Hard Questions 2

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Dear Readers; here's part two of Hard Questions. I received a lot of help from some generous teachers. I will be taking some of their suggestions and trying to work with them. This next part is only slightly modified from what I showed them. I'd like to thank Jockguy, John Gregory, Duncan Ryder and David for their assistance on this story. I bought a book that really helped and I advise reading it. The book "One Teacher In Ten" edited by Kevin Jennings, is a wonderful book. It shows the men and women who were courageous enough to help bring about changes in the school system and in our society. John Gregory told me that teachers couldn't come out to their students when he was a teacher. This book showed me that the change is happening even as we speak. We all gain strength from the truth and knowing we are not alone. To you heros out there, teaching with little or no recognition for your brave work; Thank you, thank you, thank you. The world is better for what you do. And for those who have helped me get here; I can't thank you enough.


Disclaimer: This is a fictional High School story from the viewpoint of the teachers. It involves Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Principle Gary Hardy was sitting in the audience with City Comptroller Alexis Michaels. She had concerns about the city continuing the amount of funds for the school musicals. The Principle was well aware that the amount of musicals during the year and the price of tickets were competitive with any other form of entertainment in the city and that they brought in more revenue than they consumed. The city counselors were being annoyed by a certain Martha Hopkins. As usual, no one liked her there at the city counsel meetings. But she was a city member and had every right to attend. And spew her venom in any way she could.

Luckily Missy was good friends with Alexis ( quilting bee friend ) and she decided to help the Principle out with some support of the way the musicals were being run.

Missy had just arrived, after Gary had been warned by Alexis, that some of the parents were actually listening to Martha's complaints. Alexis noted the time and said " Just make sure the rehearsals don't always last this late and the parents shouldn't have any more ammunition."

Missy was just about to say something when some joking argument broke out on the left side of the wings, just out of sight.

Woody had just walked across stage to that side and apparently he thought the hour was late and they should all get to their homes. Apparently some of the students still had some questions about choir and the rehearsal schedule . What appeared to be a humorous exchange turned into a tug of war over the very person of Fred Gadget. In only a moment Woody won.

Taking the advantage, Woody ran across stage to the right side with Fred over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, while yelling " Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. I warned you I wouldn't play Fair oooooooo." Fred had a silly grin on his face until he saw how determined the students looked. For as Woody had run across the stage the entire group trying to keep ahold of Fred, had been only a few feet in back of Woody and Fred, with Jess and Matt leading the pack. They were giggling all the way.

Gary, Alexis and Missy were struck dumb at this sight, only to have an even more outrageous one presented next.

Woody had apparently slipped on something and started to fall out of sight of the three in the audience. But the horde of students following had capitalized on his stumble and all ten of them had grabbed Fred and had him practically flying back across the stage in the direction he had just come from. Fred was better able to see the problem with this idea as the wings of the stage went only so far and ended in a brick wall. What was truly classic was Woody's recovery and cartoon look of anger as he ran across the stage and told them " Come back here!"

Fred had put his arms up just as he disappeared into the left side wings and half the students were looking back at Woody so they didn't know when to stop or turn. The results were predictable as Jess and Mat were in the rear this time and the strongest ones pushing them along. They were the loudest to say "OH Nooooo !" And another thudding sound came from the wings. A bit of moaning and then. Someone said " You think you're so smart." And a mix up of " Don't you do that!" " That's not a good idea!" " Wait!" " OH for heaven's sake !!"

A Ball of Humanity representing Woody, Fred, Jess, Matt, and three other students; rolled out onto the stage and promptly unrolled itself flat. Fred and Woody were the last to be slapped to the stage.

Fred's arm went up and he said " Time-out. Penalty on the field!" Then his arm slapped down on Woody's belly any Woody harumphed with head and legs popping up right after. The uninvolved students crowded around them upstage and started to laugh until they saw the principle and the other two adults.

Gary, Alexis and Missy raised their hands and started to applaud.

All the "Rollers" sat up to see who was clapping and Jess was the first to clue in and he said "Ladies and Gentlemen, that concludes our performance for the evening." Then he and Matt fell back flat. Woody and Fred shrugged and fell back after that. One of the students standing smiled and walked over to the curtain cord and closed the curtains.

Missy smiled and said "Alexis dear, what did you say the parents were talking about?"

Alexis smiled and said " I'll see you tomorrow, Missy. And don't forget. We'll be starting quilting my daughter's quilt."

Missy smiled a little too hard and said " Can't wait."

Woody was rubbing Fred's shoulders as Fred said " That was the city comptroller in the audience tonight. I just hope she has a sense of humor and doesn't talk to the city counsel about that little brawl."

Woody dug in to a particularly thick part of Fred's back and said " Ohhh" just as Fred moaned the same word. Woody continued with "That was hardly a brawl. Just a difference of opinion."

Fred chuckled and said " With you screaming 'Mine Mine Mine' half way across the stage."

Woody chuckled and said " And you bouncing on my shoulder like a sack of potatoes."

Fred chuckled , then rubbed his belly. Woody noticed and then reached over his shoulder and started to gently rub Fred's belly while look down over Fred's shoulder. Woody glanced into Fred's eyes and slowed down rubbing. Fred pulled Woody's head in for a kiss and Woody stopped rubbing anything. Then Woody rubbed Fred's belly lower and lower until he had ahold of a very hard muscle sticking out of Fred's briefs. Fred started to rub Woody's very thick arm.

Fred broke the kiss and said " God you're so big."

Woody giggled and said "Funny you should say that. I was thinking the very same thing." As he stroked Fred's very thick erection.

This got them kissing again, which led them to their bed and a round of comparisons of each other's body.

At one point Woody was sitting on top of Fred's Love Muscle and had slowed down their love making. He gazed down at Fred's meaty body and smiled with love and pride in his heart.

Fred bounced him up a bit and got the reaction he wanted. He said "What?"

Woody bit his lower lip and pushed Fred's pec muscles in a deep massaging manner. Woody said "I'm just so proud of you. You worked so hard to get so thick. And all in about four years time, too. That is just so impressive."

Woody bent down and kissed Fred. Fred locked his arms around Woody's neck. Fred said " You are so silly. You helped me every step of the way. And look at you." Fred rubbed Woody's wide back. Woody sat back up and flexed his pecs, while Fred rubbed his arms. Then Woody did a double biceps shot.

Woody said " But I've always been big. I knew how hard you fought that first year, to put on weight. And you did it. You're my hero."

Fred frowned for a second then grabbed Woody's nips and pulled him back down for another kiss. He said " Come 'er you."

That kiss led into a race for the finish. Of course they both won.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Woody thought that since Jess and Matt knew, he didn't think it fair to keep it from the rest of the class. So on the Tuesday after auditions for Carousel, Woody sat on his desk in his political science class and waited until he had their attention, before he told them the truth

Woody started class with " Today's lesson comes a little earlier than usual. I ask you to hold on to your questions. I'll let you know when I'm done with the lecture, and we can go over any questions then. The lecture for today will be on what happened on the very first day of class, and a lie that you all believed. One that I was able to get you to believe through misdirection and deceit. The lesson that day was to teach you that even good people lie. And that they do so for very good reasons. Your questionnaires were all marked with an Identifying number in invisible ink. And if you can all be patient, I'll explain why."

The students were a little bit upset but they waited for Woody to continue.

He looked at them all and said " Seven years ago I was just a lowly PE coach waiting for someone to retire so I could take their place. I had a very good wrestling student, who was also good in English and Math. As a senior, he tutored for the juniors and was very friendly with one kid in particular. Lets call the Senior Billy and the Junior Donny. Donny was a big kid and was also on the wrestling team. If you don't know, wrestling in high school and college is not like on TV. While an admirable sport; Professional Wrestling is more Acrobatics and bare knuckles fighting , than what high school and college actually do when they wrestle. But the contact is as intense. And young men will get a little aroused when they get into competition. "

Woody shifted his weight and the desk groaned a little. Woody said
"Unfortunately this can happen if a young man is Straight, Bisexual or Gay. And with that happening, and at the oddest of times, people can get confused."

Woody frowned. He said " Billy and Donny became very good friends. Billy thought Donny was much more than a friend and told him one night he loved him. What Billy had not known was that Donny's father had verbally abused him for over five years. And sometime Donny felt the back of his fathers hand. Donny's father called him a faggot and cock-sucker and a little whore while he abused him. Donny was not gay. Donny was not close. But Donny did not hate gay men. He was just afraid. So when Billy told him that he loved Donny, all that fear welled up inside him and the fear of another beating from his father. And all that venom came out. He didn't hate Billy. Billy was his friend. But he was afraid. And didn't know what to say. Donny ran away. That night he came to my house because he couldn't talk to his father. Billy didn't have that option. His father heard all that Donny had said and started calling Billy far worse names. His father didn't stop. Until he threw him out of the house. It turned out Donny was Billy's only real friend. Billy's Mother had died two years before. She had ovarian cancer and she had been given a lot of pain drugs. She never got to use them. Billy unfortunately did. He had them hidden in the garage for when he was sore from wrestling practice. He would cut them into quarters. It's what made his father think he was on pot. Billy's father didn't think of the pills. He had let Billy see to all that in his grief. I tried to reach Billy after calming Donny down. His father didn't answer the phone. I left a message ...... I left a message. I was eight blocks away. I could have walked over there. I sure heard the sirens that morning, though. But it was to late for me to walk over there and try to diffuse the situation. That was when Billy's father found his body. That was when the entire teaching staff learned that I am Gay. And I swore in the staff room, if any teacher did not do his duty to protect his students and help them to understand that they are not alone, I would have them up on charges."

Woody stood up and cleared his throat. He wiped one eye and said " You are not alone. You are not alone."

Woody said " I have done this little subterfuge to help take away that feeling some of you may feel in the years to come. I pried into your personal lives because I want you to remain alive. I want you to know that there is always someone who will listen. And even if it sounds naive; I do care about all of you. Donny still misses his friend Billy. I do too. He really was a sweet kid. Sometimes looking strong and tough isn't the best of ideas. Sometimes people get the idea tough guys don't care."

Woody said " Does anyone want to discuss what they wrote on their questionnaire? You don't have to do so here. You will note that the blackboard has my address, the address of the school counselor, the teen outreach number and the numbers of the local priests and Pastors of the local churches. I have spoken with all of them and they are all behind the idea of listening and accepting you as you are. It's taken me a few years but all of these numbers and addresses are of people who really do care. If you need a shoulder ." Woody slapped his left shoulder with his right hand. He said " I've got a big enough one for you to cry on. And Fred says I've got big ears, so that should help, too."

The class chuckled and then remained silent.

Henry was a line backer on the Football team. His was the only one with a hand raised.

Woody said " Henry. You have a question?"

Henry said " No Mr. Wood, I have an answer. My brother is in college in his second year. We nearly lost him to depression. It's part of his schizophrenia. We only learned about it when his room mate reported him missing after five days. He had driven to a park and just stayed there for four days. He was dehydrated, and unresponsive for weeks. Then we found a good doctor for him. He put Karl on the proper medication and he came back to us. He lost a semester. We were just glad we didn't loose him."

Woody said " Thank you for sharing that Henry."

Henry's hand flew back up before he said " I'm not done."

Woody said " I'm sorry. Please continue."

Henry said " My parents and brother know. And my best friend Gina knows. I guess it can't hurt letting people know that Gina and I aren't dating. She likes guys and ... so do I." Henry looked down at his desk and frowned. No body said a word.

Woody said " You do know I wasn't going to let anyone have that information, without your permission."

Henry looked up for a second and said " Permission granted." He smiled for a second and then the frown returned. He looked at his desk and waited for someone to say something.

Woody said " Anyone here have a problem with a gay guy playing on the football team?"

In back of Henry was his good friend Mitch. Mitch was a fullback on the team. Henry had helped him with his weight training. It helped Mitch get on the team and off the bench. Mitch had an intense look on his face, as he stared at the back of Henry's head. Woody's question hung in the air for a few moments.

Woody said " Anyone at all?"

Woody was shocked when Jess raised his hand. Henry looked over and a few people softly gasped.

Woody said " Jess?"

Jess smiled at Henry and Mitch and then at Matt. He looked at Woody and said "I'm sorry Mr Wood. I don't have a problem with Henry being gay and playing on the football team. I just thought he should know he's not alone." Jess smiled and looked back at Henry.

Henry's face had looked so sad and betrayed by Jess' hand going up. When Jess finished what he had to say and he smiled at Henry, that was just a bit more than Henry could take in. Henry wiped a tear from his eye and then Mitch lightly punched him on the shoulder.

Mitch said " Hey ya big baby. My best friend doesn't cry over stuff like this. OK?"

Mitch held his hand out and Henry grabbed it then they bumped knuckles. Henry said " OK."

Henry turned around and faced forward with a big smile on his face. Mitch was smiling too.

Woody said " The more I learn about my students, the more I'm impressed and proud of you all. It takes courage to look at yourself and see yourself for who you are. Many people can't bring themselves to admit the truth. We are all different in different ways. And we all have something to give and share with this world."

Woody glanced at the clock and said " The assignment for Friday is to find an article in the newspaper or online that shows someone you admire and how they contribute to society. The paper should be at least five pages long."

The bell cut him off at "should". He repeated " Friday paper on someone you admire from newspaper, magazine, online. At least five pages long."

As the rest of the class left, Mitch and Henry were at Woody's desk and Jess and Matt waited at the door for them.

Henry said " Thank you for letting me get that weight off my chest. Mitch knew about my brother. I just hated lying to him."

Mitch grabbed Henry's neck and said "I sort of had an idea for the past six months when Gina and you didn't want to double date with me and Sue. Sue told me she caught you looking at my older brother when he came home from college. I thought as long as you weren't checking me out, we could still be good friends."

Henry said " In your dreams. Your not as cute as your brother."

Woody said " Your going to be late for your next class."

Mitch said " Thanks for the help Mr Wood."

Woody said " Your welcome. Jess!"

The others left and Jess stuck his head back in the room.'

Woody said " Your the right man to be the quarterback for the team. A natural born leader."

Jess blushed and said " Thanks, Woody. See you in Drama class."

Woody said " See ya." And smiled after the lead in the school musical.


Woody was snuggled up to Fred and had just stopped nibbling on his ear.

Fred said " Wow. Jess is my second hero. And nobody gave them a hard time?"

Woody said " Nope. I was so proud of my whole class. I guess things do change if you work on them long enough "

Fred kissed Woody thick forearm and then nibbled at it a little.

Woody said " Second hero?"

Fred said " Fishing for compliments?"

Woody said " You know you're my hero."

Fred chuckled and said " My number one hero keeps me safe at night." Then he pulled Woody's arms tighter around him.

Woody smiled and kissed Fred's ear as he whispered " I must be some kind of hero to be able to keep someone ten feet tall feeling safe."

Fred couldn't believe Woody still could make him blush after all these years. He twisted around and said " I love you Woody."

Woody kissed him and said " I love you right back, Fred." they kissed again and fell asleep to dreams of each other.

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I hope this was good for you too. Let me know. The next one will have a bit more intimate action. And thanks again for all the help.