Bigger is Good 4

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Disclaimer: This story is about male to male relationships which include Love and sex. If you are under 18 years of age, you shouldn't be here in the first place.

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Dr Sanchez was very pleased. The research and test personnel all got to the hospital by 10:30 p.m. after the 9:00 p.m. alert from Doc, and at 3:00 am they were finished getting everything ready for tomorrow.

With the procedure scheduled for 9:00 am that gave him and the others four maybe five hours rest. Luckily he had convinced Doc to let him get the team ready so Doc could get some rest himself.

Dr Sanchez addressed the whole room with, "Ok, listen up people. We are ready for tomorrow."

Kasey chimes in with, "It is tomorrow!"

Dr sanchez (Lalo to his friends) continues, "tomorrow at 9:00 am. You should be proud of yourselves, I know Doc will be. (pleased murmurs from the group) I'll be waking Doc and Sam around 8:30 while Kasey wakes and transports our patient Peter. We'll get the serum/IV drip started as close to 9:00 am as possible and start taking measurements right after. By 10:00 all the serum should be in him and after another half hour to allow for cellular absorption we can administer electro-shock."

A small female figure stands and gets his attention with, "Eduardo?"

He finally sees her, "Yes Tina?"

She hesitates but continues before being asked again, "We've all been around Sam and know him to some degree. For someone his size he is remarkably calm and patient, even with all the poking and prodding we put him through a year and a half ago...." she hesitates again.

Lalo takes up the thought and says, "But you don't know how he'll react when his lover is shocked? Is that it?"

She replies with, "Basically. " Two other people nod their heads with Tina.

He knew this would come up and he was glad only three of their number had doubts about Sam. It was with this in mind, at 10:30 p.m. last night, that he had searched for Doc and Sam in the cafeteria after he had opened the Lab for the others to start.

He had come upon a rare sight. One of the younger security guards was shaking and had his gun half way out of it's holster with Doc almost livid snatching an old security alert with Sam's face on it out the guards hand and putting his body in-between the guard and Sam.

Sam for his part looked like he was just about to either pick Doc up to protect him or reach over and slap the guard into the next county.

Lalo would have thought the scene funny considering Sams strength and speed, but the thought of Doc getting hurt in the least little bit made his heart stop just before a devouring anger welled up inside him as he said, "Deputy, you don't want to hurt a hair on the head of that doctor protecting his patient ; cause if you do and Sam here doesn't finish you off I GODDAMN WILL.!"

Lalo was nearly shaking, as the guard looks over to him then back to Sam and then back to Lalo as he slowly puts the gun back in it's holster. The guard then slowly takes a step back as Doc tells him, "Deputy, I suggest you go back to the security office, contact your supervisor, and get his advice as I know he has been told by the local police force that charges against my friend here have been dropped..... Ok?"

The guard takes another step back as he nods yes to Doc. Doc continues with, "Besides .. we're gonna be here for a while if you have any more questions. Ok deputy?"

As the guard nods again and turns to leave at a brisk walk (not a run) he tells Doc and Lalo, "It's officer not deputy. " The brisk walk makes the handcuffs hooked to his back belt loop start bouncing back and forth on his butt.

None of them knew it but all three thought at the same time --"nice butt ".

They all three turn around as two cafeteria workers and the kitchen supervisor start to applaud. Lalo is the only one to get his bearings back fast enough to bow to the ladies..

Doc smiles and says, "Mrs Corrigan I'm glad you're still here."

She cuts in with a slight Irish brogue, "I am to or I would've missed this. That lad is always a day late and a dollar short. So what is it you'll be need'n of Kitchen services at this late of an hour?"

Docs smile widened as he told her, "When I set up my research groups account with you I discussed a need at a future date for the amount of food to drastically increase."

Mrs Corrigan got a twinkle in her eye as she tells him, "I recall that discussion very well along with that mixup with that football team ."

Doc winces a bit but says, "And I recall apologizing for that mixup."

Mrs Corrigan smiles wider as she chuckles and says, "Just yankin' your chain a bit Doc, that's all. While those boys did eat like locust they were actually polite to my staff and I appreciate that. So is this my heads up on the food increase then?"

Doc looks relieved and tells her, "Yes it is. For tonight and for the next two weeks I want you to consider any of our requests for food enough to feed a single patient in the lab to be about equal to the amount of food it took to feed that football team."

The two workers had been cleaning as they watched mostly Sam, but when Doc finished their jaws dropped and they looked at Mrs Corrigan as her face first screwed up then went sorta blank as she stared off into space, calculating the extra amount of food to order..

Out of the blue she snaps back and says, "Ok . But if it's going to turn into three weeks I need to know before the second week starts. Or for future reference I really need a week in advance to make sure about supply and delivery increases. Other than that, there should be no problem."

Doc, obviously relieved say, "Thank you Mrs Corrigan. Um about Sam here."

She shushed him as she told them, "Oh don't worry I think we can get a good start filling him up, as long as I keep reminding myself FOOTBALL TEAM, each time I see him. " she chuckles along with Sam and the doctors.

The two workers aren't laughing since they are the ones to start cooking again, and fast too.

Doc tells Lalo about Peter agreeing to the procedure, and asks him to have someone get Peter and the release forms at 8:30 and bring them to the lab. Then he asks Lalo to wake Sam and himself at the same time saying, "You're the only one I can trust to use the right language to get me to really wake up. Oh just in case anyone is a bit nervous about Sams presence during the procedure, tell them Sam understands what's going on, he wants to be there for emotional support and he won't freak out. We both promise."

Sam chimes in with, "I'm gonna be strong for Pete."

Lalo glances at Sam and then tells Doc, "That much strength on our side, we can't fail."

Doc and Lalo get goofy grins over this and Lalo finishes with, "Ok I'll see that we're ready to go and then get the crew to try and rest, I think we have enough cots to go around. That done I'll be heading over to the doctors lounge to hose this stink off of me. and then get a few winks myself."

Doc says, "Great. Thanks Lalo. See you at 8:30 ."

Lalo ends it with, "Sharp!" as he turns and leaves.

Sam says over Docs head, "Ed didn't smell bad, I kinda liked the way he smelled."

Doc murmured, "Me too, "with a far away look in his eyes.

Sam looks down with a curious look on his face and then smiles as he says, "Ain't you hungry Doc, I'm sure hungry. " they both turn towards the kitchen behind the counters and head towards the sounds and smells of breakfast.

Lalo finished his reverie and told Tina and the others, "Doc has fully informed Sam of what to expect and what's expected of him. They both gave their word No Freaking Out. Ok?"

Tina nods and says, "Ok Lalo just checking."

Lalo sorta smells the air near his left pit and announces, "Set the alarm clock and put it under Kasey's cot and then try to get some rest. I'm heading for the shower, "everyone started to applaud and he looks mock hurt by this as he says, "Heeeyyyyy."

Kasey explains, "We all thought it was a new form of motivation. You know, the faster we work, the faster you.."

Lalo cuts him off with, "Get a shower. Ok,Ok,Ok. See you soon." he leaves and someone turns off the main lights leaving the task lighting to gently illuminate the team as they settle down for what's left of the night.

Lalo got to the doctors lounge and starts to strip every thing off himself. Even though he seemed to pull everything off in haste; the scrubs and undergarments ended up either in one clothes hamper or another. The last few articles, socks and underwear, ended up turned into balls and he basket balled them into the hampers.

He looks at himself in the full length mirror. Almost a crew cut on his jet black hair, dark amber brown eyes, fumanchu mustache, ready smile in the eyes and the lips, square jaw, thick neck, a gymnasts upper body with medium dense hair on his pecs, and forearms and a little love trail leading to his pubs riding over a respectable package for someone five foot nine inches 195 pounds dripping wet.

Even though eight inches of cock would be considered by most as large, his height still made him doubt what past lovers had told him about his love muscle. He still hadn't heard it from the right man.

Tight butt, legs need a little work, feet big hands nimble. He asks the mirror, "Why doesn't Doc wanna see this?"

He sorta frowns head tips down a bit in thought then looks back at his reflection and says with a big grin, "I still Love ya... It just gets lonely. " he shrugs and gets in to the single shower stall and closes the frosted glass door.

The water gets to the right temperature as billows of steam fill the shower. He hangs his head as he lets the water bath his neck and back in welcome heat. After awhile he tips his head up gargles and spits, then finds the soap and turns facing the door. As the water flows down his back and over his firm but, he starts soaping his chest.

He snorts and smiles as another form of release and cleansing comes to mind. He groans out a, "Hummmmmm" as he imagines Docs head on Sams body. Fast Eddy starts to wake up and make his presence known.

He gets his mental picture in focus with himself next to doc and then grunts, "uuggghhhhh" and shrinks Doc's body down to two thirds so his view of himself isn't so short next to it. By now the soap has lingered around first the left nipple then the right, sorta making a figure eight on his chest, sudsing up his chest hair while still leaving the nipples exposed.

His mental picture of himself now starts to grow as his muscles start to bulge out and his shoulders get wider and his upper body grows a little faster than his legs as they get thicker and thicker along with his calves and his pecs balloon out keeping the same proportion of hair and his neck gets thicker and his lats get wider and thicker and he slows up at his abbs.

By now he has moved the soap on down to his belly which is well defined but not flat. He has a slight rounding on his abbs that he sorta likes on other guys but he's not yet decided if he likes it on himself or not.

The soap goes into a holding pattern as he bounces back and forth in his mind between - Flat-Roidgut-Flat-Roidgut - and decides for tonight Roidgut.

The soap finally gets to zero in on the primary muscle in need of extra special sudsing, and more determined attention. In his mind Uber-Lalo started off with a fat limp dick reaching to his knees.

His loving attention to his Love-muscle causes a change by the time the soap arrives at the base of his mighty tower of love. In his minds eye Uber-Lalo's mighty tower has grown to twenty inches and is tapping his chin with the rhythm of his heartbeat. His own real eight incher is by now well sudsed and at an almost perfect ninety degrees until both hands grab at its base and change off one to his balls and the other hand grasps with fingertips barley touching starts to rise up and down the length of his hefty tool.

A few times end to end and certain parts of his wet wang start to cry out for extra attention. This causes his stroke to narrow towards the tip and the middle bottom belly of the shaft.

At this point his mental images of Mega-Doc and Uber-Lalo are helping the job out just fine when he hears a door open and a familiar voice clearing his throat, causing Lalo to stop mid stroke as Doc says, "Lalo is that you in there?"

Lalo gets a weird look on his face as he first looks down on Fast Eddy as stiff as a flag pole and about the right angle for a flag and as he replies he turns to the left so anyone really checking out the silhouette would see his woody. Lalo is tired of guessing what Doc sees. He calls out, "Yeah Doc just little ol' me soaping off the stink of the day Hehehe."

Docs voice gets quieter as he remarks, "I actually liked that smell."

Lalo calls out loudly, "What !!"

Doc responds with, "I said It's just as well!" as Doc remarks he sneaks a peek and just at that moment Lalo playfully does a 180 in the shower so now his talleywhacker is pointing to the left.

Doc catches this turn and the general outline and starts to tent up himself. Poor Doc has no gaydar when it comes to men he really cares about and he thinks of Lalo as his best friend.

Unfortunately this leaves Doc thinking Lalo is straight, and even though half of the hospital staff know they are both gay, he thinks letting Lalo know he has the hots for him would end their friendship.

But this display tips Doc over the edge for a moment. Doc asks, "Are You Jerking Off In There?"

This gets Lalo's attention. Lalo says, "Can I ask a question before answering?"

Doc says, "Sure SHOOT!"

Lalo retorts, "HA HA HA, "a pause, "What did you come in here for?"

Doc replies, "I left my cell phone charger in my locker and my cell phone kept crying at me Low Battery/Low Battery... Ok so now fess-up!"

Lalo faces towards the door briefly and then does another 180 as he grabs himself as the water washes away the soap, but his man meat is still rock hard and slippery. Lalo shouts over his shoulder, "Doc you know you go blind jerkin off too much. A plain scientifik fact. It's been such a long day that I'm just forgetful as to which part of my pud is washed and which parts still need it. Don't mind me I'll get it straight soon enough."

Doc mutters as he bites his lower lip, "Looks straight enough for me."

Lalo shouts, "What was that?"

Doc smiles as he shakes his head and starts to leave saying, "I SAID Good enough for me, Uh I'll see you at eight thirty."

Lalo slumps as he hears the door open and close. Lalo mutters, "I was hoping you'd see a bit more of me before you left."

He rinses off and then thinks better of it. He grabs the soap and turns his back to the water. He proceeds to flog himself into a quick finish as he says under his breath to his schlong, "no reason why you shouldn't be satisfied. There, and there and there!"

Not one more minute and he grunts AHHHHHH as his snake spits three, five, six and then a half times and he faces the water and rinses off. He grins and looks over his shoulder. He tips the shower head up to rinse his spooge off of the shower door.

He shuts off the water, gets out, towels off and puts some clean scrubs on. He sets his wrist watch alarm and climbs into a cot with clean sheets and finishes his day with a wish of, "Sweet Dreams Doc". He's asleep before his head hits the pillow.

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Ok. Not steamy except for the water but it's a start, and I'll try to keep a minimum of sex for each part. But let me know what you liked or didn't like. Or any suggestions. Thanks.