Innocence on the Wind

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Dear readers; here's the next part of IOTW(or Innocence on the Wind). I hope you like it. If you have that music [Clocks by Coldplay], start playing it now. If not. {well its just 99 cents at itunes. <not an endorsement for itunes>}

Disclainer: This is a fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then You should Not be here. You have been warned.

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That song kept flashing through my head. Clocks by Coldplay.

Home. Home where I wanted to be .
Home. Home where I wanted to be .

Ian had been so right. I had a new Mom and Dad. They wouldn't let me call them Tom and Brenda. Only Mom and Dad. I'm almost a man. I'm seventeen and a half. But I sure cried like a baby when Brenda said " You're my boy now. You call me Mom!"

Tom tried to be logical and said " Brenda. We have to talk to a lawyer first."

I couldn't hardly hear what she said cause she hugged me harder and said something like " You just try to take my boys away from me and you'll see what happens."

Blinking through the tears I could see Ian smiling. This bear of an angel smiled so proud. I'd be proud too, of a mom like that. But I wasn't thinking that at the time. I was just in shock from being loved again. When my first Mom died I thought all the love went away.

Dad had been so sad. Then he started to drink and he lost the job he'd had for over eight years. That was really when the love went away.

He stopped talking to me unless he was yelling about picking up after him, or cleaning up a mess he made.

It was like someone threw a switch. And my Dad died inside when Mom died. What was left was some monster. He looked like my Dad. But he never acted like my Dad ever again. Then he'd catch me crying when I thought of Mom ( and even him ). That's when he started to just hit me. Saying  "Stop crying, ya little wus. Be a man. Just take it. Take it like a man."

Funny thing was, he was crying half the time he was hitting me. I never met his father, and I'm sorta glad I never will.

My new Dad stopped trying to talk like a lawyer and just came over and hugged Mom and me both! Then Ian hugged us all. I was Home!. I was really home! That set me off on another crying jag. But I got that under control a lot faster, with all that Love holding me safe.

They all had their wings out from under the spell they used to hide from the normal people. With their arms around me, it was so cool. I felt safe and I felt like I was Dancing on the Wind, too.

Their wings were a slightly different color than mine. Ian's was just a shade more golden than mine. But Mom's was Hawk red/gold! and Dad's was Black as night. Like the comforting darkness of the night sky. He even had one or two little white dots in amongst his feathers. Just like the hair on his head.

Turns out, until Ian had started to grow hair on his chest, his Dad had played around with the idea, Ian was the Mailman's child. Ian said it was always a joke he knew his dad was playing with him. His Dad never stopped giving hugs and pats on the back. I just ate those up in the next few months.

I could tell Ian wanted more with me but he held himself back. He really became my big brother.

The part of the family... Oh wow. I just love that word. Family...

Well the part of the family the Wyeth's were visiting, just decided that Mom and Dad needed to move there. There were more safe places for the whole family to go Dancing.

I changed my name to Angelo Wyeth, and about a month later I got to meet Nana Wyeth. And boy does she ever like to Dance on the Wind. She said she spent her whole life hiding her wings from the wind. She wasn't going to let the normals make her hide any more if she could help it.

Ian seemed to be the one to find the time to get her away and Dance on the Wind. And she did know a lot of ways to have fun. We just had to make sure we kept her full of sweet pastries and Coffee and she would just Dance our Wings off. When I hit the pillow at night I was out in seconds.

She was happy when I told Ian I gained fifteen pounds after the third month with my Family. MY FAMILY!

It would tickle Nana when I would shout that into the canyons and valleys. Then she'd do that diveboming move that first frightened me about Ian. God she can move.

And he'd follow her at a different angle. I got it down. I would zip past Dad and he sounded like Homer Simpson. "Doh, Why you little..."

Then we'd have a free for all tag game until Mom would be it and she could fly faster than all of us. She was even a little bit smaller than me. We could only tag her by ganging up on her and distracting her with something pretty. Oh mom does have the prettiest wings. All Red and orange and gold. Like the sunset or sunrise.

We would pick those times to fly in the safe places cause any normals would mistake us for just some huge birds. Of course the clothes were a dead give away. But most normals shouldn't be on Native American lands anyway.

For some reason, the family didn't think of the people, who owned the land we flew over, as normals. They had about five out of every twenty, in their family, who could fly, too.

And one boy my age really like Dancing with me. Ian would get a weird look on his face. He sorta looked like he was fighting something.

But Ian was always smiling when Josh and I were Dancing or laughing.

Josh had red hair, just like Ian. His mother was one of the outside family. She came all the way from Scotland!! She said she came hunting for a real American Eagle. That's what she called Josh's Dad. He always stood taller when she said that. He told Josh one day he was the one that won the hunt when Josh's Mom fell in Love with Soaring Cloud(that's Josh's Dad's real name.) But he likes the name American Eagle, just as much. I think it's cause Love gave him that name. Love and a beautiful Scottish maiden.

She has red hair Like mom, but her wings are Red and Black. Just like Josh's. I think Josh likes me the way I like him. But I don't know how to ask him.

I tried to ask Ian how to go about it, but when Ian hugged me the whole idea just seemed to disappear. I think I know why but I don't want to loose a Big Brother so soon. He never makes me feel he's jealous of anyone being with me.

 And in just a few weeks I have to register for the last year of High School. Is that ever going to be a hard one. I missed the last half of my second semester of Junior year. I didn't complete any classes so I may have to take them all over again. Ugh!

Ian said I may be able to just have the senior year teachers test me to see if I'm ready for Senior year. He also said I have to start looking for a college I want to go to.

College! What does a bird boy know about college? That's when I found out Ian is an Avionics Engineer. He designs Airplanes and Ultralights. When the family convinced Mom and Dad to stay in New Mexico, Ian had gotten a transfer. It was pure luck that there were three separate divisions of the company, he worked for in Seatle, out here in New Mexico. They had been trying to get him to transfer for two years.

Josh heard Ian talking about High School and College and he said " Hey! I get to finally go to white boy school."

Ian smiled and said " I beg your pardon?"

Josh said " Oh sorry. Um. Dad got a job at the company you work for. All that tutoring paid off. They like his work. So we're going to be moving in the next few weeks. Dad already found a house for rent. It needs a little work. But I'll be going to the same High School as Angelo. Cool, huh?" Josh was all smiles and so was I.

Ian reached over and mussed up Josh hair. He said " White boy school, Eh?"

Josh duck back a bit and said " You know what I mean."

Ian smiled and said " Yeah Red I know what you mean."

Josh frowned and said " Aw Ian. You promised. I hate that name."

Ian grabbed Josh in a head lock and said " I sure know it. But everyone loves calling us reds 'Red'. Price you have to pay for having the best hair color around." Ian winked at me and I smiled back. I did sort of favor guys with red hair.

I headed to the bathroom, cause what they were doing was giving me a mean erection. I say that cause it wasn't gonna go down easy. I thought spitting and kicking was a good way to think about it. Luckily we had just come in from flying so me taking a shower wasn't so unusual.

I get half way done with jerking off and Josh had to start pounding on the door.

Josh says " I need to take a dump."

I yelled over the water " You mean leave it don't you?"

He pounds some more and says " Ian is in the other one and he'll be in there for a while. Come on man, let me in."

I laugh and say " And let you stink up the bathroom while I'm in the shower? See if Mason is next door."

I hear swearing and loud thumps meaning he walked away mad. Then I hear a yelp. I hear the same thumps coming back and then some fiddling sounds at the door. The door opens up and Josh says " I just got the air spray from Ian and I need to get it back to him he is foul."

I say " Hey! What happened to privacy?"

Just then the loud sound of a profound shit let loose. Josh said " OOooo."

Then the sound of the air spray being used and the pungent mix of sewage and airspray wafted into the shower.

I was nearly blown(literally) off my feet. I said " Oh my God. You are toxic. Use more spray man. Use the whole can, Josh."

Josh chuckled and started using more and it helped a little. He said " I have to save some for Ian. He was just as bad."

All this time I was unable to continue my mission. I waited and waited.

Josh said " Were you jackin in there?"

I was so embarrassed. I said " And if I say yes will you hurry?"

Josh didn't answer right away. Then he said " Was my rough housing with Ian doing that to you."

My heart started thumping. I didn't know what to say. I was able to get out. "Yeah." I didn't know if he heard me. He didn't say anything right away.

He used the spray once more and he must have wiped(ya think?). He said " Tip the nozzle away from you. I'm gonna flush."

I said " OK. Did you hear me?"

Josh said " Yeah. I heard. It's only been a few weeks, I've known you. But your my friend. We're solid man. But I really get in to girls. I really do. They can make me do some of the stupidest stuff. I jerk off thinking of them."

I didn't know what I wanted to say. I sighed.

Josh said " But hey. You better not dump me as a friend just cause I'm a breeder. You hear me?"

I chuckled and pulled the curtain away enough to see his face. He checked me out anyway and mumbled " Impressive."

I covered it up and said " If it's not gonna get you off, no fair peeking."

Josh said " We're still friends, right?"

I stuck my hand up in a fist and we knocked knuckles. I said " Solid, man."

Josh smiled and then the smell hit me finally. Josh shuddered and said " Sorry." He sprayed some more as I retreated behind the curtain and got back to pumping one out.

Well I still had a good friend. I just wasn't going to have one with benefits.

Now to get through the first few weeks of Senior year High School.

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