The Man in the Big Muscle Suit 3

Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Bernie had been on a break during that little event between Pete Cal and Gray. And since it was taken care of without fists flying, no one mentioned it to Bernie or warned him to refuse entry to a certain Pete. He did learn that the Boss had a group of people using the Audition room for a Demonstration. And that Fred-Fred might finally get the Boss to see what he could do in the way of entertainment. Bernie thought Fred-Fred was real entertaining, with his big meaty body and sexy smile. Bernie's thoughts slipped over to that giant that came in tonight. Cal Sloan. Hell yeah. Now there was a real sexy smile attached to a huge meaty body. Aww, and when that guy called him boy.

Bernie shivered and then checked the next customers ID. But he had a little problem with the next group of three. He started to tell this older Japanese-American gentleman that the club didn't allow sledge hammers and Diamond plating inside when Gray and Fred-Fred came up in back of him. Fred-Fred tapped him on the shoulder. "The Boss is letting Cal and Gray put on a Demonstration of Strength for invited guests. He even wants me to get a few props for Cal to work on. He said to allow the people with the invitations inside with their props as long as they aren't chemical in nature. Oh yeah. And no sharp items either."

Bernie scratched his head. "Fred-Fred are you sure the Boss knows what's being brought in for this Demonstration? Sledge hammers? Steel plating? Is Cal some kind of machine?"

Bernie was more excited with the prospect of just how strong Cal really was. Gray and Fred-Fred both looked down at Bernie's growing bulge. It was looking pretty close to the size that Cal naturally had on his real body.

Bernie chuckled. "Better hope not, cause I don't think that thing is meant for something mechanical. Do you, Fred-Fred?"

Fred-Fred looked up at Bernie with a shy smile. "Bernie always impressed me with his size."

Bernie realized the focus of their conversation and shook his head. "Hell Kid. You're just as big as me." He looked at Fred-Fred's growing bilge. "Well. Most everywhere."

Fred-Fred smiled with a little more pride. "Thanks Bernie. I still need to get those props for the Boss. Everything's cool now, right?"

Bernie nodded. "Yeah Fred-Fred. Tell me how the demonstration goes."

Fred-Fred frowned "I knew I forgot something. Gray, is it alright if the Boss records the Demonstration tonight? One of the props is a memento of his Strongman days."

Gray smiled and nodded his head. "Sure thing, Fred-Fred. You think we could get a copy of it?"

"The Boss even thought of that. He said to offer you a copy."

"Great. Then tell your Boss there's no problem. Happy to oblige."

"I'll get going then. See ya inside."

Before Gray could turn to get back in the club, Bernie stopped him. "Do you think I stand a chance with your big friend? I got a real good vibe off of Cal."

Gray smiled like a big brother. "Well. You are the only muscleman type (which Cal likes by the way) who has ever called him Daddy. And I think Cal really liked that."

Bernie got so excited by the prospect he had goosebumps. Gray saw it immediately.
"Really? So I got a shot?"

Gray started to go inside as he said "I think you're a shoe in, Bernie."

"Alright! Thanks Gray."

"Don't mention it." Gray didn't know why but the situation still looked bright. For some reason Gray got his own vibe off of the huge doorman. It said that Cal's size didn't matter as much as Cal's being the Daddy for Bernie. Gray thought this night was going to give Cal the confidence to be Bernie's Daddy. Gray thought of how Helen could get him so worked up with her little girl voice coming out of such a full figured girl. He wished the same kind of happiness for his friend.

The Audition Room filled up rather quickly after that and the last two groups declined bringing their own Test Hardware. Cal and Gray waited for Fred-Fred and his Boss to arrive. Then after fifteen minutes, Cal and Gray whispered to each other and Gray went to the Japanese-American gentleman and asked to borrow something from their bag.

Gray finessed the tool to his side and nodded to Cal. Cal started the ball rolling.
"Welcome one and all. I am so glad all those invited could attend. And all so enthusiastic over My partner and my success in the arena of Assisted Movement Armor. We have a few of our own tests we would like to show you at the beginning."

Suddenly Gray hefted the sledge hammer and swung it against Cal's shoulder. He hardly budged. Cal lifted his hand and wiggled his fingers. He held his elbow out and then brought it back in. Then he lifted his arm straight out and Gray swung with all his might to bring it down. The Sledge just bounced off of the forearm and the limb didn't move. Gray was sweating a bit but proceeded to hammer Cal's back which caused Cal to tip a fraction of an inch but no more.
Gray struck at Cal's other arm and then twice at his chest.

The audience was awestruck for a moment. Then when Gray swung for the chest again, Cal caught the sledge in his hand and Gray released it.

From the doors a low voice rang out "You are one strong motherfucker!"

Fred-fred was standing next to a Bull of a man in his fifties. Cal frowned a moment and then smiled. He figured that was the Boss. He thought he'd give him a good show.

Cal bragged "Some would call it skill." He took the fiberglass handle next to the head of the sledge in one hand and the head in another. "Forgive me Mr Tsunami, but I don't think you're going to get your tool back in one piece," The handle crushed with a crackling sound as each fiber split or snapped along with the resin. He twisted the remains off of the head and then slid the metal head to the man who brought it.

Mr Tsunami grinned as he picked up the hammer head. "No problem, Cal. You may keep the rest of it."

Cal tapped the broken end into his left palm. "Thank you sir. But it's useless now."
Cal turned with his right side to the audience and held his left arm out. Then he struck the handle against his arm and a foot of it disintegrated off of it. He then turned to face the audience and grabbed the ends and twisted. The handle just crackled and burst into pieces under Cal's hands.

"Wow. Now I don't know if my props will be so impressive, son."

The huge six foot six inch man walked forward and Fred-Fred followed with three items.

Cal brushed his hands free of fibers and reached out to shake the Bosses hand. "My name's Cal, Sir. I want to thank you and your men for making us feel so welcome. And for letting me put on this little demonstration."

Manny Argento watched as his hand was engulfed by Cal's. His smile up at the giant was a genuine one. "Cal, Thank you for choosing my club for you Feats of Strength. Brings back good memories. My name's Manny Argento."

Cal had seen Manny's face before. He got a little excited and realized he had to let go of Manny's hand before he forgot and hurt him. "You're Manny the Mangler. My Dad and I used to watch you on Thursday Night Wrestling. You were famous for hiding a billiard ball somewhere and beaning your opponent." Cal shut his mouth as a cue ball appeared in Manny's hand.

"I've never seen anybody crush one of these but I bet you could." That devilish smile was straight out of Manny's wrestling days when the audience would try to warn the good guy that Manny had the cue ball aimed at his head. Cal could almost hear the sound of the thing hitting the guys back.

Cal cooed "Aww is it really? And you want me to crush one of the balls you beaned the goofs with?"

Manny smirked. "Go for it."

Cal stood up straighter as he took the ball out of Manny's hand. "Yes Sir."

Cal held the ball in his hand and it disappeared. But then it sounded like a compactor was crushing rock. White and yellow dust and grit started slipping out of Cal's hand as he rolled and crushed the cue ball. Manny burst out with a basso profundo giggle.

Manny looked up into Cal's eyes. "Damn, I always wanted to be able to do that. But the next best thing is watching someone who can. Thank you Cal."

"Thank you Manny. You are still in fighting shape Sir. My dad told me about some of your Strongman shows and how big you were then. You really haven't changed since you retired."

Manny stood a little taller. He reached for something twisted in a loop, Fred-Fred was holding.
"It's nice to hear of people who knew me in my prime. But I'm getting a little weaker in my older days. I find I can't unbend this puppy anymore. But I would dearly love it if you finished what I always wanted to see. Could you finish tying this three quarter inch thick steel rod, into a knot?"

Cal just smiled and held out his hands. Manny placed the rod in them and watched as Cal pulled on end into the loop and then pulled on it like it was a string. It tightened up and the four foot long rod had quite a bit of excess length out of the knot. "I better tie another one so it doesn't slip loose."

Manny's eyes got bigger as his smile grew in size. Cal twisted the rod ends around till there was another knot on the rod. He didn't hand it to Manny, right away. "It's still hot from the deformation. I'd rest it on something solid.."

Gray showed up with some hot plates and an oven mitt. "I'll put it over here for Manny to get later." He walked over to the corner of the room and placed it on the hot plates. It was nearly cool enough to touch, but why chance it melting the carpet.

Manny nodded at Gray and then took the last thing Fred-Fred was holding. It was a bent adjustable crescent wrench. "My niece Sara is turning ten years old in the next two weeks and she keeps on asking for a real strongman trophy. Something her Uncle Manny Man handled. Well years ago, I could actually bend this thing in half. But it would mean more to her if the handle was bent back and it looked like the letter S."

Cal took the wrench from Manny and grinned. "A letter S for Sara. Well we am to please."
Cal slipped the middle finger of his left hand into the bend with the other fingers holding the wrench in place. With his right hand, he bent the handle up and over his index finger. So the jaws of the wrench were the base of the letter S and the handle formed the rest of the letter. It wasn't as warm as the steel rod and Cal handed it to Manny. Manny took it and immediately pulled Cal into a hug.

As they separated Many told Cal "The Art is still alive. Thank you Cal."

Cal didn't have the heart to tell Manny that it was all mechanical. But to see that smile on the face of one of his childhood idols made Cal very proud of himself. "You're Welcome Manny. I had big footsteps to follow in." Manny just shook his head and walked back to his office.

Cal caught Fred-Fred's eye and asked "He will be back for the intermission, right? I don't want him missing your show."

Fred-Fred smiled. "He's just giving his sister and her daughter a call. He does it every night about this time. He knows you'll be taking a break in about n hour and he wants to see what I can do.
Thanks for helping me, Cal."

Cal stood up taller. "Hey I should be thanking you. I get to see a hot man strut his stuff. I'll have to pull out a few bills to show my appreciation." Cal said that loud enough for Larry to hear. He was rewarded with a smile from Fred-Fred and a foul look from Larry. Win-Win!

Cal started the Demonstration where he left off. "Well ladies and gentlemen, as you can see the Camouflaged Autonomous Body Armor Suit, or CABAS for short, has a lot of power to it." Gray was standing with a list of the Test Hardware the Groups brought and had been quietly reading them off into a headset that communicated to Cal's headphones. As a tie in to what Cal just said, he picked up Gray and walked in a circle a few times. "And along with the power is the required mobility of the armor. Though this model is designed to demonstrate the potential for covert operations, it should be kept in mind that I am actually only five foot four inches tall. My head only comes up to here on the suit." His hand marked a point in the middle of the armor's chest.

"The required space for my size body determined the actual height of the armor. For covert operations you would have to have a much shorter operator, or else the very size of the Camouflaged armor would draw unwanted attention and thus end the covert mission before it really began. A four foot six inch tall man would fit into a six foot two inch CABAS."

Cal put Gray down and whispered "Dahlgren first, then Ferrington, and leave Millie for last."

Cal leaned down and put his hands on the floor. Then he flipped upside down and walked on his hands. "While this is a bit confusing for my inner ear, it only took me two days to get good enough to remove the training harness. My partner is going to have you pull out your Test Hardware and decide just who will either test it directly on the armor, or verify that no substitutions have occurred. And since we wish to show that the armor remains robust after repeated attempts to damage it, we will be using Dahlgren Robotics Testy Hardware first. Baseball bats. One Hickory and one Aluminum."

The guys from DR got on either side of Cal and started to wind up for the swing. Cal reached out and stopped them.
"Before you begin gentlemen, a few warnings. This armor is not rated for multiple impacts to the head. For the soldier in the field, a different form of sensory array would be attached on top and have the capability to be raised and lowered as needed. A feature which would also allow the soldier to be able to carry on in the event the sensor array sustained damage. Better the array than the soldier's head. And second, this armor does not have the genital shield. This is all me. So please aim away from my groin" One hand covered it anyway." and you may now begin."

The men looked at each other and before they could wind up for the swing Gray and Cal started a well known form of razzing the opponent batter when up at the plate. "Batter, Batter, Batter, Batter. and swing!"

The men grinned and began to take shots at all the allowed parts of the armor, but only ended up breaking the Hickory bat and denting the Aluminum one. Cal called a halt then. "May I see the I beam you wish twisted?"

Steve handed the thick I-beam to Cal and got back a corkscrew in one minute. Steve was wearing gloves when he got the twisted metal back from Cal. "Thanks Cal."

"Ferrington Automation is next. The steel plating from a tank please." Trent handed it to Cal who glanced at Trent as he started to tear it in two. Trent held out a nylon bag and Cal grinned as he put the pieces in it. Before Trent could get back to where the rest of the Test Hardware were sitting the heat from the metal being torn in half melted through the bag and nearly took off Trent's big toe.

Trent muttered "Steel toed boots." But went on with the second part of their test. Diane assisted Trent in handing Cal three bowling balls.

Cal readied himself. "Dexterity. We can not promise that your operator will be able to do this unless he can do so outside of the armor and with tennis balls." Cal started juggling them for a good two minutes. and was abe to catch them all before setting them back in the duffle bag FA brought them in.

Cal smiled at Millie. "And now for the last two demonstrations before a rest and restroom break. Homeland Support Systems Test has a Railroad Beam with a hole in it. The objective is to form a circle with it." In less than a minute the metal becomes a circle. "And now Millie wants to see if I can remember how to braid. Half inch re-bar. With the added fun of threading it through the holes in the Railroad Beam first."

Cal made the materials look like stiff leather and before five minutes had passed there were four rows of braiding. He had to hold the circle steady with his feet but past the first cross over, it got easier.

Cal unbuttoned his shirt and Gray did the same. "The armor needs an extra source of power to recharge it's battery after strenuous combat conditions. In the field, the armor can have an additional Battery unit installed. But when in need, a fellow soldier can have a back pack with a special fast recharge battery to power up the man in the armor."

Gray pulled out a short cable and plugged it into his navel and Cal took the other end and did likewise. "This is one way to maintain a cover operation. Simply go to the bathroom and have an operative with a fully charged battery plug into the CABAS and you're good for another eight hours. Recharge time is under five minutes." Cal pulled out the cable after four and handed it to Gray.

"And now we will have a short break for those in need of refreshments or the rest room. While we take a break, our Host has offered a bit of fine entertainment from the young waiter who has assisted us tonight. Fred-Fred will Manny be joining us?"

Manny appeared at the doors and waited as four people walked past to hit the rest room. "Manny will most assuredly be joining your group as Fred-Fred entertains us. If he does well enough, I have agreed to have him dance in one of the cages with the resulting pay increase. So please don't be shy. Your reactions will determine if Fred-Fred advances in his chosen profession."

Gray apparently had the lighting for the Audition room well in hand. A karaoke recording from a group called "Red Delicious" started. The songs was called "Want Me". Fred-Fred was dressed in light blue slacks, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a light gray tie. He started to sing with a baritone voice into a wireless mic that was part of an earpiece. He started to take his tie off and got the buttons of his shirt popped off before he removed them both.

He doesn't believe in anything
It's not given to him to believe
He never sleeps if he can help it
He doesn't waste time on such things
I saw his face and I lay awake
Waiting for him to see me
I followed him home and into his bed
And that's as close as I'll ever be

I do not have the key to get into his heart
It's shut away where I can't find it and I've torn this place apart
{Fred-Fred reached down and grabbed the front of his pants and pulled them off completely}

I want you to want me, but do you want me?
I want you to love me, but you can't love me

{He shook his head and walked over to Diane and wiggled his thong covered crotch closer and closer to her breasts}

When we're in the dark, our bodies speak
And he tells me everything he knows
{Diane slips a five dollar bill into his Thong and Larry looks pissed}
But after a while, he goes away
I don't know where he goes
{he dances over to Trent and then turns away and walks back onto the stage area. He looks over his shoulder and wiggles his Butt as he lets his right hand hover over it as it vibrates. Then he tightens up his glutes}
He never looks back, he won't get attached
It's at my own risk if I do
{He turns around and rubs his crotch once before he walks over to Cal sitting next to Manny}
There must be a way to get him to stay
I only wish that I knew
{His eyes flash back and forth between Manny and Cal as he strokes his Thong covered crotch}
He never led me to believe that he could care
Maybe I'm just looking for something that isn't even there
{He grabs the thong and rips it off, flinging it towards Millie. But he has a g-string on that just barely covers his cock and balls He puts his hands on Cal's shoulders and bumps the air in front of him}

I want you to want me, but do you want me?
I want you to love me, but you can't love me
{He moves over to Manny and does the same. Before he can move again, Cal and Manny both have shoved a few five dollar bills into his g-string. And gotten a very big smile from Fred-Fred.}
I want you to want me, but do you want me?
I want you to love me, but you can't love me

{He starts to gyrate by the other people in the front row and three more people shove money into his g-string}
You were the one for the moment, the night
You were on, you were strong, you were heat, you were heavy
And now you are wrong, you are bringing me down
You are gone, you are not the one
You are not the one
{On that last line he pulls the cord holding the g-string around his waist and turns his back to the audience as he flings the g-string away from his body. The money falls at his feet as the lights dim with only a spot on his butt. Then the music cuts out and the lights go out}

The applause did not surprise Cal. Manny was whistling through two fingers in his mouth and Gray had the lights back up and a robe to Fred-Fred before the applause got louder. In the back of the room were three of the waiters watching. They left before Manny had to tell them to get back to work. Fred- Fred looked at his boss and waited. Manny just nodded his head with a grin and Fred-Fred yelled "Yeah!" before he jumped into Manny's arms. He surprised them both and as he was putting his feet back on the ground, Manny grinned and said "You're just lucky I still work out regularly."

Fred-Fred nodded and Manny told him "Congratulations. I think you can Cage dance with the best of them. As well as do a mighty fine Bump and Grind Strip. Help get the Audition room cleaned up when these fine people are finished and I'm adding three hours to you nights pay. Good work Fred-Fred."

"Thanks Boss." He got a hug from a few people and then Cal got the rest of the demonstration finished by twelve twenty five. Fred-Fred insisted on putting the chairs up by himself and Gray was able to get the groups to clean up after themselves.

Cal told the Groups before they went back into the bar "Gray and I will be accepting hand written bids for the contract that will authorize the winner of the bid to manufacture, and distribute to the proper US government military group, our patented Armor. We will be deciding the winner by one thirty. If you have any comments, along with the dollar amount, you wish to give to us; we will consider lower bids with better benefits in the long run, over a bid that just has a higher dollar amount. Thank you for attending and assisting in our demonstration."

Cal walked out and saw a waiter cleaning a booth and just walked up and claimed it even though a group of three were about to take it. He ignored their looks and then waved at Bernie as he walked into the bar.

Bernie was happy his large new friend was ready for a little one on one, "Gee, Daddy. You have the best timing."

"Well Son, I can see you're a chip off of the old block."

"Aw Daddy. Hearing that from a big man like you sends shivers down my spine."

Cal looked down at the table as he thought of how tall he really was. Jeff sent two coronas over and Cal looked over at him and nodded his thanks. The mouth of the head piece had a tube that reached down to Cal's real mouth, so he tipped the beer into his fake mouth and hoped he had the thing watertight.

Cal thought 'God he such a huge handsome hunk. What is he going to think when he finds out how short I am?'

Bernie looked at the table now. He could tell some hard thoughts had passed through Cal's mind just seconds ago.
"It's OK Daddy. You can tell me the truth. I'll still be your boy. Even if it's only for tonight. I'm not big enough for ya, huh?"

Cal frowned and then shook his head. "Son, your height is not the problem. Mine could be." He looked into Bernie's eyes. Then he knew he couldn't lie to Bernie any more.

"I'm not what I seem, Bernie. Could you still think of me as your Daddy if I was a foot shorter than you? Would you still want to be my son, if I was a little man stuck inside a big muscle suit, built to show off cutting edge military Armor?"

Bernie frowned "Now you're scaring me Cal. What's going on?"

Cal bent over and opened his mouth. "Look. I don't have a tongue. Its just a little speaker in the roof of my mouth. The eyes are cameras that swivel where my eyes turn. My head is right about here. Come here. Put your head right on my chest and you'll hear nothing but a buzzing and when I talk, my words echo in my chest a second before the speaker can transmit what I'm saying."

Bernie slowly got up after seeing that there was no tongue in the giant's mouth. He pressed his head against the chest of the armor and couldn't hear a heart beat. Cal waited until he was sure Bernie was satisfied with no heart beating. Then he said "But you can hear my voice in my chest a fraction of a second before it comes out of my mouth."

Bernie had a sad look but then when he sat back down he looked a little hopeful. "Did you model the outside face from your real face?"

Cal looked down at the table with a shy grin on his face. "This face you can see is the same as my own. It's just a little bit bigger to match the body."

Bernie's foot started to rub against Cal's cock from across the booth. "And you can't tell me that this big boy is a fake. He just acts too much like the, whoa. Like the big man he is. Can I still call you Daddy if I'm only eight inches long. I know this has got to be over ten inches. And. Well. That big ten inches and your big ol smile still make me want to call you Daddy, even if you only come up to my shoulder. I still get the feeling you're a whole lot bigger than you look. Must be the man inside, the man inside the suit."

Cal was breathing faster. "Damn I wish I could get out of this thing quick. Or else that I had a tongue installed, cause my Boy needs a real big kiss and right now."

Bernie grinned like a fool "Yeah, Daddy?"

Cal nodded his head slow a few times. "Oh yeah, Son."

Bernie sat up straight. "We have some tools in the back. What do you need to get out of that thing?"

Cal chuckled. "A few tools that we had to make ourselves. But you could follow me and Gray back to the Lab and then help me out of this Big Muscle suit."

Bernie cried out "Yeah! when do you guys plan on leaving, cause I wanna get you out of that big muscle suit, ASAP."

Cal looked for Gray but heard where he was first.

"How the hell did you get back in?"

"Shut up ya fat fuck. I got something for you to give your boy friend." Cal located Pete and Gray just as Pete pulled out a knife hidden in wig he was wearing and stabbed it into Grays Battery Belly. "Nobody pushes Pete around like that."

Pete did not get the reaction he expected when he stabbed Gray's belly. He pulled it out and Gray yelled "Don't pull it out! It'll leak everywhere!"

That only made Pete want to stab it in and pull it out a few more times. "Ha! Here's another one for your boyfriend."
But the second thrust of the knife finally found electronic components that didn't like the way Pete was treating them. They punched back. The fluid seeping from the first stab had soaked enough of Gray's clothes, so when Pete stabbed the angry part of the Belly Battery, while bracing himself on Grays belly; Pete caused himself to become part of a high powered circuit. He started to do a jig for a few seconds before he was thrown across the floor by the discharge.

By that time Bernie was over ready to deck the psycho, he'd already done it to himself. Bernie's hand-cuffs went onto Pete's wrists anyway and then around a pole.

Then the real drama started.

The automated warning blasted out of the Battery's safety system.
"Overload! Overload! Overload!"
And then it stopped.

"Shit !! Gray I have to get the thing out of here now. Emergency release it!"

"Oh shit! It's released. Take it." Grays hands had already pulled the release mechanism, and the straps popped off his body.
Cal's hands reached in and grazed Grays real belly as he lifted the damaged battery off the frame. The rest of the rig fell off Gray but Cal wasn't concerned about that right now. With that Overload warning and then it's abrupt ending; Cal and Gray both knew what that meant. They already saw one of their batteries explode.

Cal bellowed "Make a Path !!" He headed for the entrance and hoped he had time to get it in the Van. People seemed to understand that Cal meant business. For some it looked like he had just ripped another guys belly off of him, so they got out of the way real fast.

He was half way to the van when he heard the warning message he had always feared hearing.
"Critical Failure !! Critical "

"Phawump!!! was the last thing Cal heard as the explosion tore the arms off of the suit and knocked Cal on his back.

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