Hard Questions

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Dear readers; here is the next part in the Hard Questions Story. I hope you enjoy it. While this isn't one of those Pass or Fail courses, your feedback makes the experience a better one for you.

and now the ..

Disclaimer : This is a High School Fiction Story from The view point of the teachers. It contains examples of Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Fred's woke up from a cold dream. and his back was cold too. He had been dreaming of the pond he and his friends back home used to skinny dip in, Except he was the fool shivering up on the cliff face ready to jump into the pond and the only guy egging him on was Woody!

Three years ago when Fred took Woody back home to meet his folks, he neglected to show Woody the trail that lead to the diving ledge. Fred had only gone up it a few times, hating it each time. It wasn't the height. It was the depth. Such clear cold water that far down, when you jump from that high up. And never a friendly face looking down after you jump, to see if you're OK.

But in his dream he only shivered from the cold, his fear forgotten with that sexy grin on Woody's handsome face. Woody's massive arm beckoning. Woody said, "Jump! Come on Big Guy. Bilbo wants his Frodo." Fred's dream self scowled and shouted as he jumped, "Not A Hobbit!"


Hymn: Over My Head ~ Mick Fleetwood - guest keyboardist

Then the bed bounced and Woody was shaking Fred. Woody said, "Yes you are. You are my Giant Hobbit." Woody kissed Fred and chuckled. Fred glanced at the alarm clock and frowned.

Fred sat up and said, "It is eight thirty on a Sunday. You don't go to church, I do. And I did not need to be up for another fifteen minutes."

Woody was sporting wood from the other side of the bed and just smiled at what Fred said.

Fred's attention focused onto Woody's massive wangger. Woody's smile became a bit sexier as he started to wave his dick back and forth, just out of reach. Woody said, "Bilbo wants his Frodo to help wash his back, before we get ready to go to church."

Fred made a partial lunge at Woody's woody, but it was already pointing to the bathroom before Fred could catch it. Fred could hear the water running in the shower, and the beginnings of steam drift out of the open bathroom door. His erection helped decide the speed with which Fred took to get to the shower. Their shower was a large affair. It could fit five adults comfortably, or three of Woody and Fred's girth. Fred saw Woody's back and butt pressed up against the thick glass. The shower door held most of the steam in, obscuring the rest of Woody's form. Fred smiled and shook his head. When he was in high school, Fred was an inch shorter than his current five foot eight inches. And he was just tipping the scales at one hundred and forty pounds back then. He had wide shoulders back then but he looked like a swimmer or a gymnast. A skinny gymnast at best. Now, after six years, with Woody's help, there was nothing on Fred that remotely looked skinny. And now, the one thing on Fred that had been big and fat back then, looked just right on him. Woody had joked about Hobbits having big feet, when they first met. Fred was a size thirteen. Fred came back with the myth about feet and cock size. Woody said he had to admit that with Fred, the myth was true. Skinny Fred had worn loose clothing to the Christmas Services, but that didn't keep his attraction to Woody a secret for long.

Fred didn't stay skinny when Woody came into his life. What a beautiful Christmas present Woody's brother Greg had given to Fred. Greg and his wife, Melinda, had things planned, and had shamed Woody into going to the Christmas Services. Which happened to be organized by the openly gay Choir Director of their church, Frederick Gadget.

Fred opened the shower door and the steam poured out. Fred flipped the steam lever off and closed the door. Woody had his head tipped down and was soaping his belly in lazy circles. His thumb kept flipping past his huge hard nipples as he grazed the bottom of his mammoth pecs. His breathing bowed his belly out and in. At first, flat as a washboard, then bowed out like a medicine ball. The thick definition never left those abs, out or in.

Woody's eyes locked on to Fred's and he said, "I got my front all clean Coach, I just need my back side taken care of. Could you help me with that, Coach? Please?"

Woody throbbing erection dipped and rose with the water hitting it and Woody's racing pulse. He turned around and put his meaty hand on his butt with the soap peeking out from underneath.

Fred's cock was now almost rivaling Woody's for size and stiffness. He grabbed another bar of soap and quickly lathered up his bat. Fred chuckled and said, "Ah Hell, William. Any good Coach knows he has to keep his players nice and clean... So they play a .. real...clean..... game."

Woody gave out a throaty low nickering sound as Fred entered Woody's love chute. Like what you'd hear from an excited stallion. In Woody's case a Percheron, to Fred's Clydesdale. Many a God fearing lady of the congregation that Fred belonged to heaved a sigh of regret when they discovered which team Fred played on. And as always, when Fred was up at bat, he was hitting homers. Woody would say, "Oh God, another one out of sight." or, "The crowd goes wild!"

And with all the weight lifting, proper nutrition, and guidance from Woody, the ladies regretted it even more, now. But they saw the joy in Fred's eyes after services, that had been lacking before Woody came along. They still giggled and compared and thought that he was still beautiful eye candy. And one or two husbands grumbled and hit the gym a bit more often than they had been. It all worked out well.

Woody was almost over the edge. Fred had Woody's cock stroked in rhythm with his thrusts into Woody's ass. And for all Woody's six foot five inches, three hundred and thirty eight pounds of rock solid muscle and bone; Fred was bouncing his lover into ecstasy. And Woody wasn't even touching the floor. He helped keep them steady, bracing his hands on the tiled ceiling of the shower, But Fred had them in heaven, (so to speak). Fred caught his nut and his cum filling Woody's insides, set Woody over the edge. Woody's toes gripped the thick glass of the shower walls as his cum shot up the glass. Woody's ass milked the last of Fred's love juice out of him as Woody's feet set back onto solid ground.

Woody caught his breath first and said, "Jeez, Frodo. You sure know how to make loving you a religious experience!"

Woody bent over and Fred chuckled as he kissed Woody's wide, wide back. Fred pulled out of his lover and then did what he was originally supposed to do. Woody's back got cleaned from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Woody turned and kissed his massive spark plug of a lover and hunkered down a bit so Fred didn't have to stretch as he cuddled Fred closer. Fred got several playful quick kisses before Woody explored the depths of Fred's sweet mouth.

Woody pulled back and took the soap from Fred. He chuckled as he started to clean Fred's back with out turning him around. Fred chuckled and mumbled, "Gorilla."

Woody said, "Yeah, but I'm your gorilla."

Out of nowhere Woody spoke with a cartoon voice and said, "Gee Mr. Peebles, ya think Mr. Gadget will keep me.?"

Fred burrowed his head under Woody's massive chest, shaking his head back and forth. Muffled under Fred's hair and Woody's muscle, Fred said in a quirky higher voice, "Well McGilla, you do have the biggest honker around. That should help make the sale final this time."

Woody kept on with the voice and said, "Gee I hope so. Cause he's got a big one too."

Woody and Fred had their heads bent down, looking at their members. Ear to ear they were for a few moments one with each other and with the whole world. Communion.

Woody said in his normal voice, "From the belly down we could be twins." And it looked like it was true. Woody's legs had a few inches on Fred, as well as his cock, when they were erect. But when they had finished making love, in the afterglow, they were mirror images of each other. Something that had been so pleasing for Woody, the third year into their relationship. Fred had gained so much muscle that they did start to look alike down there.

Muscle had come easy to Woody. Even after his car accident, he had regained the muscle mass he'd developed up through college. His friend, Brett, who had been driving at the time, had not fared as well as Woody. So Woody had decided to be Brett's motivation to be able to walk again. Six months after Woody had been discharged, Brett was able to stand up out of the wheel chair, at the entrance to the hospital, turn and flip off all the doctors that said he wouldn't walk again. Then he proceeded to two step to the car, (with a little help from Woody).

Brett's final remark to his family doctor as they pulled away from the curb was, "You don't know everything!"

It made all of Woody's help, that much harder for Brett to tell Woody what he knew. Brett and Woody had messed around when they were younger. But when they went to college, Brett really started to get hot over every cute girl he saw. He knew Woody was hot for guys, and for Brett in particular. But Woody never said anything to Brett. He just never dated. Bret knew it was Woody's hope for Brett that kept him from looking for the right guy. Or any guy, for that matter. Brett had been building up to telling Woody, just before the idiot in the King-Cab plowed into Brett's car. Fortunately the girl Bret had been seeing, helped Woody get Brett on his feet. Woody wasn't stupid when it came to his heart. But Brett knew it was going to be hard on their friendship when Bret laid it all out on the table. Brett took courage in the thought that Woody would be wasting his time hoping for the heart of a good friend that would never be able to be IN love with Woody. Brett loved him like a brother. So like a big brother Brett set him straight, and held on to him for as long as Woody needed. After all these years, Brett was still one of Woody's closest friends. And his best man at Fred and Woody's Commitment Ceremony.

Which just happens to have been at the very church they were getting dressed to have Sunday services at.

Fred helped with Woody's tie and stared at Woody's chest as he asked, "You said you didn't want to go to church because you didn't quite believe in it all. You said you respected my Faith, but the religion thing was a little iffy. And you didn't want to be a hypocrite." Fred looked up into Woody's eyes and said, "What's changed?"

There was a lot in Woody's eyes as he looked back at Fred. His embrace covered Fred's face and Fred tipped it back down to snuggle into Woody's chest. Woody kissed the side of Fred's head and said, "Oh a world of things. I'm feeling like I've been ungrateful to the Forces that helped bring us together. And I for one don't want them thinking I don't say a prayer of thanks every morning I wake up to you by my side. They might be too busy to read my mind or heart every morning. So a few hours, once a week is the least I can do, to Thank God for you and your love in my life." Fred pulled him into a tighter hug.

Woody said, "And Melinda's little comment on how the ladies at church still like to voice their opinion on how hard I work you in the gym; has me wondering if they have some choice words for how hard you work me."

Fred pulled away with a doubtful look on his face as he tipped it up to Woody. Woody kissed him real quick as they headed out to the car. They got to the front of the car and started a chopping action with their hands. They both had closed fists and grimaced. They started the chopping action again and after three chops, Woody had rock again and Fred had Paper. Fred grabbed Woody's fist and waggled it. Woody dropped the keys to the car into Fred's hands and got into the passenger side.

Fred started the car and Woody said, "Another reason for going to church would be so I can listen to my man's excellent choir."

Fred backed out and headed to the church. Fred said after a minute of silence, "OK. I hear another reason in there. What is it?"

Woody said, "Remember how I told you sometimes you can't be fair? And how I said there would be times I would not play fair?"

Fred said, "Yeah. Like when it came to keeping me with you. You said there was nothing you wouldn't do, to keep me loving you."

Woody smiled and put his hand on Fred's thigh. Woody said, "Well sometimes, a teacher has to say one thing and do another to really teach his students what's really going on."

Fred frowned and said, "Oh. sorta like Mindfreak?"

Woody said, "Aaa. In a way. Well It turns out that my first Hard Questions questionnaire turned up some interesting statistics."

Fred smiled and said, "And they would be?"

Woody said, "That out of eighteen students, there are eight straight males, seven straight females, one bisexual female and two gay males."

Fred said, "And how does that relate to going to church?"

Woody looked forward but his eyes glanced at Fred. He said, "I made a big show of cutting the tops off of the questionnaire so they could retain their privacy."

Fred said, "But?"

Woody said, "But I had each questionnaire on their desks before they got to the classroom. Each one had an identifying desk number on it. and as I took role call, I coded each name to the desk they were sitting at."

Fred said, "Didn't anyone of them notice the number?"

Woody said, "How could they? It was in invisible ink. Ultraviolet light lets you read the number."

Fred said, "So you know just which ones are not heterosexual."

Woody said, "Guilty as charged."

Fred said, "So?"

Woody said, "It just so happens that my star senior quarterback, who weighs close to three hundred pounds, and who I convinced to try out for the school musical, lead part of course; happens to also be playing on our team. Oh yeah and sings bass in the church choir."

Luckily there was a stop sign just before the turn into the church parking lot. Fred seemed to need an excuse to stop driving for a moment.

He turned and said, "Jess?

Woody turned slightly and said, "Jessop T. Haskel. Senior football star, and newly appointed assistant to the church choir director."

Fred turned back and drove into the parking lot. The door to the room where the choir practiced was open and the choir was already in their robes. Jess was towering over Matt and placed the pile of choir books on the short shorter boys head. Matt balanced them there and walked into the church through the side door, with cat like grace. Jess saw Fred first and smiled and waved. When he saw Woody he looked puzzled for a second then smiled and waved just as big as he did for Fred. The older members patted Jess' back as they passed and Jess followed last as they got lined up for the procession through church to the choir pews.

Pastor Gordon Armstrong was at the side entrance to the church and took some pleasure in greeting both Woody and Fred, as they walked up to the side door. . Fred waited for Gordon to shake Woody's hand before he said, "Woody you better go up front to get a program. But come to the front. There's always an empty space in the front pews."

Woody smiled and bent down to kiss Fred. Fred didn't hesitate to respond with a quick kiss and a smile.

Woody said, "I promise I won't nod off, Gordon."

Gordon smiled and said, "You said you wouldn't faint at you wedding either."

Woody looked hurt, but for only a second. He said, "I was just a little light headed."

Gordon said, "Yes, well it was lucky you had Fred beefed up by then, so he could keep you from tipping over. I'll forgive nodding off for today. Just don't snore if you're going to sit in the front pews."

Woody said, "Yes, coach. I'll be good." He winked at Fred before turning and walking quickly to the front of the church. Fred glanced at Gordon and hurried in to start playing the organ. Miss Hughes, the regular organist, was in Florida visiting her sister and her family.

Woody got a program and was able to find a space wide enough for his size in the second row of pews. The full rich sound of the organ music resounded through the church. The hushed voices of the congregation started to get just a little bit louder. Woody saw Fred glance to the entrance and then nod. The music faded and a single chord was played by Fred. Then the choir started to sing the Introit from Leonard Bernstein's Mass. A round of Jazz scat words...

Du bing du bang du bong du bing du bang du bong.

Duba ding dong ding dong ding dong.

Duba bing-e-de- bing bing-e-de-bang bing-e-de-bong.

Each new voice started singing the first line as the last one sang the words du bong on the first line. When each voice reached the end of the third line they softly repeated the word bong, until the last voice had sang bong and repeated it once with all the other voices. A fraction of a pause by all the choir lent excitement to the next phrase.

Then A Glorious, "Hallelujah!"


"Haaaa, lehhhh, luuuu ya, Hallelujah!"

Then back into one more verse with all voices singing,

Du bing du bang du bong du bing du bang du bong.

Duba ding dong ding dong ding dong.

Duba bing-e-de- bing bing-e-de-bang bing-e-de-bong, bong bong..........

and they all faded beautifully to silence. The sound still seemed to hang in the air.

The beautiful use of silence.

Then Pastor Gordon said, "Peace be with you."

The congregation responded with, "And also with you."

Gordon asked them all to be seated and he started his sermon on lifting his eyes to the hills from which comes my help. And talked of praising and blessing God for all those gifts we've received from Him. Woody shivered with the connection to the real reason he came to church today. While he may have been light headed during his Commitment Ceremony, he was sharp as a tack throughout the rest of the wedding. And he had heard one of the gossipy ladies wonder when Gordon was going to get over the loss of his wife. She had only been dead for six months. They even recalled the exact date. Then they turned to how tight Fred and Woody's asses looked in the tux's they wore. Woody walked away chuckling, but he remembered the date. It just so happened that today was seven years and a day from when Gordon's lovely wife Mary passed on. In a way it had been very Photo-novella. Six and a half years ago, she had started to get really bad headaches. Then after a few months of that she passed out one Sunday right after the Services Reception. They found out that day that some brain tumors were painful but quick. She was only in the hospital for a week and a half. Gordon was with her when she died.

Gordon had had enough of hospitals by then. His father had died two years before that, from liver cancer. Basically it was a result from obesity. His father never could loose the weight he had gained in his thirties. And Gordon's mother followed within eight months. She had been dealing with angina and high blood pressure for years. But in truth it was her, "Heart" that did it. She had called Gordon's father her, "Heart" for as long as they had known each other.

The service seemed to fly by and then the choir left the church singing after Gordon said

"Go in Peace."

Fred told Jess to collect the song folders and make sure the younger choir members took off their robes and hung them up, before going to the reception hall. Hawaiian Punch seemed to stain robes pretty bad.

Fred slipped up behind Woody, but still didn't surprise him. Woody put his right hand behind his back with his hand open for Fred to hold. Fred grabbed it with his right hand and leaned his head against the thick mass of Woody's back. They got to the entrance of the church and Woody let go of Fred to pull an envelope from his coat. He shook Gordon's hand and then put the envelope in it. Gordon frowned. He opened it and read, "Some flowers bloom for a day and are then gone. But the scent still lingers in our heart and in our soul." Woody pulled Fred onto a one arm embrace and leaned his head onto Fred's.

Gordon's face tried to do six things at once and all he could think to do was reach out and hug Woody and Fred. Fred was shocked but didn't say anything.

Gordon looked close to tears but smiled anyway. He said, "Ya know, you are the only person who remembered that today was her birthday. She died a day before her twenty seventh birthday."

He looked into Woody and Fred's eye's and said, "You hold on to each other tight. Thank you Woody, Fred."

They moved on so others could talk to Gordon before moving on to the reception hall.

Fred and Woody were walking with Woody's arm around Fred's shoulder. Fred said, "What was that? I thought I was a little more in tune with my church, and now I'm wondering."

Woody said, "I almost went into shock myself when he said birthday. His wife died seven years ago yesterday. I didn't know today was her birthday. I over heard the date when we got hitched. The grapevine was wondering six months after her death why he was still grieving. Then they started to describe how tight our buns looked in our tuxes."

Fred said, "So that was the real reason you came today."

They had just stepped into the reception hall and Woody pulled him to the side and put his hands on Fred's very thick shoulders. and said, "I'm just so thankful I have you, cause the wolf is always at the door." Woody sounded a bit chocked up and pulled Fred into a bear hug.

Woody softly said, "I love you, Fred."

Fred tipped his head up a bit and said, "I love you, William Robert Wood."

They quickly kissed each other briefly. Just then Martha Hopkins walked through the door and saw the kiss. She hurumphed and turned to her sister, but Missy was already getting punch for them both.

Missy always verbally agreed with her sister as the path of least resistance. Martha seemed to have a seriously ingrained obsession for control. Of situations, people, institutions she was known to donate to. Such as the weekly heavy donation to the church. Which she was certain, gave her some leverage when it came to things she wanted to stop, or people she wanted to exclude. What should have been obvious to any casual observer, was that ninety nine percent of those around her not only didn't like her, they didn't share her hatreds, phobias, or irrational opinions. They barely tolerated her presence on church committees because of their false belief that she could harm the church with her withdrawal of her sizable but undisclosed weekly donation.

Missy turned with the two cut glass punch cups full of Hawaiian Punch and saw her sister marching towards her. Missy once again exercised her herculean patience and refrained from dumping both of them in Martha's face.

Missy was a master at pitching her tone of voice to a combination of inane cheerfulness (which she gleefully knew added a few points to Martha's blood pressure) and childish ignorance of Martha's attitude.

She said, "Hawaiian Punch, sister Dear?"

That tone was known to cause her friends who really knew her true intelligence, to cringe as if someone pulled their nails across a blackboard.. Martha's temple suddenly had a blood vessel that pulsed and twitched. She didn't say a word to Missy and just took one of the cups of punch from her.

Martha knew she had been amongst the last few in the reception line and just waited by the punch bowl for Gordon to enter the Reception Hall and head her way. A few minutes later he did enter, but not before Fred and Woody both walked over to the punch bowl for their own refreshments. Missy smiled at the two very large handsome men and almost gave them one of those little kid waves, just to see how much more Martha's blood vessel would twitch.

But then the vision of an ambulance pulling up to the back entrance of the Reception Hall, and all those people who truly disliked Martha acting like her seizure was a bad thing, just stopped her cold. She still held their eyes and gave Woody and Fred her smile. She'd have to be satisfied with that more passive form of sibling retaliation..

But these actions from Martha's sister did more at this one point than Missy had ever thought possible. Martha set her eyes on Pastor Gordon as he entered the Reception Hall, and she let him get half way across the floor before marching up to him and said In a false whisper, "Pastor Armstrong, have you had anyone actually searching for a replacement, as I directed."

Gordon looked at her as if she had suddenly grown something repellent on her face. He visibly calmed himself before he said, "Martha Hopkins. I told you at the last meeting of the Church Deacons that you attempt to have Choir Director Fred Gadget replaced was Not Going To Happen. You don't have one member of the congregation actually agreeing to any of your strange or bigoted ideas. And In truth, you are the only member of the congregation that hates Homosexuals." She started to say something and he cut her off. Gordon held up his hand and said, "And before you start quoting scripture let me set the playing field for you on that one. While you may have read the Bible Many more times than I have. I believe that I and the members of this congregation have actually listened to the good word far better than you ever will. You chose to be on committees that move funds around, but non of your suggestions are financially sound. But you seem to avoid those committees that actually sit with some of the less advantaged of our congregation and read the Bible for the solace and guidance and Love it can provide for our brothers and sisters."

Martha said" Do you actually think this church can still provide what you want to throw away to those trailer trash when I no longer tithe to this church?"

Gordon stood up taller. and actually looked at her. Then looked at Missy with a smile and a shake of his head. He tipped his head to the side for a second and said, "Missy, you must have the patience of Job."

Missy began talking with a calm mature assurance. She said, "Why thank you Gordon. That's is a very astute observation. I learned it from My dear late Father. I've been waiting for ten years for someone to ask me why in the world I put up with my sister. It actually relates to the way my fathers trust was set up and the expectations he had for Martha and myself. Though my sister tried to keep Mr Fielding from fully explaining the terms of our trust to me, I really didn't need to hear it from him. I had been the one that helped father write it in the first place."

Martha was looking at Missy with her mouth open and not a word coming out of her mouth. Then Woody shifted his weight as he held Fred from behind and Martha tried to strike again. She pointed her cup of punch and said, "How can all of you allow those Fags to just parade their deviant.."

Pastor Gordon said with a carrying tone, "Shut Up!. Are you senile? You claimed you were on the committee that reviewed my application for this position. My resume stated just what happened to my brother, eleven years ago. My gay brother was beaten to death just outside the Sunday School room he had been teaching at for over eight years. Our hometown Sherif never brought anyone in for his death. It took me years to hear Gods voice of love and understanding, again. But I did. I fought the hatred with love and it helped me find my lovely sweet wife. And then I found this congregation. And then I lost my true love. But I had promised my angel I would not close my ears or eyes to God's love . And it took work to keep that promise. But I did. And anyone looking at Fred and Woody can see the love they share and the kindness and service they give to the congregation and all those around them. And my angel would have said that these two men do Gods work when they help those in need and when they teach our children in High School. Martha Hopkins, you have no concept of actually being of service to another. Even with ten years of your sister trying to show you, Still you harbor nothing but hatred and fear in your heart." Gordon quickly walked to the side office where the church keeps the days donations and tithes. Gordon was in there for only half a minute. He came back and handed Martha a Tithing envelope that looked a bit thick.

Martha looked even more angry. She said, "What do you think you are doing. You don't have any right to decide what.."

Mr Fielding said, "Martha, Shut up. I know that I and at least half of the congregation have discussed your money donations and what we would do with it, if refusing your money would mean we would be rid of you. Guess what conclusion we came to?"

Martha said, "That is the stupidest thing I have ever.."

Ten people in the crowd shouted, "Shut up!" And in the shock of them standing up to the little she-devil, there was suddenly silence all around.

Missy looked at the envelope in Martha's hands and she plucked it out of them. Martha tried to say something but Missy cut her off and said, "Mr Fielding I am afraid I have to ask you to begin the proceedings to sever all financial ties with my sister. I allowed her to believe the shared account was my sole source of income. But now I don't want her having access to even that small amount."

Martha said, "What?" Her mind did a little jig for a second as she tried to apply the words 'Small Amount" to the one point one million dollar account that her father had set up for Martha and Missy.

Missy said, "And You'll have to have all my mail forwarded to the Duplex. I'm going to move in later today. If I can find a few strong young men willing to help me move a few pieces of furniture and personal things." She was looking at Woody and Fred as she said that.

Woody looked down as Fred looked up. They smiled and said in unison, "Yes Ma'am! Where do you want it Ma'am?"

Even before Martha could process what was happening, six more men from the congregation said, "We'll help, Missy." And two said, "I got a truck. " One right after another.

Gordon watched as Missy opened the envelope and pulled out half of the cash, then gave the envelope and what was left to Martha. Missy handed the cash to Gordon. Missy said, "Since the finances Martha was aware of are going to be split in half, I want this church to still receive the amount I was tithing before. Pastor Gordon, do you remember when we were short the amount of money needed to get the class rooms built for Sunday School and the Choir Practice Room?"

Gordon said, "I remember that clearly. We were short ten thousand dollars and we suddenly received an anonymous donation." Gordon was laughing as he looked from Missy to Martha. He reached out and gave Missy a hug.

Martha had her mouth open a little throughout all of this and then said, "Missy where in the world do you think your going to live?"

Missy said, "All those boring times I went to go quilting with my friends? Well, I really hate quilting, but I love the gossip, and I love my friends. So five years ago I bought one of those split level Modern Duplexes in Harrington Square. The great room was big enough to be able to string up a real quilting frame and hoist it out of the way when we weren't fiddling with it."

Martha looked dazed as she repeated, "Harrington Square?"

Missy said, "Yes sister dear. The expensive gated community you said you'd love to move into if you could only get rid of the burden of a run down Victorian house and a stupid spinster sister. Well sister dear. One burden gone."

Everyone was suddenly laughing at Martha and the sound turned her inside out. She glared at Gordon, Woody, Fred, and then her sister. She threw the cut glass cup onto the floor in front of Gordon and marched out of the Reception Hall. Luckily for all, She never returned.

Gordon was suddenly not laughing at Martha's exit with everyone else. Missy stepped closer and saw a tear slip out of Gordon's eye. She hugged him again and softly asked, "Pastor Gordon. What's the matter?"

Gordon sniffled and smiled through his sorrow. He said, "Mary's father bought those cups and the punch bowl for our wedding gift. It's silly. It's just glass. It was just a thing."

Woody had a dust pan and whisk broom out in two shakes of a lambs tail and got the glass off the floor. Fred had a small mop in his hands, right in back of Woody and as Woody got out of the way, Fred finished. Fred said, "It's just a thing that reminds you of Mary. I don't think it's silly at all. Mary was in on it with Greg and Melinda, wasn't she? All three of them were playing matchmaker when I met Woody."

Gordon chuckled and said, "She was the ring leader. Like I said, She was my angel." His face clouded up again and this time Fred hugged him. Woody had heard all the important parts and stepped in an hugged them both. Then his big hand cupped the back of Gordon's head and he kissed the top of Gordon's head as he said, "She really was an Angel."

Gordon pulled it together and said, "How many people want to help Missy move to a place she can really call home?"

The whole room erupted in applause and whistles. Gordon said, "Then lets get the food packed up and bring it with us . We'll all meet at the Victorian Burden of a house. Then everybody just help Missy which ever way she asks, and we'll get one of our most patient sisters into a more loving home."

They all picked a task and the Reception hall was clean and ready for next Sunday. They all headed for their cars and trucks and Pastor Gordon locked the doors and followed close behind.

Fred tossed the keys to Woody and they followed Missy to the Victorian Burden. They were just the front edge of the parade.

All of Missy's furniture, clothing, papers, books, personal items and old family photo albums were quickly gathered together and within an hour and a half the congregation was at the cheerfully opened gates leading to Missy's Duplex. Not one thing that Missy considered hers was left at the Victorian Burden. Missy had the key in the door and was about to open it when she asked Pastor Gordon, "Pastor? Would you say a blessing for this house and all the good people about to enter it today?"

Missy saw a gleam in Gordon's eye. Without a word amongst the group gathered there, they all took each other's hand in a serpentine circle.

Gordon said, "Heavenly Father, we ask that you bless this house and all those who enter it. We wish to thank you for the friends and family you have brought into our lives. We ask that you watch over our loved ones and keep them safe throughout their day. And we ask you keep all our brothers and sister here safe as we move sister Missy into her new home. In Jesus Name, Amen."

The bigger guys tackled the few but heavy pieces of furniture. They already had an idea of the nature of the beast, when they pulled the furniture out of the Victorian Burden.

The really neat moment came when Woody insisted on carrying in Missy's Velvet covered Chaise lounge. Someone had use of a Mactruck and so all most people saw was the whole truck shake back and forth as Woody hoisted the lounge to his shoulders and back and let the tailgate hoist drop him down to the ground. He then ducked as he reached the entry and sort of duck walked the lounge to the correct location . Most of the helpers stopped in their tracks when Woody carried the lounge into Missy's house. But they got back to their mission and then Missy was moved. At just that moment of realization, a truck pulled up with a Dominos Pizza light on top of the cab, and the kid that jumped out had Eight Pizza and looked good lugging them to the front door. He ended up with a twenty dollar tip from Missy. Then he recognized Jess among the younger guys there and he looked at Jess arms for a second or two. Jess made eye contact and gave him a little smile. The kid smiled back and flexed his arm. For an eighteen year old, the delivery guy was really buff. Jess flexed back as the kid stepped closer to his truck. The kid looked around. Sunny day. Three of the guys that moved the furniture had their shirts off. So the kid pulled off his shirt and he was really packed. Thick pecs with jet black hair just dusting the round hard mounds. And peeking out of the hair were two medium sized nipples standing up as hard as they could. Jess stood up to see the kids abs a bit better and the kid pulled his lats out as he flexed his chest. Then he flexed into a double bi shot. And Jess smile got bigger. He pulled off the under shirt he had worn to church and the kid could see that Jess was at a much higher level. But instead of acting like Jess made him look small, the kid started to lead Jess into copying his posing moves. This went on for about eight minutes. Then you could hear a weird tune that went with a cell phone and the kid dove into his truck and pulled himself back out with his cell phone. He answered it and seemed to be talking to his boss. Woody walked out with Fred on his back, getting a piggy back ride. The kid's mouth dropped open as the two went to the Pastor's car and popped the trunk with the remote key. Fred jumped off of Woody and they both grabbed about four flats of twenty four cans a piece. The kid hung up and put the phone back in the cab. Then he made eye contact with Jess and slowly pulled his shirt back on. The kid got into the truck smiled again and took off. Woody had noticed Jess interest in the delivery guy and decided to let Jess in on the truth about Woody's questionnaire. Woody tugged on Jess shoulder as they headed back into Missy's home.

Woody grabbed a few slices and watched Jess fold up about four slices and slowly pushed them down his throat without making a bit of a mess.. Woody said, "Jess, come here for a second. I have to talk to you about something you weren't going to find out about for about two weeks."

Jess got closer but looked like he was in for more pushing around. He said, "Woody, you won on Friday. I will go to the auditions on Tuesday."

Woody looked surprised for a second smiled and said, "Oh good. My gut instinct tells me this will be very important for yo.... Wait a minute. OK your telling me this now. Fine. When, on Friday, did I finally break through your defenses?"

Jess looked upset like Woody had asked to see his cards in a poker game after he already folded. Woody was serious.

Woody said, "No really. Just between you and I. When did you decide to audition for the musical?"

Jess looked at his feet and didn't say anything while he took three deep breaths. He was gathering his argument and safe guarding his pride. He looked up and said, "I was half way across school from Drama Class on Friday and I saw I had only five minutes. All these hallways packed with other students, It looked like I was going to be late. Then I remembered that the route to Drama class paralleled those spaces between classrooms that were filled with shrubs and Ivy. And no students. I started to sprint through the spaces, and the first three were a breeze. Then half way through the fourth one, my foot falls right into a one foot deep hole completely covered by the Ivy. I felt my foot missing the ground and I knew I was going to go down, but my body was able to pull myself into a roll as I fell. I thought that I'd have some kind of injury. I rolled and slid for ten feet, on that ivy. But nothing. I was perfectly fine."

Woody said, "You sure looked like you were OK. But you were about eight minutes late. I really did appreciate your honesty at the time when you looked me in the eye and said you had no excuse. Does this mean you lied and really did have an excuse?"

Jess had been prepared for this adult bit of Damned if you do and Damned if you don't. He looked into Woody's eyes and said, "When I stopped rolling and I realized just what could have happened over my run in school gardening, my heart started to race. On the field your there with your team. And you still have the times that it all rests on you. Or on another one of your men. And even if I turn out to be the one they say brought home the glory, or was the one who blew our chances. It is still Me as part of a team. And you and I both know how much I really like to show off. But never at the expense of the game, or the team."

Woody was starting to get an idea where Jess was going. He said, "But that little tumble that could have broken a leg, or cut you open with god knows what in the Ivy... That wasn't for the game winning touchdown. You just wanted to get to class on time.

Jess nodded and said, "I've taken hits on the field and shaken them off. And that one game, I didn't get to finish. That kind of thing is part of the game."

Woody said, "But really hurting yourself, just to get to class on time. And you could have been knocked out as you were sliced open and bleeding to death. Am I close to what went through your mind Friday?"

Jess hung his head and said, "Mostly. But it was the fear for my safety that I had a hard time dealing with. I never felt that in a game."

Woody put a hand on his shoulder and said, "And the shame you felt for being afraid, that your thoughts kept leading you to."

Jess was upset now. He wanted an answer from this man he trusted. He said, "Yeah. Why? And why so bad. I didn't get hurt! So why was my heart racing and all those thoughts of being hurt. And why couldn't I even talk about a little stumble and fall, when I got to your class?"

Woody looked into his eyes and knew what it was. But Jess cut in before he could frame it in his mind. Jess said, "The minute I sat in my seat in Drama Class, my heart said, "You need a backup plan if the Football scholarship thing falls apart.' Then I thought if I get a bad injury Ill need one too. I decided right then I was going to get that part in the musical."

Woody said, "But you still felt strange about the whole thing. Huh?"

Jess nodded and looked for Woody to explain. Woody said, "I was close friends with that group of emotions. Our friendship ended when my brother introduced me to Fred. Before that, I had been in a low patch of my life. I had been hired by Rivenwood High School as PE coaching assistant with the promise that I would be given the Political Science Classes within two years. The man who had been teaching it at that time was telling the School Administrators he was going to finally retire in a year or two. Well three years go by and he retired the semester before. They dropped the course and wouldn't tell me or anyone else if it was going to be put back. I found out later they were afraid of losing me as a coach. And they had wheedled extra funding so I could take on the Drama Class. But before all the positive stuff happened, It looked like I was going to be a PE teacher with Three degrees to my name and barely scraping through on my bills and food. With no change in sight. And no one there to say 'I love you' when you wake up in the morning. And the idea of going to bed alone again, with no one to hold yo, no one to hold."

Jess took a deep breath and said, "Just alone."

Woody said, "That is one of the classic stumbling blocks in a person's life. The fear of being alone at the end of all your efforts. And even the ones who get constant affirmation of their worth to society. A major portion of these people go through that cycle of -Fear of loneliness - Shame of being afraid -"

Jess said, "So why do I still get a twinge of shame or guilt, just because I decided to Go with the Musical?"

Woody looked like he just got caught red handed. He said, "Some of that was from my little game with you, to get you to audition. I didn't intend on putting your head through those changes. You probably felt a little shame for quote' losing the battle'. Or shame for feeling like you caved in over a little tumble and doing the musical. What I need to tell you is that sequence of reactions is normal. The motivation and realization of a personal fear shouldn't keep you from following the path you wish to walk down."

Jess looked a bit relieved and them his smart aleck side said, "So your telling me to ," Jess suddenly started singing.

Of course it was from the musical. The church choir had sung it a few times.

Jess missed the people who stuck their heads up to see who was singing the words

"Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone ..." Woody grinned and nodded his head like it was a joke. But Jess voice was a beautiful baritone. and it carried all the way into the house.

Just as Jess finished with, "You'll never, ever walk alone." He had about ten people from the choir and about eight from the congregation singing along.

Fred walked over to Woody as Woody grinned at Jess and said, "Thought you were being a joker huh?"

Jess still smiled but was impressed with the amount of people who sang along with a hokey song and didn't act like it was a joke..

Woody pulled Fred against his chest and said, "Well there's a surprise for you Jess. And something you can use to ward off that little shame and fear. Your singing got over a dozen people to sing along with you and in three part harmony. That was beautiful."

Fred wiggled and said, "So now your gonna try and take away my Music Director job at the high school?"

Woody said, "Remember last time you actually let me sing happy birthday all the way through?"

Fred still had a bit of a bone of contention he postponed picking with woody, over Woody's singing ability. Woody was too self-conscious about his voice when only a few people were paying attention. By himself, or in a huge crowd, he had perfect pitch.

Fred said, "I take it you didn't get to that important subject that you can only talk to Jess about?"

Woody looked at Jess who then had a look of ' What subject?' on his face.

Woody said, "No Babe. Jess had his own issue he wanted help with. Fred could you go inside and steer people away from Jess and I for about fifteen minuets?"

Fred leaned towards the front door and went inside after he said, "Sure love. And I'l try to hide about eight more pieces for you guys while I'm at it."

Woody said, "Thanks Fred."

Jess and Woody were alone again. Jess said, "Now you really got me wondering Coach. What do we have to talk about that's got to be private..." Jess petered out on the last word.

Jess was really a smart kid. He had a hurt sort of frown on his face as he repeated, "Private. Woody, I haven't run across that word since last Monday and your Questionnaire. Woody? Did you lie to us when we answered those questions?"

Woody was being pierced by the look of betrayal on Jess' face. Woody put his hands on Jess shoulders and started to massage them. Woody swallowed and said, "That was one of the actual lessons that I have had planned for the Political Science Class. And I have done that questionnaire with four classes. Not one student ever tells anyone that their Political Science Teacher with the massive muscles... lies to their face on the first day. And so far Not one student from any of the previous classes has felt a need to tell anyone outside of the class... that there were identifying numbers on each questionnaire, in invisible ultraviolet ink."

Jess was now taking in the feeling of betrayal, and also feeling like this was silly to get upset over. It wasn't going to be part of their grade in the class or go on their permanent record.

Woody got Jess attention and softly said, "Forgive me for lying through my teeth. And for tricking you and your fellow students into telling me things you didn't want me to know, or didn't feel like telling me at the time. I know the main feeling is betrayal. But for me, I know first hand the thoughts that go through a High School or college students head, when he finally admits to himself that he is gay. But feels like he can't tell anyone in the world. even your best friend. Or particularly your best friend. That story I told about my friend Brett was one hundred percent correct and true. But I glossed over another bit of drama and anxiety. Bret and I had fooled around. We jerked each other off and we both gave each other head. We never got close to the subject of anal penetration. And the truly strange part of the whole sexual exploration my straight best friend and my gay self did..."

Jess face was looking more forgiving at this pause in the story. Woody said, "Was never ever actually talk about what we were doing to each other and never did we ask the other if they were gay. By the time of the accident, Brett and I had stopped playing with each other for almost a year and a half."

Woody said, "Jess can we talk about a very personal, private part of what makes you you? And will you accept my apology?"

Woody looked at his feet as he finished with, "And will you forgive me?"

Jess still had that 'What?!' look on his face as he then looked at his own feet. Then Jess reached up and hooked his hands on Woody's forearms. Locking them there, so Woody wouldn't run away.

Jess was biting his lower lip as he looked up at Woody He said, "To tell the truth, I was more afraid you might tell people about how I terrorized my younger cousin one summer. Or my irrational fear of tapioca pudding. That took some managing!"

Woody smiled and pulled his forehead against Jess' for a moment. Woody said, "Thank you, Jess."

Jess said, "Welcome."

Woody pulled back and Jess let go of his arms. Woody tipped his head to the side and said, "May I talk to you about question number ten and eleven?"

Jess nodded and said, "I just hope this time they are going to be multiple choice."

Woody shook his head and said, "The kind of talk I think we need is one where I get across the idea that I want to help you how you want to be helped. This talk is for you. To help you with your life. OK?"

Jess said, "OK, Woody. Gee that was sneaky. You used roll call to identify desks and the numbers still on the questionnaires through your Palm Pilot." Pause and Jess shivered just before he said, "Woody, your the second person who knows I'm.....


Woody tousled Jess hair then put his hand on Jess shoulder again. Woody looked in his eyes and said, "Jess your strong enough to take this in stride. You're smart. And you know I love Fred more than anything in the world. So that should let you know..."

Jess didn't get mad. He just shrugged and said, "That Fred is number three. Mom is number one. I don't have a clue how or when I should tell dad.. Or how I'm going to tell Matt."

Matt said, "Your best friend." Woody flinched and Jess head whipped around to see Matt standing ten feet from where they were sitting. He must have come from the back yard and quietly onto the Front porch while they had been talking.

Jess had a 'dear in the head lights' look as he said, "Matt?"

Matt said, "Who figured out his best friend was gay about two years ago. and after a few weeks of knowing that realized that his best friends sexual orientation had not altered the fact that he was and still is my best friend."

Matt had been slowly walking closer to Jess and Woody. When he stopped talking after telling Jess they were still friends, Jess jumped over and pulled Matt into a bear hug. Jess had to get his breathing under control, and then Matt had to to.

As they separated, Matt said, "Jess. As Woody can tell you from my questionnaire. I am Heterosexual. I get goofy around girls. It isn't an act. It's my sexual orientation. And a few times in the past year, I've gotten a vague hint of an idea that you might have a crush on me. I'm glad Woody is here to make sure you hear and understand that I wouldn't ever hurt you.

But I'm turning out to be a lot like Woody's friend Brett. I love you like a brother. And in the past, at times, you were my only family. But I am never going to be able to be in love with you. I need to know that with that in mind, you still got my back and I still got yours. You are the guy that helped me find my back bone and helped me work on myself to the point that I never have to worry or fear the world or the people in it."

Jess said, "As long as I get to keep my best friend, I think I can handle his orientation towards women, girls, chicks, ladies and the occasional slut."

They stepped back and pointed fingers at each other and looked angry for a second as the yelled in unison

"Always wear a raincoat!!". Then they started laughing.

Jess said, "Man I still can't believe your grandfather took us aside and made sure we knew his version of the birds and the bees, and safe sex. That was the weirdest Thanksgiving dinner I'd ever been at."

Matt said, "James said told me last year that Grandpa did that to him and two of his friends at the same age we were, but he picked Christmas for them."

Woody smiled as Fred walked on to the front porch. Woody held his arms open and Fred walked over into them. While that happened Woody asked, "Did your brother get Condoms for Christmas that year?"

Matt and Jess' eyes got real big and Matt said, "Whoa! I didn't think to ask. Ya know I bet that's why I got told a Thanksgiving. James probably asked Grandpa why his stocking didn't have one in it."

Fred said, "You guys have been having a good talk. I like that idea though. A cock stuffer in a stocking stuffer."

Woody mumbled, "Say that three times fast."

Fred thought about it and got his mouth ready and then thought better of it. He said instead, "The Pizza boxes are almost all empty. I did save you two almost half a pizza, but the mob of hungry mouths will soon use their noses and find my hiding place. So I say lets go inside."

Jess and Matt headed inside with Woody and Fred following. Woody said, "Fred I saw that beautiful Steinway in the living room. I don't think Missy would be upset if you played something like Prelude number one in C Major.."

Fred said, "With a Jazz beat to it?"

Woody said, "Yeah!"

Fred went over to the beautiful piano and flipped the keyboard cover off of it. He did a quick run through of some scales to hear the sound of the finely crafted musical instrument. Woody tapped his shoulder and said, "Take the shirt off. You know the cuffs are going to drive you nuts."

Fred leaned away from him and smiled up into his face as he started to unbutton his cuffs to get the shirt off. He said, "You just want to ogle my finely toned body."

Woody didn't say a word but just chuckled. His face said 'guilty as charged'.

Fred unbuttoned the rest of the shirt, took it off and handed it to Woody. Woody said, "Thank you sir."

Woody sat down near Fred and said, "I have to admit, I do love watching your back and arms when you play the piano."

Fred started the Prelude in the normal recognized manner, and then shifted to a jazz beat after the fourth stanza. It was so cool. {Play Bach No 1, Jacques Loussier, Jazz}

Woody wasn't the only one watching Fred's thick muscles bunch and stretch as his fingers danced across the keyboard. Fred being a short man felt the need to rise off the piano stool to get at the keys when he started to warm up the bach tune. The next movement in that particular piece of music was really wild when you Jazzed it up. Fred was half crouched and his back sort of spread out as he swept from one side to the other of the piano. Yeah. Woody really loved watching his guy play the piano. Woody jumped up halfway to the end of the movement Fred was playing and got a glass of water with some ice and was right there when Fred finished what he was playing still half crouched. The applause covered up Fred saying thanks babe to Woody as he took the glass of water. They hugged and Woody said, "I love you."

Fred said, "I love You, Woody."

Woody stepped back and said, "Hey we didn't work out today. Play more. that works up a good sweat."

Fred smirked and started another classic piece of music twisted just right so the teenagers could feel some of it, while the older crowd still felt they knew the song. They never did get to the gym that day. Woody gave Fred a complete body massage after they got home. Then they tucked themselves into bed and each others hearts once again.

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