Fine Tuning the Bull 2

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For the past ten hours, Hank had been very busy. And he'd been able to get far more done than he thought he would. Thanks to the MAU he'd retrieved from the Ag Locker and the twelve hundred pounds of Bio-mass they had forgotten was still in it's storage container. With the Modifications complete to clean up the Emitter system, Hank was able to pull the Absorber components from the MAU and align them with the rest of the system.

The diagnostics all said AOK and the twelve hundred pounds of Bio-mass loaded into the systems main storage unit without a hitch. All that was left was an actual test run of the systems ability to emit and absorb the exact amounts of Bio-mass requested.

Hank looked over at his giant friend still softly snoring, then glanced at the system monitor with the words 'All Tests AOK' glowing on the screen. A sly grin flickered across Hank's face as he sat down and typed in a series of commands. He set the system to respond to the switch in the Chamber and slipped off his clothes. His grin got even bigger as he closed the door.

Greg woke up to the sound of the Alignment coils charging up. There was a loud zap like someone was playing with a Tesla coil, and stray flashes of light leaking out of the Chamber. The coils charged up seconds later and another softer discharge zapped with a dimmer flash of light.

Greg was starting to get worried. "Hank?"

A muted, "Aw shit" came from the chamber, but the voice sounded like it came from a little kid.

The Alignment coils charged up one more time and Greg called out "Hank !!" just as the zap flashed once more.

"Hank! what the hell is going on." Greg reached the door to the Chamber just as the computer released the lock. "Please tell me you didn't shrink yourself down to the size of a.."

The door opened and a head as large as Greg's peeked out. Greg finished his sentence when he realized how big Hank was. "Dog. You dog. You had me worried the damned thing had shrunk you down to the size of a GI Joe doll."

Hank came all the way out of the chamber like you'd pull yourself out of a wet suit. "That's action figure. Not a doll. And I see what you mean about the doorway being a little tight."

"What was all that charging and zapping you did one right after another?"

Hank looked into Greg's eyes and then hugged him. "Buddy! I'm as big as you. Aren't you glad to have a buddy your size?"

Greg chuckled. "Yeah, Hank. I'm happy. Just as long as we can get back to a size that isn't so hard to feed." A huge rumble rolled up from Hank's stomach and a pained look flashed across his face.

"Wow. Now I know what you mean by hungry."

"And it takes at least half an hour after ordering before any one of the Pizza Parlors deliver. Sometimes forty five minutes." Both their stomachs erupted in a gurgle.

"I know where your cell phone is." Hank gently pulled it off of the counter nearest the computer and handed it to Greg. "You have the most experience dealing with tiny electronics without crushing them."

Greg found an intact pencil and pushed the speed dial buttons for Pizza Express. The phone rang and then a very happy voice called out. "Hello Dr G. Thank you for calling. Will that be ten extra large Pizzas with the usual toppings?"

"Hey Manny. This should really make your day."


"Oh, Yeah. This time I'd like twenty of the suckers. And add eight of the dinner salads to go along with it. Four italian and four ranch dressings should do it."

"Oh, Man. You are the best. Same credit card?"

"Yep. And I was wondering if Troy was in yet?"

"He'll be in by the time your order is ready to be delivered. And I'm gonna send a dozen two liter bottles of soda, on the house, for all the business you throwing my way. Just a tiny thank you , you understand."

"Aw. Now You are the best, Manny."

"Thanks. Forty five minutes at the latest."

"Thanks Manny."

"Welcome, Dr G."

Greg and Hank just looked at each other for a moment after the call ended. Then Hank frowned for a second. "What is your limit on that credit card?"

Greg frowned. "What was all that charge and zap you put the system through?"

"OK. You don't have to answer that limit question. The first two charge and zaps were me gaining two hundred pounds and then loosing three hundred pounds. That was why I said 'aw shit'. The last thing I wanted was to have you pull the plug on the system while I was three foot tall."

"Well that explains your voice sounding like a little kid." Greg looked at Hank and then a very big light bulb seemed to flash over his head. "If you have the system dialed in so you can make us any size we wanna be..."


"Why didn't we just shrink back closer to a normal size and save all the money on pizzas?"

"Cause I've never eaten ten pizza in one shot."

"Oh. OK." Greg grinned at his friend. Then his smile got a bit bigger. "I just thought we could reduce our size enough to let Troy see what it's like to be a real big man."

"You really do have some of the best ideas and not just in Biophysics."


"Now don't be upset, but I added a second storage unit and I tricked the computer into absorbing inanimate mass and then re emitting it. I just have to make sure it doesn't suck it all up or I can't get the thing back out. Like Bio-mass, it needs something to crystalize into."

"Like your pants that fit properly."

"I can help you with yours."

"That sounds like a good use of forty five minutes."


They both had pants that fit and a smile on their faces when they heard a knock at the door. When the door opened, Troy was surprised. "Doc! Ya shrank!" Then he saw Hank at the same massive nine foot height. "And yer buddy got big."

"Those boxes must be heavy with the added salads and sodas. Put em on the counter."

Hank got close to Troy and put a hand on his shoulder. "So Troy. Ever wanna get real big? Like nine foot tall and wider than the door frame?"

Troy looked scared and then doubtful. Then a huge smile spread across his face. "Hell, Yeah! Sign me up. Who in the hell wouldn't want to look like you two?" Troy pulled on Hank's arm just to get a better idea how big it was. "How big are these guns? Thirty six, maybe forty inches? and those pecs have got to be at least eight inches thick."

Greg chuckled and turned his back on Troy. "So how thick do you think my back is?"

Troy walked up to Greg and put the tips of his fingers on Greg's spine near the upper part of his back. Then Greg spread his back wider.

"Hey." His hands went to the outer most edges of Greg's huge lats. "Jesus. You have religious muscles here. Oh my God. I can't even get my hand to get a good hold on the thickest part of your lats. Pull those wings back in and pinch my hand when I touch your spine."

Greg went along with it and put a little pressure in the pinch.

"Pinching. Pinching! almost hurting now !!" Greg let up and Troy pulled his hand out.

Greg turned and grinned. "Sorry. I don't know my own strength yet."

"That could have been a bit scary if it wasn't so hot. Your muscles grabbed my hand completely. So that's about seven eight inches of muscle near your spine. And that back of yours gets thicker right around here." Troy slipped around in back of Greg and started pushing on his muscles where they were the thickest.

Greg moaned as Troy pushed with all his strength. "Troy you are good at that. Is that what your studying in college?"

"Yeah. Physical Therapist. But massaging you is like massaging a Bull. Not that I've done that before."

"Can I get in line for that? It looks like Greg really likes what you're doing."

Troy was sweating with the effort but he had a goofy grin on his face. "Sure. But I could probably do this better if I was a bit bigger." Troy's grin turned into a huge smile.

Greg laid down on the matts and let Troy continue his back rub. "That can be arranged when you're done with my back."

Troy was using his elbow for the thicker parts of Greg's back.. "Well then I better do this right and take my time." A shit eating grin replaced the huge one on Troy's face.

Hank chuckled as Greg moaned again. "And you haven't even taken off his pants. I'll get the system ready for Troy when he's done. Then it's my turn."

"Thanks, Man. I'm in a service industry and I'm going to college for another type of service. I love making people smile."

Hank pointed to the contented smile on Greg's face. Troy looked and then giggled. He did not stop pushing Greg's back muscles till they were all taken care of.

"Well if I were one of your teachers, I'd give you an A+ for that."

Hank cleared his throat. "And speaking of Plus." He gestured to the door to the chamber. "You will need to take off your clothes. They have to be modified separately."

Suddenly Troy was naked. Greg just saw Troy from the back but was still very impressed. "Wow. Big is gonna look real good on you."

Troy flashed a smile over his shoulder as he walked into the chamber.

"Just stand in the middle of the room and face the wall with the door in it."

"OK. Now what?"

"Just close your eyes," the alignment coils charged up, "And you will be big in a moment." The zap sound and flash that followed it were quiet in comparison to the sound that came next.

"Yeah!" bellowed out of the chamber and then a loud thump from the top of it. "Ow! My head."

Greg chuckled. "Oh yeah. Don't jump up and down. The chamber is only ten feet tall. I had to crouch down when it made me that tall."

The chamber door opened and Troy stuck his head out. He was still rubbing it but you could not wipe the grin off his face. "Oooh. You guys still look big. Even if were the same height."

He struggled out of the chamber and flexed his massive biceps. He bounced his pecs and grinned like a little kid on Christmas Morning. "I can't even see my fucking belly anymore. My pecs are huge!"

Troy stepped over and hugged Hank. Then he walked over and hugged Greg. By this time Hank and Greg could see just how happy Troy was. All two feet of him. After Greg soaked up all the hug he wanted he just chuckled. "Hey are you trying to poke my eye out with that thing?"

Troy did a double take on his own new dick. Then he noticed a bulge getting bigger on Greg. He flew to his knees and started unzipping Greg's pants. "Is that what you've got in there?"

As soon as Troy had the zipper half way down, Greg's cock popped out and grew to the same size. Now Greg was a little flustered. "P-ppretty much the same size."

Troy grinned up at Greg and started to massage the muscle that had nearly slapped him in the face. "Well I guess I need to take care of another muscle on you. Then I think your buddy here needs some TLC from us both."

"S-ssounds like a plan." Greg was finding out just how good a PT Troy really was.

Hank had his pants off and was slowly stroking his own erection. "I'll just get myself warmed up for your very fine therapy. I can see this kind of therapy is doing Greg a world of good." Greg was so far gone he could only nod.

Troy pulled off of Greg's massive organ and giggled. "A good Therapist knows to use more than just his hands, to do a good job."

Greg' grabbed Troy's ears and looked into his eyes. "And you are doing such a Good job." Troy smiled, then wrapped his lips around Greg's throbbing member. "Oh, such a good job."

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