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This is a new story. Science fiction, aliens, cloning, body mod and consensual sex.

Disclaimer: This story contains Male to male sex and Love relationships. If you are under the age of 18 years, then You should not be here. You have been warned.

Mark recalled driving through the desert on a moonless night and seeing some lights in the sky that looked like Military test planes. But then the lights split into four different sets of lights. One of the sets with the most lights on it, started to get closer and closer to Mark's car.

Suddenly the engine on his Honda Civic just died. No lights, no sound nothing. And it wouldn't start again. It wouldn't even try to turn over. His friend Erik was asleep in his seat.

Mark didn't panic, though now he wonders why he didn't. He put on the brakes and pulls to the side of the road. There is no other car in either direction and the plane with all those light is getting closer. Erik has still asleep even with the car moving onto a bumpy shoulder of the road.

Mark pulls out his cell phone, and it's got power. But just as he scrolls to his brothers number the Battery low symbol flashes once the phone beeps then it goes dead.

Mark thinks, 'Maybe I should Wake up Erik.'

What is really happening to him just starts to get through to him and then all this light points down at him from only a dozen feet above him. His eyes get big for only a moment and then they close like he's had no sleep for days.

Mark awakens to the sound of Erik groaning. He can hear Erik tell someone, "No! Don't! No Let me go!" then more groaning.

Mark slowly opens his eyes to find his friend and he were each strapped to a large metallic table, and covered by something that was a cross between gelatin and saran wrap.

There were two tall gray skinned, oval headed aliens near Erik's table near his head. There were about six short aliens spread around the rest of the table and one was trying to attach what looked like a steel braided hose that dangled from the ceiling light unit into Erik's navel.

Mark must have gasped or something, because one of the short aliens and both of the tall aliens looked over at me and then moved over to the head of the table he was on.

Mark started shaking and noticed their attention went to the array of hoses and wires and things that were with the bright lights above my table. Nothing in or around the light unit looked friendly or good for him. A moan escaped Marks lips for a second and then the most astonishing thing happened.

Marks Mind, Heart and Soul all became VERY, VERY ANGRY!!! He thought, 'I'll be damned if I just sit here and let them rip me apart like vultures over a carcass.'

As he thought this the tall aliens both shuddered, blinked and move away from him a step.

Mark noticed their reaction to something they shouldn't have ben able to sense.

He decided to use his anger. He closed his eyes briefly to get a mental image in his mind of the tall aliens strapped on these tables and he and Erik standing by the tables with very short humans shuffling around between the two tables. With that in his mind, he opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of the closest tall alien and asked, "Why do you always have to hurt people?"

The aliens face actually wrinkled into a frown before what looked like eyebrows without hair on them went up into a question.

The aliens mouth didn't open and yet Mark heard in his head the alien say, "Our technology does nothing to harm your people when we perform tests. Why would you think of us as vultures? We only perform tests when a human has been anesthetized and is unconscious."

Mark asks him, "You mean like I'm unconscious, Like Erik is asleep and can't moan or plead No No No Please don't hurt me! Please!" Mark finished and now he was shaking with fury not fear. The alien he was talking to was also shaking. Apparently the images Mark was throwing at him in his mind was making the alien disgusted with what they were doing.

Something in Mark popped like a soap bubble. He could sense the remorse in the aliens mind. Marks anger disappeared with the bubble. But he wasn't going to back down,

In a calmer frame of mind, Mark asks the alien, "Why don't you people ever do something that your test subjects would like.? If you can bioengineer living spaceships, can't you make people bigger stronger. I know I'd love to be taller than five foot six. And I'd sure like to get above the one hundred and forty pounds mark. I bet you guys could look into my mind and get a perfect image of what I'd like to look like. Your technology is so much more advanced than ours is. What are you afraid of that makes you probe us humans and then Try to wipe our memories afterwards. and by the way, my wakefulness and my friends should give you a hint that the anesthesia your using has a few flaws in it. Hell, our own surgeons are finally admitting they have a problem with the same thing. A patient is already opened up, everything looks ok, and then one out of fifty operations find the patient waking up to pain and confusion. I could be wrong, but it seems like you guys have a similar problem."

The first alien tells him ' We will have to make a note of that and correct the problem'

The second alien asks in his mind ' If we could modify your body or bodies, would you be happy with the results or would you claim we maimed you? ' They looked at each other and then back at Mark.

Mark tells them, "If you did that for me I would be very happy. I'm not the only guy out there that has longed for a bigger body, a bigger dick, with huge balls. Massive muscles over a sturdier skeletal frame, and the stamina to take sex and love-making to new heights."

The second tall alien asks Mark, "If you calm your self and let your mind float neither one way nor another, I can flow into your memory and see what shape and size you truly favor, and then we will decide if we should change our tests into modification."

Mark smiled for the first time and says, "OK!" before he closes his eyes and centers his attention onto his breathing. In through the nose out through the mouth. In - Out. In - Out.

When Mark is in the, "NOW, "he tells them, "I'm there" and continues to simply breath.

For the second alien, the images he is encountering are hardly simple. And the amount of them is something he had not expected from one who could center himself under such stress. Still the second alien was able to bring all of the masculine images in Marks head into twenty focused images.

'Now What?' The second one thinks. While Mark can only hear a mental shrug; the first alien gets a mental smile set on his thoughts as he asks, 'Twenty of them? '

The first alien places his hands on either side of Marks head and looks into his eyes as he asks Mark, 'We have seen numerous images and a few ideas you have toyed with. If we modify your body to that of one of twenty shapes you desire, will you be happy with the results? '

Mark frowns and says, "If I've thought I would love to be like that with the image in my mind or an example in view, then yes I would be very happy with the results. And in fact as a show of forgiveness toward your act of clandestine human testing; I now give you permission to do what you need to to make me into one of those images i've longed to look like," He pauses and ends with, "That is, as long as you can get this waking up through the middle of it thing fixed. I would prefer no pain."

He pauses again and thinks better of it and tells them, "I don't know how many of these things you've performed on humans or other humanoids, but if something goes wrong that you couldn't prevent; them I forgive you and thank you ahead of time for your efforts. Ok I'll shut up now and let you get to work."

The first alien says, 'Good idea,' as the second alien brings over an apparatus that connects to the table and is clustered around his head. He starts to get sleepy again like just before he was taken with Erik.

The second alien tells him just before he falls asleep ' Be ready for more than one surprise'

A flash of light from down a hallway shoots out and reflects off of something wet or slimy, very close to Mark. the bright light dims out to nothing and he waits for his night vision to kick back in. He can finally see in the low level of light the size of the room he's in. It is like a huge cave. But it's weird. Though his vision tells him he is halfway up the wall, he feels like he's floating. All around the cave there are what look like little compartments with that same gelatin/saran wrap stuff covering them. Close by him he can see an arrangement of eight smaller compartments and two are not covered. There appears to be a cable or hose floating on the air currents in each of the open cubicles.

He finally looks down on his own body and gets a shock. He has huge muscles now! His chest is much larger and his shoulders are much wider. His torso is longer withe shorter legs that are now packed with muscles. He is restrained against the cave wall by a web of those floating hoses. He has to tip his head down with his hands to see he has grown a cock that has to be fifteen inches soft. He thinks, 'I hope I don't get brain damage from the blood loss when I get a woody' He smiles anyway and then frowns and closes his eyes when that bright light shoots out of the hallway.

He slowly lets his now massive arm float up to block the light. After a count of five he reopens his eyes to see what is happening. He can just make out two of the short aliens moving someone as short as they are over and into one of the nearby open cubicles in the grouping of eight. One alien reaches and grabs the floating hose from inside the cubical, as the other holds the short human and rubs some bright indigo blue gel onto the humans navel. The first alien takes the end of the hose and pushes it through the blue gel and into the belly of the dwarf.

Something on his own body finally gets his attention. The web securing him to the wall has some bright glue goo on it just above his navel. Then he sees it. One of the ropes is actually a hose going into his belly and as the aliens cover the dwarfs cubical, and leave, he reaches down to feel what's going on with it.

Mark is confused! The hose is alive and after wiping away the blue gel, he can see it is now part of him. It's an umbilical cord Two and a half inches in diameter, pumping blood and nutrients into his big body.

He thinks, 'I guess they do as much as they can in the operating/testing room and then let the Bio-ship finish the rest.

nothing else is changing and he slips back asleep until another flash from the hallway. This time there is a little more light to see the face of another dwarf human being pulled through the air to the last open cubical in the group of eight. The little stud muffin had a huge cock himself, and was well muscled for his size. Then the guys face is very easily seen. It's his own face, with black hair for his head and goatee hair!

Someone obscures the bright light. It's one of the tall aliens. He's noticed Mark is awake and pulls/floats over to him. The alien tells him ' I see you are correct at least with your self. You should have remained asleep for another three hours. Luckily your new brother there is the last one. We will return you to a place close to where we first found you. It has only been one week since you were taken. We will be giving you a pouch filled with large carat diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. This should gain you enough revenue to start a business with your new brothers. I hope we have redeemed ourselves in your eyes. '

Marks eyes started to close again and he is fast asleep.

Mark slowly wakes to the feeling of both warmth and cold. It feels like he's at the bottom of a dog pile, but all the other, "Dogs, "are small. Some of the bodies are stirring. One and then another and still one more body push or slide off his body. This leaves another three areas to cool quickly ind the chill night air.

Mark thinks, 'It's strange. I just got this urge to give myself another name ' before he finally opens his eyes to find himself under a pile of MARKs. His voice makes a low bass rumble as he exclaims, "OH my God!!"

There are three small clones of himself laying on his chest, and one is an African-American version. It's the Hispanic version thats in the middle that says, "Hi big guy. We were wondering when you were gonna wake up." The hispanic version nudges the japanese and african-american version awake and all three slide off his chest. The other bodies are just leaning against his body for the warmth. He sort of misses the warmth and the physical contact.

To no one in particular, "I assume we've looked for anything to cover up with and struck out.?"

A choir of the same voice at different pitches came back with, "You got it!"

He looks at the one version close to his size and says, "I know you guys have already done this but could I ask it anyway?"

The version that seemed to be four and a half feet tall tells him, "No problem Big guy. We know you've got to get it out of your system."

He tells them, "Thanks. Ok, If I ever wanted to know if someone could read my mind or clone me and my mind ; the first thing I'd want the to say is the ..."

Every other person there says in unison, "word Orange."

He continues with, "And the mental image is ..."

They respond with, "Orange the fruit."

He tells them, "Wow, I always sorta didn't like my speaking voice. But now, we sound real good!"

Scattered thanks and thank yous are directed his way.

Then he takes the bull by the horns. nothing around them is giving him a proper sense of scale, which has him asking, "Just how tall am I, and what is everyone else's height?"

The other big guy cuts that off with, "Before we get started with that we should decide in our own minds what each of our new names are. I woke up with a feeling that I shouldn't call my self Mark. Every other me has said the same thing, so lets take a minute or two to find the name you want to be called. Lets try holding your hand up until you've decided on a name, then when all arms are down we can clue .."

Big guy responds with, "Jack."

Other big guy continues with, "Then we can tell Jack how tall he really is."

Only four people held up their hand. Then it was two, and then one. Of course that assumed the whole group of clones had been in sight. Three very furry Otter-men walked into the clearing with one holding his Paw/hand up..

Then there was a squeak and a giggle and all hands were down.

The other big guy stands up and says, "My new name is Mack, I'm eight foot even height wise and three foot wide. I think I can Juggle and do clown gags."

The african-american version cuts in with, "Ok we can do Mack the giant clown and his eight dwarf clowns. " cat calls and light applause flow and then become silent.

The swarthy little guy sats, "Well now you can call me Rasta Embry. we found out all eight of us are four feet tall and shoulders are two feet wide. Oh yeah, each one of us shorties has a two foot dick, so we really don't feel short at all." There were huge grins on the eight faces, but all twenty heads started to laugh. It seems the aliens hadn't skimped once.

Jack tells them, "Well I guess you all know that makes me about fifteen feet tall and five feet wide. " One of the otter-men starts to rub his shoulder and upper arm against Jacks balls and slowly enlarging dick.

The otter-man in question mutters, "Good, that's working."

The next clone is the very rotund (All muscle) clone is next with, "I think we'll call me Gordo, short for Gordon. I think I'm six foot two inches, with thirty inch wide shoulders and a thirty-six inch diameter Ball of a Belly with a thirty-six inch dick. Which I will never be able to see with my naked eyes."

Chuckles all around, then Jack asks, "What are we gonna call the Otter-men. And I am gonna insist on referring to them as Otter-men, not boys. " He reaches down around his now four foot dick (still not yet stiff) and picks up two of the Otter-men and display their now enormous erections and finishes with, "cause boys..." everyone finishes with, "don't have dicks this big."

Jack promptly rewards the two furry clones for all the rubbing they were doing on his dick with sticking their dicks in his mouth and playing tongue tag with them.

The brown fur Otter-man tells them, "I knew I should have jumped in there. " He moves over to Jacks truly mammoth male member and starts rubbing his whole body on it. He tells them, "But I learn fast ."

Jack mutters around the other Otter-men, "OOOHH Otter fur is smooth."

The meaty Otter-man rubbing Jack says, "Well I'm calling my self Jeb Embry, and I'm five foot tall twenty-one inches wide and just like the members playing with Jacks tongue, we have a twenty-five cock each."

The second to rub Jack Otter-man says ' I'll respond to Bud Embry."

And the first to rub Jack says, "You can get my attention the way Jack has, or in polite company just call me Joe Embry." He looks Jack in the eye and tells him, "But you darlin' can call me anything your heart desires."

Jack pulls them out for a second and asks Joe, "Since were clones, is this considered masturbation?"

Joe thinks for a bit and admits, "That's a hard one."

Jack grins and says, "That's what I was thinking. " Then he slurps down the still throbbing Otter dick getting a laugh from everyone but the two in his mouth. They both say, "YES!"

Four gymnast style clones step up and go in order of blonde hair with, "Al Embry one of four at five foot six inches tall, two foot wide and twenty-eight inches that's also thick."

The tanned redhead spoke up with, "Beau Embry ."

the pale skinned brunette told them, "Cal Embry."

And the fourth of four with a deep tan and platinum blonde hair said, "Dan Embry."

Rasta pulled a redhead dwarf and a blonde dwarf out from hiding and said, "I'll round up the rest, these two can start. I guess my group has the ' wander off ' gene."

The redhead tells them, "You can call me Rick Embry ."

The Blonde said, "Now you can call me Randy Embry.

The Arabic looking clone told them, "Now I go by Nassir Embry.

The japanese version said his new name is, "Mike Embry."

and the chinese version told them, "Call me Wang Embry."

The hispanic version said, "My new name is Angle Embry."

and the last of the eight, the native american version asked to be called, "Red Embry."


The siamese twins moved out to the center of the clearing and started to do a posing routine. their bodies merged at the front bodies lower back six inches above the pelvis with a structure attached to the spin that resembles a modified pelvis. From that point the back body grows out of the front ones spinal column like any normal body grows out of the hips. This leaves the front one a few inches shorter than the back one.

They finished the posing and announced front body, "You can now call me Ben Embry, "and the back body finished with, "And call Me Oscar Embry. We are six foot four in the front and six foot nine in the back and both are thirty inches wide with a club that we think is going to top out at thirty inches at three inches in diameter."

His lower body could be controlled by both heads, and it seemed that both heads were now very horny. Their massive erection was having no trouble coming to full mast.

Ben finished it for them with, "Yep that's thirty long and three inches in diameter."

In unison Ben and Oscar shouted, "We like it !!"

It was at this point Wang noticed and uncovered our cell phone! He started yelling, "It's got power. The batteries have power."

We all said, "call Jon, "our older brother.

The sun was just begining to come up when Wang got through to Jon. He was telling him, "Yes It's me. I'm ok, but I'm not sure exactly where I am. I think we're still in antelope valley but I could be wrong."

Jon asks Wang, "Mark, what do you mean we? how many people have been kidnapped?"

Wang told Jon, "We have twenty people here including me; and we are all naked and cold and very hungry. But you must believe me when I tell you that If you don't bring at least one news crew with you that can transmit live, then by the time the government is done, None of us will ever see the light of day again. I know it sounds bizarre; but that is what will happen. When they find out what's been done to us, they will insist on testing us until they convince them selves we should never be released. Please swear you will bring a news crew with you. And in case you are wondering; No I do not mind being embarrassed in front of news people because we are all naked. Just remember to bring at least twenty bed sheets and we'll make do. I need to hear you swear Jon."

Jon told him, "Mark, I swear I'll bring at least one news crew with me. But where do I bring them to."

Just then Mack walks back into the clearing and says, "We are half a mile north of Lyttle Creek. I just walked into the meadow we were going to use for filming that play."

Wang asked Jon over the phone, "How fast can you get to Lyttle Creek in San Bernardino?"

Jon told him, "About an hour and a half, luckily it's saturday. Hey why don't I call the Ranger office in the area and a local news crew. Park rangers aren't associated with any of the nasty government agencies ."

Wang thinks about this and asks the group, "Park Rangers and the local news people?

Mack says, "sound safe but have Jon call the news people first and the wait ten minutes to call the Park Rangers. And tell him to let them know we'll be in the meadow. All the locals know just where that is."

Wang asks Jon, "Did you hear that Jon?"

Jon says, "Yeah got it. But that guy sounded like you."

Wang grins before he hangs up and says, "I think you're right. there are a few points of resemblance."

Gordo was the first to realize and ask, "Hey, where's Erik?"

There was a rustling in the bushes and three people walked into the clearing.

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I hope you like this new story. next part will get a little more interaction to it. thanks for reading this and please sen any comments. Plus you get something extra. that follows this.

Just to help keep things clear, here's a list of characters:

Protagonist (original) : Mark Embry - Mark born 1980 - Event organizer -

INTO Protagonists (twenty heads) : reborn 2006 aged 25 :

A. Jack { the Giant } Embry - Elephant Wrangler - 15' tall/ 5' wide [5' / 5" dia]

B. Mack Embry - Giant Clown/ Juggler - 8 ' tall/ 3 ' wide [40"/ 3" dia]

C1 & C2 . Ben and Oscar Embry - Acrobat/ Juggler/ Clown (Siamese Twins) Ben has bodybuilder body with Oscars Bodybuilder torso attached to Bens spine via pelvic like structure eight inches above Bens pelvis - 6'4"-6'9" tall/ 30" wide [36"/ 3" dia]

D. Gordon (Gordo) Embry - Muscle Sumo/ Clown - 6' 2" tall/ 30" wide / 36" dia belly [36" / 2" dia]

E : 4' tall / 24" wide [24"/ 2" dia] shorter legs than normal - All eight are Muscle Clowns :

  1. Rick Embry - Redhead A.S. / C.
  2. Randy Embry - Blonde A.S. /C.
  3. Nassir Embry - Black Arabic/Pakistani
  4. Miko Embry - Black Japanese
  5. Wang Embry - Black Chinese
  6. Rasta Embry - Black African-American
  7. Angle Embry - Brown Hispanic-American
  8. Red Embry - Black Native-American

F : 5'6" tall/ 25 " wide [28" / 2-1/2" dia] gymnast bodies - All four are Acrobat/ Trapeze/High Wire/ Juggler :

  1. Al Embry - Freckled / Blond hair
  2. Beau Embry - Even-tanned / Redhead
  3. Cal Embry - Pale complexion / Black hair
  4. Dan Embry - Well-tanned / Platinum Blonde

G : 5' tall/ 21" wide [25" / 2-1/2" dia] shorter legs than normal/anthropomorphic Otter-men with two foot long tails - All three are Acrobats/ Jugglers/ Clowns :

  1. Jeb Embry - Brown fur - Very Meaty build
  2. Bud Embry - Reddish-Blonde fur - Medium build
  3. Joe Embry - Brown-Black fur - Very Slim build