Hard Questions 3

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Disclaimer: This is a fiction story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of Age, You Should Not Be here. You have been warned.

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It was the second week of rehearsals for Carousel and Jess was finally getting a break in his schedule. Woody had Jess and the rest of the Football team practicing an extra half hour after school for the Month of September. Then Fred had After school Rehearsals three times a week for the Musical as the school Music Director and Choir teacher. On top of that Fred had one night a week for Church Choir practice. Jess was not bored.

Jess thought Senior year was going to be a lot easier than it was turning out. And he had taken summer school classes so it would be less hectic. He just didn't explain his plan to his favorite teachers.

But this afternoon Jess had a chance to finally get back in the gym and pump some iron. He had an Ok Weight set at home but it just couldn't compare to the heavier free weight set the School had. And the Weight machines the School had were top of the line.

Jess got out of his football gear and into his shorts and Muscle T-shirt. He noticed a few guys heading for the showers, glanced over at him, as they passed. He hadn't received any fallout from outing himself, so he chalked up the extra attention to his size.

Jess headed to the Weight room and found four other students working with the machines. Jess got over to the Incline Leg Press and was about to ask the student if he could work in. But it wasn't a student. It was Fred Gadget!. And he wasn't warming up either. There was two hundred and fifty pounds on one side! That had to be well over five hundred pounds with the sled and the rack. Close to Five sixty.

Jess had only gotten up to five hundred counting the sled and rack, three weeks ago. And certainly not for fifteen reps?!

Fred hadn't noticed Jess standing there with his mouth slightly open and silently counting the reps.

Fred started to strain on sixteen and then a loud voice from in back of Jess called out." Come on Gadget, you want eighteen. Ya got two more. You're ten feet tall. These are easy!"

Jess had jumped over a foot to the side, away from Woody, who was the loud voice in back of Jess. Fred smiled at the shock on Jess face and powered through two more reps before locking the sled in the up position.

Woody handed a towel to Fred as Fred twisted out of the Leg press. Fred was still smiling at Jess as he said " Woody don't you get your guys heart pumping enough during practice.?"

Woody smiled and put another twenty five pounds on each side of the rack. Jess said " Woody's voice does seem to get us to do what he wants. We still end up smiling, cause the past two years we've been winning."

Woody still didn't say anything as he slipped into the Leg Press. He glanced at Fred and unlocked the Sled and slowly lowered the weight till his knees were a few inches from his chest.

Fred whispered " Woody's voice has that effect on me, too."

Woody slowly pumped out twelve reps before he started to go a bit slower. At rep fourteen Fred said " Come on Bilbo, you have a three hundred pound quarterback to impress. Give us twenty!"

Woody grunted and said " I Have.... A two hundred... and fifty four pound... Sexy... Giant Hobbit... To Impress! " Woody locked the sled in the up position and sat there for a moment.

Jess was about to comment when a guy in back of them said " Six hundred and ten pounds for twenty reps! Are you sure I'm at the right place Mr. Wood?"

Fred and Jess turned to find the kid that had delivered the Pizzas to Missy's Duplex two Sundays ago. He smiled at Fred but he really smiled at Jess.

Woody said " Well, Kane. If you came to work hard, then you came to the right place. Kane Ford, this handsome devil over here is Fred Gadget; my better half."

Fred shook Kane's hand and they used a fair amount of strength to say howdy. Kane said " Two hundred and fifty four pounds is a lot of muscle to carry around."

Woody looked at Fred and crouched a little. Fred got the idea. He shuffled around and hopped up onto Woody's back. Woody said " I'm sorta used to it by now."

Jess chuckled and Fred said from his added height "Just to let you know, Kane. My better half has a tendency to forget to introduce everyone in the group before he starts the acrobatics. That large specimen of a quarterback is Jess Haskel."

Jess said " Howdy."

Kane said " Good to meet ya."

Jess said " Nice accent. Where are you from? Australia?"

Kane smiled and said "Naa. New Zealand. People always make that mistake. It's alright though. Just don't call me a Brit."

Jess said " I'll play it safe and just call you Kane."

Kane said " That'll work."

Woody and Fred had noticed that they had been completely ignored by these two. Fred leaned forward and looked down into Woody's face as Woody tipped his face up to Fred's. They smiled and shrugged and looked back at the two.

Woody said " Speaking of work. Since Kane is here to try to bulk up without steroids, per his request."

Fred cut in and said " And Jess is here to get stronger so he can get a Football Scholarship."

Fred jumped off of Woody and they both said " Let's get to work!"

Jess and Kane smiled as they straightened to attention. They both saluted and said " Sir, Yes Sir! "

Woody shook his head and took about two hundred pounds off the press and said " OK, you jokers. Kane told me he was good at four eighty. Here's four hundred That's a good warm up for you both."

Kane smiled at Jess and got into the machine. Woody said " I want a good twenty from you both then we'll let you two jump up closer to our weight, before we cycle in."

Jess was impressed. From what he had seen at Missy's place, Kane was buff. But he had missed seeing Kane's legs. Now Jess could see how huge Kane was. The legs brought it all into perspective. He may not have been as big as Jess. But he was still big for his height and in pretty good proportion to all his body parts.

Kane pumped through twenty two reps and then got out of the Leg Press. Jess got in and pumped out twenty four and got out as Woody and Fred added weight.

Fred said " OK, it's at four sixty. Lets go for at least twenty for you both."

Kane smiled again and got into the Press and got through eighteen before slowing. Woody said " Keep up the pressure. You got two more easy. Try three."

Kane pushed through for three more and locked the press in the up position. Woody said " Excellent. This is the right way to be a bodybuilder."

Jess got in and thought 'Bodybuilder? Wow, no wonder. With those looks he'll really make it, too.' Jess started pumping through to twenty four again and only slowed on twenty two.

Woody said " Well Jess, we all know your number now. Push on to twenty four."

Jess got out of the press as Woody and Fred put on more weight. Jess saw them put on enough to make it four ninety.

Woody looked at Kane as he laid back into the machine and said " This is four ninety, but I think you can do it for a good twenty. I always can push myself farther when I have a little encouragement. We'll see if you work that way too."

Kane said " OK, Woody. You're the coach."

Woody smiled and Kane pushed through to eighteen before slowing then all three of the guys watching counted out loud

" Come on, nineteen!" Kane pumped through to nineteen and went for twenty.

The cheering section called out " Twenty!"

Kane went for twenty one and Jess said " Alright going for twenty one!"

Kane bulled out twenty one and then one more.

Woody said " That's what I wanna see. Some ambition. Twenty two coming up."

Kane got twenty two but after he locked the press up and started to get out his legs started to quiver. Jess and Fred helped him over to a bench. Kane said " Thanks."

Woody said " And you said you're limit was four eighty. That's the way to get where you're going. I want one more set like that from you and then we'll move to the cable machine leg press and go to exhaustion. It's better if you have a partner to help with changing the pin to lower weight when you go that route."

Jess said " I'll help."

Woody smiled at Jess and said " OK. And you can help right now by pumping out your twenty four."

Jess grinned and said " Yes, Coach."

Jess got through twenty three and only slowed at twenty four.

Fred and Woody put the weight back on that they were working at and Fred got into the press at five sixty. Fred pumped seventeen out before slowing.

Woody said " Look's like my guy's gonna go for twenty. Come on Gadget! you got it. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty!"

Fred locked the press and got out. He wasn't shaking, but his pump made his legs move a little funny. Jess helped Woody put on fifty more pounds and Woody got into the press.

Woody pumped out eighteen and Fred said " My man's going for twenty two. Go for it Woody. Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty one. Twenty two!"

Fred was starting to sport a little wood as Woody got out of the Press.

Woody softly said " Anything to impress my man."

Fred got a goofy grin on his face as he helped Jess take off the weights, till it was back to four ninety.

Woody said " Ok Kane. One more set and then you two go over to the cable machine."

Kane got into the press and got through to nineteen before he slowed. His face got angry and he pushed through to twenty. Jess said " Two more Kane. You got it. Twenty one. Twenty two. Whoa. Twenty three. Hey! alright! Twenty four!"

Kane's legs were quivering before he got out of the press. Jess helped him out and Kane said " Twenty four sounded like a good number to me."

Woody said " Whatever gets ya moving. OK Haskel. You're up."

Jess got in and pumped out twenty and said " Coach, could you put on forty more for eight reps?"

Woody got a wicked smile on his face and said " You know me Jess. I always like to put on the pressure."

Fred and Woody put on twenty a piece and nodded at Jess. Jess got through six before he slowed.

Kane called out " Go for ten Haskel."

Jess got a mean/happy look on his face and he pumped through four more for the ten Kane asked for.

Woody said " That's what I like to see. A little team work, even if you aren't on the team."

Kane was looking into Jess eyes as he said " OH I'm on the team Coach. At least the same one you and Fred are on."

Fred was a little surprised by Kane's admission to being gay. But Jess next words were less of a surprise.

Jess said " I'm still amazed the whole school doesn't know about what happened in your class Woody. But since Kane is new here, it won't hurt for me to tell him that I'm on that team, too. "

Woody said " Sounds like something you two can talk over on the cable machine. I want high reps from both of you for the first two sets. Then go for your heaviest weight. "

Kane was smiling at Jess when he said " Yes sir, Coach."

Jess smiled at Woody and said " Your wish is our command."

Woody growled " Get going."

The teenagers walked over to the cable leg extension machine and Jess seemed to take over being the assistant coach.

Woody said " Your songbird didn't seem to surprise you with how open he is about being gay."

Fred got into the Leg Press for his last set as he said " My songbird?" The look on his face was a question and a poke at any little bit of jealousy Woody might have had over the very large student of theirs.

Woody smiled his answer with all his love for Fred coming through loud and clear. " Well that boy does have one hell of a voice."

Fred grunted through his reps as he said " Boy?.... Boy?!.... Bucket of Balls...... Yard of Cock...... Enough hair to weave........ Sixteen....... Indian Blankets......... Uhh......And he calls him........Boy!..........Not that..... I can........say for sure.......that's the case..........With Jess'........Manhood.......Uhhhh.........Nineteen..............Twenty!"

Woody said " Twenty " at the same time as Fred.

Woody swooped down and gave Fred a quick kiss before anyone could see. He said as he was straightening back up

" Pretty damn impressive for a Giant Hobbit"

Fred blurted out " Notahobbit! " It was half a shout.

Woody started laughing as he grabbed Fred and hugged him before he could start swinging. Fred hadn't ever given Woody a reason to think he would start punching him after picking on him. But it was a cool excuse to hug him as tight as he could.

Woody was still chuckling as he said " Yes you are. You are my Giant Hobbit. And I'm damn lucky to have you."

Fred stopped acting like he was angry and said " Ok then." As he hugged Woody back.

Kane's voice curt through the sounds of the other guys working the equipment. It sounded like a question.
"Giant Hobbit? Where......." His voice got too quiet for Fred or Woody to hear anymore.

Fred twisted in Woody's arms and told the teenagers " Not a hobbit!"

Woody pulled him closer and said " Yes, yes. You keep telling yourself that. One day you''ll believe it."

Fred did something that nobody could see and Woody started to giggle and he flinched away from Fred.

Woody said " Stop that! You promised No tickling in public!"

Fred said " You promised No Hobbit in public." Fred's smile got Woody to grudgingly admit his error.

Woody said "OK."

They both started to hold their right hands in a fist and throwing it down in a chopping action. They did that three times and on the third time both their hands flew open to be flat. Damn! Both Paper. They did it again and both went to scissors. One more time and Fred was the scissors again and Woody was the paper.

Fred burped out " Justice!"

Woody looked resigned to his fate as he turned his backside to Fred. He said " Yeah right."

Fred drew back his open palm and swung it with all his might as he spanked his larger lover once. The sound of it was very loud, but Woody didn't make a sound. He didn't touch his butt either.

Woody turned and stuck his hand out and Fred shook it once. They nodded once as they shook hands.

Woody mumbled " Still a hobbit." But only Fred could hear him.

Fred said " Watch it."

Woody said at a normal volume " Of course you know, that has just ended our work out for today." He rubbed his butt gently then said " Maybe for a few days."

Fred was Woody's life mate in many things and his next words were galvanizing. Fred said " Then we have an hour and a half before we have to be anywhere."

Fred and Woody looked into each other's eyes and blinked a few times.

Woody said " OK!" He then scooped up Fred and slung him over his shoulder as he walked to the weight room door. He paused and turned around to talk to Jess and Kane.

Woody said " Kane, I leave you in good hands. Jess is a fine coach. I think Jess said he wants to take Education as a minor in college. I think he's going to be aces in it. See you tomorrow."

As he turned Fred smiled and waved at the teenagers. They were a bit stunned as they waved back.

Kane said in his cool NZ accent " Does that happen a lot with them? "

Jess was grinning like a devil as he said " Well, yeah. A bit. Good role models, Huh? "

Kane got a goofy grin on his face as he said " You got that right."

They finished up with Jess routine and then they started to joke around with Kane posing again.

Jess kept up and Kane finally said " Ya know you'd be stiff competition if you ever went into bodybuilding."

Jess blushed for a second and he said " Aww. I'm not pretty enough."

Kane frowned like Jess grew another head. He said " You call Dorian or Ron or even our Governor Arney, Pretty?! "

Jess frowned and thought about it for a moment. He smiled a sly grin and said " I guess your right. You better hope I stick with Football and singing."

Kane gave him the same smile as he said " I'll just have to find ways to encourage you."

Jess said " Like going to my games and cheering for the home team?"

Kane said " And your musicals."

Jess softly said " Cool!"

They were already finding ways into each others hearts.


Pastor Gordon looked up to the massive figure near the end of the line of parishioners . He said " Woody! Three for three. Is this going to be a regular event with you? Not that I'm complaining."

Woody smiled and said " It's insurance."

Gordo frowned and Woody said " So God knows how thankful I am for the people in my life. It's the least I can do to praise his wonders and thank him for all I've received. And I have to admit I'm rather fond of your sermons. They speak more of your faith than your religion; and I always respect a mans faith first."

Gordo blushed and said " Why thank you, Woody. It may not be Thanksgiving, but next Sunday I'll have to talk about how we all find our own way to thank God."

Woody said " I'll be listening."

Gordo said " Where's Fred?"

Woody frowned and said " Matt wanted to talk about something private. That's unusual enough for me not to pry into it. Matt's such a strong silent type, you listen when he wants some private time."

Gordo said " Fred's a good counselor. If you hadn't come into his life, I would have urged him to be a family counselor. He has an ear for what people are really saying."

Woody smiled and said " That's my Fred. I'll see you in the reception hall."

Gordo said " See you."


Matt said " Aww see? I hate that. I said I wasn't gonna get weepy over this." Matt sniffled

Fred said " Well he's your best friend and now he's in love. That's gonna mean less time even for his best friend, too"

Matt said " I can get my head around that. And even be happy for him. I just didn't think I was gonna feel so lonely. It's not like I don't have my own friends, too."

Fred said " It's just such a big change, huh?"

Matt looked at his feet and said " Yeah. I guess that's really it. After so much time together. It's a bit of a shock. We hardly talked all week. Except for how great Kane is." Matt looked up at that. Even he heard how whiney it sounded.

Matt said " And I hate thinking like that. Cause Kane really is a cool guy. Just like Jess."

Jess said " So I guess we'll just have to spend a little more time with you, till you find a girl that takes up all your spare time."

Matt was frowning at Jess overhearing his conversation with Fred. He said " How much did you hear.?"

Kane was hiding in back of Jess when he said " Fred talking about being best friends. Um sorry about eavesdropping. Would it help if I mentioned wanting to be your friend , too?" Kane was hanging on Jess and just sticking his head around Jess thick arm. His smile looked genuine. Jess looked down and grabbed Kane in a head lock and Kane stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes.

Matt chuckled along with Fred and said " That would be good for a start."

Fred got up and said " You three can stay and talk as long as you want. Jess? Turn off the lights and lock up when your done."

Jess said " Thanks Fred. We shouldn't be too long. I just have to remind my best friend to tell me when things are bugging him. Ya only get one best friend. Ya gotta take care of him." Matt had moved over and was hugging Jess by then. Kane was smiling and shared it with Fred as Fred left.

Fred found his best friend with two cups of Hawaiian Punch and a huge oatmeal cookie. Fred took the cookie and a cup of punch from Woody and said " You love me. This is your favorite cookie in the world."

Fred took a bite and held it up for Woody to take one , too. Woody softly said " You're my favorite cookie."

Fred wrapped his arms around Woody and said " You're my best friend." As simple and as profound as that.

Woody agreed when he said " Thank God." His head rested on top of Fred's

Woody said " Love you Frodo."

Fred spoke up as he looked up into Woody's eyes " Love you Bilbo." Their kiss was sweet as honey and lingered on the tongue just as well.

Thinking they were off by themselves they were surprised by Missy when she said " You two sure know how to keep the romance in you life."

Woody said " Well thank you Missy."

Missy held up her cup to toast them and said " No, no. Thank you. Thinking of you two together, gets this ole girls heart racing. Best part of my week is seeing you two, so much in love. There's hope for the world, I think. No, boys. Thank you."

Fred blushed and murmured " Welcome Missy." Then he rested his head back against Woody's massive chest.

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