Polywog 7

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Dear readers; Here's the next part to the story Polywog. I hope you like it. Please let me know.

Disclaimer: this is a Science Fiction Story with Male to Male sex and Love Relationships. If you are under eighteen years of age, you should not be here. You have been warned.

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Red and Leo pulled the cord for the gate bell together. The Street lamp and the lamp by Leo's gate cast a warm glow on the lovers. Col opened the gate and spoke the words of the Traditions.

Col said " Welcome Lovers. I and my helpers are here to serve the spirit of Love. You have been guided by Love, and that is what has brought you both here this evening. For this evening you are the Avatars of Love and we are here to attend to your every desire. Please enter."

Red looked at Leo and then said " Love speaks through his Avatars and thanks you for your hospitality. As you serve Love, so shall Love serve you all. Love will never be far from those who serve." Red escorted Leo into his own courtyard, lit with the warm light of candles.

Leo was pleased with the extra attention paid to his nursing pool , and the floating candles drifting together like a school of fish. Col led them both to the table in the courtyard, also lit with candles in small glass boats. Rus came from the kitchen and had a shallow bowl and a pitcher. He placed it in between the Lovers and picked up the pitcher. Red reached forward and with a grabbing motion told Leo to do the same. They held hands as Rus poured water over their hands. Red got playful helping Leo rinse his hands. Rus stopped pouring and set the pitcher down. Before he could pull the towel off his arm to dry their hands, Red leaned forward and kissed Leo's hands. The towel Kept Leo from paying Red back for that bit of teasing love play.

Kel was in back of Rus and as soon as Red and Leo had their hands dry, Kel served a light white wine and a small sliced loaf of Garlic bread. There was some Parmesan cheese added to the bread slices and Rus came out with two huge bulbs of roasted Garlic to spread on the bread.

Leo and Red tried to savor the food and their diligence helped Col get the next course done in perfect time to have Rus clear as Kel served. The next course was huge stuffed Mushrooms.

With the Lovers hunger slacked for the moment , Leo noticed a beautiful little leather bound folder on the table. The cover had a simple gold leafed heart shape on the cover. In the candle light Leo could make out the official Emperor's crest in the center of the heart.

Red said " Tonight's menu."

Leo opened it and found the first page printed with:

The Lovers

Leo~garet Dan-carvn and Ben~aug Tan-rom

Chef Aup~bel Col-tet

Servers Kel~set Tam-mos and Rus~bel Gris-aug

Cherished this Night Thursday, December 10th , 2256 <EC> at Lover's Residence Lovers Retreat, MosShoals

That was all that was on the first page.

Leo said " Why my name first?"

Red smiled and said " This is your place."

Leo smiled and saw how Col and Kel's name were close to each other, even though Rus was Kel's senior.

Leo said " And Kel's name above Rus' name?"

Rus walked up just then and poured more wine. Rus answered for Red and said "It's alphabetical. K comes before R."

Red said " At least in Col's heart."

Leo and Red smiled at that as Rus finished pouring and said " That hurt cousin. Journeybian Col loves his Uncle as much as his neighbor Kel~set Tam-mos. Just don't wager on that."

Rus put the wine back on the table and said " I better make sure their still cooking dinner and not just cooking." He walked back into the kitchen and indeed caught them kissing.

It was cute, because Col was over the stove stirring the Leek/Potato Soup as Kel was grating cheese to sprinkle over it at the other countertop. They had stretched their heads to gently kiss while still doing what they were doing at their stations. Rus snorted a laugh which caused the to feel caught. They stopped and were busy back to what they should have been doing.

Rus pulled the cheese out of Kel's hands and said " We are honoring the lovers. Give your lover a proper kiss or I'll spank the both of you. And we really don't have time for a proper spanking."

Rus paid most of his attention to finishing the grating of the cheese. He did hear a sweet sounding groan out of Col, though. Then Kel said " That's enough cheese. Thanks, Rus."

Rus turned to see Col standing taller and happy as he poured the soup into one bowl.

Rus put the cheese down as Kel took the plate of gratings over to Col. Col set two pieces of Toast floating on top of the soup then placed the grated cheese on top uniting the pieces of Toast.

Col set the bowl onto a server plate with two spoons on it. Col pulled out a butane torch and melted the cheese and got the edges crispy. He turned off the torch and handed the serving platter and bowl of soup to Kel. They winked at each other and Kel went out to the other lovers.

Col said " Thank you, uncle Rus. Could you help out again with some more cheese?"

Col handed Rus a small camera and Rus smiled as he went out to record the Lovers first recorded Kiss. The News media will go nuts over this one.

Rus got out there just in time to see Red and Leo feed each other a spoonful of soup. The camera clicked and sent out a gentle flash. It was just filling in for the candles.

Red recovered first and said " The first recorded Kiss?"

Rus just smiled and looked at each of them. Red and Leo stood up and Rus had to hold the camera a little above his head. Leo leaned in first and Red joined him. Then Leo held the back of Red's head as Red placed his hand on Leo's chest. It was beautiful. Rus got about ten shots before they came up for air. They grinned and sat back down. They were allowed to finish their soup. They continued to feed each other until it was all gone.

Kel came out and removed the Soup bowl and serving platter. Rus placed a basket of fresh baked bread for the main course.

Once again, only one very large plate was brought out. It held Roast Fennot with Carrots and Potatoes in Gravy. The meat was still tender but it was falling off the bone. Two forks this time and it was just as much fun feeding each other as it was with the Soup. They sopped up the gravy with the fresh bread and caught and nibbled at each others fingers as they fed the bread to their lovers mouths.

The bread was gone and Kel removed the plate and basket. Rus returned with the camera in back of him and caught a picture with Leo's finger being sucked into Red's mouth. Leo's sexy sly lear at Rus was caught in the camera, too.

Kel placed the Bowl of salad between the lovers and there was no eating implement. Red nipped after Leo's fingers as he pulled them from Red's loving embrace. Leo picked up a slice of tomato and rubbed it across Red's closed lips. Red's tongue slid out to taste his lips before devouring the morsel. Red returned the favor with a piece of cucumber.

The dressing on the salad was a ranch type and very seductive when spread across a lovers lips. As If they had seduced the very vegetables themselves and made them orgasm for them. The baby corn was a particular favorite of both loves.

Of course, with no fork or spoon the Salad took a bit longer but that gave Col and his helpers time to clean up the dishes and then brew the coffee as the dessert Baked.

By the time the coffee was ready, the desert was ready. Luckily the lovers were ready. They had used their fingers to spoon the remains of the dressing onto each others tongues or noses. They were standing and kissing when the Salad bowl was removed.

The smell of the coffee was what got their attention. And the odd sweet smell of the desert.

They parted and sat back down to find what looked like a slightly singed meringue cake. There were two spoons again. They carved into what was really Baked Alaska. Ice Cream covered in a meringue and baked to harden the meringue. The crispy bits were a sweet counterpoint to the icy cold of the Ice Cream. Red like the strawberry better than the chocolate and Leo loved the chocolate. That alone should tell you how well their relationship was going to fare. They would never fight over the flavor of Ice Cream. That alone in some cultures insures a marriage made in heaven. Of course the Vanilla helped clean their palates.

And the strong coffee woke them up from the lethargy the heavy meal was starting to bring over them.

A light almond flavored liquor was poured into small cordial glasses and the bottle(half full, left with three other glasses<empty>). Traditions called for the lovers to decide if the entertainment from the servers and the Chef were worth a glass of the liquor.

The entertainment started with a sound device playing an old song from a group called TRAIN. The song was called ORDINARY.

After the piano started the three were lined up in front. They started to reach for their shirt openings and then (A) ripped them open snapping the buttons off. They started to slide their shirts off (B) sawing them down their backs. They fell off as one (C). They each turned and started to weave around each other raising their hands to brush across each others bodies. Caressing nipples and bellies. Then lining up again three across, facing the lovers (D). Then they fell to their knees as they bent back and threw their arms out at a 45 degree angle above their shoulders. Their heads were thrown back (E). They fell forward onto their hands and crawled towards the lovers like lions hunting prey. Then they each lifted their right hand and slapped their butts three times (F). They rocked back onto their feet and stood straight up (G). Their short pants stayed on the ground as they stood and you could see how each one had a hard erection. Then they turned away and strutted back to the line that they started at (H). They started the weave walk again but they flipped their erections against each other with their hands and hips (I). Then they lined up again (J). Kel was in the middle at the end and he was the only who fell to his knees this time (K). Col and Rus pulled him back up (L). Rus stepped to the side as Col grabbed Kel in a fierce embrace (M) and then lifted him into his arms(N). Col reached his head down and kissed Kel's nipple and then sucked hard on it. Kel's reaction caused his head to fly back with his mouth open in a silent moan (O). Col turned and stepped towards the nursing pool. Kel reached over and bit Col's shoulder. You could see Col visibly shudder (P). Then Col stepped into the nursing pool and started to kiss Kel's mouth (Q). Rus stepped over to the lovers and started to help them out of their clothes (R). The song ended.

Red filled the three empty glasses with the Almond liquor and handed two to Leo as he brought over three. Rus and Leo slipped their feet into the pool and caressed the other lovers with their hands and lips. The song Passionate Kisses started. Sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter. They were avatars for passionate kisses, for the next half hour. The song ended and no other came on. But they were all making some very beautiful music with their moans and groans.

Luckily the weather had been warm all day and the nursing pool was mildly heated. Rus was the clear headed one to suggest that the Lovers go to their rooms. He lifted a pile of towels and the three servers first dried the Lovers and then themselves.

If Leo had opened the menu further he would have found the next page actually had the menu of the food and drink they had just eaten.

The page after that was the lyrics to the songs played while the three servers danced for their drink and their friends.

Leo was the one to lead Red to his bed. Leo was in for another sweet surprise. The sheets had been changed (Leo had forgotten to do that, but that was sort of expected on this day of sexy traditions). There were candles still burning and a wonderful sandalwood incense smell spread throughout the room. Red had pulled Col and Kel out of the pool and Rus was leading them to the bedroom door. They stood with hands gently placed on each others backs or the door frame. They kept their eyes down in respect for the Lovers potential desire to be alone. And in the hope their submission would earn them a place in the bedroom.

Couples desiring children would immediately invite the Chef and Servers into their Bed. Those unsure of the relationship would kiss each Server and the Chef and bid them goodnight.

Red whispered to Leo and Leo looked over at the three down turned heads and smiled a wicked smile. He whispered back to Red and then they both walked towards the waiting bians.

Red said " In honor of the Lovers we invite the other lovers into our embrace." Col and Kel looked up and smiled, then frowned as they looked at Rus as he realized he wasn't invited in. They looked at Leo and Red and both winked at the Server and Chef. They immediately got the idea and walked into the bedroom and were embraced by the Lovers. They all four turned and walked towards the bed.

Rus swallowed his hurt and pride and said " A blessing on the Lovers." He started to close the door and Leo shouted "Aww that's enough. No more fooling."

Leo caught the door and saw the tear in Rus eye. Leo said " You don't think you taught me everything I need to know to please my bian, do you?" Leo smiled so big and then Rus looked up and saw Red smiling. Leo pushed the door open further and the four inside pulled Rus into a vortex of hungry mouths ready to suck and lick and play and love with Rus. He was lifted off his feet and thrown into the middle of the bed. His erection was now back up from the deflation his mock rejection had caused. He scooted over to let Red get in the middle. Red being the largest, it would be the easiest to have him in the center of all the love making. Leo got on the other side of Rus, which caused him to scoot back closer to Red. That fit the ideas Red and Leo had for what they wanted to do with Rus. Col and Kel bracketed the three on the bed and reached over and started to stroke and rub Rus' cock and balls. Then Red licked his middle finger and slowly stuck it in to Rus pouch and found his sweet spot. Rus head jerked back and he tried to moan but nothing came out. Then a huge gasp for air let him then vocalize the pleasure they were giving him. Leo seeing that part of Rus unoccupied decided to start sucking on Rus' tongue. In only a few more minutes Rus was coming like a volcano. He nearly bit Leo's tongue. Leo recovered fast enough and get his tongue out of Rus' mouth and Rus' into his.

Red and Rus were covered with Rus spooge. They all laughed in joy over their handy work and started to dip fingers into Rus' love juice. They tasted it and spread it over Red's and Leo's very hard erections. Rus recovered and puled Leo on top and then over to the other side of himself. That let Leo and Red come together. They immediately penetrated each other and Leo began kissing Red from ear to ear, while playing with Red's nipples.

Red said " They're too far apart." Then his eyes reminded Rus about the other lovers. Rus sat up and looked at Kel and Col and grinned. Rus said " Lovers should be together at this point."

Col and Kel took the statement at face value and started sucking face. Rus smiled and suddenly had two very big hands pull him closer to Red and Leo.

Rus was kneeling with Red and Leo's closest nipple pointing at Rus' face. He looked up at the bigger lovers and smiled then looked back and forth between either nipple like it was a hard choice which one to suck on first. Their thrusting was distracting in a wonderful way but Rus just called out " Aww you two. Get together!"

Rus then used all his strength to pull their chests close enough so he could get them both in his mouth at the same time. There was chuckling from the foot of the bed.

Kel said " We thought he was telling us that. But we're as close together as we're going to get right now." Col's happy throaty laugh made Kel stop.

Then after Col used more force to bring them together, Kel said " OoKaaay. Iee waaas wrooong." Then more moaning could be heard.

Rus did such a good job on Leo and Red's nipple they decided to give him another break. Red had his back to the headboard with a mound of pillows under him. Leo was on top and at an angle. Leo grabbed Rus knees as Red grabbed Rus shoulders and Rus started to kiss Rus long and hard as Leo sucked Rus thick hard cock down his throat. This quick action got a very loud reaction from Rus and caused his arms to wrap around Red's head. It was quite a sight with the muscular bian having one leg over Leo's shoulder and the other leg under Leo's opposite arm. And all while Rus was stroking and rubbing the back of Red's head. He slowly moved his hands down to Red's nipples and none of these maneuvers caused Leo or Red to slow down their thrusting into each other.

Kel and Col found their groove and in another fifteen minutes they had a loud hard orgasm. The volume was so loud it got Red, Leo and Rus to stop and watch. Col and Kel didn't notice even after they were done and started to have the after O slow downs. They kissed gently then and just looked into each other's eyes.

It took a full two minutes of no sound but lips kissing before they realized they were being watched. They turned as one and looked at the three pairs of eyes staring at them.

That was when Rus other leg was released and he sat back on the pillows, as the three started to applaud. Col blushed and looked at Kel, who just kissed him again.

Kel pulled back and said " Well I was wrong. And now I have witnesses to prove you can get us closer together. I love you Col. And every hot sweaty inch of you."

Col said " You may have been wrong, but you're also the reason I had the strength to get us closer. You not only hit every button, you've shown me some new ones I didn't even know I had. I'm crazy in love with you Kel. I love you."

At that point Red and Leo had been listening but looking at each other. They started to build back their rhythm. Then they started to get a lot more forceful.

Red said " Such wonderful examples shouldn't go to waste."

Leo was the one that sounded like Col, when he just laughed to Red's statement. Leo's head was nodding yes.

Red started to lift Leo higher off the bed and Leo just thrust against him even harder . His head curled down against his chest and he cycled through groans moans and whimpers. In only a few minutes, Red began his throaty grunts and groans.

Red's back was practically arched like a wrestling move just before Leo caught his Orgasm and the tightening of his pouch pulled Red into his own. They were very loud. Rus said " Whoa." Like a prayer, as the sweat flew off of Red and Leo. They gasmed for a good two or three minutes before Red's back gave way and Leo's braced legs pulled them apart a bit. Leo's legs quivered and he fell to his knees on top of Red.

That's when Col put his fingers into his mouth and did a concert finale whistle. Rus and Kel applauded with equal vigor. Leo slipped to Red's side and the three observers climbed forward and demanded a hug from the spent lovers.

The silly giggling didn't cover up Red when he said " It's good to be king." He pulled them all into his embrace as he kissed Leo.

The Avatars of the Lovers, greatly honored the Spirit of Love , that night. And that morning. And on till Noon time when they all conked out for a good four hours of sleep.

Luckily Col had planed ahead. The fridge was packed with enough heat and eat food for them all. When night time rolled around again and their stomachs woke them, Col was able to get food to them (still in the bedroom) in under fifteen minutes.

Red got him blushing. Red was so impressed with the amount of food ready in such a short amount of time, he said " This IS a close relative of yours. As General, you had every battle planned, every soldier fed and prepared. Your very heart was always at the ready to Serve your men. And your young nephew has learned every lesson you've taught. " Red saluted the young chef.

Col blushed down to his nipples. He laid the large serving tray down on the bed and stood ramrod straight and saluted the Emperor of his people. The very bian who was the ideal of "To Serve My People".

Kel said " OK now. Lets let his work prove how great he is in the kitchen."

They dug in and only Col heard Kel when he said " And in bed."

Col fed Kel some of the sausage he had just bitten into. The rest of the night was a lot like the night and day before. But they all ended up in the Bathtub and Shower before they finally got some more needed rest.

And so, Love was served. And well.

To be continued

I hope you liked this. I loved writing it. More to follow. Hugs.

These lyrics have Letters at the end of the Phrases. They correspond to the Letters in the dance description. Just to let you know what was driving the dance. Enjoy.



Whose eyes am I behind
I don't recognize anything that I see         		        A
Whose skin is this design					B
I don't want this to be the way that you see me			C

I don't understand anything anymore
In this world that I'm tired of
Is taking me right up these walls
That I climb up
To get to your story
It's anything but ordinary					D

And when the world is on its knees with me its fine		E
And when I come to the rescue I get nothing but left behind	F
Everybody seems to be getting what they need where's mine	G
`Cause your what I need so very but I'm anything but ordinary	H

Can you save me from this world of mine			        I
Before I get myself arrested with this expectation
You are the one look what you've done
What have you done?
This is not some kind of joke
You're just a kid
You weren't ready for what you did				J

And when the world is on its knees with me its fine		K
And when I come to the rescue I do it for you time after time	L
Everybody seems to be getting what they need where's mine	M
`Cause you what I need so very but I'm anything but ordinary	N

I think I'm trying to save the world from you			O
You've been saving me too					P
We could just stay in and save each other			Q

I'm anything but ordinary					R
I'm anything but ordinary