Monkey Meat 6

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Dear Readers; Here's the next part to Monkey Meat. I hope you like it. Let me know.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age , you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Darryl's House ~ Six Thirty P.M. the same day as in Part 5

Tom found a place to park near Darryl's place and searched for the key to let himself in. He wasn't sure if Darryl was home or not. Darryl's Art commission for the Nation wide chain of Hotels, was keeping him in a rented warehouse overseeing the final fabrication of exact replicas of his Art piece. Tom had received a Bar-B-Que dinner invitation from Jerry, for the three of them. Tom Darryl and Monk! That was sort of cool.

But Tom had been unable to get through to Darryl's cell phone. Tom left a message with the cell phone's voice mail but Darryl might have missed checking for messages. And Monk was spending time at their local gym acting as trainer. Tom tried to reach anyone at Darryl's home but ended up just leaving another message. At this point there wasn't any problem. They had more than enough time to get cleaned up and on there way. Jerry said dinner was going to start about seven thirty and it was OK to be a little late.

Tom was running the amount of time it would take to get ready and drive to Venice, when he was shocked into dropping his briefcase and gym bag. He couldn't believe what he saw, sitting on a very large square platform.

Tom was nearly in tears. Before him was Monk, sitting on a platform holding his yard long cock, rubbing his balls, every muscle on his body bulging. But caught in mid stroke. It looked like Monk was transformed back into wood! Tom was crying as he stepped closer and touched the Statue. Monk hadn't even said goodbye.

Tom sobbed " How am I going to tell Darryl?"

Suddenly out in the back yard a shriek of laughter erupted from an inhuman set of lungs. Then Tom heard his brother-in-law's voice.

Monk said " Uncle, Mikey. Uncle. You win." then soft giggling.

Tom gets his emotions under a little better control and walks to the open french doors leading out to the back yard. He stops at the door way and watches as Monk gets his breath back.

Monk said " I still don't think it's fair winning a wrestling match by tickling your opponent into submission." His smile tells Mikey he wasn't too upset.

Mikey was leaning his back against Monk's back, while he got his breath back. He said " And how fair is it using your feet to grab ahold of me while trying to get me pinned with your hands?"

Monk said " I would have let go with my feet once I got you pinned."

Monk and Mikey turn to look each other in the face before they both start laughing out loud. Neither one believed that for a minute. Tom joined in and they turned to see him in the door way. They turned back to look at each other and jumped up to come at Tom from two directions. As Tom saw this he sacrificed his flimsy clothes and grew to nine feet tall.

The explosion of fabric stopped Mikey and Monk for only a second. Tom wasn't thinking clearly when he grew on the inside of the house. His gigantic genitals were now plumping up a bit and very attractive. And framed by the door.

Mikey whispered " He thinks he's so smart."

Monk and Mikey looked up at Tom's face,as he realized he only gave them a larger, more sensitive tickling target.

Monk and Mikey crept closer and both smiled into the wide eyed Giant Tom, as they tickled him to the floor.

Tom expanded for just a moment to see if that would help, but Monk was too fast for him. Through Toms giggling and laughter he said " Uncle, I give up. You two win!" He started to shrink back to his normal size. Mikey and Monk shook hands upon their victory.

Monk put his hand on Tom's chest and leaned in to his ear. Monk said " Why were you crying Tom?"

Mikey said " What? What's up?"

Monk sat back up and said in a normal volume " Good hearing."

Mikey helped Tom off the floor and said " Yeah real good. Why were you crying Tom. Is someone hurt?" Mikey was not playing around now.

Tom hugged Mikey and said " I was. I fooled myself into thinking Monk would turn himself back into a wooden statue without saying goodbye first." Tom looked at Mikey as the sculptor of the wood carving in the entry of Darryl's house.

Mikey put it together and said " OOOh. That would be my work. Sorry, Bro. But I was inspired!. Jen was so happy I started carving again. And she was so impressed that I got it done in three days. One of them I had to go into work, too."

Monk wrapped his arms around Tom from the back . He leaned his head against Tom's and said " You were crying cause you thought I left?"

Tom looked into Mikey's eyes,but nodded yes for Monk.

Monk said " You do know, you all are my family now, don't you?"

Mikey and Monk helped him remember to nod yes by nodding yes themselves. Tom looked down and then up again and nodded as he said "Yes."

Monk said " Then you know, I would never do anything like that with out some time for my family to get ready for that. And I will never just disappear. I love you guys. I'm staying for a while."

Tom slipped in Monk's embrace and turned to hug Monk. Mikey hugged Tom and Monk.

Darryl said " Ok. I could use a few hugs after the kind of day I had today." Darryl walked through the French doors and started to pull his shirt off. His thick hard muscles rippled over his chest and belly as the shirt broke free of his head.

Just as Darryl was flipping off his shoes; Tom, Mikey and Monk went in for the attack and had Darryl on the floor. You could Hear him shout and laugh a block away. The laughing didn't stop until the word Uncle was repeated a few times.

Tom waited until after he kissed his very meaty lover for a good five minutes, before he informed them about the dinner invitation. Mikey declined and left as they all tried to get a shower without getting bogged down in a three way spoogefest. They finally agreed, that if they all got off, and got it over with (just to relieve the pressure); they might get to the dinner before Nine P.M. Their methodology involved a daisy chain of enormous dicks in the next one's mouth. Tickling each others balls was the final straw that helped clean out their pipes as they cleaned themselves.

They were dressed and on the road by seven forty-five....


The LMU Library's Rare Books and Private Collections section ~ Six Thirty-Eight P.M.

Vic had been busy with the Little Book and the Red Silk Cord. He'd been able to do some Far Seeing with a bowl of water and some letters from different locations. Touching the edge of a letter into the "charged water", caused the bowl to become a window that could float around the place the letter was written. People couldn't see him, and he couldn't hear what they were saying. Otherwise it was cool to be able to see a far away place in real time.

He looked in on his Parents and sister, Joy. Then he located the Neuman Post Card Collection and got a look around the world. The Neuman Family were globe trotters in the fifties and sixties. They sent their housekeeper post cards from every corner of the globe.

He took a break at four o'clock and called over to the number Drake gave him. He reached a sweet sounding lady named Sherry, who said she didn't know about a Bar-B-Que that night, but she said If Drake invited him then Vic was more than welcome to come over tonight. She gave him directions and said "See you soon." That got him excited.

Vic returned to looking at different locals, when something caught Vic's eye. One of the post cards from Muscle Beach, California, got him thinking about the big boys of bodybuilding. He released the spell on the bowl and took it to the restroom.

Vic got back to his desk and the Little Book started to show the next part of its Spells and Incantations. The Red Silk Cord knew something was on Vic's mind and it tapped the Little Book. Then it pointed at Vic like it was saying something.

Vic looked up from the table and said " I'm sorry guys. I got distracted by the really big muscle men. I always wanted to be big. I got myself strong, but I still look like a shrimp."

Red Silk Cord tried to get him to be less sad by forming into the shape of a shrimp with feelers.

Vic heard whatever the Red Silk Cord was saying. He chuckled and said " You know what I mean. All that muscle swelling over their bodies, fighting for space. I would love to be big. Like Drake. Or those guys at the weight room. I'm always leaving when their just getting there. The bigger guy actually made me feel like I was getting somewhere. He asked me if the weight I was leaving was the one I was using for my sets. I got him to smile when I went back over and pumped out two more reps. I got up, smiled and got to the door before he said ' Impressive. You're on your way.' That made me feel good for a day. But I'm not on my way. I've been this size for two years. I want to be impressive without people having to see how much I can bench press."

The Red Silk Cord sort of twisted it's end like it was tipping it's head to the side. It slid over to the Little Book, which closed and then seemed to glow a bit. Vic could hear a far of murmuring sound, but no distinct words. The Little Book and the Red Silk Cord twisted around to the Big Book and the conversation continued and included the Big Book. The third sound was a low bass voice, but just as indistinct. The glow that had gathered around the Little Book spread to the Big Book.

It sounded like the Big Book was not happy with what the other two were suggestion. Then it gave in.

All Three twisted to face Vic and the Red Silk Cord touched both books for a moment. Something like the sparks from a fuze went from the Big Book to the Little Book. The Big Book started to speak right after the Red Silk Cord let go of it and coiled itself in front of the Little Book.

The Big Book said " The spell I lent to the Little Book is a more advanced spell than you would normally be allowed to cast. But your aura is pure and strong. You should be looking for a Mage to train you. Not try and alter your body before you are fully aware of it. But my brothers have convinced me that this transformation spell will not cause permanent damage. Learn the casting and the breaking, before you attempt to cast the variation the Little Book has. Know Both in your mind and you shouldn't have any problems."

Vic touched the Big Book and his heart was so happy. As he said " Thank you." the Big Book Glowed brightly.

The Big Book said " You're welcome." And then became quiet.

Vic really should have asked what the word 'variation' meant in regards to the spell. But he was overcome with the excitement of getting big.

Vic pulled his chair closer to the desk and the Little Book opened to the back pages. The writing sparked and flew down the page. Vic muttered " Wow." Vic studied the Spell all the way through. He memorized the Cast and the Break. He had an image of how big he wanted to get and he took off his shoes and his undershirt. He put his sweat shirt back on and hoped his boxers wouldn't be too small.

Vic would have had a few more questions for the Big Book, if he had been able to see what pages the spell came from. If he had known that the enlargement spell came from a transformation spell that dealt with turning one into a Dragon morph, he might have asked for a few tips on Concise Casting.

Vic made sure the door was locked and he went back to his cubicle. He lifted up the book and said " Well guys. Here goes."

He held up his right hand and started to recite the words. He remembered them, but just in case, he still read them. He took the hand gesture directions and properly grabbed and pointed and then slapped his own chest. The moment his hand hit his chest he began to grow. When he got near the end of casting the spell, he realized he was going to be a bit bigger than he had planned. It got him flustered just enough to actually miss a tiny hand gesture. When he realized his goof he added it anyway. As he finished the cast a strange euphoric warmth filled his body. It felt so good, at first he didn't hear the sweat pants rip apart. And it didn't dawn on him that he was still growing until his rather long spiky tail hit the ground and nudged him forward. His fingers merged into three instead if five while his head grew a snout and feelers like Drakes. But Vic was a much bulkier Dragon man than Drake.

Vic finally saw what was happening as the rest of his clothing ripped off his body. Luckily his cell phone flipped out of the way as his pants flew off his very scaly body, or he probably would have crushed it. His shock didn't last long.

Vic said " What the hell?" but it came out a loud roar in english. Perfectly understandable, if you could tolerate the volume. The glass wall at the front of the room reflected his shape well enough for him to see that he was an eight foot tall dragon with a four foot tail. He was lucky he didn't start thrashing about, or he would have knocked over half of the stacks. He shuffled over to the desk and put the Little Book down. The Red Silk Cord jumped over to his arm and crawled up to his shoulder.

He frowned and his dragon face did a fine dragon frown. He said " Now what?" The Red Silk Cord looked around and then pointed to the cell phone under his chair. He gently retrieved it and punched the redial button.

Vic said " I hope Drake's home by now."


Bill, Jake and Sherry's House ~ Six Forty-Five P.M.

Naturally Drake was the expert at Bar-B-Que. He didn't even need lighter fluid to get the briquets to light.

Bill watched Drake breath fire onto the grill with a goofy grin on his face. Drake noticed and spit some flames into the air. Drake said " You really like that kinda shit, don't you?"

Bill blushed a bit, but kept his smile. He said " Fourth of July always has me running around like a little kid. Sparks and explosions. colored lights in the sky. I just love it."

Drake smiled bigger and tipped his head to the sky. He belched out a ball of flame that popped.

Bill giggled and said " Damn Drake. You don't even have to drink anything to do that. That is so cool."

Drake got serious and said " I could teach you. It would be a magic spell. But you would always be part dragon then."

Bill got serious then. He said " Oh Drake. I would love that."

Drake said " Then tonight after the party, I'll perform the spell and start teaching you the techniques. It all doesn't just come, once you're part dragon. You have to learn the Art of Breathing Fire."

They had a little over an hour till the guests would start to arrive. Just then the phone rang. Sherry answered it and she sounded puzzled.

Sherry came outside to where Bill and Drake were and said " Drake. Vic is on the line again. I gave him directions when he called at four. But now he says he's in trouble and he needs help. And he doesn't sound the same. Like he has a bad cold or he just went through puberty."

The phone rumbled and she said " Sorry dear. You're right. You don't go through puberty at twenty five. Here's Drake."

Drake said " Hello Vic. What's the problem?" pause " What did happen?' And you look like ? " Pause " How tall?" pause "OOOOh!"

Drake said " Vic! stop for a moment. Can anyone see you?"

Vic said " No."

Drake said " And your dragon body has all these big huge muscles, right?"

Vic said " Yes."

Drake said " And you're eight feet tall, right?"

Vic said " Yeah."

Drake said " The lesson for today is to learn to enjoy the positive aspects of a mistake or altered outcome."

Vic said " OK. "

Drake said " Vic. Rub your left hand over your right nipple. Then look down between your legs and notice just how big your erection starts to get. An eight foot tall dragon has to have a two foot long cock..."

Vic groan of pleasure sort of drowned out the rest of what Drake was saying. Drake looked at Bill and said " Problem solved."

Bill was getting a little turned on by the earthy moans and groans coming through the cell phone.

Bill said " Shouldn't we go and help him?" His big toothy grin let Drake know just what kind of help Bill wanted to give.

Drake said " Sounds good to me. Then you get to see where he works."

Sherry said " And he gets to see how you two work." That got a smile from Bill and Drake.

Sherry and Jake had been listening in on the conversation and Jake said " You two go get Vic and we'll watch the Grill. Just try to get back here before eight o'clock, OK?"

Bill and Drake said in unison like little kids " Yes Dad."

Jake said " And no hot-rodding around again like last time or your mother and I won't bail ya out."

Bill and Drake said " Yes, Dad. If we have to."

Sherry giggled and Bill and Drake took off to help Bill's blind date.

Bill got his GTI started and said " Gee. This is my first blind date with a dragon man."

Drake said " I'd advise no sex on the first date but we may have to use some tender loving just to get him to calm down enough so I can break the spell."

Bill said " AWW. So it's just gonna be work, work, work. Before I ever get to the date part."

Drake said " Keep that in mind and the form of work needed and this relationship will go far."

Bill chuckled and then said " Thanks Drake."

Bill said " Hey! Now I'm not too big for him!"

Drake said " I was wondering when you'd realize that."

Bill shouted " Yes!"

Drake just chuckled as they headed for Loyola Marymount University.

To be continued