Finding the Pearl 5

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"I still can't believe a little old lady saw me on TV, just an hour ago and had these pants sewn up for me. You didn't call up and have her do this did you?"

Mark snaughed. "No I did not call anyone to make your big assed Dragon self some pants. With a hole in them for your tail." He continued to chuckle at the idea. "She said it was disgraceful that no one even thought to offer you some kind of covering, and you with that blanket wrapped around your slim waist." Mark emphasized his idea of slim by grabbing my hips and wiggling them back and forth.

I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into a light hug as I chuckled. "Oh, so I have a big ass but a slim waist?"

He thought about that for a second and then grabbed my meaty butt cheeks. "Yep. That's how I see it." We pulled apart a little and he looked me in the eyes. "I call a Red Dragon a Red Dragon. No beating around the bush for me." Then he pulled my head down for a kiss. I was strong enough to be able to pull him up with my head alone, but he wanted my head down there, so down there it went. I'm no dummy. You make the ones you love, who make you happy, as happy as you can make them. And Mark makes me... Oh wow. Happy doesn't even begin to describe it.

"And she picked such a good color green to highlight your red fur." He started to rub the strip of fur on either side of my belly and set off a chain reaction. I pulled him against my hips so he could feel the enlarging bulge in my brand new pants.

"I hope they're strong enough, the way you keep rubbing my fur that way."

"Wow. I'm doing that, huh?" He got a cocky grin on his face as he looked up at me.

"And you all proud of yourself. Well you should be." I hugged him to me again and the world felt safer. Isn't that the way the world works. I'm a big Dragon now and he makes me feel safe.

Then out of Mark's mouth. "I've never been around someone so big before. You really make me feel safe."

I pulled back to look in his eyes. "Well, Big Man, that's how you're making me feel right now."

Too many emotions flew across his face before he grabbed my face and tried to suck my tongue right out of my head. That took quite a few minutes. I had a big tongue right then. "Mark you are determined to test this lady's work, aren't you.?" The bulge was quite a bit bigger than when he started kissing me.

"We have got to find a private place."

"Sorry guys, but that won't be for another hour or so. And could you two try and stop making this look like the beginning of a porno anime?" I stood up taller and put my right hand on my chest as if to ask Detective Ayers "Moi?"

Ayers snaughed at my innocent act. "You're just as bad as Little Jackie Paper over there."

Mark looked confused. "Little Jackie Who?"

I clued him in, singing "Little Jackie Paper, Loved that Rascal Puff." He still looked a bit confused "Puff the Magic Dragon."

"Oh you have got to be joking. I don't think anybody is going to let us frolic in the autumn mist."

"Just as likely to do that in LA as anywhere else." Ayers had a point.

I had to add "More like Poofter the Magic Dragon."

Detective Ayers chuckled. "You said it, I didn't."

"Yes, but you were thinking it." That got him to stand real still for a moment. "No I can't read minds. It was just written all over your face when I said it."

"OK. Well you'd make a good detective, if you weren't so big."

I hunkered down, but Mark nudged me. "Stand up straight. Be a proud Dragon. I'm proud of you."

That deserved a kiss, but I hugged him from behind out of difference to the straight young Detective in the room.

Mark leaned back against me then stood up straighter. "Hey Detective, If it's going to be another hour before we get to talk to the public.."

"Not more food?! I never saw so much food shoved down the throat of a creature that could belch and talk at the same time."

I glanced down at Mark, but didn't know where he was going with his request. "Actually I'm still full from being fed an hour ago."

"I was thinking if we were going to be stuck here for an hour or more you guys could at least find a few big couches or maybe four mattresses we can push together so Rus can sit down on something a little softer than the carpet covered concrete floor." He ended his request (demand) leaning into my arms, with his face barely a foot from Ayers. "I know you're really helping us out here, but Rus had been on his feet or his haunches for over four hours now. And while he may have ignored how sore he's getting, he has also been rocking back and forth like one of those captive elephants on a concrete floor, for the last hour and a half. Now personally I sorta like being rocked back and forth, but I love the guy and that can't be that good for him even at fifteen feet in length."

Oh Wow!. I consciously made myself stop rocking. I had completely ignored what I was doing. My feet and legs were very tired. Ayers was processing what Mark said and instead of sticking my foot in it, I hunkered down and wrapped more of my body around the man I loved. I was holding him from the back and I put my head against the side of his, while resting my head lightly on his shoulder. I whispered so only he heard. "You always take care of me. I love you."

That's when you could tell there was a lot of emotions being held in check by my Big Man. He told me just as softly "I love you too." Then kissed the side of my head.

Ayers didn't even reply to us. He strode over to one of his fellow Detectives and told him to get some orderlies to bring four mattresses down to the waiting room in ten minutes or else he was going to do it himself. Then he added "Don't forget to mention that I'll be getting my little red friend here to help me do it. Got it?"

Detective Sellick smiled and said with a laugh in his voice "Yes Sir, Chief Detective. Right away." Then he turned and grabbed the arm of a middle aged Orderly and started talking to him quietly. He pointed over to where Mark and I were, so I smiled. The Orderly's eyes got big and he nodded to Sellick, then walked around a corner real fast.

Mark smiled at Ayers. "Chief Detective, Eh? Congratulations."

"Thank you. It was planned about a year ago when my, now, ex-boss told our Captain, that he was going to take early retirement.

Not five minutes later, eight orderlies walked into the waiting room carrying four mattresses covered in plastic bags. They sort of hesitated as they got near us and I decided to defuse the situation a bit. "Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot, guys. I really appreciate this."

Mark finally smiled at all this. "Yeah, guys. Thanks." He poked his thumb in my direction. "He's been on his feet for over four hours now. Well except for Lunch. We sat down for that."

"Yeah. For all of fifteen minutes." The Orderlies had been spreading very large sheets and then a few blankets over them. Then the original Orderly came in with about eight pillows and set them down at one end. With a smile.

"Sorry we didn't think of this earlier. We've never had someone of you're size before."

I hoped my smile would tell them how much I needed a little sit down on something soft. I sort of hunkered and then slid across the beds and burrowed my head into the pillow. I made a purring sound. "Aww. I really needed to lay down for a bit. Thank you very much..." I looked at his name tag. "Mr Kravitz. You guys run a good hospital here."

Mark had already walked over to where the pillows were and laid himself down, too. "Yeah. First time I'm happy to be in a Hospital." Yawn. "I think I'll get a little shut eye, too."

Another orderly came over with six bottle of water. "You'll probably need to use the facilities, but the little rest room next door is too small. But there is a bath room just off of the Nurses station, that can handle a few gallons of piss, with no problem. Just have your friend ask the nurses to page me and I'll come down and clean you up afterwards."

I checked his name tag and it said Kravitz, too. But it was Burt in front of me and Rick who helped out in the first place. "Thanks Burt, but I think I can still clean myself up."

"Oh probably. But I heard that this was the first time you turned yourself into a dragon. So size and proportion to the porcelain devices you'll have to use, may be a little bit of a problem, the first few times. I'm just saying it's a good idea to have someone ready to clean up as soon as a mess happens. Less embarrassing and more sanitary for the Hospital environment. And besides, the guys down in the test labs, would really love a urine sample for bragging rights over the other Hospital Labs. That is if you don't mind giving them a sample."

"Well, it can't hurt. And then you'll have proof I was sober when I got hit by that truck."

Mark pulled my shoulder back to the Mattress. "Rus, More nap, less talk."

"Thanks, Burt. You'll get a page if I need to relieve myself." We all chuckled but Mark, who was snuggling up to my back. I flipped over onto my back and pulled him onto my chest..

"Aw. There we go. Now I can get to sleep." And he was out like a light in seconds. I put my other arm over his waist and he pulled it up to his chest then kept sleeping. I closed my eyes and.......


And I was flying!. In my dream, I was flying with another Dragon and I knew it was Mark. He wasn't quite as big as I was, but he was still a chunky, beefier dragon than I was. I could tell we were flying by sheer will power. The feeling of waves of hot and cold rippling out of the back of my head, was what kept us in the air. Magalee called that bump, my chimu. I guess that's the part of the wingless Dragons, that gave them the ability to fly.

Suddenly a dark shape cut across my flight path, followed by a female's laughter. The speeding form resolved into Magalee in Dragon form. Before she or I could say anything, Mark surprised us both.

"So you can get inside of our dreams, too? I don't know if it's worth the change, if people can just barge in to my dreams. I mean, now that Rus and I can share them with each other, we may want to do a bit of Dragon Porn in them. I don't want to have to keep looking over my shoulder for a ballistic three way from another horny Dragon, when I start giving my Big Red Dragon some sweet lovin' in our dreams."

Another peal of laughter came from the cloud she was playing peek a boo in. Her head stuck out so she could be seen. "Is he always like this? Now I really want to see his version of Sweet Dragon Love."

I would have sworn it wasn't possible, but she had Mark blushing. And he was in Dragon form. Well at least in his dreams. His scales and fur were tan and blonde and the skin of his face was skin, just like Magalee's and mine. So the blush came and went without a snide remark from Mark.

"I have such a strong urge to sing a Frank Zappa song right now. But I will refrain, from using such coarse language for such a wonderful event."

"Aw Rus. That song just changed my mind about the whole thing. Now I want to ."

But she cut him off with a really beautiful contralto voice. "Whip me up some Dragon lotion, with you're dirty love."

We all three joined in with "That Dirty Love!" Then we rolled around the clouds as we laughed at the very idea.


I was pulled half way out of our dream when I heard Ayers tell somebody "No you may not touch them, poke them or in any way disturb them right now. I let you record them floating with a regular camera and the Thermograph camera. You've waved EMF sensors all around them and I'll even try and get Rus and Mark to step on a scale when they wake up, so you have an idea just how much energy was used to keep them in the air. But if you cut short their well earned nap, I will make sure they know exactly who was responsible for pulling them from their obviously happy dreams and why.."

Mark's supposed reaction to what Ayers was saying nearly had me laughing out loud when he mumbled in his sleep. "Nap. Hungry. Mmmm" And then he latched onto one of my nipples with enough force to prove he meant business. There was a stuttered and partially stifled chuckle, that I assumed was from Ayers, and only frightened breathing from the guy he had been talking to just moments before. Mark and I still had our eyes closed at that point and I could hear a few bodies move a few yards away. Then Ayers stepped closer and whispered to both of us "You two might think twice about singing that song in your sleep while in public. Oh yeah, and while you are both floating two feet above that nice set of mattresses that you shamed me into getting for you two."

"Chief Detective Ayers? We have the test results from the two labs we sent the samples to.. And the CEO's for both labs are here with the test results. They insist that they present the Data that the Labs identified through the tissue and blood samples our Department and the Hospitals provided."

"What? Do they really think we're going to allow that kind of grandstanding? They're gonna get enough publicity with this case to be able to burry their competition. What more can their CEO's say that a spokesperson can't."

Another voice chuckled in back of the unidentified assistant to Ayers. "Maybe that one of the unruly CEO's in question was an old college buddy of the human floating with the big red Dragon and had never observed any supernatural abilities in said human before today. And add to that, being his roommate for three years in college."

Ayers started walking fast before he spoke his next words. "I wouldn't do that, you have no idea what his reaction will.."

Mark jerked in my arms and my eyes flew open to find a very large hand pulling back from Mark's chest and all indications that this guy just tweaked one of Mark's nipples! That's when I was fully awake, but the guy was interrupting Ayers. "This was the only way I was ever able to get Mark awake for his Calculus Class... Big eyes... wow!"

I was looking at this guy as Mark and I settled to the mattresses. We were both fully awake by then. That's when my frown and glare at this interloper got his full attention. "Yeah, wow. Ya know it takes a lot o' balls to tweak the nipple of a guy who has a Dragon for a Boyfriend. Particularly when they are sleeping together at the time of the nipple tweakage." Jesse's hand was still a foot away from us and it slowly went to my face.

"OK. Now that's just." I couldn't finish what I was going to say. I had never met Jesse, though Mark's stories about his college days had me familiar with his college roommate. Jesse seemed unafraid of me, so I tested my assumption by smiling a big toothy grin and then snapping my teeth together loudly.

"Wow." But then his eyes went right back to mine and that goofy grin was still plastered on his face. Without breaking eye contact with Jesse, I tipped my face down to Mark to get an answer out of my boyfriend.

"OK, Big Man. I'm a big scary Dragon with lots of Muscle and long sharp teeth. By the size of my head I could swallow down a medium sized Adult male in one bite.. How come.."

There he was again interrupting "Mark you lucky dog."

"Hey!" That got his attention, finally. "I mean consuming them, not fellating them!" I turned my full attention to Mark at that point. "How come I am being treated like an aggressive family pet, instead of the dread Meaty Monster I obviously am?"

Mark's eyes twinkled. "Because my love, while you do so resemble that frightening Myth from the past, your broad back, thick chest, huge arms, meaty thighs and muscly body are all topped by a Dragon head that is unlike any Dragon Picture anybody has ever drawn. It's like they took your face and every noble looking dragon face in the world and morphed them together. Then they took your eyes and made them twice as big. And to finish it off they put the soul of my boyfriend inside a shell that displays the inner being for all to see. Rus you love the world and have hope for everyone of us in it. I saw that in you the first time we met. Now everyone can see it. Some one would have to be mighty evil for you to start hating them. They would have to do some truly evil thing to make you want to hurt them."

Jesse snaughed. "That's why you graduated higher in our class than I did. Looks and a heart and the talent to be able to express your self to anyone."

"Hey, Keep back. He's mine." I finally gave Jesse a smile.

"Pax. I'm safe. I married his cousin five years ago."

"How's Angie? And Stevie?" Mark and I started to sit up and that distracted Jesse for a second.

"Angie is pregnant again. We said we wanted to be surprised but the receptionist at the doctor's office is an idiot. She made sure every person in the waiting room knew we were going to have a son. And she told us when we got there and when we left. Turns out my own companies new blood tests can identify gender of the child, ahead of the ultra sound."

I sniffed something odd, coming off of Jesse. I sniffed closer.

Mark remembered his manners. "I'm sorry. Rus, this is my friend and college roommate Jesse Laughten. Jesse, this is Rus Parks, my soul mate, partner and only recently turned Dragon lover." Luckily my claws were retracted, but Jesse still hesitated a moment before shaking my hand. I was nice and didn't use any pressure, but his hand still disappeared in mine.

"Nice to meet you Rus. I was going to say I've heard a lot about you from Mark, but I think he missed a few things."

"Yeah, well we both were a little surprised by how big a change I've gone through. We had a little warning from the Dragon that bit me, but the accident brought it all out at once."

Mark grabbed my hand. "Luckily for us both. I don't think we would have survived it otherwise."

Jesse nodded with us. "But now you have all this drama to face."

I sniffed the air again and a bemused smile flashed across Jesse face. "I know I showered this morning, but do I have BO?"

I sniffed him then pulled my head back. "Sorry about that. This part of the change is really new to me, but you don't smell Straight." I shrugged to lessen the impact of my comment

An 'Is that so?' expression went across Jesse's face, then the grin returned. "Do I smell Gay?"

"Mmmmm. No." My frown got him to be less peppy and frisky.

"Then the other option is..."

"You like purchasing Sex a lot?"

He shook his head as he laughed. "No. I do not like to Buy sexual. I am Bisexual. Thank God my wife is too."

My head cleared with the confirmation of what I was smelling.

Ayers had backed off, once he understood what was going on. And I assume when he learned that Mark and Jesse had gone to college together. "OK, that's reaching into my TMI area, and I'm a detective."

Mark stood up to make the introductions, while I stayed sitting till they needed me to move. Safer for my head and the drop ceiling. "Manners again. Chief Detective Don Ayers, this is my good friend Jesse Laughten; CEO of Bio-Stat Labs."

"Nice to meet you, Chief Detective Ayers." They shook hands with a bit of a grin on both their faces.

"Good to meet you, Sir. I hope."

"I'm not here to add to the drama. I want the world to know that the Major Stock Shareholder and CEO of Bio-Stat Labs is one hundred percent behind our lab's findings."

"I'm assuming from your chummy attitude towards Big Red here, that it clears Mr Parks of any wrong doing?"

"As you knew before, none of the human DNA found on his uncles body matched his. Your Forensics department identified two anomalous DNA types not associated with any animal known. As of this moment, we can classify the two pieces of DNA evidence on the deceased body, as Dragon DNA. But they are not from Mr Parks as a Dragon."


A shift of scene happened half way through Jesse's announcement, as well as an hour's passage of time. We were all seated behind a table in another part of the Hospital, with Mark and I at one end. I was sitting on the floor again. From left to right there was Mark, myself, Ayers, Laughten, Marvin Garrett with the Major Crimes Group (that's CSI in Los Angeles), Dr Juliet Rockenberg from Faculty Research Human Genetics of UCLA, and Cy Teller CEO of Gen-Log Labs.

The press went wild and it fell to Mr Teller to cut through it. "That is the exact same conclusion Gen-Log Labs came to. I believe both our test facilities can prove that Mr Parks is blameless in the death of his Uncle. And our Lab can also give a bit more information to the Detectives searching for the two responsible for Mr Garrett's demise. Once we were sure that Mr Parks DNA failed to match the two Dragon DNA profiles, we went a step further. We had ten technicians take sections of the DNA profile we had for Mr Parks as a Dragon, and as a Human. With Mr Parks permission, we received a sample of his DNA from the hospital where he was admitted when he was attacked by the Dragon he identifies as Magalee Slovak. We also received a DNA sample from the clothes he was wearing during the attack, which we were able to identify as Dragon and Female. We can now say that Magalee Slovak in Dragon form was not one of the two Dragons who were in contact with Mr Garrett just before his death. Both Dragon DNA samples indicate male Dragons being involved."

Before the press could react a brunette in a loose fitting dress stood up with a tall Hispanic man.

"Well that's a relief! Now I don't have to throw myself on the mercy of the courts to clear myself."

I was as shocked as the rest of the people in the room. I burped, "Magalee!" but no one heard me over the clamor of the press. She walked with her very large friend to the tables and slid a folder over to Ayers.

She bent over to Ayers with a huge grin on her face. "This is a wedding present from my newly acquired family. I am now..." The noise finally got to her.

She stood up and held up her hand. The room quieted. "My name is Magalee Slovak Fuentes and I am just recently married into a family that has lived in Los Angeles for over one hundred and eighty years. My husband and I are both Dragons. From Dragon families that reach back to the very beginning of Dragons. And as he is wearing his favorite clothes, I will be the only one at present, who will be demonstrating just how a Dragon transforms from human to Dragon."

Which is when she grew out of her loose fitting dress. Now that was impressive. Neither Mark not I were able to really get an idea of what happened to me as I grew around Mark to protect him in the accident. Magalee swelled up to a size just short of my own. She actually had two breasts with the same type nipples as mine, that Mark had latched on just an hour ago. And her sexuality between her legs, was hidden by a huge pair of panties that must be extra stretchy.

Then her husband did the sweetest thing. He pulled out a huge halter top, which Magalee quickly put on. I could have sworn she blushed. "I was asked by the Grand Lady of my new family, to be a proper lady when I transform."

She bent down to be closer to a mic. "I love you Nana."

A chuckle rippled through the press. Then she gestured for her husband to come closer. She hugged him and then he turned in her embrace to face the press. " My husband's name is Angel Q. Fuentes and his family is proud to admit they are Dragons. Their history in Los Angeles is a shining example of service to the community, as well as a loving family. I am honored to be a part of this family."

Angel stood taller. "And we are honored to have such a courageous Lady Dragon in our family. The file she just gave Detective Ayers contains information which will prove Wei Huo and his brothers rented the Hall where Magalee was going to be enslaved to their family. It also contains enough evidence to prove the Wei family involved in or directly responsible for, over thirty murders that have happened in Los Angeles for the past eighty years. It was only the elders of both out families that kept this information from reaching the proper authorities. But when we discovered the true betrayal of our own kind, by the Wei family, my great grandfather finally decide that they no longer deserved our silence in these crimes. Before this event, our family believed that the Wei family was simply protecting themselves from those who could harm all Dragon families. It took one courageous Dragon Lady from the old country to open our eyes in more than one way."

Magalee smiled at her husband and then out at the reporters. "My new family now knows we have nothing to fear from humans. The Fuentes family has been a force for good in this town since the first day they moved here from Mexico. They have protected the week and poor from persecution. They have been instrumental in quelling many Gang related disturbances, as well as creating numerous charities to see to the poor and homeless. As well as many scholarships to see to the education of those children in the poorer parts of LA. As I said before, I am truly honored to be part of this family. And I know we will show you that humans have nothing to fear from this Dragon family."

While all that was going on, Ayers had given the file to another detective and had him take it to the DA so he could ask a judge for arrest warrants on a third of the Wei family.

That was when Ayers caught Magalee's attention. "I may need your families help when we go to arrest Wei Huo and his brothers." Luckily the press were so loud the mics didn't pick up what he said.

Magalee and Angel both nodded their heads. Angel pulled out a cell phone and called his Great Grand Father. After half a minute of talking he smiled and hung up. "Popi says we will do all that we can to help you. And he said to give you the list of officers in LA that will be able to see that Dragons are brought to justice."

"What? Dragons in the police force?"

"And the Sheriff's department as well as a few in some of the small city police departments within LA County." Angel's broad smile suddenly fled from his face. "Oh shit! Louis Wei is a cop at the Division that covers Chinatown."

Ayers looked startled. "That's Central Division."

"Wei Huo is his great grandfather. He's never been involved in his families crimes, but he's still family"

Ayers pulled out his cell phone and called Central division. As soon as the Detectives desk picked up the call, he knew there was trouble. "Central Division Detectives. We're a little busy here right now!"

The sound of roaring and a few shots fired came through in the background. Then a strained voice. "Don't shoot! That's Louis Wei." "He just ripped Louis to pieces!" "No, I just saw it on the hospital interview. This woman burst out of her clothes when she changed. That's Louis and his family's been accused of multiple murders."

Ayers put his fingers to his mouth and blew a sharp whistle into the phone. "Hey! this is Ayers. Do not shoot, If he hasn't hurt anyone, then stay away from him." He covered the mouthpiece of the phone. "How fast can you three fly?"

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