On Parade 2

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Jake and Rob could not get over how big the guys had become. Rob in particular was taken with the size and shape of Dave's muscle gut. He kept poking and touching it, to Dave's growing annoyance.

"Rob, poke my gut just one more time and I'm gonna take a poke at you!"

Rob's finger was inches away from the belly in question and he suddenly spread his hand out and gently placed it on that firm round ball of muscle. "I'm sorry big guy. I just can't help it." He started to gently rub Dave's gut in a circular motion. "Big Boss Man's was bad enough, and I was able to keep from stroking it each time he got near." The rubbing motion had shifted to a massaging one and his other hand got involved in the project. "But you are just over the edge, Man. Getting you angry was the last thing on my mind. I hope you see that now."

Dave had been grunting a bit with Rob's belly worship. He let out a soft chuckle as rob stopped talking. "Yeah. I'm just now picking up on that. I can just guess what you do have in mind and I think we'll both like it. Unfortunately we just don't have the time to finish that properly. Not and get the Balloon to the parade on time."

Yeah, I guess you're right. So can I assume that we will both continue this after the parade?" He sunk both his thumbs in Dave's navel as he finished his question.

"Ohhh yeah ! You just proved ya listen real good and know how to stroke me just right. So when Big Boss Man tells us we're done for the day, we'll head back here, OK?"

"OK, Big Dave."

Jake walked up them just as Rob took his hands off of Dave's muscle gut. "I'm glad you two came to your senses. you don't have the time to worship a ball gut of that magnitude."

Rob's grin returned. "Yeah, but now I think we're gonna get Big Boss Man to do the parade without a shirt on. The size that Dave and Ken and Evan are at. If they go without a shirt, Big Boss Man will just have to to fit in. This is gonna be our year to win the Best Float Award for the Gay Pride Parade."

Jake started to nod his head. "I bet you're right. That ginormous Bodybuilder Balloon and these four guys pulling it along. Give Big Mike a Baton to twirl in front as we strut through the parade and we have the first prize in the bag."

Dave snaughed. "Better yet. Have Big Boss Man twirl a barbell with a few quarters on each end. Now that would impress everybody watching the parade."

Evan had just finished pulling the fence down, so they could get the balloon pulled to the front yard and tied to Rob's truck. "I don't think you can twirl a barbell with any weight on it, for any length of time. Big Mike is strong, but that's asking a lot. Maybe rig up one with foam weights. We all know deep down, our boss loves to play with the crowd. That would keep him grinning, too."

Ken brightened up. "Hey there's that broom handle Pete would not let me throw away. We have those lamp parts that would look like the end caps for a barbell set. That gray foam can be cut into disks and then slap a coat or two of black spray paint on the whole thing. Done in ten minutes."

Matt walked up right then. "Better get to it if you're going to do that. We just have about twenty to get the balloon on the truck and head to the Parade start point. We have to check in an hour before the parade starts. And Pete is still no where to be found."

Ken walked off to the garage to make the barbell baton. Evan and Matt both started to pull up the stakes that were keeping Inflato-Pete secured to the ground. Evan looked at the other guys. "Come on guys. We five should be able to get this blimp over to Rob's truck without Ken's help."

The other guys pulled up the remaining stakes and helped pull the balloon out to Rob's truck. Dave was the first to start tying a rope to the truck bed. "So Pete's phone still goes right to voice mail, huh?"

Matt nodded his head. "He had his shit together getting all this ready to inflate. I just wish he was here to enjoy the results."

Inflato-pete's expression did not change one bit. But inside he was thinking 'Oh I am enjoying this just fine. And the minute I get solid I will be even happier. If that damn timer ever pulls the valve out. Oh God. I hope Evan reset it."

Pete was in luck, but didn't know it. The timer was reset for around four o'clock PM. Just about half an hour after the end of parade was scheduled. They would be at the Soccer Park with all the other floats and balloons. Waiting for the announcement of who won the awards for best float. They came in third last time with a float. Big MIke wanted a balloon this year. He kept on telling Pete to surprise him, when choosing a balloon. He was in for a big one.

They finished securing Inflato-Pete to the truck and they could hear a spray can spraying paint. Ken walked to the front yard with a grin on his face. "If you tie the back part closer to the truck, it'll look like Pete is fucking a Tonka truck."

No one said a word but each had doubtful expressions on their faces. "OK, I guess not. The foam was just the right size. I hardly had to trim any off at all. And I screwed the lamp parts on to the broom handle to keep the foam secure. We had an extra barbell sleeve that separated the foam weights. One more quick coat of paint and it will look perfect."

Matt cracked a smile. "Cool. Finish that up and lets get dressed to go."

Evan turned to Ken. "I'm ready to go. Why don't I put another coat on the thing while you change into something tighter."

"Well I do have all that spandex. It's the only stuff that's gonna fit and look good."

Rob was always one to see the bright side of things. "I think those sweatpants look real good on you."

Dave frowned for a second. "Hey now. Don't you go spreading yourself thin. We have a little date at the end of this parade and I mean to keep it." Dave moved over to Rob and bumped him with his belly. "Are we still seeing eye to eye, Big Rob?" His grin let Rob know he wasn't really angry.

A big shit eating grin spread across Rob's face. "I think we do, Big Dave." His hands gave Dave's belly a quick heft and rub. "Oh yeah. We still do."

"Aw it's OK. You just love flirting. You're good at it so I shouldn't be upset when you do. I think we're gonna have a good time, and if that spreads to some of the other guys, I am not gonna stand in the way. We're all good friends."

Matt was dressed and walked up in back of Dave. His hands reached around and helped Rob rub Dave's belly. "And we all know how to help a friend out when he needs it."

Dave was practically purring. "You got that right. But you two better stop or you're gonna help my dick rip through these shorts."

Matt leaned around Dave to see under his belly. "Hmm. Big circus tent. That's some strong material there, Big Dave."

"Let's hope they can survive the parade. No more belly rubs till we're through with the parade, OK?"

Rob put a real innocent expression on his face. "Sure big guy. Whatever you say. I'll keep it all till we get back here. Then those shorts are gonna be shreds."

"Hmm. OK by me. Let's get this thing down to the parade start." Ken had just walked up with Evan bringing the foam barbell set. Evan handed it to Matt for inspection.

"This looks good. Light but it still has a little weight to it." He twirled it around a few times. "That's a trip. You two did good. Big Mike will love this thing." Turning to Rob and Jake, he told them, "I left a note for Pete to meet us where ever we are on the parade route. You two get in the truck and drive slowly, while we four walk along the side and make sure it doesn't bump into anything. Just leave both windows down so we can let you know to stop."

Rob and Jake nodded. "Will do, Matt."

It took them twenty minutes getting three blocks down the street. They had two trees that had to have their branches pulled out of the way, but nothing else slowed their progress. As they started to untie the ropes from the truck, Big Boss Man walked up to them.

He was focusing on the balloon as he started to compliment them. "Pete did an excellent job, boys. That is the biggest Bodybuilder Balloon I have ever... ever..What the hell !"

The guys had the net off, the ropes to the hands and belt loose, just as the balloon started to go upright. Pete's big handsome face could plainly be seen on the balloon. Big Mike took a deep breath. "Well I told him to surprise me. That did it." Then he finally looked at the guys holding the ropes and still releasing them from the truck. "What the fuck! What happened to you guys. You're enormous."

Big Mike blinked. The four behemoths looked at each other and back at Big Mike with a grin each. "Are you guys wearing suits, cause they look real from this distance." He walked up to Evan and poked his chest. "Holy Shit !" He grabbed Evans biceps and tried to squeeze. It didn't squeeze. It was as hard as a rock."

"You can poke my belly if ya want to Boss, but try to lay off Dave's for a while. Rob sort of wore out Dave's patience, Poking wise."

Big Mike's gut was about two thirds the size his newly enlarged employees. (Except for Matt. He still looked like a bull in a human suit. Minus the horns.) Big Mike bumped his belly against Evan's and his eyes got real wide open. "That's all real muscle. That aint a suit." He looked up into Evan's eyes. "How.. how did you guys get so...so huge so quick?"

Matt walked over and put his hand on Big Mike's neck. He started to rub it a bit as he talked. "We don't have time to explain completely, just how this happened. We think we'll have the opportunity to show you what we did, after the parade. If you can wait, I promise we'll tell you the whole story when we get back to our place."

Big Mike was nodding along with the rhythm of Dave massaging his neck. He glanced down to Matt's flat abbs. "No roid gut for you, eh?"

"I always liked those guys with the small waist and wide shoulders."

"Looks good on ya. OK Matt, I can wait for a few hours. We will all head to your place after the parade."

Ken brought the foam Barbell up to Big Mike. "We made this for you to twirl like a baton. It's made of foam but it looks real."

Big mike took it and gave it a spin. He started laughing. "Sure does. and it's well balanced. I could spin this thing all day. Good job. guys. I have the best guys working for me. Now lets get that thing ready to go. We have about an hour till we have to start walking with it." He looked at all the guys then frowned. "Ok where is Pete." He glanced up. "And don't joke around that you have him tied up."

Matt frowned. "We don't know. He got all the stuff ready for us to inflate the balloon, but he never showed up last night or this morning. His phone goes right to email. We overheard his home phone answering machine taking a message from a friend of his that he expected Pete to be driving his way."

Dave added, "Yeah, but it was somebody we never met and he hung up before we could think to pick up the phone. He never called back. We listened for the phone to ring again."

Big Mike took that in for a moment. Rob and Jake finally finished releasing the roped from the truck. "Well he did good anyway. It's ready to go. It looks great and he is here in spirit if not on the clock. You guys know I'm paying you time and a half for today, don't ya?" Smiles lit up all their faces. "Unless Pete shows up, I can't pay him for working today. But he still gets employee of the month for pulling this off. He better appreciate you helping him get that."

They all nodded in agreement to what their boss said. "Ok boys we have to line this thing up in back of the singing barbers and in front of the Music Store brass band."

Dave groaned. "I hope they are better than last year. They only knew three songs and those were from the sixties."

Rob jumped in. "Oh no. They hired some new people six months ago and they really are good. They practice by my mom's house at the high school and the songs all sound pretty new. like from the nineties and this century."

They jockeyed the balloon to their assigned position and within the hour were walking their bodybuilder balloon through the parade. At one point the brass band started to play 'The Love Parade' by the Dream Machine. The Guys just started to strut their bodies along with the music, and didn't stop till they reached the Soccer Park. One of the officials handed out a location slip, so they would know where to stake down the balloon. The park had big squares marked out in chalk and numbered to match the location slips. They found square number twenty three and pulled Inflato-Pete down to the ground. They let him stay upright for the advertisement value, but each rope was secure to a stake.

"Well boys if we don't win it this time we never will. I think we did."

A chorus of "Yeah." and "You're right, boss." followed that statement.

Matt looked a little down. "Still no Pete. I hope he didn't get in an accident."

Ken nudged Matt with his elbow. "You hope he didn't get too serious with that friend of his. He really does turn you on, doesn't he?"

"OK yeah. Im' just not mature enough to be glad he finds happiness with someone else.
I want him to be happy with me. Even though I've been really stupid the way I've been treating him, I still hope he saw through all the bullshit and saw how I really feel about him." Dave looked at Ken and then laughed. "OK that's asking a lot. My own damn fault, too. I should have told him a long time ago, but I screwed up. I hope he gives me another chance."

"When he shows up."

"Yeah, when ever that is."

It was time for the awards to be passed out and suddenly TV cameras with bright lights started to advance on the Titan Gym Balloon. The guys all perked up as the Pride Parade Manager walked up with a huge blue ribbon and some blue duck tape. "Big MIke. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to award the first prize for best Float or Balloon entered in this days Pride Parade to...Titan Gym. It was a toss up between the balloon and your men pulling the thing. Congratulations. That means next year you are at the front of the parade. Congratulations."

Cameras flashed. The news reporters spoke into their mics and cameras praising the pride parade and Titan Gym. Big Mike talked to a few of them and then the lights got turned off. The reporters moved away and the parade crowd moved in to take a better look at the winning balloon. Four thirty PM rolled around and the timer on Inflato-Pete, pinged, then pulled the valve out of Pete's belly. Suddenly Pete's feet sunk two feet into the field. He was now weighing in at close to five thousand pounds. A deep loud voice called out, "About Time !"

People screamed and backed away from Pete. He looked down over his gigantic pecs and searched the ground for someone. He spotted Matt and pointed at him. "You stay right where you are Matt" Matt was trembling as Pete crouched down and picked him up. "Heavier than I though you would be." Pete waddled over to a huge storage container and sat on it. It didn't collapse, so Pete relaxed a bit. He set Matt on his knee and lightly held him.

"I should be real angry with what you did to me, but it was my own damn fault for hiding it from you guys. Luckily I don't have to stay this size. It's just gonna take a few days to stabilize before I use the valve to deflate. What I want to hear said to my face is how you feel about me. Is that gonna be a problem with you. Cause I sorta like what I've been hearing you talk about me. All that time you didn't know I was right there. Being blown up to twenty one feet in height."

Matt started to breath a bit easier. He grabbed one of Pete's huge thick fingers and tugged on it. Then he looked up at Pete's smiling face and grinned back at his giant buddy.
Pete wanted an answer. "Well? Other than wondering how that big digit is gonna feel up your ass, do you have anything to say?"

"We do think alike. And when I'm not running my mouth, the way I treat you has been the way I feel about you. Smaller than me or three times my size, I wanna be with you, Pete."

"Good answer. I feel the same about you. I knew your words didn't always match with how you felt. And when we worked out all that trash talk spurred me on to do more. And I am real big now, so while I could call you little Matt.."

"I wouldn't be upset."

"Yeah well. I'd rather call you big Matt the bull. Cause you look so much like a bull in a human suit. Looks good on you, big guy." Pete pulled Matt closer and gave him a hug that wrapped all the way around him twice.

"Woof!! God that is a lot of muscle. You have got to be close to three tons of meat and bone. Uh bone. Uh-oh. That's just duck tape holding you back isn't it."

"You should know, you taped it on me."

"When you were a balloon. I don't think that stuff is gonna hold yo back very long. We'll have to find you better things to wear. If the Police don't take us away first."

"If I haven't started stomping on people already, do you really think they are gonna try to arrest me. As long as I don't start a riot or eat a pet for a snack. they probably don't want a thing to do wit me."

A bull horn amplified voice called out, "You are correct. I have been told by my captain, that if you go home and stay on private property, we don't have to deal with you at all. Please avoid crushing things as you go. But please go."

Pete set Matt down and he called the guys over. "We're only four blocks away from the house. We will just walk around him like his bodyguards, all the way home."

"And I hope we still have all those tarps in the garage."

Big Mike frowned. "What for?"

"I don't want the whole neighborhood seeing what I'm gonna do with you guys. That could get us arrested for public sex acts." His big cheesy grin gave a few of them goosebumps.
They all had a fine time when they got home........

To be continued?