On Parade

Just ten more minutes and the timer would pop the "Filler Valve" out of his belly. The medium sized compressor had been chugging away for half an hour and he was a few inches past seven feet tall.

Of course, that was when he heard the front door open and his housemates come home half an hour early.

Pete's expression didn't change a bit as he thought, 'They're never home early! Why today?'

Matt was once again leading the parade. "Hey switch on the TV. Maybe we can get the final results of the game on our Satellite Box." Matt was the biggest and loudest of the five housemates.

Dave, another housemate, was the first to find the remote control for the media center.
"Got it covered, Matt. I still can't believe one little fender bender in the parking lot could knock out the power to all those restaurants and shops at the mall" For a long moment the sound of the thundering heard in the other room went quiet.

Ken was the first to burst out with a laugh. "Little fender bender? Dave, a huge mega-cab, dually truck knocked the transformer housing in a good ten inches. The guy was lucky he hit so hard, it bounced his truck off of the metal before the sparks started to fly."

"Whoa. Hey you were in the bar with us when the power went; how'd you find that out?"

Matt cut in before Ken could finish. "Cause as you were walking three blocks away to get your car, we had to listen to the poor guy get reamed by his girlfriend for backing into the damned thing."

Ken chuckled. "Yeah. I think she's the reason he hit it in the first place."

Evan finally had a comment. "As we were leaving, the cop that was writing him up started shaking his head. I could not believe the things that little lady was saying to her big boyfriend, and I bet the cop didn't either"

Matt burped out a laugh. "After all the things she said, you can still call her a Lady? Hey Dave, can you find the game or not? You've been through all the sports channels twice now, and where the hell is that damn compressor noise coming from?"

Pete's mind went frantic, but there was nothing he could do. 'Thank God I got a new lock on my door.' His eyes were frozen an eighth of an inch open, as the compressor pumped him bigger and bigger. His head was tilted so he could see the timer through the valley between his expanding pecs. There was only six more minutes to go on the timer. Then it would pull the "Filler Valve" out of his belly and he'd be a solid human again. A very big and solid human at that.

Evan must have been closer to Pete's room. "It's coming from Pete's room."

Pete could hear the floorboards creak outside his door. Matt softly told someone, "That's a compressor alright."

A loud three knocks on the door preceded the doorknob twisting and rattling. "Oh little Buddy? What are you doing in there?"

Ken sounded surprised. "What? Big Matt stopped calling his smaller housemate 'Little Pete' ? What did he do, pull a gun on you?"

Evan chuckled. "A big gun was involved, but not a firearm. You missed the cook out at the beech last week. The rest of us found out that at least one part of our little Buddy is far from little."

Dave sounded closer to Pete's room now. "Almost as big as Matt's package."


Dave sounded even closer. "Yeah. Pete fell asleep after scarfing down two burgers and had himself an erotic daydream."

Evan cut in with "And his trunks looked like a circus big top."

Dave chuckled. "We almost got a picture of it, but Rob and Jake from our gym had to make jokes about how much bigger it looked on such a short guy; they woke him up."

The creaking sounds moved from the floorboards up to the door frame and the door. Matt sounded like he was straining at something. "Yeah. Damned impressive. No more short jokes out of my mouth."

Ken's voice sounded like it was just outside the door, too! "Matt, what are you doing to that door frame?"

"Our little Buddy was just as impressive last month, when he finished off half a bottle of Polish Vodka and kicked in his own door cause he locked himself out. He wouldn't let any of us help fix it and he neglected to reinforce the...Jam !"

That's when the Door popped open and they burst into Pete's room.

'Three more minutes. Hurry up timer!' was what Pete would have yelled, but all the guys heard was "Chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug" from the compressor.

Matt was right next to Pete and poking at the equipment in a heartbeat. "Our little buddy has been holding out. Mr "I'm-pretty-boring-when-it-comes-to-sex" has a kinky secret, and it ain't little either."

"That thing has got to be over seven feet tall." Evan suddenly came into Pete's limited view.

But Pete's mind was focused on Matt's hand as it grabbed the timer. Just where the valve release button was on the damned box. A minute to go on the timer and a hissing pop sounded the release of the thing from the "Filler Valve". Luckily the valve didn't allow any air out of Pete, but he was trapped as an inflatable until the timer pulled the valve out of him.

Naturally, that was when the timer went off. The mild electric shock nearly made Matt drop the timer.

Evan pulled the timer out of Matt's hands and somehow reconnected it in one simple move. "Stop playing with Pete's over-endowed, hyper-muscled inflatable...Twin?" He switched off the compressor and frowned at Pete's expanded body.

Matt had to step up on the bed to be able to get a close look at Pete's face. "I wonder if he posed for the thing or they did a life-casting of his face?"

Ken muttered, "Who posed for all the muscles?"

Dave was the first one to sound sorry for breaking into his friends room. "Ya know I blame ourselves for this."

Matt jumped off the bed. "What? I may have been the worst of us for all the short jokes. But nothing we said or did explains him making a blow-up doll that has his face on it. That had to cost a few bucks."

Dave pushed Matt to get his attention away from the Mega-Pete in front of them. "No, ya goof! We all made sure that he was responsible for renting the Giant Inflatable Bodybuilder. Whenever Boss-man Mike asked who was taking care of the Gym's entry in the Pride Parade, we all pointed to Pete. And on top of that, we've been ribbing him for the past two months over the damned thing."

Ken added another comment. "Hope he kept the receipts."

Matt was gently pulling at Pete's inch long, three-quarter inch diameter, left nipple. "Well if this is the biggest one he could rent, then we just got Pete fired from the gym. Shit!"

Evan's foot nudged a gallon bucket into view. "Hey. Maybe not. This stuff says "Extreme Elastic Cream" To insure "Inflatable" expands to the desired size, every inch of surface must receive one coat of cream for each multiple of expansion. 2 times current size, two coats. I wonder why they put inflatable in parenthesis?"

Ken sounded like he knew what he was talking about. "Different Giant Inflatable manufacturers calling the thing a Parade Balloon or anything else you could inflate. The Boss wanted a twenty foot tall Bodybuilder Balloon for the Pride Parade. That wimpy compressor isn't gonna blow it up three times it's size by tomorrow morning."

Evan stood up and decided to take charge. "I saw a big tank of helium by the garage. He got that part right. I say we put three coats of the stuff on this thing and start filling him with something that will get him off the ground."

Matt disconnected the compressor hose from the timer and pushed the compressor out of the way. He turned to Evan and smiled. "I'll take the left side, if you'll take the right. How thick a coat does the can say we have to apply to this thing?"

Evan handed a pair of thick blue rubber gloves to Matt and then picked up the bucket.
"Ok. says in the smaller print, that 'A coat of cream should be applied like suntan cream. Every inch of surface should be shiny as cream is applied. Excess Cream should be spread onto uncoated areas and the shine helps indicate total surface coverage. Shine will dull to matte finish in one half hour after application. Other coats may be applied after entire surface changes to Matte finish. (To be on the safe side, wait one half hour after completely coating the "Inflatable".)
If you start inflating "Inflatable" and stop before full size is attained, One more coat will allow 2 times original size. Two more coats will allow for 3 times original size.
If upon second sequence of inflation, full size is not attained before stopping...
Allow Inflatable to remain at size attained when inflation stopped and set Timer to Remove Valve."

Ken chuckled. "Remove valve? How are we supposed to deflate the thing after the parade?"

Evan opened the bucket and put on a pair of the blue rubber gloves. "That's only if we stop inflating him before he's the right size."

Dave frowned. "Him? The thing may be shaped like the meatiest bodybuilder I've ever seen, but it is still a thing." He looked up at Pete's face. "Sorry Blow-Up Mega-Pete, but thats the facts."

Evan grabbed a big dollop of cream and slapped it on Inflato-Pete's huge wang. "With a crank like this on him, I think I would be a little more respectful, if I were you."

Dave frowned for a second, then a goofy grin spread across his face. "Point taken. I will start using the proper words for the man. But we are going to have to find something to cover up the big guys package or we're all gonna be out of a job."

Ken once again had a question for the group. "Hey,yeah! Why did he make the thing so Uber-Anatomically correct?"

Evan and Matt were a third of the way through by then and Matt had the answer for that one. "We will just have to ask our kinky little buddy when he shows up."

And the final straw came just then, when Pete's telephone rang twice and the answering machine took the call. "Hello you've reached Pete. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can." BEEP.

"Hey Pete, this is Mac. I hope you've already left. I'm ready to help with that inflation thing and anything else that comes up. You said you need to get back to your place by one A M at the latest, for the Gym's Balloon to be ready for the parade. So get your butt up here and after we get you adjusted, I'll come back down with ya to your place and help get the other big guy Pumped Up." Click. Whirr.

Ken turned to Dave with a smile on his face. "So Pete really is hung? I thought you guys were winding me up."

Before Dave could answer, Matt chuckled and shook his head. "Nope. I am nine inches and we all agreed, our little buddy was at least as big as me."

Evan and Matt finished applying the first coat at the same time. Evan wasn't so worried anymore, about Pete or the Gym's Parade Balloon. "And thanks to this Mac guy, we know that Pete has finally gotten his priorities adjusted properly. He has all the things he needed for the Parade tomorrow, ready to be worked on. He's off to his buddy Mac's place to get his own stuff worked on, and we now know when he'll be back to take charge of the Big Blow-up Bodybuilder."

Matt gave the Inflatable Pete another good look. "Ya know that's the same expression I've seen on Pete's face when he is determined to get his way or he spits the truth in the eye of guys three times his size. Like he knows he could get smashed, but he refuses to knuckle under when some meat head doesn't like the truth."

Dave had pulled the wind up kitchen timer into Pete's room and set it for half an hour. "My image of Pete when he's like that is... A mega Chihuahua on steroids."

Evan chuckled. "Yeah. I like that image. That attitude gets respect from even the big dogs."

Ken had pulled a box full of brass fittings into the front room, to find the right one to connect the helium tank to the Timer's compressor connector. Another hand went in and stirred things around, before pulling one out. "No Dave. That one is too big on the female end. It won't fit on the helium tank."

Dave dropped the fitting and stirred the box a few more times. He plucked out two similar brass connectors. "Will these help connect things together?"

"Yeah. The larger one should connect to the tank nozzle, while the smaller one looks just right for the timer."

"Hey. I got that fifty foot compressor hose that should fit on the timer box thing. That way we have more than just a few feet of hose to work with when he gets really big."

"Good idea. Bring it in and we'll see what fits it to the tank."

Ken looked up as Dave headed out back to the storage shed. "Matt. What are you doing? Standing in Pete's doorway just staring at the thing?"

Matts voice trailed into the front room. "There is something odd about this balloon. Not one single tab or grommet to attach a rope or cord. They could have at least formed both hands into fists with a hole through em for rope to go through."

Evan carried in a large box followed by Dave with the Compressor hose. "While Dave was excavating part of the shed to find the hose, he came up with something we can turn our inflatable triple X, into a PG13."

Ken chuckled. "Oh Yeah. That's perfect. Ninety feet, of four foot wide rainbow flag. And we can use the White duck tape to keep it together."

Matt cleared his throat. "I guess that will help with the ropes we're gonna tie on him. How are we gonna do that with out looking like the Gay Bondage Gym?"

Dave burped out a laugh. "Our customers are strange enough as it is with out advertising for that kind of crowd. Bare feet and arms on the thing. We got that brown duck tape. Let's wrap his ankles like he's got those compression straps. Then after we put his rainbow diaper on, we can use the brown stuff to make it look like he's wearing a weight belt."

Matt cut in. "Yeah, that's perfect. We can put the Gym's name in the spot where the name usually goes on the belt and then run the ropes under that and the ankle straps. Put some of the same tape on his wrists half way up his forearm, and it'll look like those braces some of the heavy lifters use. And that gives us six spots to tie the big guy to, so he will not make an arial get-a-way in the middle of the parade."

Ken smiled at his friends. "Sounds great." He looked down at the table with the brass fittings and compressor hose. "With the part Dave found, we can connect the Helium tank to the fifty foot hose. This other part will connect the hose to the timer thing on our soon to be ginormous Inflatable Pete look-a-like."

Evan took up the thread. "Who will be stylin' in his Gay Pride Rainbow trunks. And his weight belt will be advertising TITAN GYM, as he is escorted along the parade by six big fine speedo clad muscle heads who happen to work at that same fine Gym."

Matt suddenly sounded a bit more serious. "We gotta make sure Pete is holding one of the ropes that goes to the big guys hand. Can't ya just see people look at Pete and then do a double take at a vision of Pete four times his size, floating along right above him. That'll get in the papers for sure."

Dave shook his head. "The Big Boss Man will love that. And Pete will finally get off the locker room mop up detail."

Ken chipped in. "About time. He'll get Employee of the Month after this. It's neat the boss actually gives the winner a month of supplements, instead of something lam e like a parking space."

Dave nodded. "I know what would be neat. If we could convince the boss to be one of the balloon wranglers. Get him in a pair of trunks that will just barely stretch over his huge thighs, and those army boots he wears all the time, and that would be all he needs."

Evan giggled. "Dave, what is it with you and the Boss' big ol' solid as a rock, Muscle Gut? You know there is no way the boss would walk down the street, bare chested and bare Roid gut. And you want him to do it in a parade?"

That was Dave's passion so he wasn't done yet. "Man. you have no idea how many hard core old style lifters would see that as a badge of true weight lifting prowess. Not an ounce of fat on it. Big and hard as one of those old Medicine balls they'd throw around to toughen up a boxer's stomach. When he does Squats, he'll get his weight belt strapped on under the thing and crank out ten, fifteen reps, at a weight that olympic lifters don't even get close to."

Matt snaughed. "Those quads of his are up to forty inches."

` Ken muttered, "Damn."

Dave got back to his story. "Yeah. Those huge thighs fighting with his huge meaty belly. Then the next day he'll do chest and his pecs will get so pumped, his nips get rolled underneath and ground into his belly as they start fighting for room... Ohhh."

Ken took a real good look at his friend. "Damn, Dave. You got it bad."

Matt had to poke a little at it. "Yer not gonna say anything about his shoulders, back or arms, huh?"

Dave just gave him a frown then the finger.

Ken didn't want to yank Dave's chain. But he did want to know something. "Dave. This is the first we ever heard how the Big Boss Man really turns you on. We just thought you loved roid guts and guys that resembled over-grown Samoans."

Dave had his head down, so Evan pushed him to get his head up and see they were his friends. Not some guys just picking on him. "Have you tried to let him know. Or complimented him on his lifts. You know. 'Hey Big Boss Man. Those are some awesome poundage's you're using on your lifts. They'd put any of the pro weight lifters to shame.' Then suggest he go for one of the local competitions."

"The last guy he went out with told him he'd win all the contests he entered, and he told the little fitness model weasel, that he was too old to compete. That little skinny rat didn't say a thing. Just let the boss think it was true. I felt like slapping them both. But I couldn't find a better job or a better boss."

Matt sounded indignant. "Big Boss Man is forty-two years old. He'll be lifting just as heavy, or more so, up till he's ninety years old. You SHOULD have slapped him. Or at least slapped the damn over-grown twink out of the way and told the big man, 'That's no way for a boyfriend to be when his big powerful lover says he's too old.' Ya know Pete would of started yapping in his face, demanding to know who hypnotized Big Boss Man into thinking that a man who can lift as much heavy weight as he can, is too old to compete at forty-two. It's those Professionals that want our Boss to think that."

Dave was fired up and his friends were helping him find a way. "Ya know you're right. He's still friends with some of those young Pro Lifters. I bet they feed him a line so they don't loose to the Big Boss Man. They'd have to find a real job then. I'm gonna risk getting slapped down by the big guy, but he's gonna know the truth as I see it and how much I believe in him." Dave wound down a bit but the fire wasn't going out any time soon.

Ken was smiling at his friend as he wrapped teflon tape on to the connections he had lined up on the table. "And we'll back you up on that opinion. You take him aside to tell him, but make sure we're close by incase he thinks it's a come on from a secret admirer. Not that you aren't. But if he doubts the truth of your opinion, you just turn to us and ask us to back you up. We will all tell him that a man with his raw strength and weight lifting talent should be putting those young knuckle-head Pro Lifters in their place. He's gonna win any competition he enters, what ever the age group."

Evan gave Dave a friendly punch to the shoulder. "Count me in. I'd like to see some first place weight lifting trophies stuck in the front window of the gym. Good advertising and a source of pride."

Matt added his two-cents worth with a smile for Dave. "That would surely put a smile on Big Boss Man's face every morning when he opened the gym. We are with you brother. Don't wait too long to tell him. Next few days you find a time to tell him and we will back you up one hundred percent."

There was a sparkle in Dave's eyes as he looked at each one of them. "Thanks guys. You are my brothers. And I have your back whenever you need me. I'm gonna tell the Big Boss Man right after the parade. When we tether the balloon at the park, I'm gonna pull him aside and tell him he has to compete. The gym deserves an owner that's willing to show the world just how strong he is. That will give all the guys at the gym some pride in the place. On top of that, it will bring in more customers that wanna work-out at a winning gym, put more money in Big Boss Man's pocket. I know that will put a smile on his face."


The Kitchen timer went off with a jangling ring. Time to add another coat. Evan and Matt put the gloves back on and headed into Pete's room. Evan once again slapped a dollop of the cream onto Inflato-Pete's pecker. But before he could spread it out onto the thick appendage, his hand encountered another hand wrapped around it in the same way he was holding it. His head snapped up to see a lusty grin on Matt's face. His twinkling eyes looking deep into Evan's.

Matt broke the silence with softly spoken passion. "We can take our time on some of the better parts of our inflatable buddy. And maybe see how slick this stuff is on the real thing." His smile got wider as his hand reached for his pants zipper and pulled it open. Matt had been going 'commando' and his stiffening nine incher sprang out as soon as the zipper was at it's lowest. Matt threw a toothy grin at Evan and then glanced down at the tent that was growing in his pants. Evan looked at Matt's cock and chewed on his lower lip for a second. Then his left hand pulled his own pants zipper open and reached in to pull his jock strap off of his thickening dong. While he was in there he lathered up his balls with some of the 'Extreme Elastic Cream'; then coated his cock with what was left on the glove. Matt had the same idea and found the cream caused his balls to tingle like some of the fancy sex lube he'd tried last summer.

Their other hands were not idle. Wrapped around the mighty inflato-prong
of Expand-o-Pete, they were powerfully inspired by it's eighteen inch length and three inch diameter. And while they took ten minutes to insure that the cream on their own dicks was thoroughly applied, the same could be said for their application of cream on their new Blow-up Buddy. After the ten minute mark, they both contributed some cream of their own to the supply in the bucket. While they both produced three times their normal output, neither of them commented on it. They were too caught up in the big O to notice the other cumming so much. And their application of the cream to finish that second coat, mingled with their own and still covered their Buddy without reducing the EE Cream's potency.

With the completion of the second coat, they removed the gloves, made sure they were zipped up and checked for any globs of wayward cream on their clothes. A quick brotherly kiss (no tongues), a friendly chest bump and they left Inflato-Pete to dry for another half an hour. The Kitchen timer ticked away as they found day old Pizza in the fridge and Micro-waved it into submission


Ken and Dave had taken the connectors and the hose out to where the helium tank had been stored by Pete. A bit more teflon tape and the hose was firmly attached to the helium tank; ready for the main inflation of Titan Gym's Gay Pride Parade Balloon. The real Parade Balloon was still in it's large crate on the alley side of the garage. Unfortunately, Pete was the only one in the house that parked on that side of the garage, so no one saw it before they inflated Pete to Twenty-one feet in height.

With Dave's help, Ken had the connections finished in five minutes. So when Dave asked Ken, "Now what should we do?" Ken had a ready answer. Along with some of the Extreme Elastic Cream and four thick hospital gloves. He had a pretty good idea what Mat and Evan would be doing in Pete's room, and he thought that was a fine idea to try out with Dave.

"Do the lights still work in the shed?" Ken gave Dave a sunny smile with that question.

"Yeah. Good enough to see most of the stuff in there." A slight frown fought with his normally smiling face. His curious grin won over the frown.

"Is anything covering the old couch. I mean other than a tarp."

"Nope. Actually just a big sheet keeping the dust off it." Now Dave's smile got bigger.

"And does the d..."

Dave's chuckle interrupted Ken's question. "Yes the door still locks from the inside. Come on. I can see you have something planned. Work your wicked ways on my young body."
He pulled Ken into the shed, closed and locked the door; and then turned on the light. He was very close to Ken as they looked into each other's eyes. A tender smile and a quick kiss.

Ken was about to speak but Dave cut him off again. "Before you get started I must tell you that every one of your pranks, plans, practical and impractical jokes have left me impressed and pleased with the result. Even when I had to clean it up at the gym. I say this just to let you know you don't have to sell me on it. Whatever it is, I'm with you all the way. OK I'm done talking your ear off." And that cheeky boyish grin spread across Dave's face.

Ken's smile grew wider as he moved back to get a better look at Dave. Dave hardly ever let people know just how smart he really was. He rarely interrupted anyone, particularly in matters of sex or humor. So all this gabbing slightly surprised Ken, even thought he really knew how smart his house mate was. And his contemplation of a more aggressive Dave took just a little longer than Dave was ready to allow.

"Just to let you know, I didn't say this to stop you from talking, cause I love how your voice rumbles in your chest when you start elaborating on a joke you need help with."

Ken's face became sultry and a throaty bestial rumble of a non-verbal question vibrated out of his thick chest as if he'd asked Dave, "Really/"

"Oh yeah. And another FYI. I love the way you smell, whether it's just come out of the shower or just finished in the gym. That scent of walnuts just makes me go nuts. Get my nose anywhere near your armpit and I'll do anything you want me to."

Ken's hands shot straight up and pushed on the ceiling of the shed. "OK Loverboy. Rip my shirt off me this instant." Ken barely finished speaking and Dave had shreds of cloth in his hands. Ken's eyes grew wider. The speed and strength Dave used to obey Ken made him feel ten feet tall. Dave lowered his hands and the shreds fluttered to the ground. Dave slowly tipped his whole body towards Ken as his nose was pulled closer and closer to its need and desire. Ken dropped his right arm so he could tweak his left nipple and then pull the slab of his pectoral muscle away from the armpit Dave was gravitating towards.

A throaty chuckle bubbled out of Ken's mouth. "Dave you better burry your nose in my pit for a good five minutes, cause after that I have some things we will have to do to each other.
And I want my stink all over that handsome face of yours. You got me feeling like one really big meaty cat and I want everyone to know you are my cat toy. My pit juice on you makes you my Dave. Mine. Mine. Mine." Ken's last word turned into a growl and a chuff like a tiger. His lips pulled back as Dave bathed his face in Ken's pit juice. Ken pulled Dave closer and started nibbling on the back of his neck. Ken felt like a bengal tiger examining a potential mate. Making sure only Dave's own scent was on him and no other cat. Dave hardly noticed his own shirt torn to shreds by Ken; he was so lost in covering himself in Ken's scent.

It was longer than five but less than ten minutes when Ken decided they should move on to more intense sex play. "Ken. Stop. Stand up straight and bounce your pecs."

Instant obedience. Thick meaty slabs of beef bouncing up and down on Dave's chest.
His half lidded eyes focused on Ken's mouth. His body quivered slightly in anticipation, but continued bouncing only his pecs. Ken whispered, "Stop. give me a double biceps flex. Slowly pump those suckers. Rotate the head of each one slowly.." A few moments of that, then.

"Now drop you hands to your pants and make yourself completely naked." Dave's pants dropped to his flip flops and he stepped out of them. His jock strap was completely deformed. A thick seven and a half inch prong was tearing the cloth from the elastic band. The end of his stiff cock was drooling precum through the cloth so fast it was starting to drip down to a growing puddle on the shed floor. Ken was about four inches taller than Dave. That let Ken step closer and reach up and then down onto Dave's thick traps and squeeze them just before Dave realized Ken was doing it. "Grab those big glutes of your and shove your straining cock onto my abs. I want that precum lubing up my belly from my navel down to my pubes."

Dave grabbed his butt and moaned as his dick made contact with Ken's belly. "That's it. Spread it around first. You know I'll want you back up there filling my navel with more of that love juice. You are my Dave. I know you can do what ever I tell you to do. Yeah that's it, drench those short and curly hairs."

Ken started massaging Dave's shoulders. Massively squeezing them, then releasing blood back into them. They seemed to get thicker as he continued. "I know you can do this so you will just do it when I tell you to. Understood ?"

Dave's eyes flashed up to Ken's then back to his mouth. Dave tried not to smile a cocky smile. But he knew he would do whatever Ken told him top do, now that Ken's pit juice was soaking into his brain through his nose. He felt ten feet tall and would grow that tall if Ken told him to. He didn't know how he would, he just knew he would do it for Ken and more of his pit stink. Dave's voice seemed to be an octave lower than normal. "Understood." His body seemed to be a little wider. What Dave hadn't seen was Ken putting on the hospital gloves and coating them with the Extreme Elastic Cream. Ken's hands started rubbing Dave's wide thick back. Then his delts and forward onto his pecs. He rubbed down Dave's arms one at a time, then the forward facing part of his Lats. He pulled a bit more of the cream from the open plastic bag in his back pocket, as he crouched down to work on Dave's Quads. He coated the left thigh and calf muscle then worked on the right one. Ken buried his nose in the sad remnants of Dave's jockstrap, as he coated Dave's big glutes. Ken's own need to chew on that sticky soaked jockstrap, caused him to pull the thing right off of Dave's straining precum drooling cock. He sucked some of the juice out of it before he tucked it in his front pocket. Another dollop of the cream and Dave's balls were coated and fondled for a good three minutes. Then the same reverence was shown Dave's dick.

"I'm going to describe what your body is going to do and you will just do it. No thinking. Not much feeling till you finish my command. Then I will let you feel what just happened. You can think about it next week sometime. But not much of that if it interferes with what I want you to be. And for your obedience I will give you weeks and weeks of my pit stink, body funk scent, covering you from head to toe."

Dave's eyes started to roll to the back of his head. "You will not orgasm yet. Soon, but not till I tell you to. For this moment you will start pumping out three times as much precum as you were before. I will tell you when you can stop. Pump precum now." Softly spoken, but the response was like a fountain. it was coming out of Dave's piss slit so fast it made an arc before it headed towards the ground.

Ken's eyes widened. "That pleases me greatly, my Dave. You are my big Big Dave."
He stepped closer and the stream of precum jetted into Ken's navel and fanned out above it a good five inches. "You deserve some more pit stink." Ken pulled Dave's head into his right pit.
A moan escaped Dave's mouth as he tried to suck in as much of Ken's body funk. When Ken thought enough was coating his lovers face he said, "We have more to do. Don't worry. You will get much more of that and soon." Dave quivered but did not try to cum.

Ken scooped another dollop of cream into his glove and started to cover Dave's flat eight pack abs. He did this four times and really massaged ever belly muscle as he did it. "Take big deep breaths. Fill those lungs. Expand that ribcage. Good. Now as I push on your abs I want you to push back and make them thicker. When we are done in the next ten minutes, I want that belly to be a perfect round ball of muscle gut with pecs that bulge out so far that the nipples have been forced down under them and are crushed between your huge muscle gut and enormous pecs."

Dave's eyes got wider but he just nodded. "Good. You are my Big Big Dave. Now stop pumping out your precum." The fountain stopped. Ken looked a little sad but his smile returned.
"Now you will make your balls swell to four times their current size. Do so in the next two minutes." Dave blinked and shuddered then shifted his stance. His feet spread wider. then his balls visibly grew larger and larger. But his growing gut slowly cast a huge shadow over his groin. "That's right. My big Dave is huge."

Dave's gut reached perfect roundness as his balls dropped lower and larger. They were as big as baseballs when they stopped swelling.. Ken slid his hand into his left pit and then clamped it over Dave's hose. "Yes, my big big Dave, I am pleased. Make me happier and grow that nose a good two inches wider along with your head and your eyes two and a half inches farther apart." A low moan and a wet popping sound signaled Dave's new growth.

"Make your throat three inches wider as well as you lungs gaining some size while your ribcage expands four more inches wider."

"Good. now widen your hips six inches so it can support that gut." Another wet popping sound heralded Dave's changes. His thick thighs were suddenly farther apart. "Now there will be room for your Big Dave big thick cock. Make your erect cock grow to sixteen inches in length and three inches in diameter."

Longer and thicker it grew. The weight tried to pull it down but Dave's strength over came that trend. With a slap against his muscle gut, his cock tried to point higher, only to be stopped by that massive belly of meat. Ken reached down and forced Dave's dick down away from his stomach. Then he released it to watch as precum flew from the tip as it smacked against his belly. "Oh my God. Dave I want you to be able to feel this for right now, so you can tell me if that feels good.. Do you understand what I want, my big Dave?"

Dave's smile was radiant. "Yes Ken. You just want me to be able to feel my balls and dick and belly as you smack them together. Then tell you what they feel like."

"Exactly. OK here goes again." The cock was pulled down and Dave moaned. when Ken released the huge manmeat. It had a faster spring back to the belly and he sucked in a huge deep breath. He let it out as his cock gushed cum onto Ken's body. At least a pint with each spurt. And Dave shot fifteen equally huge loads, over the next minute. Every four seconds another shot. By the fifth load, Ken had slipped to his knees so he could be bathed in the massive out pouring of his enormous lover. The last three loads went straight down Ken's throat. He couldn't help himself. All that sweet cum and he wanted more.

Dave was leaning on Ken's shoulders to keep from falling over. The orgasm caused Dave's sex play induced mental state to slip back to his normal thinking. And with all that had happened to his body, his only thought was how he could repay his wonderful playful loving friend. "Ken. Next time will you be my Big Big Ken and grow huge for me. I do love you just the way you are right now, but I would also love to have you big enough to be able to hold me.
Even with all the great changes, I think that would satisfy me the longest. Cause you held all my dreams and let me be them. Now that makes you my biggest dream."

Then Dave pulled Ken's cum soaked body to his and kissed him deep and hard. And he received the same passionate kiss in return. A deep burp from Ken broke the moment in to mutual laughter. "Man, I am full !!" In the silence that followed they heard the kitchen timer going off.


Evan and Matt each sucked down an entire medium pizza during their fifteen minute wait. Followed by a half gallon a piece of Protein Powder/fruit smoothies. All just a small snack to committed Bodybuilders. They started slow roasting four whole chickens for the house-mate's dinner along with a huge pan of rice pilaf just as the Kitchen alarm went off. They turned the rice down to low and set the alarm for food this time. Then they headed toward Pete's room anticipating another quick jerk while they put the last coat on Inflato-Pete.

But this time the cream had a more profound affect on their privates. Two minutes into jerking their puds and they both started to have a lot more johnson than they were used to handling. They didn't stop growing till they were palming twice as much cock as they had before.
Evan had a fourteen inch dong and Matt's grew to the mythical eighteen incher. This growth distracted them for a short while from the other growth their privates were going through. But all too soon they realized that they were going to have a lot of trouble finding the right kind of underwear to fit their new and enlarged balls. Evan's were as big as two tennis balls, while Matt had ones the size of two baseballs.

Matt might have been a bit depressed by his freak enlargement. But Evan kept asking him to suck his own dick and getting off on his Buddy's Donkey dong down the throat. This left Matt realizing that no one could ever be depressed while sucking down their own massive cock.
They finally finished coating Inflato-Pete for the third time. They buttoned themselves up as best they could, and went looking for Ken and Dave. one more half hour and they could start pumping their Balloon Buddy up to his twenty-one foot height.

Of course when they found Ken they thought that he was giving Big Boss Man head.
Matt hadn't looked to closely and started talking before he had all the facts. "Hey Ken. That is gonna hurt Dave's feelings. Big Boss Man is his fantasy fuck and here you ...are... sucking... Oh My God. ! Dave?!!! Is that really you?" Matt suddenly had a raging hard-on that split his pants zipper on it's way to freedom. "Wow, Man. You are so..Oh you are....." Matt's face got caught into a goofy grin at the size and shape of the new Big Dave.

Evan helped finish his thought. "Dave you are humungous and packed and just plain beautiful. Man you are the thickest bull body builder I have ever seen with my own two eyes. Man you just have slabs on slabs on top of big meaty chunks of muscle. Not a speck of cereal."
Evan had to catch his breath before he went on. he rushed to within inches of Dave without touching him. He needed permission to do the things he wanted to do for/to/with Big Dave.
"Ah Big Buddy. Please let me play with your muscles. I had some training as a massage therapist and I can make you feel real good. Just the idea of pushing those muscles around has me leaking precum big time. And just look what the sight of you did to Matt's foot and a half monster. Ripped right out of his pants. Mines just fourteen so it's not strong enough to do that yet. But you give me time I'll train it to stand up and bark if that's what you want."

Dave had never had this many hot hunky guys drooling over him. He turned to the man who helped him on this new Huge path. dave wanted to see what Ken thought of this new attention.

Ken just grinned and nodded his head at Evan. "Go on Big Dave. Let them worship ever ginormous inch of you. That's what you're built for now."

Dave looked into Evan's eyes and told him, "OK. Pull out all the stops, if that'll make you happy."

Evan tensed up with the power of that permission, and couldn't decide which part he should start on first. Ken saw him mentally lock up and thought he'd give him a hand. "Evan before your brain shorts out, If I were you, I would just leap to my knees and burry my tongue in the navel of that Ball Belly of rock hard muscle. Then let your tongue decide where it wants to travel to next. Roaming over the vast expanse of Big Big Dave's overgrown body of Muscle and Might."

Evan was on his knees on a second and had his thick long tongue rooting around in that deep navel of Big Dave's. He kept muttering phrases like "So hard," "So thick," "So much meat on you buddy." Which only caused Big Dave's dick to get harder and harder. And right in the way of Evan. It kept poking him in the chest and the throat as Evan went to town on his swole up housemate.

Evan gave his tongue a small break as he tried to feel where Big Dave's Ball Belly collided with his thick wide Lats. Was it a smooth transition like how his abbs connected to his lower ribs? Most of the top part of his belly was concealed by the huge thick slabs of chest meat. "Buddy? Big Big Dave? Could you lean your chest back a bit so I can get my hands under you pecs. I have a burning desire to pull on your huge muscle nips, but your pecs are so thick and wide they've rolled over and hidden your nipples."

"Evan, if you promise to suck the hell out of them, I''ll bend my self over backwards to let you get at them. Is that a deal, Buddy?"

Evan started making round massaging circles on Dave's belly. "Big Dave that is a sworn promise. I will give those muscle teats of yours the royal treatment. Let me at em."

Big Dave thundered over to the couch and pulled up the cushions to make a stack of them in the middle. Then he planted his but on one side and leaned back with the top of his shoulders falling off the other side. He missed seeing Evan shoot a load in his pants over the sheer size and thickness of the big beautiful man nips. Evan came back to himself and gently caressed Dave's wide beefy cheek. His hand slid down to his massive bull neck that swelled into his high and thick traps. He braced himself against Big Dave's Ball Belly of Beef as he zeroed in on that largest of man nips. The one on Dave's left pec was just as big as the other one, but Evan wouldn't know that for a while, with all his attention centered on the one closest to him It had to be over an inch and a half long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. The darker flesh around it had to be just under three inches in diameter. Dave's pecs were so huge they had been hiding the largest human nipples in the world, under neath them.

Evan took a calming breath. "Are you comfortable, my big big beefy buddy? Cause I'm gonna have to take my time with these beauties."

"Evan I'm ready to pop a load. Show me you're the man that can get me to nut up from you just sucking on my nips. I'm ready for one of these guys to shout there he blows. Have at them brother."

Not another second was wasted. Evan used all his experience, book learning and pillow talk from lovers, and applied it to that meat man teat of Dave's. Ten minutes into it and Dave was making some low bass moans and grunts. When he suddenly started repeating, "Oh. oh, oh, oh,"
they all knew he was about to pump out a gusher of an orgasm. With Evan only working on one nip and nothing else. That showed true talent and passion. And Big Dave gave him his highest award. Fifteen loads of a pint each, just like Ken got out of him. But with his mind closer to normal, his vocalization of his orgasm got mighty loud. And with Big Dave at such an odd angle, his dick truly shot a fountain of cum two feet into the air with each spurt. His belly and quads were covered in pearly white man milk. Well, except for two of the loads that Evan was able to suck down his throat. Evan considered that Dave's liquid gratitude, and was planning on getting a whole lot more from his ginormous Buddy. Giving Big Dave the best sex he could possible give, with that fountain of jism as his reward for all his loving attention lavished on that Man Bull of Muscle.

Evan started to move over to Dave's other side and stopped as he passed in front of the biggest beefiest ball belly he had ever seen. Now covered in Dave's spunk. With a wide and deep navel that suddenly knocked every other thought out of Evan's head. His hands rubbed the cum around and then into Dave's navel. Two of Evan's longest fingers sank into that hole that was surrounded by the thickest belly muscle in the world. Suddenly some of Dave's cum was dripping onto Evan's fourteen inch dong. Evan's cock was throbbing and starting to get a little thicker.

Evan couldn't keep quiet. He knew he had to finish sucking on Dave's man teat, but his dick would not let him move without seeking permission to worship that hole in the king of all Ball Belly Muscle Guts.

"Big Dave. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. Please let me see how deep that beautiful navel of yours is. I got a dick that is crying to make love to all that muscle surrounding that opening. You can call me your little Evan and pat me on the head, if you let me love that part of you once a week for the rest of my life. That would just be... that would be.. Ah Heaven. The largest ball belly of muscle surrounding my manmeat and holding me inside. Letting me show you how glorious handsome you are and all that muscle on you. That smile that still gets me twitching.
I wanna show you how beautiful you are, I'm starting to ache with the need to do that for you.
And I wanna find more guys like me to give you all the attention you truly deserve."

"Aw Hell. Matt, would you push Evan in to my belly? His mouth has gotten itself on a roll and he forgot the big thick voice his dick had been telling him what he wanted to do. Evan you slam that monster in as far as it will go, I think we are gonna be a good fit."

Dave's last word got forced out of him as Evan rammed all of his fourteen inches into Dave's belly hole. Every inch of him fit. and there was a trembling happy look on Dave's face as Evan started to fuck his belly with all his might. They both started making little low grunting sounds at the same time. When Evan thrust the last inch in Big Dave, they both hit their sweet spot and needed to do it again and again and.........

After forty minutes of that, Evan decided to mix it up a bit. He started to pull a good ten inches out of that big muscly ball of sweaty joy. Dave whimpered, "Don't stop Big Buddy. No one has ever made me feel that good and filled."

"OK my massive mighty lover. But lets see how ten inches out and ten inches back in feels like. More work on my hips but it may be worth it.." Evan worked his dick in and out a full ten inches at a time and suddenly Big Dave shuddered as Evan started to shove back in.

"Wait a minute, big guy. I thought you might have more than one sweet spot in there. Lets see what happens if I run my knob a little higher at that point." Evan started to push an inch in and out at that point in Dave's belly. The response was rewarding. All that thick hard muscle stated to quiver. Dave's thick massive legs shot straight out and locked. His toes started to curl up and Evan just kept working at that spot in Dave's love chute. "That is what I like to see. Waves of pleasure radiating out from where Im working my cock. Means I'm loving you right. Giving the big man what he deserves. What he needs. I gotta give that to ya cause you are so big and beautiful and just a bull of a man."

Dave was starting to rock forward as Evan shoved his dong in that inch. And each move Dave made came with a low snorting grunt or a squeal in the lower bass range. A real Beast of a man was under Evan and he was loving it. And each thrust was a fervent act of love. Evan never knew he could get so lost in some one else. And some guy he'd known for over five years. But this was a Dave that was beyond all Evans dreams. Big Boss Man had been a jerk off dream for Evan, but he never tried to get any closer, for fear of loosing a close friend and employer. But there was just too much of Dave for Evan to try putting the brakes on. Every thing about Big Dave told him this was what he should be doing for the rest of his life. Slamming his massive wang into any and every part of Big Dave with the one goal of loving Dave into another massive orgasm. He couldn't even think of getting his own rocks off. Not with the aching need to find all the ways that will make Big Big Dave shower him with his cum. And do so in a long drawn out over the top orgasm.

Dave shifted his weight and his belly tipped up a little higher. That gave Evan a bit more area to get in and out of Dave's Big Ball Belly of Muscle Love. And that also caused Dave's dick to slap against the bottom of his belly. The copious amount of precum started to get flung up at Evan's butt. Not an unpleasant feeling. Particularly when Evan realized that his own length of dick could let him still fuck that muscle gut, while Dave's dick was slamming up Evan's butt.

Dave was at least fifteen inches long and just under three in diameter. With that size head, Evan would be stuck on him without worrying about either dick falling out. Evan reached back and smeared the precum all over Dave's cock head. Then he spread the precum that had splashed on his butt, into his pucker. He slowly lowered his butt onto Dave's slightly bigger dong. After a moment of relaxing thoughts, Evan let gravity help pull him onto Dave's dick. Somehow the stretching needed to allow all that meat inside, never hurt once. The Cream must have gotten back there and helped do another bit of loving adjustment on Evan's body. With a deep sigh Evan sank until ten of Dave;'s inches were inside him. And at that point eight inches of Evan were still in Dave. But the angle was wrong for Evan to be able to do any vigorous fucking. And that's when Dave wanted to get a little more active.

"Evan. I'm gonna tip forward and do the fucking for a while. I need you to have some padding under you and I need a good strong support that I can lean on. Your strong, but I don't think you can handle all this meat rolling on top of you without some major bruising."

Matt had been quietly watch the massive meat love fest and placed another cushion under Evan's butt. Matt and Ken pulled over another couch and then got creative. Some sturdy 2 x 12 oak plank at eight feet in length gave Dave a support while allowing Evan to rest under his massive girth. Dave leaned over the plank and was able to look into Evan's eyes as he rolled his ball belly on to Evan''s dick. It also allowed him to be able to thrust his dick up Evan's ass as he recovered from the belly thrust. Dave got into a sweet slow rhythm and after a while Evan's feet started to grab at the bottom of Dave's belly like they were hands, and wanted to keep Dave close. Fifteen minutes of that and Dave started to speed up.

Evan started grunting out , "Oh. Oh yeah. Oh Oh yeah." Over and over faster and faster as that massive love muscle worked with his massive muscle gut.. Then Dave blurted out, "It's coming Evan. Can't stop. Can't pull out. Gonna give you all of it. Gonna fill you up. You can take it . You are so strong big man. Oh. Oh. Oh OH. OH YEAH !!!!!"

And Evan started to be filled with over fifteen pints of pearl jam. At the same time Dave's belly started to milk Evan for his cum. And he gladly gave all he could. But his own belly started to bulge out and swell round and firm with all the cum Dave pumped into it. A full gallon of cum filled Evan's belly. And at the end Dave couldn't pull out. Not for another hour. His dick wouldn't go soft. Matt and Ken had been busy while Dave and Evan made love.

Inflato-Pete had been brought out to the staging area and attached to the helium tank. He was already ten feet tall and swelling larger by the minute. They had him on his back and restrained him with fishing nets. That kept him from floating away and allowed him to keep on expanding to his proper size as befits a parade balloon. Eleven more feet to go and Ken was wondering if they should blends in some regular air. They wanted him to float, not lift the men off the ground in a stiff wind. Luckily the weather was predicted to be a light breeze if any at all.

Seeing Balloon Pete swell up larger had a similar affect on Evan. He seemed a bit thicker and wider. So when Dave started to pull out, he was surprised by Evan's request.

"Fill me up with another load, big guy. I need another gallon to feel right. Rabbit fuck me. You got the strength. Please, Big Big Dave?"

"Oh well. If you really need me to." Beefy chuckles were followed by fast quick grunts like a bull was servicing his herd.

"Fill me up you big massive bull of a man. Swell me up with your love juice. Blow me up like Inflato-Pete." And with each thrust Evan seemed to swell a little larger. Dave picked up the pace and fucked him faster and faster.

"Here you go Big Ev. More and more. Ohhh Yeah." Each load pumped Evan's belly and pecs larger and wider. His quads thickened and he had to drop his feet away from Dave. And Dave kept shooting load after load. More than he had before. About twenty in all.

"Ev you stay right there. I got an idea I can get you a lot bigger and I like that idea. So you just stay where you are and let that spunk do its work on your meat and muscle."

"Yes Big Dave. If it means a few more loads from your great awesome dong, then I am gonna stay where I'm told to. Thank you very much, Big Lover."

Evan slowly grew larger and beefier. At least eighty pounds heavier than the last gain and that was about forty. Would the next one give him a hundred and sixty pounds? Or was it some percentage of the original weight. Evan and Dave didn't care, as long as their fucking caused a man to get larger with muscle. Ten minutes later and Evan seemed to stop. That was when Dave's dick needed to start again. He started pumping in to his growing Buddy and his orgasm came much sooner. And this time he came over twenty five times. Evan's belly was now a perfect ball gut, with his own thick pecs hanging over it. Not as big as Dave but close to two thirds his size.

And that was when Dave pulled out and needed a nap. Evan didn't say a word. Except to ask if Dave needed anything. He got a wet kiss for that. After all that, they both needed a rest.

By this time Inflato-Pete was fifteen feet tall and swelling wider than expected. They were still going to pump him to twenty-one feet, but they were trying to get a powerful compressor to complete the fill with regular air. Their coworker, Jake had one from work and in another half hour, Inflato-Pete was as tall as he was going to get for this parade.

By this time it was one AM and still no Pete or word from him. His cell phone went to voice mail and all the guys were out of Pete's room when the Mechanic called him to tell him his car was ready. That had been back at six thirty PM. If his housemates had only left things alone, Pete would have been a happy seven foot tall behemoth trying to fit in his old beater of a car. Instead he was freaking out on the inside of a twenty-one-foot tall balloon Bodybuilder, with no idea how he was going to get the timer to pull the valve out of his navel.

What he didn't know was that Evan had reset the timer for the same time but the next day, when he reconnected it to the filler valve. That would mean the timer would make him solid at four thirty PM. Right after the Parade comes to an end at the soccer park.. Still a few people around, but not the whole town watching. As I said, he didn't know any of that.

Matt and Ken were starting to get a little worried about their little buddy. It was one thirty AM and still no sign of him or his friend Mac. Neither Ken nor Matt knew Mac and thus had no idea how to contact him. They figured Pete's cell phone was switched off, as it went straight to voice mail when called.

Ken found Matt measuring out rope and cutting three pairs to tether Inflato-Pete.

"Well the two muscle freaks finally fell asleep. I'm gonna use half of what's left of the stretchy cream and make myself as big as those two."

Matt handed Ken a roll of Brown duck tape. "Let's get the big guy ready for the parade and I'll join you. Maybe not a roid gut, but all beef sure looks good on those two. Now I really wanna be big."

"How are we gonna do this?"

"Start wrapping the ankle up towards the calf and after two turns, start taping the rope to the balloon. When that's done we'll tether the legs and start on his rainbow loincloth. After that, we'll have to get help tapping just above his loincloth, so it really looks like a weight belt and we get two more ropes securely taped to the balloon. We can hide the timer and hose under the tape and use a sharpie marker to write out Titan Gym. Then on to taping the wrists and securing the last set of ropes on our Big Beautiful Blow-up Bodybuilder. Tether all the lines and throw the net back over him for good measure and we can go blow our selves up while we wait for Pete to crawl back in from wherever he split to. He is gonna be blown away at how big we'll be."

"That sounds like good planning. I'll take the left leg." They swiftly had the legs secured and moved on up to the massive package on Inflato-Pete. Ken brought the rainbow cloth out and stretched it out next to the Balloon.

Ken chuckled at Matt staring at I-P's Giant Genitalia. "You are really caught up on this thing aren't you?"

Matt frowned. He looked down then looked at Ken like he didn't know how to start saying what he wanted to say. Matt glanced back at the balloon, but you could see he was looking more at the face than the inflatable gonads. It all finally clicked in Ken's mind.

"Oh. It's not the balloon at all is it? It really looks like Pete. You got a thing for Pete and never told him or anybody else. Why did you pick on him from the first day he started working at the Gym?"

"Ya got me. I've had the hots for that little fireplug of a man since the first day we met. He is just like my best friend from junior high school. Back then I was a skinny kid and got picked on when I couldn't get a way on my skateboard. Rick was his name and just as small as I was, so we watched each others backs. Didn't do any good most of the time. But when we got beat up they sure know who Rick was. He'd spit in their eye just before they blackened ours. That slowed down when the bullies knew we wouldn't knuckle under. We weren't that fun anymore."

"What happened to you two?"

"The summer before we started High School, I started to just grow. And grow. And on top of that, my older brother gave me his old weight set. I tore into that as much as skateboarding with Rick. I grew ten inches in four months. The local kids started to look at me like I could really play basketball or football. Lousy at B-ball but Football was OK. Wide receiver. No trophies but I started to feel like a Jock. Rick and I were friends up to graduation. He went to college back east and I stayed here. I have my degree in Sports nutrition and Massage therapy. Sophomore year he just stopped sending emails. He never told me he was gay, but I thought he was. I never told him I was. That Easter his Mom sent me an invitation to his funeral. He'd been beaten to death off campus. Never did find out who did it. He was ballsy and courageous and tough. He wouldn't back down just because you looked stronger than him. Just like Pete." Matt rubbed his eyes. "Probably what got him killed. But I would have had his back, no matter what."

Matt rubbed the Inflato-Pete's thigh. "So why were you always picking on Pete?"

"It's the same way Rick and I treated each other. And when I picked on Pete, he fought back. Hell ! He gained sixty pounds of muscle over the past six months. I'd say 'You gotta pack more meat on that little frame of yours,' and he'd pump out ten more reps. He is damn impressive." A frown clouded Matt's face.

Ken understood that look. "And he's out with some guy named Mac.."

"Mac better treat him right. All I gotta say about that."

"When he shows up you better tell him about Rick and how you feel or I will kick your butt from here to the Gym and back."

Matt perked up and saluted. "Yes, Sir! Sir."

"Let's get this gay pride diaper on Inflato-Pete, then finish the rest of the shit."

"OK. But it is a crying shame we can't just leave that thing out for all to see."

"It would frighten the horses and give the ladies bad ideas about virile gay men."

"Good point. Let's tape one end around his dong then pull it down with the loose end snaking up his butt crack. Then we can start wrapping it around his waist."

"Then tuck the end under with tape. Maybe put a ring of tape at the butt crack to keep it from unwrapping."

"That sounds like it should work." They got to work and had it done on no time.

"Time to wake up the big boys. We need help with the Weight Belt."

They walked in to the front room and found Dave and Evan passed out on the big couch. A quilt was pulled over their shoulders, but they had knocked it off of their bellies in their sleep. Matt was not in control of the eighteen inch cock that sprung out of his pants. Ken just shook his head and whipped out his foot long dong.

"There must be a proper way to wake up Muscle Freaks while sporting Massive erections, But I'm drawing a blank."

"Yeah. You wanna just be impulsive and playful. But with these two packing so much muscle, they could break our dicks in two before they realize what their doing."

"Lets just tap them on the belly and see what they think of that."

"OK. One, two, three." Matt had an easier time standing back and still tapping Dave's belly. Though he did have to force in to bend down. Ken saw that and shook his head.

"You'd think all that weight would just pull that thing to the floor. Whoops."

A big meaty hand was holding on to Ken's twelve inches of manmeat. It was not Ken's hand. Evan chuckled. "I'll let ya go if ya promise to put it somewhere I'll like."

Ken started laughing. "Well sir, You drive a hard bargain." Evan started pumping the monster. "Oh yeah. Reall hard. Ummm." Evan guided it down to his navel and poked the end in.

"Don't be like those leprechauns. I let you go so you can Go, Go Go. Come n Buddy. Find out how deep I go." Ken was balls deep in seconds. His hands flew to Evan's meaty chest for support.

"Oh yeah. A real hard bargain. Ummmm !!

Matt had been tapping Dave's beefy belly all this time, while they both watch Ken and Evan get it on. Still tapping Matt looked back at Dave the same time Dave looked up at Matt. They both looked to the tip of Matt's thick dong. Precum was flowing out, making a neat little puddle in the cleft of Dave's Muscle Gut. Matt's rhythmic tapping was a bit hypnotic. But they were brought back when the puddle overflowed and ran into Dave's navel. They looked into each other's eyes and grinned.

"Now that is damned convenient."

"I would have to agree. I was hoping some slick liquid would find it's way there. I was sure something like that would attract a massive erection, and encourage the owner to ram that tallywacker inside it .. Two oh maybe three hundred times."

"Well Damn. I can do that." Matt slid his dick along the precum trail and into Dane's deep tight navel. Matt suddenly looked surprised.

"What's the matter Matt. That feels real good."

A goofy grin spread across Matt's face. "I bottomed out. I have two inches to go yet. Man you are deep."

"You're just bargain. You have two hundred and ninety-nine more thrusts to go. Start a rammin', mega-dick." Matt got a rhythm going and Dave started to grunt and mumble with each thrust.

"As I recall there is a spot about ten inches out..." Dave suddenly started to quiver. "Right about there. Heh,heh,heh."

"Oh yeah. That's it. You know you're good you big stallion.. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. Ohhhhhhh. Yeah. Man that is thick."

Matt was just grinning and poking. All four men had pretty big smiles on their faces. Till half an hour later when that orgasm face appeared to one and all. Matt collapsed on to Dave's belly. He chuckled and his belly shook. Dave stroked Matt's head. "Damn you're good."

Matt's head came up with a smile on it. "Right back at you big guy."

Ken giggled. "OK. We need help getting Inflato-Pete in his duck tap weight belt. We have the rope ready to tape to the balloon and while Evan writes Titan Gym on the back of it, we will tape the last two ropes to the wrists."

Evan groaned and then stood up.. His belly caught Ken and lifted him a foot. "Whoa. sorry Ken. don't know how strong I am any more."

Ken had a sly grin on his face. "When I turn around, grab my hips and lift me up on to your belly. Then lean back or we'll go tumbling."

Just as Ken said., Evan had him up on his ball belly and they were stable.

"I bet I can carry you outside this way."

As they passed through the doorway, Ken announced, "OK I have my own clydesdale with a roid-gut."

Evan could be heard warning him, "No whips !"

They got the tape started and wound the ropes in with each circuit around the balloon. They widened the coverage in the back for a true weight belt look. That done, Evan drew a belt buckle on the front and then Titan Gym on the back in large bold letters.

By the time he was done the wrist ropes were taped down. They were ready for the parade. Which was going to start in seven hours. Five Am and the birds were just starting to chirp. The soft twilight of dawn was creeping over the back yard. Letting them get a surreal look at a Big Blow-up Pete.

Matt couldn't hold back. "Damn he looks fine. Just like Pete. I gotta get my head outta my ass and tell him how fine I think he is."

Dave started laughing. Matt got serious. "What? I know it's stupid the way I've been treating him. But I still have a chance.."

"Matt I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at me. The third week Pete was working at the gym and you hadn't let up on all the short jokes once. And out of the blue, Pete tells me 'Ya know, I bet Matt really likes me. All those short jokes get me fired up when we lift. I'm leaving little behind and I think Matt has been helping me do it."

"Really? That long ago?"

"Yep. But I told him that was the raving of a delusional mind. I suggested a few practical jokes to play on you, which he never used. Turns out he knew you better than I did. So you won't have a lot of explaining to do when the little snot finally shows up. All his work is done and ready for him."

"Maybe he had a family emergency." They looked at Ken like he was grasping at straws.

"I just hope he's OK." Matt looked at the Balloon. Then he looked at Ken and smiled. "We have an appointment with a little cream and a bit of mind control."

"Thank you for reminding me. Dave, Evan. We will soon be joining your club. Matt has decided he like roid guts on other big men so he will just have a flat stomach."

Dave got a gleam in his eye. "Ken use the same sexy voice on him, that you used on me. Let him get your scent on his face and then tell him to bet as big as a bull."


Evan caught on. "You know. Big wide shoulders. Traps that are tall and thick. And a neck so wide the head looks small sitting on top of it. Huge wide back. Big ol rump. Thick powerful quads and calves. Make his feet real big so they can support the whole ginormous mass of freaky muscle."

They looked over at Matt to find his zipper had failed again. His foot and half of wang was bobbing to the beat of his heart.

Ken chuckled. "Seems like he agrees with our suggestions. Lets get to it."

They went inside and all three designers started to work on Matt first. At one point Dave insisted that Ken nudge Matt's Glutes to a much bigger size. Dave put on a pair of gloves and slapped a big dollop of cream on Matt's Butt. He proceeded to squeeze and push Matt's butt muscles for a good half hour.

"Oh Yeah. That is just right."

Ken had to know. "Right for what? A shelf for him to leave his bear cans?"

Dave slowly edged his belly up to Matt's huge wide back and it just barely fit in between the massive Glutes and the wide thick Latts. Dave placed his belly in the space and let the weight of his belly rest on Matt's glutes.

Matt giggled his butt. "Man that is a lot of meat in your belly. Heavy and hard."

"Why thank you. and my I say that you are the biggest brahma bull of a man I have ever seen. Even if you did wuss out on the roid gut. You are one big wide animal."

"Well thank you, my big belly brother. I better stay away from that place in Spain when they have the running of the bulls. They would corral me up at the end of the run."

His neck was a wide plunge out from his ears and immediately got lost in his massive traps. They were fighting his pecs and delts for space, and when he did a double bi shot; his head was immobilized from all the muscle bunched up around it. His huge quads and long wide feet were in perfect proportion for his donkey dong and bull sized ball sack.

Evan kissed him before he told him his new name. "You are gonna have trouble with door frames. You are now a real life Bull in a china shop. Matt the Bull. Ole' !!"

Matt's cock had risen with all that praise. He wiggled it at Ken. "I'm gonna take care of this myself. Right now. You are gonna join the ranks of the marvelous meaty roid gut muscle freaks. They need ya brother. They need ya to grow for them."

Matt, Dave and Evan all donned gloves and started coating Ken in the stretchy cream. They all put extra on his gut and chest. Mat made sure he had a thick strong neck and shoulders. In only an hour, Ken was as big as Evan. And making Dave smile like an idiot.

"God you are hot! Rub your big belly against mine. Oh yeah." Their dicks started to slap against their bellies. Ten minutes of all that rubbing and they were spraying the bottom of their bellies a pearl jam white.

Ken pulled Dave's mouth to his for long hard kiss. "Big Boss Man isn't gonna know what hit him when he sees you, big Dave."

They all wound down a little after that. Matt went to the twenty four hour Subway deli and bought twelve foot longs. They were devoured ten minutes after he got back home.

You should have seen the kid making our order. He had to write it down so he would forget cause each time I bounced my pecs he bounced his hips into the counter. He lost track three times on just what sub he was making."

"Now were you giving a free show or playing with his head?"

"Both. I think he liked it cause he had a goofy grin on his face when I left."

"Were there any other customers?"

"Nope. Not a soul on the street."

"He was smiling cause he was gonna go jerk off in the back. And all he had was the memory of a freaking huge Man Bull."

"Sounds good to me."

Ken let out a sigh. "If Pete doesn't show up by nine o'clock, we are gonna have to get Rob and Jake to help us pull the balloon. Four of us can't even get it to the starting point. We need six guys to keep control it."

"Give Rob and Jake a call right now. They would normally be getting up right now to go open the Gym at seven AM. The gym is closed all day today, so they can come and help. Tell them Ill have Breakfast for them. I'm still hungry. Subway makes a good breakfast sandwich. I'm gonna see what the kid does when I bring Evan with me."

"Now that's starting to sound mean. You're gonna blow out the kid's fuse."

"Ahh . He's young. he can take it.. But what are we gonna put you in?"

"You have a few big vests. I'll see which one fits. And those sweat pants of yours will stretch. And I know one of those old jockstraps will still fit. Sorta." He look like he forgot something. "Oh. He's not gonna refuse service if I don't have shoes, will he?"

Matt lifted up his big huge bare foot. "He didn't kick me out. And you weigh a little bit more than me. You're golden."

"Good. Then lets wrap me up and get going. I'm still hungry, too."

They took their time at Subway, so by the time they got back to the house, Rob and Jake were just pulling in to the driveway. Evan and Matt got out of their car first and then slowly walked over to Rob's truck. Matt was on the driver's side and Evan got close enough to Jakes side that his belly just barely touched the window. Rob and Jake's eyes were wide with fear or surprise. It got the big men chuckling. Then Matt and Even looked at each other and then gave the truck a once over.

Evan's beefy growl vibrated the windows of the car. "Piece o' cake. On three."

The big guys crouched down and grabbed the under-carriage of the truck. "One. Two... Three."
And up it went. Neither man was straining. and they lifted it up until their hands were above their heads. As they brought it down to their hips, they could see that Rob and Jake had their mouths open as wide as their eyes had been.

"One more rep for our coworkers, Matt." The truck rose up again, then returned to the ground. They muscle monster stepped back and waited for a reaction. Rob came to first. He started to clap his hands.

"Again! Do it again!" Now they could see that Jakes look of wonder turned in to a huge goofy grin. Matt started laughing. Evan just hung his head with a grin on his face, as he got pack in lifting position.

Matt followed his example. "We aim to please our devoted fans." And the truck went up one more time and returned in just as easy a glide. Matt and Evan were applauded once more for their little demonstration of strength....

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