More Give Than Take 4

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story with Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned.

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It's morning and Jack is tending to the needs of the newly reacquired Elephants. Millie and Tina are now Manny and Tony. Jack thought 'What the hell are the aliens doing? They were perfectly happy being female elephants.'

Just then Manny's trunk started to tickle Jacks dick, just like Millie would. Jack chuckled and told him, "Maybe for nooners, buddy" The elephant understood exactly what he meant and loudly trumpeted once.

Jack groaned, "Not in my ear!" An apologetic trunk tip patted Jack's head. Jack said, "Forgiven." The trunk tip met his lips for just a second and Jack kissed Manny's trunk.

A subsonic rumbling let Jack know Tony wanted some attention too. Jack called over to the other elephant, "I'm almost finished with Manny's place, then I'll be right over darlin'." Tony grabbed the thick bars of the massive cage near the open door and rattled it just enough for the door and latch to make a sound. Jack's face folded into a painful scowl. He was finished mucking Manny's Cage and since he had fed them first (It always got them shitting right after), he went to Tony's cage to muck it out.

He stepped into Tony's cage and stood next to Tony's right eye. His face showed sorrow as he said" I know Baby it's a cage not a place. But the inspectors are due today and they don't understand how smart you guys are."

Tony (who used to be Tina) reached over to a very large shackle attached to a thick chain welded to the cage. He rattled it but didn't pick it up. Jack put his hands on Tony's check and said, "I know. I don't like it either, but inspectors expect to see something like it on the cage. You know I'll never let anyone even think of trying to put that on you, Right?" Tony's trunk reached out and embraced Jacks huge body.

Jack held Tony's head and said, "I Love you too." as they broke the embrace Jack said, "They don't understand how smart you guys are."

A young woman's voice said from the side of the tent covering the two cages, "Some of us do!" Both elephants trumpeted loudly once and they shifted around to see a rather tall young lady inspector walk in.

Jack groaned and said, "Not in my ear!" A distracted trunk patted his face. Jack mumbled, "Forgiven."

Inspector Fran Tompkins had a soothing look on her face as she told Jack, "Your poor ear. They always seem to wait till your right next to their heads when they do that." Her remark got both elephants to rolling their heads back and forth (their way of silently laughing ).

As Jack glanced at Tony he said, "Ha Ha." He walked out of the cage and shook the hand of the lady inspector. He said, "All by yourself today? Is old 'Pole-up-his-Ass' out sick or maybe even had an accident?" His eager look with those comments got a mock frown on her face.

Fran said, "How can you talk that way about a conscientious EX public servant ." Her face was smiling at the end.

Jack smiled as he asked, "What was that?"

Fran said, "Yes. Ex public servant, ex partner, ex head inspector."

Jack said, "Hallelujah!" The elephants both trumpeted to that and looked at Fran.

Fran said, "And it's all due to you guys and the Justice Department. They discovered the level of graft he was involved in, along with the two off shore accounts he had the bribes stashed in. They didn't even suspend him. He was fired in front of me and lead away in handcuffs."

Jack asked, "Crying?"

Fran said, "Like a baby."

The two elephants started to roll their heads again to that comment. Fran noticed and said, "I brought something for the guys." She goes to the opening in the tent and hoists a huge bag of carrots onto her shoulder which Jack promptly pulls off her back. She smiles up at him with her fists on her hips and says, "I can do it."

He smiles as he pops the plastic apart and scoops out a handful of carrots. He puts them in Tony's feed bin for Tony to get at. He tells her, "I know. I just thought I'd take something else off your back." A happy sound came out of Tony and his trunk touched Fran before he started eating.

Fran told Tony, "You're welcome."

Jack took an equal amount over to Manny's cage and put them in Manny's feed bin. Manny waited until Fran was close enough to be touched on the cheek then he started to eat the carrots.

Fran said, "You're welcome too."

This is not normal behavior for elephants in captivity. And certainly not for captive male elephants. While elephants intelligence is now considered as high as a dolphins, the behavior of males is heavily influenced by his large hormone levels. Testosterone can make a normally agreeable male become violent. These two elephants were different.

For one thing, six months ago, they were both female! Two months after Mark Embry and Erik Johanson were abducted by aliens and turned into twenty three men; the elephants were bought to start one of the Acts in the Circus the men were starting. Then six months after that, the poor female elephants were abducted too. When they were found a few days later, they were changed from female to male. They seem to have been changed in such a way as to retain their calm female demeanor yet gained the highly randy addition associated with the male. You could call it ' Sweet but horny'.

The amplified sound of a piano can be heard and Ben's voice saying, "This is the dress rehearsal for Hide in Your Shell and Dreamer. Everyone must be on your toes from here on out. We no longer have nets! I also need all stage managers to test headphones and mic's before we get started. And please do so now, as quickly as you can. We would like to get to lunch by twelve thirty at the latest. Thank you." His mic cuts off but you could still hear the piano practicing some bits of the songs.

Fran said, "You guys are doing well. It's like when Cirque du Soleil first started touring."

With a deep throaty rumble, Jack said, "Except with animals and slightly more erotic."

Fran grinned and said, "You know you guys were never going to be able to hide that part of yourselves."

Jack chuckled and said, "Not for long, that's for sure."

Fran had a clipboard with an inspection sheet. She had already checked all the areas around the Horse stables and the food storage and prep for all the animals, before she looked in on Jack and the Guys. She still had a hard time getting her head around the idea that the elephants she knew as Tina and Millie were now Tony and Manny. The whole world was trying to get it's head around the idea of proof that aliens exist. Luckily the government gave up trying to deny the existence of aliens. If that hadn't happened, every human and every animal in the circus would probably have been locked away in some secret facility the government runs.

Fran said, "I think half the audience comes hoping to see one of you guys burst out of your costume."

Jack grinned as he closed Tony's cage door. He said, "Don't think we didn't run that idea by a few people. But the show is rated R as it is." Tony pulled it closed for Jack a little faster than normal.

Jack said, "Don't be that way in front of Fran. I have rehearsal in ten minutes and you don't see any lock on the door. That's all because of your good behavior and Fran going to bat for us. Every other unattended circus elephant is in a locked cage."

Fran was still near Manny's cage and Manny reached out and touched Fran's cheek again. Tony's trunk curled back and touched his own cheek.

Fran saw this and told them both, "Your both welcome. You know I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You're the only elephants that talk to me."

Manny pointed his trunk at Fran and then rolled the tip in a circle in front of his face and then put it near his mouth and made a smacking sound.

Fran smiled and said, "Thank you. I think you're pretty too."

Manny groaned loudly and reached back and wiggled his dick. then pulled his trunk out in front of him and tipped it up.

Fran said, "Oh sorry. Handsome is the word. And just so you know, I think you're handsome too, Tony."

Just as Jack finished closing Manny's cage door, both elephants trumpeted.

Jack held his ear as he said, "Not in my ear."

He stepped back and surveyed the two cages. He asked them both, "Do you two have enough paper?" Their trunk tips slip along their right jaw line from ear to mouth.

Jack said, "And crayons?" Both elephants poked in the bin of very large crayons, and repeated the 'yes' gesture.

Jack said, "OK. Any problem, you ring the bell, and I'm back in a heartbeat."

Fran watched as Jack did what every other parent did when leaving their children. Hesitation/worry then a smile. Jack said, "I love you."

Both elephants curled their trunks like they were hugging someone. Then Jack was out of the tent and the elephants started to draw things on the large pieces of paper attached to huge easels.

Fran said, "I'm still amazed they can see color now."

Jack said, "Then you should see the portrait Tony did of one guy who wanted to pay two thousand buck for a picture one of the elephants drew if he could see it being drawn. This guy thought it was going to be stick figures, and he was happy with that."

Fran said, "So what did Tony draw?"

Jack said, "Tony drew an excellent likeness of the guy and handed it to him. He nearly fainted."

Fran stared for a moment and then said, "And it really looked like the guy?"

Jack nodded yes and said, "It was great watching Tony shave the crayon tip flat on the cage then make fine detail marks with it. Pachyderm Portraiture Artists."

Jack and Fran got to the main tent entrance and Fran asked, "Can I watch the rehearsal?"

Jack said, "Anytime you want. And just so you don't miss it in the mail, we sent you a lifetime pass that's good for up to eight people plus you."

Fran frowned for a second and Jack said, "I got the OK from your supervisor. He considers it a useful way for you to make surprise inspections of how Tony and Manny are doing while performing. Does that sound better?"

She visible relaxed and said, "I'll probably have to bring him and his family along the first few times. Thank you Jack, and please thank the whole clan for trusting me with your babies."

Jack kneeled down and gave her a hug and said, "Thank you for being a true Public servant and a true friend".

Fran hugged him back as well as she could to a fifteen foot tall giant. Then a beep sounded from Jacks ear.

Oscar's voice could be heard from the earpiece in Jacks ear saying, "Jack. Five minutes."

Jack stood up and opened the curtain to let Fran through as he pushed at the earpiece and said, "I'm right at the entrance. Ready in three."

Oscar's said, "Thanks Jack."

There was an elaborate stage floor attached to a huge metal cross with equal length arms ten feet above the stage. This would soon start turning with the stage and then lift higher and bring a frame work beneath it, up above the stage floor. Bars and trapeze style ropes and bars were suspended from the framework. It was just now collapsing back down to under the stage. The four gymnast Embrys (Al, Beau, Cal, and Dan; all 5'6" tall) and the eight, four foot tall muscle clown Embrys, were either on the rig or getting ready to jump onto it when it starts up.

The round stage had a two story structure in back of it with the piano/calliope on the second floor and Ben/Oscar were at the keyboard. The rest of the Band were ready and the spot lights were testing the focus and intensity on parts of the revolving stage. Just in back of the entrance was Gordo at the sound and light board. He saw Fran with Jack and the house speakers murmured, "Fran. sit up here."

Fran turned and saw Gordo and walked up and took a seat by the very wide man.

Gordo said, "Good to see you again. I assume Jack told you about the lifetime passes."

Fran said, "And I asked him to thank all of you guys. And thank you for running it by my boss first. I had the silly idea you were responsible for that. Thanks."

Gordo said, "Little ole me. Why it was a team effort. We couldn't thank you and then let anyone think we were trying to corrupt a public servant. Your boss told me that each use had to have a report submitted to his office afterward. That means you have to say hi to Tony and Manny each time you see the show. It's your job."

Fran giggled and said, "I have a funny feeling that particular duty isn't in my job description. But I will comply with the needs of the public."

Gordo turned back to the board and said, "Cool."

Fran saw Ben/Oscar sit at the keyboard and look over a Gordo. Gordo nodded and hit a button and the audience lights went down. Gordo hit the main intercom button.

Gordo said, "We start in thirty seconds guys. Stage managers hit your green lights and we begin."

Fran saw three red lights on the sound and light board turn green one after another. Gordo hit the begin sequence button and all the lights dimmed.

Gordo said, "Cue main spot, Ben/Oscar showtime."

The spot light was dim but got brighter on Ben/Oscar as they started the first notes of the song. Gordo hit the advance button on the board and the sound and light sequence did it's thing till the next point Gordo needed to synchronize the program to the players.

The board had an activity screen next to the stage managers lights indicating the state each bit of stage or framework was in. Turning, rising, twisting, or stopped. An emergency stop button was at each light . People were going to go flying on the stage and equipment, and they wanted to make sure none of it was accidental.

As Ben/Oscar played and the band played with them, the stage started to turn counter clockwise. A lone female figure was sitting in a low trapeze in the center of the stage and as the stage turned the framework supporting the trapeze started to rise. This opened sections of the stage that were attached like a piece of sculpture to parts that were below the stage. These pieces revealed other bars and trapeze attached below them. Many had the eight Muscle clowns on them in red and yellow costumes. The eight had animal or demon masks on but their eyes were very easy to see.

With the first word out of Ben/Oscars mouth another spot came up on the beautiful lady on the center trapeze. She responded to the light in a shy way and rolled around the bar and ropes avoiding any of the red/yellow demons but being drawn to the white costumed gymnasts that one by one leap from the stage to a rope which they tumble upward. They represent what she desires. The music has the demons snapping their fingers and singing along with Ben/Oscar. The white desires reach for her only to be blocked by the demons.

The song goes back to the beginning instrumental and the lights dim again except for Ben/Oscar and the girl. A screen below where Ben/Oscar is playing starts a fast montage of movie star leading men. Then when Ben/Oscar mention it the screen goes black.

As that section of song resolves and Ben/Oscar sings I wanna know, they get up from the keyboard and someone else takes his place. When he gets to the point he sings hold yourself down twice they leap off the platform and Oscar grabs a bar that is actually a flying trapeze. All of the second verse of the song, the girl has been swinging back and forth more and more. And at the point that Oscar grabs the bar and swings down towards her, she is at the point that she can just reach back and be caught by Ben. This isn't your normal catch. Her hands are pulled above Bens head and she wraps her legs around his waist. She then grabs the bar as Ben grabs the ropes. This lets Oscar slip the bar over his head and with Ben's help they pull them selves onto sitting on the bar with the girl in their lap. The demons and the desires all have either slid off the ropes or flipped on top of the structure. The end of the song has Ben/Oscar and the girl in the only light. at the end the spot winks out.

With no time to do it, the three still disappear as the next song starts. Each Muscle clown is in a different colored suit now. the tumbling is simple but strange up on the sculpture. The dreamer song ends and the stage goes dark. A rush of air and the stage is flat and there's a sort of high wire stretching across the stage where it wasn't a moment before.

The lights go up as the song 100 years by 5/4/fighting starts and Al does a forward roll on his back along the wire and stands up at, "I'm 15 for a moment". Each addition causes another wire walker to roll with the previous one onto and along the wire. Al does a slip drop and remount stand after the roll at, "I'm 22 for a moment". They backed up a few feet at the "15 I'm alright with you". The line, "I'm 33 for a moment" got Cal out and, "I'm 45 for a moment" got Dan onto the wire. Each line got one or two to turn back to the beginning point even though they keep on heading for the other end. At the end Dan is the last to walk off the wire. The lights dim except for a set spot over the starting point on the wire. Then it goes out.

Gordo hits the end button on the board and the house lights come up. Fran starts to applaud and it gets picked up by Gordo's mic.

Gordo said, "My brothers and sisters, that was excellent."

Ben/Oscar said, "After that, I think we all deserve a two hour lunch."

Gordo said, "Sounds good to me."

As Fran started to leave she caught up to Jack and said, "Jack. What did you do during the show?"

Jack smiled and said, "Remember when the set collapsed and the high wire was suddenly up and tight?"

Fran nodded yes and Jack said, "We really didn't want to trust machinery to do that with the potential of hitting some of our guys. So I'm the one that has night vision goggles on and makes sure nobody is in the way. Then I pull the wire to the right tension and hook it onto the rig and secure it. All in ten seconds." Jack smiles and raises his eyebrows, sort of proud of himself.

Fran said, "Cool."

Jack said, "And in case the stage does get away from us, I can stop it on a dime and pull it apart if it catches one of our people."

Fran smiled and said, "Very cool".

Jack asked, "This isn't going to keep you from watching the whole performance next friday, is it?"

Fran said, "And miss seeing Tony and Manny's big performance? Not on your life!"

Jack said, "Very, very cool. See ya Fran."

Fran said, "See you friday."

To be continued

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