Polywog 2

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Disclaimer: This is a Science Fiction story with Male to Male (sort of) Sex and Love relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, You should not be here. You have been warned.

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Letter to Royal Court Pen Pal Delegate : From Junior Ambassador of the Outreach Program

Dear Red,

I sorta guessed a while ago, who you really were. The actual ambassador from the Stellar Commonwealth visited with me on quite a few occasions and the only Bian in court that he described talking like you do is the Emperor. Still some part of me refused to believe our friendship could get saddled with more than just a human and a bian coming together as friends and lovers.

So I have to write the next words even if I don't feel like it. The ones after them are words I'm happy to write.

You are the Emperor. And you are my Pen Pal, and you are my very good friend.

Just three letters ago we were talking over you getting a vacation from your Duties at court and coming down to MosShoals and visiting me.

Two letters ago you said you loved me. My letter to you after that did not convey one tenth of the joy those word brought me; though I hope I let you know, they were the words that took away my fears.

My friends here in MosShoals were so patient with me when I was invited to assist in a joining. I tried to fit in but my body just wasn't the right shape. And I was afraid of becoming a true Human/c Bian. What if no bian could love me since I'd be part human and part bian.

And with three words, you brought out the sun to melt all my doubts and fears. That was the reason I asked in that letter for a donation of DNA from a bian you knew willing to assist in my transformation. That's when I fell in love with you. I told you so in the last letter I sent you. Your last letter said you were my Red, My Love, My Heart. And you told me I was your Leo, Your Love, Your Heart.

And now...

You really don't think I'm gonna let the Emperor of the entire Bian People .. Go back on a vow that strong and true and clear.

Learning about your family business and chosen profession has not change one thing I think or feel about you Red. When you wrote those three words, you became the emperor of my heart.

Abdication from that post, I will not tolerate.

I am pleased I learned of your vocation before you took your vacation. I would really love a digital photo taken of your self by your own hand. Please bring it with you when you come. I myself took a few photos of myself and I'm including them in with this letter.

So you won't have to say the words, those words I know an Emperor with out a mate must say.

I know you must leave your options open and Finally marry the one Bian that will help maintain your peoples Peace and Prosperity.

While I've let you off the hook every monarch finds himself caught on, I will not release you from your previous vow. So that means we need to talk about where that leaves us. I know nothing but what you and the Ambassador have told me about life at court and what is and isn't OK. So we need to talk.

Well, my love. Please take your vacation soon. I love you and wish to show you in so many ways, just how much I love you. And you mentioned in your last letter a few things you wanted to show me. I can hardly wait. Hurry Love.

I Love You, Red!

Your ever loving ,


Leo picked up the three Photos and secured them in the Origami style letter. He sealed it and went out to the courtyard, where the messenger waited for Leo to finish the letter.

Leo stopped just outside one of the french doors, and watched as the messenger cleaned some dirt and mud away from the strange depression in the courtyard pool. There were still lots of floating and marsh plants in the pool making it look choked.

Leo slipped back in and got a cold can of Sweet Tea for the messenger. He came out and handed the can to the young bian and said, "Thank you for cleaning that strange part of the pool. It looks inviting, now."

Pel~ami Fam-ked said, "Thank you for the Sweet Tea. The Nursing Shelf is the only part of a Weaning Pool you should keep clear of vegetation."

Leo frowned as Pel sipped his drink and then opened his Official Mail Satchel. Leo put the sealed letter in and smiled.

Leo asked him as he took another sip of tea, "Weaning pool?"

Pel look surprised for a second then smiled. He said, "Your transformation, Leo, has me forgetting you are just learning about us. The Weaning Pool is the place our young hatchlings are placed for them to grow big enough to be able to survive their stay with Papa Ocean."

Leo is completly confused now. He said, "Papa Ocean? Who's that?"

Pel's shoulders drooped and he said, "Our childish nickname we give the wide open sea. Leo am I to understand, nobody told you what every Bian parent must do for their dear children to grow up healthy and strong?"

Leo frowned a bit and said, "I don't know why I've never read anything about your child rearing practices, and I know nobody sat me down and told me the details. What is it I should know?"

Pel looked at his can of Tea and said, "You may want to get one for yourself."

Leo nods and walks to the fridge in the kitchen and gets back to Pel, who is now siting on one of the benches facing another bench.

Leo popped the can lid, took a sip, sat down opposite Pel and said, "OK you have my undivided attention."

Pel smiled and said, "I feel like a new parent teach his teenager about sex." He paused and after another second of inner reflection, his face becomes calm and a bit theatrical.

Pel said, "Two thousand years ago the Bian people ended the last civil war and chose an Emperor from a Family known for they're honor and service to the Bian People. His Oath of Fealty was simple and pure. And after he was crowned, he talked of an evolutionary change the Bian People just went through at that moment choosing how their government was to be run. Then he talked of the time five hundred years before, when the Bian People became able to feed their children with milk from their bodies. You see Bian's have only been able to feed their children for the past twenty five hundred years. And we only get a short period of time to fatten them up in the safety of a courtyard pool. For you see the way it goes is like this. After the Mating Dance and conception, the eggs take seven months to mature . Then the Papa has contractions which expel the clutch of eggs. He puts the clutch in a large Hatching basin with some floating fresh water kelp and the Papa and the Father put their hands into the basin for the hatchlings to be able to imprint their parents smell."

Pel took a sip of tea and continued, "After only a short few hours of stirring the water and eggs, the little angels hatch and immediately swim over and kiss at their parents hands. The parents start to feed them little crickets and special worms, grains and bits of fruit packet together into tiny pellets. And after a few days of this the hatchlings start to try to get every bit of loose skin off there parents hands. This is the time The Papa first and then days later the Father sit in the Weaning pool and release the hatchlings into the pool. They find out how big the pool is and then rush back to the Papa's teats and start nursing. They will still eat basin food for the next few weeks, but the parents milk is what keeps them healthy and start to get really big. When the tads stop trying to suckle, they know they will be leaving the safety of the pond and going out to the wide open sea."

Leo stops him with, "What?! How do you make sure they're safe out there?"

Pel looked sad and said, "We don't. We can't."

Leo was lost . He said, "Why can't you?"

Pel looks like he may have had children. He said, "Because thousands of years ago the wealthier of our kind tried to do just that. They were producing fewer eggs in each clutch, and so each one became more dear to them. These foolish noblemen created a perfect little piece of the sea in their courtyards. And every child treated like that soon started to catch one child hood illnesses after another. They never reached their full height. And they grew up always being sick with something. By the age of sixty they were dead. As you know, Bians live to be one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty years old."

Leo said, "Wow."

Pel said, "So we continued to follow the practices we had instinctually learned. We love and cherish our children as long as we can. But when they have the urge to return to the sea, we must release them and pray they return. I'm sort of old fashioned. I and my mate feel the more love you give them, the stronger they become. Then they can overcome the dangers in the sea. They know what they're returning to land for."

Leo smiled and asked, "How many children do you and your mate have?"

Pel's face blushed a little bluer and smiled as he said, "Four. They returned from the sea eight years ago. It still amazes me that the smallest tad of our first clutch that we sent to Papa Ocean returned the largest and is still taller than his three brothers."

Leo said, "I bet he's more patient with and protective of his brothers."

Pel grinned and said, "You would win that bet. My mate, Len, will tell me of the days events and how Pol settled an argument between one of his brothers and a classmate of his brothers. Or how Pol was the team player that not only made the game winning point at Wetnet, but he also made sure every member on his team got a chance to make points and feel part of the team. Then My mate makes me fall in love with him all over again. He will say Pol got that from my side of the family. Of course I'll agree like the flirt that I am. I love attention. But then he sees that in my heart he just proved Pol gets those traits from Len's side of the family. It's hard not doing your very best for somebody who loves you like that."

Leo smiled and then a thought made him frown as he said, "I can not imagine what it must feel like to nurse six to ten children for.."

The question on Leo's face got Pel to say, "Six weeks."

Leo said, "Nurse children for six weeks, only to release them to a hungry sea. How do you keep from going crazy?"

Pel shook his head and said, "Some do go mad. That is the real reason we have assistants at a First Breeding. The stated reason that the one who becomes the papa after the mating, needs more, and varied stimulation for proper conception to occur; is a fallacy . Medical science has found that the one who becomes the papa does so in reaction from the Bian he loves. The papa's body knows the taste of the fathers body. And with that body knowledge the papa's body is able to separate and isolate the father's Sperm and guide it to the clutch of eggs in his pouch."

Pel took another sip of tea and said, "The real reason assistants are still part of the First Breeding, is to keep them in mind as a part of the two making the babies, so on release day there is someone who can help the parents through the months of waiting for the children's return."

Leo asked, "How long does that usually take?"

Pel chuckled and shook his head. He said, "Oh about seven months."

Leo said, "My god. The majority of Bians I've met are calm, happy people."

Pel said, "Parents waiting for their children's return, either do so at their home, or wait by the place they released their children to the sea. Besides, we know what's important. Being there when they do return. And showing them how much we missed them, while they were gone."

Leo looked at the Nursing Shelf in the Weaning Pool. Pel saw the wistful look and said, "You plan on having children, don't you?"

Leo smiled and said, "Yes I do."

Pel said, "I must leave for the capital soon, but before I go, I give you this song, for you to sing to your little hatchlings."

Pel stood up and cleared his throat. He said, "Come back to me." He let that sink in for a second and then sang a lullaby. The words were:

"Baby, my baby. Come back to me.
Come back to me from the Sea. Care for your Brothers, and care for
Come back to me from the Sea."

"Seaweed and seafoam, flotsam and kelp;
Hide from the dangers you see. Then when the time is right, Papa
Ocean please;
Send my baby back to me."

Leo said, "That's beautiful. Thank you Pel."

Pel said, "You are very welcome."

Pel picked up his Mail sack and sipped the last of his Sweet Tea. Before he could go, Leo said, "Pel, I feel like I should give you one of My people's lullaby's."

Pel said, "I would be honored. My angels have heard all the songs I know. It will be a treat to sing them a new one."

Leo was already standing and he said, "Brahms Lullaby."

He sang:

"Lullaby and good night, in the sky stars are bright.
Round your head flowers lay, scent your slumbers till day. Go to
sleep now and rest, may these hours be blest.
Go to sleep now and rest, may these hours be blest."

Pel reached over and hugged Leo. He said, "Beautiful. Thank you Leo." before they broke the embrace.

Pel headed out the door towards his electric Mail van, and Leo said, "Farewell!"

Pel said, "And you." Then he waved and drove off into the afternoon sun.

Leo was at the main door and he could see Rus getting a back rub from Kel!? Col was busy cleaning up an emptied bin and letting it dry on a rack.

Leo walked over and picked up a piece of fruit that looked like a very large pear with a red apple's skin. Leo started to eat it from the bottom up and stopped an inch from the tip. He pulled a seed out of his mouth and placed the remaining tip of the fruit and the seed in a special bucket that said 'seed remains'.

Col asked, "Brother Ambassador, would you like a few more of those to go home with you?"

Leo said, "Yes please. They are the finest I've ever tasted."

Rus said, "Two of my brothers have farms near the frontier in the north. I am the farthest grocer they send them to, and they always stay ripe a week after I get them. My brothers take care of me."

Kel said, "Because you watched over them during the war."

Rus looked down with a frown for a second and looking back up said, "I did what I could." He didn't sound convinced of his own words. Rus closed his eyes again while Kel continued his back rub.

Kel looked at Leo and said, "The General lost a brother to the War."

To Leo it looked like Rus was fighting memories and the memories were winning. Leo thought, 'He must have blamed himself and never forgave himself.'

Leo figured Kel spoke to Rus enough about the problem, so Leo wasn't going to start talking, not having enough information. Leo decided there were other ways to get through. Leo picked up Rus' right arm and started to massage the forearm muscles.

Rus opened his eyes and looked up enough to see it was Leo, but didn't look into Leo's eyes. Rus closed his eyes again and let his chin rest on his chest. Leo massaged Rus' upper arm then went back to his hand and gently but firmly rubbed each little muscle in Rus hand. Leo kneeled down and put Rus hand down. Leo put his hands onto Rus neck; fingers in back and thumbs in front. Leo started to gently squeeze first the left side and then the right. Then Leo thought talking might help after all.

Leo scooted closer and very softly told Rus, "I have an idea what you've been telling yourself all these years, Rus. But I think you've been wrong. I think you did the best you could . I think you've wished thousands of times you could have died instead of your little brother. I would have liked to meet him, but I'm damned glad you're here."

Rus had started to cry when Leo got to the part about wishing. When Leo finished Rus sobbed and said, "It's his Return day today." Rus grabbed onto Leo and sobbed into Leo's chest.

Leo looked at Kel and tipped his head towards Rus private residence. Kel nodded yes and said, "Col and I can watch the shops for a while."

Leo whispered to Rus, "I'm going to give you a little ride, Brother. So don't you fight me on this, OK?"

Rus head nodded yes while still buried face into Leo's chest. Leo scooped one hand under Rus butt and had the other on his back pulling Rus close to Leo's body. One graceful movement got Leo off his knees, on his feet and Rus with him in Leo's arms. Kel walked ahead and opened doors and then closed them behind himself as he went back out front.

Leo got to Rus bed and realized Rus still had him in an iron grip. He was only crying and sniffling a bit now. Leo shrugged and put Rus on the bed and scooted around with him, until they both were completly on the bed.

Leo thought, 'OK. Now what?'

Rus sniffling calmed and only had a few more spasm sniffles. Leo pulled Rus closer and started to stroke Rus head then rub the back of his neck with one hand. Leo kissed the top of Rus' head.

Leo softly said, "What was your little brother's name?"

Rus said, "Len~bel Ker-aug. " He sniffled once more and seemed calmer.

Leo asked, "How many years younger was he?"

Rus relaxed just a little bit more as he said, "He was eight years younger."

Leo said with a little grin on his face, "What was the most annoying thing he did to you as a little kid?"

Rus had a grin and a frown for a moment, then he let out a low chuckle. It sounded like Rus wasn't the only one annoyed. Rus finally looked into Leo's eyes and said, "We Bians begin to become sexually active around twelve or thirteen. Active, but unable to reproduce. The vast majority of Bians don't produce a milky sperm until six years later. So like competitive little wankers, we three older brothers would show off to the two younger brothers."

Leo had been grinning up to the part about showing off. His left eyebrow went up as his right eyebrow went down. Rus understood the 'What?!' expression.

Rus said, "You know. I am certain human males do this too. We would show how much bigger our cocks were. We would see how far our cum would fly, and no cheating by flinging it with our hands. That was the hardest, because that meant after the first few strokes, you couldn't get near the tip of your dick."

Leo gently rubbed his tenting pants against Rus' slowly growing bulge. He said, "And that's one of the best parts."

Rus said, "Exactly." Rus looked a bit deeper into Leo's blue eyes and then said, "So with that restriction and our beds being equal distance apart, no body had an advantage."

Leo said, "But?"

Rus shook his head and almost smiled. He said, "The little guys would always complain that the distance record was unfair cause their equipment wasn't as big. We would say it's a matter of pressure. Just bear down harder when you cum. Like that would really do it."

Leo said, "Please tell me they didn't believe you?"

Rus said, "Len didn't, but we had Tam thinking it might work for a good five minutes. He felt so put upon, he slipped under the covers and mumbled ' one less competitor to worry about'. We tried not to laugh."

Leo said, "OK, so far I haven't heard anything that says you were annoyed at Len. What happened?"

Rus said, "The little sneak. As well as being very good with growing things, Len was an excellent artist and sculptor. His instructor had just taught the class methods of doing a life cast and had any and every form of material to make molds, castings and masks. Len got permission to make various molds of his face, hands, genitalia. Do you see where this is leading?"

Leo looks down in thought . His serious look breaks into a derisive laugh before he said, "Oh but you would have noticed."

Rus shook his head no and said, "Len was an excellent artist. With the opportunity to use so much sculpting material, He made six different prosthesis cocks. Each one larger and larger until the week before he got us older brothers; he was almost as big as our Father."

Leo said, "Surely you noticed he couldn't piss through the thing."

Rus said, "AH, but he could. He was using a material that our entertainment industry uses for realistic special effects make-up. He had tiny veins in the first ones that got thicker and thicker as the whole thing got bigger. He put real hairs at the base of it and added more each change. And his balls. Oh..." Rus looked lost in reverie and admiration.

Rus focused on Leo again and said, "The Art teacher caught on to what Len was doing, but since he also was the youngest of his siblings; he decided to give Len a different model to go by. The teacher was a particularly well hung Bian. Maybe not in the cock department, but he surpassed anything we older brothers had ever seen. Larger than father by two sizes. Woof!"

Leo said, "And?"

Rus said, "And the night of ' the blizzard in Summer' as that incident was ever-after known as; all three older brothers believed our little brother Len had a really lucky growth spurt. Pun intended."

Leo said, "Keep going."

Rus started to rub his thick meat against mine through both our pants. He said, "Well, Len had rigged his bed to have two tubes attached to two different devices and a little remote control unit in a bracelet he had worn for two weeks. He got to bed before anyone else and attached every thing so we couldn't see a thing. Except his big thing. Under the covers. He acted like he didn't want to wank. All the previous nights he only came a little clear fluid through the ever larger meaty fake cocks. So he had us almost begging for him to wank, so we at least could see it. To be honest, I was really looking forward for the visual assist. And the vain hope I would get another growth spurt and get to look like my little brother. Ha! What a showbian!"

Leo was unbuttoning his own and then Rus' pants while Rus talked. The pressure was distracting Leo from the story.

Rus grinned and said, "Thank you. That was distracting me too. So when Len threw off the covers, he hit one switch on the bracelet. It got a pneumatic tank to release a certain amount of fluid to pump Len's massive tool to it's full size. We were all amazed. I was eleven inches at the time, but Lens fake cock grew from eight inches to eighteen inches in a matter of two minutes. He even acted like he was a little light headed. Then when he kneeled straight up and the plastic balls hung down almost to his knees, we were just in shock. Our little Brother??! Little?? Then he started to stroke the monster. Usually the little guys lasted at the most eight minutes before they shot their clear load. Well just after five minutes his eyes get bigger and he said ' Guys this feels different!' I said.' Different good?' and he said ' Oh Yeah.' Then his breathing got faster and he called out ' Oh God ' and his little butt muscles clenched and the second switch he pushed caused his balls to draw up towards his pouch. Then the other pump attached to a very large tank of thin salty sweet white bean sauce kicked in, in perfectly timed spurts. And these spurts were not little drops spat out of that Meaty Mock cock. Oh NO! He had the thing pumping each spurt at least an ounce at a time. He proceeded to cover all three of us older brothers and we were trying to catch it in our mouths. By the time the third spurt reached my oldest brother, Vin's mouth, he knew something was up. I had no idea how anyone else's cum should taste, so I had no clue. This went on for a good four or five minuets and my older brothers knew no body could pump that much semen and still have balls. I still was sucked into the joke, but that's when something goes wrong. Len had taken his hands off his monster cock and grabbed the bracelet. He said' Oh Shit! It's not stopping. Guys help me get this thing to stop' and I say ' You've done everything we could do to help you get off. Mine never needs help stopping.' Vin said ' Rus it's a pump' and I said ' That's what a cock is old Bian.' Then my other older brother, Ken, said ' A mechanical pump, look at Len's balls. They aren't even shrinking!' then I finally noticed Len's balls were dropping down and rising up like a manic elevator. Up down up down. He must have gotten the electronics shorted out somewhere. Len was finally getting worried. The last thing he wanted to do was explain to Father or Papa, how all that bean sauce wound up coating every surface of our bedroom. Needless to say we could not get the thing to stop. It pumped till the tank was empty. Twelve gallons worth."

Leo said, "What did your parents say?"

Rus said, "Nothing that night. We had woken them up yelling and telling each other how to stop the thing, and grabbing Len to get it off him at least. Only to find he used the special make-up glue and it wasn't coming off till the morning or later. So with this all going on and the pump still in full swing and us grabbing Len and his fake privates; who should open our bedroom door, but Papa and Father. Luckily the end of it was pointed away from the door and when we saw them we all froze. Except for the pump which kept at it's perfect rhythm. Their eyes grew very large, they blinked twice and then they closed the door."

At this point Leo is laughing so hard he's having a hard time catching his breath. Rus joins him and through the laughing he said, "Poor Vin was the first to get back to trying to stop the thing, because we had turned it on him when the parents opened the door and when the door closed, he was completly covered and it was going back for a second coat."

After the laughter subsided and they had time to just hold each other, Rus said, "Len was in the same mood as my older brothers and Tam. I almost went there too. But my mind put me through every step Len must've took to pull a practical joke on us big guys and he turned out bigger in my mind than ever before." His pride for his brother shined like a thousand suns.

Rus said, "I looked at all five of us covered in sauce, Brothers angry at a mess we all would have to clean up, Len figuring how to pay for all that bean sauce, angry at himself and the machine and I couldn't let them forget we were brothers. I said ' Len that has got to be the most brilliant practical joke I have ever seen or heard of.' He looked up at me and saw I was smiling and at him too. I told him ' You had me fooled up to the very end and a step beyond. I'm proud of you.' And I gave him a kiss on the forehead and picked him up in a big hug. Vin rubbed his back and said ' Ya know squirt, that was genius.' He shook off the sauce on his head onto Len and I, we didn't care. Then he hugged us both and the rest had to join in."

Leo said, "And I bet all five of you took special pride in telling that story. Now, even more so. It keeps Len alive."

Rus face fought with too many emotions. His face flew at Leo's and started a very very hard deep kiss. Leo kept up and added his own passion to the mix. their cock slipped into each other's pouch and got pulled on by the muscles inside. They had started with their hands pulling each other's head into the kiss, but they soon took one hand and either diddled a nipple or a navel or a butt cheek. They couldn't say how long they stayed at that fervent level of pleasuring. That was the state they were in. Do to their lover what caused the most pleasure. That mind set shared between to horny cocked creatures left no need to worry about getting what they needed. Number one sex partner was taking care of Number two's needs so that Number two was freed up to take care of Number ones needs.

Leo and Rus went through three rounds, the last one being drawn out till when they did come, they both fell asleep inside each other.

And Kel was the one to wake Leo up first. Kel said, "Leo! Rus! OK, Leo! Your stomach is making too many sounds. Wake up!"

Leo woke and heard just what Kel was talking about. Leo said, "Oh, wow. I'm hungry and I gotta pee real bad." He started to pull out of Russ and off of Rus.

Kel tried to warn Leo, "Go slow remember that."

But it was already too late. Leo got half way out and his cock became erect in seconds. Add to that, Leo was trying to lean up on to his elbow. The explosive orgasm rolled his eyes to the back of his head. His breathing drew in a breath in between spurts, and shot out his breath with the spooge.

Leo went through eight pumping releases. the last seven set Rus off and he awoke to cumming in a lover as the lover came in him.

Leo focused in about a minuet and smiled before he kissed Rus for a second and said, "Now I really have to pee."

Rus chuckled and after Leo pulled off/out, followed him into the bathroom. The sound of two streams shooting into the toilet got Kel chuckling for a moment. Kel could see Leo holding his own dick in his left hand and pulling Russ over against him as they peed. Rus grabbed at Leo's left buttock near the end.

Kel said, "You two don't need to get dressed for dinner. I have the two whelps fixing dinner for us in your kitchen Rus. I think you two staying just as you are would be a nice reward for their hard work in the kitchen."

Leo sniffed and asked, "Is that Roast Fennot I'm smelling." Kel nodded yes. Leo said, "Sautéed Leeks and mushrooms with garlic. " Another nod from Kel.

Rus said, "Baked cauliflower, carrots, ruegarb roots, and cheddar sauce. And a simple garden salad. This is just the kind of dinner Red likes. We'll have to repeat it sometime for you two next week."

Leo was pleased Rus knew enough about the Emperor, so he could make him comfortable while he was visiting. Leo wondered.

Leo said, "How do you know he'll stay an entire week?"

Rus looked at Kel first and then at Leo. He glanced back at Kel and then his attention was all on Leo. He said, "Help me here Kel." He then proceeded to suck on Leo's nipple while Kel did the same thing to Leo's other nipple . Leo groaned and grabbed the back of their necks and started to massage. This got a good moan out of Rus and Kel. And then a gurgling rumbling sound made all three pause for a moment.

Leo looked down at his stomach and said, "Traitor, "Leo then discovered it is hard to suck on a nipple the right way when the person sucking is laughing. His stomach growling back as if responding to his comment didn't help either.

What really helped was Col with a chunk of Roast Fennot on a fork holding it so Leo could take bites off it.

Leo stopped and said, "Give them a taste. Col you should have a restaurant!"

Rus chuckled and Col looked pained. Col fed a bite to Rus and then to Kel.

Kel said, "Excellent! There's a special seasoning in there, but I can't place it. Very good Col."

Col said, "Thank you." he handed the rest of the meat on the fork to Leo.

Leo said, "Thank you."

Col looked at Rus smiling real big a Col but saying nothing. Col said, "OK. Maybe I will take my masters advice and financial assistance and open a restaurant."

Rus' head fell towards Col's chest and he latched onto Col's left nipple. Col gasped and then bit hi lip for a second. Then Col rubbed Rus cock, moaned and said, "You would have had me agreeing sooner, Rus, if you had just done that to my nipple."

Rus started to show off by talking and tweaking Col's nipple at the same time. He said, "That ... would be.... considered .... unfair .... influence."

Col said, "OH no! This is very fair. Some would even say Fine. So very fine. So very..." Both of Col's hands are wrapped around Rus' cock and He is pumping it very thoroughly . Hands reach out and every one in that circle is helping another brother's cock get pumped.

Jeb said from the kitchen door, "Right, "He walked quickly over to the circle as he said, "Now I see how you are Col. " The circle jerk paused and parted to accept Jeb into the circle. Jeb finished with, "Hey Jeb would you please make those really neat little pastries" Jeb just looks at Col, but he has latched onto Leo and Rus and suddenly started to vigorously masturbate them both for a good minute and a half, before abruptly stopped and said, "Oh yeah. They'll be done in about ten more minutes." And then he went right back to his same velocity he was jerking Leo and Rus before.

Leo couldn't take it and stopped stroking anybody and just gave Jeb a light Kiss and a big hug as he chuckled. Then instead of going back to what they were doing, Rus and Leo got the idea at the same time. They swooped down onto Jeb's rather wide nipples and had Jeb's knees quivering in less than a minute.

Col laughed and said, "The squeaky wheel wins. " He walked back to the kitchen and said as he went, "I'll start getting the food onto the table. Please try to ejaculate away from the dinning room table. " He thought about that for a second. Then he said, "Unless of course that's supposed to be part of the first course."

A little wind up timer started to ring before they got off a volley. They relaxed a bit, since they all saw they didn't have time and it was going to be too good to rush it. The four hugged and found their way to the table, just as Col brought out the little pastries Jeb made and still steaming.

Col said, "Master and Friends. It comes down to this. Simple food. Good conversation. Family. .. Nothing else can compare."

They all raised a glass of wine Col had already poured for them and all repeated the important part. " Family!"

They all tucked in and soon found Col was right.

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