Monkey Meat

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Dear Readers; I have a new fantasy story for you. I hope you like it. I'm using my friends names with their permission, and this isn't going to be a one shot only story like I thought cause my friends helped me out. Darryl gave me a few great ideas, so this will be another multi part story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is a work of Fantasy Fiction including Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, then You should not be here. You have been warned.

Tom and Darryl had known each other since college. They had been roommates for all four years. Never saw a reason to mess with something that worked. They were best friends through college and after. After Darryl found out Tom was bi and Tom found out Darryl was gay but didn't mind Tom's female dates through college; they had a regular session they called, "cementing their friendship".

Tom was all business with an ability to finesse a deal and turn a phrase in five different languages. He had friends in pre-law and he and Darryl got onto the college football team for two years. Darryl was an excellent Kicker and Tom was the more muscular center. Darryl was the True Artist. Any medium and he excelled. Which lead him to becoming a master at so many of the techniques and machines used by Commercial Artists. By the time he graduated he could have taken over running any Shop he chose, but he remained a freelance artist for three or four of the higher paying companies In L.A. He was able to have time to build up a body of work of fine art that got quite a bit of attention and Commissions from large firms.

Tom wasn't standing still either. His rise was also meteoric. Within two years of graduation, He was declared Senior Contract Negotiator South Pacific Rim for the Import Export corporation he worked for. He was flying to Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur, and Sydney regularly.

They stayed best friends after graduation, but Darryl had hoped for something more, even though he had come to respect and accept Tom's equal love of women. One month after graduation Darryl was Best Man at Tom's wedding to Karen. Tom and Karen had met eight months before graduation, and she had become a close friend of Darryl's almost against his will. She even made sure nobody bothered Tom and Darryl on their ' friendship cementing days'. If you messed with someone she loved she became a redheaded tiger defending her young. And if you protected the ones she loved, she loved you too.

Darryl had been depressed the whole month after the wedding. But the minute Karen and Tom got back from the honeymoon she started her round of parties. And when Karen or her sister organized a party for her family or friends, she literally dragged Darryl to the gatherings. The third such family feast he was shamed into attending, he had caught her alone in the kitchen when there was a lull after dinner.

Darryl said, "Why do you insist that I come to these Family parties, Karen?"

Karen was getting the coffee started, and she looked at him like he was the silliest of children. She said, "You're Family silly. Didn't you get the hint standing next to my big hunk at the wedding?"

She started the coffee pot and got a softer look on her face. She hugged him and said, "You and Tom are best friends. God knows how you worked it through college. But I'm here now you two don't have to worry." Darryl saw it that day crystal clear.

Karen was an emotional genius. She was happy when Tom was happy. Tom was happy when Darryl was happy. Darryl was happy just being around Tom. Even if they stopped having those, "friendship cementing sessions". So Karen made sure Darryl was around Tom as much as she could schedule Tom's and Darryl's Time. Whether she knew or not about what had gone on between them, she never asked nor accused, through word or deed. She made sure her happiness was in the works by making sure the men she loved were happy. From that day on Karen could do no wrong in Darryl's eyes. Darryl got into a shoving match with Mikey when they both had a little too much to drink at Sara's wedding, over something Darryl thought Mikey had said about his own sister. Mikey and Sara were Little brother and sister to Karen. Tom and Tina (Karen's Mother) had to break it up. Neither could remember what was said. Needless to say, they both got rides home from that wedding.

Five years after graduation and Tom and Darryl were both buying Homes. Tom in Westchester, near LAX and Darryl in Studio City. But still Darryl was living by himself. Relationships would last six, eight, ten months and then he would break it off, or they would leave. No dramatics, just no staying.

Tom and Karen tried to have kids but they couldn't seem to catch. It was seven years out of college when Tom and Karen went in for some blood work to see what wasn't working. The doctor called them back in and wasn't looking to good herself when they got slapped in the face.

It seems certain Bone cancers can keep a woman from becoming pregnant. Even if they aren't very advanced. The Whole family went through hell and Tom and Karen in the center of it. And even then Karen kept people laughing, and had her parties. Parties to keep the ones she loved happy. If the chemo and the radiation could have helped, that would have made them happy.

By year nine and two months after graduation, Tom was a widower, and a mess. Tina and Darryl moved in and drove him crazy with getting in the way and each crying over something that was Karen's, and loving him when he thought he had let her die. Four months into it he came to his senses and saw that he had been thinking crazy. He knew deep in his heart, that he would have fought the devil himself to save Karen. With that, Tom came back to life. Tina and Darryl moved back to their own homes. Sara made sure everybody showed up to the family gatherings.

And here we are floating above Tom in a nice part of Hong Kong. It was ten years after graduation, and he had just closed two major contracts for his company. He walked into a high priced Coffee shop that was just too pretentious. When he immediately walked back out he noticed a small elegant sign on the shop opposite the Coffee place, that offered various brewed teas and a few types of the finest coffee. Oh yeah, and Curios.

Tom entered the shop and the owner pulled his heart in with the phrase" Welcome to a little bit of sanity".

Tom saw only three tables and no customers other than himself and sat down anyway with a, "Thank you."

From their vantage point they could see the ant like march into and out of an overpriced star-something wannabe. They both sighed together and chuckled.

Tom looked around and realized he didn't have anything for Darryl's birthday. This place looked really familiar, except for the tables.

The owner introduced himself, "I am the owner of this fine establishment. My name is Fu Shi Tao. I respond well to the name Fu. How would you like a large cup of Red Rose tea?"

Tom focused on Fu's face and said, "That's my favorite. Yes please. that would do nicely right now."

Fu said, "Red Rose it is then." As Fu set a large pot with five bags of tea to steep he asked, "Would you like some ginger cookies to go with that tea, My wife just baked them this morning?"

Tom said, "Yes please. that's just right with red rose tea."

Fu places four cookies on a plate, but held on to them until the tea steeped. He said, "Ten minutes and the tea will be just right." He looked at tom and said, "You need a birthday gift for a friend and I have some of the finest birthday gifts anyone could find in Hong Kong."

Tom was not going to ignore that one. He said, "OK. How did you do that one?"

Fu smiled as Tom's Phone beeped once and stopped. He said, "Your cell phone's reminder screen beeped but you missed it. My eyes are still pretty good at reading small print saying B-day prsnt Darryl." They both chuckled. Tom turned the reminder off, and looked around.

Fu looked at him and said, "Aren't you curious, how I knew you liked red rose tea and ginger cookies?"

Tom looked him in the eye and a memory started to reform. He said, "Yes. Wait a minute. I knew you didn't have tables last time we were here."

Tom ran it down, "I came in with a cup of red rose tea and your wife offered me a ginger cookie to go with it."

Fu smiled and said, "Very good. Nine years has not dimmed my memory either. You met your lovely bride here and she." Fu sees the aching void his words caused. He touches Tom's shoulder as Tom is only trying to breath normally, and not break down. Fu pulls his hand back like he got an electric shock.

Fu bustled around the counter and stopped a customer from entering. He said, "Family crisis. Come back in one hour and your sister will never complain again." The look on the man's face said he would return. Fu locked the door and flipped the sign over to OUT TO LUNCH in five languages.

Tom is now calmer and wonders what's going on when Fu brings a tray with two large coffee mugs and a bottle of some obscure alcohol . Fu says, "I did not give you anything alcoholic in nature, understood?"

Tom said, "What Alcohol?" Fu then filled the mugs to a third full and put the bottle behind the counter.

Fu clinks his mug against Toms and they drink a sip. Luckily. Tom whispers the word, "Smooth". Fu agrees with crossed eyes, but only for a moment.

They get quiet and Fu tells Tom, "I lied. For the past five years, My daughter has baked the cookies." Fu has a hard time breathing.

Tom starts to ask, "Does it ever get--"

and Fu cuts him off with the truth, "No it doesn't. It can be as intense as the first day."

Tom gets a ragged smile and says, "Thanks for the truth."

Fu says, "You're welcome."

They clink and sip again. Fu sees people like an open book. His true ability is the wise application of what he sees inside people.

Fu's hand lightly touches Tom's forearm. Tom misses a swirl of colors flashing in the iris of Fu's eyes. When Tom looks at him, Fu says, "I can see the friend you're buying a present for. He helped you start breathing again. He's more than just your best friend."

Fu got up and went behind a screen in back of the counter. Fu continued talking as he searched for something. Fu said, "He helped you come to understand yourself every-way possible. I have a perfect present for such a man. The lord Hanuman was defiant and arrogant at times, but he protected people and helped them to learn their strengths. While this is not a direct avatar of Hanuman it shares some of his brash and confident nature." Even when Fu was behind the screen Tom heard every word he spoke.

Fu returned to the showroom with a three inch tall statue of a sitting monkey on a small three inch square one inch high box. The monkey's tail was very long and it curved to in front of the monkey and twisted with something else. It rose up into the hands of the monkey like the little guy was jerking it off. Tom smiled and said, "Is he doing what I'

Fu cut him off again with, "Sure looks like it doesn't it?" Fu had a neutral look until then . With that he smiled again.

Tom said, "I'll take it. How much?" Fu and Tom dickered for a moment and Fu dropped his price and Tom stopped dickering. They nodded and Tom paid Fu for the present and the tea.

Fu brought the tea around with the ginger cookies. Tom ate two and said, "You didn't charge me for the cookies."

Fu said, "You paid for them when you reminded me of my lovely wife."

Tom said, "But you said."

Fu gave him the rest of the truth." It still hurts as much as the day I lost her. But now I find I have sweet memories of her that please me, and only hurt when I have to let go of them."

Tom smiled acting like he knew what Fu meant, but his heart was as lost as it was the day she died. Fu saw this and got up and knew the present needed another. For Tom.

Fu goes into his own apartment and pulls out a puzzle box with a square headed hammer on it.

He chuckles at his uncles joke. He goes back to Tom and says, "After you give your friend his gift, open this after about a week. there are two herbal tea-bags and some spices in it. No contraband or illegals. In fact this has a sticker on it saying 'Westwood Card Shop' . No one will ask about it. They will ask about the monkey and the paper in the base. Let them get it open. The paper will be in chinese. Ancient chinese. They will get bored. Give your friend his present and open your box a week after. OK."

Tom says, "OK. But what do I owe you for the box?"

Fu says" It is a gift, from my wife to your wife. But you must hold onto it. OK?"

Tom says, "OK" and hugs FU who returns the embrace.

Tom has his things together and Fu says, "The wheel turns and we turn with it. I hope it keeps taking you to good people and good places." Fu smiles and Tom returns it.

Tom says before he leaves, "Well it did today."

Tom was lucky to live so close to the airport, but at the time his flight came in Darryl had to fight through a lot of traffic. He picked up Tom and said, "Hey Tom, how was the flight?"

Tom took a deep breath and said, "Uneventful, but long. the first time I took a flight to the orient I laughed at the way the seats turned into beds. I sure don't laugh now." They were comfortable with each other, so a little silence didn't spook them.

Turning down eighty-third street Darryl said, "Tom, could I hang for a while? The traffic is killer right now."

Tom got a grin on his face as he said, "Sure Buddy. I sort of thought I'd order pizza and salad for you coming all the way from Studio City to pick me up."

Darryl got all happy and said, "Cool!" They drove up to Tom's house and Darryl pulled a garage door opener out of the glove-box. Tom had given him an extra opener when Darryl and Tina had been staying with him.

Darryl helped Tom with the suitcase while Tom got the carryon stuff. They got inside and into the master bedroom and dumped the things on the bed . Darryl noticed that the rest of the house was spotless, while the bedroom was lacking.

Darryl said with a knowing smile, "Tom, I apologize. I wouldn't have recommended my cleaning lady if I'd known she would refuse to do the bedrooms. It's funny cause she cleans mine real good."

Tom knows what he meant and says, "Ha Ha. I nearly yelled at her for starting to wash Karen's sweatshirts, so I asked her to give me a few more months to.." By now Tom is real sad, but looking over at Darryl who is trying not to cry and doing a bad job of it, gets Tom's attention.

Tom goes over and says, "Buddy, I didn't think you missed her this much."

Darryl hugs him and quietly cries. When he gets his breath back he says, "She made sure I kept my best friend." Tom hugs him harder after that and that helped Darryl calm down a bit.

They let go of each other and Darryl says, "So, with my birthday in five days, what did you bring me from Hong Kong?"

Tom chuckled and opened his small carryon bag and pulled out the monkey and the box. Tom frowned at the lack of gift wrap, but he smiled real big when he handed it to Darryl. He said, "I guess I can give my best friend his present early. Sorry about not wrapping it. Customs would have ripped it off anyway. You get the card on the day of your birthday. So Happy Birthday Darryl" Darryl has a look on his face that says he's impressed and happy.

Darryl takes the monkey and hugs Tom saying, "Thank you Tom."

Tom says after the hug, "So you like it?"

Darryl smiles real big and says, "Of course I like it. You remembered I'm born in the year of the monkey. And you found one with a long tail too. But why's he jerking his tail and not his dick?"

Tom hadn't thought of that interpretation of the pose. He quickly saw that the tail was wrapped with something the sculptor wished to hide from others less inclined towards onanism. Tom said, "I think his dick is wrapped in with his tail."

Darryl said a bit slow, "Kinky."

Tom couldn't take credit for finding such a great gift and said, "Buddy, I had help finding that gift. I forgot your birth year animal. The neat old man Karen and I met on our honeymoon got it for you from his special stock of statues. I didn't even have to tell him it was for the best friend a guy could have. He told me, and somehow he even knew how much you helped me when Karen died. Ya big monkey ya. You and Tina had me so frustrated with your antics I actually was laughing instead of killing you two."

Darryl has a sheepish grin as he says, "I was just following Tina's lead. When she said ' I think he's back enough now. We better get out before he kills us', I took her advice. You listen to family when they give that kind of advice." They smiled at each other for a moment and then the door bell rang.

Tom said, "Pizza's here." He went to the front door and Darryl followed.

Darryl asked, "When did you order the pizza?"

Tom said, "Right after you picked me up. The local pizza place has a text messaging deal. You sign up, promise to have at least two pizzas a month and you can order through text messaging."

Darryl said, "Good idea." Tom was paying the guy for the Pizza and salad and the guy noticed the statue in Darryl's hands.

The kid said, "Cool monkey. I was born in the year of the monkey."

Darryl smiled and then frowned like he was thinking. He pointed at the kid and said, "Theater major at Loyola, right?"

The kid said sort of slow, "Per-cep-tive." and smiled back.

Tom handed the kid an extra five bucks and said, "Then here, you're a starving student."

The kid said, "Cool! Thank you sir. You two have a good night." and left.

Darryl said, "Cool, "and Tom said, "Cool, "right back at him. they got the food to the kitchen and Tom brought out the fancy china.

Darryl said, "For Pizza?"

And Tom said, "For you." This got Darryl a little shy, cause the good china only came out for family parties.

Darryl shook it off and said with a big grin, "Thanks Tom. For the Pizza, and the monkey, and for being the best friend a guy could ever have."

Tom had a plate with three slices of pizza in one hand and a bowl of salad in another. Darryl had the same and a statue besides. Tom smiled and said, "You're welcome Buddy" and they gently head bucked. It had been one of their things to do back in college, that they hadn't done in a long time.

They watched Galaxy Quest, had some wine and fooled around a bit after the movie. They got the, "kissing and rubbing each other" part going fine, but when it got to the time they would usually lose the clothing, they both lost steam. Darryl really did love Karen like a sister, and if he was ready to fight her brother cause of something Mikey said about her; he couldn't forget that Tom never fooled around on her and she never forgot to keep Tom and Darryl best friends. Tom just thought that if something was going to happen, the respectful thing would be to let it happen in his bedroom. Tom just wasn't quite ready to clear the ghosts out of there yet.

Tom saw the same level of hesitation in Darryl's eyes as he felt in his heart and helped them both out of it with, "Buddy, you're sleeping in the guest room tonight. You're not driving home after the wine we've had, Right?"

Darryl smiled and handed Tom the keys. He said, "Right. I don't have to be any place special tomorrow, and maybe I can help with that bedroom. Sound like a plan?"

Tom gave a half-hearted grin but said, "Sounds like a plan to me. Let me make sure the guest room and bathroom is really clean first."

Tom checked the guest bedroom and bath quickly and didn't have anything to correct except unwrapping a new bar of soap and pulling a robe out of the closet. Darryl got the dishes together and hand washed them thinking about how many times he caught Karen washing them at her parents or sister's house. Tom made sure the dish was out of Darryl's hands before he snuck up behind him and started to give him a shoulder rub.

Darryl didn't jump, he just relaxed and sort of purred half way through. Tom said, "You are definitely a cat person."

Darryl said, "All done, "as he turned off the light above the sink. He turned and gave Tom a quick kiss and said, "I'm going to soak in that big tub, and then get to bed."

They were walking towards the bedrooms and stopped in front of the guest bedroom. Tom said, "I'm jumping in the shower, then hopping in the sack. You have a good night and Happy birthday Buddy." they hugged and gave a quick kiss.

Darryl said, "Thanks Tom. I love my present. Have a good night."

They went into separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms. Darryl could hear the water still running in the other room after filling the tub. He slipped into the hot water and groaned in pleasure. He thought of Tom and without a spike of lust in his heart at the time, he thought 'I hope he's OK'.

Tom had a hard time with tub soaks cause Karen had been such a big fan of soaking. The shower worked just fine for now. He got out and dried off and got in bed as naked as he always did.

Darryl got out of the tub and dried off. He likewise never wore anything to bed and was soon fast asleep.

A tapping woke Darryl. He called out, "Yes. come in." He shielded his eyes expecting Tom to turn on the light, but Tom didn't.

Darryl couldn't make out Tom's expression as Tom asked, "Can I just sleep with you? I just need to hold someone. Someone I love."

Darryl could hear a lot more in that request. A big need and not for sex. He told Tom, "Come here Buddy. Get in bed with me. I just want to sleep too."

Darryl could swear Tom's face glowed with joy. Darryl would only call Tom, Buddy when they were in bed together.

Darryl scooted over and held the covers open as Tom slipped into bed. Darryl flipped over so Tom could hold him as they spooned.

Darryl said softly, "Buddy don't you ever forget. If this is what you need from time to time, don't hesitate. You call me. I don't live far away at all. OK?"

Tom took a deep breath and let it out like a few cares melted away. He said, "OK, Buddy."

Darryl said, "Good . Good night." as he held on to Tom's arm.

Tom said, "G'night." and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning they had breakfast and Darryl tried to get Tom to do more than actually wash Karen's clothes and put most of them in bags for good will. Darryl saw that Tom actually had gotten a lot farther on the road to recovery and so he let the rest of Karen's things slide. When Tom was ready for the next step, Darryl would help as much as he could.

So around noon Darryl said his thanks again and left for his home in Studio City. Tom fought the urge to tear open the good will bags and instead drove them to the local good will. He actually wasn't ready to start crying on the way back home.

Darryl got home and as soon as he put the monkey on his night stand the bottom drawer flipped open. He said out loud, "Great. No moving parts and I broke it." Then he saw that it was a little drawer with a tiny scroll of paper in it. He pulls the drawer open and then out of the pedestal the monkey is sitting on. He examines the insides to see how the drawer is latched closed and what will open it again. The little lever that releases and secures the drawer is attached to a little rock next to the monkey and by pushing down on it you can release the drawer. Cool.

Darryl then opens the scroll. and almost drops it after being able to read the characters on it. They are in an ancient chinese language. This troubles Darryl due to his lack of second language skills. His mind knew he didn't know the language, but his mind also knew, that when he read the scroll he knew what was written down on it. That shouldn't be possible.

After he calmed down, he read the scroll. The words appeared to say ' The wise Monkey helps you see your inner self through extremes. Share what you have with him and he will share many things with you. Call him Brother and tell him to become what you wish to become, and your gift to him will set things in motion. May your path to enlightenment be a joyous one.'

After reading the scroll, Darryl got a, "mean, steel hard, gotta take care of it now or else" hardon. Who could say no to such a charming offer served up by his own aching erection.

He got some ky to help with the jerk-fest. In only a few minutes he was ready to blow and heeding the words on the scroll, when he came, he directed all of the spooge onto the statue. He found his orgasm lasted at least a full minute. When he was done, his dick did not go completly soft. In only a few minutes his dick got hard again and Darryl said, "WOW! Maybe everything the scroll said is true. Before he started to jerk-off again he picked up the monkey statue and said, "Thank you Brother. Now grow big. Grow your bones and grow your muscles and grow your cock and grow your balls. Grow them all big . Grow them all big and happy. Grow brother." Then he stuck his tongue out and licked the tail/dick in front of the monkey.

He could have sworn that the second lick got a response and a tiny dollop of cum out of the monkey. He licked three more times and then set the monkey down to whack his pud again.

This time it lasted about five minutes before coming. But his orgasm lasted almost two minutes. When he got his breathing back he noticed the little statue was just a little bit bigger. Two more times and he was ready for dinner. He completly forgot lunch. He walked around naked in his house and after getting a frozen dinner and wolfing it down, he noticed in the mirror that his cock seemed to hang a little bit lower than usual, and his balls seemed to be larger. And he smiled at the slightly larger arm and shoulder muscle.

Over the next few days, his fine art commissions were punctuated with bouts of self pleasuring that gave his work a dash of brash sexiness. He noticed on day three and approved of the slight change. So he added a few more wanking sessions per day.

By the day of his birthday party over at Tina's house, he had gained forty pounds of tight muscle in his chest, shoulders, arms, back, butt, legs and kept a flat stomach. And his dick was a good five inches longer and thicker. His balls now would insist on pushing his dick out from his body. He chose loose fitting clothes, since he didn't want to piss Tina off in her own house. But he still wore a tight pair of jockey shorts under the loose clothing, cause it made him feel sexier, even if he didn't want to flaunt it.

Everyone noticed anyway, and Tina didn't mind cause he tried to hide it. She could tell he toned it down for her.

At a quiet time she cornered him in the kitchen and pinched his bigger but and said, "You better not be taking steroids at your age or I'll hunt your dealer down and shoot him like a dog." She said it with a smile, but she said it like a mother to her child.

Darryl said, "Now I got two presents for my birthday. No Tina, I am not on steroids. But thank you for worrying about me. I love you too." Then he gave her a big hug.

She was just a little flustered but she said, "I'll believe you and not worry. But when are you going to find Mr. Right? That would really stop my worrying."

Darryl said, "Me too. Me too. Someday Tina."

Suddenly he was lifted by Tom grabbing him around the waist. Tom said, "Look at you." Tom bounces him in his arms a few times before putting him down. Tom said as Darryl turned around, "Look at you. you must have gone to the gym every day since I saw you on monday. Whoever got you to go must be a hell of a coach. I could never get you to go to the gym. You look good Buddy."

Darryl basks in the praise and says, "Thanks Tom, I always wanted to get bigger. The protein shakes never worked, and the carb drinks just went right through me without adding a pound."

Tom says, "Well something is working now. Congratulations. Ya big monkey ya." He gives him another hug and then others want to get to the birthday boy.

Just before he left Tom found Darryl in the back yard playing with Tina's grandkids.

Darryl was going across the horizontal ladder. It was too close to the ground for most adults. Darryl had to cross his legs to keep from touching, but he raced across one way, and raced back. On the way back the kids were trying to slow him down. Mikey was timing him and egging the kids on. At the end they all ganged up on Darryl. Darryl was yelling, "Not fair" and laughing while the kids pulled him off the ladder. They all just kept laughing until Tina came out.

Tina got real mad looking and asked them, "Are you children hurting Darryl?" All the children shook their head no along with Mikey, who tried not to laugh. Darryl had an innocent look and nodded yes.

She put it a little further along with, "Are you sure you're not hurting Darryl?" The kids and Mikey shook their heads no faster while Darryl nodded his head yes faster . As Darryl put his hand up like in elementary school, the kids closest pulled his hand down.

Tina almost lost it right then but she covered by saying, "Well OK. But I just though you should know there is still a little ice cream left and if anyone wants it before I put it away, they should come in and stop hurting Darryl.."

All the kids got off of Darryl and patted his shoulders or head as they said, "Yes Nana." They all headed in to the kitchen after Tina.

Tom and Mikey and Darryl were the only ones left. Mikey said as he helped Darryl up, "I'm gonna see if any of the ice cream is left. Ya know you won. You're looking good bro. Happy Birthday." they hugged and Mikey tried to get some ice cream before it was all gone.

Tom says, "Mikey is her son, you'd think he'd remember Tina always has extra in the garage fridge." Just then Mikey goes from the kitchen to the garage with an empty bowl.

Mikey says in passing, "I never remember she has extra ice cream in the garage."

Darryl sees Tom has his jacket, and says, "So ya leaving huh?"

Tom says, "Yeah. but I'll be seeing you in one week at your place. and call me during the week and tell me how the concept piece works out. If they really want the same kinetic art piece in every lobby of their hotel around the world, then I can get you to the best and least expensive people to reproduce the thing for you. OK?"

Darryl said, "OK. and remember what I said about you needing a little cuddle time. You call me OK?"

Tom smiles and says as he hugs Darryl, "OK Buddy. I love you. You take care."

Darryl says, "I will. Love you too. and thanks for the great gift."

Tom says, "You're welcome. Ya big monkey."

Tom got a call from Darryl on wednesday . Darryl said, "The Hotel executives are going to pay me more if I let them manufacture the reproductions. I still get quality control, and if I find any pieces failing to last over three years I can have them replace them with ones made by my manufacturer and installed at retail value. That's an enormous concession."

Tom said, "Congratulations. They must have heard it was your birthday."

Darryl chuckled and said, "Yeah right. So what time on saturday should I expect you?"

Tom said, "Oh about ten am."

Darryl said, "Good. I get to the gym by seven. so I should be showered and ready for mimosa's by then. Don't forget to bring your champagne."

Tom said, "I won't forget. Don't you forget the special Orange juice. Hey will your gym let guests work out for free?"

Darryl said, "Sure. One guest visit a month. Ya wanna go work out with me?"

Tom's smile came over the telephone. He said, "Yeah. I'm proud of the gains you've made. I better get back into doing some kind of regular exercise or I'll pop at fifty."

Darryl said, "Cool. Then be at my place by seven and we'll walk on over. It's just three blocks away."

Tom said, "Then I'll see you at your place at seven. Take care Buddy."

Darryl said, "See you Tom."

Darryl had been a very busy boy. He had stepped up the wanking sessions and included trips to the gym. By friday he added two trips to the gym and had added eighty pounds to his frame.

When he got home he looked at the statue and whistled. He told him, "Man, you are looking buff. And that thing you call a dick is ready to be registered as a deadly weapon."

The little statue he had gotten from Tom almost two weeks ago was now one and a half feet tall, including the pedestal. The monkey figure was closer to a bodybuilding baboon than a little monkey. And the privates on the figure were a lot thicker than just size increase would account for. The balls that were hiding along the monkey's thighs, were now large and obvious. The tail wrapped around a thick mushroom headed dick, closer to the huge balls. But the tail wasn't keeping up with the thickness and length increase the dick was going through.

The same could be said for Darryl. His privates were expanding just a little faster than his muscles. and Darryl loved it. He just hoped Tom wouldn't freak out over him and the statue.

After his nightly wank session with the statue (which added another ten pounds), Darryl got cold feet with the statue and hid him in his studio storage area. He promised the big monkey statue, "It won't be too long. I'll get you back in the front room by tomorrow night" The monkey was still smiling so he thought the monkey wasn't upset.

Seven am rolled around and so did Tom. He was dressed for going to the gym, and after finding a parking place, got to Darryl's front door with his change of clothes in a gym bag.

Darryl answered the door not knowing what to expect from Tom when he saw how big Darryl had grown. Tom saw how much bigger Darryl was than a week ago and was at first surprised, then amazed at how Darryl turned his mental image of what he wanted to look like into reality.

Darryl saw the evolution of expressions on Toms face and asked" Is that last face a happy one?"

Tom walked in and hugged Darryl before he said, "Buddy I could not be more proud of you. You have always wanted to look like this and you did it. Look at you . You are huge and sexy. Congratulations Buddy." This earned Tom another Big hug.

Darryl said, "Well lets get to the gym, and then to the mimosa's."

Tom said, "Lead on, Buddy."

Half way to the gym Darryl said, "You just wanted me to lead so you can ogle my bigger but."

Tom added, "and your huge back."

Darryl said, "That too.

Tom chuckled and said, "Buddy, I don't know if you noticed yet. But if I try to walk beside you now that you've grown, I would end up walking in the parkway; cause your shoulders are so wide."

Darryl said, "OH. Well then it's a good thing we're already here."

They get in the Gym and start to lift and Tom at first thinks, 'I am really out of condition'. Then he remembers his last lifting poundage's. He was within about ten pounds of the highest he had been at eight years ago. Darryl was pumping almost twice as much weight as Tom had at his best. Tom just smiles and feels proud of his best friend. Darryl asks at the end, "why were you so happy through the last half of the work out?"

Tom said, "You are lifting twice as much as I could do at my best. I 'm just real proud of you Buddy. You've done great."

Darryl blushed as they leave and they soon get back to his place. Tom pops the trunk on his car and brings in two bottles of champagne. Darryl brings out three bottles of Really good Orange juice. They soon have mimosas and decide to sit and watch some TV for a while. They sit on the floor propped against the couch with the pillows on the floor. They get a little frisky and go to a point and then Tom puts on the breaks. Darryl says, "Buddy, we aren't tied to a schedule. We go along as far as we can and want to, then we take a breath." Tom's face had gotten so sad.

Tom said, "I just keep getting this image and I don't know what to do about it." Darryl holds Tom with his belly to Tom's back.

Darryl says, "What's the image?"

Tom says, "Whenever I get this feeling I want to get closer to you, I get this image of Karen smiling. I don't know how to react to the image and me being horny for my best friend."

Darryl says, "Buddy, I don't know what to think either. But the way you look right now, I would feel better if you just laid back and relaxed and let yourself get some rest. I'll hold you and that will make me feel better, and I'll get some rest. Sound like a plan?"

Tom snuggled into Darryl's embrace and said, "Sounds like a real good plan, Buddy. You only come up with the best plans." Within fifteen minutes Tom was out and Darryl followed a few minutes later. When they woke up about two hours later, they both felt refreshed. They didn't say it but they both felt safe in the others arms.

Tom said, "Well Buddy I gotta get going. I'm really going to feel it tomorrow. But you've got me thinking about getting a membership at your gym. Maybe get into a schedule where we work out together every saturday and then start adding days. " He hugs Darryl and gives him a quick kiss.

Darryl says, "You drive safe . We'll figure this out somehow. I'm just glad I still have my best friend."

Tom said, "Ya know, for all the fooling around in college, you and Karen were the only people I've ever made love to. But for all the days I had her in my life, Karen was proud of the fact and never let me forget; you are my best friend."

Darryl gives him another hug and Tom says, "I'll see you soon Buddy."

Darryl says, "I call you during the week. Take care" Tom smiled and left.

Darryl did a little clean up and then was drawn to the storage area. He couldn't get the image of the monkey out of his head. Right then, he just wanted to see the monkey get bigger and meatier, and that included the monkey's cock and balls.

Darryl slipped out of his clothes and sat on the stool he had set up near an easel. The head of the statue's dick started to ooze precum. This was the first time he saw anything come out of the statue. He couldn't resist, and put his finger on the glob of precum before it dripped down the shaft. He was torn between slapping it on his dick and sticking it in his mouth. The smell got to him before he could decide and the glob went straight into his mouth. He moaned and his finger came out of his mouth clean except for some spit to put on his dick. His own massive hardon was leaking precum, which made his stroking easier.

But the monkey precum got him off the stool and down right next to the statue. Darryl was nose to dick and didn't even think about what he did next. His mouth went over and around the big monkey cock. As he sucked the flow of precum increased. He didn't even question where the fluid was coming from. Then again he had never really wondered where all the muscle and pecker growth he was going through, came from. He did notice that the cock felt like flesh, and not like a carving. As he sucked the flow went up another notch. His belly was getting to half full when the whole statue suddenly shuddered and Darryl got something thicker than precum shot into his mouth. And the amount shot up too.

Darryl knew that the monkey was coming but still the volume being slurped into his belly was amazing. And it didn't seem to want to stop. Darryl just kept on swallowing. After fifteen minutes the flow abruptly slowed and stopped. Darryl hadn't come yet, but as he stood up he finally noticed just how Magic Monkey spooge reacts with a human body.

Darryl's belly was a good two feet in diameter. His pecs and back were bigger and the head of his cock now bounced against his knees and it wasn't even half hard. Of course he couldn't see his dick, but with the sexy feel of his hard round muscle belly, his cock got harder and harder until he could see the tip of it. He reached under his meat belly and started to stroke his monster. After only a few good strokes, he noticed how his dick head started to bump against the head of the Monkey. Instead of feeling like it was an insult, Darryl got the firm impression that Meaty monkey liked that bump a lot. Only a few more bumps and Darryl couldn't slow or stop his massive lengthy orgasm. His come shot out on ropey lengths and started to cover the statue almost immediately.

The last of his cum finally shot out of his dick and left him a little shaky. That had to be a good four or five minutes of orgasm. When he could get his breathing back to normal he saw the entire area in front of him was coated evenly with his spooge. He thought, "Oh my God!" Then he noticed his belly was half of the size it had been after swallowing all that magic cum.

He frowned as the cum coating the statue sort of evaporated. It was really being absorbed by the statue! The statue was now almost two feet tall! He picked it up and took it to the front room. and by the time he got it there he was already horny again. He put it down and thought 'This might be interesting'. His dick was long enough that it could reach up to his mouth if he put a little effort into it.

He thought, 'How can I pass up a classic opportunity.' The head of his dick popped into his mouth and he suddenly lost track of time.

Tom got a hint of trouble when his cleaning lady called him on wednesday morning at the office. Tom said, "Mrs Murray, how can I help you ? You're not scheduled to clean my house until next tuesday."

Mrs. Murray said, "Oh it's nothing like that. I'm calling about your friend Darryl. Is he having wild parties or wild friends over at his home?"

Tom frowned and said, "I'm confused Mrs. Murray. What are you talking about.?"

She took a deep breath and said, "Well I let myself into Darryl's home yesterday around nine, my normal starting time, and found this two and a half foot tall statue of a monkey in front of the remains of his expensive leather couch. It looked like someone had jumped up and down on one half of it. That half was completly crushed. the wooden coffeetable in front of it was pushed all the way to the entertainment center and there was a dent in it a good three inches deep where it looked like someone put their knee into it a few times. No blood mind you. Any of my boys doing something stupid like that and they'd be in the hospital with broken bones and quite a few stitches. That's basically why I worried. Darryl is usually puttering around when I clean and helping when he shouldn't. He pays me good money and treats me like my boys do. So when I called out to see if he was there or hurt, he called down from the bedroom and said he was sleeping in today. I commented on a wild party and he said ' something like that'. He said 'the bedroom was fine and to skip it this time'. I was a bit worried he might have someone robbing him at gun point, but they wouldn't care about a cleaning woman and robbers would want to keep someone like me from calling a friend or such after seeing the mess down stairs."

Tom said" And you're calling me because you know what good friends we are."

Mrs. Murray said, "Whenever he talks about you his face lights up, so I knew you two were good friends. I never mentioned it to you before, but your wife's passing affected Darryl a lot too. When I talked about my dear Henry's passing, he asked about the things my family did for me that helped the most. He was thinking about you. I told him just be there. Don't try to force speech or silence. When my sister-in-law felt like talking about my Henry, she just did. And I could tell it was what she needed to do, not something she was doing to try to help me. And strangely enough, that's what did help."

Tom said, "You gave him good advice. It really did help. Even when my mother-in-law moved in to my home with him. They helped pull me back from a dark place."

She said, "So I figured he had himself a new lover that doesn't really respect him or his things. My youngest got into a bad crowd that acted that way with their own things. He finally came to his senses when they ruined his car. He scraped them off his life and found real friends."

Tom said, "And knowing Darryl was my best friend, you wanted to make sure he got some friendly advice and help before it got too far."

She said, "Exactly. It's not my place to judge or lecture my clients. but when they recommend me to good clients, and treat me like family, I worry when strange things happen. If you talk to him about this, please tell him I just worry about my clients like I do about my boys. He'll understand. And please ask him to call me if he wants me to keep my nose out of it. I had one couple, she being a councilwoman, they would have a knock down drag out once a month. Broken dishes every where. and not a sight nor sound of them either. But the bedroom was locked. They said 'sorry about the mess, and to charge them extra'. I found out from the lady next door to them, that once a month they have an argument and it abruptly gets very loud for half an hour and then gets very quiet. They argue for the make up. Their neighbor said they end their fight with sex. Whatever floats your boat, I say. As long as no one gets hurt. So I hope I'm just worrying needlessly. But if I'm not, I know you'll look out for your friend. You're a good boy too."

This got Tom smiling. He said, "Thank you Mrs. Murray. I'll find out what''s up and I'll tell Darryl what you said I should. And if he doesn't call you, I will, just to let you know you can stop worrying."

Mrs. Murray said, "Oh thank you Tom. You have a good day."

Tom said, "You too, Mrs. Murray. Bye now."

She said Good bye and hung up.

Tom was still a bit worried, so he called Darryl and got his answering device. Tom muttered, "Good thing it's not voice mail". The thing gave the out going message and beeped and Tom said, "Darryl, It's Tom. If you can put down whatever you've got in your hand, pick up the phone." He waited just a few seconds, and said, "I'll talk a little more to give you time to come to the phone, though you might even be in the shower. So after saying Please give me a call when you get this, I'm hoping you are alright. Something I heard has me a little worried. So please call when you get this. So I'm hanging up now. Give me a call Buddy. OK?"

Tom hung up and Darryl was still taking a shower. At least he was in the shower trying to take a shower. He was so large now he could barely move around. He was almost eight feet tall and very worried. He couldn't stop jerking off! Every hour or two he was drawn to the statue and got so horny he didn't even have to touch himself anymore. He just started to shoot gigantic amounts of cum onto the statue. And now it was over three feet tall! On top of that, he was sucking the statue's cock at least twice a day.

He thought, 'I have got to stop this', but he found himself jerking or sucking and not remembering how he got over to the statue in the first place.

He got out of the shower and used three towels to get dry. He saw the answering machine's little flashing light and hit the button to hear the message. after Tom's first comment Darryl noticed he had his dick in his hand gently rubbing it. He dropped it like a hot potato . He listened to the rest of the message and let the machine erase it.

He sat down on the bed and heard it creak. He thought, 'I better get some cinder blocks to help support the bed, or else I'm going to end up on the floor one of these mornings.' He called Tom and waited while Tom got off the line with a client. Tom said, "Hi Buddy, I'm glad you called back so quick."

Darryl said, "No problem. What has someone said that's got you worried about me?"

Tom said, "Don't get upset with her, but your cleaning lady, Mrs. Murray, was just concerned about the broken furniture and not seeing you at all last time she cleaned. She was worried you had a new lover or friend who was treating you bad. Now she has me worried about you. If someone's calling himself a friend but breaking your things and hurting you, I won't stand for it. I love you too much to let you fall in love with some creep who gets off by hurting you. You understand me, Buddy?"

Darryl's heart was pounding fast for a few reasons. He knew what kind of friend Tom was, but this took his feelings to another level. Tom would risk losing Darryl as a friend, to save him from harm. He told Tom, "I understand, Buddy. It's not like that at all." His imagination went into overdrive. Then he thought he might lose Tom as a friend If Tom knew what was happening to Darryl.

He told Tom, "An acquaintance came by and we drank a little wine and he got frisky while I did not feel that way at all. I told him to leave and we got into a wrestling match. He must have thought that was part of flirting until he tried to kiss me and I nearly bit his tongue off. We were in the kitchen by then and he finally got the hint to leave. Luckily he didn't bleed anywhere but the kitchen, so I didn't have to explain to Mrs Murray. I was just so tired after getting him out of the house and threatening to call the police, I just got in to bed and passed out. I heard Mrs. Murray in the morning and was so embarrassed with the couch and table I just locked the bedroom door and acted like nothing was wrong."

Tom could tell something was wrong, but the story sounded about right and Darryl sounded like he wanted Tom to believe it. But still, Tom said, "Are you sure everything is OK, Buddy? Your voice sounds lower than usual. You haven't been crying have you?"

Darryl's heart took a leap again when he thought how much Tom really cares but won't embarrass him. He said, "No Buddy, I haven't been crying. Wrestling with that idiot left me a little bruised, but I do not even think of him as an aquantence anymore." He had to ask, "Does my voice sound sexy lower?"

Tom stopped worrying and said, "You're a goof, Buddy. Your voice always sounds sexy to me. So we're still on for saturday, right?"

Darryl said, "Same time same grueling workout ."

Tom said, "Good, and maybe after I can help you find a new sofa."

Darryl chuckled and said, "Sounds like a plan."

Tom said, "Then you take care, Buddy. I'll see you saturday."

Darryl said, "I will. See you saturday Buddy" and they hung up.

Darryl was still looking at his hand and the phone after he hung up. His hand was so big it could wrap around the whole phone, cradle and all, and touch fingers on the other side.

He thought 'What am I going to do?'

Friday morning rolled around and Tom got another phone call. This time it was from Mikey.

Mikey said, "Hi Tom. I hope I'm not catching you in the middle of something important."

Tom grinned and said, "What's more important than family?"

Mikey said, "That kind of attitude was why you were the first guy Karen brought home that we liked. I'm calling about Darryl."

Tom said, "If it's about the sofa and the table, I already know about it."

Mikey said, "No, I saw them in back of the garage. I wondered but I never got around to asking Darryl about them. I finished a piece of sculpture Darryl convinced me to make, and I thought I would surprise him with it. Mom had a key from when she moved in with you. Darryl gave her the key in case he needed something and Mom was coming that way from her house to yours. So first I see the broken sofa and table. Then I see the biggest human foot print I have ever seen right by them. It had to be almost two feet long. It looked completly human too. I thought Darryl was having a friend from the circus over for a visit. When I got inside I heard heavy movement upstairs and I called out to let Darryl know it was just me."

Mikey paused and Tom asked, "Was there a guy with a top hat and a whip?"

Mikey didn't laugh. He said, "I didn't see anyone, and Darryl said he had a cold and didn't want me to catch it. I never saw him. But his voice was low. It sounded like he had a cold. I put the statue down next to this big statue of a monkey on a platform. It looked hot and I'm straight. This musclebound monkey was jerking his dick and tail at the same time. Normally I wouldn't be very interested by that sort of stuff, but I got a chubby after looking at it. I told Darryl where I put my statue and he thanked me. I asked If he needed anything from the market or drugstore and he said he already got everything he needed. He said not to worry about him. So I said I was going to lock up and take off and to get well soon. He said thanks again and then I left. As I was getting into the car, I thought I saw someone really big walk by the stairway window, but I never got a second look. I was just worried, but I thought you could get to see him and make sure he's alright."

Tom said, "And that is exactly what I am going to do tonight after work. I was going to go to the gym with him tomorrow, but I don't want to wait any longer than I have to to find out what's going on. I might even take half the day off to do that."

Mikey said, "Good. Just give me a call first. I didn't say anything to anybody yet and I don't want Mom worrying when she doesn't have to. You know she thinks of Darryl like a son."

Tom smiled and said, "Yeah, but that was your sister making sure my best friend didn't feel left out."

Mikey says, "Ya know Karen would have slugged you for that. Darryl got to be part of this family on his own merits. I know I think of him like he's my brother. He always treated Mom like a queen. So when you find out let me know first, OK?"

Tom said, "I will. And thanks for calling."

Mikey said, "You're welcome. Bye."

Tom said, "Bye." and hung up.

His mind was suddenly in a fog. The image of a little shop in Hong Kong came to him and a voice saying, "one week after giving your friend the present, open the box and make the tea."

His mind got back into focus and he had a vague idea what was going on. He told his secretary he was going home early, it was a family emergency and to reschedule everything for tuesday.

He got home in record time and opened the little box with the square hammer on the lid. There were two little bags of tea and a packet of herbs and powders. The paper that was in the box said, "Brew a cup of tea with one bag, and drink it immediately, then get some white wine and pour the packet into it, re cork it and wait till you are with the one you care about before drinking it all. After drinking the wine, wait for results and then share tea brewed with the second tea bag with the one you care about."

Tom found some white wine and poured in the contents of the packet. He set the kettle on the stove to boil and while he waited he thought about Darryl. The image of Karen came to his mind and he heard her sweet voice ask him like it did so many years ago, "Don't you miss thursdays?". He nearly started crying. Now he knew how much she loved him. She may not have known when she would die, but she knew she wanted him to be able to love again and be loved after she was gone. And she knew that meant Darryl. She had never been jealous of Darryl. And Tom had told her everything. She had made him happy every day she had been with him. And now she was doing it when she couldn't be with him ever again.

The whistle from the kettle brought him back and he wiped his eyes. He put one of the tea bags in the cup of hot water and waited five minutes. He put the other one in a plastic baggie. Then he put the baggie and the wine in a paper bag. He let the tea cool a bit and drank it in three gulps. It actually tasted good.

He got into casual clothes and drove over to Darryl's house. He had a spare key and got inside before he started calling for Darryl. The statue of the monkey and the platform was now over five feet tall, which meant the monkey would be over six feet tall if he stood up. A very large shape was sitting under the open stairway.

Tom got closer and said, "Buddy, is that you?"

Darryl Moaned and said, "Go away Buddy, I'm a monster."

Tom could see him better now and he walked up to Darryl and put his hand on his shoulder. He said, "No your not. You're just bigger. That gives me more to love. I love you Buddy. I'm not going away."

Darryl stopped crying and sniffled. He said, "Really? Cause I'm in love with you too."

Tom hugged as much as he could reach and Darryl threw both arms around Tom. They stayed like that for a few minutes and then Tom and Darryl noticed the same thing on each other. Massive hard erections. and while Darryl's was about four feet long on his nine foot tall body, Tom's was about two feet long. Tom's beauty had ripped it's way out of his pants, and Darryl smiled as he said, "WOW."

Tom looked at the fence post Darryl called a dick and said, "Wow yourself. Now this is a monster. " He grabbed Darryl's manhood with both hands and still had a hard time making his fingers meet.

Tom said, "I guess it's time I should drink this. " He pulled out the bottle of wine and drank it all in four gulps.

Tom said, "Tastes as good as the tea did."

Before Darryl could ask, "What tea?" Tom was growing larger and more muscular. His clothes ripped off his body as he hit his head on the stairs. He backed out of the stairwell and continued to grow till he was just under nine feet tall. Darryl stood up and looked into Toms eyes.

Tom grinned and said, "You're still the big man, Buddy. It's funny, but I always thought of you as a big man even if I was taller than you."

Darryl couldn't think of anything to say better than just kissing Tom, so he did. They were that way for a while.

Tom looked into Darryl's eyes and said, "I know what Karen's smile means when I think I'm falling in love with you."

Darryl thought the next word Tom speaks would be painful ones. He was wrong. But Darryl asks anyway, "What does her smile mean?"

Tom saw a bit of what Darryl was thinking and he gave Darryl his best ' I Love You' smile. Tom said, "She's happy I'm in love with someone who loves me as much as I love them."

Darryl's heart started beating so fast, he had to hug Tom to keep it from punching its way out of his chest. Darryl said, "Honest, Buddy?"

Tom pulls back to look into Darryl's eyes . He nods yes and says, "Ya know, it was one year after Karen and I got married, when, out of the blue, she asked me ' Tom, don't you miss thursdays?' I always told Karen everything. She knew exactly what we were doing every thursday on 'friendship cementing' nights at college. She never commented on what we did, or made me feel like I had to stop, Or ever look down her nose at you or I. I gave her a wedding present of monogamy. I explained, that we wanted kids and until we had us one or two, extra-marital sex wasn't going to happen."

Tom said, "About a year later she caught me thinking about us and some how read my mind. But instead of anger or hurt; she truly just worried about me hurting. And when she said 'Tom, don't you miss thursdays?', I lost it. All my thoughts and feelings of her loving me, and you loving me. She just held my head, and when I caught my breath, she kissed my head."

Darryl said, "So her smiling image is her way of telling us she wants us to be happy together?

Tom said, "That's the way I see it now. As my mind got itself around the idea, the image of her smiling never changed. To me, that meant silent agreement."

Darryl looked down at Tom's massive erection and said, "I can see something else thats silent, but it's body language is almost screaming at me." Darryl took hold of Tom's monster sized manhood and asked Tom's privates, "Did you guys miss me? Cause I missed you."

Darryl started to kiss and lick and suck Toms cock, while keeping a murmuring dialogue going with the dong. Darryl's buzzing bass rumble got Tom's Cock on the edge in no time. Tom couldn't just stand there while Darryl was loving his cock.

Tom stroked Darryl's head and brushed the hair from Darryl's face. He said, "I love you Buddy. I love you Darryl."

Darryl looked up from Tom's dong and smiled as he said, "I love you Tom. I love you Buddy." Darryl reached around and hugged Tom and his now massive member at the same time. The look of pure contentment on Darryl's face put a big smile on Tom's

The next few hours left them exhausted but happy. And only one small chair was harmed in the process. After a short nap, they saw the damage to the piece of furniture and both giggled as they ceremoniously laid the chair on the pile with the sofa and the coffee table. They saluted their fallen comrade (the chair), and giggled all the way back inside Darryl's house.

Then they got a shock. They both looked over to see that the Statue of the monkey was gone! The platform he was sitting on was still there, but the monkey was gone!

There was the sound of a stream of water falling into a toilet and then the sound of someone flushing the downstairs bathroom toilet. The hair on their bodies started to stand on end. They both looked over to the bathroom door as it opened and a six and a half foot tall ape/human bodybuilder walked out with a three foot dick bumping against his ankles. The creature smiled at them and closed the door behind himself.

He walked right up to them and patted their dicks like old friends and looked up at them with an even bigger smile. He said in perfect english, "Can I play too?" Just then his three foot cock started to thicken and stretch. The demigod's prick grew to four feet in length and about five inches in diameter. The guys just looked at each other and got the giggles again and both grabbed the monkey meat at the same time. The monkey god giggled himself and said, "No fighting boys, we all have more than enough to pass around." He reached under their cocks and stroked their cock's underside for a while.

The guys didn't want to break the spell by asking questions, so they slowly stroked the avatar's dick and started to kiss each other again. Their dicks got stiffer and changed the direction they were pointing in. After the monkey avatar changed the way he was stroking Tom and Darryl, he let out a happy little groan. They stopped kissing to see what was going on.

Monkey Avatar said, "Aw, I didn't mean for you to stop kissing. The way you two kiss each other, the energy you put out when you kiss, is just beautiful. That's the main reason I slipped into Fu's mind when he was thinking about a birthday present for you to give Darryl. Fu had reached into your body's memory to discover what your body felt about Darryl. Fu could see the impact your kiss had on Tom's body. And I could feel it through Fu. You two are amongst approximately three thousand people in the world today who are truly great kissers."

At that point with the guys dicks pointing in the right direction, Monkey Avatar (MA for short) kissed the tip of Darryl's dick and then the tip of Tom's dick. That did it! the guys both sat down and pulled the furry bundle of muscle and cock into their laps.

They couldn't help themselves when they got him horizontal. He was looking so cute and sexy with all that muscle elegantly covered with just the right amount of fur; the guys had to tickle him for half a minute. MA giggled like a little kid and threw his arms around himself like that would protect him from tickling. They could see the big smile on his face. When they stopped and smiled at him, he suddenly got very shy. But he was so happy with them he tried to hug them both. They got the idea and held him closer to their bodies. His head rubbed into Tom's belly, while his right hand and foot started to tweak Darryl's nipples. Toms left hand rubbed MA's belly and chest while his right hand massaged MA's neck and shoulders. Darryl handled the nipple onslaught by putting twelve inches of MA's dick into his mouth while stroking the remaining three feet of thick monkey meat.

This activity had a lazy kind of speed to it. They weren't trying to push each other to the edge of a giant screaming orgasm. Stimulating each others sensitive parts with no definite destination in mind, gave it a timeless quality. You can only take so much full on orgasm before your brain pops a circuit breaker just to keep from melting down. But what they were doing was at such a neat intensity and languid velocity; they could continue doing it for hours at a time, and still decide at any time, to ramp it up or throttle it back.

They all decided to take a break after five full minutes of all three purring. They had no idea how long they had been at their, "Slow Stroke ", but they felt more rested and full of energy than when they started.

MA said, "It has been over a hundred years since I have been this big. And well over four hundred years since someone thought of playing tickle with me." The guys get a gleam in their eyes and pretend to start tickling MA again and he erupts in giggles as he holds himself again to ward off tickling. They all get calm and wear happy contented smiles.

Ma frowns for just a second and then asks a little seriously, "Have I made you two happy with the changes? Have I made you happy?" He looks at their laps and not their faces, shy but wishing for praise. He tells them, "Because you two have been making me happy for a long time" He looks them in the eyes at the end and his joy is calm and steady and deep.

Tom looked like he couldn't believe the question. He thought, 'Can't gods tell when they've made people happy?' Tom glanced at Darryl. Darryl's face said he was very happy. Tom looked back at Monkey Avatar and said, "Come 'er you." as he gathered MA into his arms like he would a child. Tom held him close to his chest and kissed the top of his head. He started to rock back and forth like a father soothing his child.

Darryl and Tom made eye contact, and Tom motioned with his head to scoot closer. As Darryl got next to Tom, Tom took his left arm off MA, and wrapped it around Darryl, pulling him into the cradling of a demigod. Tom said, "Just so you hear the words that go with this embrace; Yes you have made us very happy. Thank you, so much. You helped open my heart again."

Tom turned his face to Darryl's and they kissed . MA smiled at them and closed his eyes for a moment. His breathing slowed and when Tom and Darryl came back from the place great kissers go, they watched him for a while like parents often do.

MA woke up bright and alert and smiling after only a few minutes napping. He said, "Tom has the means to reduce your size to almost normal. Share the tea and you will both shrink back to a very muscular size, a little under seven feet tall. I believe you will both be considered massively over-endowed. That won't be a problem for you two, will it?"

Tom and Darryl say, "No. " together with a smile on their faces.

Monkey Avatar gets an excited look on his face and he asks, "Before you drink the tea, would you two mind doing something, that would be talked about for years to come?"

Tom and Darryl get curious grins and Darryl asks, "What would you like us to do?"

MA sat up on Tom's knee so he could talk to them both. He said" I can change the appearance of your faces. I can make myself look completly human. I would love to see two massively muscled nine foot tall studs walk down the board walk in Santa Monica, and climb right in the weightlifting pit where the bodybuilders workout at the beach." MA's smile was infectious. Tom and Darryl just looked at each other and back at MA and started to laugh. The image of the public and the bodybuilders just freaking out at the shear size of Tom and Darryl was too good to pass up. And when they started to find the amount of weight they could lift. This was going to help psychologists for years. Bodybuilders in therapy.

Tom saw the agreement in Darryl's eyes and told MA, "We think that is a very good idea, and we would love to help blow the minds of some seasoned bodybuilders and their public."

MA was monkey laughing but Darryl saw a problem. Darryl asked, "How do we get down to Santa Monica? None of our vehicles will hold us anymore."

MA's smile didn't disappear. He looked like he was searching his memory. He looked at Darryl and said, "May I use your Cell Phone?"

Darryl scratched his head and said, "Just a minute." as he walked to the kitchen. They heard Darryl say, "And it's been charging all this time, too." He brought it over and handed it to Monkey Avatar.

MA said, "Thank you." and his eyes closed to slits as his head tipped to one side. He held the cell phone like it was an offering. Then his eye grew wide along with his smile. He opened the cell phone and punched in the numbers. The phone rang twice and a baritone voice said, "Hello?"

MA said, "Hello Jerry. Do you recognize my voice?"

Jerry sounded confused and suspicious. He said, "Who is this?"

Ma smiled and said, "I'm the one who woke you up at two in the morning, five years ago; after you passed out at the Johnson party."

Jerry just said, "Yeah?"

MA said, "And I got you to check the upstairs bedrooms instead of going home."

Jerry said, "I sort of remember that."

Ma said, "And I pushed you forward into the room where three muscle hunks were having their own little party. But you were the one they asked to stay, after they saw the monster you have between your legs. They didn't even talk to me."

Jerry mumbled, "They couldn't see you."

Ma admitted, "Well, that is true. I was also the one who gave you the energy to make love to your girl friend for five hours non-stop. And did it knowing she was leaving in the morning for a better paying job in another state. You gave her the best loving she ever had, and I think she still regrets leaving you."

Jerry said a bit sad, "But she never came back."

MA said, "I'm so sorry Jerry. I was hoping she would. She made you so happy. Do you know who I am now?"

Jerry smiled and his voice showed it. He said, "Monkey man?"

MA said, "Yes, Jerry. The Monkey man in your dreams."

Jerry paused and said, "This is even stranger than usual. Why are you using a Phone? Why aren't you here with me right now?"

MA said, "Because at this very moment, I am flesh and blood, Jerry."

Jerry took a breath and said, "What?"

MA said, "Yes, Jerry. A statue dedicated to me, was given offerings most abundant. These offerings caused my statue to grow and grow as the one offering them grew larger. And when his true love joined him in giant stature, the energy of their love turned wood and paint into flesh and bone. I am six foot six and as beefy as you last saw me."

Jerry said, "In my dream."

Ma said the one thing that fully convinced Jerry. MA said, "And in that dream I myself did not know why I said this, but I told you, your lonely days would end with the help of two mighty men. And you would believe again that."

Jerry and MA say together, "True love does exist."

Jerry said, "Where are you Monkey man?"

MA said, "Jerry, you still have that big old UPS truck, don't you?"

Jerry said, "Yes, and just yesterday I ripped out the shelving in the back. The gas tank is half full, what's the address you're at.?"

MA gave him the address and some directions. He was only twenty minutes away.

Tom said, "That's great." He looked at Darryl and then himself. As he looked at MA he was about to say.

"Clothes, "MA and he said that in unison. MA said, "We'll find something. But while we're waiting for Jerry, could we try something, I think will go over big at Muscle Beach?"

Tom and Darryl said, "Sure."

Monkey Avatar lead them outside. He said, "I'm going to pull myself into a ball shape, like I'm going to cannonball into a pool. I want you two to toss me back and forth like a basket ball. and after we get that down, I'm going to spring open and crunch back into a ball shape half way between you two."

They started to practice, and luckily none of the houses could see how tall or hairy the three laughing men were in Darryl's backyard. They got the routine down quick and MA was testing out what he had time to do in between throws. The door bell went off when MA was half way to Darryl and instead of crunching into a ball shape, MA let himself fall butt first into Darryl's arms. MA looked straight up and in back of himself and asked Darryl, "Can I get the door?"

Darryl set him down and said, "Yes, you may." He gave MA a little swat on the but which got a goofy grin out of Monkey Avatar. The doorbell ringing again got MA running to the door.

He said, "Who is it?"

Just as Jerry started to say, "It's me, Jerry." the door was half way open and Monkey Avatar's head was just peeking around it.

MA said softly, "Hi, Jerry. Come on in." The door was all the way open and as Jerry walked inside, MA closed it . They looked at each other for only a second and Jerry grabbed the much taller MA and lifted him as he hugged him.

Jerry was struck goofy with the reality of Monkey Avatar. He didn't let MA down, but just said between MA very thick chest, "You're Really Big!"

MA just smiled and replied, "And you're strong!"

Jerry realized he had MA off the ground and slowly let MA slid against him till he touched ground. Ma chuckled and said, "You always pick the best way to do things." MA's dick was swelling to half mast.

Jerry was distracted by this magic act until two very large shadows covered MA and himself.

Ma saw the excitement and fear on Jerry's face. He told Jerry, "They aren't going to hurt you. turn around and meet Tom and Darryl."

Jerry turned around and nearly fell back into MA. They were so close and so tall.

Tom said, "Good to meet you Jerry. I'm Tom." Darryl shook his hand after Tom, and said, "And I'm Darryl. You are welcome in my house."

Jerry stood a bit straighter, as he said, "Thank you. And Thank you very much for helping make my dream Monkey Man real." He gave MA a quick kiss.

Darryl looks at a clock. It's ten twenty-three P.M. on a friday night. Darryl said, "Jerry would you like anything to eat or drink?"

Jerry smiles and says, "No, thank you. I had a late dinner, so I'm fine."

Darryl says, "If you get thirsty, there's soda and juice in the fridge. Glasses to the right of the fridge."

MA says, "Tom, Darryl. You two may not know it but while you are this big, you have the power to change the physical body of anyone who swallows your cum." and with that he looks straight at Jerry.

Jerry says, "Really? But I don't want to be nine feet tall."

MA sys, "Jerry, You don't have to be nine feet tall. You tell them what you want to look like and just before they cum they imagine the change and keep that image in mind just as they start cuming. They don't have to worry about it after they start cuming. And any amount of cum swallowed will perform the change. You don't have to swallow all they shoot. Your belly would be three feet in diameter if you had to swallow all the spooge that came out of their wang during one orgasm."

While MA was talking Tom and Jerry had moved over to the carpeted Living room and leaned against a wall. They started to stroke themselves as they paid attention to what MA was telling them. About the time MA was mentioning three foot diameter belly, his cock decided to see how hungry Jerry was. When MA finished speaking Jerry's own massive talleywhacker decided to make a long thick statement. MA noticed and lead Jerry over to the happy giants.

Monkey Avatar crawled into Darryl's lap and Jerry got into Tom's. Tom put his hands on either side of Jerry's shoulders and supported from the back. He said, "Well Jerry. My judgment might be clouded by your twenty inch cock, but I don't seem to see many areas that could use improvements. So tell me what you do want changed and we'll do our best to please you."

Jerry looked over at MA and Ma gave him a smile for courage. Jerry smiled back and then looked at Tom ands said, "Well. Sort of a cross between Markus Ruhl and Dorian Yates."

Tom had a fair idea what jerry meant. But just in case he said, "I know what those two guys look like. So you want to look like a bull of a man with a medium waist and immense thighs and calves. Is that about it?"

Jerry glanced at MA for a second and then told Tom, "Actually, I always thought a little bit of a roid gut looked real sexy."

Tom said" Ok. Like Markus has. That's not that big, right?"

Jerry relaxed and smiled as he said, "Yeah. I think it's just right. and could I have another five inches on my dick, but no thicker; and make my balls the size of baseballs, please."

Tom chuckled and said, "We aim to please. And speaking of aiming, I'm afraid you'll have to get up and back up a few feet. I can't guarantee where my spunk will go if you're too close."

Jerry got off Tom's lap and backed up about four feet, Tom said, "That's about right. Here we go, Jerry." Tom started to stroke himself and Monkey Avatar looked over at Tom and smiled. Suddenly Tom got a startled look on his face, and then he looked like he already had an orgasm.

Tom said, "I'm close Jerry, get ready." He looked over to MA and asked, "Did you do that?"

MA looked a bit sheepish but nodded yes. Tom wasn't upset so he told Monkey Avatar, "You're good! Thanks."

Tom turned back to Jerry as his spunk rose to his dick. He felt the pressure and said " Here it comes Jerry." and with that Tom shot a fire-hose thick rope of cum at Jerry.

Jerry caught half of it on the face and a quarter of it in the mouth. With one swallow Jerry started to swell up with muscle. His chest got even bigger than Markus and Dorian combined while his shoulders and back got so big, he really did look like a bull. His thighs expanded to amazing hugeness, along with his calves. And then his cock started to lengthen as his balls almost popped to the new baseball size. Jerry's arms got a little longer than usual, but that helped his over all look since his forearms, biceps, and triceps grew so big. Jerry was all smiles when the transformation was complete. He rubbed his own roid gut and purred.

Jerry said, "Thank you so much. I am so heavy and thick, it feels great!. And the belly is just perfect."

Tom reached out and rubbed it a little and after Jerry started purring again like a cat, Tom turned to Darryl and said, "Buddy, You are the only other man I know who purrs when I rub your belly. I always love that cause it lets me know I'm doing it right."

They did a lot of the things you'd think two nine foot tall giants, a massive bodybuilder and a six and a half foot tall meaty monkey god would do. And a few of them twice. around three in the morning they all sort of conked out. They all had a wonderful sleep, and only woke after sharing a dream where they were all different animals in the forest and each one wanted to have sex with the others. Monkey Avatar woke with Jerry sucking on his left nipple. MA returned the favor and Jerry was fully awake.

Their shared dream caused them to have a need to relieve the sexual tension. and after only half an hour of that, their stomachs started to make demands. Jerry took the lead since he wasn't too big for all the pots and pans. MA helped with the pancakes and finding large enough plates and forks for Tom and Darryl. While they did nearly finish off most of the food in Darryl's house, They did end up full and happy. Darryl carefully washed the dishes while Tom tried to find something for them to wear. Jerry and MA got a shower. They only used ten minutes to fool around in the shower, before they got back to cleaning themselves.

Jerry left the bathroom laughing. He told Tom, "I thought I was going to have to use four or five towels to dry Monkey man off, but he just rubbed his hands together three times and the water flew off of him and into the sink."

MA said, "It's a handy little talent."

Tom said, "I'm still coming up empty on anything that will fit us." He looked discouraged.

MA smiled and said, "Have you checked the garage. I bet there are some odd looking trunks just inside the door that might have what you need."

Darryl is just rinsing the last dish and says, "Uncle Sal's trunks!! He was a fat man for a side show. His clothes were always industrial strength and huge."

Darryl walks crouched through the living room to the back door and squeezes through followed by Tom, MA, and Jerry. Darryl pokes his head into the garage and pulls out two very large trunks like they were lunch boxes. Darryl says, "Thank you Uncle Sal."

Tom opens one while Darryl opens another. Tom says" Success!" as he pulls out green and blue swim trunks built for a hippopotamus.

Darryl says, "Good ole Uncle Sal liked pushing peoples buttons. He'd enjoy himself at any seaside town by going to the beach on a hot day and acting like a whale. He loved the way people twisted themselves up over him being fat. Somehow he carried it all like an acrobat. I saw him once do a cartwheel, and even I was shocked. He weighed over four hundred pounds on a five foot eight frame."

By now Tom and Darryl had the swim trunks on but needed something else to help out. MA reached into the Trunk Darryl had opened and brought out two very long belts. The Giants hooked the belts in to their swim trunks and then did a most muscular pose. This got a light-bulb glowing above Jerry's head.

Jerry asked, "Where do you guys want to go?"

Tom said, "Give you three guesses."

Darryl said, "And it's not the mountains."

Jerry just laughed and said, "You are going to blow every fuse in every bodybuilder down at muscle beach!"

MA wasn't much taller than Jerry, and he tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Jerry, right now, you would blow quite a few fuses at muscle beach."

Suddenly all four had a need to start posing at each other. They wound down after a few minutes. Tom said, "I think we're ready!"

Jerry started to walk to the front door and said, "Gentleman your brown panel van chariot awaits."

They followed Jerry and Darryl locked the house up, after grabbing his wallet and cellphone. They only saw one man running before they got to Jerry's van and he nearly ran into a mailbox.

After they piled in Jerry got the doors closed and got in the drivers seat. He said, "I'd say buckle up but it would take all day finding one that would fit."

Monkey Avatar got in the passenger seat and and buckled in. He stopped Jerry before he started the engine. He said, "Jerry you should see this so you don't have an accident."

MA started to rub his hands together about three inches apart. A glow and then a cloud of white smoke formed in between his hands. as he rubbed faster and wider the cloud got bigger and then slipped away from his hands and wrapped itself around MA. When the smoke cleared, MA looked like he was related to Jerry. He looked completly human and very sexy.

Jerry said, "Wow, I always wanted a brother."

MA turned in the seat a bit and said, "Darryl you're next." He did the same thing again with his hands but not as much and the smaller cloud slipped onto Darryl's face. Darryl had bright red hair and an Irish kind of face with a thick red goatee.

Monkey Avatar said, "And now for Tom." His hands did the smoke magic again and Tom was now much younger looking and completly bald. Tom also now had a huge lantern jaw and red eyebrows. Tom looked at Darryl and they both frowned, which caused their eyebrows to turn into one long one. This got them laughing.

Darryl said, "We must be cousins." at the same time they both gave a vacant look with their mouths open.

Jerry cracked up and said, "I must be related to you guys."

Tom said, "And that's why we let you do the talkin'. You finished high school, we didn't even get to go."

MA looked to Jerry and said, "Shall we?"

Jerry started the van and they were at Santa Monica beach in no time. They found a parking place near a sunglasses booth. Jerry and Monkey Avatar, had no problem finding a pair of sunglasses for their heads. When Tom and Darryl walked up behind them the owner of the booth got real wide eyed. Tom was going to let Jerry do most of the talking, but he had to help with the set up. Tom said, "Cousin, you found any our size?"

At that moment the owner of the booth was mentally kicking himself for putting up the sign that read what Darryl slowly read out loud. He said, "Something for everyone."

Before Jerry could come up with something to say to keep from laughing, Tom added fuel to the fire. Tom said, "Maybe they don't plan for people our size, Cousin" Tom ended it with a lowering of his head and a pout.

Jerry burst out with" Well, "to cover a laugh, but continued with, "The sign does say something for everyone. That would be false advertising if they didn't have something for nine foot tall bodybuilders." Jerry was looking straight into the eyes of the owner when he said this last bit.

The owner was stuck. Then his face said ' Or am I?!' He held up an index finger to have them wait. He rushed into the back area and found the joke glasses that are at least a foot wide. He had four pair and he brought them out in triumph.

Darryl said, "Hey, you're good sir! They look like they might fit."

Tom and Darryl tweaked the earpieces a bit but within half a minute they were both smiling down on a very happy booth owner.

Tom said, "What do we owe ya, Sir?"

The owner noticed the name of his place stamped in the earpiece. He looked into the faces of two happy customers and said, "Five bucks a piece."

Darryl said, "That's a good price, Thank you. sir." Tom said thank you after handing out a five dollar bill. Darryl handed over a fiver and they went on their way toward the weight pit.

Monkey was getting excited. He whispered to Jerry, "I love a parade." They were within thirty feet of the weight pit after half an hour of window shopping. They had also collected about fifty people just gawking. Tom burst out with, "Real weights, and a real weightliftin' bar."

Jerry got in front of Tom and was scooted along for about ten feet, before Tom acted like he was there. Tom looked down and said, "Oh, sorry cousin. Do we have to talk to someone so we can use the equipment?"

A burly man with a pronounced roid gut and a massive chest and back, walked up just then and said, "I'm the manager of the weight pit, and we would be honored if you four decided to pump a little iron in the weight pit. The only thing my boss asks is that in cases such as these, I get signed release forms from each of you and you all allow me or any member of the public to take your photograph while working out in the weight pit. Sound like a deal?

MA piped in with, "They like their pictures being took." MA took three of the forms and walked the two giants over to a table just outside the weight pit. Tom and Darryl started to sit on the wooden table, but a loud creaking sound and a tiny snap sound stopped them in their tracks. They decided to they didn't need to sit down. The paperwork was finished in three minutes and Murray the manager for the weight pit was happy as a clam. Two of his friends with high-end digital cameras were visiting him right then and they both agreed to get a lot of shots of the Giants. Luckily Murray had his own digital camera and it's cable to connect it to his computer. And on top of that his friends had the same brand of camera, which could use his cable and download the shots into his computer right then. Very soon the two friends were running out out of memory. To keep going, they had to Download one camera and wipe it's memory to be able to keep taking shots.

All four guys took working out seriously. Even MA went through the proper motions and warmed up first. But while MA and Jerry could find a poundage they couldn't lift, Tom and Darryl kept on going through the process of asking if there were any way to add more weight. The manager just shook his head no and said, "Sorry big guy. Your strength is at the limit of our equipment."

One group of very big body builders caught sight of Jerry and MA first and asked why so many people. Then Tom switched places with Darryl doing machine leg presses. Tom got off the weight rack and sat down as Darryl got off of the seat and climbed onto the weight rack.

The apparent leader of the of the new muscle men asked Murray, "How tall are they?"

Murray said, "Almost too tall to use the machine, and it has the most weight capacity."

The leader mumbles, "Yeah three thousand two hundred pounds. How much do those guys weigh?"

Murray said, "Well the scales all hiccup and die, so I happened to recall that I could wrap my arms around a pole and lift it straight up. And the heaviest I could lift that way was seven hundred and twenty pounds. I just got them off the ground so I'm giving them another ten pounds and they would be."

The leader type with the blowing fuse mumbled, "Seven hundred and thirty pounds!"

Murray helped him along with, "And added to the max weight you can fit on the machine, comes to."

The guy said in a normal voice but a dazed look on his face, "Three thousand nine hundred and thirty pounds."

Darryl was close enough to have heard all this and chimes in with his lowest rumbling voice, "Give or take a pound or two." His smile directed at the leader type was the straw that broke the camel humping bodybuilder's back. His friends caught him as he tried to slump (you couldn't actually say he fainted). They let him sit down for a while, and it also kept him from seeing what was going on with the rest of the weight stations, Tom and Darryl were working through. The small three tier bleachers the Weight pit has for spectators was packed, by the time Tom and Darryl were finished with the weights. They stepped toward the little gate and didn't even bother opening it. they both cleared it without thinking about it. Jerry and MA hopped over it,

And that's when the bleachers erupted with applause and whistles. Tom and Darryl turned back to people standing and applauding. And it was for them. They looked at each other then looked at the spectators and stood a little taller, before they both took a very large bow.

Murray walked up with four business cards and his private number on them. He said, "You boys want copies of all the photos we took today, just give me a cal and I'll ship them to you for free. This is the largest crowd we've had in over two years. The guy that asked all the questions finally payed his membership fees. I guess he doesn't feel like he's the main attraction anymore. I gotta thank you for that, cause he was starting to get on my nerves."

Tom and Darryl took the cards and Tom said, "Thanks for lettin' us use the equipment. Back home we hafta make due with train wheels and such."

Darryl said, "It's just not the same as the real stuff."

MA and Jerry said, "Thanks and they walked a bit faster after Tom and Darryl.

When they catch up Tom whispers to MA, "Where do you want to try god juggling."

Ma is a little taken back, but smiles anyway and says, "I think I'd prefer the term Monkey juggling. But lets do it on the grass right in front of where you got your cool sunglasses.

Tom said, "Cool!"

Tom and Darryl got about fifteen feet apart and tom put his left leg out much like an elephant would, for his driver to climb on board. Monkey Avatar, scurries up to Tom's shoulder and sits there for Tom and Darryl to get set. Tom grins at MA and The monkey man scrunches down to a rough approximation of a medicine ball. One that weighs about three hundred and eighty pounds! Tom holds him and asks, "OK?"

MA says, "OK." And Tom throws him like a basket ball. Darryl has to move a little to one side but no problem. NA gets thrown back and is immediately thrown again. The pace stays that way for about five back and fourth passes, and Tom asks if MA wants to try the other stuff.

Ma says, "One more back and forth pass and then I'll try a few things."

Tom gets him to Darryl and Darryl back to Tom. The next pass got the whole crowd gasping. MA uncurled himself just after the throw and spread out like an angry squid. Then just as quickly he collapsed back to catching size.

Darryl had a goofy grin and said, "Wow!" before throwing MA back to Tom. This went on for a while and when Tom took a little break, Jerry was ready to step the whole act up a notch.

Jerry told Darryl, "I don't think I can do the fancy stuff. But if I stay in a ball, I think I weigh the same as monkey man. I trust you two. Want an extra juggling Ball" Jerry smiled his request and Darryl grinned real big as he nodded yes.

Jerry pulled himself into a ball and Darryl picked him up as easily as he had MA.

Darryl had a crazy grin as he hefted Jerry and watched Tom and MA. Tom said something to MA, who uncurled a bit then got real excited and collapsed into a ball shape again. Tom leaned closer to hear something then, he nodded. Darryl had some idea how to do this. So they shifted to their right, keeping in mind they must move back to the left to catch the human/ape juggling balls. Both nodded and they began.

The first pass along with the second and third was a bit ragged. But once they got the rhythm down . they were able to keep passing the boys for ten back and forth passes. The crowd just went nuts when they stopped together and both smaller guys climbed onto the shoulders of the Giant that finally caught them. When Tom and Darryl both took a deep bow MA and Jerry tumbled off their shoulders and ended up tumbling towards each other and standing facing each other clasping each others arms, Then they nodded their heads once, and looked at Tom and Darryl

Darryl says, "I'm hungry!"

Just then the owner of the sidewalk restaurant comes over and tells them." If you guys agree to eat on the patio, I'll cut the menu down to a quarter of the price for anything and everything you guys want."

Tom picks up jerry and says, "Better and Better."

Jerry asks the owner, "Do you have strong enough seating for my cousins. They hate breaking chairs and sofas."

Tom and Darryl nearly choked, because Jerry couldn't have known what happened just the other day to a chair and a sofa. They didn't add to Jerry's spiel.

Two sturdy benches were found for Tom and Darryl and stronger than average chairs were brought for Jerry and MA. The smaller guys were still three hundred and eighty pounds of meat and bone.

They were given two waiters apiece and something about the way one of them smelled, got Jerry looking closer at him when he came back with their drinks. He looked at the name tag and read out loud, "Toby." then he said it louder when he realized he knew this guy from junior high school. He said, "Toby Wrightson?"

Toby took a better look at Jerry and said, "Jerry Weber?" They embraced and Toby said, "Man it has been too long." Then he notices just how big jerry is now, and says, "And you have gotten huge. You said you would."

Jerry said, "And you were the only one in school who believed me."

Toby looks into Jerry's eyes and takes a chance. " I had a crush on you. I still do.

Jerry remembers all the ways toby and he had kept each other from getting beat up by the bigger kids. And when they discovered weightlifting worked good on the both of them the next two years at junior high school weren't so bad. Then Toby's parents moved up north to Berkley. They had treated the move like they were losing their best friend, and they did.

Jerry said, "I never did find anybody I could call my best friend. You're still my best friend. What time do you get off work?"

Toby's face is shining now and he tells him, "Six thirty."

Jerry says, "I'll met you at the park bench in front of the restaurant, Six thirty-five. Sound good?"

Toby said, "Sounds real good. I better get back to work or I'll be sitting on that park bench a lot sooner than six thirty-five."

The first round of food is brought back in fifteen minutes and Toby and the other waiter take the request for the next course. In an hour and a half, the big guys are finally full and the bill is presented to Darryl. He chuckles and says, "I remembered to bring my wallet, and credit card."

Ma's eyes get big and he says softly, "Darryl, let me see your drivers license." His smile leaves Darryl a bit upset. Of course ! His drivers license shows himself a few weeks ago. Not like he was last night and certainly not now with a magic cloud hiding his face. He slips it to MA who rubs a tiny cloud onto it making everything OK.

The other waiter takes the bill, credit card and drivers license back to the register. When he gets back with the signature slip and the cards, Darryl signs it and hands the slip and booklet back to the waiter.

Toby catches them before they leave. He tells the big guys, "My boss would want one of his people to thank you for dining here today, and express our hope you enjoyed the experience."

Tom said, "Toby, everything that was served to us today was excellent. Tell your boss thank you for the discount, but that it was worth the full price too. We will return."

Jerry said, "See you at six thirty-five."

Toby said, "See you then."

Darryl steps up and says, "Before we go, we want to make sure you're going to treat our Jerry right. He's a good man and deserves the best."

At first Toby was a bit intimidated, then he took his courage in both hands and stood up taller and closer to Darryl the nine foot giant, and said, "I don't know if I'm the best for Jerry, but I know I'll always treat him right. He's my best friend too and I'll always have his back." He smiled his courage at Darryl. Darryl put his hand on Toby's shoulder and said, "Then that's a great start. With that attitude, you won't have anything to worry about from us."

Toby said, "Thanks."

Jerry said, "See you soon."

Toby was beaming as he said, "See ya soon."

They piled into the van and Jerry started it up and before they knew it they were at Darryl's house. They get inside before MA says, "Well we have certainly been quiet for the past half an hour."

Darryl says, "Tom and I have been neckin. We're sorta quiet when we do that."

MA says, "Well then that leaves Jerry and Toby."

Jerry mumbles distractedly, "Yeah." with a smile starting to form.

Then Jerry realizes what MA said. He says, "It's just like you said, two mighty men would help me believe in true love again. I never knew he had a crush on me. I had the hots for him but we never talked about girls or guys. I never knew he was gay. And we're starting off again as friends first." then more emotions hit Jerry and he reaches out and hugs Monkey Avatar.

Jerry isn't crying. It's just the years left him stretched thin friend wise. He gets calm enough to say" And I never gave up. I always believed in you. I knew you were real."

And Monkey Avatar said, "You never doubted in my existence for a moment. not even a second. You held on to your faith in me like I held on to my faith in you. You may have had a bit of self doubt, but I recall all the times when you helped people keep their faith in what ever they believed in. That's real magic too. I have been so very proud of you. I am so glad you and your best friend found each other again. Darryl was right. You are a good man and deserve the best. I am sure you will let Toby know just how good a man he is." Jerry hugs MA again and gives him a slow shake.

MA tells him, "You need to take a shower and get ready for your date."

Darryl says, "You can use my shower and I have some clothes that will fit you."

Jerry was going to argue for going home but he admits, "It is closer to Santa Monica from here than at my place. Thanks Darryl, I owe you."

Tom said, "And we'll take it in a different coin. We want you and Toby to start visiting us regularly, and accepting certain invitations to parties. That will pay us back for what you owe us."

Jerry smiled at the play of words. He said to Darryl, "He writes contracts doesn't he?"

Darryl smiles and says, "He's good at it too."

Darryl shows Jerry the bathroom and brings down a few different pieces of clothing that will fit Jerry and look good for a first date.

Monkey Avatar asks, "Darryl, do you have a basket big enough for a picnic?"

Darryl squeezes into the kitchen and pulls a big basket out of the pantry. He calls out to MA and Tom, "Red or white wine?"

They both answer, "White."

Darryl mumbles as he puts the items into the basket. He says, "Crackers and some light cheddar and some brie. Paper plates to line the wicker plate holders. Sturdy plastic forks and spoons. Clear plastic wine glasses, and a bottle opener, napkins." He slips about four slices of wheat bread into a plastic bag. Then he spoons some mayonnaise into a smaller bag and seals it. Then he does the same with a few tablespoons of Mustard. He writes on the mayo and mustard bags, "just chew the tip of the bag off and squeeze the contents out that way". Then Darryl finds a pack of sliced turkey breast and a pack of deli provolone cheese. Some leaves of lettuce and sandwiches can now be made. Two plums and an orange rounds out Jerry's picnic dinner. Maybe two bottles of wine. It all gets placed into the basket and Darryl covers it with a white and red checkered picnic cloth. Darryl gets a goofy grin on his face and he kisses his fingers, then touches his fingers to the basket. A picnic sent with a kiss.

Darryl ducks through the kitchen door and sees Jerry dressed in some tight blue jeans and a tight white muscle T shirt. Tom found a really big sized, "light" jacket. from Uncle Sal's trunk. It fits Jerry's back and chest and shoulders, and it's really loose around his waist.

Darryl hands the basket to Jerry and says, "I feel like I'm sending my little brother off to his first prom night." Toms big hand reached out and ruffled Jerry's hair. He crouched a bit so he wasn't towering over Jerry and put his hand on Jerry's shoulder. He said, "You're family now, so choose wisely who you tell this to. True love does exist. I know, because I found it twice in one lifetime." He looks over to Darryl as Jerry hugs him again.

Jerry says, "Well I better get going. I'll give you two a call tomorrow and let you know how it turned out. " He turned to MA and his face looked worried. He said, "Are you going to be around Monkey man?"

MA says, "By that you mean, Am I going to remain corporeal? Yes and for a few years at least. You do not need to worry if I'm just going to disappear. Please go have fun and both of you use condoms."

Jerry smiled and hugged Monkey Avatar. He said, "I'll be seeing you then." He turned back to Tom and Darryl and said, "And I'll be seeing you guys too."

Jerry left and MA jumped into Darryl's arms. Tom walked over and stood opposite Darryl. Tom moved a little closer and MA said, "I am in a meaty valley formed by two mountains of muscle. I could get to like this."

Tom said, "So you're staying with us?"

Monkey Avatar says, "For as long as you'll have me."

Darryl says, "So by that you mean a very very long time?"

MA giggles nodding his head yes and starts to fiddle with their nipples. He's got his hands and feet working on those perky devils.

They made lazy sex and slow love for a few hours. During one of their breaks, Tom asks MA, "Monkey Avatar. Who are you exactly?"

Monkey Avatar said, "I am the Avatar of Playful Male Lust." While keeping his feet on Darryl and Tom's nipples, MA's hands reached down and started to cares their balls

Tom told Darryl, "That's the best description of this I could think of."

Darryl starts to kiss MA all over his body and tickles him every once in a while. After another few hours they fall asleep in each other's arms, very happy.

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