Monkey Meat 4

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Dear readers; I give you the next chapter of Monkey Meat. No sex, but it sets it up for the next few chapters, so be patient. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy Story with Male to Male Sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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On the same morning Bill was being comforted by Drake, Victor Logia was contemplating starting his new job a day early. He had just finished his graduate work as a Library Preservationist at LMU in Westchester. He was happy with the way things turned out for him. Vic's student counselor had been the teacher responsible for getting Vic his job working for Loyola Marymount University's Library. The LMU Library was scheduled for a major expansion and Vic would be assisting with the storage of the more delicate volumes and the new collections that had just been donated to the University.

Vic was thinking of the new collections that morning. In particular, the collection from a very eccentric old scholar who didn't look one hundred and thirty years old when he died. Vic had been the grad student to be assigned the job of packing up the man's books. The Lawyer involved with the estate of Gerald Moxley was only interested in following the instructions in Mr Mosley's will. The Head Librarian was not aware of the type of collection Mr Moxley had acquired over his lifetime, or else he would have done the packing himself. Vic, on the other hand, had run into a few collectors at a little bookstore in Downtown LA, and heard all the rumors about the strange Mr Moxley and his book collection. When the words Real and Magic got thrown together, Vic just had to see if it was true.

Vic decided on making a sandwich to take for lunch and had it whipped up in no time. He was a bit on the thin side, so his making it almost twice the size most people could eat, was not unusual. He had a high metabolism, which plagued him as an under graduate. He wanted to bulk up, or at least get a little size. All he got was stronger. He figured he had what people called indian muscles. Strong but small. Frustrating, to say the least.

Vic ate his bowl of cereal and two of those sausage and biscuit things. He drowned it all with Pineapple juice and rinsed his dishes. Then he was finally ready to get going.

His apartment was only a mile away, so he took his bicycle and got there in no time. He already had keys to the back entrance of the Library and after chaining his bike to the rack, he got inside and clocked in. While he was working on a salary basis, the Head Librarian wanted to give a good work ethic example for the internists students that worked there, too. It also helped figuring how many workers were in the stacks.

Vic walked down to the basement where Rare books and Private Collections were stored and Stacked. He used his key card to open the doors and went to the security board to deactivate the alarm. As the alarm was deactivated the lighting in the movable stacks came on full. He stepped to the control panel for the Stack and punched in the collections reference number. The Stack's shelves started to move to his right and a two foot gap appeared twenty feet to his left. The stacks stopped and Vic twisted the power off/ safety lock. Now the thing couldn't crush him while he was in it.

Vic walked over to the hand truck and wheeled it over to the gap. Then down the aisle and right to where he knew the crates were that held Mr Moxley's collection. He was very careful when he organized the books. The ones that had been hidden in a secret room the lawyer showed him were all in one crate. He pulled the crate off of the top and onto the hand truck. Then it was back out and further away from the entrance. The examination tables in the front were for visiting scholars and under-graduate students. Grad students and Employees of the Library had private cubicles and storage areas. Vic unlocked his little cubicle and wheeled in the crate. It only took a few minutes with a crowbar to lift the lid and remove the packing material. He took the hand truck back to where it belonged, returned to his cubicle and then closed the door.

Vic took off his back pack and jacket and hung them on some hooks. Then he slipped on a brand new pair of cotton gloves and pulled out the biggest book in the crate.

Vic held the book for a moment and then shuddered. It was like someone was watching him but he was all alone. The book was as big as one of those old atlas books. It was bound in a deep brown leather with strand characters on the spine and front. It had a metal band that went all the way around it, with a lock and hinge built into it. The lawyer was unable to produce a key for it. Vic thought he could get it opened, but he didn't want to work on that right now.

Vic put the book on his desk and the feeling of being watched went away. He frowned and touched the book again and the feeling returned.

Vic said, "Woah." Then he took his hand off of the book. Once again the feeling went away. Vic tried this one more time and only tried to touch the pages on the bottom of the book. The feeling returned again, but when he let go, he got a static shock from the book.

Vic said, "Hey!. ooww." He looked at his glove and there was a tiny burn mark on the glove but not on his hand. He looked at the book, then grabbed some of the packing material and used it to push the book to the back of the desk.

Vic mumbled, "I'll take care of you later."

He looked into the crate and got distracted with an image in his mind. For a second he could see a dragon flying through the air. It was a chinese dragon and it was smiling and laughing. For that moment he wished he could be that dragon. No tension, no cares. No wondering why he was still alone. In his mind a cloud came between him and the dragon.

He realized he was crying when a tear slipped off the tip of his nose and hit his glove. The cotton soaked it up and it was like it was never there. That set him off even more. He had been getting over his close friend moving back east, for the past two months. Now it just came crashing down on him.

Troy had been a good friend and room mate. And while he wasn't Gay like Vic; he didn't treat Vic any differently when Vic came out to him. Vic had the hots for him but decided he'd rather have a friend than see if Troy was bi. So Vic tried dating other students. The LMU campus and it's students were fairly tolerant of Gay people. And that was remarkable, since it was predominantly run by Jesuits. It seemed they really did believe in Love thy neighbor and turn the other cheek. But Vic never seemed to hit it off with any of the cute gay guys his friends set him up with. On top of that, when graduation rolled around, most of his friends moved away. Half of them without even a goodbye. His graduate studies pulled a few new friends in but the same thing happened two years later. He couldn't figure out if this was normal for how people treated their friends, or if he was just someone who people found it easy to forget. Then Troy finished his post graduate work and went back to Boston. He invited Vic to look him up if Vic ever was back east and gave him his email address. And after one email never returned another any of the five emails Vic sent him. Vic took the hint after that. But it hurt.

Vic knew he was a good guy. He could tell a good joke, keep a secret. He was a good listener and still was able to have a thing or two to say when it came to things that he thought were important. And he still had a few friends. All librarians or book store owners. None of them gay.

He hadn't seen his tears hit a small leather bound book near the top. It had a silk cord wrapped around it and a wax seal where the silk cord was knotted. Vic's tears dissolved the seal and the silk cord slowly untied itself. Unknown to Vic, his tears represented pure sorrow and longing.

The Silk Cord was an extension of the Little Book and the Big Book that shocked Vic.

The Little Book was there to help build up confidence in an apprentice Mage before he tackled spells in the Big Book. The Silk Cord and the Books now knew he was not a rival Mage trying to steal secrets. The Silk Cord was red and knotted at it's ends. It wiggled up the side of the crate and tickled Vic's knee.

Vic jumped and said, "Oh my god!. How'd a snake get in there?" But he could see it wasn't moving again and reached for it. It's end pulled away from him before he could grab it and it rose up like a finger. Then it wagged back and fourth three times, then pointed down into the crate. Vic stepped closer and it slid back into the crate and wrapped itself around the little book.

Vic whispered, "Oh wow. Real Magic." He reached into the crate and lifted out the Little Book and the Silk Cord. The Silk Cord unwrapped itself from the book and slipped up Vic's arm.

Vic was a little scared but said, "I guess if you were going to hurt me, there wouldn't be any way to stop you, huh?'

The Silk Cord perched on his shoulder and rubbed itself against his cheek. Vic smiled and said, "Aww. I'd like to be your friend, too" Vic reached up and felt how smooth the cord was. It slipped onto his hand and slithered about on his palm when he turned his hand up to hold it. He gently held it between his fingers and it felt like a long thin snake. But it was a Silk Cord and not made of flesh.

The Little Book wriggled in his hand and he nearly dropped it. He put it on the desk and the silk cord slipped out of his hands and coiled up in front of it.

Vic said" Well I see you two are good friends with each other."

Just then the Little Book opened to the Title page and the strange characters seemed to flow and shift. Suddenly the movement stopped and Vic could read the page.

Vic said, "The Apprentice Mage, "The page turned to the next one and Vic started reading it after it went through the same kind of change the first one went through. Somehow the Little Book knew when he was finished with one page and ready for the next. He went through the contents page and the first chapter before his stomach started to growl. The Little Book was just turning the next page when it hesitated and then closed. The Silk Cord coiled up on top of it but didn't wrap it closed.

Vic smiled and said, "Wow. You'll keep the book safe for me?"

The Silk Cord uncoiled enough to lightly touch Vic and then coiled back up.

Vic said, "Thank you. I'll be right back after lunch."

Vic got up and out of his cubicle and locked it. Then on his way out with his lunch he unlocked the Stack controller and closed up the stack. He set the alarm and got out before the soft beeping sound got louder.

Vic waved at the librarian sitting at the check out table and headed out toward the bluff, where he always ate his lunch.

The morning went a bit differently for Bill and Drake. After their hug, Drake headed back to the kitchen and Bill followed. Bill had been out of it since he hadn't had his cup of tea or any coffee yet. He usually missed a few key things when he was caffeine deprived. Like just how big he was now. He had gone to bed and was six foot five. Then Drake expanded to his current size and helped Bill grow bigger too. Then he woke Bill up and they had a nice conversation and a nice fuck. A really nice fuck!

So with Bill finally cluing in to his now seven foot height and barn door wide shoulders, he noticed when his shoulders firmly brushed the sides of the doorway into the kitchen.

Bill stopped in the doorway and stood up straight. He hadn't even noticed how he had been crouching down to keep from hitting his head on the door jamb. His head touched the jamb firmly and then started to push. He heard a soft creak and stopped pushing. He did the same thing with his arms and shoulders and he filled the doorway.

Jake looked up from sliding the eggs off onto everybody's plate and saw what Bill was doing. Jake snorted a laugh and said, "Well if you aren't the perfect example of you're a better door than a window."

Bill was happy to be big, but seven feet or over and he thought he would frighten people away.

Jake saw his joke didn't work and put the frying pan back on the stove. He said, "What's the matter Big Guy?"

Bill had a sad look on his face as he asked, "Just how big am I?"

Jake said, "I'd say seven foot even."

But Bill wasn't listening. He reached down and pulled his sweat pans open for him to see how big his schlong was. He tried to smile but his frown was fighting it too hard.

Bill let his sweat pants spring closed and he looked over at Drake and said, "I know I should be grateful, but now I'm not gonna be able to fit into anybody." He was almost in tears when he hung his head and said, "I thought you said you were going to help." His hand flew up to cover his eyes and he started to cry. He couldn't help it. Bill knew the joy of being inside of a man and seeing the pleasure his cock could bring to them both. Who could he fit now.

Bill felt a large arm pull him into the kitchen and then three bodies embrace him as he sobbed.

A very sad Dragon face looked under Bills hand and said, "Please don't cry Bill. I'll fix it. I promise."

Bills crying ramped down and he pulled in a shuddered breath and said, "You p-promise?"

Drake Smiled a thin smile and said, "Honest. We have to wait for the full moon, but then we'll get you down to the size you want to be. Ok?"

Bill said, "OK. Thanks guys for loving me." His voice got quiet near the end. Then he said a bit louder, "I love you guys, too."

Sherry was the first to break away and as she set the plates on the table, "Come on. Let's all sit down and have a good breakfast."

Bill perked up a bit and said, "It all smells great. You two really know how to cook." They sat and Bill finished with, "and I don't just mean in bed."

Jake and Sherry looked at each other and then at him. Jake looked back at Sherry and said, "Must of been the cat that woke him up. We're real quiet when we make love."

Sherry tried not to giggle, but Drake looked shocked and said, "No you're not. You have moments when you practically scream." Jake started to smirk at Sherry until Drake said, "And Sherry does, too."

Bill and Sherry started to laugh and Jake finally joined in when Drake did.

The four dug into the food and were soon full. Jake had given Bill and Drake twice the normal amount and they seemed happy.

Drake got up first and started to collect the dirty dishes. Bill jumped up and helped finish the job and then started to wash the dishes. He looked at Drake and said, "I'll wash you dry?"

Drake said, "Sounds like an excellent idea to me." Drake reached over to a drawer near the sink and pulled out a tea towel, ready to dry the dishes as Bill washed them. In about five minutes the cook ware and dishes were clean, dry and put away. Bill filled the kettle and set it on the stove to boil for another pot of tea. Thank you's were shared, and all said it was a good breakfast.

There was still some tea in the pot so Bill filled Drakes cup and got it ready for the next batch . Just as Bill turned the whistling kettle's burner off, a pained expression went across his face. Drake set his cup down hard and looked like he was in pain too. Sherry reached out and touched Drakes other hand and then she looked like she was in pain. She snatched her hand back and said, "What was that?" Who is feeling so sad?"

Drake stood up with a determined look on his face, as Bill walked over to him and put his hand on Drake's arm. Bill asked, "Who is that coming from?"

Drake and Bill looked at each other and then the pain was gone. Drake looked around like he was testing if it was over or not. Then his wide dragon face pulled into a very big smile.

Drake said, "I've gotta fly, but I'll be back in a few hours. Then I might have an answer for you." Drake kissed Bill on the cheek then said, "And for you, too." As he kissed Sherry's cheek.

Jake just stood up and put out his hand. Drake grabbed it shook it once and pulled Jake into a hug. Then Drake headed to the door leading out to the backyard.

Bill was about ten feet from Drake when he said, "It's the middle of the day. How are you gonna keep from being seen?"

Drake spread his arms and two bumps formed on his upper back. They quickly grew larger and longer, until they formed into very wide, bat like wings. Drake flapped his wings and lifted off the ground a couple of feet. Then he settled back down and turned to Bill. Drake said, "The spell I'm about to cast will make me look like a very large kite. I just have to make sure I break the spell where no body's looking."

Drake's body seemed to glow a little as he softly mumbled words in a strange language. His body seemed to flatten out into the shape of a diamond shaped kite. The kite had a coil of string and the whole image moved over to bill as the string seemed to float into Bill's hands.

Drake as the image of a kite said, "I'll be back soon. reel me out." There was the rush of wind from very large wings and the Kite shot into the sky. Then when the end of the string was almost out of Bill's hands, he heard the words, "You have to let me go now. Don't worry. I'll be back soon." And with that Bill let go of the string.

Jake and Sherry watched the kite that was Drake move off for only a moment, and then went back inside. Bill stayed until Drake was out of sight. Watching Drake fly, even as a kite, somehow made Bill happy. He went inside for another cup of tea.

Vic was halfway through his sandwich when he caught sight of a huge kite. He soon realized it was broken free from it's owner. Then he saw that it was heading for the large pine trees he was sitting near. The sound of the kite hitting the trees was very odd. More of a, "hunph" than a, "thwack".

Vic finished his sandwich and got up thinking to locate the kite. But as soon as he stood up, a very large man jumped out of the tree, he thought the kite was in. The man had the looks of a very large chinaman. He crouched down for a second, then stood up and faced Vic. He smiled a very wide smile and walked toward Vic as he said, "Sorry if I frightened you. I like climbing trees. My names Drake." By then Drake was within arms distance to Vic and holding out his hand.

Vic took his hand and said, "My name's Vic." Then Vic was pulled into a hug. It shocked him at first. He wasn't a very touchy-feely kind of guy. But the hug continued and Vic relaxed into it. He took a deep breath and let it out.

Drake looked down at Vic and said, "Well Vic. When was the last time you had a really good hug?"

Vic didn't even tip his head up. He just said, "Not for a long, long time. Thanks."

Drake said, "You're welcome." They parted and Vic looked up into Drake's handsome illusion face. Vic looked closer and reached out to touch Drake's face.

Vic touched what looked like a mustache, but was really a feeler like on a catfish. Vic said, "That's not your real face."

Drake looked very interested in that statement. Drake said, "Did you open a very friendly book recently?"

Vic said, "If I tell you the truth, will I get the truth from you."

Drake said, "Yes you will, and most times, even if you don't tell the truth."

Vic said, "The Silk Cord, the Little Book and the Big Book have all been rather friendly. But the Little Book is the only one that opened for me."

Drake said, "I am wearing a minor glamour over my body. Can we go to your cubicle for a few minutes?"

Vic said, "Sure. Are you part of the Book's magic?"

Drake said, "No. Though I made their acquaintance many years ago. I think we are still friends. I just want to make sure they are going to be your friend."

Vic didn't say anything to that. His head heard the word friend ring a little while Drake was speaking. They passed through the Library entrance and Vic waved at the librarian at the check-out desk. Drake followed along as Vic took the stairs down to the basement and the Rare Books and Private Collections Stack . Vic got through the security doors and unlocked his cubicle.

Vic saw the Silk Cord rear up as if it was a snake and it was checking out who was in back of Vic. It looked suspicious until Drake stepped into full view and pulled his hand down in front of his body, like pulling something off his head. The Glamour ripped and disappeared.

Vic opened his mouth but nothing came out. The Silk Cord began to tremble like an excited dog. It formed itself into a coiled spring and launched itself at Drake. It started to crawl on to his shoulder and twin one end with one of his feelers.

Drake started to talk to it like a dog. He said, "Oh, yes, yes. I missed you too. Now calm down. I'll be in the area for a while. And you have a brand new friend who needs a little help finding a special friend of his very own."

Drake placed his hand on Vic's shoulder and the Silk Cord slithered across Drakes chest to the arm that led to Vic. The Silk Cord rubbed itself against Vic's cheek.

Vic said, "I know. I don't blame you. You haven't seen him in..." Vic looks up from the Silk Cord and over to Drake with a shocked look on his face. He continued with, "In over two hundred years? How long do dragons live?"

Drake looked embarrassed and said, "We live a rather long time. I'm not going to tell you how old I am. It'll just sound like bragging and I hate that about myself." He ended with a grin so Vic didn't push it.

Drake said, "The real reason I'm here is to remind you three to be good to Victor. He's had a rough time of it recently and you should help him and give him good advice. I don't want to have to have my friends bail Victor out of jail, just because you neglected to tell Victor a certain invisibility spell lingers on clothing for three hours after it stops working on flesh. Is that understood?" The Silk Cord and the two Books had lined up and appeared to be at attention as Drake warned them. With his question at the end the tip of the Silk Cord nodded in agreement.

Drake said, "Good! Then you boys have fun and play nice and I won't have to come down on ya hard." The Silk Cord doubled itself up like a thick snake, then poked a piece of itself out like the snake had a dike. Then it pulled that part back in and out like a cock thrusting and, "hard'.

Drake grimaced and said, "You don't want me to have to show you what kind of hard I mean, do you?" The Silk Cord's Phallus drooped and the part that was the head of the snaked shook back and forth a few times, saying 'No'.

Drake said, "That's better. I want you guys to have a good time, just remember to be careful and watch out for each other. I care about all four of you guys."

Vic looked surprised and said, "Me too?"

Drake looked down at Vic with a tender smile on his face. Like any good parent would look at a child that needs a bit more loving then they've been given.

Drake pulled Vic into a big hug as he said, "Come here you."

Drake whispered into Vic's ear, "I felt your pain as your tears swept away the Seal upon the Silk Cord. Your three friends here felt it too. They only want to help you . We all just want to see you happy."

Vic didn't trust his emotions to let him respond right away, so he just hugged Drake harder and said, "Thanks, Drake."

Drake said, "Welcome. Vic."

They let go a few minutes later and Drake stepped away from Vic. Drake said, "I have to put the Glamour back on." He started to mumble something into his right hand. Then he closed his hand and a cloud formed around it. The cloud expanded and covered Drake from head to toe. The cloud seemed to disappear and a very tall, "dragonish" human stood where Drake had a moment before.

Vic muttered, "WOW, "then he said louder, "You're handsome as a dragon and a human!"

Vic smiled and said, "Aw . Thank you." Drake reached a hand over and grabbed behind Vic's neck. He kissed Vic quickly and with no tongue.

When he let Vic go he said, "You should know! You're a handsome devil yourself. You'd look real cute in a dragon's skin."

Vic blushed and said ' Maybe you can help me get into a dragon's skin."

Drake was pleasantly surprised. But he told Vic, "Maybe after I help you find the guy of your dreams, we can all three play around. But I want to help you find him first. Sound like a plan?"

Vic stepped over and hugged Drake after nodding 'yes'.

Drake hugged him back and said, "Good. Now I'm going to have to get back with my other friends and you have some studying to do with the Little Book . The Silk Cord will help out. I now have your cell phone number and .." Drake and then Vic look over to the desk and The Silk Cord had been using a pencil to write out Vic's cell phone number. Then it pulled out another blank three by five card and wrote 'Drake at friends' on it. The Silk Cord seemed to wait for Drake to start speaking.

Drake said, "three-one-zero, five-five-five, six-eight-one-three. And now you have the house phone number where I'm staying. I'll ask them about dinner tonight an see if you can meet my friends. Does that sound good for tonight?"

Vic looked very happy and said, "Yes. Please. I would love to meet your friends."

Drake said, "Good. Strange things happen to me all the time; so if I haven't called you by four o'clock this afternoon, give them a call. Tell them your name and that you are the friend I flew over to see at noon. Tell them if I haven't contacted them by then, not to worry. I will get back there. Then get directions and go over and have dinner. I will be back there before nine PM. OK?"

Vic said, "OK. But I really want to see you there too."

Drake said, "I'll be there. I promise. Now you study. Be good. watch out for each other." With that, Drake reached over and kissed Vic's forehead. Then he said, "See ya soon." And Drake walked out of the cubicle and the Library.

Vic said, "See you soon." Then Vic turned and sat down at the desk and sighed.

Vic saw the Little Book edge closer to him and the snake form the Silk Cord was formed into tip it's head like it was waiting for Vic to say something. Vic said, "Well. Let's begin."

Anyone outside Vic's cubicle would've seen a soft blue glow gain in intensity and then heard Vic mutter, "Wow!"

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