Bigger is Good 11

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story that includes Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Tina was on the phone saying, "Thank you for understanding Mrs Corrigan." pause, "No, this was one of those unusual reactions. Out of thirty-five baboons, only two had such an intense immediate hunger for the first twenty-four hours and only one that stayed at that level for three days." pause, "Well, we should know in about an hour." pause, "Thank you. Bye now."

Tina had a silly grin on her face as she was thinking about the phone call. Kasey asked her, "What's the smile for?"

Tina looked up at him and said, "Mrs Corrigan wished us luck and suggested we use the feeding cage with Dr Sanchez. That way we could be sure we wouldn't lose our hands."

From the curtained area, Lalo commented with, "HA HA."

Tina replied with, "You are napping young man! Do not make me come over there!"

A quieter, "Yes Ma-am." was Lalo's response.

Kasey shook his head and softly said, "Moose."

Tina held up a finger like an angry parent with a child that would tease their brother or sister. She pulls his shirt and him over to her desk and sat him down. As soon as she sat down Kasey told her, "He's already gained fifty pounds and that in only twenty-four hours."

She cuts him off with, "That doesn't indicate Lalo will respond like Moose did."

Kasey cuts in with, "And he's grown four inches taller."

Tina comes back with, "That is still within some of the more moderate response test subjects. And while we're on the subject of Moose; he was hungry every hour on the hour, and he'd eat for thirty minutes at a time. Lalo has those hunger pangs, the closest together was two, maybe two and a half hours apart. So I don't want you worrying Lalo with reminders of Moose."

Kasey shook his head again and said, "That was one gigantic sized baboon!"

Tina nods her head recalling the littlest baboon had become the biggest anyone had ever seen. She says, "Lucky thing he was so docile."

Lalo cuts in from the curtained area with, "Cause he was so popular with the other baboons. They'd never seen one of their own kind with a dick that size. They let him do whatever he wanted to with it."

Tina has a frown as she hears this and Kasey decides to let her in on something. He says, "We never did get around to telling you about how the place behind your desk is like an amphitheater for the whole lab. Even if you whisper where you are, the whole lab can hear you."

Tina's eyes got real big as she realized what that meant. She started with, "You mean last night when I was talking to my husband."

Lalo called over, "Yes and snookie-bear will never hear it from me. Honest!"

She got a mean look on her face and then she smiled sweetly as she reached for the filing cabinet drawer in her desk. She pulled out a little folder that looked like it had photos in it.

She got up and headed for Lalo's curtained cubicle. She told Kasey, "Sometimes you just can't play fair. " Then she disappeared behind the curtain.

Kasey could hear "Huh?" then, "OOOHH!" then, "Wow" and finally, "Thank you."

Tina reappeared at the curtain and she told Lalo, "The lube is in the top drawer. Oh and remember..."

The whole Lab called out in unison, "Aim away from the photos!" and then chuckles and snorts and general Lab sounds.

For a few moments. And then the slick slurpy sounds of someone trying not to masturbate loudly.

Kasey bursts out with, "Be a man! Lalo, you are a health manly man. Think of this like it's a modified Kinsey report. If you don't make noise, we think you're not enjoying yourself. So take the larger than average matter in hand and Jerk-off like you mean it. Be proud, be loud."

Lalo mumbles, "Well proud is the word for it." Any further sounds from behind the curtain only reminded people they needed to use the restrooms for just a few minutes. Honest!.


Back at Sam and Peter's place

Sam and Peter decide to let a medical professional witness Sams Big Workout. Doc's eyes were real big and they stayed that way until Sam was finished.

Sam wasn't all the way back but he could respond to compliments. Doc's eyes started to get back to normal but Sam noticed something else about Doc and said, "I must have had a good workout. Doc, you're as stiff as Pete."

Doc could only think to repeat something he heard out of Sams mouth. He said, "You are one Big man. And getting bigger."

Sam responded with, "Damn right" like he was talking about someone else. Sam looked a Pete's massive pecker. He walked over and and looked at Peter's dick for a few moments, just taking in the joy of Peter's size. Then a little boy smile flashed across Sams handsome face and his eyes glanced up to Peter's face. As Sam lingered on Peter's face a real big smile just sat on Sam's face . He told Peter, "I need some o your Special High-protean shake" He put his huge hand on Peters shoulder and his other hand on Pete's hip.

Peter said, "I'm ready to do my part in making you bigger!" He untied his sweat pants in time for his bazooka to come to attention.

Sam said, "Thas what I like to hear. " As if Peters now two-hundred and seventy pounds buff body was as light as a soda can, Sam picked him up and slowly lowered Peter's cock down his throat. When Peters balls reached Sams chin, Sam started to apply pressure and pleasure, while Peter just groaned and wriggled in response to all the attention his dick was getting.

Doc had never had the equipment to be able to give himself head, let alone watch someone else getting head at the same time. He wasted no time applying himself to this new situation. It seemed to work out well. By the time Peter arched his back and started filling Sams belly, Doc was filling his own.

They all calmed down a bit and when Peter was back on his feet again, he asked, "Well Doc? Was I right about just how powerful Sam is?"

Doc was stowing himself away as he said, "Yes Pete. I think this qualifies as evidence of the strongest man Ever! I think Hercules would have had a hard time keeping up with Sam."

Sam smiled and said, "Hercules huh. Thanks Doc." He paused and as Pete tied up his sweatpants Sam said, "You an Pete are getting pretty strong. Twice in the past week, Pete's picked me up just like you did yesterday. All three times got me going. I weigh a lot." Apparently talking about it got Sam going again and Peter noticed at the same time Doc did.

Doc walked over and started to hug Sam. He asked, "Sam, you mean doing something like this gets you horny?" By now Doc had Sam about six inches off the floor and tipped back a little. Most of Sams weight was resting on Docs shoulder. Doc didn't seem to be having a hard time holding him there. Sam's posing trunks were about to give up the ghost, with all the pressure his industrial sized dick was bringing to bear.

Peter got a real big grin on his face thinking Sam was going to split his posing trunks any second. Then the amount of muscle being held up got to affecting Peters cock. As Peter's tallywhacker started to rise Sam noticed as well as Peter. Peter was the one to say, "Aw Doc. I just got my pants back on and you go and get Sam's Big Middle muscle up and needing some attention." Sams downside hand started to rub Docs back as his upside hand just tore through his posing trunks like they were paper.

Doc realizes he could help by putting Sam down and does so with a smile. He tells them, "I just wanted to help get something up that hadn't gotten that much attention recently." Doc turns his attention to rubbing Sam's balls, and Peter takes hold of Sam's mighty cock and pumps it a few slow times before he starts to lick and then suck the beast. Doc tells Peter, "You told me but I can not see how anyone would be afraid of this man." Doc gets to his knees and starts to lick Sam's balls. Sam has one hand on Peter's head, and now the other on Doc's. Peter Pauses for a moment and looks over to some mats laid near a wall. Sam sees where he's looking and scoops up Doc and Peter and sets them down in front of the mats he then lays down on. Doc and Peter get back to what they were doing, but after only a short while Sam pulls Peter around so he can get at the thing on Peter that drives him crazy. The biggest human cock in the world. And It's attached to the man he loves. For Sam, there's nothing else he needs.

Their attention to Sam left them all needing a shower. This went faster than the last time since all three hadn't eaten for three hours. While Sam and Peter could control that slow need to feed; Doc's hunger pangs left no other option, but to find food now. Luckily had such a well stocked kitchen Doc was able to find a few full sized bags of potato chips that he could inhale while Sam and Peter finished their shower.

Sam was dry and had shorts on by the time the second bag was in Doc's stomach. Sam started to make lunch for them all. For any other group of three men, what Sam made would be classified as a three course meal. But by the time they were full and happy, there was nothing left on the table but dishes and silverware. Sam smiled and asked, "Tomorrow's the day, huh Doc?"

Peter cut in with, "Hey yeah. That sharp feeling you get when you're hungry will be gone tomorrow. I bet you'll be glad for that, Doc."

Doc said, "I sure will. I guess it's like all treatment a doctor puts his poor patients through. He should go through the steps at least, to see just what a patient has to go through to get well. Or even just to survive. Most doctors have no concept of the agony they put patients through."

Sam said, "Doc you never had a bad bedside manner. Why'd ya do this to yerself?"

Doc frowns as he tries to sum up his reason for his participation. Doc tells them, "Well I'd love to say it was due to a promise I made years ago. I was interning and I volunteered for some time on a burn ward. That was when I met Agent Erickson. He wasn't with the FBI at the time. He was a fireman and a paramedic. The week before two of my patients had died and I took it real hard. Talk about your professional objectivity. They were my patients and I lost them. One was a ten year old boy and the other was a thirteen year old girl. Tommy and Mira."

Doc takes a deep breath and continues with, "So when Robert brought in a two year old little girl and we rushed to the ER to assist., I found myself taking on the lead physician role due to the other injured people brought in. Two were firemen. Broken leg and concussion. I worked on the little girl for smoke inhalation and she responded. Then we tried to stabilize her burn injuries. That's when we discovered burns over seventy-five percent of her body. I got worried when she could breath well and she was hardly crying at all. We removed what clothing we could and covered areas we would work on the next day with sterile covers and when we were done and about to transport upstairs to the burn ward, she flat lined. I worked twenty minutes on her before the head nurse for ER told me to code it. IT. Like she didn't even have a name."

Doc paused again and then said, "I told that nurse, you write HER up and I'll sign the papers; but I never want to hear you call a patient an it again. She could see the tears in my eyes and she quietly said ' Yes doctor, sorry for my lapse. It won't happen again.' I said Thank you and I hurried out to the hallway where the public wasn't allowed. I started crying and next thing I know I'm being held by Robert who's sniffling himself. I calmed dow enough to hear him tell me, that she was his patient too. That got us both crying a little more. When we wound down, I told him thanks Erickson. He told me thanks Dr. Marantz and that his friends called him Robert. I told him my friends called me Matt. A few weeks later Robert applied to the FBI for a job. He had done such a good job assisting the arson investigation on that particular fire, the FBI welcomed him with open arms. Apparently a third of the FBI training includes physically demanding work just like the fireman's training. On the day that Joanne, the three year old died I promised myself I would change the way burn victims are treated. Now Joanne would have died anyway, even with the procedure I've created. but the other two patients would be here today If we had it available back then. And when Dr. Sanchez and I presented our work for a grant, it was Agent Robert Erickson who was there to help us get it. It's funny, for all the years we worked together getting this procedure to work ; it was only last week I found out Robert had been the one to convince congress to let the FBI maintain authority over the program. I don't know if i've thanked him enough lately.

A voice from the stairway said, "Well now you have." After the ruckus the police caused Sam and Peter earlier this month, their reaction wasn't unexpected. Sam had the chair he was sitting on in his hand but a real calm look on his face. I think that was because Peter reacted so angrily to someone just coming up their private stairway without even a knock. Peter had his chair raised to brain whoever came through the door too.

Just then Sam lowered his chair and put a hand on Peter's shoulder and said, "It's OK Pete."

Agent Erickson called out, "Knock knock." He rapped against the wall and said, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Can I come up?" Peter put the chair down and Doc smiled.

Sam said, "Come on up, Agent Erickson. You're welcome." Doc was still smiling as peter's temper cooled out.

But Peter needed to know, "What's the smile for Doc?"

Erickson comes up to hear Doc say, "I just liked the fact that you were going to defend the strongest man in the world from whatever came up those stairs. That's real love."

Sam ruffled Peters hair and patted his back and said, "My Pete's a tiger!"

Pete seemed a little embarrassed but says, "I'm never going to lose the best person in my life again."

Sam pulls him around and kisses him then whispers, "I loves ya Pete."

Peter says, "I love you, Sam."

Agent Erickson says, "And I love, Marla. That's why I went searching for you after I talked to Tina. Marla took half the day off, so she could cook a real big home cooked dinner just for you Doc."

Doc says, "Doh! I forgot."

Robert says, "Not to worry. You just have time enough to get home and washed up and then high-tail it to my place for dinner. And no stopping at the Lab or you will incur the wrath of Marla. And Sara. I taught her backgammon just for you. I think she got the basics down."

Doc asked, "Why ever would you think I would stop at the Lab?"

Robert smiled and ticked off on his fingers, "Well . One present situation excluded, you are a workaholic. Two the Lab is on the way from here to your house. and Three Lalo went through the procedure three days ago, and will be there for at least two more and you do not have time; I repeat do not have time to stop by there and be ready for dinner. Understood?"

Doc decide to play when he knew he was beat, so he just stood up . All six foot five inches of very muscular doctor. And since Robert was right next to Doc when he was talking, Doc now towered over Robert. Doc adds more to the look by twisting his head as he looks down at Robert and squints through one eye. Robert returns the look and growls.

Robert says, "You may be bigger, but I'm smaller, and if you hurt me Marla will hunt you down like a rabid dog." Doc suddenly cowers and sits back down.

Doc says, "Don't get Marla angry at me, she's doing my taxes."

Peter says, "Ouch. Talk about hitting where it hurts."

Robert says, "And that stuff you said while I was eavesdropping. You've thanked me In a lot of different ways, and I just forgot to say." He put his hand on Doc's shoulder, "You are welcome." Doc smiled up at his friend.

Doc said, "Then you are right I can't stop at the Lab and I won't. But I need to get going and I don't remember where I put my long pants with my keys in them." The next five minutes leave all four looking until Peter finds them behind the desk at the gym entrance ."

Robert says, "Well boys I'll see you later. Next time we have a little get together I'll invite you two over."

Peter says, "Thanks Agent Erickson," a moment before Sam says it too.

Robert says, "You're welcome. And I'll you in an hour and fifteen minutes. Right?"

Doc says, "Right." Robert leaves and Dock gives and gets a big hug and a kiss from both big men. He tells them, "Thank you for the past few days . I know now I have good friends, and I don't just mean you two. You helped me when I needed to see the good things and the good people in my life. and thanks for sharing your love." He hugged them both again.

Sam tells him, "Doc you're always welcome. Don't forget tho, you gave as good as you got." His grin tells Doc how true his words are.

Peter said, "Yeah Doc. make sure you go talk to Dr. Sanchez after dinner. It's not fair we're the only ones to share all that love you have."

Doc blushes and says, "Thanks . I will be seeing Lalo tonight. See you two later. Come by the lab in the next few days for a followup Ok?"

Peter says, "OK. Bye Doc."

Sam says, "Bye Doc."

Doc heads out the door and gets to his car to find a ticket on it. "Shit," is all he says as he puts it on the passenger seat and drives off to his house. He mutters, "I guess I'm lucky they didn't tow it ."

He gets home and plugs his charger in and makes sure this time it is plugged in and his cell phone is fully plugged in. He gets into the shower and immediately thinks of Lalo. His attention to cleanliness drifts to his cock and balls as he thinks of Lalo going through the procedure. He mutters, "He didn't even call me." Then he realized his cell phone was dead. He muttered, "How could he."

He dofs a load and finishes cleaning up, shaving and brushing his teeth. He had a few things that would fit, and after putting a pair of thick black sweat pants and a short sleeved shirt, with the right sized dress shoes, he throws on a light brown jacket and locks up. His cell phone had time to take two thirds a charge and he was happy with that. Along with the fact the door knob he thought he had crushed, was still working and locking.

He got to the Erickson's home in record time and after Marla's shock at how big he'd grown made sure he wasn't going to be in trouble for finishing off the hors de ouervs.

After the third game of backgammon, and the realization that he lost every single game he looked at Robert, and said, "You set me up!"

Sara giggled and said, "Daddy lost five games before he realized he wasn't going to win again."

Robert said, "Yeah, but you promised you wouldn't tell anyone if I got him to play backgammon with you."

Sara frowned and said, "Sorry."

Doc smiled and said, "It's Ok . I still had a good time with the Illusion I could finally win a game against you." He gives her a hug as they head towards the dinner table. Marla walks out of the kitchen just as they get to the dinning room.

Marla tells them, "I can always depend on you three to entertain yourselves when I'm running late. But now, dinner is served." She walks back into the kitchen as Doc and Sara sit down at the already set table.

Marla softly says, "I hope I cooked enough. You told me he got bigger, but for some reason my mind didn't enlarge my mental picture of him. Hope fully cooking enough for thanksgivving will fill him up."

Robert pulled her around and gave her a long kiss, then said, "You worry too much. But there are a whole lot more reaqsons than your cooking, that I love you. " He gave her another peck as she leaned against the counter.

She gave hism a coy smaile and softly asked, "Name one."

He immediately said, "That pretty little smile you have for me every time you see me. Hust that one smile coud get a man lost for days."

Just then Doc called out, "Did you two get lost in there?"

They could hear Sara tell him, "Oh they're probably just kissing in there. I catch them doing that all the time they think I can't see them." Doc chuckles and so do the two in the kitchen.

Robert starts to say, "Oh you do, do you." But gets cut off half way and half volume by Marla's hand.

She shushes him and says, "Try to keep some illusions." He kisses her hand and when she pulls it away she kisses him once more and then they bring out the food.

Doc is shocked and says, "A turkey?!"

Sara chimes in with, "A twenty-two pounder. Just like thanksgiving. Neat huh?"

They are all smiles and and Doc gets a little choked up, but he says, "Thanks guys. I've got to come over more often."

Sara says, "That's what we all keep telling each other. Just make sure you remember OK?"

Robert says, "Sara!"

Sara says, "Well we do."

Marla and Robert say together, "Yeah we do."

That got all four laughing.

Marla asked Doc, "Would you say grace, Doc?"

Doc frowned for a second and then he took Marla's and Robert's hand and said, "Dear Lord, thank you for the abundance you have set before us and the good friends to share it with. And the time to let us see the great gift they really are. Amen."

They all said Amen and dug in.

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