Hackers at the Womb-Wall 2

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Dear readers hers's the next part in my little story. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer : This is a Science Fiction story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been Warned.

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Troy and Marty were pushing the oversized gurney that Dev was strapped to, out of the Womb-Pool Room

Troy said, "We'll get you into a bathrobe and off this thing in just a minute, Dev.

As they helped Dev off of the gurney and into a bathrobe and slippers, Dev expression never changed

Marty saw the mixture of emotions on his lovers face and said, "Dev, you look like you're working yourself up about something. Other than the obvious problems, what's on your mind?"

Dev glanced at Marty and then looked at Troy with a disgusted expression clouding his features. Troy frowned but before he could say anything, Dev said, "Six hundred thousand dollars??!!"

Troy didn't have any response to Dev's repeat of the price Body Modifications INC would charge for all of the things that should have happened to Dev's Body.

Dev said, "Your partners in this medical adventure, made me feel like my stories were just a tiny, tiny seed of the whole idea behind your company. Luckily I had my lawyer go over the contracts and release forms before I singed even one. But those two guys acted like they had never read any of my books. They certainly didn't act like fans of my work. They told me the endorsement contracts were just a gesture of good will and a way to keep every body happy. They made a big thing about offering me a free Body Mod just to go along with the one million dollar fee for my endorsing their process. I thought at the most, the whole thing would cost just under one hundred thousand dollars. When the difference between what you thought you were getting and what you actually are getting is half a million dollars; you realize you could have negotiated for quite a bit more."

Marty's head was tipped to the side as Dev sat down on one of the sturdier couches in the Lounge/Waiting room. Marty smiled and said, "My man has some serious cash."

Marty sat in Dev's lap and stuck his index finger in Dev's belly-button. Marty sounded like a spoiled little kid when he said, "Daddy, buy me a Ferrari. Pretty please."

Dev pulled Marty closer to his chest and rested his head on Marty's shoulder for just a moment before he started laughing. He looked into Marty's eyes and said in a low gruff voice, "Marty, you know I'll have to get two, or your brother and you will just fight over it till you both break it." They both chuckled and then kissed.

Troy put two glasses of juice on the table near Marty and Dev and said, "My brother bought a Ferrari three years ago. He kept it for, Oh four months. He drove it about six times, then he sold it. He could afford buying it, but there was no way he could afford the car insurance."

Marty and Dev smiled at Troy but went back to what was in their hearts. Dev said, "I bet you know another good reason I love you so."

Marty said, "Cause I keep your head on straight? I help put things in perspective?"

Dev nodded yes and said, "Bingo."

Dev decided that since Marty's nipple was at just the right height, Dev should pay some attention to it. Dev started to nibble Marty's shoulder. Then he moved closer to Marty's nipple by nipping Marty's shirt as he neared the perky little devil. Marty groaned when Dev rolled Mary's nipple through the shirt. A smile spread across Dev's face. He started to suck harder on Marty's very erect nipple. Then Dev got playful and made bigger biting motions. Marty said, "Oh wow. Big teeth. Oh god, Dev. It's like my horse learned foreplay and had to show how good he was at it."

Dev made a whinnying horse sound and went back to sucking. Troy laughed and that gave Dev an idea.

Dev looked at Troy and frowned before he said, "Wait just a moment! Where are those very sneaky partners of yours? Why aren't they here making me feel so happy I forget about the fact I can never get my dick inside Marty ever again??!!" Marty flinched at the end, due to the volume Dev was using. Dev saw his reaction and frowned sheepishly, then hugged Marty closer.

Dev said, "Sorry about the volume."

Marty said, "It's OK babe."

Dev looked at Troy across Marty's thick chest. He said, "Where are your partners? And please don't tell me they're at Berkley."

Troy frowned then lighted up as he said, "Livermore? Oh No. Though they are in northern California." Troy looked like a kid that got caught red handed, while his friends got away.

Marty frowned and said, "DARPA?"

Troy flinched and Dev said, "You have got to be kidding me. Why did you even let one civilian use the process if it was going to be sold to the military?"

Troy said, "Because my lawyer made part of my contract with this company require Body Modifications INC offer the process to the public. And if they don't do it, I can put a restraining order on the whole process. I never signed over my patents and inventions that help make these things work. They are only on loan. And they are peppered through-out the process from beginning to end. If they break the contract they would have to start from scratch to find a legal alternate method that doesn't infringe on my patents."

A female voice spoke up and said, "And the venture capital is one hundred percent non military. I made sure."

Marty twisted around and said, "Hey Sue. Why are you still up this late? A little moral support for your husband?"

Sue went over and kissed Troy and then said, "He gets all he needs of that at home."

Troy said, "And then some." And kissed her again.

Troy said, "Dev Bradley this is Sue Martin my wife and head CPA for Body Modifications INC."

Sue took a seat and said, "I wish this was under better circumstances."

Dev said, "Me too."

Sue took a seat and said, "The reason I came back here, was to let my brother look at the security failures that led to three independent hackers getting at the program that modified Dev's body. I had talked to Bert this afternoon when we found out the program had been hacked, and he said he wouldn't be upset with some help from my brother. He said Roy was pretty famous amongst the computer security crowd. I think Bert was feeling a bit guilty for the hackers getting access to his favorite authors body mod program."

Dev stuck his forehead on Marty's chest and mumbled, "Four."

Sue frowned and asked, "Four?"

Marty said, "Hey I read your stories too!"

Dev said, "Sorry Babe. Five."

Marty said, "Five is the number of people at this company that are Fans of Dev's work. Except Tim and Mike lied about that and made Dev feel like his stories really weren't the reason this process got made in the first place."

Sue looked shocked and then smiled as she said, "What? The three of you always talking about Dev's stories to the point I start questioning my own husbands sexuality, and they act like it had no effect on what they did? Bastards! Troy? You told him the truth, didn't you?"

Troy said, "Yes, my love."

Sue said, "OK then. But I'm still angry with those two for leaving it to you to clean up their mess. And after they were so rude when they kept you from meeting Dev before the process started."

Troy said, "They said at the time, I could be the one to greet him when we brought him out of the pool."

Sue said, "As if neither of them were going to be there."

Troy frowned and said, "Yeah, a lot like that."

Dev frowned and said, "I'm feeling very good right now. Can I talk to the guys working on the security breech?"

Troy said, "I don't see why not. You said you're not going to sue us, so I'll trust you to keep your word."

As Marty jumped off of Dev's lap and Dev got up, Dev asked Troy, "At what time did Tim and Mike leave for Northern California?"

Troy said, "Well Tim left yesterday morning and Mike was visiting his parents... in San Francisco. He's been up there a week."

Marty started to get bumped by Dev's partial erection. Marty smiled but called a halt. Marty said, "We need to get Dev in some better clothing than a robe and slippers. We'll catch up in a few minutes."

Marty led Dev to a side room with numerous sized one piece jumpsuits. Luckily the company had a few employees that were close to Dev's size. The sleeves got ripped off the XXXL jumpsuit before Dev even tried to get into it. They stepped back to get a look at it in the mirror. Dev's roid gut helped keep his enormous cock and balls from constantly drawing attention to themselves. But just barely. His huge thighs were not help[ing since they seemed to push the whole package outward and then back before the other one did the same thing.

Marty said, "I better walk in front of you again."

They started that way and then Dev pulled Marty back to his belly and chest. Dev's massive dick still nudged Marty's ass with each step. Dev whispered, "And how is this better than before?"

Marty giggled and said, "The robe covered up your arms too much."

Dev chuckled and kissed the top of Marty's head. He said, "I love you Marty, but you're a nut."

Marty rubbed his ass against Dev's crotch and said, "I love your nuts, too, Dev."

Dev pushed Marty forward so there was a little distance between them before they got to the security section of the building. Marty slid his security card through the reader and the door opened.

Marty was about to introduce Bert and Roy when Dev looked into Bert's eyes and said, "Hello Robert. Long time no see."

Bert blushed and said, "Hi, Dev. Yeah about three years."

Marty and Troy both said, "Robert?" at the same time.

Bert said, "Dev was the only guy at the conventions we went to that ever called me Robert."

Dev said, "Well that is your real first name. You just don't like it because you're a Robert the third."

Roy looked at Dev's crotch and said, "Wow, they really meant business."

Then Bert and Sue noticed where Roy was looking. Sue said, "Woof!" and Bert said, "They sure did."

Dev got a little angry and said, "Could we please focus on the bigger problem?"

That's when Troy said, "That does get quite a bit bigger, Dev. Marty and you both have hands on experience with that."

Dev glared at Troy and said, "Just because I promised not to sue you doesn't mean I won't sit on you and break something." That got Troy's attention. Then Dev said, "Of course then Sue would hurt me, so I guess your safe for now."

Marty chuckled and then got serious. He said, "OK, now of the five people who really love Dev's work, two are not here. What about the hacker that didn't like Dev?"

Bert looked down first then looked up at Roy. Roy said, "It'll sound better out of your mouth."

Marty said, "What will sound better? Bert why do you all of a sudden look guilty of something?"

Bert looked at Dev and then into his eye's and said, "You have to believe me, I never meant for you to become a freak. I just was adding an inch or two to your stats. And in hindsight it was actually lucky I did. My little addition actually canceled out the real hackers attempt to make you ten feet tall."

Dev said, "What?"

Bert said, "Roy just found out that there was actually only one hacker. They were able to piggyback in through the Pharmaceutical branch of Body Mod Inc. connection to the main frame. But either Tim or Mike or both were the third program modification."

Roy said, "Actually they were the first, and they had him growing to a little under nine feet tall. They had tags and implants programed to be grown into your body and only a third of them were actually implanted by the Umbilicus. They left the piggyback trojan horse program in place to make it look like only one hacker was at work. That program modification was trying for ten feet in height. Luckily Bert was the actual third one modifying the program."

Marty said, "Luckily. How lucky is it when my lover is now five hundred and sixty pound of meat and bone on a six foot nine inch frame? Unless you have plans on modifying me, he's never gonna fit inside me again! And believe me he did that damn well before I got him to go through this nightmare. " Marty petered out as the realization hit him. He had been OK when he was trying to calm down Dev. But now he was taking stock and he found something he was really going to miss.

Dev had found the couch was really solid, so he sat while the others had been standing. He pulled Marty into his lap and whispered, "I still love you, even if I can't fit in inside your beautiful meaty butt." Then he bounced Marty a few times. Marty freed up an arm and smiled as he pulled Dev into a lip lock.

Marty said, "I love your big butt, too." As they came up for air.

Dev said, "OK so how lucky am I? You say I have implants? What do they do? And do I need to get some of them out before they do what ever they're supposed to do?"

Bert said, "Well your safe on that. The reinforcing of the safety protocols prevented the cranial implants from being inserted, except for one. The most benign. You have an aural implant with an attachment to a Wi-Fi modem. In other words with a little tweaking you have a built in audio access to the internet. And with the proper website you can do a lot of sub vocal communicating with anyone you want. Then, your immune system has been given a huge boost with an implant that acts like a special ultra-kidney. It attaches to your urinary tract like your kidneys, and should work as the test say it will. Human trials weren't slated for a few months, but they were all AOK on our end. You have a highly experimental Pseudo-Pituitary gland. For some reason, only the genetic engineers really understand, it's located over your right kidney. It puts out a form of blocking hormone for your pituitary. It makes it think you don't have enough testosterone even when your blood system could be swimming in it. It is tied in to your adrenal glands, hence the location to your kidneys, I think."

Dev said, "So I get excited or frightened and I want to start pumping iron?"

Bert looked down and blushed. then he said, "Or something else. Testosterone is responsible for sex drive in men and women."

Dev said, "Women produce testosterone?"

Marty said, "No wonder those bodybuilding women love the steroids. They still get horny."

Troy looked at Sue who was lost in thought. He said, "Forget it darlin. I still love my gal Rubenesque." Then he pulled her into a hug and a kiss.

Bert said, "So it turns out the major hackers were either or both, Tim and Mike."

Roy said, "The area of program deviation appears to have been an attempt to ruin the image of the company, but in ways that would enhance it's use for the military."

Marty said, "DARPA or their friends."

Bert said, "I over heard Tim talking to one of the engineers in the cafeteria. It didn't make sense until now. He said a customer up north would love a certain feature, but I never did hear what it was. Then he said normal customers wouldn't be lining up for it. He said to put it in the exotics lab."

Roy said, "Bert told me that earlier today, but I couldn't get through the password firewall around that part of the mainframe. It requires higher authorization. I was going to talk to Troy about it."

Troy walked over to the terminal they were working on and typed in his codes.

A nasty sound was heard and Troy frowned. He said, "They promised. Now I'm glad I lied." Troy started to type in a set of commands and the terminal rebooted. The codes he put in next revealed all sectors on the mainframe.

Troy said, "I told them I had made sure the programers had no backdoors to the system. I look so honest they didn't even test for any. My little watchdogs would have gone off and warned me. So they weren't as handy as I'd had hoped. I wanted to catch something like this before it got going. They must have had someone just slip it in as a normal firewall and at the same time beef it up to bypass my security codes. Done at the same time, my little doggies would have been fooled."

Troy opened the Exotics lab section of the main frame. Troy bleated out the word, "Huh?!!"

Troy and Bert and Roy had frowns and Bert looked at Dev and shook his head.

Dev said, "What? Am I going to explode?"

No one said anything for a second and Marty jumped up and Pulled Troy away from the terminal. Marty said, "My man asked you a question. What is going on?"

Troy looked at Dev and said, "You really should thank Bert for hacking you. One of the implants was a self-destruct bio-device. Bert's fiddling prevented ten little lymph node like glands that could have leveled a building, from being put in you. That was all from the off site hacker. Maybe it wasn't all Tim after all. I really don't think Tim or Mike are that money hungry they would blow you up."

Dev stood up and was a bit taller than he was an hour ago. He towered over Troy and Troy stepped back a bit. Dev said, "Earth to Troy. You don't call this being blown UP??!"

Marty kept his boss from being stepped on (figuratively speaking), by hugging Dev. He told Dev, "Don't hurt him Big Guy. He's on our side. And he's going to authorize a little and I mean little modification for yours truly. You are going to make it so Dev and I fit again or else I'm not going to be responsible for what my life mate does when he starts rearranging the decor. Got it."

Sue stepped next to Troy and hugged him as she said, "Don't worry about that Marty. We've got it. I'd tear someone's head off an shit down their throat if my Troy couldn't fit in me."

Dev shrank a little, or he wasn't standing as tall as he was before. He said, "Thank you Sue. But what are we going to do about the hacker that was trying for the big boom. Is there any way we can lower one on them?"

Sue looked at Troy and Roy and then said, "The correct way to do it leads us into some sticky situations. We got authorization for the research we performed and the process we performed on you. Three of them were not authorized by the FDA. The ones like the Pseudo-Pituitary. We were still in Baboon trials."

Troy said, "Happy baboons."

Sue smirked and nodded her head. Then she glanced at the terminal screen and said, "It appears Tim really didn't care as much as we thought he did. These had to be authorized by Tim or Mike to be hidden and funded. And right under our noses."

Dev got a manic smile on his face. He said, "Does Tim or Mike know which part of the program didn't work?"

Troy said, "I haven't been able to reach them and the only technicians are the ones here. Oh my god!"

Sue said it for him, "The engineers who created those bomb implants were planning on a big boom. Which ones were scheduled for a vacation during this time?"

Roy typed up a schedule and said, "The three who are associated with the Exotics lab are on vacation and they all started when Mike went on his vacation. I bet Tim was in the dark about the bomb implants. But he probably was contacted by the one requesting the Exotics and found out yesterday what was up. I bet we'll find Tim with Mike."

Dev said, "Or not. If they want to play rough, Tim might be a way to divert attention. What lab up north has the people who could be copying your work, if they had the data?"

Troy thought for a moment and then hung his head. He said, "Dieter Pharmaceuticals. And the CEO for that company happened to go to college with Mike. Damn."

Dev said, "Well we know where we have to go to find the little devil. At his parents or his accomplice's company."

Marty said, "Well at least the blow up that did work is one I can handle... for a while. We are going to need professional help to get the goods on these guys."

Dev started to chuckle in a low throaty voice. Marty said, "What are you thinking?"

Dev said, "I'm thinking it's great to have Fans in lots of different professions."

To be continued

More to come. I hope you liked this. Let me know. And thanks for reading my work.