Only Skin Deep 3

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I hope you like the next part of the story. There's lots of sex so be prepared.

Disclamer: This is a fantasy story with Male to Male Sex and love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you shouldn't be here in the first place. You have been warned.

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His first tattoo, and four hours into it, Vince could see why people get more than one. His threshold for pain had been thrown back and thrown back and now he couldn't even call it just pain. His brain had defensive mechanisms that took focused sensed pain and caused parts of the brain to put out endorphins to act as pain killers. And those same endorphins also acted as a narcotic, quite similar to morphine except at a far weaker concentration. Even so, since the brain was producing these endorphins and the pain killer effect acted on other parts of the brain, you didn't need that much to make for a big reaction in the mind. Vince knew himself well enough to know that if he hadn't already planned for many more tattoos; he would sooner or later get more of them. This feeling was one of the most unique ones in his life.

Earlier Carl had been impressed with Vinces reaction. The Books requirements for the placement and the order that the tattoos were to be placed had Carl tattooing onto some of the most sensitive spots of the body first. And any good tattoo artist has to be aware of the customers reaction to the pain inflicted throughout the tattoo process. They can feel the customers skin contract or ripple like that of a horses when the needle causes a pain response. But its only after the first few lines that the needle pushes ink into the skin; that they can feel how the customer is coming to terms with the needle. Someone who has had a few tattoos has a relaxing response in the hands of a good tattoo artist. The beauty and skill of the tattoo artist is appreciated on many levels by a customer who has had a few tattoos. It can become a very sensual and sensuous experience, for both people involved.

If the artist is skillful and the customer is master of their own pain, then you are witness to the act of the canvas accepting the paint on some remarkable pieces of ART.

Carl had only had two or three customers who had taken to the process so well. Almost immediately Vince had relaxed and shown none of the very slight jerking reactions to the needle. Carl had started at the left ankle and placed a series of six broken concentric lines, that represented the Sixty four hexagrams of the Tao - I Ching. Carl had two previous customers incorporate some of the I Ching hexagrams into a tattoo. Or the chinese symbol that was the word for one of the sixty four. This was the first time he saw that circular grouping you could find in good I Ching books as the whole tattoo. There were some odd little additions above the rings ; Eight stars and eight crescent moons. And it was the last line of the last little moon that got Vince tensing up and then relax with a little moan that puzzled Carl.

Vince cleared up the mystery of why he could take the pain up to that point and then felt something different. Vince told Carl, "that must have been one of the energy gathering tattoos."

Carl started to line up the next three small tattoos on Vinces left calf as he asked, "Why do you say that?"

Vince replies, "That last line felt different; like super hot fire and subfreezing cold at the same time. And when you completed the crescent moon shape that last dot seemed to signal the start of this really good feeling of warmth to flow up my left leg; from my foot to my hip and then it spread out through my body."

Carl Chuckles, "Oh! So that was what that little moan was for. Good, I like reactions like that!"

Vince cranes his neck so he can present his face to where Carl is as he says, "You're not talking about tattooing now are you?" Vince has a smirk on his face at the end.

Carl glances at Vinces face as his grin gets bigger and he says, "Nope! Not tattooing. Though it does involve some penetration, and some artistry at both ends."

Vince turns back to resting his head on his right forearm as he says, "I do like an artist that hones his craft!"

Carl has marked the next three and is about to start again, but he says, "Oh yeah. It's just work, work, work!"

He looks at the very pleasing back of Vince, and says, "I'm about to begin again, but before I do..." Carl leans forward and puts one hand on the belly of Vinces left calf and kisses the back of his new lover's knee.

Vince feels more than just two lips caress his body. The raw power of Love that Carl is feeling/giving to/for Vince flows out of Carls lips and into Vinces knee. Vince is momentarily consumed in a total body shiver. From the tips of his toes to the tip of his nose, Vince felt loved. At the end of the shiver, Vinces hips gave a strong involuntary double jerk, while his eyes screwed shut and his breath caught in his throat. As Vinces body relaxed, Carls body had a slightly similar reaction. Carl had tensed and then held his breath as an energy centered on his genitals, like the culmination of a really great orgasm. Vince had had an all body orgasm from the power of Carls kiss, which caused Carl to react by having a condensed Orgasm.

Vince was the first to be able to speak and says, "Oh boy! You're Good! I think I just came in my shorts!"

Carl starts to breath more slowly as he tells Vince, "You're not so bad yourself. I just came from your reaction to my kiss." Carl turns his head to Vince as Vince props himself up on an elbow and twisted around to be able to smile at Carl that promising smile he saw on Carls face.

Vince says, "It's a good thing I've been doing cardio with my weightlifting, or else our plans for this evening would leave me dead or in the hospital!" He smiles his joke smile at Carl who takes it up.

Carl says, "My love making hasn't sent one lover to the hospital yet; and I don't intend on changing now." He pats Vinces but and says, "Lay back down, we have just started on your journey of enlightenment. Pleasure and Pain. Art and Flesh. Magic in the simple act of a kiss." He stretches out the skin on Vinces calf and says, "I'm going to start again, are you ready?"

Vince says, "Yes, go ahead" and Carl starts the three small tattoos around Vinces calf. Vince once again accepts the pain with a slow relaxation of the muscles and skin, like he's been getting tattoos for years. Carl smiles thinking ' I got myself one hot stud master of pain for a lover.'

Carl smiles as he thinks of this and then tells Vince, "I just realized that the last tattoo for today may end up putting me in the hospital. If I'm reading the information from The Book correctly, then you are going to have a tallywacker just shy of two feet long and just under three inches in diameter."

Vince frowns and says, "Ya know, we can change that to a more reasonable size. I was being a little selfish when I decided on the size. I didn't have anybody in my life and I thought what the heck."

Carl lets that sink in for a moment and then asks, "Vince. Is the size you picked the same as your Uncles?

Vinces frowns and then raises his eyebrows for a second before he says, "As a mater of fact it is."

Carl tells him, "Then if Olaf was able to handle it then we'll find a way for me to handle it to."

Vince mutters, "It's not the handling part I'm worried about ."

Carl says, "I heard that. You do know I plan on getting bigger too?"

Vince says, "Good. I was hoping you'd want to get taller. I don't want to tower over my lover."

Carl says, "Good. Cause I'm not into all that BD or S n M stuff. I am neither a top nor a bottom. I am not a master and I will not tolerate being a slave. While I may be the object of someone's fancy; I most certainly do not fancy being an object. I sort of fancy being a playful devoted lover."

Vince takes a big breath and says, "Hmm. I like that. Playful and Devoted. Sounds like a good combination to me." Vince and Carl fall silent as Carl continues tattooing the images on the back of Vinces left leg.

The process involves Vince flipping over for the first of many parts of the cohesive chest and shoulder pieces, along with the upper back and shoulder neck junction.

They take a break five hours into the process and Carl runs upstairs to his apartment above the shop for a clean pair of shorts for them both. They both get out of the bathroom in time to discover that Greg had ordered chinese take out that got there just when they finished changing shorts. Carl, Vince, and Greg go into the kitchen as Kern finishes with a customer and rings up the receipt on the cash register.

Greg says, "I ordered a lot of different stuff that we all like so there should be something you'll like."

Vince tells him, "Don't worry about me, as long as there's a chicken something-or-other in there I'll be happy."

Kern comes in and says, "Oh good then my Broccoli Beef is safe." He starts to look for the food in question and starts to frown. He opens almost all of them and mutters, "no broccoli beef."

Greg is smiling and holding something behind his back and says, "Who's your buddy, who's your pal?" This stops Kern from checking the last two boxes, and makes his frown turn into a smile.

Kern turns to Greg and says, "You always remember... You're my buddy." his smile gets real big as Greg pulls the box from behind his back.

Greg smiles and rubs the top of Kerns head as he hands the box to Kern. He tells Kern, "You're my pal."

Kern says, "Thanks Greg."

Greg gets a plate and joins the rest in scooping out different dishes from the boxes. He tells Vince, "You can tell when you've done something special for Kern, when he shares his broccoli beef."

Kern is like a little kid when he says, "Greg always gets some" He pours a third of the box onto Gregs plate.

Greg smiles and asks, "What did I do special for you today?"

Kern gets serious and tips his head sideways and thinks for a moment then says, "Too many things to list." They both look at each other and Greg gets a bit bashful and starts to eat.

Kern looks to Vince and tells him, "Before I met Greg I was in a very very abusive relationship. I don't wear a tenth of the piercings I used to. I thought I was supposed to be in pain. Physical, mental, " He looks at Greg and finishes, "Spiritual."

Greg says, "I'd still like to get a hold of that guy. " Gregs plastic fork snaps in two as its pushed onto the table. This shocks Greg out of his anger.

Kern tells him, "He's getting himself. He's destroying his own karma. You taught me that." Kern hands him another fork.

Greg smiles and nods his head yes. They all finish eating quietly reflecting on their good fortune finding good people to love.

Kern is the first to finish and asks to see what's done on Vince. He wasn't told what the images represent, so when he mentions the I Ching while looking at the ankle piece, Carl and Vince just look at each other and smile.

Carl tells Vince, "I told you I've got the best tattoo artist around."

Kern Looks up and says, "Just cause I can remember seeing something like it in a book doesn't make me a good artist."

Carl corrects him with, "No, but always wanting to see other peoples work does. Along with your ability in applying what you see into your own work. Two years ago you didn't know anything about eastern religions or eastern images; and now you know how many arms should go on that elephant headed god."

Kern says, "Ganesha . His name is Ganesha, the son of Siva and .. Greg got me to start reading up on all that stuff. He always gives me good advice."

Carl says, "Yes, I understand that. But you apply that advice very well. You both do very good work, and I'm proud of you both." He shakes his head and smiles as he says, "Kern, sometimes you should just take the compliment. Ok?"

Kern says, "Ok . Thanks boss."

Carl says, "Your welcome."

Kern tosses out the empty boxes and his plate and tells Carl, "I'll open the doors for any walk-ins. We don't have anyone scheduled for tonight."

Carl says, "Good. then if nobody walks in by seven, we'll close up early."

Kern starts to leave the kitchen and Greg clears his throat and Kern looks over to see him beckoning him over. When Kern gets near Greg ; Greg just points to his lips, then tips his face up and closes his eyes. Kern looks down with a look on his face that says ' you are so silly'. Then Kern cups the back of Gregs head in his hand and gives him a quick deep kiss. After half a minute they stop, only to have Kern give a peck on the lips before he goes back out front. Greg has a happy little grin on as he wolfs down the rest of what's on his plate.

As greg gets up he asks, "If everybody's done, i'll stick what's left in the fridge."

Vince says, "I'm good ."

And Carl tells him, "I'm finished. Thanks Greg."

Greg closes up the rest of the boxes and puts them in the fridge, then washes up before returning to the front of the shop. Vince finishes what's left on his plate and Carl takes the remaining plates and tosses them in the trash.

Carl washes up and then asks, "Well, shall we finish up for this evening?"

Vince nods yes but says as they walk to the front, "I don't know if finish is the proper word, considering what will be following." he looks back to see Carls reaction.

Carl chuckles and says, "Oh yeah! The effects of the tattoos. I see what you mean. How long before the magic starts changing your body?"

Vince replies, "Well The Book said normally the first changes won't happen until about an hour after the final tattoo for this evening is completed. My muscle should only increase by about twenty-five percent, and I won't be getting any taller till the end of the third day."

Carl washes again with special soap and puts neoprene gloves on as he tells Vince, "I just didn't want to worry about giving you head and half way through it suddenly finding I have more than I can swallow. It's that suffocation broken jaw kind of thing that I try to avoid if I can."

Vince says, "Perfectly understandable. I will help you in that endeavor as best I can."

Carl smiles and says, "Well, Thank you sir."

Vince says, "You are welcome, sir."

Carl has everything ready to go again and lines up the prints and the transfers and gets the big one along Vinces waist line on Vince and transfered. With the outline ready, Carl asks Vince, "Are you ready for me to start again?"

Vince says, "I'm ready, go ahead."

Carl says, "Ok, I'm starting."

Carl starts the tattoo gun just above Vinces lower abdomen and makes interlocking Celtic Knot images from right front pelvic tip to left front pelvic tip. Once again Vince relaxes into the process, until Carl is right below the navel, when Vince moans again.

Carl asks, "Is it like before?"

Vince says, "No. not like it.. That last inch felt like some really tight mouth pulled its lips from the crown of my dick head to the tip. Now I'm thinking if that sensation is the reverse for the next half than I'm going to need another pair of shorts by the time you're done."

Carl asks, "Would you like me to tattoo slower or faster?" He smirks and turns to see Vinces reaction and answer.

Vinces head tips up to look at Carl. He frowns for a second closes his eyes and puts his head back down and says, "You need a break, lets get this done for tonight. Faster please."

Carl softly says, "I love you too. I'll make it up to you later on tonight."

Vince reaches down and squeezes Carls thigh and says, "I just wish I could remember what I did. Pull orphans from a burning building, invent a wonder cure for some terrible disease? For some reason I can't remember what I did to deserve you coming into my life. Whatever it was I'm damn glad I did it. Lets get this stuff done. I'm finding it hard to be patient and wait till you're done for me to pull those clothes off of you." Vinces volume was a tad louder than normal near the end.

Carl says, "Yes Sir, Faster it is then." and he tattoos the rest of that particular piece in record time. And even though Vince didn't let go of his thigh till the end, Carl was able to flawlessly mirror the previous work.

Carl moved to the other side to get the front and side right thigh tattoos done. Then he had Vince flip over for the back of the right thigh and the back of the right calf. This time the images were celtic style spiral knots (three of them again) with crescent moons and stars incorporated in the vacant spaces of the solid seeming knots. At the end of tattooing the third Knot, Vince slowly started to tense up. Carl noticed but reasoned that this had to get done no matter how painful it might be to Vince. With that in mind Carl tried to finish as fast as he could. That meant starting the last tattoo for the evening with no pause after the third Knot.

Carl marks the sides and back of Vinces ankle and starts tattooing, only to get a large static shock from Vinces ankle nub. Both Men let out a yelp and Carl stops.

Vince asks, "What was that?" as he lifts up on his elbow to look at Carl.

Carl is confused as he looks at the tattoo gun, his gloved hand, and Vinces face. He tells Vince, "I am not sure, but it didn't come from the tattoo gun. It arced from your ankle to my thumb and it burnt through the glove."

Vince is concerned since his ankle doesn't hurt any more. He asks Carl, "Are you Ok?" Vince flips over and sits up to see if Carl is Ok.

Carl is a bit stunned and confused since his hand doesn't hurt anymore. He says, "Me? What about you? that spark came out of your ankle." He reaches over and grabs Vinces ankle only to find normal skin and no burn marks. He says with a frown, "No burn."

Vince pulls Carls hand up and peels the glove off. Carls hand shows no sign of a burn even though the glove has a melty hole in it where Carls thumb knuckle would have been. Vince says, "No burn on your hand, but the glove wasn't so lucky."

They both look at the glove then at each other. Then they say at the same time, "The Book!"

They both go into Carls office and pull The Book from the bookshelf in back of Carls desk. Vince puts his left hand on the book and Carl put his on top of Vinces. Vince looks at Carls face and Carl asks, "Together ?' This gets a broad grin from Vince and he nods yes silently.

Carl and Vince put their right hands over their hearts and tell The Book, "In the Name of the Light, We bid thee Open. Vox LEO Magi."

The Book says as he opens, "In the Name of the Light, I reveal myself. How may I be of service?"

Carl looks at Vince who nods to go ahead. Carl tells The Book, "I started to ink the right ankle tattoo and before I could do more than put one dot of ink on Vince, a thick static kind of shock jumped from Vinces ankle to my thumb. It was hot enough to melt a hole through my glove, but it didn't leave any mark on either of us. We were hoping you would know what's going on."

The Books glow dimmed for a second and when it returned to normal levels the pages flipped to the pages showing the lower back tattoos that followed the top edge of the pelvis.

The Book asks, "Carl, do you have a tattoo similar to this one one your lower back?"

Carl looks total confused as he turns his back to Vince and pulls up his shirt and pulls his blue jeans down to show an exact duplicate of the image in the book. He says, "I don't understand this. I can remember looking at the flash for the tattoo and thinking it looks just like the one Olaf put on me and then not thinking about it again until I started to put it on Vince. I didn't wonder about not telling Vince I had one too. While I was putting it on Vince I had no urge to say anything about it. I didn't even wonder why I hadn't talked about it earlier. And as soon as it was finished I didn't think about it again until you said something." Carl has since turned around to find Vince rubbing his lower back and frowning.

Vince stops frowning to tell Carl, "You're not alone. I know I drew the design on the papers for the lower back tattoos, but until The Book and you started talking about it, I completly forgot that you put any tattoo on my lower back. LEO can you explain what's going on with the tattoos and that little shock?"

The Book Flips it's self to pages near the back. Some design that causes the eye to slip and slide over it but never let it come fully into focus, was glowing with many colors. The Book Says, "this design is one of the hardest to tattoo on to a mage. It represents the desire and faith of the magi wearing it, to be able to heal any and all injuries, whether they be Physical, Mental, or Spiritual. It is a yearning, a promise and a duty. For It to be able to be placed on a mage, requires him to be a Master of Pleasure and Pain. He must be able to reach out to men and women, from infants to the elderly with compassion. The one who puts this design upon that mage must be one who has made his life one of healing any and all who come to him for their life to be changed, and he must have this ability before any of the designs I contain are tattooed upon him." The Book flips back to the design on the backs of Carl and Vince. The Book doesn't say anything else which leaves them both still confused.

Vince tells The Book, "LEO were still a bit lost. Don't stop now."

The Book tells them, "From what I have sensed while in this place, I can tell that Carl and his workers are not just tattoo artists. This place is like a holy grove of trees, or a calm deep pool of water that only fish and birds ever touch. All three have welcomed into this place, people who are in need. They look to the act of tattooing to help change their lives. Carl, Greg, and Kern counsel and guide them to the kind of tattoo that will symbolize their own path to healing. Carl did this before he ever met Olaf, and I think that is why Olaf gave Carl the tattoo. The Tattoo on both your backs represent a reaching out to those who wish to be heard, who want to be understood, and an acceptance of connection to others. I think the spark between you two was one that only burns away any barrier between you. The fact that you both have ignored it is part of the tattoos power that it gives you. When one strives to help others you cannot be self-conscious, or self absorbed. So the act of directing your attention outside yourself causes the tattoo to be ignored. This should not stop you from seeking and accepting pleasure for your self and loved ones. It is a tool not a cage."

Carl asks, "So to finish the ankle tattoo, I just need to leave the gloves off and we shouldn't have any more sparks?

The Book Says, "Yes. Basically ."

Vince says, "Thank you LEO. That solves one problem and gives us both food for thought."

Carl ask, "LEO, am I the only one Olaf gave that tattoo?"

The Book tells him, "I can't say without a doubt, but I suspect Olaf came across a number of caring generous people such as yourself and guided them to a tattoo that would help them in their work. I think the gift of this tattoo is to help you also know you are not alone."

Carl smiles and says, "Thank you LEO. I think we're finished for now."

The Book Says, "In the Name of the Light, you are welcome." and he closes.

Both Carl and Vince touch their chest and say together, "In the Name of the Light." Carl puts The Book back on the bookshelf and they return to the front.

Carl adjusts the bench to a chair and Vince sits down with his right knee bent to let Carl around the right ankle.

Carl gets prepared without gloves and asks, "Ready to try this again?"

Vince nods yes and says, "The home stretch for tonight."

Carl says, "OK" and starts on the quick outline of a branch of Ivy twined around what looks like the body of a snake that is holding the branch in its mouth. You only learn the truth by following the branch from the snakes mouth around to the front again and then you learn that the branch turns into the snake. No fireworks this time and the pace is brisk but thorough . The only reaction comes when he finishes the leaf as it droops down below where the snake has it in its mouth. Vinces eyes get real big and goose-bumps form on his legs and arms. Carl is finished for the night, but Vinces reaction gets Carl asking, "Back to The Book?" Vince shakes his head no.

Vince says, "You know how your dick gets an erection? The muscles letting blood into it relax as the muscles letting blood out of it tighten up. You get that filling up feeling."

Carl says, "I get the picture, why the odd expression?"

Vince starts to smile a little as he says, "Left ankle relax, right ankle tighten. Everything in between starts to fill up. This is a weird feeling, but I like it."

Carl says, "Sort of like your body is a huge erection?"

Vince nods a little and says, "A little bit. Can I rip those clothes to shreds now?" He has a wild-eyed look that matches his grin. It all comes across as a caveman saying ' Og need sex now.'

Greg comes to the rescue and says, "Boss, I'll clean up your gear and auto clave what's needed. You two should go make like bad animals." Carl and Vince need no convincing and the start walking toward the doorway that leads to the stairs.

Carl says, "Thanks Greg, "as he pulls Vinces shirt off of him. Vince is walking forward until the shirt comes off and as he starts up the stairs he turns around grabs Carls shirt and rips it in two, throwing both halves to either side as Carl starts to undo Vinces shorts and can't get the second button down. By now they are at the top of the stairs and Vince has had his hands on Carls shoulders.

Carl mutters, "Stupid buttons, "and grips the shorts and rips them open sending the buttons flying.

Greg hears buttons flying and two hitting the floor at the bottom of the stairs and Shouts up to the lovers, "Don't forget; bad animals make lots of noise!"

Just as Greg was saying this ,Vince makes a low growling purr and says, "OOOUU Strong hands!"

Carl lets the shorts drop to be able to grab onto a very health, fat erection that is poking at a very healthy bulge trapped behind his blue jeans. Vince sees the problem and pops the buttons open without removing them from the pants. Vince grabs Carls manhood and pulls it free of the jeans and they come together for another KISS. They start pulling on each other as the KISS progresses. They are ten feet away from Carls bed when they come up for air. They move apart only enough to pump each other a bit easier and after only a moment Vince looks down to see that Carl is still in his jeans.

Vince looks into Carls eyes and gets lost for a second. But then he remembers his mission and grabs Carl under his armpits as he hooks his toes onto the bottom of the jeans and tells Carl, "Let go for a second." and he smiles a wicked smile.

Carl lets go of his newest favorite toy and puts his hands on Vinces shoulders and sort of leaps up as Vince lifts Carl up out of his pants. Carls cock bumps by Vinces mouth and Vince makes a half hearted attempt to grab it with his mouth. The jeans come off and puddle on the floor as Vince takes three steps backwards towards the bed. Carl yells, "Yeah, "and when he comes back down to the floor he tells Vince, "OOOUU Strong Man!" Carls eyes are saying the same thing Vinces are;. 'Mine, Mine, Mine!'

They move the few feet to the bed and start the Kiss again. But only after ten minutes or so they break and Vince says, "You taste so good, and I don't mean just your mouth. I got a taste of you when we did that circus act and I want some more." He starts to shift around to get better access to the member in question.

Carl gets a smug grin and says, "That good, huh?"

Vince pushes the foreskin down away from Carls second head and agrees with, "Like honey, and I'm a bee. " Vince starts to suck down Carls thick manhood while making a humming sound and Carls head rocks back for a moment.

Carl lets out a, "Oh God" then a, "Thank you, God". He looks down at Vince to say, "What I got is one hot stud Master of Pain. I've never seen anyone tolerate that much tattooing without a complaint. You just rode that pain like a bucking mustang and broke him to your will. I see some of the meanest looking bikers come in and half way through they're in tears. I got me one hot stud master of pain and pleasure." His smile beaming down on Vince could fly them around the world.

Vince turned up the pressure by slowly but surely taking all eight inches of his very verbal lover's member and flicking his tongue out enough to tickle Carls balls. The first tickle got Carl screwing his eye shut and breathing faster. Little moans escaped Carls mouth and as they got louder Vince knew he had the right movements down his throat.

Carl lasted a good ten minutes of this before he was going back and forth between shouting, "OH YESS!" and growling, "Oh God Vince" "My hot stud" . That lasted for five minutes, then he arched his back and warned Vince, "Cumin Vince, I'm cumin Vince. Ohhh VIIIIINNNCE !!!" Carls volume went up fast and Vince could taste Carls spunk on the back of his throat. Vince pulls off Carl enough to get a better taste of Carls pearl jam. All Vince could think was ' so good, so good'.

Carl spasms eight times and Vince gets his spunky treat, and by the third shot Vince was coming without anyone touching him. This of course caused Vinces whole bode to spasm too and lead to five more from Carl. As the final drops of spooge were spent from them both, Vince pulls off of Carl, and breaths in and out a very big contented sigh. Carl takes a little more time to catch his breath.

When Carl's able to he tells Vince, "What have I gotten my self into. Loving like that each night is gonna kill me in a week. I swear I've never cum that much in one go. You are my hot hot stud Master of pleasure and pain," He looks at Vince and pulls himself down to get at that mouth of Vinces . Carl looks so proud of Vince. He breaks the kiss to peck at Vinces mouth and jaw and neck, saying all the while, "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine" . Carls head pops back up to peck at Vinces lips and asks, "You are mine?" and nods his head yes really fast like its part question part statement.

Vince grabs Carls head by the ears for a second and Carl is silenced by this. Vince has a wisp of a smile and unreadable eyes. He lets go the flood gates as he says softly, "Yes! And you are MINE!" With that Vince kisses his lips then his cheek under his eye then the middle of his forehead and pulls his head against his neck as Carl pulls Vinces chest to his neck. In their minds a barrier dissolves.

The barrier was called ' I am alone '. Their minds could only take full contact for a few minutes and then had to separate. They remembered the time limit for their love making and their bodies responded in record time. Vince was closer to the night stand Carl kept the lube in and found his erection was slowing his progress there until he pulled it against his belly. Carl pulled the blankets and top sheet off the bed and bundled then into a mound for him to lay on. Vince spread lube on his dick.

Carl asks, "Belly up, or belly down?"

Vince says, "Belly up I don't want to miss a single reaction."

Carl smiles a shit eating grin as he tells Vince, "OK. Lube me up Brother!" as he spreads his leg open.

Vince spreads some lube around his rosebud and puts one finger in to gage where his prostate is. After a little roaming with reactions from Carl, Vince then puts in two fingers and start reaching on either side of the prostate bump. Firmly around it softly on it until its time for three fingers to test for fit. Carl is able to relax well enough that Vince thinks he's ready.

Vince says, "Ready Carl?"

Carl shines a smile at him and says, "If you want me to I'll beg, but only for you."

Vince shakes his head no as he eases into Carls love chute. He tells Carl, "No begging between us. Anything I have that makes you happy is yours. " On the word yours Vinces head pushes past the outer muscles and glances across Carls prostate. Carls muscles grip hard on Vinces member and then relax. The whole sequence of actions felt so good for them both Vince had to pull back out a bit and try that again.

Vince says as he tries that for a third time, "I was going to push myself all the way in to the hilt; but the feelings we just got are too good to pass up just yet." And so Vince spends a good ten twelve minutes examining how many little changes in angle of attack can get slightly different reactions. At one point Vince is able to get the head of Carls dick to expand and pulse each time he makes a thrust. Even though Vince is the one causing the reaction he feels a need to tell Carl, "Look at you. Just look at that glorious fat pulsing head of yours. I don't think there's a better looking dick in the world."

Vince stops with his dick head just under Carls bump and he bends down and can just get the head of Carls dick in his mouth and still thrust over Carls prostate. Carl reaches up to support Vinces shoulders. Vince starts to tongue Carls piss slit as he steps up the rhythm of his thrusts. It's already past the hour they thought they would have and Vince wants another taste of Carl. He also wants to make sure he's completly out of Carl when he starts to grow. He can tell that he's got Carl almost at the edge and decides not to chance it . He starts to thrust against Carls love bump and feels his own edge approaching. In fact only two more hard thrusts and He discovers he's cuming first. The spasm through his body lets Carl know Vince is cuming. The flood of hot spunk against Carls love bump pushes him over the edge and gives Vince that taste he so wanted. The thrusts continue for a good two minutes until they are drained.

Carl is blown away by the amount and power of their release. Carl thinks 'Magic is good!'

Vince says out loud, "It sure is, "He pulls out of Carl, who promptly pulls Vince to him in a bear hug.

Carl tells Vince, "I think this is going to work, "Vince just nods and hugs him back.

The day catches up to them and they fall asleep for forty-five minutes. They share a dream. In the dream they are playing together in a pond. skinny dipping and splashing and diving to the bottom. At one point they just stay submerged and look at each other, happy with what they see.

They are about to embrace in the dream but are stopped by Vince suddenly swelling up. Carl watches as Vinces chest gets thicker and it spreads to his shoulders and neck. Then it moves on to his arms and his back. He's starting to look like a veteran bodybuilder, to the point that the growth spreads to his belly which gets more defined but then bows out like a roid gut. The swelling moves on to his but and thighs and calves. At the same time his feet and hands get thicker and longer and wider. After all this his penis finally starts to grow along with his balls. This growth is not too subtle. His dick swells to two feet in length under a minute and gets thicker after that. The balls follow along and are each at least four inches in diameter with his dick stopping at three inches in diameter.

By now they have floated to the surface and Carl gets a goofy grin and says, "I like the size of your balls." But as soon as he spoke something rippled through Carl and he started to swell up too.

Just as Carl asks, "How can this be happening, "He remembers he's dreaming. With that thought both wake up to find Carl in the arms of a much bigger Vince. Vinces dick is hovering above their heads as Carl feels a strange thickness in his chest. He thinks, 'I hope it's not a coronary' . The next moments prove it's not a coronary.

Vince is still holdin Carl when they see Carls chest start to swell up. The same sequence of expansion starts on Carl and within five minutes he is only slightly smaller than Vince.

All Vince can say is, "Well ain't that a kick in the head" His smile tells Carl that he likes the change.

Carl sits up and Vince follows to a position facing Carl. Carl has a goofy grin on as he says, "Brother, We Are Huge!" Carl scoots closer and grabs Vinces mighty tallywacker and promptly puts as much of it in his mouth as will fit. He starts to suck on it and closes his eyes like a newborn on a teat. Vince can't think of anything that needs saying and follows Carls example, contentedly suckling on Carls massive meat. This state of joy lasts at least an hour before they find their bodies have a mind of their own and just Orgasm, without any warning. This orgasm continues for at least six minutes and leaves their bellies even rounder than before. after they squeeze out the last drops of spunk into each other they pull loose from each other . Only then do the see their bigger bellies.

Carl says, "For some reason I thought some doctor said that sperm wasn't fattening. " He grabs his belly and it is as hard as a rock. He looks a little shocked as he says, "Well that blows my theory. It's all muscle under the skin."

Vince feels his own belly and says, "We'll have to work on that tomorrow!"

Vince leans back a bit onto the mound and pulls Carl back so they can Kiss. The Kiss lasts while they stroke each others belly and muscles and still rigid erections. Through the night they reached many peaks and finally fell to sleep at four in the morning.

Greg and Kern had a more subdued evening, though the sound upstairs had helped. Kern and Greg lived in three rooms off the parlor and usually set up the equipment for the next day. Doing so early allowed them time after a leisurely breakfast to have close to two hours they could play around or get personal errands done.

After last night Kern couldn't help himself. He dragged Greg upstairs quiet as a mouse to see what changes occurred. Silently they got within ten feet of the bed and were amazed at the size of Vince And their Boss. Then they noticed the massive cocks and huge balls on them both. Kern pantomimed how long the cocks must get and then he dangled both fists down like balls. He mouthed the word 'WOW'. Then Greg noticed that each man had hold of his lovers cock, and pantomimed two hands crossed and grabbing something. Greg mouths ' ain't that cool'

Just then Carl says without opening his eyes, "You two better be up here so you can participate or you want to get us something to drink."

Kern and Greg jumped a little towards the door, then look at each other as Carls words sink in. . Kern gets a wild look on his face and nods 'yeah lets do it ', while Greg gets a ' yeah right ' look on his face. Greg says, "Pineapple juice Ok?" Kern moves towards the bed and then stops at Gregs words.

Vince says, "Sounds good to me, But you really don't think that's going to get you out of participating do you?

Greg smiles as he turns and says, "No, but it'll give me some time to stretch."

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