Only Skin Deep 4

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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story involving Male to Male sex and Love relationships. If you are under 18 years of age, You should not be here! You have been warned!

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The time it took Greg to get four glasses and the carton of pineapple juice was hardly enough time to stretch enough of himself to be able to take either one of those massive dicks. But it was more than enough time for Gregs mind to stretch around the idea that his boss got married last night to a hot hunk of a man who came into their lives with love to share and a Book of Magic. Greg was a good judge of character, and everything about Vince said 'Good Man'. And the smile he put on Carls face, now that was recommendation enough for Greg.

Greg got back upstairs with the juice to find Kern in between Carl and Vince. Kern was slowly stroking both massive dongs while having his nipples attended to by the respective owners of said dongs. Kern was producing a steady stream of little moans like a little puppy, while his now fully erect dick was putting out dribble of precome.

Greg just smiled and poured the juice into the glasses and enjoyed the sounds of his lover. By the time he had all four glasses poured and was turning to see how he could fit in; all three on the bed let out a contented little sigh.

Greg looks at them as they all sit up and says, "Vince, I know you're gonna fit in around here. We appreciate people who know what real foreplay means!" as he hands Vince and Carl their glass of juice. Kern, though, has not let go of their dicks; and Greg pauses chugs his own and smiles at Kerns dilemma.

Greg says, "Poor Kern! You truly were born in the year of the monkey. Gotta put something down. Gotta put something down." Kern gets this nervous look as he turns back and forth between the two massive erections he is still slowly stroking. He looks up at Greg still holding Kerns glass of juice, and breaks into the brightest smile anyone has ever seen.

Kern bursts out with, "We're Lucky Greg ; we're real lucky!" Kern then proceeds to grab tighter and stroke much much faster on either dick as he screws up his face in joy. Carl and Vince had already put their glasses down and both groaned loudly at the onslaught of Kerns pumping.

Vince moans out, "I'll say!"

Carl breaths faster and says, "This is what started it in the first place" and slowly inches over to push Kern back onto the bed. Greg steps back a little and chuckles.

Greg says, "Kern isn't a morning juice kinda guy." and chugs Kerns juice. Putting the glasses and empty carton on the table away from the edge, Greg turns to the mound of happy flesh and decides where best to fit himself in. Greg kneels and takes Kerns eight inch long fat tool by the base with both hands and just wiggles the tip of it. This produces a low slow chuckle from Kern.

Kern doesn't even tip his face up. He tells the whole room, "You love me!" This produces the wickedest grin on Gregs face as he silently sticks his tongue out and then wiggles Kerns dick across it.

Kerns stifles a little gasp and says slightly louder, "You love me!" Now Greg wiggles Kerns manhood into his mouth and stars exploring it's tip.

As Greg slowly puts every inch of Kerns love muscle down his throat; Kern says a bit louder, "You Love me!" By now Carl and Vince are smiling while they attack Kerns nipples and they both look over to Greg to gauge his rhythm. Greg notices their attention and gets a grin too.

Now that they are in sync, Greg acts as a conductor, and proceeds to speed up Kerns pulse.

Kern starts his mantra of, "You love me" with more and more volume. This lasts for a good five minutes before he clues in and matches what Greg is doing to his own strokes of Carl and Vince. Now all four are acting as one. Loving and feeling loved.

Out of the blue, Carl and Vince start massaging the inside of Gregs thighs with their feet which puts a short pause in everyones love stroking. This all gets back into action when Carl and Vince put foot to foot on Gregs cock and start their own stroke. Greg lets out a little moan around Kerns fatty and starts them all onto the Home Stretch.

Kern now starts to lose words as the pace increases. Now it's, "Love Me! Love me!", then it's, "Love!Love!Love!Love!Love!"

And Greg goes full tilt to the sound of Kern shouting, "OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!".

They fall off the edge as one and the orgasm is so intense for them all that even Kern is speechless. The pure bliss is so powerful, that they can only shoot and shoot and shoot.

And this goes on for a good four minutes. Halfway through Greg and Kern are empty and are pulled along with Carl and Vince as they empty themselves. Greg pulls his mouth off of Kern the last minute and watches dumbfounded as Kerns dick pulses thicker with each final spasm of their mighty four-way orgasm.

Greg is usually the quiet one but he gets his breath back first and starts with, "There Is A God! There Is A God!" Then, "Thank You God! Thank You God!" He keeps repeating' Thank you God' as he looks up to Kerns cum drenched body and starts to rub his hands through the spunk and rub Kerns belly.

Kern and Carl and Vince have taken up the mantra for today, 'Thank you God!'. Kern starts to respond to Greg rubbing his belly by pushing it out and pulling it in and rippling his chiseled abs. And smiles a second, reacting to Gregs loving; when his face gets shocked and he levers himself up to look at Greg.

Kern says in disbelief, "They are still as hard as a rock!" He hasn't let go of Carl or Vince and he shakes both dicks from the middle very hard and fast to show no bending.. When the shaking stops, Carl and Vince both moan, which causes Kern to smile at Greg. This smile turns into an AH-HA look on Kerns face and he promptly shakes them again just as hard and just as fast.

Vince puts his hand on Kerns shoulder and tells him, "I'll give you ten minutes to stop that!"

Kerns grin gets bigger as he shakes and stops, shakes and stops. Greg is impressed with his lovers energy and dedication to love. Greg reaches up and kisses Kern while holding the back of Kerns neck. The shaking-stop action continue through The Kiss, which lasts a good three minutes.

Greg pulls back a bit just to look at Kerns happy face. Kern beams as he says, "We're Lucky, huh Greg?"

There is too much emotion for Greg to speak for a second and he just smiles and shakes his head a little. Greg tells Kern, "I know I am, I know I AM!" as he pulls Kern into the biggest bear hug he's ever had. The hug says he's never letting go. Kern drops Carl and Vinces cocks and returns the hug as hard as he can. He agrees with that Idea. His hug says he's never letting go either.

Carl and Vince look on this and seem able to hear the unspoken Declaration of Love and Devotion. Their own declaration is in their eyes as the turn to each other. They move closer to each other and softly say in unison, "My love!" They kissed just to kiss. Not one of those ' Take me now ' kind of kiss. It was one of those sweet young lovers, slow attentive kind of Kiss.

Greg and Kern end their embrace and look on Carl and Vince kissing and each get a contented little grin on their faces. Kern turns to Greg, gives him a peck on the lips and says, "I love you Greg."

Greg smiles real big and gives Kern a peck on the lips and says, "I love you Kern."

Kern replies, "Well my love, it's Saturday and we have to open early today."

Greg says as he gets off the bed, "Ah yes. Duty calls." He helps kern up and for a second they embrace, kiss, and part to go downstairs to get the shop ready.

Vince breaks their kiss and groans, "Duty! Service! Oh no! OHH!" He shuts his eyes an grimaces. Carl holds his shoulder and Greg and Kern turn back with curious looks on their faces.

Vince pulls his chin in and curl up as he says, "I forgot! The service is today, this afternoon. Uncle Brians funeral. And we have to do some tattooing today! Plus we have no clothes that will fit us now. Great. just great. Why didn't I start this next week.?!"

Carl holds the top of Vinces head as he tells him, "Because then you wouldn't have had anyone to go to the funeral with you." He smiles to show he can help share the pain. Vince takes this in and grabs Carl and starts sobbing into his chest. Greg and Kern move back to the bed and Greg starts to rub Vinces back. Vinces crying eases up and Carl asks Kern, "Do we have any appointments today?"

Kern searches his memory and brightens a bit as he says, "No, not a one for today, Boss."

Carl says, "Good . Vince what time is the funeral?"

Vince swallows and says, "It starts at three p.m. but I have to get there by two twenty."

Carl looks at the clock by the door and says, "It's eight o'clock now. The tattoos will take three hours, say eleven thirty, a fast lunch, close the shop at noon, gives us an hour and a half to get suits, two hours if we eat on the way."

Kern cuts in with, "Yeah that suit outlet place claims alterations under an hour, and they're just a mile away."

Carl smiles and says, "Cool! Then you two will get ready before we leave, and you can drive while we eat lunch."

Vince says, "You don't have to close up shop for me."

Greg rubs his back again and says, "You're family now. Family sticks together!" Vince sits up and hugs Greg and Kern.

Vince says, "Thanks guys."

Carl says, "My boys are the best!" and smiles.

Then Carl says, "On second thought, we'll close shop at eleven thirty. Kern and Greg can get their showers now, and get dressed before we open at nine thirty. Vince can get his shower now too (separate water-heaters) and by then I'll be ready to start your tattoos for today. About half way through I'm gonna have Kern take over doing the fill in while I get in the shower and then I'll finish up the spell closing tattoos. WE should be ready to leave for the Suit place by eleven thirty, eleven forty at the latest."

Vince grinned but frowns before he asks, "How are we going to get there? None of our clothes fit us now?" Carl looks at him then at Greg.

Carl asks, "Greg, do you have anything that might fit us till we get to the suit outlet?"

Greg says, "Sure! I've got some sweats that will fit you both and some sandals that might fit. As for underwear, you are both way out of luck." He pauses as he checks out both giant packages. Greg asks, "Do they even make underwear for horses?!" He smirks as Carl just nods a bit.

Carl sounds like he's nickering like a horse as he says, "Noooo theeey dooon't. Very funny."

The other three were chuckling as Carl reminds them, "Ok. Times a'wastin. " He points at Greg and Kern and at Vince as he says, "Shower, shower, shower." and then points at himself and says, "prepare to tattoo."

Greg and Kern go downstairs to shower and Carl gets towels, hand cloth, soap, shampoo, new toothbrush, spare razor, and says, "By the time you're done Greg should have some clean sweat pants and a shirt you can wear up here" Vince nods.

Vince tells him, "Thank you Carl." He hugs Carl.

Carl replies, "You're welcome Brother."

Vince says as they stop hugging, "Kern was right. We're Lucky."

Carl Says, "Greg was right too. " He pauses then says, "I know I am,, I know I am!." then gives him another big hug and a quick kiss and then as he turns toward the stairway says, "Don't take too long in the shower, we've got three hours of ink pushing to go."

Vince says, "I won't take long . Love you!"

Carl turns around and leans on the door jam as he smiles and says, "Love you!" And they then get busy with what they had to do.

Half way through the shower, Vince realizes his new size is gonna freak out his family. Maybe LEO will have a spell for a temporary glamour to make him look like he had a few days ago. He finishes his shower quicker than normal, and finds the sweat pants and shirt and . After putting them on he hurries downstairs to run the idea of a glamour past Carl and see if it's a good idea.

Carls work area is ready to go, but Vince finds him in his office. Carl smiles as he pulls The Book from the bookcase and lays him in the middle of the desk.

Vince smiles and says, "You can read my mind now?"

Carl shakes his head and says, "It's only logical that your folks will question just how you grew six inches in height and a hundred pounds of solid muscle in only three days. Questions I'm pretty sure we don't want asked, let alone answer any of them. I figured Leo would be able to direct us to a spell or incantation that would make you appear the same as you were three days ago." The Book vibrated a bit but remained closed.

Vince says, "Good reasoning my Brother. Shall we bid our little brother open, and help in this endeavor.

Carl stands and nods his head as he says with a smile, "Surely our little brother knows best what will solve this appearance problem."

They placed their right hand over their hearts and their left hands on The Book and said, "In the Name of the Light, we bid thee open! Vox LEO Magi."

The book opens with bright light bursting from his pages as he tells them, "In the Name of the Light, I reveal myself. May I be of service? Please tell me the problems I may solve for you."

Vince tells The Book, "I have grown too large in too short of a time for any of my first family to believe it was natural. While I trust most of them completly, I still do not want to let them find out about you. Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of your knowledge and power, and I sense you would never allow yourself to be put to an evil purpose. But we are your Guardians, and I feel it is our duty to not only protect your Knowledge, But also yourself."

Carl continues the thought with, "Your safety lies in peoples disbelief in Magic. and their not knowing you exist."

Vince tells The Book, "What I need is a temporary Glamour, that will make people see me as my old self."

The Book opened it's pages to the section labeled ' Illusions and Projections'. and then flipped further along until the word 'Glamours' appeared at the top of the pages. The Book Said, "A temporary Glamour can be attached to a ring or necklace or earring. Most temporary Glamours are rather simple to invoke and only require the piece of jewelry, a bit of sea salt, and one drop of blood from the one the Glamour will work on."

Carl opens a lower drawer in his desk and pulls out an ornate wooden box with inlay of exotic woods, shells, semiprecious stones; all producing an image of a Carp swimming through the loops made by the body of a Dragon. He opens the box to reveal a few rings, a few earrings, and three necklaces. One in particular caught Vinces eye just as Carl picks it up. It is a pendant of lapis lazuli with a diamond shaped piece of rose quartz on the face of it, all held together by silver wire tied to a silver chain.

Carl hands it to Vince and says, "My love, this is something I fancy and something I wish you to have as my wedding present to you. I love you Vince."

Vince holds Carls hand for a moment then takes the necklace and puts it on the pages of The book. Vince looks very happy as he takes off the pendant that has been around his neck for over ten years. He tells Carl, "My love, this is something that has been in my family for over four hundred years. It is the key that first opened Vox LEO Magi; and I wish you to have it as my wedding present to you. I love you Carl." Carl has gotten up and reaches over and kisses Vince as he accepts the pendant. Carl puts the pendant around his neck and smiles at Vince.

Carl tells Vince as he goes to the kitchen, "I'll be back with Sea salt and a pointy object." In a short moment Carl is back with a salt grinder and an ice pick. Carl shows what is written on the handle of the ice pick.

Vince lets out a guffaw and says, "'Ice is safe?! Silent - sure- economical?' Ice maybe safe but Ice pick is a different story."

Carl tells him, "I always thought those were the strangest words to put on an ice pick handle."

Vince says, "From what I just read, I put the piece of jewelry to be fixed with the power of a glamour into my left palm, I take one pinch of sea salt and place it on the face of the piece of jewelry while chanting the mantra, "ohm %%%$**&##$$%!!@!!"

Carl stops him with, "What did you just say??!!" Carl is seriously confused.

Vince says, "It made sense in my head before I actually spoke the words. Now, while I know what it means, i couldn't point to the symbols in the mantra and say this one means this and that one means that.."

Carl asks, "What does the mantra say?'

Vince tells him, "Oh! Light upon the Water, Clothe me in the Mantle of another."

Carl says, "Sounds beautiful. Then what?"

Vince scans the page again to make sure and says, "Then I keep repeating the mantra until the sea salt is absorbed by the object. Once the salt is part of the piece of jewelry, I will stop the mantra and declare ' (&&^*$$%##%%%&^&*@) ' " Suddenly Carl hears more of what Vince is speaking, but in the back of his mind, not through his ears.

Vince says, "the declaration is ' Blood will Tie the Mantle tight!' and at this point you pick up the ice pick and stab my left thumb, just enough to draw a few drops of blood.

Vince says, "Then I start repeating the second mantra '
&$&$&%%(**##@^^$%%&%%& ', and place one drop of my blood on the face of the pendant. I keep repeating the Mantra until the drop of blood is absorbed into the pendant. The second mantra says ' May the Blood I freely give, Color the Light from the Mantle with my appearance a fortnight ago.'

Vince says, "When the blood disappears, I say ' *&@&#**#&&$%%@@* which means ' In the Name of the Light, I thank the Blood Powers for their work and generosity' ".

Carl asks, "Then the necklace will make you look smaller?"

Vince says, "Yes, every time I wear it. And when I take it off My appearance returns to my true size and shape."

Carl says, "Cool. I think we should get this done so we can move on to the Tattooing of my love."

Vince smiles and says, "Good Idea!"

Vince places the pendant on face of The Book and murmurs, "In the Name of the light" just as Carl mutters the same thing. This draws their eyes together and they grin but then they get to the incantation of a Glamour. Vince and Carl go through the procedures as listed above and they get to the part where a drop of blood is finally absorbed by the pendant, Vince feels as if someone had walked over his grave. This feeling took a one eighty the moment of the thanking of the Blood Powers. Vince put the necklace on and shrank to his previous size. Carl was now eight inches taller and reached over and kissed Vince.

Carl says, "You taste the same but you feel smaller."

Vince says, "Good . LEO Thank you for your wisdom and help. You may conceal yourself again,"

The Book says, "You are welcome. In the Name of the Light" and The Book closed.

Vince says, "OK, Now lets get the tattoos done for today ." Vince takes the necklace off and is once again the same height as Carl.

Carl says, "As you wish, My hot stud Master of pleasure and pain" His smile is huge as he follows Vince to his Tattoo station and they proceed to fill in a quarter of the previous days tattoos.

This tattoo session didn't have any strange sensations and went remarkably fast. After one hour Carl was halfway through the required amount of tattoos and Kern came up beside him at the finish of one set of tattoos.

Kern says, "Ok Boss, time for your shower. I'll fill in the patterns like the drawings show and you can finish up when you're done with your shower."

Carl puts his rig down and says, "Thanks Kern." He bends down and says, "I'll be right back." and he kisses Vince, who returns the kiss.

Kern starts to fill in the patterns that Carl tattooed yesterday and notices how relaxed Vince is. But his first comment isn't about tattooing. Kern says, "You two have it bad."

Vince is on his belly and can't see Kerns face, so he asks, "What? You mean Love?" He smiles after he says that.

Kern says, "Yeah, the 'L' word. Head over heels." Now Kern smiles thinking about Carl and Vince and thinking about Greg and himself.

Vince says, "What about you two? How long have you two been together?"

Kern gets a serious look on his face as he says, "Two and a half years. It'll be three years in April. My life before and now, is night and day. I know he'd die for me. And I'd die before I'd let anyone hurt him. He made me believe in myself again. I look at the world with eyes he helped open again." Kern has a happy little smile on his face as he continues tattooing.

Greg Is standing in the doorway to the office and has been there since Kern started tattooing. Greg smiles and says, "I heard that."

Kern stops and looks over his shoulder and asks, "How long have you been there? Kern has a smirk on his face.

Greg says, "Long enough. And I got your back whenever you need." His smile says forever. Kern pulls his head over beckoning Greg over to the tattoo station. When Greg gets over next to them, Kern Pulls his head down again to get Greg to bend down.

When Greg is face to face with him, Kern says, "How about the rest of my life."

Just before they kiss Greg says, "I can do that."

Vince lets them enjoy the kiss for a minute and then can't help himself. He tells them, "You two have it bad."

They separate with a goofy grin on their faces. They both say, "Yup, "at the same time. All three chuckle.

Greg straightens up and tells Vince, "I called the suit outlet place and they're already open. I told them you guys were out of town and lost your luggage at the airport and need to get to a funeral before two o'clock. They assured me that they could have you both out of there just under an hour. I told them how big you both were and he said he was the manager, he himself is over six foot six and his tailors have no problem fitting his frame. I thanked him and gave him our ETA, and he said he would have his best men looking for us."

Vince says, "Thank you so much, Greg. That's a load off my mind."

Greg says, "You're welcome. I'm even thinking Kern and I could use new suits."

Kern continues tattooing as he asks, "Really? That'd be cool."

Greg says, "Yeah. Maybe get these love birds to go clubbing. All four of us out on a dance floor just to drive them all crazy. Telling the young bucks ' Sorry, I'm taken!"

Kern smiles and says, "Or tapping some guy you're dancing with ' He's Mine! and It's time to go home!" Kern stops tattooing as he finishes saying this . He looks over his shoulder and smiles up at Greg.

Greg smiles and says, "I'd like that." with that he bends down and kisses Kern again.

Vince doesn't say anything for a second and then Kerns left hand starts to massage Vinces upper back. Vince realizes it's a reaction to the kiss and decides to say nothing.

After only a minute of this Carl steps up behind Greg and says, "Break it up.!" Greg and Kern pull away with a start, and Carl holds out his hand for the tattoo rig. He tells Kern as Kern stands up, "He's Mine!" and give kern a wicked little smile.

Kern hands him the rig and says, "Yes Sir" and backs up smiling.

Carl starts the last two tattoos for the day without a word, and both seem happy with each other without talking. Five minutes into it Carl asks, "What do you think of Gregs club idea?"

Vince says, "I think it would be a fun Idea. I know who i'd be going home with." and with that Vince drops his hand closest to Carl to under Carls thigh and starts rubbing from knee to but.

Carl doesn't stop but he says, "You sure make it hard to concentrate on tattooing." Vince pauses but doesn't take his hand away. Carl tells him, "Don't stop!" Vince lets out a mean little chuckle as he starts rubbing again. Carl says, "That may make it hard to concentrate, but it sure makes me wanna finish faster." Vince slows down and strangely enough this causes Carl to go faster.

Only the last line of the last tattoo caused any problem. Just as Carl started on the last line Vince arched his back grabbed Carls inner thigh as if he was being stabbed with a whit hot knife. It takes all of Vinces will to let go of his lover and say, "Don't stop! Finish it quick." He starts to force himself to breath through the pain.

Carls face has a worried, pained look as he follows the pattern that is causing his Love pain. As the last dot of ink is pushed into Vinces skin, the pain goes away.

Vinces entire body relaxes as he says, "Thank you."

Carl drops his rig on the counter and asks, "Do you want some ice for the blister?" He looks over to the tattoo and the angry red swelling is fading away. He says, "Wow."

Vince says, "No, it doesn't hurt anymore" He flips on his side and sits up facing Carl.

Carl says, "The first part of that line started to blister up while I was finishing it up. But now it looks like nothing happened."

Vince says, "Luckily it feels like that too."

Carl puts his hand on Vinces shoulder as he says, "I hope we don't have any more of those surprises."

Vince grabs his arm as he tells him, "We'll get through them if we do." and smiles.

Carl gives a grudging smile and says, "Ok."

Greg walks in and asks" Since we have a little breathing room tome wise, can I meet LEO?"

Carl says, "OOOPs."

Vince says, "Lets take care of that right now."

They all move to the office and Kern follows up last telling them, "I locked up and put a sign in the window saying funeral for a friend."

Vince turns and hugs him telling him, "Thanks Kern."

Kern says, "No problem."

Carl has The Book out and in the middle of the desk. He puts his left hand on The Book and his right hand over his heart as Vince and Kern follow along. Greg looks at the three and does the same.

Carl and Vince say, "In the Name of the Light we bid thee Open. Vox LEO Magi.

They all lift their hands off The Book as he opens.

The Book says" In the Name of the Light I reveal myself. Only those whose name appears upon the Page of Guardians may share the wisdom of this Tome and view the Secrets of the Light!"

Greg moves closer and sees Kerns name under Vince and Carls. Greg smiles and says, "Aren't you a pretty book" like he's talking to a cat. The Books pages glow a little brighter for a moment.

Greg starts to sign his name and as he finishes he tells Kern, "This is the first place your name is written next to mine." Kerns right hand moves up to Gregs right shoulder as the briefly kiss.

The Book continues to glow but says nothing for half a minute. Then sensing they aren't going to stop any time soon, he makes a throat clearing sound. They stop kissing and The Book says, "Gregory Miles Bailey, I bid you Welcome, In the Name of the Light."

Greg tells The Book, "I may want to just look at our signatures from time to time. That'll be Ok won't it?"

The Book says, "Of course!. Olaf would often just want to see his name next to Brians" The glow from the pages dimmed a bit and stayed that way.

Vinces face clouds up and he puts his hand on The Book as he says, "You miss them too." Vinces breath catches in his throat and Kern rubs his back.

The Book says, "A sorrow shared is cut in half. You four need to get going. In the Name of the Light."

The Book closes as the four men murmur, "In the Name of the Light."

Carl puts The Book In the Desk and locks it as they lock up the rest of the shop. They go out the back and head for a garage separated by an eight foot wide strip of lawn.

Kern turns around and walks backwards as he says, "I get to drive the Batmobile, right Boss?

Carl chuckles and throws some keys to Kern as he says, "This is the most appropriate time for the damn thing."

Kern catches the keys and unlocks the side door to the garage and says, "Cool". Greg and Carl walk to a gate leading onto the side street as Kern closes and locks the door. Vince just shrugs and follows along to the street.

One of three garage doors open to reveal an old shiny black Cadillac. Vince raises his eyebrows and says, "Wow. Nice ride."

Carl says, "Thanks, It was payment for a full back piece. " Kern pulls out of the garage and Greg opens the door for Vince and Carl, who get in the back. Greg gets in the front and Kern takes off as soon as the Door is closed. Kern is already buckled in and the other three start to.

Kern says, "The management wishes to thank you for buckling up and advises you keep hands and feet inside the vehicle until it comes to a full and complete stop."

Carl says, "This thing was a mess when I got it and I was gonna just sell it as is, but Kern convinced me he could get it into shape. The upholstery was in shreds, the dash needed work, the carburetor was missing, and the hood had nasty gouges in it. It took him a year but he got it running like new and some of his friends did the upholstery for half of what anyone else was gonna charge."

Vince says, "Great work Kern."

Kern says, "Thanks, "Kern looks a Greg and says, "Greg" in an asking tone of voice . Kern shakes his head in a beckoning way. Greg scoots over next to Kern and puts his hand on the inside of Kerns right thigh.

Vince says, "That head tilt thing Kern does sure works." Vince looks at Carl and does the same thing. Carl scoots over and puts his hand on Vinces inner right thigh as Vince puts his right hand on the inside of Carls left thigh. They both give each other a squeeze.

Greg looks over his shoulder at Vince as he tells him, "Yeah it sure does. I told him when we first got together that he had to tell me what he wanted me to do. I can't read minds, and neither can he, so we both speak up or use proper body language to get across what we both want."

Vince asks, "Proper body language?"

Kern says, "Greg and I sat down one day after the first two weeks we were together and talked about survival signals. Being in a gay relationship. Hell being in any relationship needs some ground rules and some common terminology. And in an emergency you need to know exactly what's going on or you could make the situation worse."

Vince says, "It sounds like you've had to use it in an emergency."

Greg says, "Yeah. A year and a half ago I got Kern to go with me to a family reunion. Both my parents are dwarves and my mom is allergic to bee stings. She has one of those Epi pens she keeps in her purse. Well, out of thirty, thirty five people there ; who gets stung? My mom, and i am right next to her when it happens. I see it happen and she screams and I'm telling her I got it, as I pull out my knife to scrape the stinger out and reduce the amount of venom and she locks on to my arm and won't let go. I know exactly where her purse is and I look up to Kern."

Kern finishes the story with, "And he tells me Kitchen, eleven o'clock, Bread box, purse, epipen.! Hurry!. " Kern shakes his head once and says, "I was so scared."

Greg says, "He was great ! It wasn't half a minute and he was back with the purse and he had the epipen out and the cover off and handed it to me. I injected her with the epinephrine and someone had a car right there for us to get to the hospital just in case. She grabbed Kern and said you're going too, you're part of this crazy family now. The people in the emergency room checked her over and tell us her condition is a lot better than a year ago, She'd gotten stung a year before and the EMT's had her on oxygen when they brought her in. They kept her for a few hour for observation but we were able to take her home that night. She told him' I never met anyone I thought was going to treat my boy right. I'm glad you came along'." Greg falls silent and after a moment leans his head on Kerns shoulder.

They pull up to the Suit Outlet and park on the street, right in front of the entrance. Greg gets out and holds the door for Carl and Vince and shuts it just as a tall well dressed man comes out.

The man puts out a hand to shake Carl and Vinces hand and says, "I see by the cadillac you two must be the gentlemen who need suits for a funeral. My name is Mike Reeves, I'm the manager of Suit Outlet. " They all move into the shop and he says, "Anything you need, My people will get for you ASAP. Each one an expert in the tailors art."

Carl tells him, "My name's Carl, This is Vince. These two are Kern and Greg. And for starters, we two don't even have underwear" This gets them all to look at Carls and Vinces package.

Mike mutters, "Humm. " He frowns a bit and then says, "Excuse me, nothing personal." and proceeds to pull Carls sweatpants back enough to outline his equipment.

Mikes eyes get a little larger as he says, "Wow." He sort of shrugs and does the same to Vince and says, "WoW." a bit louder. He straightens up and tells them eye to eye, "You two must be popular. I think I can help you out with that." He turns and calls out, "Ricco."

Ricco, a five foot six body builder, in a perfectly tailored shirt and slacks, jogged up and said, "Yes Boss" He smiled and the smile got bigger as he saw who Mike was with. He turns back to Mike and asks, "These are the two gentlemen who need full sartorial?"

Mike says, "Yes and .." he bends down to whisper into his ear. As he's speaking, Riccos eyes get a little big, and he looks at Carls and Vinces crotch. Mike finishes and straightens back up.

Ricco says, "Yes Sir. But your wife is going to be upset if you don't have any for yourself at the end of the month."

Mike smiles and says, "Good man. That is just what I'm going to take care of now." He looks at Carl and says, "Ricco will see to your clothing needs. The past ten years have shown Ricco to be our best sales man and tailor."

Ricco says, "Thank you, Sir!" Ricco looks a bit bashful now.

Mike says, "You're welcome sir" these last words cause Ricco to stand a little taller. Mike tells them, "Frankly I'm proud of all of my men."

Carl Smiles and says, "That's the way I feel about my men too. I own the local Tattoo establishment, and I'm of the opinion that Greg and Kern are the finest tattoo artists in the state."

Mike smiles and says, "Carl Handy Owner and tattoo artist at Skin Gallery. Three years ago my wife came in for a simple little butterfly against a grove of bamboo and you turned the spots of the butterfly into the eyes of a tiger hiding in the bamboo. I kiss that tattoo every night."

Carl says, "I remember your wife, Ava. I'd wondered why a tall supermodel wanted a tattoo of any kind. You're a lucky man."

Mike smiles and says, "Thank you. And yes I am. But luck doesn't fool me into slacking off. You have to work at love every day. I'll be in my office, If needed. Gentlemen." and he turns to go but.

Greg stops him before he can leave with, "Mike. Kern and I are also in the market for new suits" This gets a big smile from Mike.

Mike turns towards the center of the store and calls out, "William."

This time a six foot tall young body builder type jogs up and says, "Yes Boss."

Mike tells him, "These two gentlemen will also be buying suits today" He turns to Greg and asks, "Do you want just the suits?" He can see that Kern and Greg are dressed for a funeral but in old style suits.

Greg asks, "What's the Full Sartorial?"

Mike says, "I'm sorry, I should have explained. With your luggage missing I assumed you needed everything. Full sartorial includes underwear, (for you two, large fitting jockey shorts and tapered under shirt) socks, Fitted shirt, tailored pants, tailored jacket, Tie, belt and shoes."

Greg says, "And all under an hour. Amazing."

Mike says, "Thank you sir. As I said before ,I only employ the best people."

Billy and Ricco say, "Thanks Boss."

Mike says, "You're welcome . Alright then, these men need to get to a funeral. Ricco to you two, and William to you two. And I'll see you four in one hour.

Ricco leads Carl and Vince to a Partitioned area with a medium sized couch a facing a three sided mirror in front of a three foot square, four inch tall platform ; a stool is close to the platform and chalk and tape measures are draped on a small shelf just to the left of the mirrors.

Ricco motions them to the couch as he sits on the stool, puts a measuring tape over his shoulders like a shawl and says, "And now for the magic."

Greg and Vince get a little startled for a second until he tells them, " Don't worry, It's the good Kind." He looks to Vince and says, "The funeral is for a close relative of yours, an Uncle, right? And you'll be with a lot of relatives you haven't seen for years. " Vince is a little bit stunned, but nods.

Ricco frowns and says, "Your uncle was large like you, and always helping people." Vince reaches for Carls hand and Carl holds it tight. Ricco sees this and smiles and says, "and you two have just gone thru some kind of commitment ceremony, not quite a wedding. congratulations."

Vince just grins and says, "Thanks."

Carl smiles and says, "He's good."

Ricco says, "Thank you. My boss noticed the way I reacted to people and was able to get them a suit that really fit the man inside. He encouraged me to believe in my talent. I can sense this aura flowing around and thru people and find the right suit to flow with the aura. We don't have time now but I'd really like to talk to you two about that some time soon. If that alright with you both."

Vince and Carl Say, "Sure, "In unison.

Ricco says, "Thank you. Ok. A funeral. They both have to be black, and I get the image of solid From both of you. But I also get the vibe you both want something to celebrate life in too."

All three nod yes and Rico continues with, "We have a line of moderately priced black semi satin sheen subtle iridescent suits. And ones that will fit your frames after alterations."

He stands and looks to Vince and asks, "What's your favorite color?"

Vince says, "Forest Green."

Ricco says, "Your Uncle got you to go to summer camp huh." Vince nods and frowns a bit to keep from crying. Ricco puts a hand on Vinces right shoulder and purses his lips as he pauses.

Ricco then looks to Carl and asks, "And what's your favorite color?"

Carl smiles and says, "Deepest Blue" in unison with Vince and Ricco..

They all give out a little chuckle and Ricco tells them, "You were meant for each other." He steps and says I need some measurements and then I'll be gone for about ten, fifteen minutes. If you're thirsty, we have water or soda in the little fridge next to the couch. And now, Vince, you are first. Step up onto the platform please."

Vince steps up and Immediately, Ricco has a little notebook out with a little pencil and starts to measure Vince from the bottom to the top. At the inseam Vince could hear Ricco mutter, "boss was right!". The rest of the measurements up the chest went quickly . Ricco was up on the platform then and asks Vince" Could you please step down with your back to me."

Vince does so and Ricco whips out four more measurements and ends with the hat size. Ricco shrugs and says" You never know when you might need a good hat Thank you Vince, you can sit down now." He steps down off the platform and flips the page to a new one for Carl and asks, "Carl please step up."

This time when he gets to Carls inseam he tells them both, "My boss warned me you would both need special underwear to reign yourselves in. He has the same problem, though his wife doesn't see it that way. I suppose he doesn't either. Ava doesn't interfere with the shop except when we don't keep his Jumbo jockey shorts in stock. Then she tells us to our faces that we've goofed up and we admit it and fix it. I have had to personally sew up seven pairs of special jockey shorts that you could fit a bowling ball into comfortably, at eight in the evening for My boss to be able to go to a dinner party, because we forgot to order them in time. Carl you can step down now and face away from me please." He finishes up and tells them." You can relax, have a soda, indulge in a mild amount of heavy petting, if you dare. And if you do while I am gone Please keep in mind that the restrooms here will just barley fit one of you so please don't get carried away, There's nowhere to take care of it. I should be back in fifteen minutes ." and Ricco is walking like he's almost running.

Carl gets a goofy grim and starts to sit real close to Vince. Vince misses what Carl was doing (being playful, not amorous) Vince say, "Carl I love you but I don't know if I can get my head around all the emo.." Carl cuts him off with a tender kiss on the forehead and a whispered, "I'm just going to hold you for a bit. " Carl pulls Vinces head into his shoulder like he's protecting him. Carl is just a little teary eyed as he says, "If you just want to close your eyes a bit, It's Ok. I'll wake you when Ricco gets back. Vinces face completly clouded up and he buries his head against Carls chest and sobs for only a little bit. Carl Starts a slow rocking motion, soothing Vince. He looks down on Vinces head and kisses the top of it, then put one cheek on top of Vinces head and closes his eyes; still rocking. Not surprising, they both drift off in seconds.

Carl is woken up to Vince Inhaling and his chest just expanding and expanding till Carl thought he was going to pop. Vince lets it all out, and then clears his nose with an in-taking sniffle. Carl gets a smile like parents get when their kids do something just too cool or too cute. Carl asks, "All better?!" Vince just nods, but he doesn't sit up. He closes his eyes and hugs Carl a bit tighter. Carl reacts with an umph. before Vince lets loose a little.

Vince tells him, "It's always better when you hold me" Carls hug tightens . and he chuckles as he says, "We are meant for each other."

Ricco hustles back with three of everything but the suits. As he enters ha agrees, "Yes, I do believe you were meant for each other." He places the undergarments on two low tables near the mirrors. he hangs the suits on hooks on either side of the mirrors, and starts to open the bag holding the Jumbo Jockey shorts. He hands one pair to each and pulls the tag off the socks and then hands a pair to each. He has gotten back in record time and so he has time to play just a little. He looks at one then the other as if he's waiting for something.

Ricco says with a serious face, "Gentlemen, you don't have that much time" Vince is not cluing in on this and just shrugs and starts to take off the Sweatshirt as Riccos eyes bug out a little.

Carl just smiles and enjoys the view until he notice Riccos reaction. Still looking at Ricco while glancing at Vince; Carl says, "Vince... Ricco don't you have a few dressing rooms around here?"

Ricco snaps back and says, "I apologize gentlemen." He turns and walks to the center of the mirrors and pulls the outer edge mirror inward to reveal that they were also door to the dressing rooms. " I just got carried away."

Vince was just shy of pulling his sweatpants down for a little show and tell. But now that he sees the little game Ricco wanted to play with them, Vince thinks he should be rewarded for his labors. Vince winks at Carl and continues to strip his pants off along with his socks, and hands the sweats to Ricco, saying, "You can do anything you want to with these, I don't need them back."

Ricco is just stunned. His boss is almost that length but hardly that thick. When Vince brushes Ricco gaze from Vinces cock up to his face with the sweats, Ricco remains stunned by the next piece of Vince and the next and the next.

Ricco finally responds with, "Thank you sir. And my girlfriend thanks you, and my boyfriend thanks you." Carl and Vince close the mirror doors and Ricco makes sure the doors are closed before he grabs the sweats by the crotch and stuffs his nose into them and just inhales. He makes a little purring sound. He blinks wide eyed and then gets a hold of himself, but not with his hands. He calmly folds the sweats into a neat pile and says, "It's a very good day!". Ricco waits for one of them to come out.

Vince is the first to get dressed in underwear and fitted shirt and pants. He looks a little embarrassed as he comes out saying, "The pants are a little loose around the waste."

Ricco guides him up onto the platform and says, "No need to worry sir, the size was chosen to allow your thighs some breathing room." Ricco reaches out to hold the pants up for Vince as Carl comes out of the dressing room. Ricco alternates between taking in the waste with one seam in the back, (which pulls the front up too high) and the sides (which nicely accents his package in front and the shape of his rock hard but. Ricco looks up to see Carl judging and they both say together, "The Sides."

Ricco pins the waste temporarily and checks how it hangs on him. Ricco smiles and marks the pants leg where the hem should end, then marks the two side seams as he removes the pins.

RIcco says, "Vince, I need those pants and then you can have a sit while I get Carl fitted." Vince smiles again and hands Ricco the pants. Ricco calls out, "Michael you are needed" and not a moment later a very heavyset massive jovial thirty year old red head comes around the partition with a serious look (and trying not to look at Vinces package.

Michael tells them, "At your service, Sir."

Ricco hands him the pants and says, "I'll have the second pair in five minutes."

Michael tells him, "I'll have these back by then."

Ricco says, "Thank you, sir."

Michael gets enough of a look as he turns to a bank of sewing machines to do the alterations. He says over his shoulder, "You are welcome sir."

Carl can't take any more of this. He asks, "It's none of my business, but it seems that every worker here is heavily into weight lifting. Was that a requirement for the job? Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Ricco grins and says" It wasn't a requirement at first but the boss got the idea across that if he was happy then we all would be happy at work. not to say we stay in shape for his direct pleasure. You see My boss Mike is a very wise man. He learned very early in his marriage that Ava was a terrible flirt. But only a flirt, and she never lead anyone on or let any man even think she would make love to any body but mike. Her true love." Ricco smiles and says Please step down and remove the pants."

Carl does so just as Michael has Vinces pants and they are still warm from the steaming that followed the alterations.

Ricco and Michael exchange compliments . Ricco takes the pants and says, "A man Of His word."

Michael smirks and says, "A man of his bond" as he takes the second pair of pants and goes back to the sewing machine.

Ricco hands them to Vince and says, "We'll fit your jacket next."

Vince and Carl are still confused and Vince asks" Is it the light in here or is my suit Black with a Deep Blue sheen to it?"

Ricco shakes his head no and says, "I got the impression from both of you that while my way, you won't be wearing your favorite color; you would enjoy your Lover wearing your favorite color. If this doesn't fit with you, we can change it and we haven't lost much time" Ricco is holding out the Deep Blue Black jacket and holds it open with a question on his face.

Vince looks over at Carl and says, "I do look good in Deep blue." Carl blinks and nods yes as Vince then put on the jacket with Riccos help. Ricco buttons it up and straightens his shoulders to get Vince to do so also. Ricco reaches in back and tugs the jacket a little farther down in the back which straightens out the shoulders. Ricco says Reach forward please.," and as Vince does so Ricco then says, " and out."

Vince does so and then is asked to put hem down again. Vince is still confused . He says, "Ok you left us at terrible flirt, her true love. Please finish."

Ricco marks the sides as he says, "I'm sorry. Well the boss learned that Ava would flirt and get excited over well built men, whether they're interested in women or not . and she would them run home and go off on my boss Mike. He learned very quickly to show jealousy the door, particularly when he was getting so much passionate love all sparked from such unimportant flirting." Ricco didn't say a thing and Vince knew to hand him the Jacket. Just then Michael was back with Carls pants.

Ricco says, "Like clockwork." they exchange the clothes.

Michael says, "Like a well oiled machine."

Carl asks" Ricco, It's none of my business but I am curious."

Ricco says" About what?"

Carl says, "Girlfriend and boyfriend? How does that work and do they both know about each other?

Ricco looks down for a second and glances at Michael who is already making the alterations in Vinces jacket. Ricco turns to Carl and says, "They knew each other before they ever met me. They were in love, but she knew he was bisexual. Turns out she's the smartest of the three. She knew he loved her, but it was only a matter of time before the neglected part of his heart would tear them apart. So she accepted the fact that to protect the love they shared, she had to share him with another man. It was very brave. But she did it with love for him and it worked out." He smiles and shrugs. Carl has the pants and jacket on and Ricco starts to adjust the jacket to see how to fit it properly.

Vince asks, "How did they find you? An add in the personals column? Internet?"

Ricco chuckles and shakes his head saying, "No. They went cruising the supermarkets together. I'd noticed them checking me out but I didn't suspect what for. I'm . Well I guess now you can't say I'm completly gay. I can't make love to him without missing her. In the supermarket, I could sense this tight energy around them. They were in LOVE. And they didn't approach me for a couple of weeks. I finally noticed that energy they shared had something missing. I couldn't tell what until I was part of it. I really don't know what they saw in me."

Michael brings Vinces jacket back and he tells them, "It was his tight ass and hot body that first attracted us. Oh yeah, and the way he respects people and treats them like their part of his family. He's helped me become more patient with other peoples failings; since he's become part of my family." He reaches out and rubs the top of Riccos head. Riccos reaction to this is to grin, look at Michael weightlifter belly, put his right fist on Michaels belly and firmly twist and push, like he's trying to push Michaels belly in.

Michael grunts and Ricco mutters, "So Big." Michael is six foot three inches tall with a barrel chest, a wide back, broad shoulders, tree trunk legs and weight lifters kind of roid gut (all muscle ). Ricco is a perfectly symmetrical slim waisted wide backed wide shouldered, deep chested, thick legged Italian Lee Priest look-a-like.

Michael chuckles and repeats, "So Big huh?" He reaches down and puts his fist on the top side of Riccos pubic bone just above the now visible large package Ricco has. Tailoring can accentuate or hide many things, and Ricco had tailored his pants to keep from showing off his vague relationship to a horse. Michael then pulls Ricco into a brief bear hug.

Carl takes off the Jacket for Michael to alter it and as Michael is walking back to the sewing machines, he asks Ricco, "You know what next friday is, right?"

Ricco face gets a smile that just keeps growing. He turns to Vince and Carl as he calls back to Michael, "Our second year anniversary!" In a softer voice to Carl and Vince he says, "We three have been together for two years."

Michael calls back, "My man! You have such a good memory. I knew something important was coming up next week. I had to ask Sharon. She wouldn't say right away. She made me work for it and I deserved it. When she said the number two should be an important number in my mind, I finally got it."

Ricco says, "Oh Thats what you meant when I heard you tell her ' Three is the important number.' Hearing that gave me a warm fuzzy."

Michael says as he brings the jacket back, "Me to Buddy." As Ricco helps Carl with putting on the jacket, Michael gets a little frown on his face and then a goofy grin. He asks Ricco, "Since we don't get out to much; how about we three go to dinner and then All three get a Tattoo at this gentlemen's fine establishment?"

Ricco was finishing up with little tugs and then looked confused. He straightens up and turns to Michael and says, "You hate needles. With what your mom went through I don't blame you. Are you sure you wanna get a tattoo?"

Michael looks a little bashful when he says, "I'm sure I love you. I'm sure Sharon loves you. I'd be proud to have your name on my body." This gets another bear hug but Ricco starts it this time.

The hug lasts only a few seconds but just as it ends A Voice says, "Break it up! No emotional outbursts on company time." Mike has heard the last bits of conversation and is smiling. Michael and Ricco look a bit embarrassed.

Mike eases things a bit with, "Two years next friday eh? Congratulations. " He shakes Michaels hand and then Riccos. Then Mike pulls Ricco into a brief embrace. " I've just decided that we will close early next friday so you three have time to get that tattoo."

Ricco and Michael are both pleasantly surprised and say ' Thank you boss" in unison.

Mike replies, "You're welcome. One and a half years ago Ricco convinced me to hire Michael and I have not regretted it once." Michael is blushing through his freckles and Ricco seemed to get a little taller. He's proud of Michael. Mike says, "As for now, Lets get these gentlemen in shoes and rung up so they can get to the funeral."

Michael and Ricco say, "Yes sir, "and they head for the shoe isle.

Mike tells Carl and Vince, "For the past ten years, Ricco has been responsible for the most return business this company has had. Men will come in here with a specific purpose in mind. Get a raise in pay, land a deal, get a promotion, get a date, propose marriage, " he tips his head down, "mourn a friends passing." Mike looks up again and says, "At first he would ask what they wanted out of the suit, now a days he tells them and their face lights up. Two years ago his face lit up, and I knew our little family had gotten a bit bigger. I think next friday, Ava and I will go out for dinner and afterwards I'll finally get that tattoo she's been wanting me to get. As an anniversary gift for the three love birds, I'll pay for half of what all three cost." He holds out his hand to Carl and asks, "Deal?"

Carl smiles and says, "Deal ." Ricco and Michael return with simple black shoes and a variety of ties and simple belts. Moments later. Vince and Carl are dressed to the nines. Ready for a funeral or for a night on the town.

Mike surveys his mens handiwork and says, "As I told you, I only have the best men working here." Ricco and Michael stood proud and smiled.

Kern walks in and says, "Boss, you say that about us too." Greg and Kern look sharp. Kern chose a dark blue suit with vest and Greg chose a charcoal grey suit.

Mike tells William as he comes in and stands by Ricco and Michael, "Good work William."

William says, "Thank you boss. I already have the bill rung up for Greg and Kern." He hands the bill and receipt to Mike.

Ricco says ' I have the same for Carl and Vince. " Mike takes the second bill and receipt and turns to Carl.

Carl pulls his wallet out and hands a gold card to Mike saying, "I'll take care of all four. " He looks at Greg and Kern and says, "Think of it as an early anniversary gift for you two."

Greg says, "Thanks boss." and Kern says, "Thank you Carl."

Greg tells them, "Kern and I will get the car started, we have to get going."

Carl nods and says, "We'll be right out."

Mike returns with a little folder with the signature sheet clipped to it. Carl signs and Mike separates copies and clips the rung up receipts with the copy and hands it to Carl. Mike tells him, "Thank you very much for your patronage. Come back on monday and we'll find some casual wear for you two."

Carl says, "Thank you for such excellent service, and under an hour." He shakes Mikes hand.

Vince walks over and shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for making us part of your family."

Mike gets an embarrassed grin and says, "You've caught me. It's the secret of my success. Family always comes back."

They walk to the entrance and Greg is on the sidewalk holding the door open for Vince and Carl to get in. Greg gets in and closes the door and as one the four men turn to face Mike as they give and receive a nodding bow. Then the Cadillac moves off.

Mike looks like something is on his mind. He gets into his office and picks up the phone and speed dials a number. An older woman's voice says, "Hello?

Mike says, "Hi mom. How are you doing. I love you too mom..."

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