Bigger is Good 12

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Disclaimer: This is a work of Science Fiction that has Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are ubder the age of eighteen years, then You Should Not Be Here! You have been warned.

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It was finally over. He felt full! Doc was so relieved. That gnawing feeling was really gone. The past five days had been unbelievable. No matter how full he had packed his stomach, he never got rid of that hunger.

But the Erickson's dinner was at the right place and the right time.

And Doc was making good time to the Lab. He wasn't speeding, so he wouldn't get pulled over and hassled about his size not matching his drivers license.

As he pulled into the parking lot nearest the Lab, he noticed a clump of rose bushes and a few roses were in bloom. He parked the car and pried himself out without honking the horn or breaking the interior.

Doc muttered, "Now as long as I don't get security pissed off, I should be OK." He pulled one big rose off the bush with out harming it and as he smiled he heard someone clear their throat.

Chief Hanson said, "Doctor Marantz, what could you possibly be doing that would piss---- security---- off. " He had been smiling until he got up close to Doc and realized just how Big Doc was now.

Doc smiled which took the edge off Chief Hanson's amazement. Doc said, "Well stealing a rose for one thing." Doc spun the rose and the smile did it's work.

Chief Hanson finally smiled and said, "Doc, we try not to sweat the little things. But if you feel a need to give back to the hospital, just let me know when I can send some of my men over to your Lab. You are huge Doc. Those are some fine vitamins your people are making in there."

Doc said, "Thank you Chief. We actually were going to ask you in about two weeks if some of your men want to participate in the human trials. Now I can just have Tina send over a form for the men to sign who are interested in it."

Chief Hanson said, "Thanks Doc. I might be joining them if the wife lets me."

Doc couldn't resist. He beckoned the Chief over closer and said, "Tell her this is another part of your body that will grow larger." Doc pulled his sweat pants away far enough for the Chief to see his equipment. The Chief just dropped his jaw, and couldn't speak for a moment.

Then the chief said, "Oh, I'll be signing up. And top of the list. You have a good night Doc. And thanks again."

Doc started walking towards the Lab entrance. Doc said, "You're welcome Chief and thanks for the flower."

Chief said, "No problem." then he muttered, "Wow!"

Doc got to the inside Lab entrance and quietly opened the door and found Kasey reviewing some of the lab layouts planned for the new trials building. Just as he looks up Doc puts his finger in front of his lips to keep him from calling out his name.

Doc gets near Kasey and points to the curtained off area with a question on his face. Kasey mouths the name Lalo with a question on his face. Doc nods and asks with his face, is he there?

Kasey smiles and nods yes then puts his palms together and lays his head on them like he's sleeping. Doc taps his wrist and Kasey holds up ten fingers three times for thirty minutes. Then Kasey pantomimes waking up or wide eyed and then holds his stomach like he's hungry and then holds up five or ten minutes. Doc gets a big grin and pulls Kasey out of the Lab.

Lalo wakes up hungry and sad. His size is amazing. He is two thirds the size of Sam, and not done growing yet. He hasn't heard a word from Tina about Doc Or a word from Doc.

Lalo's stomach doesn't let him dwell too long on who isn't there. He calls out, "Kasey, I know I frighten too many people in the cafeteria during the day, but do you think they'd mind me going there at night? It always takes so long to get their worker to cart the food over and I'm starving now."

Lalo didn't hear a thing. He shook his head and said, "Don't tell me you took off too? Kasey did you put your headphones on again?"

Just then the sound of a cart pushing a door open is followed with Kasey saying, "No I don't have my headphones on again. I paid attention to your feeding schedule and got the food ahead of time."

The first cart was pushed through the curtains and Lalo wrapped the bedclothes over his middle. Kasey said, "Here's the first cart, ya bottomless pit" Just then the second cart came through with a very large orderly pushing it.

The giant orderly doesn't look up but says, "Where do ya need this one."

Sean said, "Oh right by the first one."

The guy says, "Just for one guy?" He tips his head up and Doc smiles at Lalo as he finishes with, "He must be really hungry."

Lalo was stuffing some corn bread in his mouth and was so hungry he swallowed before he dropped the plate and jumped out of bed to hug Doc. He yelled, "Doc!" before they started crushing each other in a great bear hug.

Doc got his wind back first and said, "I never told you something I need to, Lalo."

Lalo said, "Tina said we were being stupid. I didn't tell you how I felt either."

Kasey said before he left, "I'm telling you both. I'll be on break for at least an hour. Maybe two. Yeah two sounds better. Don't forget to clean up after yourselves."

Doc and Lalo laughed. Lalo said, "Doc. No, Matt. You're my best friend. I am gay. I love you and I am in love with you. No matter how you want to go with this, I will never stop loving you, or stop being your friend."

Doc couldn't think of what to say first so he just kissed Lalo. that lasted a good long time.

When they took a break for unimportant things like breathing. They just looked at each other with little boy kinda shy expressions.

Doc said, "You became the most important friend in my life and I think I let that take up so much time in my mind cause I didn't want to think you were gay too and you didn't love me. I made you being my best friend more important, than finding out if you could love me. I thought best friend was the best I could get and I didn't want to ruin it by telling you the truth."

Lalo said, "That sounds like a lot of the bullshit I convinced myself was true. Funny thing was I started to realize the emotions I was picking up from you were not at the friendly level. I was getting the blast of Love coming from you, when we got time to just relax. I had to stop thinking we could only be friends when I stopped fearing I'd lose you. I was getting more and More afraid we would waste all the time we could be lovers for however a short time, on acting like deer in the headlights. Frozen in fear, while Love laid waiting for us to come to our senses."

Matt said, "We're there. Eduardo I don't know if this is the way to say it, but Estas Mi Corazón. You are my heart! I love you and I'm in love with you. No matter how gigantic you get. " He starts to laugh with Lalo and they pull each other into another lengthy kiss.

Matt looked at Lalo after they ended their kiss. Lalo smiled and drew himself up and flexed for Doc/Matt. Matt flexed his chest and put his hands on the sides of Lalo's meaty belly and then ran them up and in back of Lalo's wide Lats. At this point Lalo was doing a double biceps pose, and smiling like the devil.

Lalo asked, "Do you like what you see?" Doc was a little bigger than Lalo, but just a little. Lalo's growth looked like he would become much bigger.

Matt said, "Yes, I do. I liked what I could see of you before you started living large." Matt gets shy for a second and then shatters that idea by reaching to his shirt and ripping it off his body. The buttons went popping off the bedframe and nightstand and food carts. Now Matt looks a lot bigger. His upper body muscles swell up so fast, it looks like a magic act. Matt does a side flex chest and then he pulls his lats out as wide as he can and they seem to keep his arms from relaxing at his sides now.

Matt asked, "Do you like what you see?" Lalo still needs to look up at Matt, and he smiles as he nods his head yes. With Lalo totally naked and Matt deciding to get that way too, they soon no longer need words to know they loved each other. Lalo had a massive erection that got Doc's eyes bulging. Then Lalo was the one with a look of awe and new found respect. It seemed the stay with Peter and Sam put Doc's dick into another size category.

Lalo's cock was so happy, it slapped the lower part of Lalo's chest. Lalo said, "Doc, ah Matt, Oh Baby." Lalo takes both his hands to get around the massive member of his lover. He starts to lick and then tries to suck the monster into his mouth with little success. Unfortunately The amount of blood needed to fully pump him up leaves Doc in danger of fainting. Lalo notices Doc's knees shake and even with a goofy grin, Doc could pas-out so he steadies Doc and they sit on the bed. While this goes on Doc/Matt latches onto Lalo's pecker and when they sit Matt starts stroking Lalo from tip to base.

Lalo said, "Yes!! Matt I only seem to find more and more to love about you." Lalo moans as his cock gets some loving attention from Matt's mouth.

Matt asks, "Can I nickname you Moose? I see it as a positive part of your soon to be Gigantic size."

Lalo said, "Only you can call me that, because you love me."

Matt slowly takes Lalo's dick into his mouth and down his throat. Lalo is so amazed with the amount of throat muscle massaging the amount of his muscle, that he almost forgets to breath. When he does start breathing closer to normal he looks at Matt in alarm. He said to Matt, "Are you able to breath around my dong?" Matt nodding his head make a sweet sensation on Lalo's cock.

Lalo said, "You are going to have to teach me how you do that. Because that feels so good, there is no way I'm going to miss showing you how that feels." He is interrupted by deep moan that came out of his own throat.

He loves what Matt is doing to him, but he Loves Matt. Lalo tells Matt, "Matt. Come up here, Mejo.

Matt pulls himself off of Lalo's cock and watches it slaps Lalo on the belly. Matt smiles and starts to kiss and nibble his way from Lalo's navel by his left nipple, side of his neck to his lips.

Lalo wasn't idle while Matt meandered over his body. The second a good length of Matts cock was within reach Lalo started to rub and almost pinch the head of Matt's very wide pecker. And when they were both savoring the taste of the other, Matt was trying to match what Lalo was doing to his dick. It was hard to concentrate when their tongues seemed to demand all of their attention.

Lalo takes hold of both their cocks and Matt sees an opportunity to rub some other muscles. While Lalo strokes them closer to orgasm, Matt started to massage Lalo's shoulders and then his back. Matt moved on to Lalo's thick pectoral muscles. All the while Lalo was stroking faster. And their tongues refused to be ignored in all of this and when Lalo sucked as hard as he could on Matts tongue, he set Matt off like fireworks. The cum came out of Matt's cock so hard it hit both of them under the chins like someone slapped them. Matt started the spooge flying, but Lalo followed in the fine tradition of hard and long orgasms. The ropy spurts of opalescent Love, covered the front of their bodies from the top of their heads to their toes.

Matt pull Lalo closer and slid his body back and forth across Lalo's Meaty Jism cover body. Their spunk finally running out, Lalo let go of their dongs and held Matt, while they both chuckled in the afterglow.

They rearranged themselves on the bed while ignoring the spooge covering the general area. Matt cuddle into Lalo's arms as Lalo pulled his head into the crook of his neck.

Lalo giggled and said, "I just knew the first time with you would be the best I ever had, and I was right!" Matts head pulls away so he can kiss the mouth that spoke the words from his own heart. It was a tender kiss and when they stopped, Matt's head went right back against Lalo's neck.

Matt's deep rumble voice said, "My head feels good right here. My whole body feels good right here." Lalo nods yes and then pulls a sheet over them. They take a very brief nap, while their bodies recharge.

Lalo wakes up to this enormous, thick, wide back, hiding Matt giving him a blow job. Lalo starts to massage Matt's back while Matt is bobbing on Lalo's cock. This gets a moan and then a purring rumble through Matt's throat. The effect is a wonderful feeling, which gets Lalo to soon start a purring sound of his own.

Lalo gets a happy little smile as he plays with Matt's back muscles. He's enjoying just touching Matt. Lalo says, "I can't remember how many times I wished I could just touch you like this. Rub your back, rub your neck. Just be able to reach out and hold you."

Matt stops giving head as Lalo sits up and pulls Matt's back against himself. Lalo's head is trying to wedge itself into one of the truly deep valleys in Matts back.

Lalo said, "I love you Matt."

Matt told him, "I love you Lalo."

Lalo laid back onto the bed pulling Matt along with him. Matt turns to face Lalo, and stays propped up to get another good look at the man he loves. Lalo plays with Matt's hair and shoulder muscles.

Lalo sees how Matt is happy just looking at him. Lalo said, "You were sitting in bed watching me before you decided to love me awake."

Matt got a delighted look on his face and said, "There you have a great example for why I fell in love with you. You can read my mind and pull out a phrase I just thought up and make it sound so right. " Matt lowered himself a little bit to be closer to Lalo.

Mat continued with, "Loving you awake was how I thought of what I was doing."

Lalo had such a great smile that suddenly was consumed by a flinch of pain on his face. Matt Knew exactly why Lalo was in pain. He was HUNGRY!

Matt shot out of bed and said, "Shit!" as he look over the carts. He grabbed one of the shakes Mrs. Corrigan had sent, and almost poured the whole thing down Lalo's throat in under ten seconds. Luckily Mrs. Corrigan was wise enough to sen four of those puppies. Lalo chugged a second on in record time and after the third and fourth he was able to take a deep breath and relax his face and half his body. The intensity of the hunger pangs was like a stab wound. Matt started handing food to Lalo with a worried anxious look on his face.

Lalo got to a level of almost full and could finally tell Mat, "You had better put that expression away for a very long time if not forever. You are not responsible for me being in pain. I was the one who decided to go through the process. I was the one to first describe the test rats reaction to the process. You are responsible for me being very happy. You pulverized that stone in my heart. You love me." Just then Matt found a fifth shake and handed it to Lalo, who said, "and this proves you really love me."

Matt handed more food to Lalo, and after about twenty minutes of intense feeding Lalo finally felt not hungry. He knew he had a few more days of that, but he didn't worry about it. He was with the man he loved and who loved him. The world could end this second and he would still be smiling.

Matt frowns for a second and asks, "How could you be smiling through that much hunger?"

Lalo said, "My baby is with me, feeding me. Loving me. No amount of pain can stand up to that much love and Joy." Matt jumped back onto the bed and grabbed Lalo around the chest. Lalo grabbed him back and started kissing the top of Matts head. Then Matt tipped his head up to meet Lalo's lips with his own. How can people say two lovers are lost in each others arms. It's the one place they know they are home and safe.

With the need to be fed gone for a few hours, Lalo and Matt begin to enjoy their hearts desire. For they both longed to simply touch the other as a lover would. To be free to see how their imagination stands up to real loving. They explore each other's body and start to learn the ways they can please their lover. Two large over-endowed, massively muscled men finding themselves in Love for the first time, and still feeling like young kids in a candy store. They were at it for three hours before Lalo was reminded that he MUST eat, AND NOW.

Matt pulled most of his clothes on and parted the curtain around Lalo's bed, only to find a cart with more of Mrs. Corrigan's special Shakes. There were four of them and they were packed in a bowl of ice. Kasey must have followed his schedule of when Lalo needed feeding, and brought the Cart of Protein shakes an hour ago.

Matt called out, "OK, Kasey. Where are you? Thanks for getting the Shakes."

From the curtained area next to Lalo's comes Kasey voice saying, "You're welcome Doc. Are you and Moose finally happy?"

Matt says, "Yes!"

Lalo cuts in with, "Yes, but Matt's the only one who can call me that."

Kasey mutters, "Matt, huh? It must be love Lalo. Doc told me two years ago he didn't like people using his first name. He said it just didn't sound good out of anyones mouth. Congratulations. Oh I ordered two carts full of food and they should get here in half an hour. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me if you need me. And Thank you, for being on the quiet side, lovemaking wise."

Lalo said, "You're welcome." Then he kissed Matt just before he sucked down three of the shakes in a row and burped. Her said, "Ahh. That hit the spot."

Matt grinned and said, "I know what hits the spot for me." Matt reached over and caressed Lalo's belly. Matt's thumb kept sliding into Lalo's navel and massaging the muscles around it. The shakes must have done the trick, cause Lalo was thinking about his belly for only one reason. And that reason was getting his breathing to speed up.

Lalo looked deeper and deeper into Matt's eyes and saw himself there. He was getting so excited. He thought about his love for Matt like that. Like there was an image of Matt inside his heart that equalled his love for Matt. And it was a giant.

Now he could swear he saw a giant image of himself in Matt's eyes. He took a deep breath and said" You Really Love Me!"

Matt smiled because he would have said it just like that. He told Lalo, "Only you would know just how much." They started kissing and Matt's thumb never left Lalo's navel . They started to make love, and they never stopped thinking either ' I hope he likes what I'm doing now' and ' Oh god! How can he make that feel so Good?!'

Theirs was not a love to test mens souls. Theirs was a love to set the mark for true love. If you questioned your relationship, compare it to theirs. Are you happy? Do you make your lover happy? Are you happiest when you make your lover happy? Answer yes to all three and you are doing just fine.

The End

Thank you for reading this story. I'm sorry to say that this last chapter was where I was heading with this story. I was so upset the author of the characters Peter and Sam had just abandoned them, and when Peter's life was threatened, too. So I let my imagination play with way the story, "Big is Better" stopped. On re-reading the very first chapter I learned the author had intended a very long story. Peter is writing after nine years of living with and loving Sam. The train accident happens after only one year. And the story stops there. The author is not able to be reached. His email comes back undeliverable. I wish he would start writing again. I tried my best to keep the personality of his characters the same, but there were times I would love to hear how he would have had Sam speak. He created such a talkative man. Such a big strong loving man.

Now I will be around writing other stories, but unless I get some ideas how my readers would like to see the story go, I'll just have to wait for a muse to whisper in my ear.

And if you hear about someone who knows XHuge4Muscl then Please tell them

"Hey some guy was screwing with his story and characters" and then give them my email address. I promise if I can get him to start writing again I will! I sure miss reading his work. Almost like I lost a friend.

Take care and send Feedback.

And if you have a good idea. WRITE IT. And then...

Keep writing.