Bigger is Good 3

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I don't know if I should be placing a warning/disclaimer here or not. Let's just go with : This story is about male to male relationships which include Love and sex. If you are under 18 years of age, you shouldn't be here in the first place.

This part gets Peter back into the dialog. I hope you enjoy...

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For Peter, as the pain had drifted away he had grown more aware of his name being called.

At first he heard Sam shouting and, sobbing his name. Then Peter was sure that the glorious beauty of THE LIGHT he could see was calling his name. It had felt so right to just float towards THE LIGHT until this funny cord tied to his middle started to tug at him. It just sprang from his navel and led back towards his body.

When Peter turned to see what was tugging on him, he saw the cord split halfway before it connected to his body and the second branch led to Sam's navel.

This puzzled Peter. Growing up he had never felt tied to anyone else. His feelings for Gabe were close but not like this.

Now that he was reminded of Sam's life being involved with his life; Peter could feel what Sam was feeling. Why was Sam in so much PAIN?!!

Sam's hands and shirt front were covered with blood, but none of it was his own. Sam wasn't injured!?

Where was all this pain coming from? Anguish, loss, fear of loss, frustration! Sam could do nothing more to help Peter. All Sam could think was a jumble of phrases : Please God don't take my Pete away from me; Could I a hurt him ,pullin him from the wreck?; Doc Marantz has gotta be able to save him; Whatever you want God, just please let Pete live; Pete's a good boy, God, ya can't let him die; Please!!!!!

At first Peter had only sensed the emotions pouring from Sam, and it made him angry. "Who is doing this to Sam? How dare they do this to MY SAM!!!

Then Peter could sense the words that went with those emotions, and he felt shocked and ashamed. It seemed he Peter was the reason for all this sorrow.

Peter's soul was awash with all these feelings pouring out of Sam's heart and soul. Without a doubt Peter now knew that nothing was going to break that cord connecting him to Sam; not even death. But what could he do?

He tried floating closer to Sam, to say something, anything to let Sam know he was there, to try and ease all that pain. But just as he seemed to put his hand on Sam's chest, Sam stopped pacing in the waiting room and his eyes went out of focus.

Sam couldn't see Peter but he said out loud, "Pete?"

At that moment and before Peter could say anything, the cord leading to Peter's body gave a nasty tug that whipped Peter around and towards surgical room one. An electric jolt pulsed through the cord and Peter and Sam both arched their backs at the same time. While this prompted Sam to ask the Head nurse for information about Peter; it caused Peter to rush towards his own body.

The man with his hands in Peter's belly was just about to finish up with the liver resection when the heart monitor droned one nasty tone. The Doctor frowned and pulled his hands clear as his colleague placed paddles across Peter's chest and announced, "Clear ".

A strange overwhelming feeling shot through Peter's soul and onwards towards Sam. He could still sense Sam at the other end of the cord but things were getting fuzzy. At that moment for Peter time seemed to rush and stumble fast and slow. Peter was becoming confused about the whole situation. It felt like Peter was fading.

But then a little jolt to his awareness got him focused back on the doctors working on his body. The first doctor was nearly finished and had started to close the incisions when the monitor started that nasty drone again.

Peter was in tune just enough to be angry at the monitor for disturbing the doctors, when he heard THE VOICE! Peter was positive it was the voice of GOD.

God was shouting his name! God told him, "THIS IS THE MOST WRONG THING TO DO TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE!" Peter sort of agreed with God but what could Peter do?

Then God gave him an answer and a command at the same time. God said, "COME BACK THIS INSTANT!" Peter didn't think or wonder. That VOICE just demanded action. And Peter moved back into his body like a good little boy.

The cord connecting Peter's soul to Sam's wasn't broken when this happened, but it did grow dim in Peter's mind. Now Peter was floating in a different way. The anesthesia, his injuries, the surgery, his connection to Sam ; all came together to leave Peter's mind in a jumble.

Peter finally came back to himself as a breathing tube was pulled out of his throat. He had no feeling of chocking as the tube was removed, but when the O2 tube was strapped around his head he had enough strength and will to stop the nurse and ask for Sam.

The ICU nurse was a little surprised by this and moved to check the surgery/anesthesia chart to gauge the level of morphine administered post surgery. She slightly frowns then smiles as she addresses Peter with, "You're back early."

All Peter can think about is how sad and lost Sam was, and that Peter had to fix that. "Where's Sam? Where's My Sam?!" Peter croaked.

The nurse moves closer to Peter and places a hand on his upper arm as she says "Peter?" to get his attention.

Peter is still groggy but determined and looks into the nurses eyes to get her attention as he says, "I need to see Sam, he's in the waiting room. Can you please get him for me, I need to see Sam."

The nurse checks the monitors and sees good heart rhythm and blood pressure. She responds with, "Peter? I'll call Dr. Marantz to see you first and while you two talk we'll see about finding Sam. OK?"

This usually fits the bill with accident victims after going through surgery and being so animated, but it doesn't work this time.

Peter gets a little louder like maybe she didn't hear him as he says, "But Sam is just out in the waiting room and he is so sad. and it's all my fault. If you could just get Sam I know I can make it right. Please ? He's just outside, please?"

This onslaught puts her back a bit but she comes back with, "Let me see what I can do, OK? But for this moment, I need you to calm down a little, have a little patience with us, and with the doctors permission, we'll get your Sam in to see you. OK?"

Peter visibly relaxes and agrees with a softer, "OK... thank you."

"You're welcome ," she replies as she goes to the nurses station and locates the information under Peter's patient log. With a note put in by Dr Sanchez indicating Dr Marantz office first then his cell phone, the nurse tries Doc's office intercom.

After only one buzz the nurse hears, "Dr. Marantz here."

She smiles as she tells him, "Nurse Parker in ICU doctor. Your patient Peter . We just finished removing the breather tube per yours and Dr. Sanchez order and we slipped an O2 tube onto him and he woke up and asked for someone named Sam."

She hears someone very heavy move very fast as Dr.Marantz lets out a little yelp as he says, "Thanks, "and the intercom goes dead.

She frowns as she turns back to Peter who is trying to figure out the bed controls. She calmly but quickly moves back to Peter's bed and pulls the plug out of the wall before he can get anything started.

She calmly lays down the law to her new patient. " We prefer our patients to try and rest for the first eight hours after coming out of surgery. And we ourselves try to remember to keep the bed controls off of the bed of -patients just out of surgery."

Peter frowns as he releases the controls. She ties the controls to the outside of the bed-rail as he asks, "Why?"

She says, "After surgery patients tend to come out of the anesthesia a little numb to what they roll onto. With it tied onto the bed-rail, it's still accessible to the patient, doctor, or nurse ; without the patient accidentally activating the bed and turning himself into a pretzel. " She smiles sweetly as she says pretzel.

Peter says, "OH, "while he takes this in but gets right back on something else.

He asks, "Did someone go get Sam?"

She smiles at him like she would at a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She tells him, "Dr. Marantz will be the best person to help with Sam. His office is just down the hall so he should be here any minute now. OK Peter?"

It's not really OK but he tells her softly, "Ok ." She smiles as she turns back to the nurses station.

A few moments later they both hear Doc's voice as he says, "Sam He's asking for you."

Sam replies, "Yeah he is."

The nurse moves to talk to Doc as a truly huge form brushes by Doc and kneels down at Peters bed. The nurse is torn between safeguarding her patient and the staggering size of the man with Dr Marantz.

Doc sees her confusion and assures her, "It's Ok nurse; this is Sam."

While Doc talked to the nurse Peter's face lights up as he sees Sam and says, "Sam, you're alright. I was worried about you."

All Sam can see is his lover in a hospital bed with tubes and wires poked into him. And then the relieved smile on Peter's face. Sam misses at first what Peter is telling him, and almost breaks down as he tells Peter, " Pete... I promised Dr. Marantz I wouldn't get ya worryin bout nothing..." this mountain of a man is near tears when he stands up a little to kiss Peter' forehead and says, "but I thought I was gonna lose ya."

Sam's huge hand cups the top of Peter's head and almost reaches from ear to ear on Peter. Sam is kneeling again as Peter takes Sams other hand and tells him, "I could never do that to you Sam. I love you too much. I can't stand seeing you in so much pain."

Doc hears this and is confused. Sam hears this and knows what Pete means and lays his head on the bed near Peter as he says, "I 'm Ok now. Your here and I'm here and you're gonna get better, and I'm so glad ya stayed with me. ... I don't know what I could do with myself If'n I lost ya."

Peter rubs his hand through Sams hair as he says, "I was thinking the same thing."

Doc clears his throat and says, "Peter I'm Dr Marantz. Im the doctor that worked on the injuries you suffered from a train accident. Surprisingly we found no broken bones and no indication of a concussion . We needed to give you three units of blood with a fourth during surgery."

He waits for Peter to take this in and respond so he can tell if any hidden head trauma might interfere with the procedure. The pre-surgery X-rays showed no broken bones or skull fracture.

Peter looks at Doc and says, "Thank you. I know I was in a wreck, but I never got a look at the train. Surgery? How am I doctor?"

"No need to worry about any head injury" Doc thought, "Patient is alert and aware of his surroundings. Now to get the ball rolling."

Doc tells him, "Considering the nature of the damage to your body, my surgical team did as much as we could to prolong your life." Peter looks concerned. Doc continues, "the lower part of your stomach had to be sewn back together and while this is where you lost most of the blood, the major problem facing you is the broad range of damage sustained to your liver. A third was simply gone. I patched it together as best I could but it is just not enough. You need a liver transplant. While I would not be the doctor to perform such an operation the real problem is that you have an extremely rare tissue type, one that shows up once in a year some times even two years. The statistics indicate such a donor liver would not show up within the week to ten days you have."

Doc lets that sink in. Peter just looks into space then at Sam who's looking at Pete and then looks at Doc. Peter asks, "Days I have till what?"

Doc frowns as he says, "Days until your liver fails, you go into a coma and then die".

Doc says, "I'm sorry but I'm afraid I don't see a donor coming up in the time you need. But there is something my research group can do to save your life. And it's all due to Sam letting us take blood and tissue samples over a year and a half ago. Without Sam's help we wouldn't be able to offer you a workable procedure."Peter looks at Sam briefly then turns back to Doc.

Doc continues with, "Our research really revolves around a way to jump star and accelerate the body's ability to heal itself. We just finished trials on baboons and were getting ready to start trying the procedure on humans. The AMA has granted approval for administration of the procedure as experimental, so you'll have to sign some releases with the understanding that we have no statistics as to how well this will work on humans. "Doc pauses to take a breath.

Doc says, "This is not to scare you off or scare you into it. If you want a second opinion as to your condition I will not be upset by your decision, and any one you wish to look over your condition and come here is perfectly welcome. But now is when you have to decide; and if so, to get any other doctors over here to examine you, because you do not have time to delay. If we are to use the procedure, we must do so within eighteen to twenty hours from now to give your body a chance to work healing you.. even if it is at an accelerated pace.."

Peter Takes this in and says, "Sam seems to have faith in you, so I'll put my trust in you too."

Peter pauses and says with a bit of confusion and a bit of an accusation in his voice, "You yelled at me didn't you?"

Doc is a little bit surprised, and grins as he admits, "Well.. Yes I did, but only because your heart kept stopping."

Peter plays along and just says, "OH, "and nods his head.

Doc continues, "And besides, you came back when I told you to, so I think that justifies my occasional outburst at cardiac arrest.."

Peter chimes in with, "I bet you wish you could patent that tone of voice . It would sure cut back on shocking people." the doctor almost laughs before he realizes he must mention something more about the procedure.

Doc looks at Peter and Sam as he says, "Peter, I need to talk about the procedure so you can prepare or even call those other doctors. The procedure involves a serum that is placed in an IV and given an hour to slowly enter all the cells of the body it can. Then to activate the healing effect ... electrodes are strapped to your head similar to a psychiatrists electro-shock therapy system, but with a much lower current setting. Unfortunately even at that reduced setting, it is still Painful."

Peter looks at Doc like he just pulled a rabbit out of his ass. Peter accepts that the doctor is not fooling and asks, "WHY?!"

Doc tells him" I wish there was some other way to do it, but the only way to activate the serum is with a current through the brain. It tricks the serum and the brain to start working together and heal the body at an accelerated rate. I also have to warn you that so far the only side effect to the procedure is a seventy percent probability that it will cause your body to grow ten to thirty percent larger."

Peter looks at Sam and then looks back at Doc with a bemused grin on his face and says, "Ok Doc where do I sign?"

Doc is surprised at this quick response as Peter finishes with, "You know, that last bit should be used as a selling point not a disclaimer."

Doc grins and says, "that's the way I think about it. .. well then I'll get the paperwork from my office for you to look over and sign. I should be back in about ten or fifteen minutes. Thats about how much time you and Sam get to visit."

Doc looks at Sam with a stern face. Doc tells them both, "Peter needs his rest before the procedure and so do you Sam."

Sams face starts to frown but Doc cuts that short with, "Don't you worry Sam, I'll find an empty bed around here for you. I'll be back." and Doc turns and leaves.

Sams attention turns back to Peter and he just looks at him for a long while. Peter looks at him and then Peter looks concerned.

Peter says, "Sam, unless you're lifting, you've never been this quiet before."

Sam replies with, "I never thought I could lose ya before. I guess I thought we'd go on forever. Ya been makin me so happy nothin else came into my head." Sam lays his head back onto the bed and Peter starts to slowly rub it.

Peter says, "This past year has been the happiest in my life. It's all because of you." Sam looks up a little as Peter says, "I think I was there with you in the waiting room before the doc yelled at me. You were so sad. I don't want to put you through another minute of pain like that ever again."

Sams eyes get big as Peter finishes and he says, "I thought ya was there right in front a me, but then ya got pulled away. Thats when I started askin the nurse how ya was doin. They kept sayin they didn't know. The Doc finally showed up and told me how ya was an how I could help, how I could be strong for ya."

Peter smiles from ear to ear and says, "Then there's no problem Sam. You're the strongest man in the world. Now you've saved my life three times."

Sams confused look prompts Peter to say, "This procedure thing wouldn't be ready if you hadn't helped the doctor, so that's once. And you saved me when you pulled me from the wreck and got me here in time."

Sam chimes in with a soft, "if you say so, "and Peter nods his head yes.

Sam frowns and says, "So when was number three?"

Peter smiles and says, "When you found me in that bar and you fell in love with me. I swear that saved my life. You saved my life. I would have gone through this world so lonely. So alone. I love you Sam. " and Peter reaches with his left hand to take Sams right that was on Peters head all this time and kisses it and holds on to it tight like a security blanket.

Sam stands up a little to once again kiss Peters head as he says, "I loves ya Pete."

Sam kneels back down and they look at each other for a bit and then Sam thinks to tell Peter, "The Doc says I can be there when they do the pro-see-ger . He says me bein there'll help ya heal faster."

Peter replies with, "I don't know about healing faster, but I know I'll feel better with you there." This puts Sam at ease and their conversation goes back to them just happy in each others presence.

While this was all going on the head nurse kept an eye and ear on Sam due to his size. As things progressed concern for her patient eased as she heard how they treated each other and how gentle Sam was with Peter.

She had never seen anyone Sams size before, but she knew from years working in the emergency room and then the ICU, just how strong people can be. She had correctly estimated that it would take all three shifts of the hospital staff to even start to subdue Sam if he posed a threat to one of her patients. But their words to each other took away that worry.

This let her actually reflect on what the doctor said before he left and she realized that she should help Doc out by looking for an empty bed. It would mean Doc might get a little more rest himself. Then she thought she should look for two since the doctor probably wouldn't go home before he worked on his patient again.

By the time Doc got back she found a semi private room empty and notified reservation to mark it to the research group for 48 hours and even got a third bed moved to the room so Sam could spread out without falling onto the floor. She even convinced the orderly moving the bed to tape two beds together when he got to the room.

All her work left her owing the reservation assistant and the orderly for their help. But Dr Marantz had helped the ER and ICU so many times even after he had his own department in the hospital. He had never been required to assist either unit for him to keep hospital privileges, and she appreciated that in a doctor. He always helped out when she or the other nurses were in a bind to keep either unit with enough doctors, and he never complained or acted like it was a favor she needed to pay back. So she wasn't about to tell him how many strings she had to pull to help him now.

As Dr Marantz walked back into the ICU, the nurse collared him before he got to Peter and Sam and told him, "Doc, I took the liberty of tracking down an empty semi private on this floor and reserving it to your research group for 48 hour. It just happened to have a third bed in it so I had an orderly tape two together for our large visitor. I didn't think one would fit right considering his size. " she grins at the last bit.

Doc smiles with her and says, "you are a gem. Thank you so much... Ah what's the third bed for?" he slightly frowns and smiles at the same time.

She looks at him like a mother looks at her child when he makes up a story. She tells him, "That couch in the doctors lounge is no place to get any good rest." He looks at her as if to say, "who me?"

She doesn't buy this look for a minute and tells him, "I know very well you aren't going to go home before you start work on our patient and if you are in the same room as our visitor, Dr Sanchez can get you two awake in time for both of you to get something to eat before it all starts."

Doc smiles in agreement and then closes his eyes and groans then says, "food. I missed diner. I better get Sam and myself over to cafeteria before we hit the hay. Thank you Parker (the nurses last name) where would this hospital be without nurses like you?"

She softly replies, "tired and hungry, and filthy. I also found some scrub tops that might fit Sam. It looks better for the hospital if visitors aren't covered in blood and muck."

Doc says, "good thinking" as he takes the small pile of scrub tops.

He chuckles as he goes to Peter and hands him a group of six pages and says, "These should explain that it's an experimental procedure, that I've explained the risks and intended benefits, that you will not be charged in any way for any of your time in the hospital or the research group, or for any work we've done or will do. I've put a red x by where you need to sign and circled any place you need to just initial. So when you're done just tell nurse Parker here and she'll get them to me. And just ignore the part about first born child. " this got a grin from Peter.

He then said" You might be a little hungry but all we can offer you after surgery is some Protein drink made for the elderly. It doesn't taste half bad. " Doc gives him an, "oh well" grin.

Doc puts his hand on Sams shoulder as he finishes with, "As for Sam here, I think a change of shirt should improve the image this hospital tries to project." He hands Sam the XXXXL scrub tops and Sam changes into one in seconds. This got Docs heart beating faster as well as Peters heart meter beeping faster.

After letting his heart slow a bit Doc continued with, "Sam and I will head to the cafeteria and then to some beds the good nurse Parker here has found for us. So Say your good nights, sign those papers, drink what she gives you no matter what it tastes like and get some rest. Within twelve hours we should be ready to get you on the mend." Sam looks down at Peter and smiles as he knells down next to Peters bed.

Peter tells Doc, "Thank you Dr Marantz."

Doc replies with, "You're welcome.. Oh for some strange reason I am the only doctor here they've nick named Doc so you can call me that and they know who you mean."

Peter says, "Ok, Doc."

Peter looks to Sam and says, "Goodnight Sam. I love you."

Sam softly says, "Goodnight. I loves ya Pete."

Sam moves up to kiss Peter on the lips and they linger there for just a moment and then Sam straightens up and follows Doc towards the cafeteria but looks back and waves at Peter before getting out the door and Peter waves back.

Nurse Parker came over and helped put the head of his bed upright and pulled a rollingtable over for him to sign papers. Halfway through the process the nurse re-appears with a straw in a can, puts it down right against Peters left hand.

As he looks up she tells him, "Drink while you write."

Peter is no dummy, he politely replies with, "Yes Ma-am," and puts the straw in his mouth and tries to finish it ASAP when he gets a good taste.

His grimace says it all and she lightens up on him with, "I know, but it's good for you."

He finishes in record time and gasps out, "It has to be!"

She chuckles as she takes the empty can. Peter finishes signing the papers and seeing no one else in the ICU calls over to her, "I'm finished with this to."

She smiles as she comes over to Peter because he's already got the bed controls and has started the head back to horizontal so she didn't have to do it herself.

He tells her, "Thank you.. for being patient with me and finding.."

She cut in with, "Your Sam?" He nods yes with stiff lips.

She picks up the papers as she tells him, "You're welcome." Then she turns down the over head lights and as she brushes her hand against his shoulder wishes him, "Sweet dreams."

He closes his eyes as he says, "Now they'll be."

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