Monkey Meat 2

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Well dear readers; I promised two friends I would continue the story and here it is. The next installment of Monkey Meat. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave feedback either way.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of eighteen years, You should not be here. You have been warned.

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6:25 PM Venice Boardwalk Park

Jerry was nervous and very glad Darryl left him something to do with the picnic meal. He had the two sandwiches open and he had finished putting mayo on both and mustard on Toby's. He got the turkey and Provolone and lettuce on, and was putting the final layer of turkey when a cute slim guy on roller-skates went by and nearly crashed into a pole.

The kid barely missed and circled back around. Jerry had taken his jacket off, and was quite impressive in his tight jeans and painted on muscle T shirt.

The kid tried to test the waters with a little flirting. He skated by and ogled Jerry and the sandwiches. On the second circle around he said, "Looks Good!" Leaving it open to whether he was talking about the food or Jerry.

Jerry closed them up and with a grin said, "Find your own."

The kid shrugged and skated on his way. But as he was leaving, he turned around to face Jerry while skating away from him. He said, "Ya still look good!"

Jerry chuckled and dipped his head and laughed at the kid, cause he almost hit a guy and a girl when he turned and skated the direction he was going.

"I'll second that opinion." Toby said as he walked up to Jerry. Jerry had just got the sandwiches back into the basket, and this gets him looking up at Toby in street clothes.

Toby could be described as a meaty gymnast with short cut thick brown hair that stuck up naturally, and green to hazel eyes. His face looked a bit Irish, with a natural tendency for his lips to curl into a smile. Great smile, cause it spread to his eyes.

Toby saw his much larger best friend look up at him. Jerry was huge now but he still had that look even when he didn't smile, that he was happy. Jerry's face was wider than normal with a strong wide chin, a broad nose and green eyes. His hair was a blonder version of strawberry blond, in a crew cut style. He had bushy eyebrows and a trim mustache that outlined the muscles of his lower face and mouth. It was pretty hard to miss the smile that burst forth, when Jerry saw Toby.

Jerry stood up and held out his arms for a hug. He said, "You're some pretty fine eye candy yourself." Toby looked up as he was engulfed in Jerry's hug. Toby started to blush from the compliment seconds before he disappeared into the hug.

Toby took some deep breaths, getting a lung-full of Jerry's scent. Jerry was busy doing the same thing.

When they stood back to look at each other, Toby said, "Ya know, the first time I really got a good smell of you was when I got a crush on you. You always smelled real good to me." He had a sexy grin on his face as he said that.

Jerry chuckled and said, "That's how I knew it was you, this afternoon. That walnuts and locker-room smell. Nobody else ever smelled that good." Toby blushed again.

Jerry said, "I see my best friend is going to let me push those buttons again."

Toby got an excited, 'Oh you think so, do you?' look on his face and he reached out and started to tickle Jerry on to the ground. Toby said, "Push what?"

Jerry could hardly speak but he still said, "Buttons!"

Toby continued the correctional tickling as he said, "Whose Buttons?"

Jerry squealed out, "My Buttons. Uncle!"

Toby was leaning against Jerry, who was flat on his back, trying to curl into a ball without much success. Toby stopped tickling Jerry and leaned back for a moment.

Jerry breathed heavy to get his wind back. Toby smiled down at Jerry and said, "I could get used to this. A huge blond bodybuilder at my mercy."

Jerry flattened out a bit and smiled back as he said, "You forgot the gloating laugh, there."

Just then Jerry's belly did a very loud grumble and before they could react, Toby's stomach made a similar noise at about the same volume.

Jerry said, "I was going to ask if you're hungry, but I guess our stomachs answered that question. So where do you want to go for our picnic?" Toby had gotten off of Jerry and helped him up by the end of Jerry's question.

Toby smiled and said, "How about my front yard? It's four blocks away."

Jerry said, "Cool. Let's go." He grabbed his borrowed jacket and the picnic basket and followed Toby away from the beach.


One Week Before This, In Hong Kong

Fu was becoming a bit frustrated by his grandson Junjie Da Tao.

Junjie was visiting his mother, Jia Fang Tao, and his mother's father, Fu Shi Tao. He was on summer vacation, before his last year of college. Being a Computer sciences Major, and very good at it besides; his grandfather had him help around the shop with the online business. Unfortunately Junjie felt like he had to impress Fu, and in the process, he goofed a few things up. Like now.

Fu could not find the Dragon Lust statue. He needed it to charge up the new shipment of small statues he had on back order. He could ship them the way they were, but the whole idea behind some of his online sales was helping those people in need. Fu could sense when an order for one of his more esoteric items was really someone in need of some magical assistance. He could feel 'the One' moving in requests like these. But with ten statues waiting for a charge of Dragon Lust, Fu couldn't find the Icon for the ceremony.

Fu walked up to his grandson, who was working with the website program and bouncing from a recognizable screen to one filled with programing language symbols.

Junjie had noticed how his grandfather had been pocking around a bit more in the past half hour. He stopped what he was doing and turned to Fu.

Junjie had a fragile smile as he said, "What did I do now, grandfather?" He dipped his head just a little.

Fu was going to lecture his grandson, but thought better of it. Junjie was trying to help. Fu pushed a real smile onto his face before he said, "Are you sure you aren't taking any psychology classes at your college?"

Junjie was caught off guard by the question and said, "No. Why?"

Fu grinned and said, "Your question blew all the wind out of my sails. You have been doing a very good job here. There are only a few things you've done that I would have wished for them in a different way."

Junjie brightened up a bit. Fu said, "With that said, I still need to ask if you've seen that long dragon statue I had on the shelf near the kitchen door?"

Junjie still didn't know any better and smiled as he turned back to the computer. He said, "Oh that one got shipped yesterday. I ran across your back order section and saw the one statue that could complete a rush delivery order and when I saw the statue on your shop shelves, I packed it up with the paperwork, slapped the shipping label on it and FedEx picked it up yesterday just after noon."

Fu reached over and pulled up the product screen. Then he flipped through some pages till he got to one with the image of the Dragon Lust statue on it. He looked at Junjie and said, "I know I told you I hadn't converted some measurements on the products pages, but this one was corrected. The statue you shipped was about twenty inches long. This says Twenty centimeters, not inches. That's what I needed corrected. I forgot to put centimeters in the measurements section."

Fu let that sink in for a moment before he said, "The statue is one of a kind, and now I will have a harder time finding a replacement. Obviously the spirit of the statue felt a need for travel, so I won't hold you responsible for that. But I need a new one and you will help me find the proper one to replace it. I can't charge up the back order statues with out a fully connected Icon."

Junjie frowns and said, "I'm sorry Grandfather. I'l help however you want me to."

Fu smiled and this helped Junjie's spirit. Fu said, "I am still pleased with your work. I could never have gotten the website cleaned up as well as you are doing. After you set it going yesterday afternoon, I got ten emails praising the new look and how easy it was to purchase things. I should have told you this morning." His smile was reflected in Junjie's.

Jia took that moment to walk out of the kitchen and said, "Lunch is ready. Come away from the computer for awhile."

Fu and Junjie headed for the kitchen and the computer skipped back to the Shipped orders page. On the screen was the completed order for a guy named William Foley, with an address in Venice California, USA. The indicated arrival date was in three days.

Bill Foley was in for a little surprise.


An Hour After Jerry and Toby started their Picnic.....

Toby said, "That was great, Jerry. And the second bottle of wine was perfect for the dessert. You remembered I have a sweet tooth." Toby was playing with Jerry's chest hair. It remained confined to Jerry's thick wide pectoral muscles, while half a hands breath of hair trailed down the middle of Jerry's belly into a thick curly patch just riding above the top of Jerry's jeans.

They were in the front yard of the house where Toby lived and was part time nurse to the owner. Their shirts were open and they were leaning against the one large tree. They were shielded from the street enough that they weren't about to get the cops called, but they still toned down their touching to just above PG14.

Toby's hand had Jerry thinking about Toby's light dusting of chest hair and a very blonde love trail disappearing into Toby's pants. Jerry's palm made a few clockwise rubs around Toby's navel before the tip of Jerry's ring finger slipped into it. Jerry's thumb lightly slid up and down that love trail as he looked at Toby.

Jerry said, "I really can't take that much credit for the meal. My friends were putting it together for us, while I was taking a shower." That thumb slid up and down a few times before he said, "But I put a lot of love into making that sandwich."

Toby's thumb was rolling over Jerry's nipple as he let out a low giggle and said, "Well there you go. I knew I was tasting that in there somewhere." Toby reached over and tasted Jerry's mouth and after awhile they both moaned a little bit.

Suddenly Toby's cell phone started to vibrate very hard and the William Tell Overture started to play . The vibrating shocked them at first, but hadn't gotten them to stop kissing. The ring tone selection got them both chuckling . Toby twisted his hip up so he could get at his phone and he saw who it was before he answered it.

He frowned and looked at the house as he said, "Hello Hugh. Is there a problem? I know I told I would be right outside."

Hugh could be heard saying, "Oh I know where you are. You're right outside my bedroom window. And before you start apologizing, please don't. I have a little proposition for you ."

Toby said, "And what might that be?"

Hugh said, "If you two don't get upset by this. How's about I suspend the 'First Date No Sex IN MY House ' rule, and you two finish up in your own room?"

Toby had a real goofy grin on as he said, "That sounds good to me. Thank you Hugh."

Hugh said, "You're welcome." Pause, "And if you two just happen to spill over into my room and I get a pity fuck, I'm positive you won't get a negative comment in your folder."

Toby said, "Hugh do you have an erection right now?"

Hugh paused then said with some pride in his voice, "Yes, and he's looking very happy."

Toby said, "You know the proper manipulation of one of those is supposed to be very good therapy for paraplegics."

Hugh said, "That's what my doctor keeps telling me. But he never seems to pull out his prescription pad when I ask him how I should take care of it."

Toby and Jerry started to get the picnic back into the basket as Toby said, "He never seems to offer to show you exactly what he means, does he?"

Hugh said, "No. He's a great doctor, but a marginal therapist."

Toby said, "Well, as a professional I feel it's my duty to come in within the next half hour and make sure my patient gets the proper therapy. My Boyfriend will be observing for quality control and perhaps a few demonstrations of his knowledge of very fine therapy."

Hugh was a little shocked and said, "Boyfriend, Eh? Is this the Jerry you told me about when you hired on here?"

Toby smiled and said, "Yep ! He's the one." Jerry looked into Toby's eyes and then bent and kissed Toby's neck as he enveloped Toby in a hug.

Hugh felt bad now and said, "Aw, Toby. I had no intention of getting in the way of you two."

Toby cut him off and said, "Now, Now Boss. You can't just get my professional juices going and then expect me not to proceed. We'll be seeing you in just a little while." And he hung up.

Jerry said between kissing Toby's neck, "I'm the one huh?"

Toby softly said, "Yes You Are."

Jerry pulled back and looked into Toby's eyes as he said, "A year and a half ago, my friend said my lonely days would end with the help of two mighty men and I would believe again that true love does exist." They kissed for a few moments.

Toby pulled back and said, "You should take that friend to Vegas, cause he was right on the money. Let's get inside."

They got the picnic basket into the kitchen and Jerry started another kiss that seemed to stretch time. They came up for air and Toby said, "I know there's a lot we need to catch up on, but one thing is already there. I love you Jerry."

Jerry said, "I Love you Toby. And I got my best friend back, too! That makes the words, I love you, coming out of your mouth so much sweeter. Thank you for coming back to LA." He pulled Toby into a big bear hug. They held onto each other like that for a while. Content. Complete.


The Next Day at the Vdub service center

Bill Foley got in early that monday morning and got his terminal signed in and ready for the day. He slipped back into the service bays and walked over to the employee coffee break room for the first cup of the day. He wondered why he was bothering with coffee, cause the past few days had him peppy and ready to go in the morning without any caffeine assistance. Bill got his go juice set up with the right amount of cream and sugar and glanced at the two puncture marks on his right hand.

Jerry saw Bill and said, "Bill, you're in early." Jerry got a better look at Bill and said, "Wow, you've gotten bigger. New Gym?"

Bill turned to see Jerry and said, "Nope. Must be the new vitamins." Now Bill got a better look at Jerry and said, "Wow, yourself. You're bigger too. What's Up?"

Jerry just smiled all proud of himself.

Bill knew what that look meant. He said, "You got some last night!" Jerry nodded but the smile just got bigger. Bill said, "And you're in love!" Bill looked around before he asked, because not everyone at work knew they were both gay. Bill said, "OK. What's his name and where did you meet him?"

Jerry sat at the little table in the coffee room and made it look smaller. Bill sitting down didn't help either. But that's for a story on tables.

Jerry said, "His name's Toby Wrightson and I met him where he works, at the Sidewalk Cafe in Venice. Well, met him again."

Bill had a look of concentration on his face and said, "Toby? Toby?! I remember you talking about your best friend from junior high school who moved away. That Toby?"

Jerry looks like he's gonna pop he's so happy. He nodded and said, "Yes, My best friend."

Bill just shook his head with a little grin and said, "Lucky dog. You've missed him for a while."

Jerry just nodded yes.

Bill said, "Well I'm happy for ya man. Couldn't have happened to a better guy."

Jerry said, "Thanks, Bill."

Bill looked at his watch and said, "Well you can sit on you're beefier but for a few more minutes, but I gotta get out front and see if any body came in early. Good to see that smile on your face."

Jerry got up any way and said, "Thanks Bill. we'll have to find a keeper for you now."

Bill had turned to leave, but turned back and gave Jerry a hug and said, "Thanks Brother."

They parted to start their work day.


Across the City of Angels

A phone ringing woke up Tom, Darryl and Monkey Avatar. Darryl's answering machine started it's speil with Darryl's voice. The machine beeped and Mickey said, "Darryl, Darryl, Darryl! Wakey, wakey. It's Mikey and Tom better be over there. He promised to call me friday and we haven't heard a word from you two the whole weekend. I'm gonna put about twenty or thirty minutes of my voice on this tape so you get a chance to get up ignore what I'm saying, take a leak, make breakfast for three and then come to the door cause it's gonna be me knocking in just five minutes cause I'm right down the street. I have a day off and told a friend in your neighborhood I'd help work on his truck."

Mike's voice kept on in that fashion for at least five more minutes. The guys were fully awake when Mike got to the point about knocking on the door, because he had a key! The three were looking at each other. MA smiled and said, "He has a key doesn't he?"

Tom said, "Yes he does." Darryl just sighed and looked at Tom. MA looked back and forth at Tom and Darryl and said, "And you two aren't ready to shrink yet." It wasn't a question, but it was meant to get them talking.

Darryl said, "Well. I'd like to stay big. Just not nine feet tall."

Tom nodded and said, "Yeah. Me too."

MA shook his head and said, "Is Mikey cool?" He was rolling his hands together again. The cloud engulfed MA and he was just a normal looking six foot five inch over endowed massive bodybuilder. He still looked a little on the monkey side.

Tom saw the transformation and said, "Wow. Miss your tail though."

Just then a tickling sensation went around Tom's left nipple.

Tom looked effected by it and said, "Oh. It's still there." He said the last with a low little giggle.

Darryl said, "The answer is yes to your last question Monkey Man." Darryl's cock suddenly started to get pulled out straight by nothing they could see. Darryl face said different but he said, "Oh not fair."

Tom grabbed MA, started to tickle him as he said with a grin, "C'mere you." The squeal was the same even if he didn't look like a six and a half foot tall monkey.

Darryl was still smiling as he said, "So what are we going top do?"

Tom and MA had frozen when Darryl started talking. They were facing Darryl. When he finished speaking their faces didn't move but their eyes glanced at each other, then back at Darryl. A sly grin played across their faces before they tickle attacked Darryl.

Darryl could now be heard making loud squealing sounds. He tried to escape, but they were too much for him. Laughing and squealing and gasping for air, Darryl said, "Come on guys. Mikey will be here any minute. We gotta at least get some clothes on."

Mikey had heard most of the squealing and laughing and part of what Darryl was saying. His heart loosened up knowing someone was loving Darryl in a very silly way. When he heard the word 'Guys' He hoped Tom was part of it.

Mikey decided to get involved and pounded on the door. He lowered his voice and said, "Police department. We've had a complaint of a loud party. Could we talk to the owner of the house."

Mikey could hear scuffling around in the house and a voice that almost sounded familiar said, "I'll get the door."

The door opened to a huge bodybuilder with a grin like a gorilla, standing in the doorway just wearing denim shorts.

MA said, "Morning Mikey. Come on in."

Mikey walked in and MA closed the door, held out his hand, and said, "My name's Monk."

Mikey grinned and held out his arms for a hug.

MA smiled real big and engulfed Mikey in a hug.

Mikey was on the husky side and this was a new feeling, being engulfed. MA was rubbing his back and Mikey let himself go with the feeling.

But Mikey rubbed a little to far south. And then realized what he had brushed against. Being the curious and open straight man that he was, he just grabbed the base of MA's tail. He then slowly pulled it straight up so he could see it.

But he couldn't!

MA and Mikey separated but Mikey still had ahold of MA's tail. He squinted his eyes as he looked at MA's head and let go of his tail.

MA said, "You OK Mikey?"

Mikey nodded yes and MA said, "You had ahold of my tail."

Mikey grinned and said, "Yeah, my wife says I'm silly that way." Then he frowned with the smile and said, "Uhh. Could I?" He was indicating touching MA's head.

MA tipped his head to the side for a second and then said, "Sure. Go ahead."

Mikey reached up to where a monkey's ears would be and found one. But it was invisible!

Mikey said, "You have a cloud around you don't you?"

MA said, "Why, yes I do. Can You see it?"

Just then Mikey started to scratch the inside of MA's ear with his thumb and MA liked it.

Mikey said, "Just barely. You're a big monkey, Monk."

MA distractedly said, "Yeah I am. Thank you Mikey."

Mikey said, "You're welcome. Monk." Mikey giggled and said, "Oh my god. You're a Monkey Monk." Mikey let go of his ear and the cloud got thinner.

Tom said from the kitchen, "He's a Monkey God."

MA said, "I prefer Monkey Avatar."

Mikey said, "My little girl would love to meet you." Just then he looks MA over and is shocked with the size of MA's package.

Mikey said, "Oh my god. No wonder the guys like you.!"

MA looked down where MIkey was staring and said, "Hey! I'm more than just that. But thanks for the compliment."

Mikey was a little embarrassed but shrugged it off and said, "You're welcome. But you are big every where....." Mikey's eyes got suddenly very very big.

Mikey tried to say Big but all that came out was, "B, "a few times as his head tipped further and further up.

Tom said, "Aw Monkey man. You said you'd tell him."

MA closed Mikey's mouth and said Mikey the word is Big not 'B'."

Mikey said, "Oh Yeah. Big!"

Darryl walked up in back of tom and planted his head on Tom's shoulder.

Mikey said, "WOW! you two are BIG! What happened? Magic?" Mikey looked at MA for the answer.

MA said, "Yes Mikey. Magic." He turned and looked up at Darryl and Tom and said, "He's fast."

Darryl reached around Tom and picked up Mikey in a hug. He said, "Yup. He's the smartest mechanic I know."

Mikey was trying to figure out how to feel about being picked up like that, but when Darryl said that, he just melted into the hug. He had his arms almost all the way around Darryl's neck.

Mikey said, "Talk about feeling like you're six years old again."

Darryl set him down and he looked at Tom and put his fists on his hips. He said, "What? I don't deserve a hug from you?"

Tom picked him up and hugged him . Mikey got a good little smile on his face. Tom said, "Pushy little devil."

Mikey said, "Damn straight." Then Mikey pulled away enough and said, "Are you two planning on staying this size?"

Tom set him back down and said, "We were just about to take care of that. But we wanted Monkey man to modify it a little."

Mikey said, "Oh. So you'll be about his size? That's a good size."

MA looked at him and said, "Thanks. I bet your wife thinks she's a lucky lady to have you."

Mikey got a little bashful with the compliment and finally said, "I think I'm the lucky one."

MA reached over and ruffled Mikey's hair.

Mikey reached over and did the same to MA. He said, "OH wow. Ears on the top of his head. Could you please take that cloud off?"

MA said, "Sure." and rolled his hands together then quickly pulled them away from each other like pulling cloth in two. The cloud split down the middle and disappeared.

Mikey said, "Cool. Now you look right. and furrier." With that last Mikey whipped his hand to MA's nipple and caught it between the knuckles of his middle and ring fingers. A quick pinch and Mikey's hand was back at his side.

This got a mock angry look on MA's face and his lips in an 'Oh you" position. A baritone, "Oohoohooh, "came out of MA's throat and the nipple pinching ticklefest was on. After a few minutes of grab ass, they were at a stalemate with each pinching one nipple of the other. The two giants had watched it all like some out take of a three stooges TV show.

Darryl held the cup of tea out to MA and said, "We could use a little help here."

MA and Mikey looked over at the cup and then back at each other. Mikey said, "On three?"

MA nodded yes and they both said, "One, two, Three." They both let go at the same time and slumped. Then they smiled and hugged again.

Tom put his hand to his face and said, "Oh my god. My brother-in-law is a monkey.

As MA and Mikey parted, Mikey screwed his face into a frown with his lips in an, "O" and made that 'oohoohooh' sound MA had moments before.

As MA dipped his finger into the tea Mikey pushed Tom into the center of the house. He asked tom while he was doing that, "Hey Tom. Can I stand on your shoulders for a moment before you shrink?"

With a fifteen foot ceiling, they were just going to make it. Tom said, "Sure Mikey." Then he lifted Mikey to his shoulder and Mikey used Tom's head and hand for balance as he stood up.

With Mikey's feet on either shoulder, Tom thought about something and said, "No Farting, OK?"

Mikey said, "No problem. You haven't fed me yet."

Tom said, "We'll have to go out for that."

Mikey got a goofy grin and said, "An all you can eat place, right?"

Darryl and MA walked over with the cup of tea, before Tom could think of a come back.

Tom said, "OK, my man. Down you go."

Back on the ground Mikey smiled and got out of the way.

Tom looked at the tea and it was lightly glowing.

Darryl said, "Like drinking an Espresso in a Demitasse cup. But I used the biggest mug I had." Darryl sipped about half and handed it to Tom.

The second Tom finished it, they began to shrink. They both got to the size of MA and stopped. They were both very well hung but still much smaller than MA.

Tom slapped his forehead and said, "We forgot to show Mikey monkey juggling."

Darryl said, "OH!"

Ma laughed and said, "I added more than you thought to the tea." He stuck his middle finger knuckle into Tom and Darryl's navel. They began to grow back to nine feet tall.

Mikey looks all upset and says like a little kid, "hey I want to do that too!"

MA looks at him with a bit of doubt on his face. MA said, "You may not like what you'd have to do to get big."

Mikey got a concerned look on his face as he glanced at MA's massive package. He said ' You might be right."

MA walked over to him and said, "Oh. You don't have to do that. Just give me a kiss."

Mikey got playful and asked, "No tongue."

MA said, "Only if you want."

Mikey said, "Well for you. OK."

They briefly gave each other a chaste kiss and suddenly Mikey was swelling up. He kicked his shoes off in time and almost got out of his pants before the ripped in two. MA said, "OOpps."

Mikey stood up and said, "OOpps. I'll give you oops." He reached over and picked up MA and held him up. Then He hugged MA and said, "Here's oopps."

Mikey set MA back down.

Tom asked, "Hey thats not how Jerry had to do it."

MA said, "Yes, but you three enjoyed it better that way."

Mikey said, "So what's Monkey Juggling?"

On the third pass Mikey said, "He's like a living medicine ball."

MA spread out on his flight to Mikey's arms and he nearly dropped him.

MA said, "Pretty much."

And that's when Mikey started to tickle MA for a few minutes.

Good thing the neighbors couldn't see.

MA stuck his knuckle into Mikey's navel and Mikey shrunk back to normal... almost.

Tom and Darryl got into the act right then and minutes later you could hear MA and Mikey shouting, "Uncle".

The tickled start to catch their breath as Tom and Darryl sit cross legged in front of them.

Mikey starting to breath normally and he smiled at the guys, then he glanced down at his own manhood and his eyes got big. He looked at MA and said, "Thanks Monk. Jennifer is gonna go nuts." Mikey chuckled and said, "And she's been talking about having another kid just two days ago."

He falls back and hums, "I know something you don't know."

MA laid on his side facing Mikey and propped his head up. He said, "You know you sing better than you hum, Mikey."

Mikey flipped onto his side and his limp dick slapped the grass. He started singing, "I'm gonna make sure she's preg-nant." Over and over for about five times. This was one happy father.

MA giggled and said, "I bet you're going to have a son this time."

Mikey stopped singing and said, "Oh man. If I do, I'm gonna name him Monk. I swear to god." He was shocked for a second. Mikey flipped back onto his back and looked like he was busy thinking.

Tom said, "What's the matter Mikey?"

Mikey sat up and said, "Wow. I hadn't realized how much I really wanted a son. Kelly has been the best little girl a father could want. She's the reason I never miss a day at work. Hell, you two know how I was after Jen and I got married. If I wanted to stay home and have a day o' love, then I just did it."

Darryl said, "I remember Tina complaining she knew she raised you right and couldn't understand how you could miss days at work just to get in bed with Jennifer."

Tom said, "She said as much to me."

Mikey was getting passionate about his lady love. He said, "Aw, but Mom couldn't understand how beautiful Jen looks in the morning. Even if we been at it all night. And the sweet way she'd say ' Have a good Day at work', just as I'm about to step out the door. Aw . Three outta five times it got me right back in bed."

MA smiled cause Mikey had flopped back onto his back as he was saying this, and something had come up. MA said, "Um. Mikey. I think we get the picture."

Mikey looked down at his cock that was swaying at a good thirteen inches. He said, "Whoa." He got a serious look on his face and pointed at his erection like he was gonna tap it and said, "That's what I'm talkin about. She gets me every time." Mikey started stroking it with his eyes closed. He said, "I love that girl just So - Fucking - Much!"

Mikey started to go faster . Mikey said, "Sorry guys I gotta take care of this."

Tom looks at MA and tips his head towards Mikey and pantomimes giving head.

MA shakes his head no and points at Mikey, then crosses his fists at his wrists in front of his left breast, pulls them to the middle of his chest, and then signs the letters for J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R.

Tom nods OK and leans back to watch the show. Mikey is playing with his balls with one hand and stroking his long dick from end to end. He would do that twice then Fiddle with the head and piss slit a little and go back for two strokes.

This didn't last that long before he just kept his hand stroking his cock faster and faster. His back arching a little and Mikey catching his breath, let them know he was about to come.

Mikey let out a, "Aaaaaaawww!" and then he shot straight up into the air so far it could have landed on the second story roof. His second shot landed by his head on the grass and it sounded like a hail stone. This got his eyes open only to realize he had to shut them. The next volley hit his forehead like someone lightly slapped him.

Mikey started to chuckle and said, "In coming!" He shot off about eight more times, not quite as high as the first three.

Mikey was chuckling and shaking his head. When he was spent, he let his dick flop onto his belly. He said, "Yes sir. I'm gonna name that little guy Monk."

Mikey opened his eyes to find Tom and Darryl back to a more normal height and standing with MA around him.

Tom said, "We'll hold you to that." Then the three standing proceeded to tickle Mikey into submission. The squealed word, "Uncle, "could be heard two houses down.

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