Finding the Pearl 6

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We were streaking through the sky towards Downtown LA. I had Mark on my back and Magalee had Ayers on hers. Her husband, Angel, had one of Ayers' Detectives on his back, and the guy looked like he didn't like flying. Or he ate something that didn't agree with him. Angel kept twisting his head to look at the guy every time the guy changed positions on his back. Something was going on, but I didn't have time to discuss it with Mark or the others.

In just five minutes we went from the LAC+USC Hospital to the Central Community Police Station. As we landed on the roof, we barely missed being hit by a Helicopter taking off. The sound of roaring could be heard from below and we made our way to the roof top entrance to the station. Just as Ayers was opening the door, he was pushed out of the way by a very large, clawed hand.

Suddenly I was presented with the face and body of a very angry Dragon. Louis Wei in Dragon form. "You! You're the reason this all fell apart." He looked like he was about to leap at me, but then a calmer voice spoke up.

"No. I think I am the reason that your grandfather's crimes have come to light." Magalee started to turn back into a beautiful woman. She had a robe clutched in her claw which turned into a hand and she slipped into it. That little action seemed to calm things down a bit.

But of course I had to get into it. "If anybody should be angry here, it's me. I lost an Uncle because your Grandfather was afraid to step into the light. He was ready to turn this Lady into a slave. Into a thing that he could use as he wanted with out any concern for her wishes or well being." Louis Wei started to change back to a human.

"I never knew the extent of the lies. Father made it all sound so minor. Until your uncle died. Father wouldn't answer any questions and made it sound like I was insulting the family by asking."

I stepped in softly with, "And family is so very important to you. It is to me, too."

Louis looked from my big face to Magalee's then to Ayers'. "Do you think they'll let me be there when they arrest him?"

Ayers' took off his overcoat and handed it to Louis. "I think that can be arranged."

Suddenly I felt like the elephant in the room. "Ummm. I could use a little help here."

Louis was the first to snort out a chuckle. "Rookies." He turned to Magalee. "You wanna tell him or should I?"

A silver giggle erupted from her throat and her smile widened. "I already have a dream link with these two, so I should be able to get the idea across."

I was suddenly feeling emotions and ideas flickering across my mind. I sat down hard on my tail as I got the idea I needed to change back to a human. My man was right there for me.

"You OK Babe?" The images stopped and I smiled down on my man.

"Yeah, Big man, AOK. And I get the picture. But I'll need a slightly smaller pair of pants before I try that."


Angel's House

Half an hour later and I was still nine foot tall and not getting an inch shorter. And I was pissed. But at least I was human. It didn't help when Mark kept giggling.

"Mark it is not funny."

"Aw, come on. I got the biggest boyfriend in the world. What's not to be happy about?"

His joy could always get me happy. I grumbled a bit more to no avail. "Good thing I'm a bottom."

"I was just thinking that, too." Another bass giggle followed up his comment.

"You are really having a hard time there." Angel walked over with a pair of pants that would fit me. I put them on and looked at him like there should be more. "The shirt comes later. And my grandfather had the same problem when he was young. I'll take you over to his place and he can give you two a lesson."

That got Mark going. "Us? Why include me in that?"

"Well it's only a matter of a day or two before you convert, and then you'll need to know all of this, too. Maggy said she was in your dreams and you both were dragons. That is sort of the way we dragons can tell a new convert."

"Oh. Well I better stop giggling so much about this." Then he snaughed again and ruined his serious look.

Angel's cell phone rang and he answered it. "Hello, Maggy. Are you finished flying Ayers back to his car? He what?! They are crazy. I don't want you anywhere near the Wei family.... Oh No. That means Wei Huo is using their family's Pearl to set up that barrier. Get back here right away. Wait, no. Go to my parents house. We'll be there as soon as we can. Grandfather should be able to neutralize their Pearl with our family's Pearl. Good. I love you too."

Mark said it like a joke but he looked very serious. "Dragon trouble?"

Angel started to take his clothes off. "Ayers had Maggy take him to the Wei Estate so he could observe the arrests. But Wei Huo set up a magic barricade around their Pasadena estate. None of the police, neither human nor dragon, can get through. We need to get flying to my parents house."

Rus muttered, "Oh great." Then he glanced at Mark before asking Angel, "Do you really need us to come along? I really don't want to find out all the weird magiky things a Pearl can do when used as a weapon. And I certainly don't want any of them to happen to me or my boyfriend."

Angel was naked and started to roll his clothes into a small backpack with a huge belt attached to it. He started to grow into a dragon and buckle the belt around his waist at the same time. "Yes we need you both. The magic that was used on Maggy and then transformed you, was directly from the Wei family Pearl. That means that my grandfather can use a small bit of the magic in your bodies as a template. It will resonate with the Wei Pearl and allow him to neutralize it. Perhaps even destroy it."

"What happens to the Wei family if it's destroyed?" Mark decided to go along with helping Angel and was unbuttoning the pants Rus had just put on.

"Hey, I haven't agreed to this yet." But Mark wouldn't stop so Rus put his hands on Marls' shoulders as he was stripped of his new pants. "Why can't Magalee be the magic template thingy?"

Mark looked up at his nine foot lover, and shook his head. "Thingy?"

"You try carrying on a rational conversation with your boyfriend stripping you naked"

"I'll have to have you try that on me later. But Red is right. Why can't your grandfather get the magic out of Magalee?"

"Because she and I got married with my family's Pearl. When she bit Red, she dissipated most of the Wei magic into his body. And when we got married, our Pearl's magic burned out any other Pearl magic in her body. You two are the only ones outside of the Wei family that have their magic inside."

Red sighed. "OK. We'll help. But now you have to tell me how to turn back into a dragon, cause the way I did it the first time is a bit dangerous, and wasteful of vehicles."

"No problem." Angel got a sneaky look on his wide tan face. "We might as well take care of something else while we're at it. Mark, take off your clothes>"

"Huh?" Mark's puzzled look quickly changed to chagrin as Red started to help him out of his clothes. Red had already figured out what Angel was going to do. "What are we doing?"

"It's the full Moon tonight."

"So? Oohhh. How does it work for me?"

Angel hunkered down a bit to put his head on Mark's level. "Normally on or a few days after the full Moon, the convert dreams of being a big dragon. During their dream, their body expands and transforms to the image in their mind's eye. Well you two have already had a dream where you are both dragons. As I instruct Red on how to transform, the bond you two share will pass the knowledge along to Mark and he will transform as Red does."

Mark is naked and he steps in front of Red as Angel straightens up. "I guess we're ready."

Red hugs Mark for a moment. Then Angel tells them, "Close your eyes. Let your mind roam, as if it is floating among the clouds. And now.. this is how you turn into a dragon."

A rapid flow of images and sensations passed through Mark and Red's minds. When the images stopped and they both saw themselves as dragons floating among the clouds, Angel cleared his throat. It sounded a bit scary coming out of a dragons throat. "Not too many golden dragons around. You are going to be popular Mark."

Red and Mark opened their eyes to find that the previous dream had missed the golden blond color of Mark's shorter meatier dragon body. "Hey Babe. It goes well with my red fur and scales."

Mark pulled Red's big hand into his own. "Red you shrank." Mark turned to grin up at his slightly taller lover.

"Ha Ha. Lets get going. I hope you can remember how to fly."

Mark decided to show off by floating out of the house but he stopped just short of the front door. "You never said what will happen the the wei family if their Pearl is destroyed."

Angel tipped his head to the side for a moment. "The family in general will no longer have a way to store or focus magic. They will still be able to transform and fly. And a few will be able to shimmer into a mist, as Maggy can." Then his face went grim. "But the Keeper of the Pearl will surely die as the Pearl is destroyed. Wei Huo will die if he refuses to surrender. Oh it's possible his body won't die, but his mind would not be able to survive all that magic being burned out of it."

Angel frowned and then pulled his cell phone out of the backpack. "I better warn grandfather to have things ready when we get there."


Fuentes Estate

Anthony Fuentes shook his head at his grandson. "Angel you can not rush what you are asking for. You fear that the Wei family will escape or cause trouble, but they do not have the time to gather enough power to move out of their family estate. I must carefully siphon half of the magic out of your two friends, and that will take four hours. Then to make sure they are safe from Wei and the evil he could do with his Pearl, I must make them part of our family. If we had the time they could choose any number of other families to bond with, but we know that is not possible at this time."

Mark said, "Excuse me Sir. Make us part of your family? Why would that make us safe?"

"As I drain the magic from your bodies, I will only be able to take half of it. The remaining half would still resonate with the Wei Pearl. If I don't make you part of my family, Wei Huo could tap into that resonance and do many evil things to you both. It is much safer to welcome you into our family and allow the power of our Pearl to wash away any remnant of the Wei magic."

Red was confused. "Why haven't they done something like that when they first thought we were a danger? Why threaten us when they could just have their magic kill us?"

"Neither of you had transformed into your dragon. The magic was working on you and nothing they could do would stop or alter the process. And with Mark becoming part of the transformation, they were delayed even further. But once you both pass through one day as a dragon, the process comes to an end and you become an open conduit for any foul magic Wei Huo wishes to send at you. Or through you to the ones you love. It is fortunate that my grandson did not hurry the process along yesterday, or we would not have time to save you two."

Red looked at Anthony and smiled. "Thank you Grandfather for welcoming us into your family. We are grateful for your guidance and protection. I hope we can be good grandsons. The first time I became part of another family was when I found my Mark. His family called me son or brother and my parents and siblings called him son or brother. I have never regretted finding my pearl, my Mark. And I will never regret what we do this day." Red gently hugged Anthony, for he was still nine feet tall and couldn't yet get shorter. Red stepped away as Mark embraced his new grandfather.

While this was going on, Angel had been finishing the preparations for the magic siphon and later, the magical induction into the Fuentes family. "I think I have it all ready, Grandfather."

Anthony inspected Angel's work. Two low chairs were pulled up to a low table. There was a very wide brass bowl on the table and it was filled to the brim with clear water. In the middle of the bowl, just under the water's surface, was an ivory carving of a lotus blossom. Beside the table was a small pedestal with a wooden box resting on it. The box was made of a golden wood and was one foot cubed. There were three dozen large candles placed in a twenty four foot diameter circle around the table, chairs and pedestal. Just as Anthony seemed about to tell Angel something, Angel handed him a short dagger in a fine leather sheath. Anthony smiled as he took the blade and strapped it around his waist. He patted Angels face and said, "We can begin. Red, Mark, please take the two seats around the table."

As they took their seats, Angel stepped outside the ring of candles and Anthony stepped inside. 'Angel, If you would be so kind." Angel put his hands up close to his face as if he was going to call out to someone. He aimed at the candle closest to him and blew onto the candle wick with a lung-full of air..There was a sudden gust of wind that whipped around the circle of candles. As the wind died down, each candle was lit with a strong steady flame. "Thank you Angel. You don't have to stay if you have something else to do. I won't need your help till the four hours are up."

"I think I'll go and see if Nana needs some help in the kitchen. I'm thinking Green Chicken Enchiladas., Chile relleno, Refried Beans, and Corn on the cob."

"That sounds very good. Please remember to make enough for fifteen people not just seven."


"Yes. We still haven't been able to get Red down to a smaller size. When I was at that size I could eat enough for five men."

"Understood. I will be back in four hours."

Anthony turned to Red and Mark. "Your bodies are humming with the magic energies that Magalee transfered into Red and through him, Mark. We must drain half of it from your bodies to use as a template for a weapon against the evil that has come out of the Wei family. That must be done slowly, to allow your bodies to adjust as well as allow the vessel to absorb the magic properly. Think of this as work to purge a song that won't stop running through your mind. Then we will replace it with the song my family has been singing for over eight hundred years. It is a strong and compassionate song."

Anthony stepped closer to the table. "Place your right hands, palm up, over the bowl and vessel. The should be next to each other, thumb to thumb. When I tell you to, you will draw back your hands enough to be able to reach out and clasp hands. When you do you must hold on to each other's hands as hard as you can, without breaking bones."

Anthony pulled the dagger out of it's sheath. He held it at arms length above the table. He made eye contact with Red and then Mark. "You shed yourself of the power forced on you by another's need and the desire to thwart evil. You willingly reject that which could cause harm and pain. We come together to balance those forces thrown into chaos. We prepare our friends as they become our sons."

Anthony grabbed Red's hand and cut a three inch slice into his palm. "One Mind." Mark's hand didn't waver as Anthony did the same to his hand. "One Heart." Anthony quickly put the dagger away and motioned for them to clasp hands. As they brought their hands together, Anthony said, "One Soul." Red and Mark tightened their grip, and they were suddenly helped with Anthony pressing their palms together. One, two, then three drops of blood fell into the water and onto the lotus blossom vessel. Anthony then pulled their hands apart, palm up. He pulled his hands above theirs and there was a blast of fire that came out of his hands and into Red and Mark's. As the fire died out, the cuts on the young mens hands were gone.

Mark had a goofy grin on his face. "That was neat. The fire didn't even hurt."

Anthony smiled. "Some things have a delayed reaction. Put your hands in the water and keep them there. The chairs are built for you to be able to lean back and nap while keeping your hands in the water."

"What if our hands fall out while we're asleep?"

"That's where the delayed reaction comes in. While the fire healed the cuts, it also merged with your hands and will regain it's painful affects if you pull your hand out of the water before the siphon is complete. Your hand will feel like it's being burned off at the wrist, but the pain will go away the second you return your hand to the water. The final moments of the siphon work on the fire and pull it out of your hands. Then we can finish making you both sons of the House Fuentes."

"And teach me how th get smaller?" Red had a hopeful cheesy grin as he asked that.

Anthony chuckled. He took off his shirt to reveal a very well muscled body for a ninety three year old. Mark whistled and said, "I hope I look like you when I get older."

Red nodded his head. "Yeah, You are solid, Grandfather."

Anthony chuckled then ruffled Mark's hair. "You two. I am sure you will look even better." As he was saying this he slowly grew bigger and bigger, till he was nine feet tall and just a little less massive than Red.

"Wow. I like this family."

Red had a goofy grin on his face and said, "Impressive. And I am just as big."

"Why the body growth?"

Anthony threw his shirt out of the ring of candles. The wicks just barely came up to his hips. He turned to his soon to be grandsons and smiled. "The ceremony doesn't allow a third chair or a break in the ring of candles. I have done this once before and I do not like napping on the hard wood floor."

Mark started to pull some of the pillow off of the chair and accidentally pulled his hand out of the water. "Shit !! He plunged it back in the water and his face immediately became calmer. "Wow. You were sure right about both events. It felt like someone was branding every inch of skin on my hand, and the second it got back in the water, the pain was gone."

"Don't trouble yourselves with my comfort. The ceremony doesn't say a thing about jumping over the candles. As long as I don't put any out, I can go see if I can help in the kitchen." And with that, Anthony crouched down and then did a leaping roll over the candles. His out stretched arms touched the floor and he completed his roll gracefully coming to his feet. He lifted his hands like the gymnasts do at certain events. "Not bad for a nine foot tall ninety three year old."

Mark put two fingers of his left hand into his mouth and let out a piercing whistle. Red joined in as he said, "And the crowd goes wild."

Anthony started to shrink back a bit but stopped at seven foot. "Oh yes. You two have got to be part of our family. See you in four hours boys." Anthony flipped his shirt over a shoulder and strutted his big beefy body out the door.


"And then some."

They soon were dozing, and somehow neither one pulled their hands from the water while they were asleep. Just as they were reaching the four hour mark, they both woke up to a strange sucking sensation they both felt on their hands. It got stronger for a minute then slacked off over another one. Just as the feeling went away, the lotus blossom vessel went from ivory white, to crimson red. The petals suddenly started to flicker with flame and within three minutes all the water was boiled away and the lotus blossom vessel was engulfed in flames. They had already removed their hands and were fascinated by the vessels antics. The flames did not heat or consume the vessel. Then the candles started to flicker and die. Each one had been just long enough for four hours of life. As the last one went out the light from the vessel caused the room to glow in sunset colors.

"I always like how good magic has these fringe benefits. Sure you have to have a flame. But add the great special effects and the beautiful light show... You just know it's good magic when things happen like that."

Anthony was nine feet tall again. As he walked further into the room, his other children and nephews and nieces followed in his wake. There had to be at least thirty of them ranging from seven years to seventy five. They ranged themselves evenly around the room. Anthony stood by the pedestal facing towards Red and Mark. "Stand up, boys. Come closer." As they did so the people surrounding them stepped closer. "Everyone, come closer." Red and Mark were right next to the pedestal with the box. Suddenly all the people around Red an Mark clasped hands and bowed their heads.

Anthony placed his hands on either side of the box. "Celestial Father, Bless this house and all those who enter. Guide us closer to the light, so we made see the beauty in this world and walk gently among our brothers and sister. Open out hearts so we may be of service to all your children. This day and evermore."

All the family intoned the words "In the Name of the Light."

Then Anthony opened the box. An opalescent white pearl, ten inches in diameter, rested on velvet inside the box. It glowed from within as well as reflected pastel colors around the room. As Anthony reached into the box he said, "I am the Keeper of the Pearl. Each year we lay another layer on the heart of the Fuentes family. This Pearl is the light that guides us in feast and famine. It reminds us of the love each generation has given to family Fuentes. It remembers all our pain and joy." Anthony lifted it higher till it was ten feet above the floor. "Today we bring two more children into the light. We add two more sons the the fuentes family. We gain strength and inspiration from a couple that has been together for many years and will continue to show us the way of true love far into the future." Anthony brought the Pearl down to a level where Mark could reach it. He told them, "Put both your hands on the Pearl."

As Red did so he nearly enveloped the Pearl. He withdrew one hand and told his lover, "Put your hands on and I'll cover them." Anthony smiled at that.

When their hands were making full contact, Anthony said, "Repeat after me. We are children of the light." "Brothers and sister striving to make the world better than we found it. Each one a part of the web of life Spider Grandmother spun into existence." Red and Mark repeated the words and felt like they were part of a much grander design.

Anthony said, "Rusty Parks, Mark Rudnik. Do you wish to become part of our celestial family?"


"Understanding that this is a sanctuary as well as a place to go forth and help make a better world?"


"Then I ask all those attending. Shall we this day bring these two men into the heart of our family? Calling them our sons, our brothers, our nephews, our cousins? Each and all a part of our family?"

A great cry of Yes was shouted from every mouth with joyous voices. A flicker of lightning passed over the Pearl and the hands holding it.

"In the Name of the Light, we are all, once again, one family." Red and Mark let go of the Pearl and Anthony put it back in it's box. He left the lid off and a similar light show was playing against the one the lotus blossom vessel had been pouring forth.

Red and Mark were passed around amongst the thirty or so people there. Each one wanted to make their own personal welcome to the new members of their family. After about twenty minutes, Red and Mark were reunited and they held on to each other for a few minutes. There was a fifteen year old boy named Randy Fuentes-Martin, with bright red hair and a deep golden glow to his skin. He had already given his welcomes but he thought he could help his new older brothers with the size problem they were both having. It seems that while Red really wanted to be able to get back down to a more reasonable size, Mark had commented that 'Maybe Red wouldn't be so upset at being nine feet tall if I was closer to that size'. It seems that Mark was unable to change his size at all when human. This was also an unusual condition.

"Hey, Mark. Big Bro. Would you like to be able to grow to nine feet tall?" As Randy was talking he started to get bigger and bigger and even bigger than Anthony or Red. His body was so wide and thick with muscle he had started to push people away from him as he grew.

A very loud slapping sound came from Randy's backside as his older brother said, "Hey ya big moose. You know the rules about growing in a crowd. You don't have enough skills to repair parts of the house you bump into mangle." James Fuentes-Martin was his name and he was nineteen years old. He called out to the room in general, "Going up," and he started getting just as big and massive as his younger brother. Only he stopped a few inches shorter and a few inches wider. "Come on, shrink back down and we can take this out back so Red and Mark have some room to practice. OK, youngin?"

Randy started to deflate and James wasn't far behind. Red frowned and said, "I wanna learn that." Just as Randy and James returned to normal size, nine foot Anthony called the room to attention.

"Luckily, we all brought enough food for everyone. Lets head out to the patio and start serving up all that great food."

Just then Red's stomach made a very loud grumble and half the room heard it. Red blushed but Randy saved it when he said, "I say Red has to go first in line. If he doesn't feed that thing it might hurt him."

Laughter all around and Red just nodded in agreement. Red was surprised to find the table had about eight really huge platters that could hold four times the normal amount. The family that were helping serve just piled the food on his plate and smiled. A third of them had gone through the same thing themselves. After about forty minutes, Red was actually full.

Randy came over and poked Red's belly. Red couldn't get angry at a kid with a crooked grin. "Watch it there. I'll pop and you'll have to clean it up."

Randy stopped immediately. "I have to apologize. Grandfather told me we don't have the time right now for size lessons. All the men and women over fifteen years of age are being asked to join Grandfather as he breaks the Wei Pearl. That has to get done within five hours, or Wei Huo may build up enough energy to be able to Teleport his whole family, or open doors to dimensions that don't like our kind of life. He could escape that way and use the horrors from those places to keep us busy. But I promise as soon as we get that resolved, James and I will be your growing shrinking guides."

Red put his hand on Randy's shoulder and said, "Thanks Bro. With you able to get so big, should I be calling you Big Bro?"

Randy started to swell up. He remembered to call out, "Going up." before he bumped into anyone or anything. He smiled as he got so huge. "Naw. I don't do that to my older brother so I'm not about to do that to my new older brother."

Randy glanced over at Mark and could see a few things that Mark was valiantly hiding. "Oh hell. We have ten minutes to try two different grow methods." Randy deflated extremely fast and was at his normal height in seconds. "Mark, come with me, OK?"

Mark and Red followed Randy into a part of the estate that had hard packed decomposed granite for the overflow parking. "We can't hurt anything here. OK, we only got time for two methods. First method I want Mark to try is called the Mislead Dragon. I want you to change into a dragon and then float a foot above the ground, stretched out as straight as you can."

Mark swole up to dragon size quickly and then hovered a foot off the ground and as straight as an arrow.

"Good. Now close your eyes and imagine you are floating over a river. You can look down and see your reflection. You touch the water. Then the image of a nine foot tall man that looks just like you would at that height, is suddenly lying on your back. you can barely see him cause you are so big. So you imagine that you are turning transparent. You are becoming a glass dragon. You can slowly see all of the man on your back. He's big and meaty like you would be at that size. And suddenly you are that man. You can't fly as a man so you fall into the river. It's only six feet deep and slow moving. You walk to the river's edge and pull your big nine foot ginormous self out of the water. "

Red murmured, "Wow, it worked."

Randy said, "And then you open your eyes to discover that you are no longer floating. Ok, Big Guy. Get up. We need to find you some new clothes."

Mark opened his eyes to discover bits of shredded cloth under and around his body. His Body ??!

Red just chuckled and said, "Well, well, well. Not quite nine feet tall, but just as wide and massive as your dragon body. Feeling better, big guy?" Red had that 'God I wanna fuck you right now' look on his face.

Mark stood up and was only an inch or two shorter than Red. But once again his body was extra massive and half again as heavy as Red.

Red smiled and asked again, "Feeling better?"

Mark's face went through a few expressions till it settled into a grin. "Yeah. I don't know why I was so upset at being short, but I was."

Randy chuckled. "I think it had to do with you not being so uber massive like ya are now. Being dragon size gets to be a bit addicting. Then to find you cant swell up like most of the other guys. That is just downright unfair. Well now that has been adjusted."

Randy was suddenly wrapped in huge meaty happy Mark. "Thanks Bro."

Randy looked a little uncomfortable until he asked, "Do you have any gay friends like you? Maybe my age?"

Their discussion was cut short as Anthony bellowed, "Randy, We have to leave in ten minutes....." Anthony had gotten a bit shorter and when he walked around the corner, he didn't expect to find three, nine foot tall muscle bound hunks. "Good work Randy, Mark. That was faster than I thought it would take. Which method?"

"Mislead Dragon. Worked like a charm. And not the kind that stops working when you really need it."

Anthony expanded to the common height and put his arm over Randy's shoulder. "My Grandson is going to become a great Psychologist." Randy blushed a bit, then looked into his Grandfathers face. You could see that Anthony was his hero.

James ran up to Anthony and said, "Two more families have reported some strange energy is bumping up against their Pearl's field of influence. All the families that have contacted us say if we're going to clean house it has to be now."

Anthony nodded his head once. "Lets get everybody moving. We've gotta get to Pasadena ASAP."

James nodded and ran back towards the house.

Anthony frowned and said, "Now's the time, my sons, for each and every one of us to gird our loins and take up the fight. We can't let the Wei family hurt anymore people."

They all headed for the parking lot that held their cars. They needed to hold on to as much magic energy as they could, till the enemy was in sight.

To Be Continued/Concluded.........