The Man in the Big Muscle Suit 4

Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Until he heard the rhythmic beeping of his heart repeated on the Heart monitor.
He felt like Crap! But he felt like he was intact. He opened his eyes and saw Gray sitting by the hospital bed. He tried to speak, but something was down his throat and it hurt.

Gray woke up to his croaking and called out "Nurse, I think Cal's awake. We need the feeding tube removed. Cal, Buddy. Just calm down. We'll get that thing out of your throat in just a second."

The nurse came in and removed a thin tube that was in his nose and led to his stomach. Cal shuddered just after the Nurse removed it and coughed a few times. She told them "I'll call Dr. North and tell him his patient is awake. Welcome back, Mr Sloan."

"Call me Cal."

"Well Cal, you are a very a luck man. But I'll let Dr. North and your friend here tell you all about it."

"Thanks. So Gray, I didn't blow myself up, huh?"

"Oh you blew yourself up. But you didn't loose anything in the process. And I say that because you didn't have the crotch covering on, like a soldier would. You're lucky you still have your dingus."

Cal panicked and reached for his dick. "Oh my God It shrank!"

Gray started laughing and didn't stop for a minute.

Cal was hurt by the laughter. Sure he had been enormous before, but what guy would like to have any of his cock shrunk?
"It is not funny, Gray. My cock was at least two inches longer than it is now."

"No it's not. It's just as long as always. I have the Nurses who've been giving you a sponge bath, as proof to the fact.
They were making a comment about how long the damn thing got when they bathed you. All eleven inches, proud as can be. When I told them you were gay, they were all upset. But I couldn't let them think they could get somewhere with ya."

"Gray, I know how my dick feels, and it feels smaller."

Gray laughed again. 'Look at your hands, ya goof."

Cal puled his hand up to his face and was shocked. It was huge!
"What the hell is going on?"

Gray pulled the chair over to sit down again. "Well lets see. You know how we thought the new design of battery was toxic? Well the components were, and I had the devil of a time explaining the safety systems to the EPA people that showed up. But once I got to the part about a Psycho Ex-boyfriend with a knife, that breached the casing of the battery, they calmed down considerably. And I also had a brief talk to the ATF and FBI before I was allowed to come here and get scrubbed up."

"Scrubbed up?"

"Yeah. The doctors were afraid of another explosion and I had to help take the suit off of you. They sutured up some lacerations, but that was it. The suit did it's job with flying colors. An explosion similar in strength to a hand grenade to the chest and the soldier survived with little or no injury. We just didn't plan on that kind of demonstration."

Cal noticed that his muscles were bigger, too. "That doesn't explain why I'm bigger. Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Gray smirked. "Well it seems that when the battery exploded in the fashion it did, the resulting cloud was not toxic at all. The EPA people had fun cleaning up the stuff that dripped out in the Bar. And the owner has already been paid for the toxic clean up, that was required. But when they tested the area of the explosion, they found no toxic compounds. Apparently the explosion converted it all into a substance that causes bone and muscle growth in adult males."

Cal could only think to say "Huh?"

Gray laughed again. "Cal, you are no longer five foot four inches tall. You are five foot ten and still going. And you've only been unconscious for two weeks."


"Yeah. They just put the feeding tube in last week, cause you were getting thinner. Apparently the bone growth took precedence over muscle growth. But once the tube was feeding you lots of yummy nutrients, the muscle just started to catch up." Gray chuckled as he saw how big Cal already was. "And then some. You're gonna be huge."

"Wow. But my dick still feels smaller."

"Aw. Poor Baby. Mr Horse dick isn't gonna feel like a horse anymore. Wah. It will still Fuck like a horse's dick for the one receiving. And the guy getting it will still feel all eleven inches, so get over it. If the doctors are right, you probably will slow down growing taller at about six four. So we will be seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. I pity your forehead. But I don't want to hear one little moan or complaint about "Who left this here" when you hit your head on something. I can not recall how many times you left something for me to hit my head on, around the Lab. All I wanna hear out of you is "Ow, I am so sorry Gray." and that's it. Is that understood?"

Cal started laughing and Gray joined in. It must have dawned on Cal to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.
"Yes Sir!, Sir! But I was sorry every time I heard you get beaned by something in the Lab. I really did try not to laugh."

Gray smirked. "Too late. You've already agreed. So what am I gonna hear out of you when you hit your head on something?"

"Ow. I - Am - So - Sorry - Gray." Gray let the wooden tone slide for now.

Gray got serious. "There's one more thing I should tell you. For the first week and a half you were in here, you had a regular visitor."

Three weeks later at the Works bar

Cal was greeted by Jeff with "Hey Cal. Glad to see you're out of the hospital."

"Thanks. And thank your Boss for the flowers from all you guys. It made the stay in the hospital a little less dreary."

"Can I get you something?"

"Yeah a Corona with a lime."

The beer appeared with the lime like magic and Jeff asked "Not to be nosy, but did the accident make you shorter?"

Cal laughed and shook his head. "I was inside a suit. It was covered with plastic to make it look like me. I was five foot four inches tall."

Jeff looked at Cal's six foot five inch tall body with huge muscles thickly layered over it and just blinked for a moment. Then he pulled himself over the bar to look at Cal's feet. "Those must be some good lifts, buddy."

He came back to his own feet with a frown on his face.

Cal explained. "The explosion turned the chemicals in the battery into something that made me grow. The doctors think this is as tall as I'll get. I was just glad I didn't lose anything from the explosion."

Cal leaned over the bar again and smiled. "Looks the same to me."

Cal frowned. "That's what everybody tells me. Sorta of funny, but it feels smaller to me, with the new big hands."

Jeff started humping the bar. "Yeah, but does it feel the same?"

Cal grinned. "I'll find out. Have you seen Bernie around? The doorman said he quit working the door and you might know what happened to him."

Jeff looked at the clock. It was eight fifty eight and the DJ was just getting ready to start the show.
"Well. Bernie felt bad about the whole thing. He said he was closer to your friend Gray, and that nut case, and he thought he should have been able to break it up faster. So after the FBI and ATF got through interviewing him, he just split. Called the Boss halfway home and quit. The Boss had to go over to Bernie's place the next day, cause he wasn't answering his Cell or Telephone."

Cal slumped. "So he quit? Does anyone have a way to reach him?"

Jeff smirked and opened a few beers for a waiter. "Oh he only quit being the doorman. You letting Fred-Fred strut his stuff got the Boss to thinking. He first said it would look weird with just one muscled hunk in one of the two cages. So he hired another guy he thought had the muscle to match Fred-Fred." The loud dance music started up. Jeff's eye went up to the cage where Fred-Fred was already dancing. Then they went to the other cage. There was Bernie in a skimpy kind of thong, dancing away with his eyes closed.

Jeff yelled over the music. "There aren't any locks on those cages. I'd sure like to see just how big you've gotten. I bet Bernie would, too."

Cal's grin widened as he took off his jacket and slipped his wallet into it."Watch this for me?"

Jeff said "Sure thing, Buddy. Anything for the Big Guy with the muscles."

Cal handed his jacket over to Jeff and started to strip for the dancing crowd. By the time he got to Bernie's cage he had his shirt off and was swinging it around his head. Bernie's mouth dropped open as he saw how big and fine Cal was. Maybe not a giant, but pretty damn big for six foot five inches of Prime Beef. Bernie had been the one who visited Cal in the hospital. Bernie made eye contact with Cal just before he opened the door to the cage. Cal smiled his sexiest smile as he climbed up to the cage.

Bernie put his hand on Cal's beefy shoulder. "Now that we're close to the same size, I gotta know."

Cal's face frowned an unspoken 'What?'

Bernie smirked. "Can I still call you Daddy?'

Cal's smile widened as he said "Son, that would suit me just fine."

He was rewarded with a long kiss that got a lot of cat calls from the dancers on the floor. Then they proceeded to Dance against each other for an hour straight. Cal would later say it was Bernie's sexy smile that kept his heart pumping, cause he couldn't hear any of the music with Bernie's fine body bumping against his. And that is how Bernie got Cal out of the Big Muscle Suit.

The End