would put on a mosaic floor in a temple.

Anthony softly says, "I am a love field." I have already slipped to the side of Anthony and so when we kiss again, it's like giving the men a living wall to go with the living floor, they are making love on.

I don't know how long Anthony and I were kissing this time, but we came back to this world with the sound of soft chuckling and each of us having our nipples gently twisted and rubbed. One man was fondling mine while the other was fondling Anthony's. Now that's a way to end a kiss!!

The sun is starting to get very hot and I notice the cloud cover is a little thin today. Today!? I ask, "Has anyone honored the gods today?"

Everyone in earshot got a frightened look on their face. Then Arsenios said, "OOppps!"

Andonis looked at the Sheriff and the Sheriff just shrugged. Andonis apparently was one of the men in charge. He told us, "No disrespect has been shown yet, for we were attending to the Avatar and his Companion. But we should honor them before noon and we have." he looks at his wristwatch and finishes with, "Two hours. Lets get ready to do so in half an hour."

The men head for the way to the Dock and Andonis walks up to Anthony and I and asks, "Would you like to start participating today. I must tell you that once you start you must continue once a month for the rest of your lives."

I get a goofy grin and Anthony had started to frown but my expression changes it to a grin also. " Why so happy my Love?"

I look in those eyes of his and say, "Your stuck with me."

His kiss told me how happy he was of that.

Once again, laughter brought us back. I see Andonis laughing and pushing on Anthony. Andonis says, "Janos was right. I've been pushing on you for five minutes. I only got a reaction when I laughed at the thought you two might do this during the ceremony and even the gods would be unable to get your attention."

We chuckled at that and Anthony said, "Perhaps a well placed lightening bolt." We kissed for just a second and then we both stand up and stretch.

I look down at our bodies and see a day and a nights love making stuck to us. I ask Andonis, "Do you have enough soap for us to clean ourselves before we honor the gods?"

Andonis says, "We should have enough soap. And we can help too!"

His cock started to get harder and fatter as he waited for our reply. He hadn't noticed his own rising erection yet. Anthony glanced at me as I glanced at him. Our smirk got Andonis frowning. I told him, "Help eh? You did tell the others half an hour.?!"

He finally noticed his own very health erection. It must have been pulsing with his heartbeat. He looks down and pulls it to the side and looks up a bit sheepish. He admits, "Maybe a little of that too. As long as we start before noon."

I say, "It's good to be in charge." Andonis nods in agreement.

Anthony and I get a little playful and look to see if we can just jump into the cove near the other men. But the ship is right in the way. Then we look over at the part of the hill that helps make the cove and we notice a little stone obelisk near the steepest side. We point it out to Andonis and he says, "I never noticed that before."

We walk around, avoiding where the roof of the temple would be and instead of turning right to get down to the Dock we continue straight for a few yards. Then we find an old foot path that seems very wide for normal sized humans. I scoop up Andonis, just as Janos comes up behind us and says, "My Brothers."

We turn around and Janos face breaks out in a wide smile. He says, "You two are quite a sight at that size. Well any size for that matter." He is naked as is Andonis, and he is now sporting a thick woody.

Anthony scoops Janos up and says, "You are quite a sight too, my meaty little brother." Anthony tickles Janos and gets a squeal out of him before he stops tickling.

We continue along the path to the obelisk and set the men down. The inscription is only on one side, facing the path. I tell them, "It says something close to the effect that this is a lovers leap. Or rather only those who truly love each other should take the leap together."

I look up and Anthony has his hand out for me to take. The cliff is only about forty feet to the water. No big deal for Anthony and I.

As I take his hand, Anthony says, "Our love was meant to be."

I reply, "Our Love will last forever."

We kiss for a moment and step closer to the edge. We both take two breaths and look at each other, smile together and then jump together.

The fall was glorious. I was looking at Anthony the whole time and his smile never left his face. I swear I felt like we could do anything. We hit the water and plunged through the warm layer into a colder part of the sea. We almost touched bottom. We swam to the surface and got our breath back. Anthony draped his arms on my shoulders and kissed me again. We went under water for a moment as we kissed and when we parted something hit the water near us.

What we couldn't have seen was Andonis and Janos watching us kiss and jump. Their hands found each others and they looked at each other for a long moment. They both looked at their hands being held by the other. The serious look on their faces left them when they knew something sparked to life when their hands touched.

Andonis said, "I will be true to you."

Janos said, "I will cherish your heart."

They had been friends for years and had shied away from the words of a loving friendship. Now they said at the same time, "I love you." They giggled at them saying it at the same time. They kissed and then looked into each others eyes and stepped to the edge. They took two breaths, looked at each other, looked down, looked at each other again said, "One, two three." And jumped.

For them the fall was much higher, but just as exciting. When they hit the water, they only went under for about twenty feet. So they got a real good view of Anthony and I.

I saw them come up together and asked, "What's this?"

Janos just smiled bigger and said, "It came upon us after you jumped."

Andonis pushes him under as he says, "I think it's a good thing." They stay under for a few seconds to kiss.

Anthony pushes me under as he says, "Me too" We follow their example this time and kiss for only a few seconds.

When Anthony and I surface I say, "We can't start any of our long kisses in the water or we'll drown."

Anthony says, "But what a wonderful way to go." We give each other a peck of a kiss and start swimming to the other side of the cove. Andonis and Janos follow us and when we get to the other side, we see that our leap caused the entire dock to get swamped.

Andonis tells the cleaners, "We need soap to clean the Avatar and his Companion. They wish to start participating in the ceremonies." Half the men cheered and the others yelled Yeah. The foot washers got a big box of powder soap. The other men stepped back and we moved to the end of the dock that seemed to have a shelf in the water for us to sit. Andonis pulled Janos to the ship and they disappeared below decks for only a few moments. They came back up with a long hose and a car washing wand. Andonis connected it to a valve on the ship and Janos attached the wand to the hose.

Anthony was easier to wash and closer so he was the first to get soaped up. I helped a bit but got pushed away by one of the foot washer when I took too much time on Anthony's nipples.

The foot washer playfully growled, "Later." as he pushed my hand away.

My face frowned and my hand fell on his shoulders. He looked up with a look of fear. I told him with a smile, "You better be part of that later." and then kissed the top of his head.

He was all happy again and got to washing Anthony much faster. He let me help again and I didn't do anything to get Anthony too excited.

But of course by the time Janos and Andonis started to rinse the soap off Anthony, he had a pretty healthy erection. the foot washer who pushed my hand away, stood there with his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

Andonis said, "Why are you angry at the Avatar, Philippos?"

I look at Anthony's very fine erection, and say, "Sorry."

Andonis asks Philippos, "Can you really stand there and expect us to believe you are upset with the size or the shape of this fine cock?"

Philippos smiles and uncrosses his arms. He chuckles and says, "I suppose not."

Anthony says, "It happens most every time he touches me."

I say, "Here, I'll show you." I reach over and hold Philippos with my fingers on his but and thighs and my thumb rubbing over his crotch. I slowly rub until I feel something very hard trying to get through his shorts.

I smile as Philippos moans a little and closes his eyes. I tell him, "Something very hard is trying to get my attention.

Philippos says, "Avatar, you certainly have mine." The rest of the men laugh and I release Philippos. He says, "Thank you Avatar. I understand the difficulties involved now." The men laugh again as he adjusts himself.

It seems I have to slip a bit into the water for them to help wash me. Anthony helps and in no time I'm clean. Janos rinses me off and Anthony and I sit there as the other men get ready for the ceremony.

Andonis is dressed only in a loincloth. He tells us as the altar cleaners start the ceremony, "Today I am the acolyte to Hermaphrodite. When Arsenios walks out of the basin, The Avatar steps up the left side and has each foot washed then stands inside the temple to the left of the entrance. " He turns to Anthony ands says, "Then the Companion walks up the right side and has his feet washed and he enters the temple and stands on the right side."

He looks at them both again as he says, "We have moved the oil lamps, so when the foot washers walk around in back of the shoulder wall, the Avatar walks up to the place between Dionysus and Zeus and turns facing the pool and sits down. At the same time the Companion walks down the opposite side and sits down at the place between Hermaphrodite and Zeus."

Andonis frowns a bit and asks, "Can you both sing?"

I smile and say, "Three years in my high school choir. But I don't think I'm a tenor anymore."

Anthony chuckles and says, "The priest in the town I grew up in always tried to get me to sing in the choir, but my mother's health kept me from joining. I had no sisters or brothers to help take care of her. I think I can at least hum along."

Andonis smiled and said, "That is actually what is needed from you two. After you sit down, the flutes player will play two notes. After the men start singing the song you will hear the root of the actual chord the men are singing. All you need do is hum the low note a few octaves lower. and maintain that note. Take a breath when the flutes come in and hum the note again. when the men stop singing, continue the note until you see the acolyte to Zeus start placing offerings on Zeus altar."

He smiles as he says, "The next part will happen without you working at it. The cleaning of the statues privates gets everyone in the temple as hard as a rock and ready to fire. For you two the tradition is to first aim at each other then aim at the pool. Then after the Acolytes leave the temple, the Avatar and his companion leave down the stair you entered by. You do not need to step into the basin like the others. And that is how you participate."

Anthony says, "Sounds simple enough."

I tell Andonis, "We won't mess up."

The altar cleaners are all finished and the foot washers are already washing the Flutes player's feet. The Acolytes are ready and we get up and take our places. We don't feel anything unusual until the foot washers are done with Anthony and they start to walk in back of the shoulder high wall. We walk to our places and sit down. The notes the Flutes player is playing rings through the temple. The men start singing and I can hear the note I should hum. I start at the same time Anthony does and I feel the hair on my arms and legs start to rise. As the sound of the Flutes enter the song again I take a quick breath and start humming again. The sound of the singing, humming, and flutes, come together and set my heart beating faster.

This time all the men have a hardon before the song ends. We keep humming until the acolyte to Zeus places his offerings. Then they all whip off their loincloths, start to clean the Statues privates, and then the orgasm pulse echos through the temple. Anthony and I aim our cum shots at each other for on volley, then we end up coating the top of the pool with a layer of our spooge. The men wipe down the altars, where their own cum hit and then turn and slip in the white coated pool. They join arms and touch dicks and at that moment a bright white light forms at the meeting point of their dicks and then shoots up through the skylight. We all feel another type of orgasm with the light shooting out of the temple. The cum is no longer on the surface of the pool. the men hug tighter for a moment and leave the pool. they walk out the temple after stepping into the basin. Anthony and I get up and leave the temple and then the others leave also. The sound of the flutes player echos through the temple and then silence. The player walks down the steps and the ceremony is over.

There is still a sense of anticipation around the men, and they are not denied. The basin glows again and Hermes appears.

Hermes said, "Know that we are very proud of you. Your faith and devotion through all these years has been dear to us. When the moon is full, I will not be the only one watching. We are all honored by your offerings and celebrations. When the moon is full, our love for you will be shining upon you." And with that he shimmered and formed into a shaft of light and then disappeared.

All the men let out their breath with a sigh and then went about their business of getting ready for tonight. The oil lamps were filled and repositioned in the temple.

Anthony and I decide to take a swim around to the other cove. It's only a hundred yards at most. Janos and Andonis ask if they can join us. We agree by crouching down and letting them on our backs. One of the men notices what's about to happen and yells" Tidal wave!" Some of the other men see what he's talking about and simply turn their backs to us as we leap into the cove. Not as bad as last time.

Andonis is on my back and Janos is on Anthony's. Andonis says, "Avatar?" but I sink under the waves for a moment, so he holds his breath.

When we surface I ask him, "Andonis, we are brothers now. Please call me Nick."

I could feel his smile on the back of my neck and he kissed my neck before he said, "Nick. Was it love at first sight, with you and Anthony?"

I think Anthony heard this, because he glanced back at me with one of his winning smiles just then. I said, "Anthony and I had met over the internet. We started to fall in love with each other before we ever got a look at each other. But specifically, when I first laid eyes on that handsome son of Herakles, it was love at first sight."

Andonis talks a bit softer as he says, "I have known Janos for over fifteen years. We were good friends, but I never thought he was gay. For five years my lady friend and I have pretended we were lovers. The main reason she wanted to keep the truth from her family was due to the island her family came from."

I said, "Let me guess, Lesbos?"

He said, "Yes. And the reason I wanted to keep the truth from my family was due to my sister being afraid to tell mom or dad she was in love with my lady friend."

I said, "Oh! how many other brothers and sisters do you have?"

Andonis said, "A little brother and an Older sister."

I see what probably was starting to happen. I ask, "After two years, did your parents start asking why you two didn't get married?"

Andonis said, "Almost to the day. It didn't solve anything, it only delayed it. And for me, it sent all the wrong signals to the few men I was attracted to, that I thought might be interested in me."

I said, "So for five years, your sister was happy but you weren't."

Andonis says, "Luckily, No. Three years ago, Michael Metaxa, helped me get home from the local bar. I was too drunk to drive and I had another mile of stumbling on foot to go. When he asked if I needed a ride, I jumped in. But then when he asked Why I wasn't with my lovely lady, I broke down and told him everything. That was when I learned that our towns Sheriff and Deputy, were gay, and that I could be part of something involved with very sexy men who like men too."

We are just around an arm of the Island and we see the cove for the builders of the temple. And there is the Yacht! Janos got it back from the Shipwrights sooner than expected. We swim to the shore and let the men off of our backs and just sit beside each other for a few a moment. I can't be still with such a hunk sitting next to me. I am sitting on my hands for some goofy reason and I keep them there as I lean over and kiss Anthony.

I hear a chuckle and Janos say, "Well we're about the right size." Andonis and Janos squeeze in between us, chuckling all the while. Like little kids they push us apart.

Janos says, "We'd like a piggy-back ride please."

Anthony gets a gleam in his eyes and says, "Alright but first Nick and I want to see you two be able to estimate how long five minutes is, without looking at your watch. In fact, Janos, lend me your watch for this test."

Janos says, "OK." and hands Anthony his watch. Then he glances at Andonis and then says to Anthony, "Tell us when to start."

Anthony says, "I will .. as soon as you two start kissing. Then when Nick and I think you two are using the right technique, I'll tell you now and you two stop kissing when five minutes is up."

Andonis says, "That is only fair, we have acted like timekeepers when Nick and you have been kissing."

Janos wasted no time and wrapped his arms around Andonis waist and looked into his eyes with another winning smile of his, I think he learned from Anthony.

Anthony is looking at the watch and tells them, "Start kissing and I will say Now. Then you two stop kissing after five minutes." the men smile and nod and then start kissing.

At times Anthony and I can read each other's mind. Now for the most part, I believe practical jokes are not practical. They embarrass someone and then they feel like they have to think up something better than your joke. But this time we both thought it would be good and no one upset. So just as Anthony said Now, I started to walk very fast until I was far enough away, they wouldn't hear me run.

By the time I got the thing arranged Janos and Andonis had been kissing for fifteen minutes.

Anthony said, "It's been fifteen minutes and ...."

The rest of the men on the Island all said together, "Time's Up!"

Andonis and Janos jumped at least a foot in the air. While they had been kissing I got all the men in the temple and the dock and they ran as quietly as they could and surrounded Janos and Andonis without making a sound. After the two airborne lovers landed, the men started laughing and pushing and rubbing Janos and Andonis. The lovers just hugged each other tighter and soon were laughing with us.

I tell the men, "Thank you for your help, Brothers." The men head back to the temple as I say, "Janos. Andonis. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist."

Anthony said, "I am too. But now you know what it feels like when a really good kiss is interrupted."

Andonis looks up at us sheepishly and asks, "May we still have the piggyback ride?"

That got Anthony and I laughing. I look at Anthony and then at Janos and Andonis. I tell them, "Anything for our Brothers." And we scoop them up as we stride towards the waterfall.

This time I have Janos and I ask him, "How much of what Andonis and I were talking about did you hear little brother?"

Janos said, "Well Big brother, I think most of it. You were in back of us. I wish I could say I 'd been fooled by what Andonis and Daphne were doing, but I saw how Chloe and Daphne looked at each other, and they had been doing that for more than five years. I never said anything because he was a friend and I didn't want to ruin anything."

I said, "I take it Daphne is Andonis' pretend lover and Chloe is his sister."

Janos said, "Exactly, "They were on the road to the obelisk at the top of the Island. Suddenly Janos pulled on my nipples which got me stopped dead in my tracks.

I yipped, "What?!"

Janos said, "OH sorry." He released my nipples and rubbed them a bit. Which of course felt much better.

I ask him, "What were you pulling on them for?"

Janos said, "I was trying to do the Whoa horse kind of thing and couldn't think of anything else. Sorry."

I say, "Well rubbing them made up for it, but next time try this, "I turn my head so I can look him in the eye and I say, "Hey, Nick. Let's stop here."

Just then Anthony has turned around fifty feet further on and smiles as he says, "Hey Nick. Let's stop here." Now I know he heard what we were talking about but how could you get upset at such a handsome smiling face.

I say to them all, "Anything for my brothers." Janos arms wrap tight around my neck and he kisses the back of it. I hold his arms for a second and say, "OK, down ya go." And I crouch down and let him go.

He walks around to in front of me and says, "You and Anthony will always be my first real brothers." He walks in between my knees missing my dick that was slumped a bit on the ground, and hugs my chest as I wrap my arms around him.

I tell him, "I feel the same way about you and Anthony."

Anthony has let Andonis down and he walks over and pats Janos on the back as he says, "Not such a little Brother after all, huh?

As I shake my head no I say, "Very much a big brother in my mind."

Janos and I release each other and as he turns around, I stand up. He isn't distracted by my mammoth meat bumping his shoulder. He's looking straight into Andonis' eyes as he says, "So I didn't ruin anything, I still have my good friend, and now I have my lover and my heart."

Andonis swiftly bridged the distance between them and threw his arms around Janos at the same time he was embraced by him. Their lips and tongues spoke volumes of their new found love.

After what seemed like hours, (and was only fifteen minutes ), Janos and Andonis found their erections were poking painfully into each others side or belly. They look around and find Anthony leaning against me with my arms around his shoulders. We were watching them and smiling.

Janos asks" How long have we been at it?"

Anthony looks at Janos watch and says, "Oh, fifteen minutes." He hands it back to Janos.

Andonis asks" And you didn't laugh to stop us?"

I say, "It's wonderful to see what Anthony and I look like when we kiss. Why would we want to cut it short?" They got shy for a minute and then put their foreheads together as they smiled.

Anthony and I get up and Anthony asks, "Shall we get to the obelisk at the top? Janos has only seen it once."

We all start to walk up the path and suddenly Janos has my hand and Anthony's like a small child would.

I ask him, "You know what a child wants his parents to do when he does that?"

Janos' eyes get a little big, but he says, "Yes and I'm ready." His grip tightens on ours and as we walk we pull up on Janos and swing him up in the air. He lets out a baritone squeal as he reaches the top of his swing and we gently lower him down to the path. We do that again and when he touches down again he says, "Do that for Andonis, Please?"

We let go and Andonis takes his place between Anthony and I. Anthony asks, "Ready?" Andonis just nods and we start walking and then pull him up just like we did to Janos. Almost the exact tone of squeal erupts from Andonis and when his feet touch ground again he yells, "Again!"

We give him two more rides and then he lets go laughing as he says, "I am twenty seven years old, but suddenly I am Two again!"

He giggles some more as he steadies himself on Janos and smiles with his eyes shut. Janos is smiling and holding Andonis close.

Anthony whispers to me as he points at them, "That's happy on both their faces."

I nod yes and then turn to him for a quick kiss. We look down and now they are watching us. I bend down and grab them both. I tell them, "We're never going to get to the top this way and I'm getting hungry. And the way you two squealed just now made me think of two little pigs." I ran up the last hundred yards to the obelisk and set them down just as Andonis made a perfect pig squeal sound. Then Janos tried it while pushing his nose up like a pig snout.

I say, "Now I'm really hungry." they can see the grin and know I'm not upset.

Anthony smirks as he says, "If you are very hungry, My love, I may have something that can fill you belly." His cock is already half erect and me stretching my back and flexing my bigger muscles, get his cock hard as a rock in seconds. This of course gets my monster pointing at him.

I tell him as I look at his love muscle, "My love, that is a meal and a half. I won't need any dinner. But I'll take dinner when it comes." We suck on each others tongues for a moment and then I pull his Monster up to my lips and start tasting every inch of him. I smile the sexiest smile I can at him and say, "Definitely not chicken! Tastes like Prime beef to me. Well seasoned and a lot of it."

I hear some moans and I glance over to find Andonis and Janos sucking each others dick like the were hungry calfs.

Anthony and I start to lie on the ground. Anthony takes hold of my cock and says, "Our Brothers do have some of the best ideas."

I say, "Yes they do, "just before I suck down as much of Anthony's mighty meat as I can. In no time at all, my stomach was no longer empty and my hunger was gone. At least for food.

As the sun set, we sat up and honored its passing for the day. I told my love, "I swore we would have many years doing this."

Anthony said, "Just watching the sunset?"

I nod yes and look deep into Anthony's eyes. He tells me softly, "I'll have to help you keep that promise." We kissed till twilight faded.

We gave our brothers another piggyback ride to the temple and we slipped through to the basin and we each washed our feet quickly. The oil lamps gave the temple a strange inviting glow. We walked out to find the men ready. Janos was taken aside and his shirt and watch were removed and a long white cloth was wrapped around his head and eyes. He was lead to the front of a line of most of the Brothers.

Arsenios hands Andonis a loincloth and a torque that went over his shoulders and clipped in back. It looked like a semicircle in front and in back with a collar. Arsenios had one that was a triangle shape in front and in back. Matthias had one that was a rectangle in front and in back. And the double flutes player had pan pipes instead.

Arsenios beckoned Anthony and I near Janos and said, "This is the ceremony that rededicates the Brotherhood Temple. I am the Celebrant, My lover Matthias is the Gatekeeper, Andonis is the Guide for the Initiate, who happens to be Janos tonight. This ceremony brings new brothers into the fold and brings the Avatar and his Companion into the heart of the temple."

He clears his throat and says, "We start with the one Foot Washer walking up to the basin and cleaning his own feet. Then the Pan Pipes Player walks up to the basin and gets his feet washed. The Pan Pipes Player waits in the temple between the altars of Priapus and Dionysus. The Gatekeeper and then the Celebrant walk up to the basin and get their feet washed. The Gatekeeper waits by the entrance, while the Celebrant walks to each altar and pulls enough fruit off of them so each blindfolded man has one fruit. I hand them to the Guide and he takes them to the initiate and the other men waiting at the bottom of the stairs."

He looks at Anthony and I and says, "When the fruit is handed out to all the men in line, the Avatar and his Companion walk up the other side stairs and dip one foot at a time in the basin for the Foot Washer to clean them. Then the Avatar walks in on the right side around the main pool and stands in front of Zeus altar. You bow to the statue of Zeus and call out the name ' Father '. Then you turn towards the pool and stand waiting. Anthony then gets his feet cleaned and he walks in to Herakles altar and says, "Father, "and stands to the right of the altar as he faces the pool. The Pan Pipes are played as the men are lead up the stairs to the entrance. Then before the men are lead into the basin one at a time, the Guide is challenged by the Gatekeeper and the Celebrant. The Guide and the initiate and the rest of the brothers have their feet washed and they are lead into the temple to the playing of pan pipes . The Celebrant delivers the oath of brotherhood. The initiate and the other brothers eat the fruit in their hands and the Guide collects the seeds. Then the blindfold is removed. The Avatar kneels by the pool and Janos and the other men are lowered into the pool by the Avatar. After their baptism they are helped to stand in the pool with the other brothers. When all the men are in the pool the Guide gets baptized by the Avatar, then stood up, and after him the Foot Washer, and then the Gatekeeper, and then the pan pipes player, and then the Celebrant."

Arsenios says, "From the pool, I will speak a Mantra, that will cause the water all the brothers are in to become charged. When the pool glows a yellow white All the men will get half way out of the pool. They will be sitting on the edge with their feet in the water. The moment the men are sitting on the edge, The Avatar steps into the pool. He then holds his hand out for his Companion to join him in the pool. The Pan Pipes player start a tune that goes with the mantra the Celebrant is chanting."

Arsenios says, "It's at this point the Mantra will blend with the pan pipes music and you both will be able to change from eighteen feet tall to near seven foot tall. Then the men take off the blindfolds and use them as loincloths. The Celebrant Thanks Zeus. Zeus gives us all an orgasm in the pool and the ceremony is over."

Stefanos, the pan pipes player, spoke up and said, "Arsenios, you forgot the part where I'm supposed to turn into a Satyr and lead us out of the temple with my playing." He turns to Anthony and I and says, "In all the initiations I've played at, it hasn't happened yet. But this is the first time I'm part of the ceremony to bring an Avatar and his Companion into the Brotherhood."

I notice some very large equipment on the pipes and flutes player. I remember his name and say, "Stefanos, it seems you already resemble a satyr. What reason would the gods need to change you?"

Stefanos smiled seductively and played a fast tune on his pipes as he danced back in line in front of Andonis.

Arsenios lowered his voice and said, "Stefanos isn't the biggest amongst the brethren but he is the strongest. Yet for all his strength, we nearly lost him two years ago, when his wife died. A boating accident that killed nine people. We found him here passed out. He had come to take his own life. Apparently he asked the gods why and they had no answer, but before he could shoot himself all the statues began to weep. He knew then, the gods were joined with him in their sorrow as well as their joy."

Anthony asks, "How many men are happily married to women?"

Arsenios says, "About two thirds of the brotherhood. The women all know about the temple and what goes on out here. In fact there is a ceremony for all the women who wish to have a child in the coming year, you might enjoy." This last is directed to me. " At one point they slide into the pool on the Avatar's cock." His smile says there is more to that.

My dick plumps up a bit and I admit, "I've never really had any erotic thoughts of women, but that image does look interesting. As long as Anthony's helping erect the water slide."

We can plainly see our shadows from the moonlight. Arsenios says, "We should begin."

I say, "We'll be ready."

Philippos the Foot Washer walks up to the basin and cleans his feet, then Stefanos steps into the basin and his feet are cleaned. As he moves to stand by the Priapus Altar, Matthias steps into the basin. Once cleaned Matthias steps out and stands by the entrance while Arsenios has his feet cleaned. Arsenios then gathers four apples and four plums and hands them to Andonis near the entrance. Andonis moves to the bottom of the stairs and hands Janos a plum and tells him to hold on tight. Andonis repeats this to the seven brothers in back of Janos, even though they have been through this before.

That's our cue, so I walk up to the basin and Philippos washes my feet. Then I go stand in front of Zeus altar, bow and call out the name, "Father". Before I can turn around and face the pool, the moon peeks through the skylight. I shiver from a feeling that I'm connected to the men inside and out of the temple. I turn around to see Anthony is finished getting his feet washed and he walks over to the Herakles Altar and says, "Father, "then stands beside the Altar.

Stefanos starts playing a tune on the Pan Pipes and Andonis leads Janos and the men up to the top of the stairs. Stefanos stops playing when the brothers speak, and starts again in between.

Matthias calls out, "Halt! Who dares enter this sacred place?"

Andonis says, "Brother Gatekeeper, It is I, Brother Andonis."

Matthias asks, "Who are these men behind you and why are you all here?"

Andonis tells him" The man behind me is Janos, a supplicant to our Brotherhood, I am guiding here tonight. The men in back of him are our Brothers, standing with him as a testament to his worthiness to become our Brother."

Arsenios stands in back of Matthias and asks, "Good Brother Andonis, will you stand by Janos through his initiation into our Brotherhood?"

Andonis says, "I will."

arsenios asks, "And good Brother Andonis, will you guide and instruct Janos in the ways to be a good Brother of our Temple?

Andonis says, "I swear I will."

Arsenios says, "Then a bid you Brother Gatekeeper, admit these men into our temple when they are right with our gods and with our Brotherhood Temple."

Matthias says, "I obey the will of our Brothers."

Andonis leads Janos over to the basin and tells him, "A good Brother washes himself clean before setting foot on sacred ground. Step down into this basin and a Brother will help you to be right with our gods and our Temple."

Janos is helped into the basin and has his feet washed. He is helped out of the basin and Andonis says, "A good Brother is patient while his other Brothers make themselves right with our gods and our Temple."

The other men went through the foot washing fairly fast. During this time Andonis whispered somethin to Janos.

Andonis saw the men were ready and he leads Janos to the Gatekeeper. He says, "A Good Brother asks to be admitted to our Sacred Temple."

Janos says, "Brother Gatekeeper, May I and my Brothers please enter this Sacred Place. We come only seeking Brotherhood."

Matthias says, "Janos, there are many paths to Brotherhood, but we are pleased you chose this one tonight. Enter Brother."

Andonis takes Janos hand and the other brothers follow.Andonis stops them in front of the altars to Priapus and Dionysus.

Arsenios begins with, "A Good Brother.." and all the older Brothers join him in saying, "Values his Brothers welfare over his own."

Arsenios tells Janos, "This is not altruistic, self sacrifice. It is being one amongst many Brothers caring for every Brother. It means as you look to your Brothers needs, many Brothers are looking to yours."

Arsenios says, "A Good Brother .." And the others join in with, "Values Family."

Arsenios says, "A Good Brother.." And the others join in again with, "Loves his brother, no matter who he is."

Arsenios says, "A Good Brother .." and again the others join in with, "Guides his Brother away from anger and fear and helps him find his way into the light."

Arsenios asks, "Janos do you wish to partake of our Brotherhood?"

Janos says, "Yes."

Arsenios asks, "Janos, will you be a Good Brother, following these simple principles as well as you may?"

Janos says, "I will."

Arsenios says, "Then eat of the fruit you have been given and give back the seed."

Janos and the other men ate their apples and plums and Andonis collected the seed or apple cores, and placed them to the left of Priapus altar.

Arsenios said, "Brothers, remove your blindfolds."And after they do, Arsenios said, "One more act to wash away the past, and then we are Brothers at Heart."

Arsenios walks over to me and says, "Janos the Avatar will place you in the pool and then help you to stand. As each of your brothers pass through the same cleansing, help them to stand and embrace your new Brothers."

Janos walked over to me and I lifted him with both hands and laid him in the pool until he was under the water completly. I lifted him out enough to stand him up and he held on to my hand for a second and smiled. I went on to so the same for all the Brothers in the Temple and Janos helped each to stand and he embraced them.

Arsenios was the last and after hugging Janos he turned towards the Zeus altar and me and started to say something. But as he spoke a wind whirled around in the temple, but there was no sound. as he continued to move his lips the wind went faster and then plunged into the pool. The glow was the same as in the other ceremony. I took my cue and stepped into the pool and held out my hand for Anthony. As he stepped into the pool the sound of rushing waters, falling water, rain came together for the briefest of moments and then silence.

With the silence came a calm and then the knowledge of what to think when I wish to shrink or grow. I began to shrink and Anthony shrank too. I stopped at seven and a half feet tall and Anthony stopped at six foot nine. It was good to be closer to human size again.

Then the glow which hadn't gone away suddenly swirled around Stefanos and his leg were suddenly covered in fur. His ears slid up to nearer the top of his head. He grew horns like a goat in only a minute and his tail started to wag back and forth very fast. Then the important part of a Satyre became evident. His cock had to be over two feet long and about as thick as a coke can.

His first words after the transformation stopped was, "I'm going to need some help."

All the men laughed thinking he meant with his equipment. He said, "Not that! Though that would be good later. I mean out of the pool. Hooves are hard to manage."

He got out with help and when Anthony and I got out, we got a hug from every Brother. By the time we were done with all the hugs I had an enormous erection a bit longer than Stefanos. Then Anthony started showing off and his was bigger than Stefanos too.

Stefanos bleated, "Boyyy, I know who I want help from first!"

We helped each other very well. Like all Good Brothers do. But by the time I was ready for sleep, Anthony was there to grow a little bigger and be able to hold me while we slept. I swear heaven is in his arms.

To be continued

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