More Give Than Take 3

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Here's the next part of the story. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story that has Male to Male sex and Love relationships, If you are under eighteen years of age, then you should not be here. You have been warned.

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The MRI Technician named Mike, took one look at Jack, Mack, Stan, and Gordo, and calmly said, "Those four will not fit through the MRI. I'm sorry but they just won't fit."

He walked back into the hospital with Dan and said, "And as for Ben and Oscar; they are going to be a tight fit, but I think they'll make it through. I really want to see the structure that holds them together and allows both brains to sense and control below the waist. And those Otter-men." He opens the door to the Waiting room outside the MRI room and controller room, and finds Sixteen men that had the same facial features, and a set of twins not directly related to the sixteen. Or more correctly the twenty. Three Embry men outside (the Giants) sixteen in the waiting room and one of the eight Embrys at four foot tall were in the MRI. It looked like Randy (Blonde anglo saxon ). It seemed he was almost finished, but then the table stopped at his waist and scanned down his body to about mid calf, then finished with him at the other end.

All the Embry's were in Hospital gowns and as soon as they started to get Randy off the MRI table, Nassir Embry walked through to the technician with the clip board, and gave his name. She repeated it for the technician in the control room. He promptly typed it in and pulled up the new file for the System to record the tests into it. As the table travels to the left of the main unit, Nassir climbs up the stair beside the track the table moves on, and waits for the table to stop moving. He then lies down on the table and the technician straps his head, hips, ankles, and wrists down for the unit to get an unblurred Image of Nassir's body.

The DNA tech came back into the waiting room and approached the Brown furred meaty otter man, Jeb. You could tell the tech was good when he could remember everybody's name. He said, "Jeb, I know you otter-men are getting the most pokes and prods but, could I please have two more mouth swabs and a drop of blood?"

Jeb stood as tall as five feet will allow and the tech seemed to reflect a respect for the demeanor Jeb displayed. " Put that way, sure Sammy." He opened wide for one then another mouth swabs. each going into a sterile tube. Then the pinprick.

Sammy can't help himself. He has to look at Jeb's webbed hand and claws. Jeb notices and takes the pin from Sammy. Sammy holds the blotter card and Jeb wipes it on the card and hands the pin back. Then Jeb makes friends with Sammy by stopping him from leaving right away and taking the stuff out of his hands and sitting him down opposite a free chair and letting Sammy examine his hands. And Ears, and eyes and nose and tail. Apparently Sammy is a good Doctor as well as a technician for the hospital. And Sammy is more than professionally interested in Jeb. Jeb can tell by Sammy's tail. The one in front. Sammy can now tell Jeb is getting more interested in Sammy.

Jeb solves the problem with, "Sammy there is one fluid the hospital doesn't have yet. And I think I need a hand getting it for you. Is there a private examination room nearby?"

Sammy blurts out, "It's good to be a doctor! I have a small office one floor up, room 318 east side, in case we need to be reached." The whole room is smiling. Three burst out with, "Go get em tiger!" While five say, "Make sure it's a large specimen jar!"

Sammy smiles with Jeb as they leave. After a minute. Bud says, "What's wrong with us? We forgot to ask for more technicians." General laughter.

Nassir comes in and Bud slips through the door to be the next for the MRI. He's curious about his tail, claws, webbed hands and feet and the claws. Oh yeah, His twenty-five inch pecker. That should be interesting. His fur covers it up at least half way down his leg. He walks into the MRI room and a smiling technician helps Bud onto the table. Bud reads the name tag on the technician. The technician is six foot two inches of professional wrestler size beef.

Bud says, "If you're Les, then your brother must be a monster!"

Les tells him as he straps down Bud's legs, "I just like animals, I'm not gay." He lets that sink in before he says, "But to respond to your comment. My little brother is bigger than me, and he is gay. And single at the moment. I'll be giving him a call while you're in here."

Buds smile got bigger. He says, "Thanks Les. Is Les your full name.?"

Just before he leaves the room les says, "No, it's Lester. My brothers name is Maxwell, but you can guess what everybody calls him."

Les leaves as Bud murmurs the name, "Max!" He still has a goofy grin on his face.

Ben and Oscar step into the observation room and Ben is the one with the hospital gown on. Oscar puts his arms over Bens shoulders as Ben says, "Dan said I should see the technician called Mike. I really don't think we're gonna fit through that thing." He was pointing at the normal sized MRI machine.

Mike comes over and says, "We just had a new type unit installed last week and It just got certified." He hits a button and the lights come on in a room on the opposite side from the other MRI room. The Machine doesn't have a hole through it. Instead it's U shaped and much wider open. The U is on it's side and the patient passes through with their left side free of any machinery.

Ben and Oscar say, "Cool!" Then they bounce back and forth verbally with, "WE should* be able* to fit* through that* with no* Problem, "The last word they said together.

Mike smiled and said, "I'm surprised the others don't talk that way."

Ben and Oscar frown for a second and smile and ask in unison, "Talk what way?"

Mike grinned and said, "Yeah right. Let's get you two through this puppy, shall we?" He flips on the circuit breakers and starts the computer system. It does it's diagnostics, then initiates the MRI unit itself. Ben and Oscar watch the whole warmup sequence and then think of something they might have missed.

Ben decides to do the talking all the way through so as to keep the confusion level as low as possible. Ben says" We can see how the straps secure one person to the table, but how are you going to secure me with Oscar?"

Mike hadn't thought of this and just blurts out, "Oh yeah. You're right. the table can handle the weight, but it's built for one."

Oscar adds, "And please try to steer away from the idea of using Duck tape."

Mike frowns for a second then assures them, "Don't worry, this isn't McGiver. I'll call the ER. They have restraints for violent patients." He gets on the phone and outlines the problem with the head of ER. They tell him an orderly will be there in five minutes, with enough nylon strapping to get the job done . The system goes through it's final test sequence and Ben and Oscar have a seat to wait for the orderly.

Randal was the name on the orderly's badge, but Ben and Oscar noticed how wide the guy was. About five ten, five eleven; but his muscles made him look thick and wide. He had one of those roid guts but it sat on top of fairly narrow hips and huge thighs. He paused at the sight of Ben and Oscar checking him out the minute he entered. His grin grew along with a moderate chubbie. Of course with equipment that large; a chubbie took on the proportions of a good sized erection.

Oscar couldn't let it go and asked, "How many gay men work at this hospital?"

This comment got Mikes attention and when he checked out the two crotches in question he said, "Randal, give it a break! I thought you and Sammy were seeing each other."

Randal brought the restraints to Mike and shook his head no saying, "Nah, we ended it as friends. It got too weird when we both brought guys home for the other to try." He had been looking into Ben and then Oscars eyes. Then as the restraints are tugged from his hands he looks down at Mike and releases them. He says, "Sorry."

Mike says, "You will be sorry if these two can't fit through the New MRI unit cause of an erection you helped them with." This gets Randal to look down at Ben/Oscars crotch and get wide eyed. Mike sees this and how Ben/Oscar are looking away from their own groin. Mike continues with, "I was going to ask you to strap these guys onto the MRI table but now I think you should just sit here for awhile and wait to take the straps back. I know how Dr. Jansen gets in ER with loaning out any durable supply."

Ben and Oscar walk out into the MRI room and before Mike gets out of earshot Randal whispers, "I owe you buddy."

Mike mutters, "Yeah, yeah. Where are all the chicks you're supposed to send my way?"

Mike gets the guys on the table and straps Oscar and their legs down first. Then the interesting part starts. He takes some gauze pads and lines the strap that goes from Bens head to around Oscars chest. Then before he gets any more complicated he takes Bens hands and puts them under their but. He tells them, "We'll go with this first and see if you can stay as still as possible. Breath slow and full an leave a pause on your exhale before you inhale, OK?"

Ben and Oscar say, "OK. Lets Go."

Mike says, "Good. Thank you."

Mike gets back into the control room and starts the system for a scan. Over the intercom he tells them, "Ok here we go. It should be quieter than regular MRI units, and if there is any problem with you two not fitting through or any kind of discomfort, You will let me know and I will have you out of there in a second. OK?"

Ben and Oscar said, "OK. " in unison and the table started to move.

Mike said, "Scan Begining." The rest of the scan went by quickly and didn't have to be repeated. But just before he told them that, a phone rang at the other control panel and the technician said, "Mike, It's Dr. Forrest."

Mike told the guys, "That was a good run. We have to check first before we let you out. We may need a partial scan. It'll just be a minute."

Mike picks up the phone and says, "Mike Dole here. Yes they just went through but haven't been released from the table yet. Yes doctor I told them that before I picked up with you. Thank you doctor, It keeps patients from worrying and gives doctors time to decide what they want to see in a rescan. Alright. both pelvic regions shoulder and cranial . I should have them done by the time you get here. You're welcome doctor."

Mike is about to say something to the guys and instead tells Randal, "Randy go into the MRI room and look like you're being a good attendant. It'll look bad if Dr. Forrest finds you sitting in the only other seat when he gets here."

Randal gets up and says, "Thank Mike." He goes and stands near Ben and Oscar just as Mike tells them over the intercom, "Guys, we need two more area specific scans. One of your pelvic regions, from the top of Oscars down to the bottom of the shared pelvis. I'm starting that now."

The table starts them through and the reason he chose that one first becomes clear to Randal, as the scan reaches the bottom of their common pelvis. Apparently just for fun Mike extends the scan down to the tip of Their dick. As the table reverses and starts the scan on the shoulder and cranial scans, Randal softly says, "Come on guys, I can't be that distracting.?!"

Oscar and Ben say in unison, "Yes You Are!" Their partial erection never did go away, and the last pelvic scan picked up a good idea how big they really were.

Mike says, "We're almost done. Just two more minutes and Randal can release you."

The three men in the MRI room thought that over and Randal asked, "How can I do that? I'm not off duty until three p.m."

Ben says, "We'll wait for you here, if that's Ok with you?"

Randal said, "I'll be here, three Pm sharp!"

The table was moving back to it's starting point and the guys feet started to tap the foot rest. Oscar said, "Yeah."

Randal released the restraints and helped them off the table. Oscar copped a feel of his shoulders, while Ben steadied himself by grabbing Randal's big rock hard belly. Randal's hands were on Ben's Lats which were very wide and thick (like Oscar's). All three said, "Solid, "at the same time.

As Ben and Oscar let go Randal said, "Oh this is going to work out good." That got smiles from the guys.

Dr forrest said over the intercom, "Ben, Oscar. The system already has three D models of the scans. Come on in ."

As Randal walked in Dr. Forrest said quietly, "Randal, You might as well stay and see how you helped out." The doctors grin let Randal know he wasn't in trouble.

The view that is on the screen seems unreal at first. Bens chest is cut off just above the heart and shows a few vertebra before they connect to a structure that looks like a pelvis, but then doesn't. More closely resembling the clavicles the vertebra splice is a Y shaped affair with nubs for the sinew and muscle to attach. The arteries and intestines and lymph system pass through either of two rigid bone rings on either side of the vertebra. The MRI caught the dissimilar nerve tissue at the junction. That explains how they can share senses and motor control. The odd nerve tissue assists in splitting the sensing and deciding the controlling at that point.

Then the three D scan showed the other unusual part of their anatomy. Everybody reacted in a little bit different way. But no one said anything until Ben said, "It doesn't feel that big."

Mike frowned and looked at Ben, then hit a few keys and a measuring grid popped up next to the three D Cock. Mike looked back to Ben and said, "It What?!" No one in that room believed Ben.

Oscar pops off with, "Ehh Yeah. It feels just that big." Ben and Oscar grimace and shrug together. and look at Randal with a hopeful look.

Randal looks away from the others in the room and directly at Ben/Oscar and whispers/ mouths, "Be gentle."

Dr Forrest tells Randal, "Randal, you should get back to the ER with those restraints. And Randal" He walks with him to the door so he can tell him privately, " You aren't going to get in trouble for what happens after three PM, because I'm going to get a full report of the, ah statistics . Understand?"

Randal looks relieved and says, "Yes sir, I understand." Randal realizes Dr. Forrest is also thick chested and a bit on the husky side. Before the doctor turns away Randal stares at the tuft of thick chest hair poking out of the doctors shirt.

Randal quietly says, "Sir, I recall your schedule day ends at three fifteen PM today. We'll probably wait till three thirty, in case something unexpected comes up." Randal smiles a tentative smile. Dr. Forrest has no expression, then openly smiles then frowns as if conferring with Randal, who takes the hint and frowns and nods his head. Randal leaves, and the doctor turns around to find half of the people watching him with goofy grins on and the other half shaking their heads.

Dr Jeff Forrest is taken aback and asks, "What?" like he hadn't horned in on something. The room split up into about four reactions between envy, admiration, lusty wishing, disgust at misuse of power, and plain overactive imagination.

Since no one spoke up, the doctor was left confused by the reactions. The doctor looked cute when he was confused and caught. Ben and Oscar walk up to him and give him a hug and rub on the back and shoulders as they say, "It's OK. Nothing's wrong." As Oscar continues to murmur these phrases, Ben tells him, "We'll wait till you get here, OK?"

The doctor nods OK and gets a serious face again. He's joined by Ben and Oscar. Mike snorts a laugh and makes copies of the MRI scans and sends them to the main records for the hospital and the doctors involved with the investigation of the Clones.

Mike notices the time and tells Dr Forrest, "I'm going to lunch. Since the hospital is footing the bill for all the tests, I'm assuming we feed them too. Do you want me to talk to the Kitchen services, and have meal carts for twenty people sent over?"

Dr. Forrest told him, "No. I better give them a call. You forgot the four still outside. With their size they may need meal carts enough for twenty people, just to be able to fill their bellies. I'll get Kitchen services to send at least a little food to the four outside, right away. They shouldn't have a problem feeding the nineteen in here and the four out there." He got on the phone and was able to direct Kitchen services to an open account number. The account was created by the hospital administration after securing the rights to any new medical discoveries found during the examination. The hospital would not agree to positive verification of Alien abduction, or Alien Cloning, or Alien anything. If they could prove cloning had occurred then that is what they would report to the public and the news agencies. They would agree to stating that cloning an adult to an adult age at an accelerated rate was currently physically impossible for anyone on this planet. And Doing so within a week and copying the memories on top of that, was just ridiculous to think any human agency could do it!

That was good enough for the Embrys and Johansons. As long as they could keep the public interested in them and keep the Pentagon uninterested.; they might make it to buying a small circus and taking it on the road. The fear amongst the twenty three, was the CIA or FBI or NSA or Pentagon or Men In Black wanting them for some project and then kidnaping them. The more in the public eye they were, the less likely any covert branch of the government would want to try and kidnap them at all. And with all the possible tests being taken by the hospital, there will be even less of a reason for anyone wanting to take them. They may act like all these tests were annoying, but all twenty-three of them knew it was what's going to keep them free.

Outside the two, "normal" sized Giants, Mack Embry and Stan Johanson were arguing with Gordo the Muscle / Sumo Embry over who should be the leader and official ringmaster for their Circus. Someone in the hospital had found some sailcloth sewing needles, and all three were sewing some bed sheets together for Jack Embry the fifteen foot tall Giant. They were close to finishing a long type of shirt for the really big guy when Mack made the comment that Gordo should be leading the group due to his immobility.

Gordo said, "I know we should be thinking alike, but where does that logic come from?"

Mack said, "Well you can't get around so good cause you cant fit through normal sized doors and you cant fit in normal sized chairs."

Gordo cuts in and says, "Chairs! I'm glad you stuck with chairs, because as you will note couches and loveseats work just fine, thank you." The hospital staff found some older furniture in the basement and pulled it out to the loading dock where the four largest of the Embrys and Johansons were asked to stay while the tests were being conducted.

Mack carefully put the needle into the sheet and reached over and rubbed Gordo's belly near his navel. As he was doing this he said, "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings Gordo. You saw what Stan and I went through just to get inside to sort of use the restroom. Us four are a perfect example of ' be careful of what you wish for'. I don't know how hard it is on you moving around with all that bulk." This made Mack stop, look at Jack, then the three Embry's looked at Stan.

The three Embry's told Stan Johanson, "And NO Stan, none of us are going to take on the nick name 'The Bulk'."

Stan didn't know if he should be angry or laugh. Laugh won out and he chuckled through, "What brought that on? I didn't say a thing." His smile challenged them to justify what they said.

Jack said, "You've been my, ah . Our friend for over ten years. I think we know a little of how your brain works."

Stan gave in a bit but said, "Ok, I'll admit I was starting to think that would be a good nick name; but you guys have got to at least let me finish a thought and and say it before you shut me down. Ok?" He wasn't smiling at the end. He kind of looks hurt.

Mack takes the needle out of Stans hand and puts it in the sheet Stan was working on. Mack starts to pull Stan to stand him up, and Stan helps in the end.

Mack says, "We didn't mean to make you feel bad either, Stan." Mack's giving Stan a bear hug as he says this, and Stan just closes his eyes and hugs him back.

Gordo sees this and looks down at his enormous belly and mutters, "At least someone's able to hug you." Jack heard this and frowns.

Jack moved over a little bit and reached down for Gordo.

Jack said, "Come 'er you." and picked Gordo up like he didn't weigh a thing. Gordo was a little bit shocked that Jack could lift him that easily.

Then Jack said, "We gotta watch it or you're gonna get me feeling sorry for myself" He was rocking Gordo back and forth like a little kid. Gordo just held onto as much as he could, of Jack. Gordo didn't look sad any more. Jack thought, 'I'm glad they got those tarps up around us. I sure don't feel like sharing this with the public right now'.

Stan got them laughing with, "Yeah, and he's got the biggest human dick in the world."

Gordo asks, "Hey Jack why didn't you pick the name Dick for yourself?"

The other two break and look at Jack for his answer.

Jack said, "Because I want to be appreciated for more than just my body?"

That got more than the four laughing. The eight four foot tall Embrys walked around the tarps and just sort of crawled onto and snuggled against Jack.

Stan and Mack decided to pile onto Jack which got Jack smiling.

Stan had to ask" Is this considered self soothing?"

Angel embry said, "It was until you butted in!" He was smiling right into Stans face as the others laughed.

Stan just picked the little man up and hung him there for a second. Angel didn't struggle, he just smiled more intensely. Then Stan Pulled him into a rather long kiss. Angel grabbed Stans head, cause he didn't intend for that kiss to end any time soon. They started to get a little more passionate. and the others started to give catcalls and whistles.

Jack had to break it up and patted them on the shoulders after he put Gordo down. He said, "Guys, I think we have to start charging for these live sex acts, or require the observers to participate." Angel and Stan notice the three male nurses pulling food carts. Angel notices that two of the nurses have tented up from their little kiss. He nudges Stan and winks as he gets off of Jack and walks over to one of the nurses. He looks at the name tag as his shoulder bumps against the nurses much larger crotch.

Angel can't believe what he's reading on the name tag. He says to no one in particular, "What are the odds, just as we were discussing the name, a fine example buff nurse shows up with the name Richard?" soft chuckling spreads through the group. The nurse in question bends a bit and starts to massage Angels very thick muscled shoulder.

Richard tells him loud enough for the whole group to hear, " But you can call me Dick."

Angel smiles and starts to rub his very thick chest muscles against Dick's now larger crotch. He purrs out the name, "Dick. Good name."

Dick by now has his hands on both of Angel's shoulders and is squeezing those muscles very slowly. He says, "Thanks. I like it. And as I recall, your name is Angel." Dick purrs Angel's name and gets angel to wrap his arms around Dick's but.

Angel nods yes and his chin rubs Dick's navel as he says, "But you can be my angel anytime you want." This made Dick's cock jerk a bit between Angel's Pecs.

The senior nurse, Bart, said, "Ok now I know why you skipped your break this morning. Go use the janitors closet on the second floor. It should be unlocked but it locks from inside. And use rubbers. Their in the supply closet right next to janitors closet."

Dick's eyes light up and he says Thanks Boss."

Angel looks on the name tag, and says, "Thanks Bart."

Bart smiles and shakes his head as he calls after them, "You're welcome. And don't disturb the patients!"

Dick calls back, "Yes Sir."

Bob the other nurse that tented up from all the beefy big and little bodies, says, "I guess if ten percent of the human population is gay, it's only logical that ten percent of the hospital staff is too."

Bart says, "My wife thinks it's closer to thirteen percent, for our hospital."

Bob just frowns a little then smiles and says, "Oh!"

Bart starts to hand out plates of food to Stan and Gordo as he says, "But you my young friend and subordinate, are not as luck as Dick. You took your break and lunch and have no other break until four thirty PM. So hand out these plates, and remind the more compact of our abducties that they can get in line in the cafeteria like everyone else whose able to. These meals are for those hampered with too much size. I will see you beck on third floor when you finish returning the plates and silver ware to the Kitchen." He looked at the largest there and said, "Take your time eating, I don't expect Bob back right away. and if you still feel hungry just tell Bob. and he'll let me know and I'll authorize more meals sent out to you."

Bob said, "Thanks boss."

Bart said, "You're welcome. And just because you can't use your break doesn't mean you can't hand out you phone number If you want."

Bart smiles and walks back into the hospital. Bob stops him with, "Boss. Bart. I've said this before, but My little sister married the right guy."

Bart says, "Thanks. I don't know if I should tell her that. But thanks."

Bob says, "Welcome. I'll get this back to kitchen when their done."

Bart just smiled and nodded


In the Janitor closet

As the door closes and Dick drops the condoms onto the pile of towels, he glances over to Angel. The hospital gave the Embrys and the Johanson scrubs to wear and Angel pulled off the top over his head and stopped to see what Dick was looking at.

Angel is just like the other seven Embrys at four foot tall. Very wide (two foot from shoulder to shoulder), and very thick. Like taking Le priest and squishing him down to four foot tall without losing any of the mass.

Dick just had to say, "Wow!'

Angel takes the scrub top off completly and gets bashful. He blushes all the way down to his chest.

Dick is a bit tall at six foot four, and with twelve years of weight lifting and body building, he is quite a sight himself. He takes his top off and before Angel can say anything, he falls to his knees in front of Angel.

It's Dicks turn to wrap his arms around Angels but.

Angels eyes get bigger and he says, "Wow, yourself. I didn't think nursing gave you such a good workout." His hands were seeing how wide Dicks back was and then moving to His chest.

Dick said, "You would be surprised. But this" He started to kneed Angels but, which was very thick and round. He continues, "This body has gone through twelve years of pumping iron. And I'm really glad of it now, cause I can just hold my own against such a wide meaty little body, like yours. You are enormous!" Angel has propped his arms over Dicks shoulders, and this compliment gets him to flex his chest and do a double bi pose.

Dick has to pull back just a bit to get the awesome effect. He gets a goofy grin.

Angel says with a feral grin, "You mean little ol me?"

Dick sputters out, "Little? You're as big as me and in a four foot package. I bet you weigh as much as me." With that Dick grabs a hold of Angel around his waist and hugs him to his side. His head turns sideways and he picks up Angel. His ear is in the very deep valley of his pecs, with his nose pointing at a very erect nipple. He sniffs the musky scent of Angel and smiles. He says" Yep two thirty if you're a pound." His tongue licks out and teases Angels nipple.

Angel has taken this opportunity to gentle rub his knees against Dicks very large erection being held at bay by the hospital scrubs. Angel has also estimated that Dick is at least as big if not bigger in the shoulder Lat department. His hands have been tracing the creases that huge muscles make when there is very little fat on a body.

Angel starts to stroke Dicks head while Dick has moved his head and is now seriously sucking on that oh so erect nipple. Angel says, "Twelve years, Huh? This is a lot of work for just twelve years. " Angel had to stop talking just then cause Dick had suction and nibbling going on at Angels nipple and Angel could hardly think, let alone speak right then.

When Dick finally let Angel down, they both had to catch their breaths. Dick started to massage Angels shoulders and Angel started to massage his huge glutes.

Angel muttered, "OOOhhhohohohoho. Lots of power there."

Dick pulls his hands to Angel head and tips it up just a bit and says, "Lots of power there too." He strokes the hair back from Angels face then reaches down and pulls Angel up into a very long kiss. Angels legs wrap around Dicks waist as they kiss. The kiss gets everything else working, and before too long Dick pulls back to say, "Speaking of package and power. I think your very large friend is being left out."

Angel holds onto Dick with arms and legs as Dick unties Angels scrub pants. The look of shock and joy gets Angel to let go and hop down. As he does so his pants fall off and his massive two foot cock falls up. Dick goes to his knees again. He almost starts to worship the shaft and head of Angels cock. Dick says with a goofy grin, "Aliens are good people." He starts to stroke the massive member. Angel gets one of those ecstatic looks and Dicks smile gets bigger.

Dick says, "I like that look. I like that look!" he slows down so he can tease the tip of Angels dick with his tongue.

Angel can't help himself and says, "I like that tongue. And the handsome face he goes with." Just then Dick pops the hole head in his mouth and is able to get eight inches down his throat in under a minute.

Angel starts to say, "Oh my god. Oh my god . " he is pushing against the massive back of Dicks and says, "Oh slow down . Please slow down." Dick backs off and slowly lets go of Angels dick.

Angel grabs a hold of Dicks head and smiles as he says, "I want this to last as long as it can." He bends down and kisses Dick again. And while doing so his knee taps against the moist spot and steel hard erection trying to rip its way out of Dicks pants.

They take a moment to catch their breaths and Dick says, "Ya know If I hadn't met you this way. If I met you at a Bodybuilding competition, I'd be so pissed. Cause I couldn't compete." Dick is looking at Angels tight thick body and shakes his head.

Angel grabs Dicks head and tips it up and says, "Oh Buddy you are wrong. You'd give me a run for the money every time." That started another lengthy kiss.

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