Only Skin Deep 5

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I'm getting a little bogged down with the funeral chapter and I've had this for a few weeks. It is out of order but I think you'll like it.

Disclaimer: This is a story that includes Male to Male Sex and Love relationships. If you ar under the age of 18 years you shoul not be here! Yopu have been warned.

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{The timeline for this chapter is a few weeks after the funeral.}

As the vortex of light slowed and dissipated, Carl and Vince were opposite each other holding an empty bowl. The fluid that had been in it had become the swirling mass of light and mist that the spell first moved then moved into Carl and Vince.

Vince saw that the spell worked great. He had paw like fingers, thicker than before and with retractable claws. still holding the bowl. The figure across from him was a good foot taller, about seven and a half feet tall, and trembling. Vince got a little worried that the spell made Carl too much of a Horse, but then Carls eyes lost that frightened look and Vince could swear the morphed horsey-human lips started to smile.

Carl tested the air and even though his brain shot an -alert danger big cat RUN- through his mind, the signal smell of - Vince lover big oooh- was far more powerful now he was ready for them both. Carl looked down at his hands and was amazed by the spell ability to combine hand and hoof in such a nice compromise. His fingers now ended with the top half being this black nail like a hoof and the bottom half like the tiny fleshy round spot you can see in the middle of a horses hoof. And he could still grab things and feel them like human fingers. Cool.

Vince growls out, "Cool, "He's been looking at Carls fingers too. The timber of his voice and volume startled them both but the whiney that came out of Carl got them both chuckling.

They take stock of each other. Vince is Six foot six and three hundred and fifty pounds of Tiger-human mix. Big upper body muscles, long arms broad shoulders, wide head with ears higher up than normal on a human. A definite muzzle with whiskers, sharp teeth, and a rather long raspy tongue. Hands are more paw-like with pad like skin on the palm and retractible claws. His legs were weird cause he now walked on the balls of his feet and they were actually much much longer. The crook in the legs of many animals isn't an extra joint; it's the ankle joint brought up higher than apes are used to. His chest was huge and his waist was not. The next thing on Vince that anyone would register as huge would be the human shaped penis peeking out of a tigers overlarge sheath. The balls below this arrangement were in the huge range too.

Carl was taller at seven foot six which is appropriate for a Horse-human mix. He seemed to be Clydesdale in size and coloring with tan main back and most of his muzzle with a third of it white . White was on the final third of his arms and legs, and both arms and legs had a ring of longish hair like a Clydesdale horse. His shoulders were wide but his height made them look normal. his chest was broad with stubby thick nipples and wider than tall pectorals. This left him with a very long ribcage abdominal stretch that accentuated the slim hips that then widened out to thick thighs that led to a similar leg arrangement as Vinces . But Carls legs ended in a broad hoof slightly larger that a normal horses, and slightly more mobile. Carl had a normal Clydesdale's penis with a horse shaped head peeking out of it's sheath. And the Balls were definitely a larger horse's equipment.

For them both, they had fur and hair like the animal part with appropriate skin colors to each.

Carl then notices that Vinces tail must have a mind of it's own, or else Vince is real excited. Then Carl realizes that he has been switching his own tail back and forth. As he recalled that was the action horses get when they are excited. Or rather, aroused! Carl lets go of the bowl and Vince sets it aside.

Vince breaks the silence with, "I can't stand it!" He steps forward and grabs what must be twelve inches of non-erect horse dick poking out of Carl's sheath and starts smelling it and rasps his tongue across the top of it. Vince tells Carl, "It just smells so good!" He rasps his tongue across it again and Carl lets out a loud whinny.

Carl puts his hands on Vinces shoulders and gently pushes him back a bit as he says, "Sloooow down big fella. Remember, we said we were going to go slow and play with this this time.?!"

Vince back off just a little as he looks up into Carls eyes and says, "Sorry, but smell seems to make much more of an impact now. And you always do smell Good to me. Even after missing a bath or two." His hands have moved to Carls hips and the tower of horse penis starts to shrink back a bit.

Carl Smiles and says, "I know!. When the spell had just finished the transformation, the first thing I smelled was BIG CAT and my brain was screaming Run. But my brain also registered Big Big Vince and I wasn't going to go anywhere." Carl holds onto Vinces hips as he bends down and whispers, "You smell Good to me too!" and he nibbles/nips at Vinces fur concealed nipple. This gets Vince tipping his head back and letting out a muffled roar. Carl and Vince briefly kiss and get puzzled looks on both their faces. Carl straitens up in the embrace.

Carl says as he rubs his chest against Vinces, "That fur feels good!"

Vince chuckles as he says, "So does that club you call a dick."

Carl agrees with, "yeah and the head is weird. Is that the shape of horses dicks? I never really researched horse cock shape."

Vince looks Carl up and down and smirks as he asks Carl, "You're strong enough to give me a horsey-back ride, aren't you?"

Carl smiles and says, "I think so. Let's find out." Carl turns around and Vince is about to hop up when he sees that Carls tail is going to get in the way.

Vince puts his hands on Carls shoulders but doesn't jump up. He says, "Carl. Can you push your tail down as I jump up? Carl actually tries this a few times and is able to flatten it along his but cheeks.

Carl asks, "Will that work?" as he turns his head back to see Vince.

Vince says, "That will work just right, and, "with that Vince hops up on top of Carls now bigger but and throws his legs around Carls now thinner waist, as Carl grabs Vinces legs. Now Vince can put his arms across Carls chest and his face next to Carls neck. Vinces whiskers brush against Carls neck and a rippling shudder goes through Carls neck and upper back.

Carl giggles and says, "Tickles!" He walks around and now for the firs time they can hear how loud hoofs are on a second story's wooden floors. Carl says, "that's going to get their attention."

Vince kisses Carls neck and gets a satisfied whinny from Carl. Then he tells Carl, "That was the whole Idea. I thought since tomorrow was a day off, we could all four play around tonight." This idea gets Carl to shake his but back and fourth.

Then he rubs his head against Vinces and says, "You always come up with good ideas."

Vince says softly, "Why Thank you sir!" and rubs back.

Carl says just as softly, "You're welcome sir!" and purrs from the rubbing.

Vince stops rubbing and says, "Hey! Purring is my department!"

Carl whinnies / laughs and starts to clomp around as he says, "Oh Sorry. my mistake."

Vince says, "Can you carry me downstairs or is that a bit dangerous?"

Carl walks to the stairs as he says, "Well I still have hands, so I can check my fall if I need to. And you'll just land on your feet."

Vince says, "Yeah right."

Carl starts down the stairs at a loud rate and goes a little faster when Kern moves to the bottom of the stairs.

Kern starts to say, "What are you two doing up there, training horses?" But only gets half way through when he finally realizes what's coming down the stairs and yelps as he quickly backs away to his own door. He Squeaks out, "Yikes, "as Carl and Vince safely stop at the bottom of the stairs and Kern gets a good look at a tigery human riding a horsey human. Both are grinning at Kern and he gets one of those nervous grins.

Kern Stutters out, "B-b-boss?" as he turns his head a little to the left. He asks, "Vince?"

Vince has since hopped off Carls back and poked his head around Carls left side and Carl promptly grabs Vinces head and Vince grabs Carl around the Waist. Then Vince gets a better idea and grabs Carls manhood (horse-hood?) with one hand and Carls horse size balls in the other.

Vince asks, "Would a Tiger just stand there and play with a horses wanger and balls?" Carls eyes close and he tips his head back while making that back in the throat whinny/ whimper sound horses make. It's called nickering.

Kern replies, "Would a Horse just stand there and let a Tiger play with his cock?"

Carl stops his moaning and says, "A smart one would!" He reluctantly grabs both Vinces hands and tells Vince, "We're on a mission, remember."

Vince stops and moves up beside Carl as he says, "Oh Yeah. The mission."

Kern asks, "Mission? Can Greg and I be part of the mission too?"

Carl says, "You and Greg are the mission."

Karl opens his front door leading into Greg and his apartment. He leaves it open and is about to call for Greg, when Greg is just then only a few feet from them.

Greg says, "Kern did you find out if they were hosting a rodeo?" the word rodeo just peters out as Carl and Vince move past Kern and sort of stand tall on either side of Greg. Greg is now speechless as he looks back and forth between the two animal men. Then his attention is caught by the massive furry pectorals on Vince, only to be caught by the long long ribcage abdominals on Carl which leads to the awesome Clydesdale sized horse cock. Greg can't help himself, he reaches over and grabs the twelve inches that are out of Carls sheath and then grabs it with both hands and his eyes get real big.

Carl gets a bemused look and asks, "Greg what's the matter?"

Greg grins and then smiles wider and wider as he says, "Carl! This is twelve inches of horse cock just, I say just peeking out of a massive sheath and It's limp." He starts to flop it back and forth and it responds the way it was meant to by growing twice as long and still doesn't show signs of getting hard yet.

Carl says, "Slow down. We want to take our time, and you two may want to change a little yourselves. I told LEO that you guys would be asking for something similar, so it's up to you two just what you want animal-wise."

Greg looks at Kern and grins as he nods yes. Kern smiles back and says, "Go ahead! You're better at that than I am. " He looks at Vince and asks, "a lock of hair good enough?" Vince says, "Yeah. that should work fine." Kern pulls out his knife and near the base of his neck cuts off a small clump of hair and hands it to Greg.

Greg is already out the door to Carls office as he says, "I'll be back soon." Carl and Vince look at each other and move to either side of Kern and both animal-men start rubbing Kern at different parts of his body. Kern returns the actions but concentrates on their new equipment. Horse hide skin in back of Carls horse-meat and the softest fur in back of a thickening Human shaped dong that looks to be close to if not two feet long. Both taller men bend down and start nibbling on either side of Kerns neck and thirty seconds into it Kerns knees start to quiver and shake. Carl can see Vinces eyes and with his own and gestures to Kerns knees. They both reach under Kerns arm pits and keep him from falling.

Kern tells himself, "Breath Kern . Breath. Keep breathing" This gets Carl and Vince chuckling. Kern takes a deep breath and lets out such a happy sigh.

From the office Greg yells, "Kern What Animal would you Like to Be?"

Kern didn't even have to think before he Yells back, "OTTER! Make me an OTTER-MAN."

The three continue for another minute and then realize Kern has too much clothing on, and they start taking it off him. And just in time! They have everything but his pants and underwear (boxer shorts) off when He groans and grabs his ears. All three are enveloped in a swirling mist of light and sparks. They get his pants off as his tail splits his shorts in two, and his new over large dick finishes pushing his shorts off.

Kerns body got stockier but his legs got much shorter as his torso stretched and a pelt of fur grew in over his whole body. His head seemed to round out as the ears grew larger and moved to the top of his head. His face grew a short muzzle with whiskers and the whole transformation finished with Kern smiling and letting out a loud squeak. Nothing you wouldn't hear from any other normal Five foot tall Buff Otter-man.

Carl and Vince admire Gregs work and Kern is grinning from ear to ear. He squeaks again and the other two chuckles.

Kern says, "I can't help it. It just comes out when I'm Happy."

Carl tells him, "We're not complaining!" All three move to the couch in the front room.

Vince cuts in, "Oh No!. Not at all! ." He glances at Carl and says, "We like that Squeak. It is cool!"

To insure Kern believes them they both bend down and each take one of Kerns nipples in their mouths and start sucking and nipping and licking. This causes Kern to erupt in a flurry of Squeaks and chirps.

All three sense a heavy body lumber into the room and a very deep voice say, "From all that squeaking I thought I had screwed up and made all three of you Otter Men."

They all turn to focus on an eight and a half foot tall Polar Bear Man with a thirty inch hard-on bumping against his belly.

Vince is the first to get his breath back and all he can say is, "WOOF".

Greg walks over to Carl first and rubs his back then rubs the tip of Carls dick and smells his hand/paw. He tells them, "You guys all smell so good. So good!"

He moves over to Vince for a quick rub of the back before he straightens up in front of Kern who tips his head back and smiles up at his lover.

Greg tells Kern, "Well Squeaker we're gonna have some fun tonight!"

Kern is still smiling but is put out by that name. He tells them, "I am not a Squeaker."

And with that Carl and Vince start working on Kerns nipples. This got the expected response and after a full half minute of non stop squeaks, Kern tries to deny it again and gets cut off each time he tries to say more than one syllable.

Kern sounds something like this, "I - squeak - am -chirp - Not - squeak - a - Squeak - Squeaker" He tries again and doesn't even get a full syllable out between squeaks.

Greg has settled on his haunches smelling Kerns crotch without touching it as his friends attack his lovers nipples.

Kern is out of breath and he gestures for a break as he admits, "Ok, Ok. I'm a Squeaker." after a pause he pleads, "Don't stop. I've never felt so good, safe, loved." At the last word he reaches out to take Gregs head by both ears and pulls him into a kiss. Carl and Vince take the time to lock lips while still fondling Kerns Nipples and their own. After a minute of this, Carl and Vince move to working on Gregs nipples. Which gets a muffled growling moan from Greg.

They all four break and settle into that frame of mind you get into after you explored the first portion of proper foreplay. The imagination starts to pump out these various positions and combinations that two or more can engage in. And with fantasy bodies sporting overgrown fantasy erections, the imagination can go wild.

Greg is the first to catch his breath and have a game plan. At least for the first hour.

Greg asks, "How about lets seeing how far up my but Carl can get that monster of his while meaty otter man here gets my joystick up his modified but. He can be on his back giving Vince head while that mighty tail of his can fill Carls love chute. And to finish off this proposal, the alternate idea of Vince sixty-nining Kern or Me slurping on those squeaky nipples."

Just as Greg finishes Both Carl and Vince reach over and tweak a nipple on Kern and a nipple on Greg. Kerns reaction was all they had hoped for, but Gregs growl/squeak shocked them for a second.

Greg saved the moment by hanging his head and closing his eyes as he says, "I'm a squeaker too. " and then he puts out this low bass chuckle. He looks up smiles and winks at Kern.

Kern feels so proud of Greg he says, "That's My Bear! My bear.

Greg bends his oh so tall frame down to give a kiss to Kern and then a nose rub. Both give a muffled little moan as they rub noses a little harder.

When they stop Kern says, "Having a wide flat nose helps that out real good."

Carl and Vince try the nose rub thing and Vince gets a little something off of it but senses that Carl is fairly neutral on it. Carl curls his lip and says, "I guess horses don't do much nose rubbing." He then bends over and gives a no tongue kiss to Vince who returns same. Carl says, "But horses do like kisses, "and with that Carl and Vince lock lips for a few minutes.

While they are occupied Greg and Kern map out the play area by getting all their blankets and laying them out flat, then overlapping sheets of various sizes and finishing with as many pillows as they can find with pillow cases on them. At one point, to make the area as big as possible, Greg grabs Carl and Vince and tells them, "Don't stop, just move where I move ya." moves them over to the other side of the couch and says, "Good. We'll let you know when we're ready."

Kern surveys the area and sees the need for some higher area for him to lay on so the others don't get rug burns. He snaps his fingers and Greg looks up from putting the last pillowcase on the last pillow they have. His expression asks 'what?' and Kerns upheld index finger says ' wait a minute."

Kern slips into the back bedroom and shuffles through their summer stuff which includes one of those king size self inflating beds. He comes back to the front room and gets Greg to roll-up the whole mass of blanket/sheets and he places the bed in the middle of the play area and plugs it in. The sound of the blower gets Carl and Vince to break the lip lock.

Carl chuckles and says, "I thought for a minute you brought out inflatable sex toys." The bed finishes inflating and Greg rolls the blanket/sheets on top of it.

Kern says, "Nah, we never liked them very much. They have a tendency to pop at just the wrong moment."

Greg says, "We might have been a bit rough but they aren't as durable as the manufacturer claims they are."

Vince comments, "I could never get over the stupid expressions on their faces. you need a little more than, "His mouth opens to a large O as he crosses his eyes, then finishes with, "to get your rocks off, no matter how much it vibrates."

This got them all laughing. Kern was the one to warn them, "well even though we have quite a few blankets and sheets between us and the blow-up bed, we have to remember that claws and inflatables don't get along. In fact the only one who doesn't have to worry, is Carl."

Carl puts his fingers together and looks up and grins. Vince puts his hand up and flexes his claws out and goes wide eyed at the length and sharpness of his own equipment. He looks at them all still wide eyed, smiles a big cheshire cat smile and puts his claws back in.

Carl says to no one in particular, "Remind me to not ask for a back scratch."

Vinces mouth went into a pout and he started to rub Carls belly. First with the palm/pad of his hands and then with the back fluffy fur of his hand. Carl started to make that horse sound called nickering.

Carl grabs Vinces hand and helps Vince rub just above the navel as he says, "Belly rubs are still OK."

To prove this Carl starts to rub Vinces belly and then with his stubbly fingernails scratch Vinces belly. Vince gets a real good reaction to a belly scratch and after a minute his face scrunches up and he stops rubbing Carls belly. Then when Carl finds the right spot Vinces head tips up and to the side and he purrs. Then It gets to be too much as he lifts his hands off of Carls belly and starts to grab the air. This action causes Vinces claws to come out and retract. this action happens about three times and Carl is still scratching Vinces belly. Vince can't take any more without doing what ninety-nine percent of the cat population would do. Vince shakes his hands in an attempt to stop Carl and It is so intense he has to pull Carl to his belly and hug him so he doesn't start clawing Carl.

Vince says, "Lover, I know we talked about this, but I have to be tied down if you want to do that again. I cant keep these claws in when you do that."

Carl put his arms around Vince and asks, "You did like that, right?'

Vince says into Carls chest, "OH Yeah!. That felt real good but I don't want to hurt you. " Vince tips his lips up to Carls nipple and kisses it once and puts his forehead on Carls chest and starts to rub Carls back. Carl starts to rub Vinces back and then pulls him into a big bear hug.

Greg and Kern are done preparing the room and seeing what just went on decide to get in on the Hug-fest. Kern moves to Carl and Vince and pulls Carls arm off Vince and then puts himself under Carls arm and hugs them both while Greg just moves over and hugs all three. Hands and arms rearrange and in no time they are slowly rubbing each other in a slow happy fashion.

Kerns and Gregs Squeaks get all four laughing again. They let loose a little and Carl tells Vince, "We have the best friends!"

Vince nods but says" Family" This gets Carl to nod and the all pull back in for a second and then they break to try out Gregs positioning.

Vince says, "I never knew a Polar Bear could squeak."

Greg says, "You never knew a Polar Bear wanted to fuck an Otter while being screwed by a Clydesdale."

Kern chips in, "While the Otter is servicing a big over-endowed Bengal Tiger."

Carl finishes with, "Better make that Bang-All Tiger."

They all chuckle but Kern is the one thinking as he holds up a bottle of body lube and slaps some on his now furry rose bud. With no more encouragement than the lube and a massive Otter erection; Gregs mighty meaty tool starts to rub over Kerns balls and up along the underside of Kerns pecker . Kern is about a foot and a half long and on a five foot tall creature that must feel enormous. (on a six foot guy that would feel huge ). Kerns senses are treated to the biggest guy there rubbing his two foot member over kerns dick and balls. The lube is doing it's job when something stops Greg from getting to the next step.

Greg says, "Uh-Oh! My Claws don't retract. How am I gonna get you loosened up?" He gets one of those almost gonna cry looks.

Carl to the rescue says, "With a little help from your friends" He was in back of Greg but now moves to the side of them and kneels down to 'lend a hand'. Kern puts some lube on Carls hand and Carl compares his much thicker fingers to the girth on Gregs member.

Carl says, "Two fingers is the limit. No one has a pecker as thick as three of my fingers." He starts to push one finger up Kerns furry but and this get his own tallywacker to start the long climb up to three feet. Carl has his eyes closed and is paying more attention to Kerns muscles gripping his finger than his own love muscle. He misses seeing Vince, Greg and Kern reacting to this flagpole of a dick come to complete attention.

Kern is in heaven and his rigid member shows it. Greg reaches over and Quietly strokes Kern with his Hand/paw taking care to keep his claws away from tender flesh. Gregs own erection is bobbing against Kerns large furry Left testicle and the thumb of Carls hand. This finally gets Carl to open his eyes.

Carl pauses to say, "Well this is moving along nicely, "as he pulls out one then puts in two fingers. Kern Squeaks at this but relaxes into the manipulation of his ottery prostate. Just then Vince discovers a little snag to Gregs master plan.

Vince says, "Ah, Carl. Could you put three fingers up again?"

Carl and Greg look over as Kern tips his head up to see a very surprised Tiger-man. Vinces erection is now at the two foot mark and it seems to be steady at that length but as they watch the base of his dick expands from about two and a half inches in diameter, to three, then three and a half and then swells to four inches. And as the swelling happens it travels up his dick to near the head, dips in a little then flares out on his now huge mushroom shaped head.

Vince is a bit disappointed for himself and Kern. Vince had previously learned from Greg and Kern, that Kern really likes giving head to the people he loves, and he cums more if he gets to do it early in the love making.

Vinces erection started to deflate slightly as he told Kern, "I' m sorry Kern. I thought we made my dick a little thinner than it is."

Kern says, "No problem. " Then he smiles the widest smile Vince has ever seen and then Opens his mouth as wide as it will go. Now Greg, Carl, and Vince are impressed. Kerns mouth and throat are open to almost six inches in diameter.

Vinces eyes are still a bit wide as he says, "I could get my arm down your throat." He looks at his arm and realizes he is much bigger than his original self and only slightly larger than the man he's become in the past few weeks. He corrects himself with, "Well, a quarter of my arm. " He flexes his arm and makes a massive boulder of a biceps fight for space with his forearm.

Kern has closed his mouth and leaving the opening of his backside to Carl and Greg, he kisses Vinces dick at the base just above the balls. Vince starts to purr and reaches down to tweak Kerns nipples just as Carl thinks to Kiss Kerns dick just above his furry balls.

Kern erupts in a stutter of three squeaks and Carl Says, "Ok we're on to something. We're getting the right reactions."

Kern says, "I'll say!" and then he grabs the now re-inflating Bang-All Tiger dick and guides it in and all the way down his gullet in only a few seconds. Vince erupts in a drawn out purr growl and then starts rocking in and out of Kerns mouth while making the loudest purr sound any of them has ever heard.

Carls ministrations have caused Kern to be ready for Gregs Louisville slugger. So Greg steps up to the plate and goes for the Home run. His two footer is only a bit over two inches and slides in at a slow but constant rate.

Vinces eyes finally open to see Greg almost all the way in. He can't help but compliment Kerns Capacity. He says, "My God Kern. You are a monster. You probably could take Carl all the way in." Just as he's saying this Carl sees a variation to Gregs plan and since he's right there, he takes Kerns otter meat in hand then in horse mouth. In no time Carl has all of Kern in his mouth and down his throat and starts to just swallow. This action is repeated by Kern which gets Vince Purring again. Greg watches Vince to match motions but in reverse. Vince was going in as Greg pulled out and visa-versa . Greg didn't want to break Kerns back or neck.

Kerns throat had more control then his Love canal, and this meant Vince was too occupied to add anything to the mix. It takes effort to Purr that loud. Seeing the situation, Greg decides to find out what happens when a Polar Bear sucks on the nipples of a Massive Otter Man.

Carl had pulled Kerns dick to the side, and this leaves Greg room to get at those Otter teat treats. When his hands land to either side of Kerns chest he stops for a second. This gets Vinces eyes open and then a smile and loud purring as Greg suckles Kerns Nips. The spasm that goes through Kern affects Greg and Vince more than Carl.

Vince says, "In the Name of the Light. I have felt a silent Squeak and I will defend Squeakers to my last dying breath!" Greg repeated his suckle and Kern Spasmed again. Vince couldn't talk this time, but the Purr got even louder.

Vince finally realized what was missing as he opens his eyes and reaches for a towering three foot something Horse dick. Carl twists his head around to see what's tickling his dick and finds Vince rubbing the furry side of his hands up and down Carls shaft. There's a muffled nickering sound from Carl and suddenly a spasm from Kern that causes Vince to stop for a second.

Vince knows a safer place for Carls flagpole and slips it's head past his sharp teeth and promptly swallows almost half of the mammoth member. This gets another chain reaction which threatens to cause a melt down.

Vince, happy in his endeavor to have all dicks occupied, starts to Purr. This causes horse throat to nicker which causes otter throat to squeak which turns up the purr volume in the reaction circle.

By the third wave around, Greg has a grunt squeak going with them, due to Kerns sphincter grab each time he squeaks. With this wave rolling through them it only takes a little over five minutes of this squeaking, grunting, nickering, purring mound of happy flesh to cause Vince to suck in most of Carls monster meat and have them all start to speed up. Within five minutes they are shuddering and moaning in almost perfect sync.

The look of bliss on each Man Animal is so intense that a glow starts to flow off of them.

In the Office, The Book Called Vox Magi and also known as LEO is hovering half an inch above the desk. The covers are closed and the lock is tight but the edges of the pages are glowing bright white light with an opalescent tint to it. The glow intensifies with each Pulse of the love making going on in the other room. The Book is repeating a Phrase with each beat of Love coming from his guardians. The ecstasy flowing at LEO has him repeating ' Thank You Light, Thank You Light, Thank You Light." over and over and over.

The four guardians reach a peak and sense the lip and then pass over it as they all four (or should I say Five) orgasm at the same time, filling the ones they love with glorious Man Spunk.

Their balls insist on emptying as much as possible, and this leaves them cuming for over eight minutes. They all collapse at the end of this and in the office the light fans out like a great ripple on a pond as the book falls back to the desk. His love is spent too, and well.

The four start to breath deeper and slower. They open eyes and pull them selves from each other. Then they all realize that someone is missing. Vince says, "I'll get him, "and walks to the office. He senses that residue of love and magic, and asks, "LEO, was it good for you too?"

The end of The Book opened to say, "You have no idea!. Thank You Light!"

Vince has The Book cradled in his arms and practically hugs him. He says, "That's what I heard in my head!" as he walks back into the love nest.

Greg smiles and tickles at the book which actually giggles and squirms in Vinces arms. Greg says, "There he is. You were helping weren't you.?" Kern has moved over to let Carl sit down and they both move as Vince puts The Book on the make shift bed.

The Book says, "No I was just watching my guardians."

Vince puts his hand over his heart and the others follow and then all four put Paw to book and intone: " In the Name of the Light, We bid thee Open."

The book pops open and glows brightly as he says : " In the Name of the Light, I reveal myself." and continues, "to the most powerful Loving Guardians I have ever had. I am in awe of the power of your love . I was floating from just watching your love making."

Kern bends down and whispers to The Book, "We love you too."

The Pages start to fluter and quiver and the same ripple of light spreads out and flows over the Man Animals. They all come once more through limp members which don't stay limp for long.

Greg says, "Now that was you!" he laughs to The Book.

Carl says, "Book-gasm! I like it!"

The Book says, "In my years as a magic book I admit to having longer shared orgasms. But In the Name of the Light I swear I have never in the Five Hundred and Fifty-Six years of my existence ever had such an intense and powerful one as you four gave me moments ago.! Thank You My Guardians . Thank You Light! Thank You Light! Thank You Light!"

The guys joined in the last two thank yous and were humbled by such lavish praise. Sitting quietly in the after glow of Book-gasm, it fell to Kern to voice what all were really thinking.

Kern said, "Let's try something else!"

The others moved over and rubbed Kern wherever they could reach and told him, "Good Otter, Good Otter" which led to all five of them getting involved with another bout of making love the right way.

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