Fine Tuning the Bull 3

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Troy was like a kid in a candy store. An eight foot tall Kid. He was aiming the Portable Bio-Mass Emitter and targeting all the hot cowboys ad the Rodeo and pissing Greg off.

Greg couldn't stop making a groan/whine as Troy kept picking new Cowboys to practice his targeting on. "Would you stop clicking from one guy to another?"

"Who was it that said I had the best aim and capture on this thing?"

"Well we are trying to be a little discrete here, remember?"

That's when Hank got bothered. This was, after all, his project. "Excuse me? Did I hear discrete come out of the mouth of an eight foot tall behemoth? I would have liked it if we were just a foot or so shorter. I do not want an angry ten foot tall cousin after my ass."

Greg's attitude lightened up at that little comment. He snaughed. "Well Excuse me? Remind me who was it who first shrank down to six foot six and cried..."

Troy and Greg said in unison, "This is too short!" Their laughter got Hank laughing with them.

Until he saw who was clowning that day. "Oh shit! It's Chet. My best friend from High School. I didn't know he still did that. He must be here with Bret." Hank tipped his hat down so his face could be obscured. But everyone who got a look at the three giants kept glancing over ever once in a while.

Troy got the giggles and put the PB-ME in his lap. Greg frowned. "If your going to get the giggles all the time, maybe I should be practicing with the PB-ME."

"Oh man, that is not it at all. We are going to super size some asshole cousin of Hank's with your Meat Gun and he has a rodeo clown named Chet to help in the ring?"

"So?" Hank couldn't see the humor.

"Chet and Bret? Bret and Chet. Hey are they together?"

Greg gave out a chuckle while Hank was surprised by the question. "Well I... I don't know." That set Hank thinking of all the chances he could have missed by not asking his best friend. He came out in College and had lost track of Chet. Then the real question was, how could such a cool friend like Chet ever get along with such an asshole like Bret.

Hank shook his head. "Naw, couldn't be. Chet is too cool to ever be with B.. With Bret."

"Oh that sounded good. You really hate that guy don't you?"

"He made my life hell every summer for five years. He was never bigger than me, just stronger. Always calling me little cousin, even when I was four inches taller than him. I hate that guy. Bret is going down."

Troy snaughed. "No Bret's going up. Way up. Or if you prefer, Weigh up as in weight. See what the Meat Gun is set on?" Troy tipped the the LCD screen towards Hank and the Bio-Mass chosen for Transmission was set at 1,300LB. He's gonna be a big boy at around 15 hundred pounds and Ten feet tall."

Greg had to cut in. "Would you please stop calling it a Meat Gun?"

Troy pretended looking like a little kid who was yelled at. "But I like calling it a Meat Gun. That's what we are going to shoot into you cousin." He grinned and started to pry the seams apart in the shirt he was wearing. His biceps rolled around and worried at the seams as he twisted his fist up and then down, causing each peak of his muscle to bulge bigger and then smaller. Hank and Greg were hypnotized for a moment.

Greg crumbled under the pressure of his libido. "OK, it's a Meat Gun. Ya happy now?"

Troy's smile was enormous and he did the same thing he'd been doing, to both arms. "Yeah. Thanks."

"Hank chuckled. "OK, Muscles. Ya wanna get back on your Meat Gun and focus. They just announced, Bret was gonna be the first ride."

"Oh, Yeah. Sorry." Troy did a test run on Chet as he jumped into a barrel and then out again. "I just targeted you best friend and he stayed in the target field even when he jumped into the barrel. I'll get Bret focused when he gets on his big ole nasty Bull and we will be ready."

Greg looked up and saw a five foot five foot tall burly guy get on the first Bull of the day. "There he is."

"And focused. Got em. Now we wait till the gate opens."

"Which should be any second. Bret hates to wait in the stall."

And Hank was not wrong. Not ten seconds later Bret nodded his head and the Gate opened.

Hank shouted "Now!" and it was caught up with the yell of the crowd. Troy hit the red button on the Meat Gun and a loud snap like from a toy pistol popped out of the Meat gun. Then a slow whine going down like it was letting off steam. Then the screen flashed "Mass Transmitted."

But nobody needed to see the screen. The whole arena got a perfect view of a sort guy blowing up to a ten foot giant. Bret had ben going strong on his first ride of the day and only saw something going wrong when he thought the Bull had shrunk. But on the third buck he was losing it. Lucky thing the Bull he had pulled was not a twister. Just all leap and buck. So when the rope snapped, Bret was tumbled backwards. And right on his feet. He still had the rope in his hand when he gained his full height. It must have felt like twine.

Hank couldn't help but let out a yell. And that was when it went pear shaped. All the other people were stunned into silence. The crowd suddenly was torn between the ten foot giant and the three eight foot giants. Of course Hank would have to have yelled loud and jumped enough to knock his hat back off his face. Biggest mistake to that point.

"What the hell!" Then Bret saw tree very big guys a bit off from the rest of the crowd. And then saw Hank's face.
"Hank?" He looked down at his body and then at Hank again. "Hank! What the hell did you do to me?"

Just then Bret felt a small hand touch his. "Bret, is that you?" Bret looked down to find his friend Chet only came up to his ribs.

Bret put his huge and on Chet's shoulder and saw that it cover all the left side. He gently squeezed Chet's shoulder as he looked up at Hank. He suddenly looked like one of those Bulls right out of the gate. "I'll be right back, Buddy."

After a few steps, Hank and the guys realized they didn't want to talk to Bret. Not at that time. They started rushing for the exit. That got Bret angry. "Oh little Cousin! You don't want me to run after you do you?"

Troy was still holding on to the Meat Gun. "Do we wanna run?"

Hank knew his sadistic cousin's ways. "Yes we do. We wanna run fast. Don't let him get a hold of you."

But by then a ten foot tall man walking very fast is able to get over these little obstacles like a eight foot tall barrier to keep the bulls from getting to the audience. That particular bull was having his way.

Bret was able to catch Troy and Greg as they were trailing Hank. "Little Cousin. I'd stop now."

"Aw Shit. I told you not to let him catch you. He likes kicking Puppies. He will hunt a raccoon down so he can let his dogs tear them to pieces."

"I do not!. They cornered a possum and Blue nearly lost an ear."

"You made every summer I was with you hell. You chased off every friend I made during the summer. I had to hide from you at Tony's place."

"That's cause you never finished your chores."

"You mean cleaning up your mess and your chores. I got fed up with you weight lifting while I had to do your normal chores. You never let me use them once. You made my summers hell."

That little tirade put Bret back on his heels. He never thought of himself like that. But he was going to have answers. "What did this to me? This thing?" He reached for the Meat gun and got it out of Troy's hands.

A chorus of "NO!" went up but it was too late. Bret didn't know his own strength as a giant and when he got Troy to let go, he snapped the thing in two. He let go as an alarm went off. The cracked screen flashed "Bio-Mass Containment Failure !!" as the thing started to whine very loud.

Hank yelled "OH NO!" and grabbed the pieces as the thing started to crackle like a Jacobs Ladder in science class. He turned away and took a step with Troy and Greg right behind him as a very loud snap came out of the remains of the Meat Gun. A strange sort of ripple spread out from the Gun and things got weirder. Hank stretched and swelled to fifteen feet in height. Troy and Greg were not much far behind at thirteen feet tall and heavy with it.

"Oh just great" Hank couldn't tell if that came from Greg or Bret. But it was actually from Chet who was a step closer to them, then Bret. He had walked up as Hank was having his say. Now Chet was the same size at Bret at Twelve feet tall. What Bull was going to try to tell that clown what to do? "No word from you for three years, and this is what you do to me?"

Hank turned to see the damage and looked like a little kid. "Oooops ?" They all let that settle in for a moment. Then Hank glanced at Troy and Greg. "Run for the exit!" They got half way there before Bret and Chet reacted.

To be continued