More Give Than Take 2

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Here's another part to the story. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story involving Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

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All three versions of Erik came into view and again we were surprised by what the aliens had done. Erik was cloned into two very buff gymnast bodies. Well, gymnast on steroids.

One Erik was platinum blonde everywhere . The other had jet black hair on head chest, and pubes. they were both about six foot four inches and about 24 inches wide at the shoulders. Their man-meat was also over grown like the M Embry clones But what was even more over grown with the Erik clones was number three. He had red hair on his head chest and pubes like the first two, but his height was like Mack Embry. He was eight foot tall and three foot wide and sported a thick monster of a cock that was forty inches long; just like Mack Embry.

Before anyone could say anything, the eight foot tall Erik Johanson clone walked up to Mack the other eight footer there and threw out his chest while he smiled and looked up and down at Mack. It seemed he liked what he saw.

He told Mack, "It may not sound too modest but DAMN we look hot." And with that he kissed Mack for a full minute. When they parted, all he could say was, "Woof."

Mack was confused. Mark Embry had come out to Erik Johanson about three months earlier, and was able to keep a friend. Though Erik at the time had been concerned about whether Mark had any sexual attraction towards him, he was satisfied when Mark said ' not with straight friends. Erik had dated quite a few beautiful women in the past six years they knew each other, so this change in Erik's sexual orientation was a shock.

Mack asked, "Erik, you said you were straight!"

The platinum blond clone of Erik corrected him with, "I'm the straight one in this group. Oh, and you can call me Karl Johanson."

The black haired clone said, "And it seems I'm the bisexual clone. I'm calling myself Rusty Johanson." Both were six foot four inches tall and two foot wide

The red Johanson was starting to sport an enormous erection and the tip was just starting to touch Macks now stiffening pecker. He told Mack, "You can call me Stan Johanson. And I guess you can tell by now I'm powerful horny for you. For some reason I get the impression you have the same feelings for me/" With the word feelings Stan grabbed Macks now very hard pecker and started to stroke all forty inches. Mack groaned and felt dizzy for a second. He had to steady himself by grabbing Stans shoulders.

Stan let one hand off Macks meat and held his arm. He said, "you Ok, Mack?"

Mack just grinned and dropped his hands to Stans meat and started to pump all forty of his inches. This got Stan to say, "I'll take that as a yes!" They both slowed down a bit and chuckled as their thumbs started to roll over the top of their dicks. Then with a groan they both wobbled a bit.

Jack had licked the two otter men to a tasty conclusion and they hadn't had time to return the favor before Jack reached over and pulled Stan and Mack over to his lap. The otter men jumped down to give Jack some room.

Jack said, "There you go. Now you won't hurt yourselves falling over."

Mack glanced at Jacks head and then his cock and winked at Stan as he dropped Stans dick and reached for Jacks massive five footer. Stan took the hint and helped pull the monster member over in between the two, "Normal, "sized giants.

Jack moaned as his johnson got straightened out, but he told them, "Aw, I didn't mean for you two to stop what you were taking care of."

Stan gets a wicked grin and says, "I think we know that, but if you want to help us out in any small way, I'm sure Mack won't mind either."

Mack sticks out a rather long tongue to lick the edge of Jacks dick before he says, "I won't mind at all. I'm sure Jack's imagination is up to the challenge. " With that Mack applied a bit of suction to a dick that was not going to go down his throat. It seamed that he was going to try anyway, and the effort got more groans and moans out of Jack.

Stan copied Mack as much as possible and their work lasted for five minutes before Jack could think enough to apply some of what he had just learned. He put his huge mitts around Stans and Macks pecker and fiddled with the pre-cum oozing out of the tips. This made it easier to get the groans out of the two, "smaller, "giants

Jack said, "Now that's what I like to hear. OOOhhhh. " Mack and Stan found out how far either of their tongues could reach into Jacks dick. With ten inches from lips to tip, either tongue was going to touch nerves never loved like that before. Neither one stopped attending to the really big man. They just grinned and chuckled when one slipped out to let the other in to Jacks piss hole.

This activity had the rest of the clone clan watching and rubbing. The four foot tall Embrys

daisy chained, dick to mouth in a meaty little circle. The Otter men had a shared stroke going, the middle one helping the outer ones while the outer two had a hand on their own dick and a

hand on the middle Otter man. The three were moaning and squeaking in rhythm and this got Ben and Oscar, the siamese twins chuckling with each squeak. Gordo chose that time to roll up to Ben and Oscar and grab their shared dick in his wide hands and rub it against his belly. Both faces of the siamese twin made a happy screwed-up look and then Ben and Oscar said back and forth between them, "Gordo we'll * give you ten* minutes to stop* that and then* we're gonna have* to do something* to that yardstick* you call a *DICK!" the last word was said by both.

Gordo got an evil little look on his face as he said" It seems the aliens thought since I was gonna be so wide and look like I was fat, I might as well have an extra throat." And with that, Gordo stepped back a step and aimed Ben and Oscars cock into his navel. Instead of meeting resistance the twins found their own yardstick dick sliding into Gordo like it was being sucked down a throat. Gordo's eyes glazed over for a second like he was concentrating on something. The twins legs started to shake a little and Gordo's legs followed suit. It also seemed that the aliens gave Gordo's throat in his belly a g spot and the girth of the twins cock was rubbing it to distraction.

The four Acrobats noticed the state the Three were in and helped ease them to the ground. Though, once Gordo was sitting down Ben and Oscar could lean against Gordo's immense belly and equally huge chest and start bucking their communal hips into Gordo's belly mouth.

They were getting into a rhythm when Gordo leaned back at the start of his orgasm and pulled Oscar and Ben off their feet while quarter inch thick ropes of cum shot out of his pecker.

This set off the twins and the mutual orgasm lasted a good three minutes.

The Acrobats all took a hand in aiming Gordos dick to see how high he could shoot cum and to get a better look at the bowling ball sized balls that were able to supply cum for such a long time.

The twins collapsed onto Gordos expanse of gut about when Gordo finally ran out of spunk.

Gordo's next word were" You guys sure hit the right spot! You two ok?" He started to ruffle the hair on both their heads. Both heads tipped up and smiled the biggest shit eatin smile anyone had ever seen.

They shared giving Gordo the praise he deserved with, "Gordo, Ok* doesn't even* begin to* describe how* great that* throat of* yours feels* when It's * sucking every * ounce of cum * out of my* NADS!

Ben started saying, "We gotta find a way to get that yardstick of yours*"

Oscar continues with "* Stuffed up our ass, just in partial payment for that *"

Ben and Oscar together finish with "* truly fantastic belly blow job!"

Gordo chuckled and said, "Even though I did have a myself a powerful orgasm with you guys, I'll take you up on that offer, but at a later date. I think we should start getting ready for the rangers and the news people."

Jack started his vast spoogy orgasm with Mack and Stan acting so proud of themselves helping it along. It lasted a good six or seven minutes, and luckily Mack and Stan aimed it away from everyone. By the end of his mighty orgasm, it looked like they should change location for everyone to find them; if only to keep people from slipping and falling from so much cum on the ground.

It was Mack who vocalized this thought, and the whole circus moved into the meadow, and waited for the rangers.

What did happen next was their brother Jon and a Tall ranger each carrying a large pile of blankets, walk into the Meadow. The ranger wasn't that shocked yet, but Jon was well on his way.

Jon had a confused frown on his face as he got more excited and called out

"What the hell is going on?" The Mark clones started to take blankets and covering themselves.

Each time one took a blanket the told Jon, "Thanks Jon, "or, "Thanks Brother."

Jon gave up the last blanket he was holding and burst out with, "What is going on?! Why does everybody look like Mark? Where's My brother?"

Stan Johanson stands up and moves over to tower over Jon. He tells him, "I don't look like Mark, "Karl and then Rusty say the same thing, "I don't look like Mark."

Jun mumbles, "Erik?" He looks from one to another to another.

All Three say, "Jon ; We were Erik. and all twenty of them were Mark."

Cal Embry (one of the acrobats) walked up to Jon and said, "Jon. You know we don't have anything that could clone a human, and accelerate his growth till he's about thirty, then slow it back down to normal, And we surely don't have anything that could record from a human then implant full memories into a clone. And the kicker is, all that within one week."

He let this sink in.

Cal told Jon, "Erik and I were stopped in the antelope valley, by aliens. They performed their tests and when I opened my mouth they listened. Unfortunately, They could read minds too and picked up all the kinky stuff in my mind before they decided to leave a big kinda calling card.

I have all of Marks memories and personality, just like nineteen more of me do also. And they made three of Erik. And if we don't get all twenty three of us to a public place and get some news cameras on us the government in the form of a few different agencies, will pick us up and we will never see the light of day again."

Mack walked up and towered for a moment and then kneeled down to be eye to eye with Jon.

He said, "We really should be moving to a public area. Do you have a way of transporting all of us to the local big hospital. We have to get DNA scans and a few other things done just to prove were still human and mostly Mark."

Karl Johanson, "That goes for us three Johansons too."

Mel spoke up and said, "I'm Ranger Mel Sunderson. I brought a bus we use for fire fighting. But now I can see the situation more clearly, and three, "He looks at Gordo and corrects himself.

"I mean four of you will not fit through the doors let alone really fit inside the bus. I'll have to get some trucks over here. But I should warn you guys, once we get you to the hospital you're on your own after that. Understood?"

Mack steps in again and says, "I think we all understand, Sir. We just appreciate the help right now. Thank you."

Mel grins and says, "Your welcome. Now for my people." He pulls out a cell phone and pushes a few buttons. He gets through to his station. He says, "It's Sunderson here. Let me talk to Adams please." " Just put Adams on." " Sorry Sir, but this isn't some joke or a party of drunks from the campsites. It really is the two missing people from Antelope Valley plus twenty one more. they are all in need of medical attention for the purpose of identification, not injuries."

"No sir I recommend you not call any of the other agencies at this time. The people here believe they would be in danger from those very agencies, and I'm inclined to believe them." " Sir, have I ever played any one of those practical jokes the other guys have pulled over the years?"

"Have I ever lied to you?" " Thank you, Sir. Believe me when I tell you we need to get the forty-foot truck out here for four of the people involved in this event. And that as soon as possible. once we get them all to the hospital, we'll be off the hook and no one will be able to say we didn't do the right thing." " Yes Sir, It's that serious. " Then I'll have the bus loaded ready to go with the four waiting beside it, for your arrival." " Thank you Sir, and Thanks for coming out yourself." " See you Sir."

Mel turned to the group and said, "Can you all hear me?" All heads nodded yes, so he continued. " Ok. We're going to get the nineteen that will fit in the bus into it and the other four will be waiting by the bus for my supervisor to arrive with a forty-foot truck that should be able to carry you four to the hospital with the ones in the bus. The path that leads to where I parked the bus is a little overgrown near the road. You three can get through fine but You may have to go on all fours to get through. Sorry, but I don't know any other way to get there without breaking through tree branches or giving one of the residents a fright. And that would end up getting the local police involved and I don't think you guys want that just yet."

Mack spoke up and said, "You're right about that. If it comes to it, the rest of us can just pick him up and carry him out long-ways."

Mel says, "Sounds like a plan. Lets get started. Everyone follow me" As he gets to the pathway to the road he looks back and mumbles, "Oh wow, like I'm leading a parade."

Wang Embry looks up at him and says, "I guess we're going to have to get used to that."

All Mel had to say to that was, "Yep!"

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More to come . I hope you liked it so far. Pleaser send feedback.

Postscript: here's some statistics for Erik Johanson's clones:

  1. Karl Johanson: Platinum blonde, six foot four inches, two foot wide, (24" / 2 1/4 "dia ), High Wire / Juggle
  2. Rusty Johanson: Jet black, six foot four inches tall, two foot wide, (24"/ 2 1/4 "dia ), High Wire / Juggler
  3. Stan Johanson: Red, eight foot even tall, three foot wide, (40"/ 3" dia.), Giant clown / Juggler / Elephant act with Jack and Mack