Innocence on the Wind: Prolog

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Dear readers; Here's another fantasy story. Inspired by a beautiful drawing. I hope you like this. Let me know, OK?

Disclaimer: This is a fictional Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned!

"You hungry?"

What a stupid question. I could see the boy was reed thin. His wings were glossy but the rest of him looked like he could use quite a few meals. He looked hungry for more than food. Like a dog who's been kicked too many times.

I spread out my wings and arms before I said "Are you lonely? Cause you're not alone. You're not the only one dancing on the wind."

He looked torn between what kept him alive all these years and the idea I just gave him. He had to have had it for a long time. He just couldn't let himself believe.

I had been scouting the skies in this land of enchantment. I had the spell that hid my wings when I had to be with normals. Shakespeare had it right. They were groundlings, the normals. They didn't have a clue what real flying was like. And if any of us let them know, we'd be pulled down. Pulled apart. Ripped from the sky, just because they couldn't get up into it.

Well most would. That's what my folks taught me when I was young and my wings started to come out.

I kneeled down to let him realize I wouldn't stop him if he wanted to fly away. My wings drooped a bit, waiting to be accepted or rejected. I still had my own issues with rejection.

I had spotted the boy flying and laughing with a hawk that seemed to think of him as a relative. And my foolish way of letting him know I was in the sky was to dive by him. I was just playing. His laughter reminded me of my cousin Rick. Rick had become a Fireman, of all things. He died saving a family and two of his own men. I still felt lost when I think of him gone. It's been almost twelve years now.

My antics in the air got this teenager diving for cover and my attempts to talk with him only herded him farther and farther into the under brush. I spied this clearing and got him headed this way then jumped ahead of him as quiet as I could.

I had held his eyes until I realized my rude behavior required something a little more adult than I was used to recently.

I looked down and felt sad as I said " I apologize if I frightened you. I was just playing. I heard you laugh and it brought back sweet memories of my cousin. I still miss Rick. I promise I won't frighten you again." I looked up and saw all the yearning a seventeen year old had for something like himself. Something not alone.

I saw that and hoped for a little brother. I stood up and my face got serious. I said " If you can forgive me, I promise I'll be there to protect you like a brother. I'll show you where my folks and I safely dance on the wind. I swear I'll help push away the fear and loneliness."

Just then the Hawk that had been playing with the boy flew in and landed on a branch near me and called out to us. Distracted I said to the hawk " Hello, Brother."

That did it. The kid still hadn't said a word, but he rushed to my arms and hugged me tight. He nearly knocked me over. At thirty six I looked substantial. My muscles were hard and thick, but my bones were the strange magical kind. Thick but actually hollow. They were strong from hard work that helped build my muscles. But I still could be lifted easily if you wanted to. It's what helped keep me dancing when the sky called to me.

His head burrowed into my chest and I pulled my arms around his shoulders. My back was so wide he had a hard time reaching around me. He got his hands together around my hips. I couldn't help but get excited. But I kept myself from poking him by twisting my hips. I didn't want to frighten him away with that piece of large muscle. He was probably not the kind of guy that likes guys that way. And I had to be the kind of friend that protected him from guys that would force that on the littler guys. He may look like a young man, thin and starved as he was. But I still didn't know if he was of the mind like a child, or almost grown up. I still hadn't heard him speak.

I had to admit right then, it just felt good to hold him and think of him as my little brother. Mom only had me. I had wanted a brother for a long time.

I leaned my head down on top of his and rocked his whole body back and forth. His wings slowed it down till he pulled them in. Then I wrapped mine around us for a moment. Just to give him a feeling of protection. I swore I would protect him and I would do it in every way I could. At the time I even knew that some kinds of protection meant giving the ones you love a free reign. With wings to fly, the sky is yours, to see how high, your heart can soar.

I said " Well, Little Brother. What do people call you?" My name's Ian. Ian Wyeth."

He pulled away a bit and said " Angelo Martin. "

His voice was the voice of an angel. I got lost in his bright blue eyes for a second. Then I said "Angelo, would you like to come home with me and meet my folks? We'll welcome you in and give you a home."

A frown skittered over his face as he buried it back into my chest. He trembled as he said "My Dad threw me out four years ago, just before my wings grew out. Your folks might not want me around either."

That's when I frowned and said " Why would your Dad throw away such a wonderful guy like you?"

Angelo whispered " Cause I'm gay. I knew I was when I turned thirteen. My mom had died when I was eight. Dad and I only had each other for so long. He kept going from one job to another. Always moving. When I told him I thought he would understand. I had just got back into school when he kicked me out. He had always been rough with me since Mom died. But He really hurt me before he threw me out the door. I thought he might calm down like he usually did after a bender. But two days later he had quit his job and moved on. I tried to stay in one of the foster homes, but the older brother to the family I was staying with found out why I was there. I got out before I got raped."

I couldn't hear that and let him fear anymore. I told him " Little Brother, you are safe with me. I'm gay, too. My folks know and they still love me. I won't let anyone hurt you or force you to do anything you don't want. I wasn't always this big. I was smaller than you when I was seventeen. I got beat up when I refused to be bullied. But they never got me to be their fuck toy. I got bigger when I turned eighteen. They couldn't push me around anymore."

I guess he saw I'd be true to him and my word, but he still said " You're sure I'll be welcome?"

My smile got real big and I said " My Momma's gonna be so happy I brought her another son, you would not believe. We're in New Mexico visiting relatives. My truck's not far from this clearing. I came out to stretch my wings and dance on the wind. My Mom and Dad showed me a lot of Dance moves when I was just learning to fly. "

Angelo said " They fly too?"

I smiled at his wonder. I said " Yep, and Nana still takes to dancing a spell and she's in her eighties."

Angelo hugged me tight and I said " I'll take that as a yes then"

He looked up with tears in his eyes and the sweetest smile on his face. He said " Yes."

And he was home.

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