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Well dear readers I have a new Science Fiction story for your enjoyment and edification. I am posting it in the Gay Science Fiction section, though it might also be appropriate for other sections of the Nifty Archive. It has love, family, faith, hope and new found brotherhood. And Home.

I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This is a science fiction story which has themes of Male to Male sex and love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age you should not be here. You have been warned!

Leo Carvin watched as the Lion shaped face faded in the ansible screen. So many light years away, yet the ansible technology allowed real time communication.

Leo wished he could hug Mearik, his furry mentor, one more time.

'But that's just being silly' He thought.

Part of him felt so alone. Another silly thought.

He had many friends in the little village, MosShoals, where he'd made his home over a year ago.

The Outreach Program tested and trained him to become a Junior Ambassador. His body had been modified so his DNA could merge with an Alien's DNA.

The first words he could remember hearing Mearik say were:

"We human/c 's help build a bridge of understanding between our people and the other peoples of this Galaxy. We make ourselves brothers to the Galaxy."

Brothers to the Galaxy.

But after a year of trying to fit in as just a human, Leo knew he had to go through the change.

He was so close to many of the villagers. But he was just not built right.

The Bian's were an amphibian race with only one sex. Hermaphroditic in nature, the Bians would form a pair. One would produce a clutch of eggs, and the other would fertilize them and tend to his mate. The Egg holder was called Papa and the Sperm giver was called Father.

But until they committed to each other, they had no way of telling which would be which.

Their sexual equipment included a very human looking penis, of larger than average size (read huge), and a vulva like pouch to the side of the penis where the eggs would settle.

But only after weeks of stimulation and sperm giving.

Add to this a need for friends to help once a week with friendly assistance in the stimulation department. That assistance was a ritualized affair for new assistants.

Leo could not go through another embarrassing attempt to help a friend with a pathetic prosthesis.

His friends tolerated the thing. They could see the passion on his face.

But no amount of rutting with a healthy sized dick and a plastic pouch was going to take the place of a real pouch.

Leo had half the equipment. He was proud of the size of his cock measuring up to most of the villagers. But he had no pouch!

And the idea of letting a Bian give sperm into his anus when it was meant for a pouch was beyond insulting to the Bian.


When Leo came to his decision, he sent a letter to his anonymous pen pal in the capitol. He only knew him as Red. But he was at least a high positioned government servant (Bian/Advanced), or possibly a nobleman (Bian/Noble).

Red understood what Leo needed and within two days, an official messenger delivered a package to The Junior Ambassador of the Outreach Program to the Bian people.

Inside was a vial that held a Bian's DNA. The DNA would be used as a template with an AutoDoc to change Leo into a Human/C-Bian.

He would resemble a Bian, but still have some human characteristics.

Leo had warned his friend Rus the grocer (a retired general), that he would be in the AutoDoc for two weeks and need another week to get used to his new body.

Rus offered to help after the machine was done in two weeks.

Leo declined the offer with his thanks. Leo told him of the years of training and DNA preparation the Outreach Program put Leo through.

Leo said, "I will see you in three weeks, my friend."

Rus said, "It will be a long three weeks, my friend."

They embraced and Leo walked across the street to his home and made calls through the ansible to his supervisor, friends and his brother. His older brother Max wasn't able to take the call. He was down on a planet observation station with limited power for communications. Leo left a message with Max's supervisor and finished up his calls with his mentor, Mearik.

The AutoDoc beeped and brought Leo's attention back to the present. Leo removed all his clothing. He had a simple stud earring, a gift from Russ. He removed it from his ear and placed it by the control console of the AutoDoc and got into the chamber. He didn't have to do another thing but lay back and let the machine do it's stuff. The left arm cuff tightened on his arm and he suddenly felt very sleepy.

The documents and technicians for the AutoDoc claim that you do not dream during a change.

Every person who went through the change said there were a lot of dreams, but not one nightmare.

He fell through dreams. Some were of the times with his family on vacations to exotic places.

Some were of the times he had sex with his school mates. One dream was his first time he thought he was in love. But then it turned strange. The guy he was making love to started to lose his hair. and his skin turned blue/green. The guy got more muscular but his face stayed the same. That same winning smile. Leo looked down in the dream and his skin was a strange iridescent blue/green/tan color. He was larger, and his cock was too. And now there was an opening to the left of his cock! His lover was pumping his cock into it just like Leo was doing to his lover.

His Dream lover's face started to change. The smile remained but the image of money started to ripple over his face. Like a waterfall of coins and paper money, they pulled him away from the Dream lover and on to the shore of a tidal pool and then into it. He swam up for air and the AUTODOC....

... completed it's program. He took in a deep breath. Deeper than normal. The lid opened and the smell of the sea hit Leo's tender young nose. Like a song or a call from some lover.

Leo sat up quickly and was surprised. He knew better, but he still thought he would be week from such a long period of inactivity. Two weeks flat on your back should leave you week.

Leo muttered, "Good machine."

He looked at his hands and said, "Whoa! That's different. Bigger is good. But that color is strange." Just then the iridescent hue got bluer. Then went to tan.

Leo muttered, "Well that could be useful."

He looked at his legs and then spread his toes. He said, "Huge feet, and webbed too. Cool."

He looked at his hands again and saw there was no webbing. He muttered, "Hmmm. That'll get looked at. I guess I won't be doing that much swimming."

His thighs were huge . Then he noticed his chest was almost twice the size it used to be. Then he finally noticed how small the AutoDoc chamber felt.

He looked around with a frown on his face. He asked the world, "How tall am I?"

For Rus~bel Gris-aug, Leo had been inside the AutoDoc for two weeks. He started to open up his shop at the usual time, Early. He just got all the panels latched up and out of the way when a young nobleman sauntered up to the shop. He was a handsome one, fully seven and a half feet tall, broad shouldered and deep chested. He must have just gone for a swim. He had no shoes and was only wearing a pair of pants.

Rus greeted him with, "Good morning young noble. I see you've been for a swim. What brings you to my establishment this fine day?" He was still getting things ready and he missed the smirk on the young Bian's face.

The youth said, "No swim, except in my dreams."

This got Rus curious. He glanced at the feet of the noble youth and thought, 'No shoes? Big feet. There must be something else big on this youngster."

Just then he looked up into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Bian's do not have blue eyes!!

Rus looked down to the pants on the youth. They were the one's he lent to Leo. LEO!

Rus still couldn't believe it. He said, "Where'd you get my pants?"

Leo said, "Rus, you lent them to me." Leo smiled and put his hand on Rus' shoulder. Rus saw a stud earing in the youngsters ear. The very one he gave Leo!

Rus whooped and yelled out, "Leo" as he grabbed Leo in a bear hug. Then he started hopping around with him. Within seconds Rus bounced Leo's head into one of the panels and Leo let out a loud Oww. Rus almost dropped him.

Leo held his head and said, "Careful. It's only a few hours old."

Rus looked so sorry and started to apologize. It got Leo smiling.

Leo said, "It's OK. I think I'll live."

Russ got a little upset by the smile. He said, "Young whelp! You told me three weeks, and here it's only two."

Leo decided to play that game and stood at attention. He said, "Sorry sir! It won't happen again, Sir!" Leo put his hand palm down and at eye level in a salute, then brought it back down to his side.

Rus' shoulders squared up and he cocked one eyebrow up. After all, he was a general, even if he was retired. He started to inspect the young recruit.

Rus~bel Gris-aug said, "Wrong salute soldier. Fix that." He grabbed a willow stick and tapped Leo's hand.

Leo said, "Yes, Sir! Sir!" at the proper volume.

Rus was to the side of Leo and said, "Shoulders back, stomach in, chest out."

Leo responded.

Rus noted a good sized butt on Leo. Leo had his buttocks tightly clenched.

Rus said, "Not so tight back there soldier." He tapped Leo's bottom.

Leo loosened up just a bit, and Rus said, "Better."

Rus noted Leo's breathing was slightly faster after the tap. Rus also noted the large bulge on the front of Leo. The thought 'HMMMMM' went through Rus' head. The bulge was getting larger.

Rus wondered what a little tap there would do. He was interrupted before he could find out.

The yelling and whooping had gotten a few more people up early. The tailor sat on his doorstep and had a cup of the human delicacy, coffee. Kel~sam Gam-beal didn't recognize the young noble being dressed down by the general.

Kel said, "New recruit, General?"

Rus smiled and said with a sexy voice, "You could say that."

Rus barked out, "At ease, soldier."

Leo went to parade rest, while the general went over to the tailor, who just happened to have another cup of coffee.

Kel handed Rus the cup and smiled as he said, "Morning."

Rus said, "Thank you, I hope we didn't get you up too early."

Kel eyed Leo not knowing who it was. Leo's profile was heroic in size and shape.

Kel rubbed his lower self as he said, "No, no. Up is good." He shook his head and finished

"No, up is good any time of the day."

Rus had been admiring the profile too and suddenly barked out, "ATTention!"

Leo responded immediately.

Rus barked out, "Tighter on the back side!"

As Leo responded Rus immediately said, "Not that tight."

Leo responded by loosening up and just as he did, Rus said, "Tighter than that."

A few more times of that and Rus relented with, "Ok soldier. Good work. At ease."

Kel looked at Rus and whispered, "Don't stop. That looked real good, General."

Rus said, "If I don't stop, he's going to rip through a good pair of my pants."

Kel realized they were Rus' pants. Kel asked, "Why is a nobleman in your pants?"


Rus put the cup down in mock anger and said, "Are you implying a nobleman wouldn't want to get into my pants?"

Kel gets flustered for a second before he sees something funny is going on here.

Just then Leo mutters out of the side of his face, "I thought quite a few nobleman had already been in your pants."

Rus chuckled and said, "No talking in the ranks."

Kel had had enough. He said, "Ok! What's going on? You are very particular about your clothing. You never lend your clothes to friends or family. Except for children. Is this a son or grandson I've never met?"

Rus said, "Dismissed" just as Kel finished the word grandson.

Leo turned to Rus with a look of dawning understanding. Rus thought of him as closer than family!

Leo walked over to them and said to Rus, "Friends and family, huh?"

Rus stood taller and said, "Well, things change Leo."

Leo hugged Rus as he said, "Yeah they sure do."

Kel was shocked by Leo's change. He said, "Welcome back, Leo."

Leo pulled Kel into the embrace as he said, "Thanks, Kel. It's good to be back."

Kel was copping a feel of Leo's butt and Rus noticed it too. Their hands bumped.

Leo wasn't upset at the attention. But he had to make a comment.

He said, "Randy little devil, aren't you?"

Kel just patted Leo's butt harder as he said, "That was what you said a year ago when I fitted you for your first pair of bian pants. Now you're a foot and a half taller than me."

Rus defended his friend with, "And you shouldn't say little when talking about Kel. His height is the only thing approaching little on him." Rus is rubbing Kel's butt now and a very respectable bulge is forming on Kel's front.

Leo looks down to the area of conversation and sees Rus is growing a rather large bulge, too.

Leo says, "Perhaps we should take this to Rus' quarters."

As good luck would have it, Rus' morning worker walked up to the shop at just that moment.

Col, a large Bian/A for his age, stood six foot six inches. He took in the scene and said

"Uncle Rus, I always seem to miss the begining of these kind of events. Do you need me to be in charge today."

Rus said, "That would be very helpful, nephew."

Col's voice dropped an octave and increased in volume as he said, "Alright you shave-tails. I want you to double time it to your room and do the dirty! And I want it loud, you hear me!!?"

All three snapped to attention and belted out, "Sir, yes sir!"

Col smiled a wicked grin as he yelled, "What did I say ?!"

All three responded as they marched double time, "Do the dirty Loud, sir. Yes Sir!"

They disappeared into Rus' shop and his private quarters. In passing Rus whispered aside to Col

"Thanks nephew."

Col swatted Rus butt as he softly said, "You're welcome, Sir."


Inside Rus' bedroom Kel had a goofy grin on his face. Rus began to pour some Klava juice for each of them, but saw the look on Kel's face.

Rus said, "What?"

Kel said, "I never heard Col talk that way." Kel is sitting in a low cushioned chair and slowly rubbing himself.

Rus seats himself next to Leo and snuggles up to him as he asked Rus, "All of the court intrigue and the things you had to do near the end of the war and my nephew's ability to get us to snap to attention has you excited?!" He chuckled and shook his head.

Rus and Leo sipped the juice as Kel said, "I'm a bian of simple needs."

Rus snorted a laugh and said, "Right."

Kel got defensive and said, "OK. I need a tough sonofagun to tell me what to do and mean it. I'm always ten times better than anyone around, when I have that."

Rus sat up straight and smiled at Kel as he said, "Now that's the truth!"

Kel's anger is cut short and he takes the compliment with, "Thanks."

Rus leaned back into Leo, and pulled Leo's big arm over his shoulder as he said, "Welcome."

Rus started to gently rub Leo's right nipple as he rubbed his bald head against the left one.

This got the desired effect as Leo started to tent up largely. The cloth on the pants Leo wore, were not going to last long at this rate and Kel was watching very closely.

Kel's bulge grew much much larger than Leo had thought it could. Leo and Kel both muttered

"Big" at the same time. All three chuckled and Kel reached for the zipper on his pants.

Rus didn't move or stop what he was doing, but he barked out, "You leave your hands away from there soldier! I'll tell you when. Don't you worry." His voice got softer and sexier at the end.

Kel bleated out, "Yes..." and pulled his hands away from his zipper. Then he bit his lip for a second before he said, "Rus, It's embarrassing for a tailor to..." a stretching of cloth sound interrupted the tailor.

Kel is now fascinated with the truly huge bulge on Leo and the strain it must be putting on the cloth. He mutters, "That machine made everything big."

Rus said in a gravely voice, "Good machine."

That, as they say, was the last straw. Rus was more than a good judge of character. He was also a good judge of materials and their breaking points. His words still rumbling in his chest, Rus turned his head and licked Leo's left nipple as he lightly pinched his right. Leo moaned as his cock demanded attention NOW. It ripped through the seams and pulled the rest of the material out of the way, as it grew to a foot and a half in length.

At the same time, the tailors fine work was for naught. His own erection followed Leo's example and ripped it's way free. A meaty fifteen inch cock pulsed out of Kel's crotch.

Of course Rus was not immune to all this happy flesh springing up around him. He had already unzipped himself, and his whopper of sixteen inches was getting some attention too.

Leo was pleasantly surprised by Rus' very thick cock. It looked slightly thicker than his own eighteen incher. Leo grabbed Rus' pecker just as Rus took hold of Leo's.

Rus was a good general. He looked at Kel and said

"Now soldier! Take command of that situation."

All three let out with moans and groans as their meaty members were rubbed and stroked.

After about five minutes of this a low loud voice from the front of the shop told them

"I can't hear you!"

Leo and Rus chuckled and moaned loudly a combination of, "Oh Yes!", "Yes, yes, yes!", and

"Oh Yeah!".

Kel surprised them both with, "Yes Sir!" repeated four times and then softer as he came for a good minute and a half.

Leo and Rus had slowed down for the copious performance before them.

As Kel's orgasm subsided, Leo softly said, "Wow." Like a word spoken in reverence.

Rus had a proud little smirk on his face as he said, "You always impress me soldier."

Those words got one more spasm out of Kel. He said, "Thank you, Sir." He had a contented smile on his face.

Rus started to speed up his stroking as he said, "You need to talk about this to Col. And soon."

Kel smiled at that and then frowned at the ripped clothing. He looked up at Rus with an innocent smile.

Rus said, "And yes you may borrow a pair of pants, since I helped ruin a pair of yours."

Kel stood up and kicked off his shoes. Just as he was about to take off the remains of his pants, Leo let out a whistle. Kel and Rus were curious at the whistle.

Leo said, "OOps. I guess you Bians don't have a place for catcalls or whistles."

Rus said, "Whistles usually are used to get someone's attention. What is a cat call?"

Apparently Kel understood just what Leo was saying. Leo said, "OOOh baby. Shake it."

Rus' head snapped back to find Kel was rolling his hips and pulling the remains of his pants back and forth across his cock. It was at half mast but trying to get with the program.

Rus swallowed and Kel said, "The General likes when someone dan-ces-for-him."

Leo helped out by using both hands to stroke Rus' hardening erection. Leo looked at Rus and then back to Kel. He told Kel, "You're good."

Rus muttered, "Damn straight."

Kel got closer and shimmied down to a crouch over Rus throbbing erection. His tongue flickered out and brushed the tip of Rus cock. Then lovingly licked around the head. First one side and then another. Just as Kel's mouth took all of the thick cock head in, Kel ripped the rest of his pants off and dropped them to the floor.

Rus groaned and moaned out, "Cumming!" His body stiffened and Leo milked the whole length of Rus' pecker. Rus huffed out low bass squealing on each contraction. Kel's mouth didn't stop sucking until he and Leo milked the last drop out of Rus.

The look on Rus face got them all laughing. His first words after were, "Now that's a good neighbor policy!" More laughter. Then silence as Rus and Kel look at each other and then both at Leo.

Now Leo swallowed hard and burped out, "Uh-oh."

Rus said, "Don't worry." Kel and Rus lifted Leo to the bed.

Kel said, "Yeah, It's a good thing."

Rus said as he pulled off his own pants, "Yeah, we'll be gentle."

Kel and Rus rip the pants off Leo and a crooked smile forms on Leo's face.

Leo's eyes darted from one to the other as he said, "Maybe I don't want it.. gentle." He bites his lip as he lets that sink in. He said just to be sure, "Not painful. Just HARD. and DEEP. and."

Rus and Kel said, "Thorough!" Leo starts to nod his head yes very fast as he smiles.

Rus growled out, "We aim to please."

Kel slid over and pulled the larger Leo onto his side facing Kel. Rus slid onto the bed and started to massage Leo's huge back muscles. This got Leo purring.

Kel was rubbing Leo's cock and looked to Rus as he said, "Good sound."

Leo said, "We have got to import a few cats. They are really good pets."

Rus was rubbing near Leo's lower back and said, "And they make that sound?"

Leo said, "Yes. When their being rubbed just right."

Rus and Kel smile at each other and continue rubbing. Rus rumbled out, "Hmmmm. Good."

Rus worked on Leo's thick buttocks muscles and then pulls his left leg up and back a little. This is a new feeling for Leo. That move pulled open his pouch. His breathing sped up.

Kel said, "Leo. Even though you want it hard. Your body has never had a cock in it, in just this way. We want you to really enjoy this. So we're going to go slow until we know it all feels right."

Leo just nodded yes as he looked into Kel's eyes.

Rus pulled Leo's shoulder back so he was on his back. Kel continued with, " That's why I'm going to be in you first. I'm 'a chuckle' a bit smaller then the General."

Leo glanced at Rus and back to Kel. He said, "I love you two." That got a warm bright smile on Kel and Rus both.

Rus said, "We love you too." Real quiet, but very distinct. Kel nodded yes very slow three times.

Kel pushed himself up onto Leo's long cock and then lowered himself slowly down. Kel's cock was sliding into Leo's pouch at the same time. Leo stopped breathing as his eyes fluttered.

The feeling of someone's cock sliding into his body at the same time his own was entering that someone was incredible.

They both touched pubic bones and Rus had to remind them, "Keep breathing."

Kel and Leo took deep breaths and Kel started the pumping motion. On each withdraw, the pouch muscles made a milking action. It just made you want to pump back in even harder. But Kel was a bian with self control. He took it slow. and when he sped up, it was gradual.

Leo was sweating by the time they worked up to a gallop, He had already encircled Kel with his arms and each were testing the way the other's mouth wanted to be played with. At one point Kel and Leo both grabbed for Rus cock and started pumping it,

Rus burst out with, "I have the BEST neighbors!" That got all three laughing so hard they had to build back up to a good gallop. Kel and Leo did not let go of Rus.

If it had been a horse race, it would have been a photo-finish. But Leo was the one who came the longest. and apparently the most.

When Leo finally stopped twitching through his orgasm, Rus told him, "Now I am really impressed."

Kel just said, "Woof."

As Kel pulled off of and out of Leo, Leo's body went rigid for a moment and his eyes rolled back in his head. His cock got rigid again and four contractions of his body got four thick ropy jets of spooge to shoot out of his cock. Leo started to breath again.

Kel said, "Something like that always impresses me. And I'm already full."

Rus said, "So you're one of those, Leo?! It's rare. Only the oldest Noble families bear that trait."

Leo was still a bit dazed. He mumbled, "Trait?"

Kel said, "Yes, A genetic trait. You were finished with your orgasm. But your cock was still so sensitive, that simply pulling away from a lover made you hard again and start cumming again. That is a rare trait."

Rus looked closer at Leo's chest and said, "Along with chest hair. I'm glad you didn't shave off your goatee."

Leo was shocked. He said, "You mean you people have chest hair?!"

Rus looked at Kel but answered Leo with, "Yes. It's rare, but very sexy. Let it grow back in."

Leo says ' Good. I hated the whole process. I thought the AutoDoc got the template wrong."

Kel looked at Leo and asked, "Who provided the DNA for your machine?"

Too late Kel saw Rus flinch. Leo missed his reaction and said, "I don't really know. The Noble that I write to uses the name Red. He said his uncle donated the tissue for the template."

Kel straightened up and whispered, "Oh my!"

Leo propped himself up on his elbows to find both bians slightly pale. Leo was worried more for them, than any possible problem with himself.

Leo said, "What's wrong?"

Kel's color of blue green returned to his face and he said, "Nothing wrong, Leo."

Kel waited a moment and then said, "My dear General Rus~bel Gris-aug, you must tell our young friend Leo Carvin the name of the personage he shares DNA with."

Kel and Leo waited in silence for half a minute. Kel then said, "Unless of course, you have been commanded to be silent on the matter."

Leo's eyes got bigger and he said, "Only the Emperor can command a General, serving or retired."

Rus sighed and said, "Good! Now I can talk about it. I was restricted from talking about who donated the DNA sample and even who Red was, until you realized who they were and asked me directly."

Now Kel's eyes got big. Rus turned to him and frowned, then nodded yes as if a question. Kel shook his head no fast a few times then looked away.

Leo sees the problem and solved the dilemma with, "Rus. Is my pen pal who goes by the nickname Red, the Emperor?'

Rus burped out the word, "Yes," and became silent again.

Leo then asked, "Rus. Is the Emperor's uncle the Bian who shared DNA with me?"

Rus said, "Yes" and then smiled.

Leo was a bit confused. Doubt settled over his friendship with Red. He asked Rus, "Why the deception? Why let me find out this way?"

Rus saw what was happening to Leo and he pulled him into a hug. Rus said, "Stop that." Like he would to a child with no self confidence.

Rus pulled away a bit to look into Leo's eyes and said, "Red is still your friend. And after the first few months, you two took to get to know each other, you became his Trusted friend. Do you know how hard it is for a monarch of any stature to find someone who will say what he thinks and speak his mind. And all of that without thinking is there an ulterior motive behind what he says."

Kel saw a way he could help. He reached up with his left hand and cupped the left side of Leo's neck and jaw, just below his pointed ear. Kel's thumb started to rub the fleshy earlobe while the rest of his hand massaged Leo's neck. Leo's whole body had tensed up after learning who his pen pal was, but Kel's massage got Leo purring again. Leo relaxed and closed his eyes.

Kel chuckled and said, "That really is lovely sound your making. You must promise to let me adopt one of these.. KATs, when you finally bring them to our planet."

Rus was doing the same thing to Leo's Left neck and ear, that Kel was doing to Leo's right.

Kel quietly said, "Leo, please tell us the real reason you're upset."

Leo didn't tense up, but he didn't open his eyes either. His face registered a deeper sorrow then either Bian had expected. The cloud was made to pass from his face with a forced smile for his friends. He opened his eyes and shrugged.

Leo's voice quavered a bit as he said, "It's silly, but our letters got me thinking and feeling Red, uh

the emperor and I would be able to meet soon and even explore an intimate relationship. Silly, huh? That's not going to happen."

Kel kept rubbing Leo's neck as he softly asked, "Why silly, Young one?"

Leo's face shifted through a few shocked and self doubting expressions, before he said

"The Emperor has not yet chosen a mate from the Noble or Advanced houses. His duty to his people requires he choose a proper mate to insure a proper Heir. The last thing he needs is a romantic relationship with an Alien, no matter how much I look like I'm Bian."

Rus continued to massage the other side of Leo's neck and said, "Perhaps that is exactly what

His Highness needs from a young passionate Junior Ambassador, who honored the Bian people by changing his body to become more Bian."

Kel said, "You declared your love for the Bian people when you started to assist the Mating

Dance with Bians from this village. And then dedicated your love for us when you remade your image into one of a Human/c-Bian."

Rus chuckled at the sweetness of the act Leo had started two weeks ago. He told Leo

"You honored our people in so many ways this past year. The Emperor was able to barely reach your level of respect by gifting you with his uncles DNA. If he had given you his own, he would be unable to mate with you."

Kel chuckled and said, "Now do you see, young one. It is your doubt, not your hope that is silly in this regard. And now I truly understand the reason for the letter each bian in our village received from the Crown and Parliament ."

Leo frowned and said, "A letter? I never got one. What did it say?"

Kel looked at Rus and with his nod Kel told Leo, "The letter spoke of a visit from a High Noble Personage in one week. The letter requested all the people of our village to respect the High Nobles desire for a quiet, restrained, and unpublicized visit with The Bian People's newest

Brother. The letter said this unnamed High Noble wished to privately welcome this new Brother to the Bian people, who has, with his transformation, caused the galaxy to become our brother."

Leo had tears in his eyes, but his smile told what kind they were. His friend Red wrote those words. And it just so happened, that his friend was also the Emperor of the Bian People.

Kel held Leo's head and kissed each cheek and softly said, "Brother."

Rus followed with a kiss on each of Leo's cheeks and a hug as he said, "Brother."

All three looked to the door after hearing a sniffling sound. Col stood there with his head down a bit as he looked back. Before Rus questioned his apprentice, Col said, "It has been very quiet in here for a while now. Master Kel's apprentice is assisting us while I am here. I wish to show only honor and respect for my master, and Crown, so my silence is now sworn. But may I also welcome our new brother?" He still had his head down, but a smile was growing larger as he waited for a reply.

Leo looked at Rus and Kel and then scooted off the bed and stood up. He was a foot and a half taller than Col, so he crouched down as he held out his arms for an embrace.

Col waited and Rus' nod released him. Col held Leo's head as he kissed each cheek and then let Leo lift him in a hug. Col said, "Welcome Home Brother."

When Leo set Col down Rus got a wicked look on his face. He said, "If master tailor will lend the use of his apprentice for two hours, I will release my apprentice so that he may .. put the master tailor through his paces."

Kel looked at Col then quickly looked at Rus and then back to Col. Col looked at Kel then at Rus and also back again to Kel. Col watched as Kel's eyes got a bit larger as the iris dilated and then closed back to normal. Kel's expression said 'Oh my captain!'.

Col saw this and looked to Rus smile and silence and helped his neighbor in the right way.

Col's voice dropped an octave and he belted out, "We don't have all day Shave-tail!! What's it gonna be?!"

Kel jumped off the bed and stood ramrod straight as he shouted out, "Sir! Yes Sir!! That is an excellent suggestion. I will direct my apprentice to assist here while apprentice Col fine tunes my performance in my residence. Will this meet with everyone wishes, Sir?"

Col, Rus, and Leo all said, "Sir! Yes Sir!!"

Rus' smile released Col. So Col said in DI tone and volume, "Well Shave-tail, we only have two hours! Begin the procedure, and double time march!. Hup two, hup two."

And with that Kel double timed out to the grocer part of the building followed by a grinning Col.

Leo turned with a smile to Rus and said, "Now that I'm home, the words my mother hung in her kitchen come to mind. They are for you, my Dear Friend."

Rus scooted to the edge of the bed as Leo sat down. They embraced and Leo quoted this poem:

"Every house where Love abides,

and Friendship is a guest,

is surely Home,

and Home Sweet Home;

For there the Heart can rest."

Rus and Leo held each other for a while, until a more active part of themselves stood up to get their attention.

Rus wrapped his hands around Leo's massive cock and said, "Good soldier! I only have one week to put you through your paces, so you're more comfortable when Red pays a visit."

Leo licked his thumbs and first two fingers and started to rub and tweak Rus' nipples.

He said, "So this next week is just going to be work, work, work?"

Rus shivered from Leo's attention then answered with, "Yes. Lesson after lesson." He held Leo's cock closer and slipped at least three inches of his tongue down Leo's very wide piss slit. Then Leo started to shiver.

Rus continued speaking with his tongue in Leo's cock and said, "After Lesson." And then as his mouth completly engulfed the head of Leo's massive cock, his words became a rumbling vibrating counter point to the licking and sucking. The words remained the same through each new lesson Leo learned.

"After Lesson, after lesson, after lesson......"

May we all have teachers so diligent.

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