Alterations 9

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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, You should not be here! You have been warned.

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I went to sleep half way out the cave. I didn't want to break anything, so I pushed it all to the far corner of the cave. I made sure my feet couldn't reach anything in the cave and after pulling the tarp over my head I fell asleep.


Weird Dreams

I was flying over the water and I could see how clear the water was. I was just skimming over the water like a hawk. But then it seemed like I was flying just in front of a yacht. It was Anthony's Yacht! I sailed over the Yacht but couldn't see Anthony anywhere. I didn't recognize the pilot and for a moment I thought it was stolen. But then I noticed how fast it was going and I flew aft to see if someone was water-skiing.

There was Janos on skis. But instead of getting closer to him like I had planned, I suddenly went straight up. Higher and higher until I could see the whole area they were in. And I could see where they were heading. And I could see a fishing boat recently sunk on a sand bar. It's mast barely breaks the surface but the ropes and lines could fowl the motor or worse.

I see all that and I'm able to rocket down to the young man at the wheel. I try yelling, "There's a sunken ship just under the surface and you are heading for it!" No good. he didn't even flinch.

I try to make physical contact with the young man but before I can, I'm pulled away from the Yacht. I'm moving straight up again and I can see they've changed course and seem to be going around the wreck. Then there is the sound of stone on fiberglass hull and I'm worried if Anthony is on board or not, and what they hit! Then I wake up.

That is not a good way to wake up. I am very awake and hungry. I left the cooler lid loose last night so I could defrost two of the meals. the other two were Lunches. All four went down fast. I was now eighteen feet tall and the nine foot high ceiling in the cave felt like it was three foot high. I didn't bother trying to start the VCR. I would probably just end up breaking it.

I slipped into the waterfall pool and found the depth was sixteen feet deep all the way across the pool. The pool in the Temple was going to feel small. The ten and twelve foot statues were going to feel small.

Oh God I can not stay like this. there must be a way to reverse this.

I hear music and then I hear singing. I go to the right and lean against the toilet to piss and stay out of sight. Suddenly my dick performs a death- defying act. I am so horny that I nearly pass out. Luckily I was propped against the Toilet, when it hit.

I can't help it. My dick is just under six feet long and my balls are at least a foot across. This orgasm was going to be gigantic.

I find myself lying with my hips and legs in the stream and the entire area is covered in white. I can see a few clumps of absurdly thick cum floating down the stream. I guess my brain tried to keep up with the sensory overload, but I must have popped a mental fuse. I can remember starting to cum and feeling like it would either empty my whole body or kill me. I hadn't thought of just passing out as one of the options.

I can tell my mental circuit breaker resets rather fast, because I have that afterglow feeling and I'm still able to see the clumps of cum floating out of sight in the stream.

Oh God! My six foot dick is still hard. I feel my balls and they are probably close to nine inches in diameter. All that cum that's literally covering my upper body and my balls only shrink back a quarter of their size!

To me my dick seems to be two feet long, three inches wide, and my balls are three inches in diameter. My thighs are huge and thick, like my chest back and shoulders. My head is just a little bit smaller than it should be for this sized frame. Then again my legs feel like they are shorter than they should be.

I can see quite a few veins in my cock pulse with my heartbeat. I don't want to get my dick scratched up by the underbrush. I figure another good wank should help to lower the pressure. I start to gently stroke my cock and think about Anthony. Why wasn't he there last night to pick me up? I stop, frightened now. My dick starts to deflate as my imagination runs through what could have happened.

He could have been in the Yacht when it hit whatever it hit. Somehow I know the dream I had last night was something that really happened yesterday. But why don't I know if Anthony was on the Yacht or not. I could stop worrying if I knew he was safe.

Then the little monster in my head that hasn't died yet says 'Maybe he's tired of you' or 'Who would want a freak like you?'.

And another thought asks, 'Could he have been in some other accident and that's why Janos was with the guests?'

The thoughts move back into the background of my mind but they won't stop completly.

Then I think, 'Wait the faithful! ' I can get them to give me a ride. Maybe they'll believe I'm one of the gods.

I roll through the stream to rinse some of the cum off . In a crouching run I get to the temple, only to find the wineskins already placed. I run to the Dock entrance and look to see if they are still in sight. Not a trace of any ship or boat on the water. All crestfallen I slowly walk to the end of the dock and I step into the sea, but I knew before I took one step onto the dock, that I was too late to catch them. Hermes always waits a good ten minutes before placing the wineskins.

Anthony! God I miss that man! I miss how Anthony holds me at night. I love how he wants me to take charge when we make love. He's not that much taller than me, and at odd times I feel like I'm in love with a giant. But when he looks into my eyes, into my soul, he makes me feel as tall as I am now.

My foot just sits in the basin and I wash each one. I walk back into the temple and stand before Zeus altar. I am at eye level with Zeus statue. But the eyes are those of a statue.

I kneel before the altar and start crying. I plead with the very distant gods out loud. I say, "Please let him look at me that way again. Please don't take away my Anthony. You can have the tapes and the fame and anything else I could've gotten with them. But please let Anthony still love me. There's nothing in the world I want but his love. Please Zeus. Please Zeus, bring My Anthony back to me."

I must have cried my self to sleep on the cold marble floor. It was already getting dark. Then I noticed the oil lamps around the temple were lit!

Who lit them? Then I see the wineskins are all piled up near the Dock entrance with the altar food I would normally collect I see some of the flowers from hermaphrodites altar have been put near where my head was when I was sleeping. Could Hermes have come and gone and done all this while he was here?

Now with the twilight deepening my thoughts turn to Anthony being hurt. I'm all dried up sorrow wise and I get a bit angry at the gods. Except for Hermes. I leave the wine and food untouched and stalk out the back entrance. I think 'Anything could be happening to Anthony and I'm stuck here jerking my pud, unable to help in any way.'

Then in my anger I think, 'I'll show those gods! I'll knock the obelisk stele off its foundations! That'll get their attention.'

But before I go two steps, my heart reminds me just who brought Anthony into my life. I can't repay their gift with that kind of stupidity and treachery. They depend on me to reveal the truth about centaurs, and some how expiate humanity's sin of genocide. That's a lot for one man, even if I'm not little anymore.

I almost get morose again, but I suddenly hear a loud chugging of a motorboat. the engine is not tuned up well and it sounds like it's going to back fire any time now.

Now who's coming here? They better be able to give me a ride to the mainland! Well they won't be able to say no. I think my size should be a big enough persuasion to get them to do what I say. I think, 'Keep that attitude and it will work better'. I've quietly walked to the little beach and I try to get around the bushes and on the other side of them from the path. That way when they finally see me they'll be cut-off from their boat and have to agree to get me off this Island.

I'm in a good spot and it looks like I can get through without making too much noise. I can see the boat now and I'm pissed. It's too small for me to ride in it without swamping it. Damn!

Why couldn't this Bozo have a bigger boat? It's too dark for me to make out what this guy looks like. The Moon will be out in a few moments. I can see it peeking over the hills the temple is inside of. Now the guy turns off the motor and lets it plow its way out of the water onto the beach. He jumps out and pulls the boat a little farther up the beach. As he turns and starts to walk up the path I make my move and get in between him and the boat

I stand as tall as I can, cross my arms and say, "Where do you think you're going?" Just then I think 'now that's stupid, what if they only understand Greek?'

The man turns around just as the light from the moon is able to light up the clearing on the beach. It's Anthony! My heart does a back flip until I see his mouth open as he looks up and up and up to my face. I don't think I can take this. before he says one thing, my fear has me saying, "Where have you been. I've been worried sick".

What Anthony does in the next few second could have been the end of all I hoped for. But my Love is a great man. In the face of an eighteen foot tall Giant that turns out to be your transformed lover, He did not flinch or fear. My Anthony said one word, "Nick?" and then he did the one thing that melted my heart . He reached up to me like a small child does to be picked up. He came to me with his arms up and walked faster with each step.

I picked him up like a small child and started crying as I said, "Anthony." He was crying to and clung to me as he said, "Nick" I was able to get ahold of myself enough to be able to think of where we could go. He had stopped crying just before I started walking to the temple. As I walked, he seemed to relax in my arms and rest his head against my neck. Before we got to the temple entrance he said, "You have to be Nick, you smell like him."

That got a little chuckle out of me and he said, "And you laugh just like Nick."

We get inside the temple and I let Anthony down right onto the basin to wash his feet. I go to the main pool and wash my feet. I have my lower legs dangling into the pool and Anthony walks over and puts his hand on my shoulder. I try to smile but I know I'm a freak. I can never be inside the man I love again. As I think this my face crumples up and I start to cry again.

Anthony climbs into my lap as he pushes at my face. He says, "No no no. I don't think my heart can take that look on your face. Please don't cry my love. We are back together Nick. Nothing else matters to me bit that you're safe and in my arms." He threw his arms around my neck and could barely touch hands.

Anthony shook his head and held tighter. He said, "We are together again and that's all that matters. You can't get away from me that easy. I've been back in time and made love to you in Herakles body while you were in a centaurs body. I've had my guests punch a hole in my Yacht and had to have the coast guard tow it in . I've had to break up a fight between my guests and throw out one group with the sheriffs help. And turn around and refund their entire deposit, just so I will never ever have to hear from those idiots again."

I'm holding Anthony like I'll never let him go. But at this point I let go enough to be able to see his handsome, beautiful, godlike face. He says, "I have been in agony ever since I dropped you on this god..." He can't say god forsaken because of the altars and statues.

He looks into my eyes and It's like the first time we met. He tells me, "I have missed you so much. Please don't push me away. I love you so much Nick. My heart couldn't take it if you stopped loving me."

I grabbed him again and said, "I love you Anthony. And I feel the same way. I couldn't take it, if you didn't love me any more."

His arms around my neck got tighter and he said, "I love you Nick. And I will love you forever." He kissed the side of my neck a few times and then he let go a bit, but he kept his hands on my shoulders.

I looked into his eyes and said, "Forever!" His face lit up like the sun and that made my smile come out. He got just like a little kid then.

He held my face and said, "Such a big handsome face." His smile got bigger and he showered my face with kisses. I was just so happy he still wanted me let alone loved me. His kisses tickled a bit. I suddenly giggled like a little kid myself. He drew back and said, "That's what I like to hear. Happy sounds out of my.. " He gets serious as he says, "My true Love!"

We kissed and that was both strange and assuring, at the same time. His mouth could not get my tongue into it, but he explored as much of my mouth as he could and we must have been in sync again. We both got very hard erections.

I say Anthony is a great man and I know I'm not just prejudiced because I love him. What other kind of man would be kissing a giant, himself becoming very erect, and upon finding a six foot long erection appear in back of him, say, "Oh mine, mine, mine." and hug the massive member like long lost friends. Only great men see the possibilities in such situations, while lesser men run screaming. That one act assured me our love would survive the ages. The thought, "I would die for this man" does not even scratch the surface of how I felt about Anthony

He started to lick the inside of my piss slit and nibbling on the crown of my glans. He had a sly grin as he noticed my breathing speed up with his attentions. Then he started to lick along the top face of my dick head, as he started to give my dick a variation of the hiemlick maneuver.

I thought this much attention was unfair and I proceeded to help him off with all his clothes. I was able to lean back and rest against Dionysus altar as I pulled Anthony up my chest. Without any clothing, Anthony did not look like a little kid at all. His massive eleven inch cock looked perfect on his body. And now my size was a classic opportunity for Anthony. When was the last time a twelve inch long eight inch wide tongue licked every sensitive part of your body? Anthony came twice before I was finished. I wanted to make sure every part of his body felt loved. I know he always made me feel that way by the time we fell asleep. He held my head and started to plant kisses on every part of my face.

Then he said, "I need your help. The man I love has not cum at my hands for over six days. And by that I mean My hands, not Herakles hands. And in you're body, not Cheiron's."

While Anthony said this, he reached over and pulled on the loose skin of my cock. I started to get harder and then I got an idea. I told Anthony, "I 'll be very happy to help and I can think of one method we couldn't try before that will work now." As the head of my dick expanded, my piss slit opened out a bit and precum flowed out. I held my dick so it was over my chest.

I said, "Anthony, right now the hole at the end of my dick is the right size to fuck. And I would love to have my man fuck the hell out of my dick right now." He leaned back for a moment to get his bearings. Then he kissed my forehead and grinned.

He said, "For all the cum you sucked out of me today, I expect gallons from you. Do we have a deal?" I kissed his belly and said, "Yes, my love. We have a deal.

I think his words got my dick a little bit harder. He grabbed the head of my dick and planted a big kiss on it. He wiped some of my precum on his dick (like he needed any) and lined up to enter my cock. He gentle pushed in and my glans flared a little. He shivered from my piss slit tightening up. Then he pushed all the way in. I shivered after that.

He got a devilish little chuckle from my reaction and said, "I can make an earthquake!" His rhythm speeded up and the shivering continued.

I told him, "Technically, you would call it a Nick-quake." I was holding my dick against my belly so it wouldn't catapult Anthony to the other side of the temple. So with my right hand I was stroking moderately on my dick and just touching Anthony with my left.

The back pressure was doing something really good to my prostate. Anthony would fuck and then release the pressure build up in my dick. This went on for about forty minutes, then for ten more he kept up the rhythm but wouldn't release the pressure. But after that, my prostate and balls said 'Now' and my cock said 'Right now' and luckily I could oblige.

I told Anthony, "I'm gonna start cumin." And Anthony found fucking against the increased flow felt wonderful. Anthony never stopped pumping away while I came. Shot after shot flew past Anthony's cock and I could tell he was coming again. When I was finally spent, Anthony let his feet slip out from under himself and he landed on his but. He leaned back and kissed my face, then snuggled against my head and chest. I covered him with my arms and I heard one of the best sounds on earth. My lovers sigh of contentment.

We held each other, in the after glow for ten or fifteen minutes. then Anthony playfully said, "My grandma, what big nipples you have, "He was rolling his index finger through our liquid love and around my right nipple. Then he'd lick it again, and roll some more onto it. Roll, lick, roll, lick.

I said, "All the better to feed you with." and with that he sucked hard on my left nipple. That got me shivering again. He liked that reaction.

He said, "My Grandma, what a big tongue you have." I stuck it out and licked half his belly and all of his manhood. He shivered then.

I said, "All the better to clean you with." I knew what was coming next, but now I wasn't afraid of losing Anthony.

Anthony said, "Grandpa, what a big body you have." He looked into my eyes and I knew I was safe.

I said, "All the better to love you with." I paused, and he waited. I said, "I watched the ceremony and recorded five days worth of it with the recorded appearance of The God Hermes himself. And when the men placed food on the altars and Hermes left wine in wineskins; I came over here and picked out certain fruits and bread and I ate them." I let that sink in for a moment and waited for questions. I Love Anthony. He knew I wasn't finished and he wasn't going to rush me. I kissed the side of his head and he returned that gentle kiss. He looked at my huge face and stroked my cheeks.

And he smiled at me! His smile said it didn't matter to him what size I was, as long as I was with him. I held him like the priceless Jewel he was. I took a deep breath and continued.

I said, "I didn't think a thing of eating the food from the altars. It was such a compelling thing. And I don't know why I took the things I did. Some fruits from one altar and none from another. It wasn't until after I had finished half of every wineskin that I realized the men hadn't brought any wineskins. I took the fruit and bread out to the clearing by the pool and ate it all. Then I got back into the cave and rewound the tape to find Hermes appear in the foot washing basin, walk to each altar and place each wineskin, bow to Zeus and then leave the way he came."

Then I said, "Nothing happened to me the first three days. I woke up on the fourth day nine feet tall and very hungry. I collected the food like the previous days and drank the wine thinking ' three days three feet taller, what could hurt one foot more?' but I found out on the morning of the fifth day, that each day was three feet taller ! I really had a bad time just then. I thought I had lost you. No one would want to be around an eighteen foot tall freak."

Anthony held my face and said, "And now you know you are in love with a very freaky Greek." He smiled and I chuckled. Her said, "You can't get away from me that easy. As long as you are still inside, I will love you no matter what happens to the you outside."

I tell him, "I love you Anthony." as I kiss him again.

We lose track of time during that kiss and when we come back Anthony says, "You and I shared those dream trips through time, I know that. What happened with you on the fifth and sixth nights?"

I said, "I forgot to tell you I'd gotten taller on the fourth night, I was having so much fun." He shares my smile.

Anthony said, "Me too, though at the time I didn't understand the reference to me and how handsome Herakles was."

I hold him so I can stand up and say, "You are far too modest for someone so intelligent. Hold on to me and I'll show you." I step out of the pool and set Anthony onto the altar of Herakles. I say, "Stand there for a moment."

Anthony says, "OK."

The oil lamps are evenly distributed, but not secured to the ground so I reposition four of the ten around Herakles altar, and then reach to pick up Anthony. He steps into my hands and I lift him to my eye level. Then I turn so he can get a better look at Herakles face. Apparently the last dream trip left Anthony toying with the idea of growing a beard. In only two days he already has a beard that's starting to look thick.

I ask him as he really looks at Herakles face, "See someone familiar? A face you see every morning when you shave?"

Anthony reaches out and touches the statues face. He says, "I've seen the statue four times and I never noticed. We could be brothers."

I say, "Handsome face, Huh. " He nods absentmindedly. I tell him with a grin, "That's another reason I love you. You are so modest you can hear me say that statues face is handsome, and miss me saying your face is handsome too. You two could be twins."

He looks at me and blushes as he smiles and kisses me. We are surrounded with love and then the distant sound of whinnying horses appears in our heads. We break the kiss and Anthony looks startled too.

Anthony asks, "You heard that too?"

I realize what that was for. I say, "Yes I heard that. But it was a reminder of something I have to set right." He reaches out and I pull him into my arms.

I walk back to the pool and step into it. I set him down beside it and sit down. I say, "On the fifth night I dreamed I was floating above a battlefield. It was a battle between the centaurs and the humans from Sabine. It was a massacre . Then I found Herakles and Cheiron. Herakles had Cheiron tied with rope to keep him from being killed by the humans. Cheiron's three sons were out there and every centaur on the field that day was killed. It was an ambush. It was genocide. I watched as Herakles broke a sword in two to protect Cheiron from the Sabine humans. And I saw them both make a pyre for all the centaurs, except the three sons of Cheiron. Herakles helped build a mausoleum for Cheiron's children. They have their weapons and the sword that was broken in two with Herakles blood on it. I know exactly where the mausoleum is located and carbon dating will prove the date of the remains and if were lucky there will be the right kind for a DNA scan. This was the real reason we went back in time. So science can prove without a shadow of a doubt, that there were once centaurs on the earth. So humanity can admit to the sin of genocide and some how expiate it."

Anthony's frown let me know his english wasn't perfect. I say, "expiate usually means to do something to ask for forgiveness. Herakles twelve labors were his way of expiating his sin of murdering his wife and children."

Anthony said, "I always thought that was grossly unfair, to have him pay for Hera's anger."

I said, "I agree my love, but how do you prove it. Say Herakles had even the slightest bit of a temper. All people would see, was Herakles in a blind rage and his loved ones dead at his feet." I let that sink in and then say, "And his neighbors find him and keep him from killing himself. Cheiron even stays his hand. and that's lucky for Cheiron and humanity. They would probably not have become lovers later in Herakles life, Cheiron would have been killed with the rest of the centaurs and all their bodies would have been put on a mass pyre. Burned and taken by the wind. This may even save humanity in the future. If somehow we do meet another race of intelligent beings, out amongst the stars; knowing what we did and feeling remorse for the loss, may keep us from doing something stupid."

Anthony says, "You know, lesser men would shy away from seeing the truth, let alone accept some responsibility for their ancestors dark deeds. And you even want to protect your great' great-grand children from aliens. Set aside the wonderful way you treat me, and there are still many many things to love about you." Before I could say anything I blushed and Anthony kissed me again.

After awhile we sat and cuddled. Of course I held him a lot more than the other way around. After only a moment or two of this, Anthony sat up and looked over to the entrance. He turned back to me and asked, "Is that some of the food you gathered from the altar?" Before I could say anything, he slipped off my chest and stomach and walked over to the carton.

I said, "I don't want you to be a freak just for me."

Anthony looked angry for a moment and said, "I will be with the man I love."

I said, "I missed you holding me but I thought I was being selfish."

He smiled as he shook his head no. He picked up a plum and said" I'm being selfish when I want to hold you." With a wicked little grin he bit into the plum and soon finished it.

I said, "I love you."

He said, "I love you and, "he gets a funny look on his face as he finishes with, "and suddenly I am very hungry." He starts to tear into all the food.

I get my feet out of the pool and walk over to where he is stuffing himself. I sit down crossed legged and he slows down eating. then he looks at my face and just stops.

He just smiles and looks at me. I frown for a second and smile again as I ask" What?"

Anthony swallows and says, "That smile of yours. It can make me stop whatever I'm doing just to look. I love that smile, and now there's more of it." I'm so happy I chuckle like a little kid. I bend down and kiss him as I say, "I love you!"

After the kiss he says, "I love you!" Then his stomach growls and he starts to eat again.

I get up and tell him, "You just fill your belly. I have more of that in the cave. I'll go get it and bring it back here. And don't forget the wine."

He mumbles between mouthfuls, "Thank you, my love."

I say, "You are welcome, my love."

I hold my dick against my chest while I take the path to the pool and cave. I reach into the back corner and am able to get the cooler of altar food and wineskins out. I wade back to the path and hold the cooler so it protects my dick. By the time I return to the Temple, Anthony is almost finishes with the carton and two of the wineskins are empty. I wash my feet in the basin and dip the bottom of the cooler in there too. I turn around and see Anthony's very wide shoulders. They are much more muscular than I remember them. Then I realize there is something else that has changed in Anthony.

I bring the cooler around to in front of Anthony and smile. I push the cooler to him but I don't sit down yet. I say, "Anthony. Anything look different around here?"

He starts to eat from the cooler and frowns a bit as he shakes his head no. He looks around the temple and swallows, then says, "No. It all looks the same."

I grin and say, "Maybe it's the angle you're looking at it. Stand up for a second."

He stands up but gets a bit dizzy. He reaches out to steady himself on me as I put my hand on his shoulder. He looks confused and then looks up at my face and then at my hip and then up at my face as he breaks into a huge smile. He says, "I'm taller!"

I start to pick him up as I say, "You are a lot taller. And heavier too." I have ahold of his lats and I massage them a little as I say, "And meatier too." Then his cock gets erect. It is almost a foot and a half longer. I give the end of it a kiss and suddenly his stomach growls.

I laugh and start to put him down. Anthony says, "Give me a kiss too before you put me down" Who could refuse? We kiss for a while, and his feet are resting on my cock which gets very hard. His feet start pinching and rubbing my cock. I could get used to that. real quick.

Then his stomach starts talking again and we laugh as finish our kiss. He has one foot braced at my pelvic bone and the other a foot or so further out. He looks down and says, "WOW."

He pushes down on my dick and gets it to start bobbing up and down. I moan as he does this and he gets such a proud look on his face. I reach over with my head and kiss him on the side of the neck. He keeps the bobbing motion going as I kiss his neck and muck bigger shoulders and chest.

His stomach growls and he nearly pitches over, and off my cock. I catch him and lower him to the ground near the cooler.

I say, "Maybe you should eat more before we continue those acrobatics?"

He says, "Good Idea." He starts to stuff his face again.

My dick deflated a bit when Anthony doubled over and nearly fell. As I watch him shovel as much of the food in his face as he can, I notice he is visibly growing larger and more muscular. He is turning into a larger version of Herakles!.

He swallows and sighs. He opens a wineskin and sucks it flat in ten seconds. He does that to two more and lets out another contented sigh. My dick can't take the growth or happy sounds coming from my lover. I am as hard as steel. and Anthony is suddenly hypnotized by the end of my dick.

He looks at my dick and then at my face and says, "Oh Nick! That is still so huge." He reaches out and rolls his thumb over the tip of it. His thumb slips into the piss slit and I moan as he wiggles it around. He stands up and puts it over his shoulder. He's grown another three feet and at twelve feet tall He looks like he's only four feet tall to me. His head comes up to the middle of my chest and he starts to use my precum to lube up his shoulder and hands. He starts to stroke the entire length of my six foot monster.

I just tell him, "I'm a lucky man." as I put my hands on his shoulders and try to pull him closer for a kiss. The kiss lasts only a minute before my dick pushes his shoulder down.

Anthony says, "Looks like someone is jealous." He starts stroking faster than before.

I tell him, "They just know what they like. I know who I love." I groan as he puts more of his body into the stroking. Damn he's got me very close.

Then he aims me towards the statue of Priapus and suddenly I cant help myself. I yell, "I'm coming!!" as I start to shoot inch thick three foot long ropes of cum at the statue. I grab my dick and start to fall to my knees, but Anthony is right there and helps me stay standing. I lose track of how long I came. As soon as Anthony put his hands on my hip and back I had a hard time focusing on my orgasm. Anthony seemed to be the main reason I've had such good orgasms. It's distracting when he's not in me or around me, when I cum. I finally run dry and I drop my dick with a thud.

Anthony winces but I tell him, "I don't think him falling on cactus would hurt right now." He helps me back up to Herakles altar and my feet slide out in front of me as I come to rest on my but. He looks concerned and I smile at him.

I tell him, "I'm OK Anthony. I think that counts as gallons." We both giggle as we observe the now pearly white statue of Priapus. I reach over and pull him into my arms. He lands with a, "Woof!" and I say, "Hey handsome."

He smiles and says, "Right back at you" In his sexy Greek accent. We occupy each others mouths for awhile. Then his stomach acts up again and we break for his last round of eating.

Now I get to see him grow three feet in under ten minutes. As he finishes off the wine, he burps and smiles. He says, "I taste the alcohol but I don't feel drunk at all."

I say, "I know. It never made me drunk either." I'm more together now and I realize all my cum that hit the statue of Priapus has now disappeared . I say, "Love, hand me two of those wineskins." He hands two to me and I go to the pool and start to fill them with water.

Anthony gets the idea but seems to have a better one. He acts like he's going to fill one from the pool, but instead he starts to splash me instead. I say, "Hey!" before I realize this might be fun. We proceed to help wash off my cum and drench every altar in the temple. We ended up in the slowly refilling pool, kissing and laughing.

We catch our breaths and look at the statue of Zeus. Anthony takes a step closer to Zeus altar and he smiles, I step up in back of him and hold him from behind.

I speak first and say, "Oh Mighty Zeus! Forgive me for my doubts. Thank you for bringing My Anthony back to me. Thank you for bringing us together in the first place. Thank you for showing me how great my love is for him. Thank you for letting me be able to please him. You let me know what it feels like to hold the whole world in my hands."

Anthony held onto my arms with a very tight grip. He leaned his head back against my chest. When I finished, Anthony started to speak in Greek. I couldn't understand a word, but he sounded very passionate. In Greek it would be written

"Œ^UŒµŒ≥Œ¨ŒªŒøœ^¬ œ^AŒ±œ^ƒŒ≠œ^AŒ±œ^¬ Zeus OH.

Œ†œ^AŒøœ^ƒŒøœ^Õ ŒΩŒ± Œ±Œ≥Œ≥ŒØŒæŒµœ^ƒŒµ œ^ƒŒ∑ Œ∂œ^?ŒÆ ŒºŒøœ^≈ ŒÆŒºŒøœ^≈ŒΩ ŒºŒπœ^√œ^à Œ¨œ^ƒŒøŒºŒø.

Œ^◊ Œ∫Œ±œ^AŒ¥ŒπŒ¨ ŒºŒøœ^≈ ŒÆœ^ƒŒ±ŒΩ Œ∫ŒµŒΩŒÆ Œ∫Œ±Œπ œ^ƒœ^Ãœ^√Œø Œºœ^ÃŒΩŒ∑. Œ^UŒøœ^≈ œ^��Œ≠œ^AŒ±œ^ƒŒµ œ^ƒŒ∑ŒΩ ŒµŒ≥Œ∫Œøœ^AŒÆ ŒºŒøœ^≈, Œ∑ œ^«Œ±œ^AŒ¨ ŒºŒøœ^≈, Œ∑ Œ±ŒªŒ∑Œ∏ŒπŒΩŒÆ Œ±Œ≥Œ¨œ^AŒ∑ ŒºŒøœ^≈.

Œ^UŒµ ŒøŒ¥Œ∑Œ≥ŒµŒØœ^ƒŒµ Œ≥ŒπŒ± ŒΩŒ± Œ¥ŒµŒØœ^ƒŒµ œ^Aœ^Œœ^¬ ŒµŒ≥œ^Œ œ^AŒ±œ^AŒ±Œ∫Œ±Œªœ^Œ Œ±œ^≈œ^ƒœ^Ãœ^¬.

Œ†Œ¨œ^Aœ^ƒŒµ œ^ƒŒπ œ^AŒøœ^≈ Œ±œ^Aœ^à œ^ƒŒ∑ Œ∂œ^?ŒÆ ŒºŒøœ^≈, Œ±ŒªŒªŒ¨ ŒºŒøœ^≈ Œ±œ^��ŒÆœ^√œ^ƒŒµ œ^ƒŒ∑ŒΩ ŒµŒ≥Œ∫Œøœ^AŒÆ ŒºŒøœ^≈ Œ∫Œ±Œπ Œ∏Œ± Œ≠œ^«œ^? Œ±Œ∫œ^ÃŒºŒ± œ^ƒŒøŒΩ Œ∫œ^Ãœ^√ŒºŒø.

Œ£Œ±œ^¬ Œµœ^≈œ^«Œ±œ^AŒπœ^√œ^ƒŒøœ^ÕŒºŒµ œ^AŒ±œ^ƒŒ≠œ^AŒ±œ^¬."

When he finished I said, "My love, what did you say to Zeus?"

He turned his head to let me see his smile. He said, "In english, my love, I said

' O great father Zeus.

Before you touched my life I was half a man.

My heart was empty and so alone. You brought me my Nick, my joy, my true love.

You lead me to see how I please him.

Take what you will from my life, but leave me my Nick and I will still have the world.

Thank you Father.'

That is a very close translation of what I said In Greek."

I say, "I love you" and we kiss again. When we come up for air, I remember that we will be having people arriving to honor the gods in only a few hours.

My concerned look gets Anthony asking, "What is wrong, Nick?"

I form the idea but he cuts me off with the very thoughts forming in my mind. Anthony looks around as he says, "The faithful will be here in only a few hours. You want us to make sure there is no evidence of our eaves-dropping on their ceremony. I think you are right, it would be more diplomatic that way."

We start to make sure the temple looks as it did before I brought Anthony here. Anthony says, "Of course, they will have two big clues as to where their offerings have really gone in the past few days."

I grin and say, "We'll win them over with our sparkling personalities."

We're finished and as we leave the temple through the rear entrance, I put out an arm to stop the headlong rush to the cave. The look on Anthony's face lets me know he has forgotten just how small the cave is to us now.

I say, "There is a change of location. I can't fit in the cave and while you barley can, it wouldn't feel very good. I found another place."

I pull him over to the hand holds in the hill face and we climb up to the clearing near the sky portal. We should be safe here. No one I know of has been at the portal to watch the ceremony. For now it will have to be enough. At this point we are both very tired, and we lay down in the clearing and spoon.

I tell Anthony, "Good night my love. " and kiss the back of his head.

Anthony says, "Good night my love, "and kisses my arm as he pulls it tight over his shoulder.

I am safe again. That feeling I have when I fall asleep with Anthony. All is right with the world.


No Dreams

I guess I snore. I don't recall hearing Anthony ever snore really. So I must snore.

I say this because I wake up to a scene out of Gulliveres travels. There are eight men, evenly spaced around us with rifles, and they have three ropes passed over us.

I make eye contact with two of them and I don't know what they might do. I am suddenly afraid I might lose the one thing in the world I really care about.

I shift my body and cover Anthony as much as I can, which wakes Anthony. I tell them, "Please don't hurt him." Anthony wakes up and sees the men.

He looks at me and says, "What's going on, Nick?" At that moment the men smile and point their guns at the ground.

I tell him, "I don't know. I just woke up too."

Then things get a bit weirder. Sheriff Mataxa walks up to the group and one man smiles as he whispers something in Greek to him.

Mataxa walks closer and starts to remove the ropes. He says, "Good morning Anthony, good morning Mr Stavros. May I call you Nick?"

As the last rope is pulled off of us I say, "Yes you may Sheriff."

Mataxa says with a smile, "We had no intention of harming either one of you. We just just didn't wish to be harmed ourselves. After all, you both are over fifteen feet tall. This is the first time the gods chose someone outside of our community, to become the Avatar."

I sit up and a few men back off but each has a smile on their face when he does. No one seems frightened by our size or the fact we were found asleep together. I ask the sheriff, "You know what's happened to us?"

Mataxa says, "Oh yes. It has happened to the Avatar, " then he looks at Anthony and smiles. He continues with, "Or the Avatar and his companion, for over eight hundred years. That is the extent of our written records except for an ancient scroll."

Anthony and I look at each other before I say, "What kind of Ancient scroll?"

Just then the deputy I had seen participate in the ceremony, walks up to the sheriff with my scroll. He shows it to the Sheriff who smiles and says, "Return it to the rightful owner.

The deputy smiles like it's a great honor. He walks over to me and presents my scroll. He says, "Welcome home. Our families are re-united once more."

This strangely touches me and I accept my scroll and tell him, "Thank you. Ah . I never did hear your name."

He smiles and shyly tells me, "Michael Stavroterra, Avatar. Anthony and I are cousins."

The Sheriff tells us, "Over one hundred and fifty years ago, two cousins had a fight about something that was never recorded. The two families were the caretakers of the temple below us. Whatever the dispute was, it caused five of the Stavros family to leave the community and even leave Greece. Our family, The Stavroterras, never knew where the other family lived out their days. Now we know it was in America. As my Deputy has had the honor to tell you first, Welcome home. I hope whatever separated our families, has been washed away with the passing of the years."

Anthony leaned back into me and I knew then he must have still had a little fear I might leave. That just isn't going to ever happen.

I pull Anthony close to me as I tell the Sheriff, " Our families have become re-united. And they will stay that way, as long as he'll have me."

Anthony held onto my arm, but he seemed to sit a little taller. He says, "AS long as the sun shines. As long as the stars gather at night."

The other men have slung their rifles over their shoulders, and a few head for the hand hold stair way to the Dock. The Sheriff asks" Would you two care to join us for the ceremony?"

I look into Anthony's eyes and see his answer. I tell him, "As long as we don't have to eat anymore altar food."

The Sheriff smiles and says, "Oh no. You both are taller than the last three Avatars. They only grew to twelve feet tall. " I notice the Sheriff and his deputy are eyeing our gigantic cocks.

I play with the language and the two normal sized men by asking them, "Sheriff. Would you and your deputy care for a ride?" Their eyes got very large, but their cocks got much larger. They were sporting enormous wood. Five days ago I would have been very impressed. Actually I still am. On those two, their equipment was huge.

The Sheriff asked, "I hope you mean a ride like a father gives a child. That is what you meant?"

I smile and let him in on the joke. " Yes Sheriff that is what I meant, but both your cocks seemed to be getting so large after my words, I wanted to see if you had a sense of humor."

The deputy now looked a little disappointed. Anthony noticed and said" My love, the good deputy looks crest fallen. perhaps we can let him ride us like I rode you early last night."

I Pick up the Sheriff and put him on my back. his cock is trying to rip through his pants. I tell Anthony, "I recall you had more control over me and I was very glad of it. Of course you were fucking my cock in the most wonderful way, and now you are too big to give a demonstration. I guess we'll have to get used to this size."

Anthony had picked up the deputy and gave him a piggy back ride to the entrance while I did the same for the Sheriff. As I put the Sheriff on the ground he grabbed my hands and said, "You two aren't trapped at your size. There is a ceremony we will perform at the next full moon and you will be able to change size at will."

Now I held his hands but I made sure I was gentle. I asked him" You mean we can be normal sized again?"

The Sherif frowned a bit and said, "You both can be very close to your original size. Unfortunately when Avatars and their companions grow over twelve feet tall, they never get any shorter than seven feet tall. But you probably will both be the same size."

The deputy was on the ground and he hopped out of the way of Anthony and I. I was so happy that Anthony and I could be inside each other again, I nearly stepped on him. I don't think the men watching minded our display since our cocks started to get very erect. In fact all the men were changing into the ceremony costumes and now each one had a truly huge erection. One of them laughed and said something in Greek.

This got Anthony laughing. I asked, "What did he say?"

Anthony said, "He said It usually takes cleaning the statues to get all the men as hard as rock, but watching the way we kiss has gotten most of them as hard as steel."

I tell the man, "I'm only repaying the favor. We have a camera in the temple. And I watched you men clean the statues and every time I had a cock as hard as steel my self by the time those statues were clean. " The men chuckle, and the ones in the dark robes start to clean the altars.

I get goosebumps as I realize that the men might not know about Hermes. I ask the Sheriff, "Sheriff Mataxa. Have you ever seen the one who leaves the wineskins?"

All the men stop. The Sheriff asks" What wineskins?"

I ask, "Hasn't any one of the Avatars mentioned wineskins on the altars."

The Sheriff says, "Never. not in our family journals or on any scroll. Who brings the wineskins?"

I sit down and they draw closer to me. Some lean on my crossed legs. I tell them, "I apologize for doing this without permission, but we put a hidden camera in the temple. It broadcast a signal that reached the TV monitor and VCR in the cave. I watched the whole ceremony at least five times. And each time, about ten minutes after your last man leaves the temple, a glowing form of light rises out of the foot basin. It forms into the shape of a man. Then it becomes something that looks like a man. But he has a winged helmut on his head and wings on his feet. There are always five wineskins on his back. He places one on each minor altar and then one on Zeus altar. He bows his head to Zeus statue and most of the time he murmurs the word father as he bows to the statue. In english! On top of that, the third day I watched this, the camera caught Hermes wink right at the camera, as if he was familiar with our technology and could tell right where it was. I think he could tell I was watching."

At this point my body is distracting the men and myself. As I told what I had seen, the men gathered closer and touched my legs and arms and near the end my swiftly hardening six foot dick. The Sheriff said, "We knew they participated in the ceremony, but I always thought it was from a distance. Now to hear one of them actually comes down to earth in human form, just to help with the making of the Avatar. I am humbled." He looks at my cock as it lifts off of my legs.

The Sheriff continues with that thought and says, "And I am humbled by your massive cock, but I will join in in any way you will let my men and I worship your cock."

Anthony has been sitting in back of me on the Dock and he lets me lean back into his lap. My dick tips up to the vertical and I feel hands start to rub over my cock and balls. I can see the sweetest smile on Anthony face.

Anthony sees my smile and he says, "I see my true love smiling at me while five men a third his size, lovingly worship his cock. I am happy."

I look into Anthony's eyes and ask, "You don't mind these other men, having sex with me?"

He holds my head and lightly kisses my lips. He says, "My love, I would be upset if these men didn't honor the love you have brought to this Island and the Love you have given to me. If people feel the need to pleasure you for all the joy you bring, then perhaps you will get back a part of all the love you have given to me. I can't be jealous of their actions. My heart tells me they are helping me show you how much love you have given to me. How much love I have for you." With that Anthony started another great Kiss.

My Dick was being hugged and tongued and rubbed and loved. Maybe not like Anthony had shown his love. But I could tell the passion for my cock was very thick. It was strange feeling the men walk and crawl on me like a playing field or a bed. With Anthony kissing me, their bodies made me feel like a great instrument of Love. While their devotions did make me feel worshiped, I also felt like I was giving them an outlet for all their passion. In that way they were like Anthony and I; so many times, the joy is in the giving.

The men in the black robes were finished cleaning the altars. They started to disrobe and get the Acolytes into their loincloths.

The double flute player was ready to start the ceremony. Every one was ready except the Acolyte who serves Zeus altar. He had is very long tongue down the piss slit of my dick, and was hugging and massaging the shaft with a single-mindedness that was impressive.

One of the cleaning Acolytes tapped my shoulder. Anthony released me from that world we've made when we first kissed and I see the little guy shrug and say, "He serves Zeus altar because he gets so focused, but now we can't get his attention."

I smiled and got my head closer to him as I said, "Thanks for letting me help. You people have sure helped me."

Still leaning against Anthony, I gently reach over and rub the naked backside of the big guy. His eyes pop open but he just slows down until he sees I'm looking right at him as I rub his back. He lets go of my dick a little and takes his tongue out of my dick. He smiles at me with a sheepish look on his face.

I tell him" As much as I like what you were doing to my cock; there is a higher calling that needs your attention." I tipped my head towards the stairs.

I could swear I heard a homer simpson sound out of the big guy and he braced himself on my hand as he slipped to the ground. Before he put his loincloth on he reached back and kissed my hand and Anthony's foot.

I felt Anthony shiver, and I let out a giggle like i little kid. I told Anthony, "I don't know how but he picked the right spot to honor on you, my love."

Anthony whispered to me, "He's a fast learner like you, my love." He kissed my neck right behind my right ear.

The Flute player was already inside the temple and the Acolytes were getting their feet washed, just as Anthony kissed my neck. When he saw they were having their feet washed one at a time Anthony said, "I can definitely relate to this part of the ceremony."

The four cleaning acolytes saw what the other men were doing to me and decided to take up where the others left off. I didn't warn Anthony about the ceremony and just started to kiss him again.

One of the men realized that Anthony's four foot cock wasn't getting any attention and wriggled in between us to start pumping it as hard as he could. We stopped kissing and chuckled at the mans desire to please. I twisted around to see who was helping my love and this startled the man into stillness.

I got a real goofy grin on my face as I told him, "Don't stop. I was going to compliment you and help if you'll let me." He saw I wanted to play and he looked at Anthony first and then me.

He crossed his arms around Anthony's cock like he wasn't going to share. His big happy grin said play in big loud letters. I got a sad look and said, "Come on. Please share. " He smiled like a kid and shook his head no, then held on tighter and buried his head into Anthony's cock.

I said again, "Please, just a little. Share just a little." His body language said ' Oh well, OK'.

Then he pushes Anthony's even harder erection over towards me, but doesn't let go completly.

I reach over and grab him by his waist and kiss his shoulder. He gets a kick out of this and sees what will happen when he kisses Anthony's dick. I do the same thing and then lick it. He licks it and then starts to rub Anthony's four foot cock with his hands halfway around the shaft. I notice a rock hard erection on this guy and it pokes Anthony's erection every once in a while.

I get a neat idea and I hold him against Anthony's cock as I lick up and down the shaft of Anthony's cock. This just happens to lick across the guys own erection each time. As I linger over the area his dick is pressed against Anthony's I see he is getting more excited.

Just about then, the ceremony got to the point that the wave of orgasmic energy rippled outward; Anthony and I gave the four remaining men a pearl jam shower. The afterglow left us watching the men lick each other, just to get more come in their belly.

I ask the man that had work with me on my love wang, "What is your name. I need a word for determined and fervent." I look to Anthony to see if he got the compliment I was giving the little guy. Anthony smiled and we both looked at the guy to tell us his name.

The man suddenly got bashful but said, "My name is Andonis Hermogenes."

Anthony perked up and said, "That's the Greek name for Anthony. My grandmother on my mothers side was Italian. So they gave me the italian form of the name to please her."

I got a little shiver too. I told Anthony and Andonis, "The name Hermogenes means born of Hermes."

Andonis got excited and said, "I forgot; that's what my teachers told me. Did you really see Hermes walk through our temple?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, he walks through your temple. I never got to see him with my own two eyes, but the camera caught him and the VCR recorded him. I tried to run here in time to see him and all I saw was a form of bright light move to the foot washing basin and disappear. But I know it was him."

Andonis got sentimental as he said, "Then we're doing it right. After all these years we finally find out we're doing it right.

I couldn't let that go without encouragement . Anthony got the same idea and we both sweep him into a hug. I tell him, "You people have ben doing it very right. I think the gods are proud of you all." He is a bit overwhelmed, but he still hugs us back.

He says, "Thank You." as we release him. Then he says, "Thank you for becoming our Avatar."

I tell him, "You're welcome."

The Sheriff was coming down the stairs just before the Acolyte of Zeus and the flutes player was just finishing his tune. He stops and walks out of the basin and gets halfway down the stairs when a sweet echo of the tune rings out from inside the temple. We all look to the entrance to the temple and a bright light forms into the shape of a man . Then the light becomes Hermes.

Most of the men fall to their knees. Hermes frowns and swiftly moves to the flutes player and lifts him to his feet. Hermes says....

I don't quite catch what he said and as I looked to Anthony, Anthony says, "He told them to stand, and the gods never meant for us to worship on our knees."

Hermes looks at us and says, "That is basically what I said. " He smiled and Anthony and I stood up. His smile got bigger as he said, "Nick, I am asked to tell you that Zeus forgives you, your time of doubt. He knows it was only love for Anthony and the fear of losing him that you doubted Zeus actions. These good people needed a new Avatar and a loving companion. Now they have you both."

I stood taller as I said, "I don't yet know what is required of Anthony and I, bit I know we will do our best to fill that need."

Hermes said, "We know you will both perform very well in your new roles. But a higher power has called you Nick, to reveal to the world a great wrong. And bring a tribe of Gods children, back into the light. There were very many who did not die that day. They were able to hide behind magic. There are very many who live today. The magic passed down from parent to child, all these centuries. You have been chosen to bring them back into the light. But you must swear to be their protector until they are safe from the evil, that men might do to them. When you are human sized again ; you know where you must go to start the search. Tell them of your journey into the past, and how Herakles saved Cheiron. They will believe you for that is how their families remember the event. Show them that humans can be trusted again and the world will see centaurs again. Be good to each other and know that we love you."

With that Hermes disappeared into a shaft of light, then it winked out.

Every man there suddenly had an erection that was thicker than before and very very hard. The Sheriff told us, "The moon will be full in two days. We will perform the ceremony then."

Both the Sheriff and the Acolyte to Zeus were very close to the same massive size of cock.

This lead Anthony to say, "Why Sheriff. I believe you are larger than the servant of Zeus. Could it be that you are the servant to Priapus?"

The men smiled. Apparently the two men had a competition as to who would become larger, and Sheriff Mataxa won. The servant to Zeus said, "We have enough food for eight days. And I can think of something that might occupy the Avatar and his companion." He starts to rub his big thick dick on Anthony's hip. Anthony looks over at me to find Andonis is trying the same thing he did with Anthony on my cock.

I say, "They are our children now. I guess we must let them crawl all over us, as much as they want." I wink at him and he winks back.

We give each other a quick kiss and as we part, Anthony says, "OK kids Pile on Uncle Anthony." He pats his belly as he lays flat. I take his example and five horny men join Andonis in getting them selves filled and covered in cum.

They became family to us in the next two days. They made the hours fly by. Every half an hour or so Anthony and I would need to touch and kiss. They were so understanding. They cleared out of the way each time, and most of them got silly grins on their faces when we started one of our slow Kisses. We would come back from kissing and half of the men were kissing each other. It was such an intense glorious feeling to see that our love helped influence others to Love.

We swam and played diving board with the men. Andonis said the last Avatar never wanted to play. I know why. He had no companion. Even at eighteen feet tall, Anthony's love makes me feel like a little kid on his birthday.

I know how part of each day will be like, for the rest of my life. I will be thanking Zeus and God for bringing Anthony into my life and for helping me to make Anthony happy.

We fall asleep that first day with all the men either on us or around us. They are like our children and somehow we all know Anthony and I would never hurt them ; even while we sleep.

This time Anthony and I dream of the Moon. It's just another day away.

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