Hackers at the Womb-Wall

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Dear readers; heres a Science Fiction story I've had in the back of my mind for a while. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This Is a Science Fiction Story with Man To Man Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years old, you should not be here. You have been warned.

Dev was floating like a cloud. Well A five hundred and sixty pound cloud. At six foot nine inches that was one heavy cloud. Marty couldn't believe things had fucked up this much. And they weren't going to get any better with him just standing there at the side of the Womb-Pool.

Marty was a heavy cloud himself. But he got that way from a lot of heavy lifting and a few genetically altered assistants. And all of those cheerfully provided by the company he worked for, Body Modifications, INC.

A speaker over head squawked and Troy (at the other end of the Mic) said, "Marty It's not going to get any easier you standing there. I have the Womb-Wall in Emergency -Pause mode. Get the Breathing mask on, get in there and pull Dev to the shallows. " Troy paused with embarrassment. Then he said, "And after you bring him to, tell him we Screwed Up."

Marty put the breather mask on and the little light indicating all systems OK lit up. Marty mumbled, "Yeah let me do the dirty work."

Troy's voice was softer and right in Marty's ear. Troy said, "Sorry about that. But he's your lover. He probably won't kill you right away."

Marty was half submerged in the slightly pinkish fluid by that time and he turned and looked at the glassed in control center for the facility, where Troy was sitting.

Marty looked right at Troy and said, "Yeah I'm his lover, but I'm the one who talked him into this."

Troy said, "And he's the one who thought this thing up in the first place. He may not have done any of the science that got it here, but he wrote the story that got the scientist started making this stuff real."

Marty finished getting into the Womb-Pool and grabbed ahold of Dev's massive body. Marty tried not to look at Dev's Monster of a cock. During the modification process, Dev's body had maintained a very sizable erection. But at this point it was beyond what Dev had requested. Way beyond. Marty mumbled, "They really meant business."

Troy said, "Keep moving."

Marty pulled Dev over to a platform that rested six feet under fluid. There was a three inch diameter umbilical cord attached to Dev's belly right where you'd expect it to be. Marty strapped Dev to the platform and secured a few feet of the umbilical to another part of the platform.

Marty said with a certain professional tone, "Patient and Umbilicus secured to platform, begin raising patient. Start Umbilical Lave." A set of segmented pipes attached to the platform started to pump out the same fluid that was in the pool. Marty pulled a set out and as he and Dev rose above the level of the fluid in the Womb-Pool, the fluid from the pipes washed over the Umbilical cord. Marty pulled a much smaller one out of the platform and used it to clean the mucus out of Dev's mouth, nose, eyes and ears. As Marty finished cleaning Dev's ears, Dev took a deep breath and spluttered like he was dreaming and snoring.

Marty jumped a little and in the same professional tone called out, "Anomalous respiration. I have not administered any drugs yet." He moved closer and saw Rapid eye movement under Dev's eyelids.

Troy said, "Sensors show Patient is still in Deep Sleep mode. We just picked the time to wake him when it's got him in REM sleep. Shutting down Deep Sleep . Deep Sleep Off."

Dev's nose twitched and he pulled in a breath through his much larger nose. His eye movement sped up a bit and a smile swept across his face.

Marty pulled off the breather mask and pulled out a Hypodermic Spray Unit. Marty said, "Patient's airways are open. Administering stimulant."

Just as Marty put the HSU to Dev's neck Dev sniffed again and murmured, "Marty." Then he grabbed Marty right after the HSU injected Dev with the stimulant.

Marty was very strong, but compared to Dev's new body, he wasn't strong enough to make Dev let go.

Marty started to shout then quieted down a bit. He said, "Dev!! Dev! A little tight. Let go a little, Babe."

With Marty able to breathe again, he said, "Dev wake up. Wake up. Gotta get up. Morning sleepy head. Come on Babe, wake up."

Dev's next words were, "Kinky. " His eyes opened and focused on Marty. Dev said, "Morning Babe." His huge hands rubbed up and sown Marty's Beefy arms.

Marty just smiles into the face he loved. At least the hackers hadn't done anything to Dev's face. Just made it bigger.

Dev stopped rubbing and frowned. He said, "Marty, what's with the rubber suit?" Before Marty could say anything, Dev said, "Toilets running." Dev paused and then said, "Do you have the water running for the bathtub?"

Dev then started to really wake up. He looked down at his body and didn't get very far. His chest was so huge he could barely see over it. His shoulders were much, much wider and the muscles on his arms were enormous. His hands had rested on Marty's shoulders. Now they squeezed Marty's muscles. Gently at first, then they moved to Marty's delts and squeezed.

Dev looked at how big his hands were now and his eyes got a little bigger. He looked at them then at Marty's face. Then back at his hands and Marty's face.

Marty followed all of this and gave Dev a cheesy smile. Dev's face tilted up and the frown deepened along with his mouth pulling into a grimace. Then a questioning look slipped across Dev's face and Marty's formed an, "I'm so sorry, "Look. Then Marty went back to the cheesy smile and nodded his head yes a few times.

Troy took that time to announce, "Patient is firmly secured to platform."

Dev located where Troy was sitting and glared at him for a moment.

Troy hit the mic button again and said, "I just thought... you'd .. like to know that."

Silence resumed as Dev's attention came back to Marty. There was moisture on Marty's face and it wasn't the Womb-Pool fluid.

Dev smiled an equally cheesy smile and raised his hand to Marty's cheek. Then like a five hundred pound grandmother, he patted the side of Marty's head. Hard enough for some of the equipment on Marty's suit to jerk and chime.

Dev held his anger in as he said, "Marty, my love? Tell me again how foolproof this process is? And how the back-up systems have back-up systems?"

Dev's grip on Marty's right shoulder got too tight and Marty winced. Dev loved Marty so he got upset with himself as he lightened his grip. He knew better than to let go completely. Marty knew better than to let go of the HSU which he had just switched over to an anesthesia drug. Just in case.

Marty said, "I'm so sorry Dev. But we got hacked."

Dev shouted, "We what?!?"

Marty put his left hand on the right side of Dev's huge thick neck and started to massage it.

Marty said, "I know Babe. But the mainframe got hacked the night before we started the process."

Dev calmed down enough for him to start looking at himself more. His left hand brushed against the Umbilicus and his eyes shot open even wider.

Dev exclaimed, "What the fu.." Then his hands clamped around the umbilicus. Then Dev yelled, "Oh my god! What did they do?! My dick is at least four inches wide and I can't even feel it past .. past . Oh god how long did they make it?"

Marty used herculean mental powers to keep from laughing in Dev's face. With a serious look on his face, Marty pulled Dev's hands off of the Umbilicus and pulled them down to his huge erection and giant balls.

Dev's relief was profound. He said, "Oh thank god. Making a dick so big you can't feel it is evil! Just evil."

Then Dev explored the girth and then length of his dick. His right hand tried to grab all the way around but failed. With his hands being so large, this was a very thick dick. Then Dev put his left hand above his right and did the same to his right hand after. His left hand clamped onto the head of his dick and his face sort of made a, "HUH?" look.

Dev looked at Marty and said like a little kid, "This ain't gonna fit. It ain't gonna fit. It won't fit a horse."

Marty saw the tears forming in Dev's eyes and the only thing he could think of to get his mind off of it was start rubbing Dev's balls. They were the size of grapefruits. But apparently they felt real good. Marty leaned over and started to kiss Dev while still rubbing Dev's balls.

Dev dropped his dick and firmly pulled Marty on top of his body. Marty rubbed Dev's dick a little then went back to fondling Dev's balls. Dev pulled him up closer and Marty started to roll Dev's huge nipples in each hand. They had to be at least an inch long and half an inch in diameter.

Dev had Marty completely on top of him and wanted something to stroke himself. There was a weird tearing sound and Marty jerked. Marty looked down and found a new opening to his rubber suit. Marty said, "Good thing ya never need underwear for these suits."

Marty's huge smirk let Dev know everything was going to be OK. Dev Started to stroke Marty's sizable erection while Marty kept pinching and rolling Dev's nipples. They were getting real close to finding out what Semen looks like mixed with the Womb-Pool fluid, when Troy said over the speakers, "Guys, Um you do remember that the whole place has security cameras going 24/7?"

Dev's erection didn't budge, but Marty's went to half-mast in seconds.

Troy said, "I can try to make sure the security guys don't start duping the last fifteen minutes, and selling it over the internet. But it's gonna cost ya."

Marty and Dev frowned at each other, then at Troy.

Marty said, "Troy, talk fast. Or were gonna see if the umbilical cord reaches to the control booth."

Dev got another one of those cheesy smiles again. Marty released Dev's restraints and smiled just like Dev.

Troy's eyes got real big and he said, "No. no. no. no. no ... I just wanted to make sure Dev didn't sue us. I was just joking about the security guys. They don't get a feed from the Womb-Pool. Just joking. Just.. oh shit. Trying to lighten things up a little bit. But you do know the Big-Wigs will be viewing this tape if you sue us. Not that that should slow you down if it makes you feel better, Dev. I'm sorry about this screw-up, too. I invented a third of the processes that got this stuff to work. It was your stories that inspired me and the other guys you met two weeks ago. They tried to keep me from getting involved, cause I was such a fan of your work. They said I couldn't maintain a professional attitude with their most important client."

Dev frowned and said, "They really said that?"

Troy smiled and said, "Yeah. They hide it better, but they're just as much a fan of your stories as I am."

Dev said, "But they did this for me for free."

Troy shook his head no and said, "Oh no. They wanted a national best seller author who dreamed up this stuff as a spokesman for the process. I know Marty told you about making appearances and commercials."

Dev sat up and the Umbilical rippled. Dev said, "Yeah, but I get paid for that."

Troy said, "Marty didn't know but you won't be getting a tenth of what your endorsement is worth. That's why they didn't charge you the projected price for all the Body Mods you were supposed to get."

Marty frowned and said, "I wondered why they kept putting me off when I asked how much they were going to charge for Body Mods.

Dev looked at Troy and said, "Ok, big mouth, how much would I have been charged if it hadn't been screwed with?"

Troy punched a few buttons and said In a very professional tone, "Umbilicus Removal Initiated."

There were some yellow flashing lights and the Umbilical Cord rippled.

Marty yelled, "Troy!!" Then he pulled up the HSU and switched it to Umbilical Anesthesia.

The Umbilicus Tugged on the platform and it rippled and writhed all the way up to Dev's belly.

Dev clutched his belly and said, "Whoa."

Marty injected the Umbilicus as a line formed a circle around where the Umbilicus met Dev's belly. Dev's belly shrank a bit as something visible pulled back into the Umbilicus. The whole Womb-Wall shuddered along the side of the Womb-Pool Marty and Dev were on. The Umbilicus shrank to an inch in diameter as the color of it went transparent for a foot. You could see blood pumping on thick arteries and veins. Marty changed the setting on the HSU and injected the Separation Drug into the umbilicus right where it connected to Dev.

Immediately Dev sighed. The Umbilicus separated from Dev and left a deep innie on his belly. There was some blood, but the pipe pumping the Womb-Pool fluid over his belly washed it away.

Troy said over the speaker, "Six hundred thousand Dollars. De-activating Umbilicus Lave. Activating Womb-Wall Hibernation. The patient is yours. I'll come down and help you clean Dev up. And we can talk some more about the Hackers that loved Dev and the ones that didn't."

Dev looked at Marty with a frown. Marty just looked grim and nodded yes.

Marty suddenly smiled and kissed Dev. Marty said, "Yes you are one big assed cloud. But I still love you."

Dev smiled with a curious look on his face. He pulled Marty into another kiss and then said, "Love you too, Babe."

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